FEBRUARY 26, 1996 (EP. #8045)
Morgan finds himself back behind bars when Gary must stop him from fighting with Andrew. But bars can't keep Courtney away, who knows Morgan was defending her, and to show her gratitude and love she spends the night on the floor of the precinct, as close to Morgan as she can get. Although Josie tries to get Sharlene's mind off of John, her efforts are thwarted when Sharlene discovers Felicia's new novel and starts to read. Furious that the novel is about John's affair, Sharlene declares war on Felicia and decides to take her husband back. Chris continues to use his patient status at the hospital to find out more information about the plug pullings, as his mother and Marshall share past memories.

FEBRUARY 27, 1996 (EP. #8046)
Morgan grows increasingly frustrated at his incarceration when he reads a Herald article which calls him Dr. Death. Later, his luck gets worse when he is sent to County jail -- with Grant as his cellmate. Although Rafael starts off with the best intentions when he goes to visit Maggie, he becomes angry when he realizes Maggie is using him to taunt her family. Jake is surprised and disappointed when Vicky tells him she is not ready to come home and would like him to sell her house. Lorna visits Grant in jail and inquires about Gabe's ex-wife. Although he is unable to tell her anything she wants to know, he asks her to give a letter to his son Kirk.

FEBRUARY 28, 1996 (EP. #8047)
The entire kidnapping scheme is revealed when Maggie admits to Cass that Cecile was the one behind the crime. Although Cecile denies this at first, she breaks down and confesses. Sofia is busy planning Joe and Paulina's surprise wedding and commissions Rachel's help for use of the Cory chapel. Later, Sofia and Nick bring Maggie into the secret wedding scheme. Felicia is shocked that her book sold out of Wallingfords, until she finds a charge receipt from Michael Hudson and realizes with dismay that he purchased the novels to prevent others from reading them. Josie quits her bookstore job and tells Felicia she is furious that she wrote a book that hurts Sharlene. However, Felicia is saved from further wrath by Gary who stops by and quiets Josie with a kiss. Sharlene and Greg arrive for dinner with Michael and find him burning the entire Wallingford's supply of Felicia's novel. Sharlene experiences a moment of brief hesitation before she joins the book burning. But Felicia puts a damper on their fun by arriving and confiscating the rest of her novels. Matt unsuccessfully tries to get Andrew to admit to the plug pullings but Andrew grows angry and storms off. Although there is danger, Courtney tells Matt she will have to entrap Andrew-- herself.

FEBRUARY 29, 1996 (EP. #8048)
Tomas surprises not only himself, but Joe, when he describes Rafael as the man he saw drop off Maggie's ransom note. After the picture emerges, Cass tells Joe that Cecile confessed to the kidnapping and Joe heads out to bring the kidnappers downtown. Nick finds Rafael packing his things and comes to the startling revelation that Rafael is not only leaving town, but that Rafael has feelings for Maggie Cory. Felicia is appalled when Lorna tells her she went to ask Grant some questions about Gabe's past. Grant tells Gabe Lorna has been asking questions about him.

MARCH 1, 1996 (EP. #8049)
Cecile feels the noose tighten around her neck when she sees Rafael arrive at BCPD in handcuffs. Cass resists the urge to tell Maggie he is her father and helps Gabe come up with a plan to implicate Cecile without Maggie having to turn her in. Maggie is asked to identify her kidnapper in a police line-up and is shocked when she sees Rafael behind the two-way mirror. Courtney confronts Andrew and tries to get him to admit he is guilty of the plug pullings. Unfortunately, Andrew becomes angry and moves to strike her. Morgan is released on bail and heads to the hospital to find Courtney. When Rita sees him there she demands he leaves but is shocked when her own son Chris, says he thinks Morgan is innocent. Sofia learns of Paulina and Joe's disagreement and tells Nick they are going to have to move up the wedding. While Sofia and Nick grow closer, Joe and Paulina reconcile. Sharlene starts to build her new life.

MARCH 4, 1996 (EP. #8050)
Cass and Gabe are suspicious when Maggie changes her mind and doesn't identify Rafael as the kidnapper. Gabe tells her whenever she wants to come forward, he will listen. Cecile's relief that Maggie didn't turn her in is short-lived when she realizes Maggie is not willing to reconcile, Maggie still wants revenge. John realizes what he missed while he was away when he learns that not only has Morgan been suspended, but Sharlene is Rita's new secretary. As Sharlene's self-worth continues to grow, John goes to Wallingfords to be reunited with Felicia. Josie and Gary share a close moment when they learn that the rule about fraternizing between officers has been lifted. When Carl realizes his old friend is in town, he does his best to lure Blair back into her evil ways. Sofia and Nick continue to grow closer as they plan Joe and Paulina's wedding.

MARCH 5, 1996 (EP. #8051)
As Morgan desperately tries to find Courtney, Courtney tries to fend Andrew off. She escapes from his apartment in the nick of time, but when Andrew finds her at the hospital his anger is untamed and she runs to the roof. She is trapped with no hope of escape. It looks like Cecile is on her own when Maggie reveals her plan that Cecile is to leave town or else she tells the truth. Cecile begs Cass to intervene, but to no avail and finally out of spite, Cecile tells Frankie, Cass is Maggie's father. Lorna prepares herself for the worst when she asks Gabe about his past. Gabe reassures her by making love to her and quiets her doubts -- for now. Sofia worries that Joe and Paulina's future might be ruined because of Carlino's debts.

MARCH 6, 1996 (EP. #8052)
Courtney's life hangs by a thread as a deranged Andrew almost forces her to jump off the roof with him in a double suicide. However, Morgan arrives to save the day and Courtney lives as Andrew before falling off the roof, admits he pulled the plugs. Rita is upset when she learns that Chris worked undercover for the Herald to break the plug pulling case. However, she admits she was wrong about Morgan and reinstates him at the hospital. As Josie and Gary make plans to move into Josie's apartment, Blair admits to Matt she was in prison over a money deal that went sour. Matt surprises her when instead of ending their relationship, he kisses her. Although John wants to confront Michael about burning Felicia's book, he finds he doesn't want to leave Felicia and the two spend the night together. As Jake moves items out of Vicky's house in preparation for sale, Donna tries to pump him for information about Blair and Matt.

MARCH 7, 1996 (EP. #8053)
With Frankie's blessing, Cass tells Cecile he is taking Maggie away from her. When he returns home, he finds Maggie weeping and holds her in his arms. Cecile gets Maggie to admit she knows that Cass is her father. Blair waits nervously in her room when Gary comes over, hoping her cover isn't blown. But then she gets the shock of her life when Matt arrives, and admits to Gary he has feelings for Blair. Josie tells Blair Gary is moving in -- so Blair must move out. Andrew is put on life support after surviving his fall. Courtney fears Andrew might have to live as a vegetable and when a code blue is called, Morgan fears Courtney pulled the plug.

MARCH 8, 1996 (EP. #8054)
Joe and Paulina try to come up with names for their baby as the town is rounded up for Joe's surprise bachelor party. Nick and Sofia put the finishing touches on the "party barn" and Sofia exits, hoping her big bro will have a wonderful time. Courtney struggles with her physical and emotional pain over Andrew's death. Morgan tries to be gentle with her, but she doesn't want him to see the bruises Andrew inflicted on her. As Morgan leaves for the bachelor party, Lorna tries to get Courtney out of her depression. Lorna learns from Courtney that Andrew's last act on earth, was raping her. Blair hides from Gary when he and Josie go over to the newsroom. Although Blair avoids having Gary see her, Jake notices Blair's avoidance and wonders what secret she is keeping. Jake discovers Michael has taken Vicky's house off the market and is furious.

MARCH 11, 1996 (EP. #8055)
Although Michael is only trying to help, John tells him to stay out of his life and John is moving out. But John's news turns to Michael's good fortune when his son Nick, tells him he would like to move back in. Later, Michael is shocked when John collapses on the basketball court. Cass shares the news with Morgan that Maggie is his daughter which brings the estranged brothers closer. Sofia's carefully laid plans for Joe's bachelor party are thwarted when after a rip-roaring game of basketball the men pile into their only mode of transportation to discover it won't start. Although isolated from his friends in Bay City, Grant gets a few unwanted visitors to his jail cell -- Jake and Carl. Refusing to meet Jake's demands that Grant give Vicky full custody of Kirk, Jake vows revenge. But Jake isn't the only one looking for revenge when Carl tells a jail guard to be prepared to put the plan into motion.

MARCH 12, 1996 (EP. #8056)
Promising himself he will pay for them later, Nick steals Joe and Paulina's wedding rings and rushes to the chapel as the ring salesman goes to the police asking them to arrest Nick. Paulina comes to the shocking realization that Sofia has planned her wedding and she and Joe realize what a special person Sofia is. Morgan worries about Courtney and her unresolved feelings for Andrew when she overreacts when he touches her. Jake mentions Gary's name to Chris and he is stunned when Chris remembers Gary was involved in busting a corrupt -cop ring. His curiosity piqued, Jake tells Chris to look into Blair and Gary's past.

MARCH 13, 1996 (EP. #8057)
Courtney attends the wedding with Morgan but she leaves abruptly as the memories of Andrew's rape flood her mind ruining all her hopes of future happiness with Morgan. At Joe and Paulina's wedding reception the mood is joyous and the happy couple is surrounded by well-wishers. But the mood turns to shock, when a cop shows up with an arrest warrant for Nick. Sharlene shares the news with John that she has decided to go back to her maiden name. Although John is surprised, he also feels a sense of independence and takes off his wedding ring. Carl is thrown for a momentary loop when his plan to kill Grant is thwarted by an innocent, unsuspecting and unplanned library volunteer who Grant appears very protective of.

MARCH 14, 1996 (EP. #5058)
With everything Nick and Sofia did for Joe and Paulina, Joe shocks his sister when he demands that Nick be taken to jail for the theft of his wedding rings. As furious Joe tells Nick he knows Nick also stole an expensive pin, Nick tries to convince him he stole it as a gift for Sofia and planned on paying for it in the morning. But Joe can't be appeased and storms off, leaving Nick to contemplate his sins. Frankie is troubled when Cass agrees to let Maggie stay with them for the night. John is anxious about Sharlene's visit and he discusses with Felicia the significance of not wearing his wedding ring. Wanting her mother's night to be magical, Lorna tells Rachel and Cass that Felicia is the surprise winner at the romance reception and asks them to secretly attend. In a shocking turn of events, the fire Carl planned to use to kill Grant harms him instead and Grant saves Carl's life by demanding Carl want to live.

MARCH 15, 1996 (EP. #8059)
Nick is shocked when Sofia visits him in jail and suggests they run away together. Michael posts Nick's bail and tells him he plans on keeping a close reign on him at the farm. Initially refusing, Nick accepts Michael's offer when John jumps in and tells he has decided to move back in and Nick and John can gang up on Michael. Overprotective brother Joe tells Paulina he knows Sofia will dump Nick when he tells her Nick stole more than just the wedding rings. When Jake learns that Blair is the corrupt cop Gary busted years ago, he asks why she is really here. Although she admits originally coming for revenge, Blair reveals she has had a change of heart. Josie uses her police training when she observes a struggle between Ari and Cecile in progress. But Ari refuses to be arrested and as Josie struggles with him a gun goes off.

MARCH 18, 1996 (EP. #8060)
Fearing her mother won't go, Lorna reveals Felicia won the Romance Writer of the year award. Expecting to meet her friends at the banquet, Felicia goes early. But her excitement turns to dismay when her award is announced and only Marshall is there to congratulate her. Upset that not one of her friends came to see her triumph, Felicia runs home in tears, only to find John collapsed on her floor -- in the throes of malaria. Josie's friends and family rush to her side as Ari is confirmed dead and Matt declares Josie a hero. Privately, Josie admits to Gary she is upset she killed a man. Morgan's concern for Courtney continues to grow as they prepare for their brief ski trip. Rachel and Carl are shocked but supportive when Cass reveals Maggie is his daughter. Later, Carl secretly meets with Rafael and asks him to live in the servants quarters in exchange for doing certain jobs for him. Maggie goes to the Cory's to get some of her things and is startled to see Rafael who is excited about his new arrangement with Carl. But Rafael is disappointed when Maggie informs him she no longer lives at the Cory's.

MARCH 19, 1996 (EP. #8061)
The hospital is in an uproar when the 911 call comes in that John's life is hanging by a thread. As he is rushed into the ER, Sharlene and Felicia exchange a few words of concern. Felicia is in John's room when he regains consciousness enough to tell Felicia he is suffering from malaria. Before running away, Nick and Sofia give a note to Maggie and ask her to pass it along to Joe. And as Nick and Sofia sleep under the stars, enraged Joe vows to find him. Matt plans to write a wonderful article about Josie's heroics in the Herald, but partner Jake plans for the story to take on a different venue by wanting to expose her past in hopes of selling more papers. Jake's sleazy journalism reaches to Blair when he asks her permission to publish her story for a fee. But he is disappointed but not defeated when she refuses.

MARCH 20, 1996 (EP. #8062)
Felicia and Sharlene keep a vigil at the hospital as John fights for his life. The pressure of John's illness builds up in Sharlene and she breaks down when she is alone with Greg. Gary starts to feel pressure build within him when Gabe congratulates Josie on her heroics. While Joe frantically searches for his sister, Nick and Sofia's feelings for each other grow. Paulina goes to Matt for help finding the kids, and Chris steps in saying he thinks he knows where they are. Grant learns the woman whose life he saved in the prison library is the Governor's daughter.

MARCH 21, 1996 (EP. #8063)
Felicia's constant attention appears to make John better but when she brings his Vietnam friend, Hank, to his bedside, John admits to him that his condition may be worse that they realize. Michael comes to Sharlene's aid when Gregory blames her for John's illness. As Michael helps Gregory, Fax gives Sharlene the medical update and some moral support. Gary and Josie move in together and when Josie goes out, nervous Gary tries to figure out how to propose to Josie. To try and get Jake off her back once and for all, Blair demands Carl's help or else she reveals to Rachel about the past Blair and Carl share. Having followed Blair, Jake tells Carl he will get to the bottom of this, but Carl rebuts saying if Jake is doing all this to impress Vicky, he is wasting his time. Morgan and Courtney change their ski plans and stay home to be close to John. After they make love Courtney breaks down, admitting Andrew raped her. Morgan wonders how to deal with this startling revelation.

MARCH 22, 1996 (EP. #8064)
Jake's spin on Josie's story makes the front cover of the paper and as Matt gets into a marathon fight with Jake over his sleazy publishing tactics, Gary hides the paper and proposes to Josie in the shower. An excited Gary and Josie head to the citation ceremony where Sharlene congratulates them and then watches Josie receive her citation. After the ceremony, Josie goes to John's side and tells him she wants him to get better so he can give her away at her wedding. Gary goes to see Jake and finds himself face to face with Blair. John slips into a coma as his family rallies to his side. Chris finds Nick and Sofia and when he informs them about John's illness they decide to return to Bay City. Later Joe shows Sofia the pin Nick stole and she refuses to forgive her brother.

MARCH 25, 1996 (EP. #8065)
Gary and Blair come face to face for the first time and Blair tells Gary she no longer seeks revenge. Gary doesn't believe her. Later, Blair admits to Matt that he was the one who changed her mind about seeking revenge and she is falling in love with him. Sofia's love for Nick runs deeper than Joe thought when she defends instead of condones Nick for stealing the expensive pin. Joe gives Nick an ultimatum -- he will get the charges dropped if he stays away from Sofia. Concerned for John's life, Felicia and Sharlene temporarily bury the hatchet and stand together hoping for John's quick recovery.

MARCH 26, 1996 (EP. #8066)
Sharlene's true feelings surface and as John sleeps, she admits to him she wants their life back. Felicia overhears Sharlene's confession to John and leaves the hospital in tears. She runs into homeless Cecile and opens her heart, and her home. After telling Josie about Blair, Gary heads to Blair's old apartment to find clues as to her next move. Morgan's rage at Courtney's rape grows.

MARCH 27, 1996 (EP. #8067)
Sofia confronts Nick when she learns he accepted Joe's deal but Nick reassures her he has no intention of following through. Jake helps Nick and Sofia come up with a plan so they can secretly stay together -- without Joe knowing. Gary's past catches up with him when fellow cops learn of his cop snitching and they give him a hostile reception. As Lorna prepares a surprise dinner at Gabe's, she overhears a message come in from a woman who is clearly from Gabe's past. Joe attempts to keep his financial problems a secret from Paulina.

MARCH 28, 1996 (EP. #8068)
Lorna subtly asks Gabe why he's going to Boston, but he's evasive. Not listening to Felicia's advice, Lorna makes plans to secretly go to Boston and see for herself. Joe and Paulina go to the Cory dinner and see Nick and Maggie there together. After the Cory dinner, Nick plans to secretly meet Sofia. But his plans are thwarted when Maggie successfully stalls him so he misses the meeting. Rafael warns Sofia not to trust Nick and Maggie. Paulina secretly accepts a loan from Rachel. Michael and Sharlene grow closer when Michael insists Sharlene take a break from the hospital and come with him to the farm. When Sharlene learns John may be coming out of the coma she selflessly alerts Felicia.

MARCH 29, 1996 (EP. #8069)
Sensing something is wrong, Gary heads over to Josie's apartment but he is too late to stop Blair from delivering the shocking news to Josie that she and Gary were lovers. Matt and Jake also learn Blair and Gary were lovers. Wanting to use Donna's feelings for Matt to his advantage, Jake tells Donna to encourage Matt to leave the newspaper since Matt's feelings have been governed by a person who will only hurt him. Sharlene makes the final decision to let go of John and asks Cass to start divorce proceedings. John awakes from his coma and tells Felicia he could never leave her. Morgan continues to have trouble getting past Courtney's rape and when a rape victim is brought into ER, Morgan unwisely takes the case. In Boston, Lorna witnesses Gabe and a woman share what looks like a romantic embrace.

APRIL 1, 1996 (EP. #8070)
Josie convinces Gary not to shoot Blair and Blair leaves unharmed. But Cobra gets her ultimate revenge when Josie tells Gary she is leaving him. Relieved and upset, Blair finds Matt on the docks and admits the truth to him. He shocks her by making love to her. Sharlene uses her own experiences with John to help Josie make a decision about Gary. With her mother's encouragement, Josie returns to Gary to stop him from leaving. Tomas gets involved in Nick and Sofia's ruse against Joe and agrees to accompany Sofia on a double date with Nick and Maggie. Furious at Paulina for accepting a loan from Rachel, Joe asks Rachel to not offer her help. Later, Carl privately tells Joe if he ever needs money, to ask him -- he won't tell Paulina.

APRIL 2, 1996 (EP. #8071)
Josie is troubled by Gary's past relationship with Blair and tells Gary she can't be happy with Blair around. Carl secretly gets involved to get Blair out of town and sends a live Cobra to her hotel room. Matt captures the snake and Blair wrongly suspects Gary sent the reptile. Furious at what she saw in Boston, Lorna refuses Gabe's phone calls. She shares her anger with Jake who is feeling as alone as she is and they recover the friendship they thought they lost. Tomas meets Sofia and helps her through a problem. He is intrigued by her and excited by their upcoming date.

APRIL 3, 1996 (EP. #8072)
When he accuses Gary of planting the cobra in Blair's room, Matt is troubled when Gary denies the deed and warns Matt to stay away from Blair. Carl has met his match in Blair when she tells him to stay out of her life or she tells Rachel about their shared past. Guilty at not protecting Courtney from Andrew, Morgan takes this new rape case personally and vows to protect this woman, no matter what. Courtney discovers Morgan's intentions and worries for his emotional state. Sharlene tells John she has been offered a full time position at the hospital, but postpones telling him about the divorce.

APRIL 4, 1996 (EP. #8073)
Sharlene mediates an argument between Michael and Felicia when a decision is made that John will go home to Michael's farm. Later, alone with John, Sharlene tells him she has started divorce proceedings. When Josie tells John about her plans for the wedding, he urges her to proceed, despite her reservations. Blair confronts Gary. Sofia reluctantly goes along with the double date scheme and wonders why Maggie is so excited about the plan. Felicia encourages Lorna to stop avoiding Gabe and to try to find out what is going on.

APRIL 5, 1996 (EP. #8074)
Furious that Gary won't leave her alone, Blair follows him to the barn and knocks him out. Josie is thrilled when she tells Sharlene and Michael about her upcoming nuptials and Michael offers the farm as a wedding site. John tells Felicia about the divorce and admits although he is happy about their future, he is also feeling some remorse. Later, John is surprised at Gregory's reaction to the news of the divorce when Greg says he hopes he sees more of Felicia. The foursome go on the doubledate and Nick and Sofia are thrilled their plan seems to be working. But when Joe and Paulina show up unexpectedly, Joe demands to know what is going on.

APRIL 8, 1996 (EP. #8075)
Josie demands to know how Gary got drunk, but he has no idea, not realizing Blair knocked him out and poured alcohol down his throat. Morgan admits to John he took the hospital rape case because one of Andrew's last acts was raping Courtney and Morgan needs closure. After defending Nick to her brother, Sofia and Nick secretly slip outside to share a moment together. As the farm sleeps, Felicia comes over to be with John. Lorna shocks Gabe when she calls him a liar after he admits he is falling in love with her.

APRIL 9, 1996 (EP. #8076)
Gary is unable to stop himself from drinking more and heads to Sassy's where he runs into Blair and orders her to leave town. After he leaves Sassy's, Gary is picked up for drunk driving. Matt refuses to listen when Donna warns him to watch out for Blair. Joe is furious when he catches Nick and Sofia alone together and privately asks Nick what his future plans are for supporting Sofia. As Nick quietly ponders their future, Sofia wonders what is wrong. Maggie tells Rafael she will make Nick love her. Gabe confesses to Lorna that his wife and son are dead. Not convinced, Lorna asks who the woman was she saw in Boston. Realizing Lorna followed him, Gabe orders her to leave.

APRIL 10, 1996 (EP. #8077)
Josie tries to help Gary remember how he got drunk but to no avail. Determined to discover the truth, Josie heads to Michael's barn to search for clues. As Gabe is suspending Gary, Josie finds Blair's missing glove. Sharlene stops by the Hudson farm with Gregory on her way to work and nearly catches Felicia who has spent the night with John. Later, Felicia returns to the farm to help celebrate Greg's birthday.

APRIL 11, 1996 (EP. #8078)
Joe wins a small amount of money and sees a way out of his money problems when he is offered a chance to win more. Maggie "reveals" to Paulina she has been sleeping with Nick the entire time he's been dating Sofia. Later, Paulina heads up to the Cory cabin and finds Rachel and Felicia planning her surprise shower. At Felicia's urging, Lorna confronts Gabe who tells her he can no longer trust her.

APRIL 12, 1996 (EP. #8079)
Joe and Jake go head to head in a floating poker game and when Jake gives him a bet Joe can't refuse, Joe jumps at the chance -- realizing if he wins, he will be his own landlord, if he loses, he loses Carlino's. As Paulina, Rachel and Felicia discuss Paulina's new money woes, Sharlene bursts in, telling Felicia to stay away from her son. But the argument is cut short as Paulina goes into labor. The forensic reports come in on the glove Josie found at Michael's barn and Josie discovers the glove is covered with Blair's fingerprints and chloroform. Cass gives John the divorce papers he drew up for Sharlene.

APRIL 15, 1996 (EP. #8080)
After winning the building housing Carlino's from Jake in a poker game, Joe learns Paulina is in labor at the Cory cabin. Thanks to Gabe's help, he arrives via police helicopter just in time to see the baby being born. In return for promoting Nick, Nick must help Jake acquire the Business Man of the Year award by convincing Michael to recommend Jake for the honor. Lorna forces Gabe to talk to her. Morgan becomes obsessed with finding the rapist who raped his patient and suggests Chris do a story on it. Later, Chris tells Courtney to make sure Morgan is O.K.

APRIL 16, 1996 (EP. #8081)
After stealing a moment together on the hospital roof, Sofia and Nick head to see Paulina. Sofia is crushed when she overhears Paulina tell Joe she thinks he is right about Nick. Later, alone with Sofia, Paulina admits Nick has been sleeping with someone else. Sharlene tells John she is suing for sole custody of Greg so she is divorcing him on the grounds of adultery. Courtney begins to realize Morgan's obsessed with the rape victim when she reads a story in the Herald that contains inside information that Morgan admits he supplied. Later, Morgan tells John he's worried Courtney isn't dealing with the rape.

APRIL 17, 1996 (EP. #8082)
Gary and Josie correctly put together what really happened the night Gary got drunk and go to Gabe with their information. But Gabe tells them they need more time. Unfortunately, Josie decides to take the law into her own hands and goes to confront Blair, who has already let Matt know Josie and Gary are out to get her. Joe learns the building he "won" from Jake has $50,000 worth of back taxes needing to be paid. Joe goes to confront Jake. Lorna goes to Gabe's apartment to return his keys and is shocked to see gifts and flowers sent from Cindy. Although Sharlene is on the attack, Felicia tries to understand where she is coming from when Sharlene tells Felicia she is planning on making sure Felicia always stays away from Greg.

APRIL 18, 1996 (EP. #8083)
After Josie plants seeds of doubt in Matt's mind, Blair runs to Carl, demanding he help her leave town. Overhearing the private conversation between Blair and Carl, Rachel starts wondering again what Carl is hiding. Gary is grilled by police internal affairs. Maggie's plan to break up Sofia and Nick is temporarily thwarted when Sofia tells Maggie she is planning on sleeping with Nick to save their relationship. Maggie decides to use this information to her advantage and volunteers her help.

APRIL 19, 1996 (EP. #8084)
Matt is saddened when Rachel tells him Blair and Carl used to be partners in crime. As Blair aims her gun at Gary, Josie sneaks up behind her and orders her to surrender. Unfortunately, Blair has other ideas and shoots Josie, apparently to death. Maggie helps Sofia create a love nest and as Maggie leaves Sofia to Nick, she heads to the hospital and "accidentally" tells Joe, Sofia and Nick are together at the Cory cabin. As Joe goes to find them, Nick tells Sofia he loves her so much, he wants to wait to make love. As Grant is pardoned from prison, unsuspecting Jake brings Kirk and Stephen back home. John starts feeling he and Felicia lead very different professional lives.

APRIL 22, 1996 (EP. #8085)
After shooting Josie, Blair starts to flee, only to be killed by someone else who calls anonymously to report the crime. As everyone waits at the hospital for news about Josie, Felicia tries to find Sharlene, unaware that she's with Michael. Furious that Nick and Sofia are still together, Joe challenges Nick to prove his good intentions and marry Sofia. Although Joe thinks he has separated the two for good, Nick ponders Joe's suggestion, as an upset Sofia, runs to Maggie.

APRIL 23, 1996 (EP. #8086)
Gabe opens up to Lorna when he reveals his father died in the line of duty. Later, the two agree to start over. Felicia is shocked when she finally locates Sharlene in bed with Michael, who's unaware her daughter's life hangs by a thread. Carl is elated when he learns of Blair's death and secretly burns the fake ID's he had made for her. Later, he is forced to be sympathetic, when Matt arrives, devastated about Blair's death. Josie's spirit leaves her body as John operates feverishly to save her life.

APRIL 24, 1996 (EP. #8087)
In order to save Josie's life, Morgan and John are forced to make the decision to remove one of her ovaries that was pierced by the bullet. But the choice to live is Josie's, as she must choose between life or death. Felicia is forced to put her emotions on hold as she tells Sharlene her daughter's life is in danger. The three rush to the hospital, as Michael wonders if Felicia will reveal to John what she saw. John and Sharlene embrace when John announces the operation was a success as Felicia and Michael look on with thoughts of their own.

APRIL 25, 1996 (EP. #8088)
Josie awakens to see Gary at her side. Although she is still weak, Josie asks Gary if he is glad that Blair is dead. Although John and Sharlene appear to be coming together over Josie's accident, Michael worries that Felicia will reveal what she saw. Grant is thrilled that his pardon came through, but Gabe warns him that he must stay away from Bay City. Stubborn, Grant returns to his old life in a town that despises him.

APRIL 26, 1996 (EP. #8089)
Sharlene lays into Felicia after Michael tells her he is positive Felicia will tell John about their secret. Unfortunately, their fight is interrupted, when John arrives and wonders what is going on. Gary becomes overprotective of Josie and throws Matt out of her hospital room when Matt asks her questions about the night of the shooting. Later, Gary asks Josie to marry him, again. An upset Matt runs into Donna and reveals the depth of his feelings for Blair. Lucy visits Grant to celebrate his pardon and reveals she has had a crush on him since she was a little girl. Later, alone Grant looks at all the cuts, bruises and burns that were inflicted upon him in prison.

APRIL 29, 1996 (EP. #8090)
Gary tries to lovingly reassure Josie that everything will be fine when she finds her worrying that something is wrong with her body. Later, Josie wonders why Gary doesn't mention her career as a cop when he talks about their future. On the defensive, Sharlene talks to Felicia, wondering if she will tell John what she saw. Later, Michael joins the mix, thanks Felicia for her discretion and warns her to keep the secret. John wonders why Michael is suddenly so interested in Sharlene and Felicia's ongoing argument. Felicia is stunned when John meets with his attorney and reveals that he doesn't plan on fighting for joint custody of Greg. Later, Sharlene feels guilty when she overhears John defend her to Gregory. Matt is furious when the cops destroy Blair's room looking for clues. He tries in vain to keep his emotions in check and later explodes when Donna tries to get closer to him. Lorna and Gabe grow closer after Gabe reveals that today was his son's birthday.

APRIL 30, 1996 (EP. #8091)
Joe feels his money problems grow when Paulina receives a baby present from Jake. To keep up with Jake, Joe buys gifts on credit, spending money he doesn't have. Sofia and Nick grow further apart as Nick contemplates Joe's request and ends up fighting with Sofia over nothing. Upset, Sofia agrees to meet Tomas for lunch. After Rafael accuses Grant of trespassing at the Cory's, Grant heads to the Harbor Club to announce he is back. When Jake tells Michael about Grant's pardon, Michael grimly realizes Jake is his ally in keeping Grant away from Vicky's children. Furious about another article in the paper about the rape victim, Courtney confronts Matt, but ends up breaking down, admitting she was raped.

MAY 1, 1996 (EP. #8092)
Although Michael and Sharlene initially decide to avoid each other, Michael's gift to John for the new hospital trauma center changes their plans. The odds are against Grant as Jake tells him he'll never seen his son again and Carl arms Rafael, telling him he will pay him extra if he shoots Grant as a trespasser. Morgan tells Gary and Josie that Josie lost an ovary during surgery. Later, Gary secretly tells Gabe that Josie will not be returning to the force. Morgan worries that Courtney is pulling away from him, as Courtney and Matt share a friendly dinner at Carlino's and sympathize with each other's situations.

MAY 2, 1996 (EP. #8093)
Although Josie and Gary happily plan for their future, Gary becomes more and more negative toward Josie's ideas to return to the force. Felicia is having a difficult time keeping Michael and Sharlene's secret and worries this might hurt her relationship with John. Unaware that Carl has made plans of his own, Jake tries to enlist his help in protecting the kids from Grant. Despite Carl and Jake, Grant thinks he found an alibi in Rachel when she admits that Grant must see his child. Courtney remains cool to Morgan.

MAY 3, 1996 (EP. #8094)
Sharlene feels the walls closing in on her and comes undone when John stops by, telling him she is leaving Bay City. Later, Michael sees John and mistakenly thinks he knows -- and begs John's forgiveness. Carl appears to accept and agree with Rachel's plea that Grant be allowed to see Kirkland; but when alone with his enemy, Carl tells Grant, he plans on keeping Kirk away from him forever. Desperate to see his son, Grant approaches Rafael and gives him a deal it looks like he can't refuse. Josie and Matt exchange apologies for everything that has happened. But when Matt leaves, Josie isn't convinced that she shot Blair despite Gary's logic. Later, as Josie sleeps, someone watches her.

MAY 6, 1996 (EP. #8095)
Although Gabe tells Lorna he wants to move ahead with their relationship, his actions speak louder than his words and he unintentionally pushes her away. John and Michael fight when John realizes that Michael and Sharlene slept together. After Rafael "accidentally" mentions the boys play outside every afternoon, Grant secretly plans to see them, as Carl sets his trap.

MAY 7, 1996 (EP. #8096)
Nick runs into Maggie and they kiss, but before it goes any further, Nick tells Maggie she means nothing to him. As Sharlene worries John's knowledge about her affair with Michael will ruin her chances of winning sole custody of Greg, John discovers Felicia knew about the affair the entire time. Defying Carl's instructions, Rafael purposefully misses shooting Grant. Grant is furious with Carl when he realizes he was set up. Using his reporter instincts, Chris starts wondering about the loose ends on Blair's shooting. Lorna is moved when Gabe stops by the hospital to visit a boy whose life he saved.

MAY 8, 1996 (EP. #8097)
Sharlene gets her first hint that John might fight for custody, when she tells him she is going on a trip with Greg. Later, Fax convinces Sharlene to use his cabin as a getaway. Gary is devastated when John tells him Josie can return to the force. Later, Gary admits to Josie he doesn't want her to put her badge back on. After Rafael convinces her to reconcile with Nick, Sofia goes to the barn to find him, unaware that Maggie and Nick are in the barn, making love. Matt asks Carl if he killed Blair and Rachel wonders about Carl's closeness to Rafael. To help Grant see his son, Lucy agrees to apply for the job of Kirkland and Steven's nanny.

MAY 9, 1996 (EP. #8098)
Josie is furious when Gary admits he submitted her resignation letter to Gabe and forces him to retrieve it. Later Josie's memory is jogged about what happened on the docks, and she shares her knowledge with Gabe. Joe and Paulina christen their baby, Dante. Sofia flees when she sees Nick making love to someone else -- not realizing it is her "friend" Maggie. Later, John tells Nick to never give up on love. Sofia refuses to talk to Nick when he calls. Felicia forces a temporary separation with John.

MAY 10, 1996 (EP. #8099)
Josie must keep her secret from Gary when reluctantly, Gabe uses her as a decoy to flush out the killer. Josie is taken to rehab, and the stalker follows. Chris agrees to help Gabe uncover who is behind Blair's killing in return for an exclusive story. As Lucy applies for the job as nanny, she overhears Jake tell Donna he is taking the kids to London to see Vicky. Grant books a ticket on the same flight.

MAY 13, 1996 (EP. #8100)
A homeless man is arrested for Blair's murder when he tries to push Josie down the hospital stairs. Later, Gary brings Josie home -- carrying her over the threshold. After Lorna pours out her sole to Gabe, Gabe makes a choice and tells her he wants her back in his life. Maggie turns to her mother for advise on love, and is shocked when Cecile tells her not to let true love get away. Maggie decides to do whatever she can to win Nick over. Still upset by what she saw in the barn, Sofia decides to make some changes in her life and gets a second job modeling lingerie to help with Carlino's bills.

MAY 14, 1996 (EP. #8101)
As Nick and Rafael play hoops, Maggie stops by and tells Nick he is the only one for her while Rafael wonders what is going on. Later, Maggie runs into Sofia who has just finished her modeling shoot and tries unsuccessfully to get her to talk about Nick. Joe gets himself deeper and deeper into plastic debt to give Paulina the things he thinks she wants. Grant's cover is almost blown, when Kirk and Steven come close to discovering him on their plane. At the airport, thinking he sees Vicky, Jake leaves the children unattended and when he returns they are gone.

MAY 15, 1996 (EP. #8102)
As Josie recoups at home with Gary by her side, the homeless man brought in for the murder of Blair, suffers a heart attack and is brought to the hospital. While at the docks, Courtney and Matt share a close moment before Matt must run off, leaving Courtney alone. As Courtney is left to her thoughts, the stalker watches her. Vicky helps Jake and the boys escape from London and away from Grant's grasp. While trying to find Sharlene, John learns from Cass he is no longer Sharlene's lawyer. Later, John worries when he learns that Fax refused to let Michael talk with Sharlene.

MAY 16, 1996 (EP. #8103)
Jake's apartment becomes utter chaos with people concerned about Vicky while he tries to prepare for her return. In the midst of it all, Lucy arrives to apply for the nanny position, and returns to Grant with the keys to Jake's apartment. Maggie is relieved when Sofia admits to her she has no idea who Nick slept with. Later, Sofia shows Maggie her lingerie photos and Maggie slyly takes one and submits it to the photo desk at the Herald. Gary and Josie go to Carlino's where Josie is met with applause for her return. Gabe tells Gary his reinstatement has been denied. Later, Gabe shows Lorna his commitment to her when he removes his old wedding ring from his key chain. The stalker watches as Courtney and Matt dine together.

MAY 17, 1996 (EP. #8104)
Not realizing John is trying to locate her, Sharlene decides to return home to work things through with John for Greg's sake. But as she goes to leave, John bursts through the cabin doors -- thinking Sharlene was purposefully hiding from him. Morgan is hopeful about his future with Courtney when she agrees to meet him later. Unfortunately the date never materializes when the stalker follows her to the docks, and pushes her into the water. Nick runs into Maggie at the Herald, but she covers her reasons for being there. Later, Sofia's picture appears in the Herald and the town reacts to her in her lingerie.

MAY 20, 1996 (EP. #8105)
Morgan grows alarmed when Courtney fails to show up for their date and he finds her abandoned car. Morgan tells Gabe he is worried something happened to Courtney and asks for Gabe's help in finding her, not realizing Courtney is floating in the water. Furious, John accuses Sharlene of purposefully disappearing, but backs off, when they both realize Fax never gave John the note on her whereabouts. John and Sharlene promise to try harder for Greg's sake. Sofia is horrified when Nick shows her a copy of the Herald with Sofia in her lingerie. Upset, Sofia lashes out at Nick, saying she saw him sleeping with someone else and demands he leave. Nick is devastated -- and Sofia is broken up inside-- neither realizing Maggie is behind everything.

MAY 21, 1996 (EP. #8106)
Rafael finds a drowned woman off the docks which fits Courtney's description. As Courtney's body is brought into the morgue, Matt must hold Morgan back from opening the body bag. As Nick buys up all the copies of the Herald to save Sofia's reputation, Tomas realizes Maggie is probably the one behind the whole thing. When he goes to see Sofia, he finds Nick and tells him to leave Sofia alone. Lucy agrees to take the boys outside so Grant can see his son, but Grant's plan is ruined when Donna decides to accompany the boys on the outing. Grant vows revenge.

MAY 22, 1996 (EP. #8107)
Devastated, Morgan allows Chris to ID Courtney's body. After admitting how much he loved Courtney, Morgan goes to the docks, and is outraged when a cop says Courtney's death looks like suicide. John must calm Courtney's co-workers as they learn of her death. Sofia discovers the copies of the Herald that Nick purchased and Nick is forced to admit he wanted to save her reputation. Sofia helps Nick burn the papers at the dump. Felicia and Michael worry about John and Sharlene's absence as John enjoys time alone with Gregory. John and Sharlene continue to cooperate for Greg.

MAY 23, 1996 (EP. #8108)
Gabe receives more evidence that Courtney may have been murdered and informs John that this hysteria may get worse before it gets better. Later, Gabe informs Morgan about his theory and Morgan agrees Courtney did not commit suicide. Although Sofia and Nick grow closer over the newspaper burning, Sofia still feels she can't trust Nick. Later, Rafael runs into Maggie and Sofia and reveals Nick sold his bike to pay for the papers. As Maggie stews, Sofia tells Nick she wants a future with him.

MAY 24, 1996 (EP. #8109)
After telling Lorna he thinks Courtney and Blair's death might be connected in some way, Gabe goes to Courtney's memorial service and tells Matt he would like to question him -- as Donna stresses. Grant plots his revenge to get Kirkland back and tells Jake he's planning on overturning the custody agreement. Later, Grant meets up with Lucy and Jake wonders about their involvement. Sofia confronts Jake about giving Joe a building with back taxes and Nick comes to her defense. Nick and Sofia seem closer then ever.

MAY 27, 1996 (EP. #8110)
While Matt is questioned by the police regarding his involvement with the murder victims, Rachel, Carl and Rafael nervously wait, wondering where the investigation will lead next. Donna experiences a nervous breakdown and is tended to by Michael. Grant's secret employee, Lucy, mediates as Jake and Grant compete for control of Steven and Kirkland's future.

MAY 28, 1996 (EP. #8111)
Carl starts feeling the pressure when Gabe questions him about his past involvement with Blair. In private, Carl tells Rafael, he must find Blair's money or else the police might discover Rafael and Carl's connection. As Felicia tells Lorna John is moving in with her, John determines to stop the rising hysteria in Bay City concerning the Bay City stalker. Sofia finds out Joe owes money on back taxes. Coming off this revelation, Sofia sees Nick and tells him she wants to take their relationship slow. As the two start to kiss, Sofia's worst nightmare comes true as Joe returns early from his honeymoon.

MAY 29, 1996 (EP. #8112)
Gary is frustrated when he is forced to answer questions about Blair's murder and realizes his answers make him a likely suspect. Frustrated, Gary quits the force. The walls start closing in on Donna as Morgan learns she was the last patient to talk to Courtney, and Gabe starts wondering about her involvement. Donna also admits to Michael she loves Matt so much she is willing to kill for him. Michael invites Sharlene to dinner. Maggie and Frankie duke it out regarding Maggie's frivolous spending however, Maggie continues to get Cass' support -- and the rift widens between Frankie and Cass.

MAY 30, 1996 (EP. #8113)
Donna admits to Matt that she saw him and Courtney on the docks the night she died. Later, Donna finds Courtney's scarf and thinks she brought it home from the hospital by mistake. Josie sees how unhappy Gary is and offers to move to another town where they both could be cops. Gary decides to stay and fight. Later Josie finds a link between Courtney and Blair's murders. In an attempt to find Courtney's murderer, Morgan tells Gabe Donna thought there was something between Matt and Courtney. When Nick learns about the back taxes on the restaurant, he vows to Sofia he will get the money. Later, Maggie seethes when she sees Nick and Sofia getting closer.

MAY 31, 1996 (EP. #8114)
As the killer lurks, Josie and Gabe discover a breakthrough in the murder case and put a guard outside the homeless guy's hospital door. Later, Gary tells Josie the wedding is off. Rafael conceals a briefcase full of cash, unaware that Nick, wondering where Rafael has been getting all of this money, has secretly followed him. Donna observes Michael and Sharlene having dinner together and suffers a migraine. Later, it looks like Sharlene is about to be hit by a car! John moves into Felicia's apartment and the two share an evening of fun as Felicia dons 60's attire. John gets ready to give Felicia a special gift.

JUNE 3, 1996 (EP. #8115)
After Josie tells Gary she is continuing with their wedding plans, she is called to the hospital to be with Sharlene who was barely missed by a hit and run driver. Josie witnesses tension between Michael and John and Sharlene admits to her daughter, she slept with Michael. Gabe and Lorna dance under the moonlight, after Gabe shows Lorna a tree where he has carved their initials. The police look for Donna who is not returning their phone calls.

JUNE 4, 1996 (EP. #8116)
John is touched when Josie asks him as her father to talk to her fiancee. Josie also admits to John she knows about Sharlene and Michael. John talks to Gary who tries to find Josie, but she is out on assignment. After arguing with Carl about his interference with letting Grant see his son, Rachel takes Kirkland to see Grant who is overwhelmed and touched at Rachel's generousity. Nick finds Rafael's stash of money.

JUNE 5, 1996 (EP. #8117)
Nick takes Rafael's stolen money and pays off Carlino's debt. Later, Nick gives an anonymous letter to Sofia for Joe which says his tax debt has been erased. Proving like mother like daughter, Maggie tries to split up Nick and Sofia, while Cecile sees Maggie as a way to get closer to Cass. Gabe decides to show Lorna how much he loves her before she leaves for a medical convention. Morgan tries to raise money for a women's shelter and continues to try to deal with Courtney's death.

JUNE 6, 1996 (EP. #8118)
With Hank's help, Gabe and Josie question the homeless man and discover he is a credible witness. Later, Josie runs into Gary and tries to calm his frustration by motivating him to use his police instincts and try to solve the case on his own. Michael receives a call from Donna saying she is in a sleazy motel and can't remember how she got there. Later, he is in shock when he finds evidence that Donna was the driver who almost hit Sharlene. John and Felicia go fishing and instead of catching fish, they find the gold chain the murderer tried to ditch. Although the letter was anonymous, Sofia realizes Nick was the benefactor who cleared Joe's debt, and kisses him -- witnessed by Maggie. Maggie is furious and toys with a copy of Sofia's bikini clad body in the Herald. Cecile uses her old tricks to split up Cass and Frankie.

JUNE 7, 1996 (EP. #8119)
On top of discovering Donna was the hit and run driver, Michael discovers Courtney's scarf in Donna's possessions and realizes she might be the murderer. Later, Michael lies to the police and helps Donna hide in the hospital, unaware that Josie is watching, and wondering what is going on. Try as he might, Gabe is unable to get to Lorna to say good-bye as she leaves for her medical convention. After Frankie catches Cass and Cecile in a compromising position, Cass and Frankie realize, this is just another one of Cecile's schemes. Cecile frantically tries to make Cass remember the night Maggie was conceived, but mixes up the dates, and Frankie realizes, Maggie might not be Cass' daughter. Maggie subtly gives Joe the photo of Sofia in her bikini that appeared on the front page of the Herald.

JUNE 10, 1996 (EP. #8120)
Michael's plan to keep Donna hidden in the hospital, unravels when Josie tells John about Michael's schemes and John, despite Michael's pleas, will only admit Donna to the hospital for a few days. Unfortunately, Donna refuses to stay put and as Cass is recommending turning Donna in to the police, Donna escapes. Furious that his sister posed in bikini wear, Joe confronts her -- shocked to find out from Nick that Sofia modeled for Joe -- to earn money for the restaurant. After a heart to heart with Nick, Joe realizes how deeply Nick loves Sofia and agrees to allow the young love birds to date, with his blessing. Cass and Frankie are forced to deal with the possibility that Maggie may not be Cass' daughter.

JUNE 11, 1996 (EP. #8121)
The search is on for Donna when she escapes from her hospital room. After a few close calls, Donna turns to Michael and confesses she doesn't know if she is the murderer or not. Felicia is unaware that she has the chain that is the link to the murders. The Harbor Club is a busy place as Nick and Sofia as well as John and Felicia have romantic dinners there. But the happiest person of all is Grant who thinks he might be able to win custody of Kirkland.

JUNE 12, 1996 (EP. #8122)
The search is on for Donna and Michael and at Josie's suggestion, Gary gets in on the action. Josie is reminded of how good a cop Gary is when he correctly deduces where Donna is. As Gary and Josie wait outside for their next move, Donna anxiously waits inside, growing disturbed as Michael questions her involvement in the murders. Rafael thinks he is home free and keeps the money intended for Blair while giving Carl counterfeit money. Carl privately inspects the money and realizes what Rafael has done. Despite Maggie's reservations, Sofia accepts the job as Carl's secretary. Felicia and Frankie renew their friendship after Felicia fires Cecile for lying about Maggie's paternity.

JUNE 13, 1996 (EP. #8123)
Thanks to Gary's involvement, Donna is brought in for questioning and despite Cass' advice, answers more police questions than she should. However, when asked where Donna has been for the past few days, Donna flashes back to running down Sharlene and faints. When Grant learns of Jake and Vicky's plans to return to Bay City, he makes plans to meet them at the airport, with his court summons, not realizing the Hudson men already have a plan of their own. Later, Grant and Sharlene share a drink at the Harbor Club as they reminisce about their past lives.

JUNE 14, 1996 (EP. #8124)
Although Donna attempts to escape more questioning, Josie brings her downtown, and Joe "nicely" questions her. But his questions reveal nothing and he is forced to send Donna home, until Donna blurts out that she knows Sharlene's coat is ripped. All eyes turn to Donna......... When Cecile tells Maggie she is leaving Bay City, Maggie begs to go with her, but Cecile refuses. Thinking she will help her daughter, Cecile tells Maggie she has something important to tell her. When Sofia shows an interest in his past, Rafael clams up, not revealing any facts about his family. Later, Rafael squirms when Carl asks him where he found the missing money.

JUNE 17, 1996 (EP. #8125)
Grant's plans to catch Vicky at the airport are thwarted when the Hudson's spirit her away bringing her home to Jake's apartment. As Vicky is reunited with her boys, Grant angrily figures out a way to get to Vicky -- and Kirkland. Cass is shocked to learn from Michael that Donna might be involved in Sharlene's hit and run. As Donna sits through more questioning, Michael determines to get Donna help. Cass tries to convince Donna to turn in evidence that she might have hidden. Cecile's last act in Bay City is to tell her shocked and dismayed daughter, Maggie that Cass is not her father. Cass is learning the same information from Frankie and goes to find Maggie.

JUNE 18, 1996 (EP. #8126)
Unaware about Donna's role in the murder investigation, Vicky reunites with her mother over lunch at Jake's. Later, Vicky convinces Jake to take her to Ryan and Bridget's graves and as Vicky pours out her heart and sole, Grant secretly looks on. Before Donna has a chance to recover the incriminating envelope from Rita's office, Michael stops her and wonders what Donna is up to. Later, the envelope is picked up by the cleaning woman. Sofia and Joe play Cupid for Gary and Josie and secretly set them up for a romantic evening at an Inn. Their plan works and Josie and Gary renew their love and their goals. Gary admits he is ready for his badge, and his love -- and their wedding.

JUNE 19, 1996 (EP. #8127)
As Vicky tearfully sits at Ryan's grave, Grant presents her with a court order about Kirkland's custody and tells her he will fight to get Kirkland back. Jake pushes Grant away and then tries to convince Vicky not to run from Bay City. Later, Jake overhears Vicky making plane reservations. John and Felicia go out to a romantic dinner and John gives Felicia a necklace. Felicia puts away her found gold chain and the killer enters Felicia's suite, looking for the chain. Sofia finds Maggie sleeping outside the Cory mansion and tries to cheer her up. Rafael does the same, however when Cass tries to comfort Maggie, she runs off.

JUNE 20, 1996 (EP. #8128)
Donna returns to Rita's office and discovers Sharlene has the incriminating envelope on her desk. Donna distracts Sharlene and pockets the envelope, but runs into Michael on her way out who wonders what she is up to. Someone takes out Courtney's missing tape recorder. Before Vicky can secretly leave town, Jake confronts her and agrees to help her escape from Grant. But Jake has one more surprise up his sleeve when he asks her if he can stay with Vicky and the kids -- forever. Nick finds Maggie hiding in the barn and tries to console her. When Maggie realizes that Nick will never love her, she lashes out -- and Nick realizes he must tell Sofia the truth about the night he slept with Maggie.

JUNE 21, 1996 (EP. #8129)
Michael finds the evidence in Donna's purse and insists on turning it over to Cass. But Donna disagrees, and runs -- right into Fax and spills the contents of her purse, including the scarf and Courtney's missing tape recorder. As Vicky and Jake prepare to board the boat that will take them to safety, Grant stops them, but Jake creates interference and Vicky and the boys run. Nick's attempts to confess his past mistakes to Sofia are thwarted when Sofia refuses to listen saying she loves him -- and wants him to make love to her. As Nick and Sofia share their bond, Maggie tells Charlie that if she can't have Nick, no one will.

JUNE 24, 1996 (EP. #8130)
Unable to explain how Courtney's tape recorder got into her purse, Donna is brought down to the police station as the number one murder suspect and to Morgan's dismay, Cass agrees to represent her. After Maggie admits Cass is not her father, Carl insists she move back into the mansion. As Nick moves her stuff upstairs, Maggie learns that Nick has not yet told Sofia that Nick slept with Maggie. Vicky's attempts to secretly leave town are thwarted by Grant but as Grant and Kirkland share a close moment, Vicky privately tells Jake, she will try to leave town again.

JUNE 25, 1996 (EP. #8131)
While Sharlene admits to Josie that Donna said she would kill for love, Donna worries that she really did commit the murders -- a thought that terrifies her. The divorce proceedings between John and Sharlene go off as planned and as John and Felicia reaffirm their love, Sharlene throws away her name plate that read "Sharlene Hudson" as well as her wedding ring.

JUNE 26, 1996 (EP. #8132)
After a night out on the town and a lot of prying, Jake finally gets Vicky to admit that she missed him while she was gone. As Jake excitedly twirls Vicky around, Grant watches in the shadows. Gary succeeds where the police have failed, and using his police instincts tells Josie he knows where the missing Ozzie is hiding. Although still reeling from the finality of his divorce, John admits to Felicia that he loves her. Gabe and Lorna reunite after her trip away and later, Gabe secretly calls Joe and tells him to get the ring ready, while telling Lorna he has something serious to talk about with her.

JUNE 27, 1996 (EP. #8133)
Although Gabe is unsure of Donna's guilt and is hesitant to book her, the evidence stands on its own and when proof comes back that Donna was the driver of Sharlene's hit and run, Gabe is forced to formally charge and book her. Gary finds Ozzie but Josie must take the credit for Gary's success since he is no longer a police officer. Lorna wonders what Gabe wants to discuss with her and guesses with Felicia what it could be -- never realizing Gabe is getting ready to propose. Sofia excitedly tells Maggie she is saving her money to buy back Nick's bike but can't figure out a way to locate the new owner. Maggie secretly decides to steal Sofia's thunder and plans to buy the bike back herself.

JUNE 28, 1996 (EP. #8134)
Although the commissioner is certain of Donna's guilt, Vicky and Jake are not so sure and discuss avenues they will use to pursue the real killer while the real killer watches, listens and waits. Grant has his first solo visit with Kirkland and they run into Sharlene and Gregory at the park. Grant's life starts to pick up when Sharlene agrees to go out with him. Gabe and Lorna have a romantic dinner on the beach and Gabe proposes to Lorna. Maggie tries to beat Sofia to the punch in buying back Nick's motorcycle for him, but as she is sealing the deal, Sofia shows up -- and wonders what Maggie is doing.