JANUARY 3-7, 1994
Rachel got cold feel over her growing relationship with Carl, but that didn't deter him from declaring his love to an astounded Rachel. Jake and Paulina got locked in a storeroom together, and when Ian unlocked the door they seemed to be in a cozy position. Morgan caught Kyle lying. Kyle threatened Matt with a lawsuit unless he canceled a show Lorna and Felicia planned on her rape. When the show aired, Kyle called in. Angry at his words, Felicia blurted out Kyle's name. Kyle flirted with Marley but attacked her when he learned she was trying to get him into therapy. She fended him off, but told Vicky and Ryan about it. Matt treated Donna tenderly alter Iris won "Female Executive of the Year."

JANUARY 10-14, 1994
Somebody killed Kyle, and most of Bay City were suspects. Lorna, Victor, Felicia, and Morgan all pledged to be one another's alibi. Ryan was not amused. Vicky and Donna were also suspects. Paulina pined for a jailed Ian but went to New York with Jake searching for Rachel. Paulina hoped that Rachel could get John and Kelsey's hospital suspension lifted if she testified that she asked them to use the experimental drug to cure Paulina. Learning Paulina was in New York, Carl whisked Rachel to an out-of-town art dealer who offered Rachel a one-woman show. Returning to New York, Rachel finally rewarded Carl with a kiss just as Paulina and Jake were closing in on Carl and the unknown woman dressed in jeans who they saw enter Carl's hotel. Maggie went ga-ga when she saw a new guy named Tomas. Grant and Amanda kissed. Lorna tried to tell Victor how much she appreciated him and finally told Felicia she loved her before packing her bags and leaving.

JANUARY 17-21, 1994
Maggie made plans to spend time with Tomas, but was miffed when he stood her up. Rachel and Carl came close to making love, but Carl's sudden mood change puzzled Rachel. Jake and Paulina tailed Carl and just missed seeing Rachel at the beauty shop. Paulina and Jake didn't fall for Carl's ploy to make them think Loretta is his new love interest. Rachel overheard Carl tell Loretta that he loves Rachel. Kate acted strange when Maggie kept talking about the investigation into Kyle's murder. Kate was further upset when the police took Felicia away after she argued with Ryan, who is investigating Kyle's death. After spending time at the police station, Felicia and Victor admitted to Ryan that Lorna left town and they don't know her whereabouts. During a dinner date with Morgan, Brett admitted Ryan warned her to be on guard around him. Kelsey understood when John said he dreamed about Sharlene.

JANUARY 24-28, 1994
Victor said he was being set up after his fingerprints were found on the gun used to kill Kyle. The gun was also used in a drug-related drive-by shooting. Felicia told Victor that she heard from Lorna, who is fine. Ryan schemed to get Morgan to rat on Kyle's killer. Because he was falsely accused of rape, Morgan told Brett it will be a while before he can be close to a woman. Kate considered making a phone call after Tomas said the police think a woman may have seen Kyle's killer. Kate saw John, who helped Morgan treat an ailing Luisa. Kelsey met Kate when she helped Morgan with Luisa's case. Carl dropped an icon Paulina got in South America and found a note written by Mac Cory inside. Josie failed to avoid Spencer, who realized he has met her somewhere before. Paulina and Ian had a romantic reunion after his release from jail. Vicky warned Amanda not to get further involved with Grant.

Tomas was angry when he learned Kate told the police what she knew about Kyle's shooting. Tomas is worried that the police will come and take Luisa away from him and Kate. Tomas found Luisa playing with a wedding ring that Kate later pawned so Tomas could go on a school trip. While at the community centre, Kelsey noticed someone had stacked the frying pans and spatulas the same way Sharlene used to. Frankie had her baby while stuck in an elevator at the hospital. Cass came through the ceiling of the elevator just before his daughter, Charlotte (Charlie), was born. Matt and Donna ignored Bonnie's warning and continued investigating her call-girl operation. Josie panicked when Bonnie said she has to fulfil their "agreement." Ian blamed Jake when he learned someone stole his father's research notes, but Jake denied being the thief. Rachel saw Amanda and Jake kissing. Carl still has Mac's letter.

FEBRUARY 7-11, 1994
Ryan questioned Ian, who remembered roughing up Kyle, but insisted Kyle was alive when they parted. Ryan told Ian that Kyle died of a brain hemorrhage caused by his fight injuries. Ryan agreed to help get Ian off the hook if he helped with a mysterious project. Ian later asked Spencer for a job at his new restaurant, the Harbour Club. A stunned Brett learned the man who wants to commission her to design a house turned out to be Dr. Spader, who holds John's and Kelsey's medical careers in his hands. Thanks to Dr. Spader, things went against John and Kelsey at the opening of their medical hearing. Everyone was stunned when Rachel lied on the witness stand to protect John and Kelsey. John went to thank Kate for trying to help his and Kelsey's case, but Tomas said she wasn't home. Kate reminded Tomas that she promised his mother she would take care of him and Luisa. Cass and Frankie brought Charlie home.

FEBRUARY 14-18, 1994
Felicia was relieved when Lorna returned to Bay City. Carl proposed to Rachel, then gave her Mac's letter. In the letter, Mac said he gave the rain-forest land to the people of San Cristabol, but Rachel and Paulina realized Carl's father sold the land without Mac's knowledge. Rachel searched for Carl, who disappeared. Vicky is determined to marry Ryan before her baby is born, while Carl urged Ryan to hang on to Vicky. Kelsey was upset when John called out Sharlene's name during a nightmare. Kelsey quizzed Ryan about Sharlene's death after noticing that Kate stacks trying pans and spatulas in the same unusual way Sharlene did. Donna fumed when Matt hired Josie as the KBAY weather girl. Josie tried, but failed, to tell John about her escort-service past. Josie realized she won't easily get Bonnie out of her life. Tomas was upset when Maggie learned he and Luisa live with Kate.

FEBRUARY 21-25, 1994
Tomas clammed up when Kelsey wanted information about Kate. Kelsey compared a photo of Sharlene with Kate, but after talking to Kate, was convinced that she isn't Sharlene. At a curio shop, John bought a wedding ring after realizing it had belonged to Sharlene. John gave the ring to Josie, but she dropped it and it rolled toward Kelsey. Josie forged John's signature to a prescription for some pills after Bonnie refused to let her out of a "date" with a client. After reading Mac's letter, Rachel went to New York City to see Carl, who got on a cruise ship. Carl left the cruise ship and went to see Rachel, who admitted that she has feelings for him. Paulina was stunned when Jake told her Ian is working for Spencer. Ryan nixed letting Ian tell Paulina that he is doing undercover work for Ryan. Vicky and Grant had a tense child-custody meeting. Lorna and Victor patched things up, and then started to make love.

FEBRUARY 28 - MARCH 4, 1994
Josie drugged escort service client Ed, then later let him think they made love as he had planned. Josie slapped Matt when he asked if she is a call girl. Morgan and Brett rushed Charlie to the hospital when she suddenly became ill. At the Winter Masquerade Ball, John danced with Kate and had the feeling he knew her even though she held a mask over her face. John later learned Kate was his mystery dance partner. Kelsey called out Sharlene's name to see if Kate would respond. Everyone was stunned when Rachel attended the ball with Carl. Rachel slept with Carl despite everyone's disapproval of their relationship. Iris warned Rachel that Carl may be plotting revenge against her. Carl contemplated an engagement ring. Lorna and Victor broke up after she was unable to make love to him because she was reminded of her rape. Tomas began to like Maggie better after she sang Luisa to sleep.

MARCH 7-11, 1994
Cass convinced a reluctant Frankie that Charlie needed surgery for an abnormality in her heart. Charlie survived the surgery, but Cass decided not to tell Frankie the baby's condition could recur. Kelsey hired a private detective to check out Kate because she thinks Kate Baker is another one of Sharlene's personalities. Matt was stunned when Donna told him that she is pregnant. Amanda was furious when she caught Rachel and Carl kissing at the Cory mansion. Carl and Rachel later argued when he suggested she is not ready for their relationship. Rachel confessed to Felicia that she has feelings for Carl, but can't let go of her love for Mac. Carl and Ryan are getting closer. Vicky snooped into Ryan's papers and learned he is investigating Grant, who is having political troubles. Vicky came close to learning Grant and Amanda made love. After Matt was forced to fire Josie, she begged Ian to give her a job.

MARCH 14-18, 1994
Kelsey was unable to keep John from coming face-to-face with Kate, who got upset when John said that she looks like his deceased wife, Sharlene. Kelsey panicked when John told her that he thinks Kate is Sharlene. Maggie took Kate, Tomas, and Luisa to the Cory mansion so they could elude a social worker. Vicky saw Matt and Donna celebrating the fact her pregnancy test was negative, so Matt admitted to Vicky that he and Donna are romantically involved. Matt insisted that he loves Donna, who is worried that he will dump her for a younger woman. Frankie didn't want to accept the fact that Charlie's heart condition wasn't cured by her operation. Jake plotted to use to his advantage the fact that Rachel and Carl are in love. Morgan and Lorna got closer after he apologized for the way he treated her the night she was raped. Vicky secretly taped a conversation between Grant and political party chairman Ed.

MARCH 21-25, 1994
After accepting the fact that Charlie's heart condition won't go away, Frankie took the baby from the hospital without permission. John persuaded Kate to stay in Bay City with Tomas and Luisa. Kate was uneasy when she saw John and Sharlene's son, Gregory. As she was leaving John's farmhouse, Kate had an allergic reaction to the soup Kelsey fixed for her and passed out. Kelsey dialled 911, but hung up. Kelsey was upset with John, who left a note before going off to check out Kate's past. Ian told Ryan that he caught Vicky snooping around Spencer's new nightclub. Ian argued with Paulina, who still doesn't know he is working undercover. Hank and Tommy planned a secret wedding ceremony for Iris and Hank. Rachel told the family that she loves Carl, and that he is the CEO of Cory Enterprises now that she controls the company. Matt announced that he and Donna are in love.

MARCH 28 - APRIL 1, 1994
Kate recovered from an allergic reaction to the seafood bisque she ate after Kelsey got her to the hospital. Kate learned Sharlene was also allergic to seafood. John returned home after learning Kate had no memory of her past when she turned up in the town of Port Jarvis. Kelsey told John to decide if he wants her or Kate, but later Kelsey left town after breaking up with John because of his obsession with Kate. Josie saw Kate for the first time and realized Kate is her mother, Sharlene. Ed forced Josie to lure Grant to a motel room. Ian told a stunned Ryan that Josie works for Bonnie's escort service. Hank broke up with Iris after learning she was late for their "surprise" wedding because of a crisis at Cory Publishing. Ryan and Vicky argued after she faked labour pains and caused him to momentarily neglect his undercover work with Ian. Kate played matchmaker for Tomas and Maggie.

APRIL 4-8, 1994
Ian promised to protect Josie, who was close to agreeing to testify against Bonnie and Ed. Ed warned Grant to vote for the Hawkins Bill or he will use the Grant/Josie hotel room caper to ruin Grant's career. Grant later told Ryan about Ed's threat. Josie and Ian escaped after Bonnie tied them up and left them in a barn she then set on fire. Vicky saved Grant's career when she revealed Josie will testify against Ed, who called a press conference with plans to ruin Grant. Grant thanked Vicky, who said all she wants is for him to give her a divorce. Despite Judy's warning to stay away from John, Kate tried to comfort him after Kelsey left town. After meeting Kate for the first time, Frankie warned John that her Sharlene personality may never return. A surprised Paulina learned that Jake proposed to Amanda as part of a plot to get control of Cory Publishing. Paulina saw Josie kiss Ian.

APRIL 11-15, 1994
Donna didn't jump at the chance when Matt suggested they live together. Morgan and Brett made love for the first time. Determined to break up Carl and Rachel's romance, Iris ruined the mood when Carl tried to propose to Rachel. Rachel later considered Carl's proposal. Kate was grateful when John convinced a social worker to allow Tomas and Luisa to stay with Kate while her past is being investigated. At Lorna's urging, Grant told the press his side of the call-girl caper without naming Josie. Vicky began having contractions while she and Grant were signing their divorce papers. Paulina ran away from Ian when he couldn't tell her that he loves her. Iris told Tommy that she still loves Hank, but they were never meant to get married. Frankie was stunned when Cass made love to her then took off in the middle of the night to go see his sister, Stacey. Brett's unnerved by a strange man.

APRIL 18-22, 1994
After returning from Los Angeles and his visit with Stacey, Cass was hyperactive and avoided getting close to his infant daughter Charlie. Felicia and Frankie worried about Cass because of his erratic behaviour. Donna rushed Vicky to the hospital after Vicky and Grant signed their divorce papers. Vicky gave birth to Grant's son. Ryan was unable to be with Vicky when she gave birth because he was busy saving Brett, who was taken hostage by a drug addict who tried to hold up the Espresso Bar. Grant vowed no one will take his son away from him, and later proposed marriage to Amanda. Josie told John that she can't get close to Kate. John apologized for prying into Kate's past. John told Frankie that Kate's description of the first man she ever loved fit him to a tee. Rachel and Carl each wondered if they have a future together. Tomas and Maggie kissed.

APRIL 25-29, 1994
Kate was angry when John arranged for her to talk to Dr. Emily Bradford without telling her that she was a shrink. After having a falling-out with Kate, Josie told Ms. Shaw that she has information about Kate's real identity. Felicia didn't hit it off with her new book editor, Lincoln Kramer III, who brought up the subject of her missed deadlines. Rachel learned someone stole the drug that John used to save Paulina's life. Iris suspected that Carl stole the drug and then left town. Rachel is worried about Carl, who is missing. Vicky threw a tantrum when Grant announced at a press conference that their son's name was Grant Spencer Harrison Jr. Grant used a tape of Vicky's blow-up in the hope of influencing a judge to give him custody of the baby, but the judge postponed a decision in the case. Amanda accepted Grant's marriage proposal. Frankie was shocked when Cass suggested they have another baby.

MAY 2-6, 1994
Rachel stuck up for Carl, who disproved Iris's and Jake's claim that he stole the formula for the drug Ian's father invented. Iris and Amanda were livid when Rachel and Carl announced they are engaged. Tomas was stunned to overhear Josie tell Ms. Shaw that Kate is really Josie's mother, Sharlene. John agreed to let Tomas and Luisa live with him when Ms. Shaw said they would be taken away from Kate because of her "condition." Grant and Amanda announced that they're engaged. Vowing not to let Grant take her baby, Kirkland, away from her, Vicky took the baby and left town. Ryan was stunned when he found Vicky's goodbye letter. Paulina and Ian ended their romance after evaluating their feelings for each other. Ian offered to let Josie stay at his pad after she refused to live with John, Tomas, and Luisa. Ian and Josie shared a passionate kiss. Everyone helped celebrate Cory Publishing's 30th anniversary.

MAY 9-13, 1994
John was upset when Kelsey called from Boston and said she started the proceedings for their separation. Kate confessed to her friend Judy that she has feelings for John. After learning that the Griffins want to adopt Luisa, which would separate the child from Tomas and Kate, Tomas took Luisa and went on the run with help from Maggie. Ryan and Cass were unable to keep Vicky's disappearance from Grant or the custody judge. Carl and Rachel set a June wedding date, and Carl asked Loretta to keep an eye on Rachel because he thinks she may be in danger. Cass was jailed as a result of his manic depression. At Dr. Emily Bradford's suggestion, Cass checked into the hospital for some rest, but later sneaked away and got a room at a hotel. Cass blames himself for his infant daughter's heart condition. Brett thought about having breast augmentation surgery. Marshall and Felicia clashed.

MAY 16-20, 1994
While Tomas was hiding out at the Cory cabin, he and Maggie got romantic. John and Kate shared a kiss while he comforted her over Tomas and Luisa's disappearance. Kate ran off when Josie told her that "Sharlene" (Kate) suffered from multiple personality disorder. John went to Boston to resolve his problems with Kelsey about their separation. Matt and Donna broke off their romance after she rejected his marriage proposal. Ryan tried to talk Vicky into coming home when she phoned him, but she hung up when Grant grabbed the phone from Ryan. Frankie comforted Cass, who confessed that he feels responsible for Charlie's heart condition because the abnormality runs in their family. A surprised Morgan learned that he had a sibling who died from heart disease. In New York City scouting a wedding site, Carl saved Rachel from being killed by a stone that fell (or was pushed) off a building roof.

MAY 23-27, 1994
Frankie and Cass rejected Dr. Bradford's suggestion that Cass stay in the hospital to receive drug treatments for his manic depression. Josie admitted to Ian, to whom she is attracted, that she may have pushed Kate too far when she blurted out that Sharlene (Kate) suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder. Before Tomas could take Luisa and leave Bay City on a bus, he and Kate were arrested by the police. After her arrest, Kate's (Sharlene) Sharly personality emerged. Kate (Sharlene) told John to forget about Sharlene. Grant told Amanda that they can't get married until he finds Vicky and his son. When Jake was unable to make love with Lorna, she accused him of still being hung up on Paulina. Paulina admitted to Rachel that she still has feelings for Jake. Carl realized he has to take action after he received more threats against his life. Lorna told Felicia her new book is a dud.

MAY 30 - JUNE 3, 1994
Kate was released from jail into John's custody, but nixed living at the farm because it reminds her of Sharlene. John and Kate made love after she admitted she has feelings for him, but later, Kate disappeared. Carl told Rachel that he was adding a codicil to his will, leaving her his shares of Cory stock. Rachel agreed to do the same for Carl, which means he would have control of Cory if anything happens to her. Iris was furious when she learned Carl could someday head Cory Publishing. Rachel and Carl planned their New York City wedding. Despite Morgan's objections, Brett made an appointment with Dr. Powers to discuss having breast augmentation. Lorna overheard Spencer warn Grant not to get romantically involved with Lorna after he caught them flirting. Paranoia is causing Cass to suspect there is something more than friendship between Frankie and Morgan. Felicia was tempted to drink liquor.

JUNE 6-10, 1994
Cass fantasized that Frankie and Morgan have a romantic relationship. While preparing for their New York City wedding, Carl gave Rachel a gun for protection from whoever has been threatening them. As Carl and Rachel were about to exchange vows, someone fired a gun. Carl and Iris accused each other of being the person who is making the threats. Jake and Paulina searched Iris's hotel room for incriminating evidence after Jake tried to convince Paulina that Iris is behind the threats to Rachel. Jake tailed Barry to Iris's hotel room where Iris insisted Barry is her private security guard. Everyone, including Maggie, was stunned when Tomas told the judge in Luisa's custody hearing that he is really Luisa's father. Tomas later told Maggie that he loves her when she riled at him for not telling her the truth about Luisa. Felicia and Marshall continued to argue.

JUNE 13-17, 1994
Before Carl and Rachel could exchange vows, Iris shot Carl. Iris was angry with Barry, who was supposed to have put blanks in the gun so that Iris could scare Carl and Rachel. Barry took Jake and Paulina hostage. Barry reminded Iris that he has the gun with her prints on it. Iris lied to Rachel that she didn't shoot Carl, and later suggested to Ryan that Jake pulled the trigger. Carl survived surgery, but Barry suggested Iris stage a medical "accident" to get rid of Carl. Rachel was pleased when Ryan called a comatose Carl "father" for the first time. Kate/Sharlene became Sharly after John said he would stay away from her. Josie was stunned when she saw Sharly/Sharlene trying to pick up a john at the Harbour Club. When Josie confronted Sharly, her Kate personality returned. Amanda interrupted a passionate moment between Tomas and Maggie. Cass had sessions with Dr. Emily Bradford.

JUNE 20-24, 1994
Jake and Paulina struggled to survive after Barry dumped them in the wilderness. Jake comforted Paulina, who fainted from lack of food. Carl began to recover from his gunshot wound, but he has amnesia. Rachel vowed to make Carl fall in love with her all over again when he didn't remember who she was. Ryan warned Iris that she was close to being arrested for Carl's shooting. Carl didn't recognize Iris, who said it would be best if he doesn't remember anything about his shooting. Barry warned Iris to cooperate or he would kill Jake and Paulina. A woman, Angela, kept tabs on Tomas and Maggie and sabotaged their planned meeting at the old mill. After Felicia gave Angela a job at KBAY-TV, Tomas demanded to know what Angela was doing in Bay City. Kate went into her Sharly personality after Maggie and Tomas suggested she see a shrink. Kate/Sharly was stunned when Josie said she became a hooker, like Sharly.

JUNE 27 - JULY 1, 1994
Angela was touched when she saw the love between Tomas and Luisa. Kate comforted Tomas after he learned Angela was suing for custody of their child, Luisa. Rachel was unable to jog Carl's memory despite giving him his favourite foods and reading his favourite poems. Carl gave away money after learning he is wealthy. Iris panicked when a code blue alert came from Carl's hospital room. Iris told Barry that she would turn him in to the police if he doesn't prove Paulina and Jake are alive. Paulina and Jake fought their physical attraction. Paulina called for Jake when she broke through a rotting bridge above a deep gorge. Felicia and Marshall got closer, and he was pleased with the outline for her new book. Cass told Frankie that he was going to commit himself after he left the gas stove on and almost killed himself and Charlie. Ryan accused Grant of ruining his chance to meet Vicky in Canada.

JULY 4-8, 1994
Jake pulled Paulina off the rotting bridge and saved her from certain death. Paulina and Jake admitted they still have feelings for each other, but she said their romantic relationship is over. In New York City, Iris was upset when she learned that Carl disappeared from his hospital room. Later, Carl stunned Iris when he popped out of the closet at her New York City apartment. Iris rejected Carl's romantic talk, but they later kissed when he comforted Iris, who was frightened by the noise of exploding firecrackers. Ryan was sceptical when Iris said Barry is her personal security guard. Ryan and his boss, Billy, learned Barry lost his private-eye license because he had connections to organized crime figures. Cass checked himself into a hospital after he apologized for accusing Frankie and Morgan of having an affair. Marshall's daughter, Dana, was surprised that he and Felicia are getting along.

JULY 11-15, 1994
Ian met a mystery woman, who later went to the Harbour Club and trashed the place. Angela told Tomas that she knows he will never forgive her for giving up her parental rights to Luisa. Angela followed Tomas, who went to the park to talk to Luisa, who was with a baby-sitter. Angela talked the sitter into letting her take photos of Luisa. Tomas fumed when Angela told the judge she wants to be part of Luisa's life. Tomas was upset when the judge postponed Luisa's custody hearing. Although Iris hypnotized Carl in an effort to find out what he knows about his shooting, Carl revealed nothing to her. Carl accused Rachel of keeping him a prisoner, while she is desperate to help him regain his memory. While rescuing Paulina and Jake, Ryan critically injured Barry, who was stalking the duo. Brett learned her mammogram showed a lump in her breast. Kate, who moved back to the farm, told John that she knows she is Sharlene.

JULY 18-22, 1994
The Cory family was stunned when Iris confessed after Carl said she shot him. Rachel tried to talk to Carl about their romantic relationship, and later learned he had disappeared. Before he died, Barry accused Iris of setting up Carl's shooting. Carl was determined to help Iris after learning she might be arrested. Amanda was stunned when Paulina said she and Jake are in love. Frankie and Cass, who was released from the hospital, had their daughter, Charlie, christened. Ian confronted Josie, who dressed up like a hooker and then tried to get information about Sharlene from a john. Angela pretended to be Maggie's friend while secretly scheming to break up Maggie and Tomas. Angela taunted Tomas, who was caught on videotape fighting at the Harbor Club with three guys who made racist remarks about him. Marshall and Felicia got closer after she helped him reconcile with his daughter Dana.

JULY 25-29, 1994
Jake proposed to Paulina, but later told her to consider her answer carefully because of the commitment. Angela replaced the edited tape of the opening of the Surf Bar with the tape including the fight Tomas got into. When the tape was aired on KBAY-TV, Angela pretended innocence. Maggie warned Tomas to keep an eye on Angela. Iris, who was arraigned on charges that she shot Carl, told Rachel that she had proof that Barry was also working for a mystery person. Iris learned someone anonymously paid her legal fees. After finding Carl at a revival meeting, Rachel suggested he pretend he still has amnesia in case someone is still after him. John was injured when he was struck by a car. Sharly returned to her Kate personality after learning John's condition was grave. Ian and Josie are getting closer. Grant and Amanda set a wedding date. Brett admitted to Frankie that she is terrified about her upcoming biopsy.

AUGUST 1-5, 1994
A strange man watched Carl while he instructed Lorna to start checking out their past enemies. Carl is determined to preserve his romance with Rachel, who is upset that they haven't been close since his shooting. The mystery man decided to go to Bay City. Kate, who was wearing Sharlene's wedding dress, talked to John until he regained consciousness after surgery. Kate later told John that she has her memory back and knows she is Sharlene. Sharlene and Josie had a tender reunion. Brett underwent a biopsy, but was upset that she had to wait to find out if she has breast cancer. Paulina had Jake "kidnapped" and taken into the wilderness, then agreed to his marriage proposal. Angela talked to a lawyer about her rights as Luisa's mother, but lied to Tomas that she won't cause trouble with Luisa's custody hearing. At the custody hearing, Tomas stunned Maggie when he said he will marry Angela.

AUGUST 8-12, 1994
The mystery man, who turned out to be Evan Frame, told Iris he wanted to help her, but she is suspicious of his motive. Amanda was stunned when Iris told her Evan is back in town. Rachel and Carl patched up their differences and made plans to elope. Rachel was surprised when her family showed up for her marriage to Carl. Iris fumed when she learned Rachel and Carl had tied the knot. Evan fumed when his cohort tailed Carl and Rachel but lost them. Maggie accused Angela of using Luisa to get closer to Tomas. Cass reminded Tomas that he has to reconcile with Angela or he could lose custody of Luisa. Maggie was crushed when Tomas said he was marrying Angela so that he wouldn't lose Luisa. Ian and Josie prepared a picnic for John and Sharlene's return home. John helped Sharlene come to terms with her past so that she will eventually be able to integrate her multiple personalities.

AUGUST 15-19, 1994
A fan, Walter Trask, kept tabs on Felicia and left gifts for her. On the anniversary of Lucas's death, Felicia was tempted to drink the champagne Walter left as a gift. Lorna was upset when she learned Felicia's new book is about Lorna's rape. Grant comforted Lorna after he saw the book manuscript. Felicia and Marshall argued when she nixed letting him publish her manuscript, but later, Marshall consoled a tearful Felicia and kept her from destroying the manuscript. Grant warned Evan to stay away from Lorna after he offered her a job. Amanda fumed when she learned Evan controls the new Cory advertising agency. Amanda assured Grant that Evan means nothing to her. Maggie was upset when Tomas married Angela, who set out to seduce him. John and Sharlene began a new life together. Matt told Donna he doesn't care that she is going through early menopause. Jake gave Paulina an engagement ring.

AUGUST 22-26, 1994
Angela lied to Tomas that she never hassled Maggie. Angela was pleased when Tomas told Maggie that he had to stay home with Angela to make their marriage appear on the up and up. Carl learned Ryan was questioned after money and drugs disappeared from police headquarters. Carl became worried when he learned some of his counterfeit money plates were stolen. Carl is desperate to keep his criminal past from Rachel, who was puzzled when he cut their honeymoon short. Evan is out to get Carl. After learning the facts of Ryan's investigation into Iris's attempted murder case, Evan told lawyer Trent Forbes that Ryan must be stopped no matter what it takes. Felicia and Marshall were surprised that her publisher is releasing her book about Lorna's rape as soon as possible. A reluctant Matt agreed not to tell Ryan that Vicky phoned Donna, who went to visit Vicky. Grant and Amanda planned a Thanksgiving wedding.

Iris asked Ryan to help her after she learned a date had been set for her attempted murder trial. Carl agreed when Ryan wanted help in his effort to find out who framed him at the police station after money and drugs disappeared from the evidence room. Frankie had strange vibes about Officer Doyle after agreeing to help Ryan with his investigation. Ryan had Ian tail Doyle hoping he will lead them to the person who wants Ryan off Iris's case. Fearing he could lose Rachel, Carl bit the bullet and told her all about his criminal past. Rachel became worried when Carl went on television and challenged the person who is out to get him. Lorna and Marshall clashed when he didn't want romance novel readers targeted as buyers for Felicia's new book about Lorna's rape. Under hypnosis, Sharlene relived the sexual abuse that she suffered as a youngster. Social worker Ms. Shaw kept tabs on Angela and Tomas.

SEPTEMBER 5-9, 1994
Ryan found Officer Doyle dead after he and Ian, who were keeping tabs on Officer Doyle, saw him meet with Evan. Evan made plans to leave town after Ryan answered the phone at Doyle's pad. While flirting with Lila, Ryan caught her with counterfeit money. Carl was hurt when Ryan wanted to know if he was behind the counterfeit money. Carl suspected the mystery person who is out to get him was also responsible for Ryan being suspended from the police force. A relieved Donna learned that she has a hormonal imbalance and isn't going through menopause. Angela pressured Tomas to tell Luisa that they are her parents. Angela vowed to keep Maggie away from Tomas. Jake tried to come up with a way to ask Paulina to financially support his publishing business. Walter stole Felicia's book manuscript after anonymously phoning Marshall and pleading with him not to publish her book.

SEPTEMBER 12-16, 1994
Evan pressured Iris into hiring Trent to represent her as her attempted murder trial got under way. Later Iris wondered if Evan and Trent were conspiring to get her convicted, so she fired Trent. Iris told Carl, who testified against her at her trial, that she has information that could save his life. The jury found Iris guilty, while Rachel said she thinks Iris is innocent. Walter returned Felicia's manuscript to Marshall, but lied that he found it in the mailroom. Felicia and Marshall left to attend a Romance Novel Festival. Donna told Grant that she will help Vicky fight his attempts to see his child. Ryan learned that Officer Doyle thought he would be set for life thanks to a Bay City businessman. Sharlene was furious when she saw Josie modelling for sexy photos. Josie admitted to Sharlene that she is waiting for the results of an AIDS test. Jake vowed that he will get the money to start his publishing company.

SEPTEMBER 19-23, 1994
Walter kidnapped Felicia while she was at the Romance Novel Festival. Felicia's pals are worried that she was drinking again when she didn't show for her seminar. Felicia's attempt to escape failed. Ian learned Spencer has been paying "protection" money. Jake was shocked when Paulina announced she gave her trust-fund money to the community centre so money would not be an issue between them. Jake had intended to use Paulina's money to back his publishing firm. Iris, who was sent to jail, exchanged threats with Evan. Iris reminded Rachel that the last word Barry said was "heaven." Evan hired Brett to design his home. Brett was surprised when Morgan said he wants to marry her. Evan told Trent that he will not let Ian or Sharlene ruin Josie's budding modelling career. Grant, Lorna, and Ryan found the last motel room Vicky had occupied. Ryan quit his search for Vicky, but Donna said Vicky will be home soon.

SEPTEMBER 26-30, 1994
Angela secretly gloated when Tomas decided he cannot afford to go to college. Tomas was angry to learn that Angela bought an expensive wedding gift and planned to attend Paulina's wedding shower, which Maggie is hosting. Felicia tried to placate Walter, who wants her to write a romance novel. While everyone searched for clues to Felicia's disappearance, she plotted to escape from Walter. Evan is worried that Iris may have connected him to Barry. Carl recalled Iris saying that Barry's last word sounded like "heaven." Grant rejected Vicky's demands, which determined when she will return home with their son. On the phone, Donna warned Vicky to get home before Lorna gets her hooks into Ryan. Ryan comforted Lorna, who is worried about Felicia. Carl suspects Spencer sold counterfeit money for the real thing. Ian won a high- stakes poker game for Spencer, then demanded a half share of the Harbor Club.

OCTOBER 3-7, 1994
Brett and Morgan decided not to get married. Vicky arrived at Donna's home looking for support in her effort not to let Grant see their son. Vicky got angry when Matt said she can't keep Grant away from his son. Grant is determined to find Vicky and get his son back. Walter thwarted Felicia's escape attempt. Walter, who disguised his voice and pretended to be romance novelist Penelope Windsor, told Marshall on the phone that he knew nothing about Felicia's disappearance. Walter forced Felicia to write a note to her friends saying she was fine, but didn't notice she signed it "Fannie." Carl confronted Evan after learning he had the opportunity to steal one of the counterfeit money plates from Carl's safe deposit box. Ryan and Lorna checked out Lila's connection to Evan. Hours before their wedding, Paulina searched for Jake, who was off helping Vicky with her scheme against Grant.

OCTOBER 10-14, 1994
On their wedding day, Jake and Paulina found a baby, Mark, who was left in the back seat of Paulina's car by his distraught mother. After exchanging vows, Jake and Paulina left on their honeymoon and took Mark with them. Cass donned his "Krystal Lake" disguise so that he and Frankie could investigate after they got proof that Felicia had been kidnapped. Walter didn't like the ending for the romance novel he forced Felicia to write. Walter laced Felicia's food with alcohol. Ryan reluctantly agreed to help Vicky with her plot against Grant. Just as Vicky was about to give herself up, Grant found her and demanded that she give him their son. Carl is worried about Rachel, who went to New York City and enlisted Loretta's help to check out Evan's past. Sharlene agreed to remarry John. After learning Ian is part owner of the Harbor Club, Evan arranged for the place to be shut down.

OCTOBER 17-21, 1994
Ryan got Vicky out of jail after Grant had her arrested for kidnapping their son Kirk. Vicky explained to the district attorney why she took Kirk, and then everyone was surprised when Grant recommended Vicky should not be prosecuted. Vicky and Ryan argued after Lorna phoned to tell him there was evidence proving Felicia had been kidnapped. Later, Ryan decided to break up with Vicky for good. After Walter got her drunk, Felicia made a pass at him, and later she was able to sneak out of his house, but her freedom was brief. Walter planned to blow up Marshall with a homemade bomb. While searching Walter's home, Cass and Frankie found Felicia's romance novel manuscript and her feather boa. After learning Rachel was in New York City, Evan had Lorna create an ad campaign that would take him to the Big Apple. Evan wants Amanda to go to New York City with him. Jerry urged Tomas to set Maggie free.

OCTOBER 24-28, 1994
An elderly couple took Felicia to the hospital, where she was sedated by a doctor. Felicia was able to phone Marshall and warn him about the package bomb Walter had sent to him. Marshall, Cass, and Frankie were not injured when the bomb went off, but were dismayed when they got to the hospital and learned Walter had lied that he was Felicia's husband, then took her prisoner again. Ryan helped Lorna get a radio message out to Felicia. Vicky is sure that Ryan still loves her and she will get him back. Evan and Trent sprang Lila from jail, then Evan gave her money and a one-way ticket to Rio. Ryan disposed of a framed sketch of Rachel's that someone sent Carl because it could incriminate Carl. Rachel continued digging into Evan's past. Grant was uneasy about Amanda going on the New York City advertising shoot with Evan. Jerry moved in on Maggie after Angela caused her to doubt Tomas's fidelity.

In New York City, Amanda fell for Evan's "nice guy" act, and kissed him on the cheek, just as someone took a photo of them. Evan lied that he got the film from the photographer, but their seemingly intimate moment was published in a tabloid. Amanda later learned that Evan arranged the photo, but let him drive her home anyway. Marshall found Felicia just before Walter detonated another bomb. Walter tried to kill Marshall, but Cass saved him. Walter was taken to a mental hospital. Jake told Vicky that someone is bound to learn "Mark" is really Grant and Vicky's son, Kirk, and that the baby Vicky turned over to Grant had been given up for adoption by his mother. Jake panicked when Paulina wanted to talk to Cass about how she can become Mark's (Kirk's) legal guardian. After agreeing to move in with Sharlene and John, Tomas nixed sleeping with Angela. Rachel told Carl what she learned about Evan's criminal past.

NOVEMBER 7-11, 1994
After mistaking Mark for Kirk, Donna confronted Vicky, who admitted she had switched Mark for her and Grant's son, Kirk. Paulina was suspicious when she heard Donna warn Jake, who is in on Vicky's baby switch scheme, that his marriage could be at stake. Believing he was doing Carl a favor, Ito tampered with the brakes on Evan's car. While Amanda and Evan were arguing, the brakes on the car failed and they crashed. Evan regained consciousness in the hospital, and Amanda underwent surgery. John saved Amanda's life on the operating table, but later said that the accident had caused damage to the spinal cord. Carl couldn't find the right time to tell Rachel that Ito was responsible for Amanda's condition. Angela made her presence known when she saw Tomas comforting Maggie over Amanda's condition. Ryan was uneasy after he and Lorna kissed. Morgan and Brett decided to live together.

NOVEMBER 14-18, 1994
Tomas and Maggie shared romantic moments during a secret rendezvous. Angela is worried Tomas will learn about her schemes. Vicky was about to tell Ryan she switched Kirk for Mark when Ryan revealed Amanda was in the car accident. Amanda panicked when she was unable to move her legs. Grant told Amanda he wants to marry her as soon as possible despite her paralysis. Trent hinted to Grant that Amanda has been unfaithful. Ryan told Rachel that Evan took responsibility for the accident after learning Amanda is paralyzed. After Ito boarded a plane to Japan, Carl changed his mind about telling Rachel that Ito tampered with Evan's car and caused it to crash. Paulina was devastated after learning her pregnancy test was negative. Since Paulina was upset about not being pregnant, Jake didn't tell her Vicky wants to adopt Mark. Cass comforted Felicia, who is worried that the critics will trash her new book.

NOVEMBER 21-25, 1994
Felicia and Marshall celebrated when her new book received rave reviews. After learning Marshall has romantic feelings tor her, Felicia said she thinks of him as a dear friend. After meeting at the docks, a drunken Vicky consoled Evan, who was contemplating suicide. A stunned Evan realized that Vicky had pulled off the baby switch with Grant when she talked about how cute Mark (Kirk) was. Evan changed his mind about leaving town after Vicky insisted Grant is evil. Vicky was surprised when Evan said Amanda and Grant were married at her hospital bedside. Grant didn't agree with Spencer, who thinks Trent lied when he claimed Amanda had deceived Grant. Lorna learned Grant plans to use his marriage to Amanda to further his political career. Jake had to tell Paulina that Mark is really Kirk when she insisted on adopting the baby. Brett told Morgan that she accepted a Chicago job offer.

Paulina was devastated when she had to turn Mark (Kirk) over to Vicky after learning the details of Vicky's baby switch. Paulina was furious with Jake for keeping mum about the baby switch, but later patched things up with him. After sharing a romantic day with Carl, Rachel was stunned when Evan told her that Carl caused the accident that paralyzed Amanda. Rachel told Carl to get out of her life. Amanda was surprised when Grant insisted on checking her out of the hospital and taking her home. Amanda was upset to find the press waiting for her when she arrived at Grant's home. Spencer does not agree with Grant, who believes Amanda has feelings for Evan. Grant later got angry when he heard Amanda and Evan talking in her room. Grant is determined to drive a wedge between Amanda and Rachel. Morgan gave Brett an engagement ring while she was preparing to leave for her new job in Chicago.

DECEMBER 5-9, 1994
Although Grant managed to drive a wedge between Amanda and Rachel, Carl begged Amanda to patch things up with Rachel. Evan told Carl that he won't leave Amanda alone until he is convinced she is okay. Vicky decided to investigate the accident after Evan admitted that he is worried about Amanda. Carl was arrested and pleaded guilty at his arraignment after confessing to Ryan that he caused Amanda and Evan's car accident. Ryan asked Rachel to testify against Carl. Amanda blamed Carl for her accident and warned him to stay away from Alli. Paulina was upset to see that Grant has bonded with Mark, whom he thinks is Kirk. Sharlene and Frankie tried to talk Angela's mother, Connie, into helping end Angela's marriage to Tomas. Angela insisted to Connie that she and Tomas are determined to make their marriage work. Felicia and Marshall met Hollywood agent Mr. Callahan, who wants to make a movie of Felicia's book.

DECEMBER 12-16, 1994
Morgan became angry when he learned of Brett's elopement with a baseball player. During a dinner meeting, Cass, Felicia, and Marshall were stunned when superagent Martin Callahan died during the soup course. Josie told Ian that Martin was one of her johns when she was a hooker. Josie learned that she inherited Martin's estate. As the judge was about to sentence Carl, Ito confessed that he cut the brake lines on Evan's car. Ryan urged Carl to tell Rachel that he was not responsible for Amanda's paralysis. In New York City, Rachel tried to forget about Carl. Evan learned Trent let Grant think Evan and Amanda were having an affair. Grant was pleased when Amanda agreed to stop her physical therapy, but her doctor agreed when Vicky wanted to help Amanda with her therapy. Vicky vowed to prove Grant is evil. Jake has money problems.

DECEMBER 19-23, 1994
Angela's scheme to seduce Tomas was a flop when Sharlene interrupted them. Angela is angry with Tomas, who wants to continue living with Sharlene and John. John told Sharlene that he is a contender for hospital Chief of Staff. John was not pleased when Sharlene said Frankie is helping her look for the person who raped Sharlene when she was a child. Rachel confessed that she still loves Carl, then was surprised when he arrived at the Cory board meeting pushing Amanda in a wheelchair. A stunned Rachel learned Ito, not Carl, caused the accident that left Amanda paralyzed. Carl agreed when Amanda insisted that he continue as the Cory board chairman. Spencer is worried about Grant's obsessive behavior toward Amanda. Grant made sure he and Lorna will have adjoining rooms during their Washington, D.C., trip. Morgan quit his hospital job after Brett explained her quickie marriage to Rob Nettles.

DECEMBER 26-30, 1994
Maggie went to New York City to see Dean Frame in Grease but she could not stop thinking about Tomas. Rachel patched things up with Carl, who moved back in with her. In San Francisco Jake and Paulina unwittingly bumped into Mark's father, Patrick Miller, at Marley's clinic where Patrick's wife had left Mark. Jake planned to leave San Francisco without repaying money that he took from a loan shark, so he panicked when Paulina wanted to extend their stay. Paulina learned Patrick relocated to Chicago. Felicia and Cass, who want to open a bookstore, learned their old enemy Tony the Tuna owns the store they want to rent. Grant denied Evan's accusation that he is having an affair with Lorna, but after arriving in Washington D.C. on business Grant seduced Lorna and convinced her to be his mistress. Evan asked Frankie to investigate Grant and Lorna. Vicky tried to warn Amanda that Grant is a control freak.