JANUARY 2-6, 1995

In New York City, Maggie told Dean that she knows Tomas loves her, but Angela will never let them be together. After Maggie sang a number from Grease with Dean, she was offered a role in the touring production of the show. Maggie accepted the offer after she saw Tomas, Luisa, and Angela making like a happy family. After making love, Lorna told Grant that he helped her conquer the trauma of the time she was raped. Lorna begged Morgan to keep mum when he suspected she and Grant are having an affair. Grant fumed, then made arrangements for Spencer to leave town after Spencer threatened to tell Amanda about Grant and Lorna's affair. Ian and Josie made plans to go to New Orleans. Jake returned to Bay City and paid off his debts just as the loanshark realized Jake stole money from him. Paulina confronted Vicky about kidnapping Mark, then Paulina and Jake went to Chicago to find Mark's father Patrick.

JANUARY 9-13, 1995
After another threat to tell Amanda about Grant's affair with Lorna, Spencer backed down and accepted the Washington, D.C., job that Grant arranged for him. Maggie was attacked and nearly raped after she met Tomas on the docks and told him that she was leaving town. Angela has to stay married to Tomas to get money her grandmother willed her. Angela pressured Tomas to take a job at KBAY. Tomas realized Angela let the social worker, Ms. Shaw, think Sharlene is emotionally unstable when Shaw suggested Tomas and Angela get their own place. Vicky told Ryan about Mark, but kept mum that she switched Mark for Kirk. Paulina and Jake debated whether to tell Patrick about Mark since Paulina is not sure Patrick will be a good father. Jake learned the loanshark is after him. Grant fumed when he learned Vicky is helping Amanda with her physical therapy. Evan learned of Lorna's affair with Grant.

JANUARY 16-20, 1995
Eberhardt, a hitwoman working for the loanshark, arrived in Bay City and kept tabs on Jake. Jake argued with Donna, who nixed lending him money to pay back what he stole from the loanshark. When Eberhardt saw Jake arguing with Donna, she assumed they are lovers. Connie told Sharlene that Angela cannot get her inheritance from her grandmother unless she stays married to Tomas for a year. Josie and Ryan pressured Maggie to testify against the man who nearly raped her on the docks, if and when he is captured. Later, Josie posed as a hooker and went off on her own in search of the attacker. Vicky was pleased when Ryan backed her efforts to get custody of Kirk (Mark). Donna warned Vicky to tell the truth about the babies after learning Vicky took Evan's advice that she try to get custody of both Kirk and Mark. Tony agreed to rent Felicia and Cass space for their bookstore, Wallingford's, after they agreed to help Tony's friend, Apple Annie, who lives on the street.

JANUARY 23-27, 1995
After Cass questioned Vicky about why she is taking care of "Mark" and at the same time seeking custody of "Kirk," Vicky confessed that she had switched the babies before handing "Kirk" (Mark) over to Grant. Vicky was tempted to tell Ryan about the baby switch but told him about her impending trip to San Francisco instead. Josie put her life in danger posing as a hooker, but it paid off when she helped capture the stalker who had attacked Maggie on the docks. Jake vowed to protect Paulina after Eberhardt threatened to kill him. Jake plotted to make Eberhardt believe that he and Donna are romantically involved.

Jake lied to Paulina that he is upset about his involvement in a bad business deal. After seeing Eberhardt talking to Paulina, Jake was relieved when Paulina went to San Francisco to find Mark's parents, the Millers. Paulina learned the Millers are looking for Mark. Vicky went to San Francisco to find out if the Millers will let her adopt Mark. A stunned Tomas learned that Angela married him to get an inheritance from her grandmother's estate. Maggie missed her plane to New York City after Tomas said he is through with Angela. After receiving Vicky's custody suit papers, Grant warned that she will never get Kirk (Mark). When Marshall asked Amanda to return to work at Cory, Grant lied that he could lose custody of Kirk (Mark) if she is a working mom. After seeing Donna with Matthew, Eberhardt schemed to make Jake prove his claim that he loves Donna. Sharlene continued looking for the man who raped her when she was a child.

FEBRUARY 6-10, 1995
Tomas and Maggie reconciled, and he persuaded her not to join the touring company of Grease. When Tomas wanted to annul his marriage to Angela, she warned it would mean losing Luisa, because a social worker, Ms. Shaw, has made a decision about the child's custody. Patrick Miller arrived in Bay City after meeting with Paulina in San Francisco. Angela told Patrick that Mark is living with Paulina because she was unaware that Paulina turned the child (really Kirk) over to Vicky. Paulina believed Jake is having an affair after she read a love note Eberhardt wrote Jake to prove her suspicion that he loves Paulina. To keep Paulina safe, Jake lied that he is having an affair. Felicia was stunned when Cass revealed Lorna is having an affair with Grant. Felicia gave Lorna a chance to fess up, but she lied that she is not involved with Grant. Frankie and Cass believe Bailey Thompson raped Sharlene as a child.

FEBRUARY 13-17, 1995
Patrick and Laurie Miller kidnapped Kirk when Bridget had the child in the park, but secretly returned the baby and learned their son, Mark, is living with Grant. Patrick went to confront Grant. When Ryan tried to propose to Vicky, she told him about the baby switch. Vicky, who had a loaded gun, went to the airport and planned to leave town with Bridget and Kirk before Grant learns she has their son. Lorna went crazy when Grant dumped her because their affair could ruin his political career. Amanda demanded a divorce after learning of Grant and Lorna's affair. Carl said he was taking Amanda home, then threatened to kill Grant. Frankie hired a new detective partner, Joe Carlino, and together they dug up information on Bailey Thompson, who might have raped Sharlene when she was child. Eberhardt and Jake headed for the Cory cabin after learning Paulina was there.

FEBRUARY 20-24, 1995
Grant got drunk to forget Amanda's demand for a divorce, then was stunned when Patrick told him "Mark" is his son, Sean. During a confrontation, Grant threw a gun-toting Vicky out after she threatened to kill him. After a mystery person shot Grant, he called Ryan, then stumbled out of the house, knocking over a candle and setting the house on fire. Ryan got help for Grant, then rescued Alli and Sean from the fire. Evan rescued Amanda from the fire, but the roof fell on Evan. Believing Vicky shot Grant, Ryan put his fingerprints on a gun found near Grant. Felicia learned Lorna had a gun, then became worried that she shot Grant during a drunken blackout. Sean went home with his parents. Jake and Paulina turned Eberhardt over to the police. Eberhardt's partner Svenson took Jake's wallet and jewellery. Svenson later died in a car crash, but Jake escaped. Sharlene learned Bailey raped her as a child.

FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 3, 1995
Jake, who has amnesia, regained consciousness on the roadside. Jake, who had a suitcase full of money and Eberhardt's credit cards, assumed he is Bunny Eberhardt. Believing he is from San Francisco, Jake wound up at his own funeral while preparing to go "home." Vicky returned from Key West after learning Ryan had been arrested for attempting to kill Grant. Ryan nixed making a deal with Dana, the district attorney. A mystery woman in the French Riviera let out a scream when she learned of Grant's shooting and the charges against Ryan. Amanda confided to Evan that she thinks Rachel might have shot Grant. Alli ran away after she found out Jake "died," and learned Amanda will divorce Grant. Sharlene told a stunned John that she is certain Bailey raped her when she was a little girl. John urged Sharlene to confront Bailey. Cass and Frankie learned Bailey works in a home for runaway girls.

MARCH 6-10, 1995
The Cory clan searched for Alli, who thought she caused Jake's "death" and Amanda's split with Grant. At Crossroads House, a home for runaway girls, Alli met Bailey. Amanda walked to Alli when Joe brought her home. Joe told Frankie that Bailey volunteers his time at Crossroads House. Frankie told Bailey that she's investigating a sexual-abuse charge at Crossroads House then noted something is going on between Bailey and Linette, a girl staying at the home. Joe checked out Bailey's wife Madeleine. Sharlene confronted Bailey and accused him of raping her when she was a child, but he denied the charge. Lorna was crushed when Grant came out of his coma and called out Amanda's name. Grant told Ryan and Billy that he knows who shot him. After a near run-in with Paulina, Jake left for San Francisco. Paulina and Vicky went to Lassiter, where they planned to scatter "Jake's" ashes.

MARCH 13-17, 1995
Josie was thrilled when she passed the police academy exam with flying colors. Grant, who is recovering from his wound, told the police that Vicky had threatened him with a gun. Fellow police officer, Billy, accused Ryan of covering for Vicky, who fumed that she was set up for the shooting. Marshall, who has hidden the gun Felicia took from Lorna, told Felicia that Grant does not remember who shot him. Carl learned Rachel has an alibi for the time of Grant's shooting. Amanda told Grant that she wants a divorce. After his confrontation with Sharlene, Bailey resigned from Crossroads House. Joe learned nothing from Madeleine about Bailey's indiscretions. Later, Bailey covered when Madeleine asked why Joe is checking him out. Tony "reminded" Cass and Felicia that they promised to help Annie, a street woman, if Tony allowed them to open their bookstore. Lorna and Cass urged Morgan to return to medicine.

MARCH 20-24, 1995
Angela vowed to get revenge against Tomas, who won sole custody of Luisa. Angela later left town. Sharlene introduced herself to Bailey's current victim, Linette, who avoided talking about him. Bailey later warned Linette to keep her mouth shut about him. Sharlene fumed when she caught Bailey undermining John at the hospital. Vicky was furious when Lorna, whom Vicky believes shot Grant, was given custody of Kirk. Cass cautioned Felicia against protecting Lorna if she shot Grant. Lorna later gave her gun to Ryan. Ryan promised Vicky that he will get Kirk back. Cass was relieved that Morgan has an alibi for the time of Grant's shooting. Cass and Felicia put aside their disagreement over Lorna and opened their bookstore, Wallingford's. Tony "reminded" Cass and Felicia of their promise to help Annie. Josie was accepted into the police academy. Rachel fumed when Grant rejected her plea that he give Amanda a divorce.

MARCH 27-31, 1995
Cass and Felicia were able to transform Annie into a lady before she was reunited with her daughter Fiona. Fiona has no idea that Annie has been living on the streets for years. Cass and Felicia held a reception for Fiona and Annie, who passed out when she saw Rachel and Josie. Sharlene told teenager Linette that she had been raped by Bailey, and together they can stop him. Sharlene also told Bailey's wife, Madeleine, about her rape. Bailey accosted Sharlene after forcing Linette to lure her to the docks. Bailey terrorized Sharlene and threatened to rape her again. A guilty Linette confessed to John that she set Sharlene up to meet Bailey. A ballistics report showed Grant was shot with the gun Vicky brought to his home. Joe and Frankie decided to be private-eye partners. After meeting Paulina, Joe fantasized that she is the woman of his dreams. Matt and Donna agreed to have a July wedding.

APRIL 3-7, 1995
Lorna convinced Grant to drop the charges against Morgan, who was then reinstated at the hospital. John rescued Sharlene from Bailey after Linette admitted setting Sharlene up to meet Bailey. Ian left for Australia and his new job, but Josie nixed going with him after she was accepted into the police academy. In France, La Comtesse packed her bags and headed for Bay City after she became upset over a newspaper photo of Carl and Rachel. Frankie and Felicia were stunned when Annie said she fainted at the sight of Rachel because she reminded Annie of Justine Kirkland, who is Grant and Ryan's mother. After Felicia told Rachel about Annie's revelation, Rachel confronted Carl about Justine. In the police evidence room, Cass found a handkerchief he believes was used to wipe prints from the gun used to shoot Grant. Under hypnosis, Grant said Vicky shot him. Paulina misses Jake.

APRIL 10-14, 1995
Vicky was stunned when Grant admitted in court that he shot himself, but had blamed her to get revenge. Marshall told Amanda that Grant is trying to block her effort to divorce him. Grant later asked Amanda to write his biography. A returned Spencer suggested Grant resign from the Senate. While eavesdropping, La Comtesse was upset to hear Grant had shot himself. Lorna was livid that Grant let her think she had shot him. Annie was terrified when she came face-to-face with her sister, La Comtesse. La Comtesse told a servant that she used to be Justine Kirkland Harrison. La Comtesse/Justine recalled the night she first met Carl. Spencer, who used to be married to Justine, remembered Ryan's birth and finding out that he was Carl's son. Rachel decided to find out everything she can about Justine. A call from Rachel convinced Joe to check out Jake's death. Tomas and Josie got friendly.

APRIL 17-21, 1995
John's mother, Clara Hudson, returned to Bay City. After confiding to Sharlene that he is worried about Clara's health, John and Sharlene convinced Clara to move in with them. John tried to notify his brother, Michael, about Clara's health, and was surprised his phone was disconnected. Josie met Gary Sinclair at Wallingford's, then argued with him after learning that he was her police academy instructor. At a restaurant, Justine eavesdropped on Rachel and Carl, and gloated that Carl needs her. Grant called a TV news conference to announce his resignation from the Senate. Grant thinks his career will rise from the ashes if he gets Amanda back. While Lorna hoped for a future with Grant, Spencer warned him not to get involved with her. Justine learned Evan is coming between Grant and Amanda. Joe kept Paulina in the dark about his talk with Eberhardt. Matt learned Donna kept in touch with Michael.

APRIL 24-28, 1995
Marshall suggested Grant write a book about himself after Amanda refused to script the tome. Grant had Paulina try to convince Vicky to let him have visitation rights to Kirkland. Lorna realized Grant is just using her after he coaxed her into his bed again. While dining with Morgan, Lorna ignored a phone call from Grant. Justine spied on Carl and Rachel, and dug up information on their private lives. Spencer experienced severe headaches. Suspecting that Clara MAY have the beginning of Alzheimer's, John convinced her to undergo tests at the hospital. John was surprised to see his brother, Michael, in Bay City. Vicky got upset when Clara started talking about Michael. A surprised Ryan learned Gary has been hostile toward Josie. Felicia met Gary at an AA meeting she chaired. Joe continued to keep Paulina in the dark about the information he has gleaned on Jake's "death."

MAY 1-5, 1995
Michael avoided telling John why he is was so secretive about being in Bay City. Michael told John that he wants to move to the farm after their mother, Clara, goes to a nursing home. On the phone, Michael told a mystery person not to come to Bay City. After arguing with Justine about the past, Spencer collapsed. John later told Ryan and Grant that Spencer had a stroke, which could leave him paralyzed. Later, Spencer tried to make Grant realize that Justine was hiding in the hospital room and that she had attempted to kill him. Amanda refused Evan's offer to leave Bay City with him. Christophe is worried about Justine's mental health. Morgan was there for Lorna, who told him that she broke off her romance with Grant but is still working for him professionally. Justine spied on Grant while Paulina supervised his visit with Kirkland. Joe lied about the info he gathered on Jake's death.

MAY 8-12, 1995
Josie fainted after Gary put her through a gruelling workout session at the police academy. Spencer was unable to make Carl and Ryan understand that Justine is trying to kill him. Justine was eavesdropping when Carl and Rachel told Ryan about that Justine didn't die in childbirth. Rachel is worried about Carl, who went to New York City. Distraught about Justine's mental state, Christophe arranged with her psychiatrist to have her committed to a sanatorium. Justine perfected her impersonation of Rachel. Morgan was ecstatic when John told him that he had been chosen as a resident. Morgan confronted Lorna after learning she slept with Grant. Ryan forgave Spencer for keeping him in the dark about Justine. Ryan was offered a promotion to police captain. Matt was not pleased to learn Michael plans to stay in Bay City permanently. Michael met Tomas and Luisa. Amanda and Rachel made Marshall head of Brava.

MAY 15-19, 1995
Nick Terry hitched his way to the Hudson farm to join his father, Michael. John was stunned when Michael said he only recently learned Nick was his son. Michael also revealed Nick has been in trouble with the law. Nick met Tomas and Luisa while planning his escape from the farm. Carl was hit on the head and ended up with cracked ribs during a break-in at the house. Ryan was puzzled when Carl and Rachel said nothing was missing. Amanda was upset by Rachel's strange behavior. Christophe arrived in Switzerland with an unconscious Justine strapped to a gurney. Joe was not thrilled when his father, Eddie, announced he was moving in with him. Vicky was pleased for Ryan, who was promoted to captain. Donna was upset with Vicky, who refused to have anything to do with Michael. Vicky and Michael later came face-to-face for the first time in years. Cass was relieved that Frankie is not pregnant.

MAY 22-26, 1995
Carl quizzed Rachel about her strange behavior, but she covered, and he is not aware that Justine is really impersonating Rachel. Rachel (Justine) talked Ryan and Amanda into stopping the investigation into the break-in at her home. Rachel (Justine) was pleased when Matt asked her to be host at an engagement party for him and Donna. When Rachel (Justine) asked Ryan about his mother (Justine), he said he did not care about her because she never cared about him. Joe was embarrassed when his father, Eddie, played matchmaker for Joe and Paulina. Grant received divorce papers from Amanda. Lorna was upset when Grant evaded answering questions about their relationship during a press conference. Lorna later told Grant that she wants to get married. Michael and Nick argued after Michael said they cannot change the fact that they are father and son. Gary got drunk after talking to the son of his ex-partner.

MAY 29 - JUNE 2, 1995
Matt was upset when he learned Donna secretly met with Michael. Michael confronted Vicky, who accused him of not being around when she needed him. Michael, who suffered from head pain, argued with Nick because he was drinking beer. Nick was leery of Josie after learning she attends the police academy. Lorna pressured Grant into proposing. Justine fumed when she learned Grant gave her mother's ring to Lorna as an engagement present. Rachel (Justine) begged Paulina to help keep Grant from marrying Lorna. Amanda assured Lorna that she is going to divorce Grant. Joe admitted to Eddie that he has feelings for Paulina. Joe quizzed Matt about Jake. Carl was stunned when Amanda said Rachel (Justine) slapped her and wants her to reconcile with Grant. Sharlene and John were married in a ceremony at their farm. Morgan told Felicia that he is no longer going to pursue Lorna romantically.

JUNE 5-9, 1995
Maggie, returned from Europe, had a tender reunion with Tomas. Nick was comfortable with Maggie after learning she is also on probation. Rachel (Justine) put poison in Lorna's health drink, and told Felicia that Lorna will not marry Grant. As Justine planned, Carl broke up an argument between her and Amanda. Justine persuaded Amanda to burn a letter from Evan without reading it. Justine told Christophe she plans to permanently replace Rachel. Spencer was unable to reveal Justine is impersonating Rachel. In the Swiss sanatorium, Rachel regained consciousness, but everyone thinks she is Justine. Morgan pleaded with Lorna not to marry Grant. After finding out Michael only recently learned Nick is his son, Vicky wondered what Michael was doing during the ten months he has been out of contact. Felicia counselled Gary about his drinking. Gary spent time with Josie and Luisa.

JUNE 12-16, 1995
After Rachel (Justine) seduced Carl, he realized "Rachel" was Justine, whom he thought was dead. After learning Rachel (Justine) wanted him moved to a rehabilitation centre, Spencer managed to communicate to Ryan that Justine is alive and impersonating Rachel. Ryan and Carl agreed to keep mum about Justine, while they tried to find the real Rachel. In the Swiss sanatorium, Rachel was kept sedated. Justine phoned Christophe and ordered him to kill Rachel. Maggie consoled Tomas, who was fired from his KBAY job. While Tomas and Maggie spent a romantic evening together, Nick plotted to take Maggie away from Tomas. When Lorna had a bout of nausea, she wondered if she is pregnant with Grant's baby. For their first date, Joe took Paulina to Matt and Donna's engagement party. Paulina was shocked when she later had a romantic dream about Joe. Joe's father, Eddie, chatted with Felicia at her bookstore.

JUNE 19-23, 1995
Gary reminisced about the old drinking days with former cop buddy, Buck Mason, who is the new Bay City probation officer. Gary got drunk after Buck brought up the name of Gary's former police partner. At an AA meeting, Gary admitted for the first time that he is an alcoholic. Ryan and John decided to move Spencer to a sanatorium to protect him from Justine, who sent him a bouquet of dead flowers. Ryan lied to Vicky when he said that Carl's past has put Rachel in danger. Vicky was surprised when Rachel (Justine) offered to baby-sit Kirkland. Christophe filled a syringe with poison after Justine told him to kill Rachel. Frankie was amused when Eddie thought she was Joe's secretary rather than his partner. Joe and Paulina grew closer, but she fumed when she learned that he lied about Jake's actions on the day he died. Tomas warned Nick, who was recovering from a motorcycle accident, to stay away from Maggie.

JUNE 26-30, 1995
Carl, who is worried about what Justine will do to Rachel, teamed up with Ryan to find Rachel. Carl and Ryan put a tail on Justine, who made plans to check on Rachel at the Swiss hospital. Carl and Ryan discovered Christophe is working for Justine. Paulina refused to talk to Joe after he told her what he knew about Jake, including the fact that Jake took off for Paris with money that belonged to Vicky. Joe tried to convince Paulina that he loves her. Joe finally told Eddie that he and Frankie are partners. While Joe and Eddie were talking, they missed seeing Jake, who is in Japan and was being interviewed on television. Buck, who is Nick's probation officer, threatened Nick. Donna told Matt all about her past with Michael. A shocked Morgan learned Lorna might be pregnant by Grant. Lorna was upset to see Morgan dating Amanda. Marshall was impressed with his new executive assistant, Elena Lopez.

JULY 5, 1995
Everyone in Bay City got involved when Felicia organized a match-dare telethon to benefit a pediatrics centre. Bay City residents phoned in pledges to see their friends, relatives, and neighbors perform. Cass, dressed in drag as Krystal Lake for a karaoke routine, was surprised when Frankie told him on TV that she is pregnant. Josie and Gregory demonstrated their tap-dancing talents. Eddie made a donation to see Joe do his Elvis impersonation. Everyone booed when Grant sang a show tune. Morgan read a love poem meant for Lorna, who tore it up while watching him on the tube. Michael was affected when Donna sang a tune about getting along without a former love. Maggie resisted Nick's persistent attentions. Amanda took Alli with her when Marshall sent her to California to run the West Coast Cory Publishing office.

JULY 10-14, 1995
Jake, who is using the name Bunny Eberhardt because of his amnesia, returned to the United States and was met at the airport by a woman. Jake is puzzled by recurring thoughts and dreams about a blonde woman (Paulina). Carl and Ryan kept tabs on Justine and hoped that she will lead them to Rachel. When Rachel regained consciousness, she was stunned when the people around her called her "La Comtesse." Justine's cohorts waited for her to tell them what to do with a sedated Rachel. Eddie was upset to see Paulina at the opera with Grant. Paulina and Joe later patched things up between them, and she agreed to a date. Lorna nixed going to the hospital for tests after she overheard John say she is very ill. Michael and Nick made up then Michael had to leave suddenly. Maggie fantasized about Nick while she was with Tomas. Gary got angry when Ryan warned him to stay away from Josie.

JULY 17-21, 1995
In Switzerland, Rachel's attempts to phone home were thwarted, but she later struggled to get to a computer to send a message to Carl. Justine contacted her cohort, Nurse Braun, and made plans to kill Rachel. Vicky is upset with Ryan, who nixed telling her about his secret investigation (to find Rachel), but admitted he is helping Carl. Ryan hired a policewoman who got a job as a maid in the Cory mansion to keep tabs on Rachel (Justine). Lorna collapsed while Rachel (Justine) tried to "help" her. John and Morgan saved Lorna's life and everyone was stunned when the tests showed Lorna had been poisoned (by Justine). In San Francisco, Bunny (Jake) admitted to his friend Alison that he has amnesia and has been having dreams about a faceless blonde woman. Gary helped Felicia resist taking a drink while Lorna was fighting for her life. Joe and Paulina went on their first date.

JULY 24-28, 1995
A stunned John overheard Nick accuse Michael of being addicted to drugs. Paulina told Eddie that she is falling for Joe. In Chicago, Jake decided he has to find out about his forgotten past. Justine's cohort, Nurse Braun, caught Rachel sending a computer message to Carl then sedated her again. Justine panicked when she learned about the message, while Carl realized Rachel had been sent to a sanatorium in Europe. Justine fumed when Carl nixed making love. Carl learned Justine has been stealing Rachel's money and used some of it to buy a mansion. John was not happy when Sharlene left for an extended stay in her home town, Chadwell. Gary threatened to do bodily harm to Buck, who called Josie a hooker. Nick and Maggie shared a passionate kiss. Tomas asked Maggie where he stands with her. Donna fumed when Matt said Vicky warned him that Donna will eventually dump him and go back to Michael.

JULY 31 - AUGUST 4, 1995
Michael admitted to John that he has leukemia, but wants his illness kept secret. Nick and Michael had a warm father/son moment after Nick learned of Michael's illness. After talking to Lorna, who is on the mend, Ryan realized that Justine (as Rachel) had poisoned Lorna. Ryan was unaware Carl pretended to have a mental problem so he could be admitted to the Swiss clinic as part of a plan to rescue Rachel. Carl was ecstatic when he spotted Rachel. Cass agreed to help a young woman, Laurie Michaels, who is trying to get custody of her child. After learning who Bunny Eberhardt is, Jake visited her in prison and obtained some facts about his forgotten past. Paulina and Eddie kept vigil over Joe, who was wounded by Denny Beck, a crazed gunman. Frankie kept Denny talking until Gary arrived and rescued everyone. Carl later asked Frankie to give up her detective business. An upset Nick learned Maggie has slept with Tomas.

AUGUST 7-11, 1995
After Paulina accepted Joe's marriage proposal, he confided to Eddie and Frankie that it is possible Jake is still alive. In Lassiter, Jake had a vague memory of Vicky, then was stunned to run into her on the street, while she and Steven were visiting old friends. At the Swiss clinic, Rachel tried to talk to a drugged and groggy Carl. Rachel was stunned when Justine answered the Cory phone. Carl saw that Nurse Braun had received her final payment for keeping Rachel drugged. John and Vicky were eliminated as potential bone-marrow donors for Michael, but Nick was a perfect match. Although hesitant, Nick insisted to Michael they schedule the transplant. Matt confronted Donna about her feelings for Michael. Vicky persuaded Matt not to tell Donna that Michael has leukemia. Tomas and Maggie argued about her relationship with Nick, who later taunted Maggie, and then kissed her. Cass told Laurie about Charlie's health problems.

AUGUST 14-18, 1995
Grant was stunned when "Rachel" announced that she is really his mother, Justine. At the Swiss clinic, Carl and Rachel were reunited after he saved her from shock treatments by alerting the staff to Nurse Braun's plot against Rachel. Carl told Rachel about Justine's schemes. After telling Jake that he was presumed dead, Vicky and Jake realized someone else had died when Jake's car crashed. Although Jake remembered Vicky, he had no recollection of Paulina even after learning they are married. Joe failed to find the right time to tell Paulina that he had learned Jake is alive. Instead, Joe convinced Paulina to marry him as soon as they return to Bay City. Justine got a tad nervous when Felicia told "Rachel" she thinks someone purposely poisoned Lorna. Nick and Michael patched things up before their bone-marrow transplant operation. Cass agreed to represent Laurie at a pre-trial custody hearing.

AUGUST 21-25, 1995
Tomas was watching when Nick got Maggie to kiss him before he and Michael underwent the bone-marrow transplant operation. Matt unwittingly put Michael in danger when he entered the quarantine room to apologize to him for thinking he and Donna were romantically involved. Ryan helped Carl and Rachel get back to Bay City after they escaped from the Swiss sanatorium. The men hid Rachel in a hospital room. Justine fumed when she learned Rachel was home because Nurse Braun had lied that she was dead. Grant pretended to be surprised when Ryan told him that Justine is impersonating Rachel. Justine denied Grant's suspicion that she poisoned Lorna and kidnapped Rachel. Jake returned to Bay City as Paulina and Joe were planning their wedding. Later, Paulina walked out on Joe when she learned Jake is still alive. Pretending to be Rachel, Justine took Vicky captive after luring her to the Huntington mansion.

A stunned Vicky, who is being held prisoner in the wine cellar, realized that "Rachel" is really Justine. After Justine insisted to Grant that there is nothing wrong with her, Grant let Ryan think that Justine had left town. Justine was upset when Grant later showed her brochures for a sanatorium. Jake begged Paulina to believe that he had had amnesia, and tried to make her see that he loves her. Matt and Frankie urged Joe to fight for Paulina, while Jake warned Joe to stay away from her. Donna rushed to the hospital to see Michael after Bridget revealed he has leukemia. Donna forgave Matt for not telling her Michael was ill, but worried Matt when she wanted to postpone their wedding. Tomas and Nick heard Buck make a strange phone call. After catching Buck snooping in the police evidence room, Josie told Gary that she is suspicious of Buck. John was upset that Sharlene extended her stay in Chadwell.

SEPTEMBER 4-8, 1995
When Michael's condition worsened, Matt confessed he might have exposed Michael to germs when he went into his room without protective gear. When Matt quizzed Donna about her feelings for Michael, she told Matt that she loves him, and suggested moving their wedding date up. Grant kept mum to Ryan and Carl about Justine's whereabouts. After learning Grant was planning to have her institutionalized, Justine ran off and left Vicky in a walled-up section of the wine cellar at the Huntington mansion. Paulina caught on to Jake, who disguised himself as a woman to get close enough to convince her that he loves her. Paulina told Jake she wants a divorce. Morgan stood by Nurse Courtney Evans when she made a near-fatal mistake with Ben Michaels. A jealous Courtney spied on Morgan, who asked Lorna to handle public relations for the hospital. Gary kept tabs on Josie, who was tailing Buck. Maggie realized Tomas's kisses no longer thrill her.

SEPTEMBER 11-15, 1995
Buck threatened to kill Josie after she learned he was a crooked cop. At Wallingford's, Gary rescued Josie after smelling her perfume and sensing danger. Gary was stunned when Buck admitted being responsible for the death of Gary's former police partner, Grace. After Buck was arrested, Gary and Josie made love for the first time. After Alison told Paulina the truth about Jake, Paulina decided not to divorce him. Joe was crushed when Paulina said she is committed to Jake. While Vicky was trying to dig her way out of the cellar, Grant was stunned that Justine admitted she had kidnapped Kirkland. Laurie is worried about her son Ben, who collapsed after John examined him at the hospital. Cass rushed a pregnant Frankie to the hospital with abdominal pains. Lorna accepted a public relations job at the hospital. Felicia denied Lorna's accusation that she had been flirting with John.

SEPTEMBER 18-22, 1995
Grant realized Justine had kidnapped Kirkland. Ryan, Josie, Gary, and Jake searched for Vicky at the Huntington mansion, and eventually found her in the sub-basement wine cellar that Justine had bricked over. Vicky, who was in serious condition and hallucinating, was hospitalized. Rachel followed Justine, who was carrying Kirkland, after seeing her snooping around the Cory mansion. A shot was fired after Grant followed Rachel and Justine to a train trestle where he saw Ryan pointing a gun at the women. Josie and Gary decided to keep their love a secret because they could lose their police jobs if their romance became public. Morgan was upset to learn Cass might represent Laurie, who wants to file a malpractice suit against the hospital, John, and Morgan for the death of her son Ben. Felicia was concerned about John, who had examined Ben before he died. Cass comforted Frankie, who miscarried their son.

SEPTEMBER 25-29, 1995
As Ryan was trying to figure out who was Justine and who was Rachel, Justine shoved Rachel off the train trestle. Grant shot and gravely wounded Ryan, who was holding a gun on Justine. When Ryan fell, he knocked Justine off the trestle to her death as a train came by. Grant kept mum that he shot Ryan, who was critical after surgery. Grant was relieved a recovering Rachel did not remember Ryan's shooting. Michael's family was pleased to hear his leukemia is in remission. Cass reluctantly took on Laurie's malpractice suit against John and Morgan, whom she blames for Ben's death. Nick kissed Maggie. John and Felicia realized their mutual attraction, but agreed they can only be friends. John was upset that Sharlene still has not returned from Chadwell. When Paulina avoided Jake's attempts to get romantic, he accused her of still having a thing for Joe. Joe and Jake verbally sparred over Paulina.

OCTOBER 2-6, 1995
Before he died, Ryan regained consciousness long enough to say goodbye to Vicky. Grant, who realized he lost a button at the time he shot Ryan, tried to get information on the investigation into the shooting. Gary and the new police captain, Gabe McNamara, do not get along. Carl fumed when Gabe quizzed Rachel about Ryan's shooting. While a tipsy Paulina attended a hospital fundraiser, Jake and Joe nearly came to blows over her on the dock. After seeing Paulina home, Joe told Matt that he is going to win Paulina back. John and Felicia shared a romantic kiss despite their vow to be just friends. John was surprised by Sharlene's unannounced return to Bay City. Felicia was nervous when she came face-to-face with Sharlene. On behalf of Laurie, Cass served John, Morgan, and Courtney with wrongful death papers in Ben's death. Rachel learned Maggie and Tomas spent the night together.

OCTOBER 9-13, 1995
Cass issued depositions for John, Morgan, Courtney, and Lorna. Cass got John, Morgan, and Courtney to incriminate themselves in Ben's death. Laurie accused Courtney of killing Ben. Carl fumed when Gabe caused Rachel to wonder if she might have shot Ryan and blanked it out of her mind. Carl told Gabe and Grant that he thought Justine is still alive, but police forensic evidence confirmed Justine is dead. Grant squirmed when Carl said Justine had paid for killing Ryan. When Spencer came for Ryan's funeral, Grant almost admitted that he killed Ryan. Carl covered when Rachel said she is afraid she reminds him of Justine. Nick fumed when Maggie let Tomas think he had tried to rape her. Tomas later told Maggie it is over between them. Jake comforted Vicky over Ryan's death. Jake was not pleased Alison plans to stay in Bay City. Gabe nearly caught Josie and Gary kissing, which could cost them their police jobs.

OCTOBER 16-20, 1995
Nick was surprised that Tomas believed him when he said he did not try to rape Maggie. Nick told Maggie to get lost when she hinted she would dump Tomas for him. John and Felicia found it difficult to ignore the feelings they have for each other. John felt guilty when he heard Sharlene say what a great guy he is. Gary and Gabe suspected a fourth person had been on the scene when Ryan was shot. Grant went to Chicago and bought new tires for his car after spotting a police photo of his car's tire tracks, taken near the train trestle. After learning Amanda did not own the gun used to shoot Ryan, Carl suspected Grant pulled the trigger. Under hypnosis, Rachel recalled her confrontation with Justine, and that a fourth person was on the train trestle. Vicky unwittingly told Carl that Grant was planning to leave town. Josie fumed that she and Gary have to keep their love a secret or lose their jobs.

OCTOBER 23-27, 1995
Some nuns are taking care of an injured woman (Justine). Vicky had nightmares about Justine. Grant was relieved Carl has no proof he killed Ryan. Gabe was suspicious when he learned Grant's alibi for the time of Ryan's shooting is a hooker he picked up in a bar. Rachel is worried about Carl's obsession with proving Grant killed Ryan. Sharlene and John were grateful when Courtney saved Gregory from choking to death. Later, John declared publicly that he was responsible for Ben's death. Laurie agreed to talk about a settlement after John's announcement. Felicia decided to help John financially, but anonymously. After making love, Paulina agreed to marry Joe. Jake vowed to win Paulina back even after she moved in with Joe. Maggie schemed to get Tomas back after Nick rejected her, then dated Maggie's friend, Pam. Sharlene warned Josie could ruin her police career by moving in with Gary.

Maggie was upset when her long-lost mother, Cecile, showed up at the Cory mansion with plans to stay a while. Maggie was on the verge of reconciling with Cecile, who ignored her when Cass showed up. Grant was edgy when Vicky quizzed him about Justine, who Vicky believes was responsible for Ryan's death. Vicky is also suspicious of Grant. Donna battled her feelings for Michael while planning her marriage to Matt. Tomas studied a "sample" paramedic test Maggie got for him. When Tomas took the paramedic test, he realized the "sample" Maggie gave him was the real exam. Rita Madison, the new hospital administrator, suspended John while investigating Ben's death. Sharlene and Frankie went to see Frankie's mother, Emma, who had a stroke. Right after Frankie left, Cecile kissed Cass and said she needs legal help. Lorna went on a dinner date with Gabe. Morgan asked Courtney for a date.

NOVEMBER 6-10, 1995
Donna slept with Michael while Matt was waiting to marry her. Donna crashed her car after Michael told her that he did not want to get back together with her. She faked the extent of her injury after making sure Matt would find her thrown from her wrecked car. At the hospital, Michael called Donna's bluff by having a chaplain come to her room to marry her and Matt. Tomas was unable to admit that he cheated when his family threw him a party to celebrate his passing the paramedic exam. When the pressure of Laurie's lawsuit got to John, he found comfort in Felicia's arms. Felicia urged John to phone Sharlene about his suspension from the hospital. Grant panicked when a nun gave him a reminder of Justine. Vicky accused Grant of withholding evidence after she found Justine's locket with Kirkland's toys. After Gary and Josie talked about living together, they learned Gabe is Gary's neighbor.

NOVEMBER 13-17, 1995
With Michael and Rachel as witnesses, Donna and Matt exchanged vows. Michael wished Donna luck with her marriage. Unaware of John's feelings for Felicia, a returned Sharlene comforted John over his suspension and said they will solve their financial problems. Grant found Justine alive in a convent in Manitoba, Canada. Vicky decided to get close to Grant to find out what really happened the night Ryan was shot. Rachel had flashbacks of Justine after seeing Justine's locket. Obsessed with finding Ryan's killer, Carl grabbed Rachel and demanded that she remember what happened on the train trestle. Gabe and Joe searched for the person who threatened to set off a bomb during an upcoming hospital gala. Gary asked for a transfer so he and Josie can pursue their romance. Jake talked Vicky and Nick into a restaurant partnership. Felicia warned Cass that Laurie loves him.

NOVEMBER 20-24, 1995
John was livid when he learned Sharlene was planning to sell her family farm to raise the money to pay his debts. After arguing with John, and unaware of Felicia's feelings for John, Sharlene confided to Felicia that she and John are having marital difficulties. Rita rejected Felicia's plea that she reinstate John at the hospital. An unwitting Felicia caused Gabe to think John MAY hold a grudge against the hospital, and later Gabe arrested John, thinking he sent the bomb threats to the hospital. Frankie returned to town and was upset to see how dependent Laurie is on Cass's friendship. Matt was curious at how Donna overreacted when he quizzed her about what happened the night of her car accident. Michael and Donna denied having feelings for each other. Just before Vicky's arrival, Justine disappeared from the Canadian convent. Morgan urged Courtney to press charges against her abusive boyfriend.

Gabe arrested Grant as an accessory to Ryan's murder because he kept mum about Justine, but later had to release him. Vicky plotted revenge against Justine, who gave Steven a toy truck containing a bomb. At the Cory mansion, Justine threatened Rachel and Carl, who were stunned to learn she was still alive. Matt is suspicious about what happened before Donna's car accident. Donna was jealous when she saw Michael talking to another woman. After Cecile said she is flat broke, a reluctant Cass agreed to help her with her legal affairs. Josie arrested Laurie after evidence linked her to the hospital bomb threats. Cass was furious when Frankie forgot to tell him that Laurie had called him for help. Laurie relied even more on Cass after admitting she sent the hospital bomb threats. Sharlene told Frankie she thinks John is having an affair. Courtney dropped the charges against her ex-boyfriend Andrew Miller.

DECEMBER 4-8, 1995
Justine fumed when Grant rescued Vicky, Steve, and Kirkland before the bomb she put in Steven's toy truck could go off. At the Cory mansion, Justine attacked Carl and held a gun on Rachel, but when Carl regained consciousness he stabbed Justine during a struggle. Vicky and Grant arrived, and Vicky attempted to shoot Justine but couldn't go through with it. Before she died, Justine taunted Rachel that Carl enjoyed sleeping with her when he thought Justine was Rachel. At Ryan's grave, Grant vowed to take care of Vicky. Frankie fumed when she learned Cass is no longer Laurie's lawyer, but has taken Cecile as a client. Gary broke up with a stunned Josie after Gabe reminded Gary that his past problems could ruin Josie's career. Gary was upset that Gabe had checked into his past. Felicia was devastated by John's rejection. Gabe and Lorna shared a passionate kiss. Paulina told Joe she is pregnant. Jake plotted to ruin Joe.

DECEMBER 11-15, 1995
Carl was upset that Grant stayed with Vicky and Kirkland when they got the flu. Carl later gave Vicky evidence that could link Grant to Ryan's death. Matt plotted to expose Donna's lies after he learned she was with Michael the night she was to marry him. Josie began investigating Gary's past after he demanded she return the house key he had given her. Sofia avoided answering when Nick wanted to know if she is connected to Joe. Nick was upset when Sofia accepted Maggie's invitation to stay with her. Cass was furious with Cecile, who, for financial reasons, schemed to marry Maggie off to the nephew of a grand duchess. After learning he will receive nothing from his malpractice insurance, John was forced to return to his job at the hospital and agreed to let Sharlene go through with the sale of her family farm. And angry Morgan reacted when Andrew, who abused Courtney, said they are engaged.

DECEMBER 18-22, 1995
Matt confronted a stunned Donna and Michael with his knowledge that they slept together the night Matt and Donna were supposed to get married. Donna vowed to win Matt back after he threw his wedding ring on the floor and then walked out on her. After Maggie nixed marrying the Grand Duchess's nephew, a stunned Cecile learned from Frankie and Cass that the duchess was broke. John was upset while watching Sharlene sign her family farm over to a new owner. Sharlene turned to Felicia after finding a woman's handkerchief in John's pocket. Felicia later insisted to a suspicious Sharlene that she is not having an affair with John. Paulina, Nick, and Jake were surprised to learn Sofia is Joe's sister. Grant panicked when Rachel said she has been having flashbacks to the night on the train trestle when Ryan was killed. Josie confronted Gary after she caught him spying on her. Gabe and Lorna got closer.

DECEMBER 25-29, 1995
While trapped in a car during an ice storm, Felicia and John made love. Sharlene confronted Felicia after John admitted he and Felicia made love. Rita fumed when John said he will get back his job as Chief of Staff at the hospital. Nick was surprised when an old friend, Rafael Santiero, showed up. Rafael refused Nick's job offer. Donna was upset Matt snubbed her, then said he was quitting KBAY-TV to be Jake's partner on a newspaper. Cecile failed to seduce Cass after he ignored her plea that she was in deep trouble. Cecile became worried when Maggie disappeared after they quarrelled. Meanwhile, a terrified Maggie had been kidnapped. Andrew flew into a jealous rage when he saw Morgan and Courtney resting on a cot together at the hospital. A mystery woman headed for Bay City after getting out of jail. The woman is linked to Gary's past. Grant begged Rachel not to tell Carl he was at the train trestle.