JANUARY 4-8, 1993
Hank was shocked when Tommy's mother, Sheri, arrived at the hospital wanting to see the boy after neglecting him for years. Hank, Iris, and Sheri later learned that Tommy's condition is in remission. After rushing Douglas to the hospital, Christy overheard him tell Frankie that he wants to die with dignity. Cass and Christy talked about taking chances and the consequences when they ran into each other at a casino. At the New Year's Eve party, Vicky and Grant were stunned when an attempt was made on Grant's life. Grant left for Washington, D.C., then phoned Vicky and said he had been kidnapped. Ryan said he thinks Carl is trying to protect Grant and isn't responsible for the threatening notes or the attempt on Grant's life. Ryan and Brett agreed to stay out of each other's personal lives. Liz gave Dennis a letter from Olivia and a photo of his daughter, Sarah.

JANUARY 11-15, 1993
Douglas thanked Frankie, who told Darryl that Douglas wants to die with dignity. Vicky was stunned when Grant returned and said he decided not to go to Washington, D.C. Grant convinced Vicky that his supposed kidnapping was just a form of intimidation being used by his enemies. Vicky talked Marley into attending a pre-wedding press party in Vicky's place, then Vicky went to Sassy's Bar. At the bar, Vicky met Brett, who didn't recognize her, and realized Brett has feelings for Ryan. Sam was upset when Amanda refused to quit her job and uproot Alli so that they could follow Sam around the world on a concert tour. Felicia was upset that Jenna successfully took over her TV talk show. Jenna learned that she is pregnant. Lorna was upset when she saw Felicia drinking. Cass and Christy had fun gambling, and later Christy had a romantic dream about Cass. Donna vowed to get her accountant, who stole all her money.

JANUARY 18-22, 1993
Dean was furious with Jenna, who admitted Matt knew about her pregnancy before she told him. Dean later confided to Frankie that he isn't thrilled about Jenna's pregnancy. Douglas told Frankie that he is worried about how Christy will react to his death. Christy pretended not to be upset when Darryl discussed Douglas's medical condition with her. Christy took over for Frankie when she couldn't make it to Cass's dance class. Christy kept thinking about Cass, who jokingly called her "Mrs. Winthrop." Grant was angry when he realized Vicky and Marley had changed places, then became worried when he learned someone has been tailing Vicky. Lorna tried to get Felicia to join AA after Jenna found Felicia drunk. Hank assured Iris that she is an important part of his and Tommy's lives even though Tommy's mother, Sheri, is in town. Donna nixed Carl's request that she help stop Vicky and Grant's wedding.

JANUARY 25-29, 1993
An angry Paulina learned Jake didn't mention that he and Sloan had gone on a business trip together. Carl insisted to Grant, Ryan, and Spencer that he didn't make the threats against Grant. Carl warned Vicky that she is marrying the wrong man then she insisted that he leave them alone. Marley was upset that Dennis doesn't want to make love while they are evaluating their romantic relationship. Douglas quizzed Christy, who confessed that she has met someone she is interested in. Jenna is worried about how Felicia is going to react when she learns about her pregnancy. Lorna told Rachel and Cass that she suspects Felicia is still drinking too much. Amanda felt like a fifth wheel when she joined Sam and Alli on Sam's concert tour. Brett and Ryan argued about who is leading the other on after they came close to sharing a kiss. John was upset that the new chief of staff, Dr. Spader, wants him to follow a dress code.

FEBRUARY 1-5, 1993
Donna was grateful to Matt, who helped her recover her stolen money from her accountant, Harry. Michael, who arrived in Bay City for Vicky's wedding, overheard the confrontation between Donna, Harry, and Matt. Vicky insisted to Ryan and Michael that Grant makes her happy before her wedding got under way. Carl insisted to Ryan that he will lose his chance at future happiness if he allows Vicky to marry Grant. Ryan confronted the person that he believed was responsible for the threats to Grant's life. Dean told Jenna to keep her appointment with a doctor, who later confirmed that she is pregnant. Christy refused when Douglas wanted to be introduced to the man she admitted being fond of. Douglas overheard Christy lie to Cass and Frankie about the true state of his condition. Lorna continued to worry about Felicia's drinking.

FEBRUARY 8-12, 1993
Ryan confronted Spencer, who admitted that he was behind the threats to Vicky's life because he feels she is the wrong woman for Grant. Ryan later cut all ties to Spencer. Vicky and Grant finally exchanged vows. Jake became suspicious of Spencer after the word spread that Vicky and Grant were no longer in danger from the person who had threatened them. Paulina and Sloan almost fought when they both caught Vicky's bridal bouquet. When Ryan kissed Brett, she accused him of using her as substitute for Vicky. Christy was upset when Douglas guessed that Cass is the man Christy has fallen for. Christy insisted to Douglas that she will fight her feelings for Cass. Christy got angry with Frankie for taking sides with Douglas, who refuses to seek further medical help for his condition. Iris was shocked when Hank admitted that he and Sheri aren't divorced, and that Sheri wants to take Tommy home with her.

FEBRUARY 15-19, 1993
Christy complained to Cass that Frankie had encouraged Douglas, who refused to get further medical treatment. Douglas had an attack and died after trying to tell Frankie something secretive about Christy. Grant and Vicky are unaware that someone is spying on them. Grant was frustrated, then amused when Vicky fell asleep on their wedding night. Grant and Vicky planned to make love the second night of their honeymoon, but she disappeared. Brett and Ryan realized that they are attracted to each other, but argued over his lingering feelings for Vicky. Felicia got drunk after finding out second-hand that Jenna is pregnant. Rachel was stunned when Felicia caused a drunken scene in front of a TV syndicator who visited KBAY. Paulina humiliated Sloan in front of the TV syndicator. Tommy presented Iris and Hank with a joint Valentine while they tried to tell the boy that Sheri wants him to live with her.

FEBRUARY 22-26, 1993
After deciding to leave Bay City to do relief work in Africa, Jamie asked Kelsey to go with him, but she declined. Jamie told his family that he was leaving immediately for Africa, then was surprised when his hospital colleagues threw him a good-bye party. A frantic Grant and Ryan searched for a missing Vicky, who regained consciousness in an ice cave. Vicky escaped from the cave, but realized she was lost in the wilderness. Spencer insisted to Ryan that he didn't know what happened to Vicky. Ryan was stunned when Grant admitted Spencer had been making the threats against Vicky because he didn't want her to marry Grant. Darryl told John that he doesn't believe Douglas died of natural causes. Christy hinted to Cass that she was grateful for whatever Frankie did for Douglas. Felicia got drunk, then announced she was resigning from her TV talk-show job. Dennis and Marley realized that they really love each other.

MARCH 1-5, 1993
Jenna warned Felicia that Cass, Lorna, and Rachel were planning an intervention session to talk about Felicia's drinking. Felicia refused to have anything to do with her friends, who explained at the session how her drinking affects them. Felicia later threw a drink against the wall. Ryan found Vicky, who collapsed in the snow, and later an avalanche trapped them in the ice cave. Fearing they may die in the cave, Ryan and Vicky got cozy and shared a kiss. Grant had a confrontation with Vicky's kidnapper and survived a fall from a bridge. Grant later suspected the kidnapper was working for Carl. Darryl and John told Christy that Douglas died as a result of a herb found in his system. Frankie was stunned when John told her that Douglas did not die of natural causes. Hank and Iris were not happy when Sheri said that she is sticking around until arrangements are made for Tommy's custody.

MARCH 8-12, 1993
Christy told Cass that Douglas died as a result of a herb that was found in his system, then said Frankie is the only one she knows who has a supply of rare herbs. When Cass told Frankie about the herbs, she became worried that the tea mixture she had given Douglas might have caused his death. Christy hinted to Darryl and Billy that Frankie might have been responsible for Douglas's death. Fearing they were at death's door, Ryan and Vicky made love before they were rescued from the cave. Vicky is worried that Grant will find out just how close she and Ryan got while trapped in the cave. Jake and Paulina decided to do a new story after learning Carl was behind Vicky's kidnapping and that Carl had supposedly died when his helicopter blew up during the search for Ryan and Vicky. John performed an emergency appendectomy on Kelsey, who was embarrassed to learn that she had flirted with him while she was under anesthesia.

MARCH 15-19, 1993
Tommy tried to reunite Iris and Hank, who argued over the fact that Hank hasn't started divorce proceedings against Sheri, but they kissed. Rachel fumed when she learned Paulina and Jake have put together a video special about Vicky's kidnapping. Vicky was relieved that Ryan didn't tell Grant about their tryst while they were trapped in the ice cave. Vicky and Grant decided to honeymoon in Washington, D.C., when he had to go there on business. Donna warned Vicky never to tell Grant what happened between her and Ryan. Christy, who pretended to be upset, told Cass and Frankie that she "had" to tell the cops Frankie knew Douglas drank the herb tea before he died. Frankie and Cass learned the herbal tea wasn't the mixture Frankie had given Douglas before his death. As planned, Billy found the copy of Frankie's ethics class paper on euthanasia that Christy left with Douglas's papers.

MARCH 22-26, 1993
Darryl and Dana are convinced that Frankie helped Douglas commit suicide. After talking to Frankie, Cass headed for New York City when he received a phone call from Christy, who later told Cass that she had a plan to help Frankie. Meanwhile, back in Bay City, Billy arrived on Frankie's doorstep with a warrant for her arrest on charges that she helped Douglas die. Felicia told Jenna that she limits the amount of booze she consumes, but Victor warned Jenna to keep an eye on Felicia. Iris was embarrassed when she dressed for a night out with Hank only to learn that they were going to his place to watch videos and eat chili. Ryan charmed Brett when he kissed her goodnight. Amanda told Grant that Rachel has proof that Spencer tried to prevent Grant from marrying Vicky before Carl did. Grant called a press conference which interrupted a broadcast of Jake's news video about Vicky's kidnapping.

MARCH 29 - APRIL 2, 1993
Spencer was stunned when Grant went on television and said that Spencer was responsible for the death threats Vicky received before she and Grant were married. Vicky helped Grant get his political career back on track after his press conference but was upset that he hired Stephanie to take over Vicky's former job. Spencer plotted revenge against Rachel because she forced Grant to go public with Spencer's plot against Vicky. Spencer asked Jake to be his right-hand man. In New York City, Christy kissed Cass and told him that she has feelings for him. Cass returned to Bay City and bailed Frankie and Ryan out of jail. Frankie and Cass began checking into Charles' death on their own after they suspected Christy was involved. John and Kelsey discussed the hospital rumour that there is a romance between them. Brett received flowers from a former boyfriend, Rob Nettles, after he arrived in town.

APRIL 5-9, 1993
Kelsey tried to hide her growing feelings for John while attending a hospital children's party. With help from Brett, Ryan searched Carl's apartment to see if he left a will. Grant asked Vicky to dispose of the rock she saved after her rescue with Ryan from the ice cave, but later, Grant was upset to see that she still had it. Vicky admitted to Donna that she is concerned about Ryan, but insisted she is happy she married Grant. Ryan questioned whether Vicky can live with the fact she hasn't told Grant what happened between them while they were in the cave. Frankie didn't want to believe Christy killed Douglas. Jake accepted the offer to work as Spencer's right-hand man. Jake and Paulina made up after their latest quarrel. Ryan rejected Billy's suggestion that he return to the police force. Jenna spent the weekend with Felicia to help her kick her drinking habit, but it didn't work.

APRIL 12-16, 1993
Felicia was too drunk to help Jenna when she began having a miscarriage. Felicia tried to drive Jenna to the hospital, but, too drunk to keep the car on the road, she found a pay phone and called for help. Dean and Jenna were devastated over her miscarriage. A guilty Felicia went to Victor for help with her drinking problem. Paulina was startled by a mystery man as she was about to take a dip in the Cory family swimming pool. Frankie had a hard time concealing her hostility toward Christy while she and Cass tried to prove that Christy killed Douglas. Cass wore a wire while talking to Christy, who started to incriminate herself just as Frankie heard interference on the transmitter. Spencer gave Jake flyers to pass out at a union meeting. Rachel talked to her family about selling KBAY-TV and about the labour union problems at Cory Publishing. Grant was jealous when he saw Vicky talking to Ryan.

APRIL 19-23, 1993
Paulina was intrigued by the new Cory mansion groundskeeper Ian Rain. Jake talked Spencer into investing in a charitable trust to cover up the tact that he is trying for a hostile take-over of Cory Publishing. Felicia began working with Victor in an effort to lick her drinking habit. Frankie and Cass were upset that their attempt to record Christy confessing that she killed Douglas was foiled because of interference on their recording device. Christy testified at Frankie's trial, but made it look like she was willing to perjure herself for Frankie. Ryan was angry when he learned Frankie, who is out on bail, went to New York City with Cass to check out Christy's past. Christy got nervous when she learned Frankie and Cass were in the Big Apple. Vicky had nightmares about a faceless stranger. Vicky was surprised when Grant said he wants them to have a baby. Matt talked to Donna about buying KBAY-TV.

APRIL 26-30, 1993
Christy followed Cass and Frankie to New York City, then anonymously tipped Billy that Frankie had jumped bail. A jealous Christy trashed Cass and Frankie's hotel room and is determined to have Cass for herself. Cass and Frankie learned Christy had mental problems during the time she lived in New York City. Billy's testimony didn't help Frankie's murder case. Ian helped Rachel and Amanda, who left for Arizona to see an ailing Ada. Iris warned Sheri not to stall her divorce from Hank, who told Iris that he loves her. Victor warned Felicia that it won't be easy for her to resist booze. Vicky admitted to Grant that she took Stephen to visit with Ryan. Vicky interrupted a romantic moment between Ryan and Brett when she asked Ryan to help look for Stephen, who took his puppy and ran away. Paulina searched for information about Ian's past, while Jake warned Ian to stay away from her.

MAY 3-7, 1993
Rachel broke the news to her family that Ada had died. Ada's daughter, Nancy McGowan, and her stepdaughter, Clarice Hobson, came to Bay City for Ada's memorial service. Grant was upset to see Vicky hugging Ryan after he found the missing Stephen. Christy became mentally unstable after visits from Douglas's ghost, who warned her not to frame Frankie for his death. Cass and Frankie were surprised to learn that Christy already confessed to Kevin that she had mental problems when she lived in New York City. Frankie was later cleared of charges that she killed Douglas. Jake was confident that he and Spencer won the purchase bid for KBAY-TV, but he was shocked to learn the station went to a mystery bidder. Matt confided to Brett that he wants to buy KBAY. Jenna was upset when Dean introduced one of his pals, Joy, to their friends. Kelsey was understanding when John reminisced about Sharlene's death.

MAY 10-14, 1993
After it was proved that Frankie didn't kill Douglas, Christy put poison into the water that Cass drank. Cass came close to dying, but agreed he couldn't hate Christy who lost her mind and landed in the psycho ward. After Paulina accepted Jake's marriage proposal, he warned Ian that Paulina is off-limits. Ian later found Paulina, who hit her head and fell into the Cory swimming pool. Amanda is attracted to Ian. Joy, who needed money, sold Brett some pottery that belonged to the owner of the apartment where she is staying. Donna introduced herself to Hank. Jake, who thought that he and Spencer won the bid to buy KBAY, was shocked to learn Matt bought the TV station. Amanda told Grant that she finished writing her book about him and his family. Vicky accused Grant of not trusting her, then told Bridget that she isn't sure she can keep her promise to stay away from Ryan. Dennis took Jenna for a test ride in his race car.

MAY 17-21, 1993
Ian saved Paulina's life after she fell unconscious into the swimming pool. Jake fumed when he saw Ian reviving Paulina, but later cooled down when he learned what had happened. Felicia threw Cecile out when she tried to crash Cass's wedding. Cass and Frankie exchanged vows, then honeymooned on the Orient Express. Cass dreamed about the other women he has loved - Kathleen, Nicole, and Cecile. Cecile was also on the Orient Express. When Ryan and Brett went to Carl's apartment, they realized someone else had been there. Ryan and Brett made love for the first time. Ian snooped around the Cory home. At Ian's suggestion, Rachel scattered Ada's ashes in the rose garden. When Amanda saw Ian holding the Red Swan, she told him the history of the statue. Ian looked at photos of the ice cave where Vicky was held captive. Vicky remembered the face of a man in her nightmares, and the man was Ian.

MAY 24-28, 1993
During his honeymoon on the Orient Express, Cass had a run-in with Cecile and informed her that Frankie is the one true love of his life. Spencer and Jake argued when Jake was reluctant to continue their plot to take over Cory Publishing behind Rachel's back. Jake learned the Cory computer code from Paulina, then reluctantly gave the code to Spencer. Ian agreed to escort Amanda to a party celebrating the publishing of her book about Grant, but was uneasy when he learned that Vicky was the host. At Amanda's book party, Vicky passed out when she saw Ian, the man in her nightmares about the ice cave. Vicky is worried about what Grant would do after she confessed she slept with Ryan while they were trapped in the cave. Jake suspected Ian was behind a break-in at the Cory mansion. Joy and Ian covered that they know each other when they met at the Expresso bar. Spencer began getting close to Felicia.

MAY 31 - JUNE 4, 1993
Dean was impressed when he heard Joy singing and later talked her into helping him with a song that he is writing. Joy was upset when Ian accused her of breaking into his room, but it was Jake who searched his belongings. Joy went to warn Ian when she overheard Jake tell Paulina that he was having Ian investigated. Rachel got upset with Jake when he suggested Ian broke into the Cory mansion during Amanda's book party. Rachel is determined to find a way to end the strike against Cory Publishing. Jake covered when Paulina almost overheard him and Spencer talking about their Cory takeover plot. Vicky is worried about the consequences after she confessed she had slept with Ryan, but after a fistfight with Ryan, Grant told Vicky he has big plans for their future. John and Kelsey discussed their budding relationship. Iris fumed when Donna gave Hank a job.

JUNE 7-11, 1993
Ryan searched Carl's apartment after insisting to Billy he doesn't believe Carl is dead. In the meantime, the supposedly deceased Carl secretly returned to the United States. Spencer fumed when he learned someone is buying Cory stock, which could thwart Spencer's takeover plan. Ian made sure Vicky didn't see his face when she came to the Cory home to get a list of people who attended Amanda's book party. Ian panicked when Amanda wanted to introduce him to Marley, because he thought Marley was Vicky. Ian was relieved to learn Marley is Vicky's twin. Vicky decided to be hypnotized, hoping she will remember the man in her nightmares. Ian broke into Rachel's safe and looked through the papers, and later, Paulina caught him searching the shelves in the Cory library. Cass told a relieved Rachel the strike against Cory Publishing had been settled. Dennis is smitten with Marley.

JUNE 14-18, 1993
Ian told Joy that he has been searching for a key. Later, Ian panicked when Matt found the mysterious key at the Espresso Bar. While playing with the mystery key, Alli hung it around her doll's neck. Carl's latest plot involves Rachel. Carl is determined to have a confrontation with Ryan, who seemingly disappeared. Joy panicked when she heard Matt, Jenna, and Brett talking about her and about whether or not to turn her in to the cops. While hiding out at the video studio, Joy cried when she overheard Felicia talk about her feelings for Jenna and Lorna. Lorna was shocked when she received a photo that only Carl knew about. Victor was there for Felicia, who decided to get into a rehabilitation program. Frankie, who may be pregnant, contemplated using a pregnancy-test kit. Jake started a fight with Ian because he thinks Ian has a thing for Paulina.

JUNE 21-25, 1993
Lorna burned the first photo she thought Carl had sent to her, then hid a second photo she received. Cass and Frankie learned they are expecting a baby, but decided to keep the news a secret. Ian was pleased when he found the key that Alli put around her doll's neck. Donna caught Ian and Joy, who were searching Ryan's apartment for a third key. Paulina asked Ian about his past, but Ian said he was leaving town. Grant made Ryan leave when he found him sitting in on Vicky's hypnosis session. When Donna told Ryan about Ian, he realized the description matches the man in Vicky's nightmares. Later, Vicky said Ian was the man in her dreams. Iris moved in with Hank and Tommy. Kelsey told Brett she is afraid of being compared to John's dead wife, Sharlene. Lorna broke up with Kevin.

JUNE 28-30, 1993
While on the docks, Vicky recognized Ian as the man who had been in the ice cave at the time of her kidnapping. Ian managed to escape from Ryan and Jake, with a little help from Joy. While searching Ryan's office for the third mystery key, Joy and Ian tripped the alarm. Joy insisted that Ian take off without her. After Joy was arrested, she told Ryan that Ian was looking for some keys that Carl's father had supposedly stolen from Ian's father. Ian searched Carl's apartment for the third mystery key. In an encounter with Paulina, Ian admitted being in the ice cave with Vicky, but said that he didn't kidnap her. Vicky was angry when she learned Grant didn't tell her that she had described Ian as the man in her nightmares when she was under hypnosis. Mac Cory's son, Sandy, came to Bay City to help fight the takeover attempt against Cory Publishing. Jake and Paulina set a wedding date.

JULY 5-9, 1993
Everyone was stunned to learn Joy is really Sandy and Cecile's daughter, Maggie Cory. Dean offered to be Maggie's friend after she explained how her parents have bounced her from one place to another and from one relative to another ever since she was a baby. Maggie told Ryan about Ian's search for the mysterious keys and that Ian believes Mac Cory took something that belonged to his father. Sandy wasn't thrilled when Rachel said she wanted Maggie to come live with her for a while. Jake is worried his and Spencer's takeover of Cory Publishing would be jeopardized when Rachel decided to move up the date for the Cory stockholders meeting. Determined to marry Paulina before the takeover attempt hits the fan, Jake pressed her to move up their wedding date. Ryan went to Canada after Ian. Vicky and Brett planned to find Ryan to tell him that Carl sent a message via Ryan's office computer.

JULY 12-16, 1993
Jenna was angry with Dean when he went looking for Maggie, who disappeared when she was supposed to be at her court hearing. Dennis realized how angry Jenna was when Dean brought Maggie along for his appearance on the TV show, Jam Session. Brett and Matt went to Canada and told Ryan that Carl sent a computer message warning him about Ian. Ian forced Vicky to listen to his story about the mystery keys when she arrived in Canada. Grant was angry when his private eye told him Vicky had gone to Canada to find Ryan. Amanda told her family that she and Sam are getting a divorce. Felicia's family were surprised when she didn't show at the airport after she left the alcohol rehab centre. Later, an agent, Beau Wexler, said Felicia would be home right after she films a role in an upcoming Perry Mason Movie of the Week. Paulina was upset when Jake saw her trying on her wedding dress.

JULY 19-23, 1993
Jake arranged to have his wedding to Paulina at John's farm while John and Gregory are vacationing in Maine. Paulina was stunned when she took a surprise wedding gift for Jake to his office and found proof that he is behind the Cory takeover attempt. Rachel is worried the Corys will be ruined if they don't stop the takeover attempt. Kelsey went to John and they made love after she admitted she loves him. When he got to Canada, Grant had Ryan arrested. Matt and Brett realized Grant had Ryan arrested and didn't want him released. Carl later got Ryan out of jail. Ryan accused Carl of being behind Vicky's kidnapping. Ian took Vicky back to the ice cave, where he and Ryan later had a confrontation. Grant got to the cave as Ryan went after Ian, who had Vicky in tow. Jenna's day with Dean was ruined when he had to testify in court for Maggie. Marley and Dennis agreed to call off their romance.

JULY 26-30, 1993
At the ice cave, Grant pulled a gun and shot at Ian, but he wounded Vicky instead. Ian escaped after getting help for Vicky. Ryan verified with the police Grant's story that he accidentally shot Vicky. Grant was angry when Vicky called Ryan's name while she was unconscious. After Vicky came to, Grant lied that she only imagined Ryan had been at her bedside. Carl told Ryan that Vicky would never have been injured if he had admitted his love for her. Paulina plotted to get even with Jake after learning he was behind the Cory takeover attempt. Jake was shocked and humiliated when Paulina put her plan against him into action as they stood at the altar. Dennis and Marley called off their romance. Because of her budding feelings for Dean, Maggie is determined to break up his relationship with Jenna. Frankie and Cass talked about their expected baby. Victor decided to pursue a romantic relationship with Lorna.

AUGUST 2-6, 1993
Paulina told Jake he killed her love for him and didn't believe his excuses for why he became involved in the Cory takeover. Jake vowed vengeance after accusing Rachel of causing his break-up with Paulina. At the Cory Publishing board meeting, Rachel was able to defeat Jake and Spencer's takeover of the company with help from Carl, who revealed to Rachel that he owned enough Cory stock to save the company. After Ryan told Grant that he loves Vicky and will fight for her, Grant spirited Vicky, Donna, and Stephen off to Switzerland. Ryan was furious when he realized Grant is keeping him from seeing Vicky. Grant lied to Vicky that Ryan had shot her. Maggie hid Ian on the Cory estate, but he briefly took her hostage so he could escape from the police again. When Felicia returned from Hollywood, Lorna told her that she thinks Carl broke into her apartment and has been harassing her.

AUGUST 9-13, 1993
Felicia didn't hit it off with Judy Burrell, the Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor Victor wants Felicia to work with. Grant told Vicky he would help her reach Ryan, but then made sure her call didn't go through. Vicky didn't realize Grant was serious when he suggested they live in Switzerland. Grant gave Vicky drugs when she had mood changes. In a phone call to Rachel, Donna mentioned the Alps. Rachel passed the information to Ryan. Iris, Rachel, and Amanda were upset when Spencer arranged for Jake to sit on the Cory Publishing board. Paulina rejected Jake's attempt to make amends. Ian surprised Paulina at Matt's cabin. Paulina tended to Ian's wounds and found herself drawn to him. A shot rang out when Paulina tried to help Ian escape from the police. Rachel kept Maggie from singing on Dean's new album.

AUGUST 16-20, 1993
Tommy was upset with Iris for avoiding him because she and Hank are having problems. Later, Iris and Hank realized their romantic problems weren't going to get ironed out. Ian hid in the back seat of Paulina's car after the police threatened to book her for aiding and abetting a criminal (Ian). Ian confronted Carl about the time he left him for dead. Ryan, who was reinstated to the police force and assigned to Ian's case, arrested Ian with a little help from Carl. Despite the fact that her head was fuzzy because of the pills Grant has been giving her, Vicky managed to phone Ryan, but the connection was broken. Vicky dreamed about Ryan, then panicked when she woke up and found she had been locked in her bedroom. Carl taunted Rachel and rejected her offer to buy his Cory Publishing stock. Amanda accepted Kevin's dinner date offer. Felicia agreed to work with her AA sponsor Judy.

AUGUST 23-27, 1993
A surprised Ian realized Carl hired a high-priced lawyer for him. Carl gave Ian the third mystery key and said that he wants to help Ian clear the reputations of both their fathers and expose Mac Cory's part in the incident that ruined their fathers. Rachel insisted to Paulina, who stood up for Ian, that she won't let him darken her memories of Mac. Amanda, who attended the opera with Kevin, was stunned to see Rachel was there with Carl. Rachel let Amanda assume that she went out with Carl in order to get information on Ian. Vicky took Stephen and plotted to return to Bay City without Grant. Donna and Grant later realized Vicky and Stephen were missing. Ryan was about to go to Switzerland after Vicky when he spotted Ian, who was about to board a plane out of the country. Jenna was aware of Maggie's schemes to spend time with Dean. Hank proposed to Iris after a judge awarded him custody of Tommy.

Ian was angry at Paulina, who stowed away on the plane he was taking to Mexico. Once in San Cristobal, Paulina told Ian that she plans to look for information about her mother and father (Mac) and will prove Mac didn't ruin Ian's or Carl's fathers. Paulina and Ian were anxious to open the bank safe deposit box with the keys he had collected. Carl lied to Rachel that he didn't know the whereabouts of Ian and Paulina. Jake followed Paulina and Ian to San Cristobal. Ryan arrived in Switzerland after Vicky and Stephen escaped from the clinic. Ryan and Vicky were reunited at the train station and admitted that they still love each other. Grant was livid when he arrived at the station and saw Ryan and Vicky kissing. Frankie was angry with Cass, who asked John to talk her out of her plan to have her baby at home. Brett thought Matt was going to propose to her, but later realized that John had intended to propose to Kelsey.

SEPTEMBER 6-10, 1993
During a confrontation at the train station, Vicky told Grant that their marriage is over because of his lies, then she and Stephen returned to Bay City with Ryan. Vicky agreed to attend a press conference with Grant, then made the announcement that she and Grant will be getting a divorce. Ian was upset that the contents of the safe-deposit box, some dried fern leaves and some papers, didn't prove Mac killed Ian's father. Jake later stole the papers. Paulina talked to Rose, who knew Maria and who showed Paulina where her grave was. Jake quizzed Rose about Mac. Paulina lied to Jake that she slept with Ian. Paulina followed Ian, who went into the jungle looking for clues to his father's death. Iris and Hank patched things up and became engaged. Rachel asked Dean to keep an eye on Maggie after she got mixed up with a punk rocker. Carl tried to make points with Rachel by revealing Paulina's whereabouts.

SEPTEMBER 13-17, 1993
While working on a family history for their unborn child, Frankie was stunned when Cass revealed that his mother is alive, but they have had nothing to do with each other for years. Paulina followed Ian into the jungle hoping to clear Mac of any involvement in the death of Ian's father. Ian was upset to see that the campsite where his father once worked has been decimated, along with the surrounding rain forest. Ian doctored Paulina, who came down with a high fever after touching a poisonous plant. Paulina later wandered into the jungle alone. Jake was furious when Paulina refused to bail him out of a South American jail, but Spencer later arranged Jake's freedom. Kevin received death threats after he publicly issued a warning to Carl. Lorna was standing near Kevin's car when the vehicle suddenly blew up. Ryan and Vicky shared a rented beach house. Maggie saw Amanda and Grant kissing.

SEPTEMBER 20-24, 1993
Felicia and Kevin accused Carl of arranging for the car bomb that injured Lorna and Victor. Victor asked Lorna for a date when she thanked him for saving her from the full force of the bomb. Lorna believed Carl, who insisted someone set it up to look like he was responsible for the bomb. Amanda confronted Rachel after Jake asked whether Carl had helped Rachel thwart the Cory Publishing takeover. John dragged Kelsey off to a mysterious destination. Carl interrupted Ryan and Vicky's cozy evening to ask Ryan to help him prove Kevin is trying to railroad him into prison. Cass told Frankie that his parents were upset when he gambled his trust fund away in Europe, and that his mother later blamed him for his father's death. Cass admitted that he hasn't seen his younger brother, Morgan, in years. Paulina and Ian kissed after she thanked him for saving her from dying of a high fever.

Everyone was surprised to learn John and Kelsey had eloped. Paulina was thrilled when Ian returned to Bay City with her. Jake followed Paulina to her hotel room, where Ian was hiding, then tipped the police to Ian's whereabouts. Jake gloated when he told Paulina and Ian about the information he dug up on Mac's past. Ryan warned Grant that he could ruin his political career if he tries to get revenge against Vicky, but Grant had Vicky served with divorce papers accusing her of adultery. Amanda was upset with Rachel, who admitted that she turned to Carl for help in order to save Cory Publishing. Jenna is worried that her romance with Dean won't last if he goes on a six-month concert tour. Maggie followed Dean, who went to New York City on business, and was waiting for Jenna to join him. Carl continued his efforts to be a part of Ryan's life. Amanda agreed to work part-time for Grant.

OCTOBER 4-8, 1993
Iris, Amanda, and Matt were upset with Paulina, who verified the written document stating that Mac amassed his fortune after double-crossing the fathers of Ian and Carl. The Corys fumed when Jake went on TV and told his story about Mac's treachery. Jake further angered the Cory family when he demanded that Rachel resign as head of Cory Publishing. Paulina stuck by Ian after he was arrested, but Amanda wants him to pay for ruining Mac's reputation. Paulina acted strange, then passed out. Vicky realized that she may be pregnant. Dean rejected Maggie after he realized that she has romantic feelings for him. Jenna fumed when she arrived to see Dean and realized Maggie had followed him to New York City. Jake and Matt got into a fight at a send-off party for Dean, who is going on tour. Dean and Matt disbanded D & Music. Iris was upset that Dennis decided to live in Los Angeles and Hank considered a job in Wisconsin.

OCTOBER 11-15, 1993
Ryan was ecstatic when Vicky told him that she's pregnant. Vicky later confirmed Ryan's suspicion that the baby could be Grant's. Frankie insisted to Cass that he will be a good father to their child and not like his own parents, who never had time for Cass, his brother Morgan, and their sister, Stacey. Cass told Frankie that she would get to meet Morgan very soon since he wrote that he is headed for Bay City. John rushed Paulina to the hospital when she developed a high fever which he couldn't diagnosis. Jake didn't believe Ian, who said his father's research papers, that Jake had stolen, may contain the formula for the cure to Paulina's illness. Ian later talked to John about the papers, and Jake finally turned them over to John. Maggie tried to get Ian into the hospital so he can help Paulina. Iris doesn't want to believe Mac built Cory Publishing on money he swindled from Carl and Ian's fathers.

OCTOBER 18-22, 1993
Vicky was happy when Ryan said he has come to terms with the fact that Grant may be her baby's father, and he still loves her. Grant was watching when Vicky told Donna about her pregnancy. Vicky kept mum about the results of her sonogram test. Brett got to know Morgan and was surprised to learn that he is Cass's brother. Cass and Morgan's first meeting was a fiasco, but Frankie assured Morgan that he and Cass will eventually develop a good relationship. At Ian's suggestion, Kelsey and John used the three mystery keys that had belonged to Ian's father, and were able to produce a cure for Paulina's illness. After Paulina came out of her coma, Ian told her that Jake was partly responsible for saving her life because he relinquished the papers that belonged to Ian's father. A drunken Lorna passed out after she took Morgan and his friend, Kyle, to her apartment to party. Someone stalked Lorna.

OCTOBER 25-29, 1993
Lorna told Felicia that she was raped, then admitted she didn't know the name of her attacker because she was drunk and they used the names "Vanessa" and "Archie." Lorna refused to let the police search for her attacker. Lorna admitted making love to Victor several hours before she was raped. Cass reluctantly agreed Morgan could stay with him and Frankie after he decided to stick around Bay City. Kelsey interviewed Morgan for a job at the hospital. At a party for John and Kelsey, Lorna stunned everyone by accusing Morgan of raping her. Kyle left town after phoning Morgan. Vicky was upset that her sonogram test indicated Grant is the father of her baby. Vicky told Ryan the truth about the baby's parentage. Matt and Donna kissed after he said he was worried about her doing an undercover story about hookers. Jake gave Cass the document of sale after he caught Amanda trying to steal it from him.

NOVEMBER 1-5, 1993
Donna and Matt swore on a Bible that they would forget about the kiss they shared. Matt reluctantly agreed Donna could go undercover to work on a hostess/hooker story. After accusing Morgan of raping her, a stunned Lorna learned that he is Cass's brother. Morgan insisted to Cass that he left Lorna's apartment when she ordered him to, and said he didn't rape her. Felicia warned Cass that he will lose her friendship if he defends Morgan. Grant suspected Vicky is pregnant, but her doctor refused to answer his questions. Jake secretly taped a meeting between the Cory clan regarding the authenticated document of sale that proved Mac sold rainforest land in South America to a lumber company that later clearcut the trees. Carl offered to help Rachel, who refuses to believe that Mac was responsible for the destruction of rainforest land, or that he conned Ian's and Carl's father's out of the land to begin with.

NOVEMBER 8-12, 1993
Vicky accused Grant of stalling their divorce. Grant later confronted Vicky after snooping around her house and learning that she is pregnant. Donna was furious when Matt, with help from Brett, "rescued" her from a potential john and almost blew her undercover story on an escort service. Lorna decided to go to court with her charge that Morgan raped her. Lorna helped Victor, who was tempted to drink because he is upset about her rape. While Morgan was talking to Frankie, she began to have premature labour pains. At the hospital, John fought to save Frankie and her baby. Realizing family is important, Cass decided to defend Morgan at his rape trial even though he could lose Felicia's friendship. Rachel called a special meeting of the Cory Publishing board, then stunned everyone by handing in her resignation. Amanda ignored Paulina, who warned that Jake will hurt her.

NOVEMBER 15-19, 1993
After accusing the Cory children of turning against Mac and all he stood for, Rachel went to New York City. Rachel phoned Amanda, but didn't say where she was. Carl took the phone and told Rachel that he would be there for her if she needed any help, then went looking for her. Realizing Carl was on her trail, Rachel moved to a pad above a beauty parlour. Lorna, Victor, and Jenna tried to remember more details about the night Lorna was raped. Later, Victor and Morgan got into a fight. Kelsey was angry when John got Morgan reinstated at the hospital. Grant confronted Vicky, who lied that Ryan fathered her baby. Ryan later lied to Grant that he fathered Vicky's baby, but when Grant later tried to patch things up with Ryan, he admitted his lie. Ryan and Grant went after Vicky, who decided to have an abortion. Jake accused Paulina of being jealous when she warned Amanda not to become further involved with him.

NOVEMBER 22-26, 1993
Vicky was stunned when she walked in on Matt and Donna in a compromising position. Donna told Vicky she will be there for her when Vicky talked about having an abortion. Ryan also agreed to stand by Vicky's decision, but Vicky fumed when Grant took legal action to stop her from having the abortion because he is the baby's father. Lorna had a flashback about the night she was raped. Lorna fumed when she learned Morgan was missing the day before he was scheduled to appear in court on rape charges. Cass and Morgan desperately tried to locate Morgan's pal, Kyle, who was the only other person there the night Lorna was raped. Rachel, who was feeling lonely, helped out in the beauty parlour owned by her landlady, Loretta. Carl caught up to Rachel and followed her into the park. The Cory clan, who missed both Ada and Rachel, celebrated Thanksgiving at the community center

Vicky got into a car accident after she and Grant argued, but she and the baby were not injured. After the accident, Vicky decided not to have an abortion. Vicky and Ryan pressured Grant to stop fighting Vicky's divorce request. Looking at a photo of Amanda, Grant talked to Spencer about how his marital status could affect his getting custody of Vicky's baby. After talking to Brett, who thinks Morgan is innocent, Morgan arrived in court just before his rape trial started. Lorna testified about what happened the night she was raped. When Lorna and Morgan came face-to-face in a parking garage, she pulled a gun on him. Amanda was impressed when Jake handled a potential union problem at Cory. Carl persuaded Loretta to let him talk to Rachel, who got upset and nearly cut off his hair before demanding Carl get out of her life. Donna and Matt were stranded in a van during a snowstorm.

DECEMBER 6-10, 1993
In the parking garage, Morgan got the gun away from Lorna and threw it down a sewer grate. Back on the witness stand, Lorna was forced to admit that she didn't see the face of her rapist. Kyle's sudden courtroom entrance interrupted Morgan's testimony. Vicky was furious when Grant said he wants sole custody of their baby. Vicky threatened to tell the press how Grant held her prisoner in Switzerland to prove him unfit as a father and a senator. Because of her feelings for Grant, Amanda nixed running an article about Vicky's Switzerland story. As part of his effort to get custody of the baby, Grant schemed to marry Amanda. Rachel was furious when Carl admitted he had been following her, and was puzzled when he offered to help prove Mac was not a crook. Donna is worried a romance will ruin her business relationship with Matt.

DECEMBER 13-17, 1993
Kelsey stunned her mother, Ruth, with the news that she is married to John. Ruth questioned why John keeps so many of Sharlene's things around the house. While Marley and Ian were at a construction site, someone began shooting a gun. Charges against Morgan were dropped after Kyle told the court that he left Lorna's apartment before Morgan, but later returned by himself. Lorna was stunned when Kyle testified that they made love because she wanted to. Lorna retrieved the gun Morgan took away from her. After hearing Kyle's voice, Lorna later realized that he did rape her. Dean visited Jenna, who decided to go with him when he had to leave on business. Maggie was thrilled when Dean escorted her to a high school dance. A mystery man is watching Maggie. An upset Amanda realized that she is really attracted to Jake. Vicky realized Grant played Santa as part of a nice guy act so he will get custody of their baby.

DECEMBER 20-24, 1993
Ian was impressed with Kate Baker, a new volunteer at the community centre. Kate took notice of little Gregory when the child took part in a Christmas pageant at the community centre. Ian and Marley weren't injured when a mystery person fired shots in the old building that Ian is renovating. Ryan agreed to investigate the shooting. After talking to Kyle, Morgan suspected Kyle raped Lorna. Lorna realized that Kyle raped her, but debated whether to prosecute him. Carl, who is getting closer to Rachel, got upset when she said her Christmas wish would be that Mac was cleared of accusations of being a crooked businessman. Carl agreed to clear Mac's name. Rachel phoned home on Christmas, but hung up on Amanda. A strange chased Rachel into a dark alley at the same time Carl and Loretta became worried when she didn't arrive at Loretta's beauty shop. Everyone was pleased when Jamie returned home for the holidays.

DECEMBER 27-31, 1993
Carl found Rachel in the hospital after she was hit on the head by a mugger. Carl took Rachel to his New York City hotel suite, and later took her on a literary tour of the Big Apple. On New Year's Eve, Carl romanced Rachel and they shared a midnight kiss. Rachel worried that the knock on her head is causing her vision problems. Donna was jealous when Matt paid a lot of attention to Misty, the new KBAY-TV weatherperson. A stunned Matt learned that his former girlfriend, Josie Watts, has been sending him romantic messages. Lorna fumed when the district attorney dropped the rape charges against Kyle for lack of evidence. John and Kelsey were suspended from the hospital for treating Paulina's tropical illness with an untested drug developed by Ian's father. John caught a glimpse of Sharlene lookalike, Kate, who brought a little girl, Luisa, to the hospital emergency room.