JULY 1, 1996 (EP. #8135)
While Gabe proposes to Lorna, the Commissioner books Donna on murder charges. Joe rushes to Gabe to tell him what just happened with Donna and interrupts his proposal before Lorna can give Gabe an answer. Although Maggie backs out of the bike buying deal, Sofia is still suspicious as to Maggie's true motives for buying back Nick's bike. But, the deal goes off as Sofia had originally planned and Sofia excitedly waits for the right moment to tell Nick.

JULY 2, 1996 (EP. #8136)
Gabe is furious that Donna has been indicted for murder on such circumstantial evidence, but must back down. Michael is upset with Donna's imprisonment and Vicky starts to wonder if her father is still in love with her mom. Joe suspects Gary's involvement in the murder case and subtly urges both Gary and Josie to back off. Although they agree to do so, they separately arrive at the hospital where Ozzie is a patient. Carl tells Vicky that he has taken care of Grant and guaranteed her safety. Later, Carl and Rachel see Sharlene with Grant at the Harbor Club and wonder what is going on.

JULY 3, 1996 (EP. #8137)
Gary questions Ozzie while Josie keeps the police away and discovers that Ozzie saw a man with Blair before she was shot, proving Donna didn't commit murder. However, the new found information is too late as Donna is taken to the county prison. Sofia gives Nick his motorcycle and they share a close moment. Jake and Vicky go to the street fair and see Grant with Sharlene. Grant is jealous of Jake's closeness to Kirkland. Gabe makes a passionate speech about individual rights at the Fair, which prompts Lorna to say yes to his marriage proposal. After Rachel grounds Maggie for stealing Frankie's credit cards, Maggie and Rafael play truth or dare. Maggie admits to Rafael that she loves Nick and intends to take him away from Sofia.

JULY 4-5, 1996: Pre-empted for coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Semifinals.

JULY 15, 1996 (EP. #8143)
Gabe does a forensics report on Yvette's body and learns that the person who killed Yvette is the same one who committed the murders. Gabe faces the Commissioner and orders Donna's release. When Gary and Josie go to see John about Josie's shaking arm, they learn there has been another murder and are more determined than ever to find the stalker. John sympathizes with Josie about her demotion. Nick is understanding when Sofia tells him she wants to wait to make love -- until marriage.

JULY 16, 1996 (EP. #8144)
Gary's efforts to find out more from Ozzie are temporarily thwarted. John comforts Josie when he tells her about her arm. Later, Josie talks to a jeweler about the chain in the stalker case, unaware that the stalker is watching her every move. Frankie gets a feeling that the killer is hiding a secret and is willing to kill again. Donna makes amends with Vicky, Michael, Matt and Sharlene but Sharlene can't resist the urge to make a mean crack about the Hudson's. Donna invites Sharlene to the welcome home party. Jake's feelings for Vicky grow, although Vicky does not yet share those same feelings for Jake.

JULY 17, 1996 (EP. #8145)
Marriage hangs between Nick and Sofia at Cory's welcome home party for Donna and they both think about their future together, as Maggie tries to think up ways to break them up. Morgan apologizes to Donna for wrongly accusing her of murder and in so doing, makes peace with the Hudson's as well as his brother. Sharlene stops by Donna's party looking glamorous, before heading out on a date with Grant. Later, Sharlene admits to Grant that she attended the party to show off. Grant wonders if revenge is her motive. Gary follows Josie to the jewelry store and although he is concerned for her safety, Josie is angry because she thinks he is checking up on her. To make amends, Gary gives Josie a pair of earrings and a receipt with a possible clue to the murder's identity.

JULY 18, 1996 (EP. #8146)
Nick and Sofia share a romantic day as miserable Maggie dreams of getting back together with Nick. After Tomas inadvertently tells Maggie to go for what she believes in, Maggie tells Nick she is going to tell Sofia about the night that they slept together. Vicky pushes Jake into going out on a date with her real estate agent, not realizing Jake has growing feelings for Vicky. Realizing his time is running short with using Lucy to get to Kirkland, Grant makes a secret call to get Lucy out of Bay City -- and out of his life. Gabe gives Lorna a whistle for protection and as the stalker watches, Lorna happily tells her mother that the chain really did bring good luck.

JULY 19, 1996 (EP. #8147)
The stalker finds Lorna alone and drags her into the shadows -- with intent to kill. Michael and Donna grow closer. Maggie backs down in revealing the truth about her and Nick to Sofia when Nick tells her he will go to the police with the information about the kidnapping. Later, Nick asks Sofia to marry him. Sharlene discovers Grant gave Tomas a scholarship and thanks him with a kiss. Later, she agrees to let Grant drive her and Greg to summer camp, despite John's deep reservations.

JULY 22, 1996 (EP. #8148)
Realizing she could have been the stalker's next victim, Lorna breaks down in Gabe's arms saying that if it weren't for the whistle, she would have been killed. Gabe privately wonders why the stalker would have gone after Lorna as Joe tells Felicia about Lorna's attack. After Sofia accepts Nick's marriage proposal the two decide to elope. Wanting to do everything "just right" Nick attempts to ask for Sofia's hand from Joe, but Joe is too busy to listen. Sofia decides to wear the dress Maggie gave her for her wedding. Although Jake tries to put Vicky out of his mind by going on a date with another woman, he is unsuccessful and as Vicky sleeps, Jake yearns for her.

JULY 23, 1996 (EP. #8149)
When Sofia returns to retrieve her wedding veil, she is shocked to find Maggie in her room, who is determined to tell Sofia the truth about her Nick. As Nick waits nervously outside the door, unsuspecting Sofia prepares to listen to what her "good" friend has to tell her. As the stalker watches and waits, Lorna learns that she was attacked by the same person who killed Courtney and Blair but is frustrated when she admits she can't ID the murderer. Thinking the chain has brought her good luck, Lorna looks for someone to pass the luck on to. With her wedding rapidly approaching, Josie tries to figure out a way to get Ozzie out of the house and consults Morgan.

JULY 24, 1996 (EP. #8150)
Distressed that Maggie might ruin his chances of being with the girl he loves, Nick attempts to whisk Sofia away before Maggie has a chance to talk with her. But Maggie is one step ahead of Nick and just as Nick and Sofia start to leave, Maggie blurts out that she was the person Sofia saw Nick making love to in the barn. Jake attempts to get Vicky a home that can become her future, not her fantasy with the past. But Vicky has thoughts of her own and after visiting Lorna in the hospital who gives her the gold chain, she finds herself on a dark street, with an abandoned cottage that beckons to her.

JULY 25, 1996 (EP. #8151)
Despite Maggie's desperate pleas, Sofia refuses to believe that Maggie slept with Nick -- until Maggie blurts out she is pregnant and Nick's expression gives Sofia the proof she needs. Upset, and devastated, Sofia drives off into the storm, unaware of the car coming at her head on -- driven by Matt Cory. Calling Jake to visit her cottage, Vicky gleefully explores what she hopes will be her new home -- despite Jake's deep reservations. Carl is furious when he discovers Rachel and Grant talking together -- not realizing they are discussing the scholarship Grant set up for Tomas. Although Rachel is angry at Carl for his outburst, the couple must put their feelings on hold when Maggie arrives so upset that she can't even speak.

JULY 26, 1996 (EP. #8152)
After a head on collision with Matt Cory, Sofia lies unconscious and trapped in her car, as Matt frantically tries to keep her alive. Joe and Nick try their best to find Sofia, not realizing the predicament she is currently in. Rachel overhears Nick asking Maggie why she didn't tell him she was pregnant before. Although unable to find the cottage's owner, Michael learns for Vicky that the cottage is definitely not for sale. Vicky is unstoppable and returns to the cottage smiling, knowing that someone is there, watching out for her. When Michael runs into Donna at Carlino's, they share dessert and Donna admits to him that she is lonely.

JULY 29, 1996 (EP. #8153)
Working frantically to save Sofia's life, Matt talks to her urging her to live for Nick. Delirious, Sofia wakes and thinking Matt is Nick, asks him to tell her he loves her. The news slowly leaks out that Maggie is carrying Nick's child and as Rachel determines to get to the bottom of this, Joe learns about Maggie's pregnancy and realizes that is what made Sofia so upset. After realizing Vicky will not budge on her determination to live in the enchanted cottage, Jake agrees to go with her to find the real owner. But both of them get the shock of their lives when they discover the owner of the cottage is none other than Victoria Hudson! Ozzie's memory continues to return and in a shocking turn of events, Gary learns from Ozzie the stalker's tune that he whistled before he killed Blair.

JULY 30, 1996 (EP. #8154)
The people who care about Sofia anxiously wait in the hospital as John tries to save her life. But Matt is the one who truly gives Sofia life when he donates his blood to help her. Realizing the condition that Sofia is in is his fault, Nick weeps into the veil Sofia will never get a chance to wear. Vicky is thrilled when she learns, through a letter left by Bridget, that Bridget bought the cottage for Vicky. As Vicky makes plans for her new home, Jake fantasizes about making a new life with Vicky-- the woman that he loves, while the stalker watches and waits. Gary and Josie realize that the information Gary learned from Ozzie about the tune of the whistle, is too important to keep quiet -- and they decide the time has come to tell Gabe what they have learned, no matter what the consequences are.

JULY 31, 1996 (EP. #8155)
Although Sofia survived the delicate surgery, John tells Sofia's family and friends that her life is still in jeopardy. While Joe sits at Sofia's bedside, Nick tearfully looks through the glass wall, devastated that his actions could have such horrible repercussions. After overhearing Carl comforting Maggie about her pregnancy, Rafael accuses her of making the entire thing up. Later, Nick tells Michael that Maggie is carrying his child. The stalker is forced to run away from Vicky's cottage when Jake chases him, although Jake manages to rip off part of the prowler's shirt. As Vicky and Jake wonder who was outside the house, the stalker burns his torn shirt. Josie and Gary agree that it is going to be very difficult to tell Gabe what they have learned from Ozzie without putting their police careers in jeopardy.

AUGUST 1, 1996 (EP. #8156)
Although Joe makes sure that only family be allowed in to see Sofia, Nick manages to sneak in while Joe is away and begs for Sofia's forgiveness -- while Maggie looks on. But Nick's apology is cut short when John kicks him out of the room. Later Matt does what no one else can and when he visits Sofia, her eyes flutter open. After Gabe learns from Josie what Ozzie remembers, he is forced to do some soul searching and make the difficult decision whether or not to bend the rules and let Gary and Josie back onto the investigation. Josie is elated when Gabe tells Josie to take Ozzie into protective custody, letting Josie back on the investigation, knowing that Josie will also enlist Gary's help.

AUGUST 2, 1996 (EP. #8157)
Sofia regains consciousness with Matt at her side. Sofia's friends and family flock to her as does Nick, who is thrilled Sofia has amnesia and has no recollection of what happened the night she was hurt. But her amnesia is short lived and while Nick softly speaks to Sofia, Maggie enters and the memories come tumbling back. Sofia screams and Nick and Maggie are forced out of Sofia's room, and her life. Jake is disappointed when Vicky starts displaying momentos of Ryan around the new cottage. Later, when Vicky is alone in the house, the stalker quietly enters and plunges the house into darkness.

AUGUST 5, 1996 (EP. #8158)
Despite Joe's objections, Sofia insists on seeing Nick and Maggie and tells a devastated Nick and a delighted Maggie that she never wants to see them again -- she wants both of them out of her life. As Sofia cries alone, Nick sadly realizes the mistake he truly made by having a one night stand with Maggie Cory. As the town deals with the shock that Maggie is pregnant -- Frankie thinks there is more to the story than Maggie is letting on.. The stalker is frustrated when Jake interferes with his plans on making Vicky his next victim. Later, Jake is unable to get Vicky out of his mind. As Cass invites Frankie on a second honeymoon, Rita tells Morgan that the senior resident job may not be his.

AUGUST 6, 1996 (EP. #8159)
John worries about Sofia when her mental condition deteriorates due to her contracting pneumonia. Joe is so upset about Sofia's condition that Josie is forced to restrain him from attacking Nick. In an unbelievable twist, Felicia and Sharlene learn they are seatmates on a flight back to Bay City. As the two women are forced to endure unbearable closeness, Grant and John wait together at the gate, experiencing turbulence of their own. Unknown to Vicky, Jake falls asleep on her porch, having a difficult time getting her out of his mind. The stalker is frustrated that Jake is so devoted to protecting Vicky which makes it difficult for him to get close to her.

AUGUST 7, 1996 (EP. #8160)
Matt visits Sofia in the hospital and some of Sofia's old spunk returns. Although Matt doesn't tell her, Sofia starts to remember that it was Matt who saved her life. Tomas has a heart to heart with Nick about responsibility as Maggie overhears with renewed hope. John and Michael both take a swing at Joe for berating Nick and end up in jail. As John and Michael decide to bury the hatchet and make up, Felicia learns from Lorna that John knew all along that Lorna was attacked by the stalker. After Josie learns that her hand problem is psychological, she worries with Gary what this will mean for her future as a cop.

AUGUST 8, 1996 (EP. #8161)
Despite Maggie's gallant efforts to get Nick to care about her via the baby, Rafael seems to always get in the way. Later, Maggie admits to a doctor she knows she isn't pregnant. Sofia jokes with Matt who helps cheer her up. Later, Sofia tells Rachel she wants to see Nick. Although all of Jake's past efforts to tell Vicky how he feels have failed, when some faulty plumbing brings the two of the momentarily together, they share a kiss. Furious at first that John kept information from her, Felicia forgives John, realizing how much he loves her. Gabe tells his sister in law, Cindy about his engagement to Lorna -- and she seems pleased.

AUGUST 9, 1996 (EP. #8162)
Nick's elation at seeing Sofia quickly disintegrates when Sofia tells Nick and Maggie that she thinks they should get married, for the baby's sake. As Sofia breaks down alone in Morgan's arms, Nick tells Maggie he would never marry her. Maggie tells Nick she is planning on terminating her pregnancy. Jake and Vicky are both shaken by the kiss and vow it will never happen again, however, both wonder if it ever will. Michael recruits a construction guy, Bobby Reno, to do work on Vicky's house -- and when Bobby meets Vicky, she faints dead away.

AUGUST 12, 1996 (EP. #8163)
Always scheming to get what she wants, Maggie implies to Nick that she is planning on getting an abortion. But as planned, Nick arrives at the abortion clinic, begging Maggie not to go through with it. Maggie realizes she has just won. Vicky is disturbed by her reaction to Bobby Reno. As Bobby reports to Michael about Vicky's fainting spell, Vicky packs up Ryan's belongings. Vicky listens to one of Ryan's old favorites and Bobby, listening to the same song, is disturbed by his emotional reaction to it. John and Felicia try to share a romantic meal but are interrupted by Felicia's Hollywood friends. Felicia tells John she is going to make Hollywood come to her. Carl confronts Rafael on the counterfeit bills. Later, Rachel finds a bill on the floor and asks Rafael if it is his, which he denies and Rachel is impressed with his honesty. Rafael has an idea.

AUGUST 13, 1996 (EP. #8164)
Although Nick is temporarily relieved that Maggie didn't get the abortion, he worries when Maggie tells him she is planning on leaving Bay City forever, with the baby, since Nick doesn't want her. Nick begs Maggie not to go -- not realizing he is playing into her hands. As Vicky and Jake try their best to resist their feelings for one and other, Bobby looks in the mirror and is troubled by his own reflection. Although everyone encourages Joe to go home and get some sleep, Joe is reluctant -- due to the fact that home is such a lonely place. But as Joe crawls into bed, he realizes home isn't so lonely -- since Paulina has returned!

AUGUST 14, 1996 (EP. #8165)
Nick makes the decision to marry a thrilled Maggie -- although he determines that this will be unlike any marriage Bay City has ever seen. As Nick and Maggie tell the Cory's about their plans, Sofia has a hard time letting go of her true love. After Josie makes a decision to leave the force, despite Gary's pleas, she comes across some of Blair's old deposit slips and a key, meaning that the person who murdered Blair was being blackmailed. Excited about this break in the stalker case, Josie decides she loves being a cop. Cindy comes to town to interview for a job, but declines Gabe's offer to meet Lorna and have lunch with them.

AUGUST 15, 1996 (EP. #8166)
Despite Carl and Rachel's reservations, Nick and Maggie prepare for their wedding. Although he is a Cory, Matt can't bear to watch the wedding and goes to the hospital to tell Sofia what is happening. As Sofia attempts to be brave, Nick and Maggie are pronounced husband and wife. Josie and Gary open Blair's safety deposit box and find a blackmail note mentioning Margaret Benning. They eagerly decide what their next step is. After Frankie asks Felicia if they can be friends, Felicia overhears Sharlene defend John to Rita. Felicia is thrilled that her life seems to be taking a turn for the better.

AUGUST 16, 1996 (EP. #8167)
Despite Nick's determination not to live with his new wife, he is forced to do just that when Carl offers the newlyweds an apartment. As Maggie attempts to seduce her new husband, Rafael wonders what Maggie is really up to. Josie is forced to go to her bridal shower as Gary follows up more on the stalker case. After Josie leaves, Vicky gives Frankie the chain as the stalker secretly watches. The stalker tampers with Frankie's car. In order to rid herself of Nick -- Sofia tells Joe that Nick was the one who paid off his $50,000 tax debt.

AUGUST 19, 1996 (EP. #8168)
Sensing she is in imminent danger, Frankie makes a call to Cass who tells her he will be right home. But Cass is too late, as Frankie is forced to flee the house, trying to escape from the stalker. Frankie's psychic abilities can't save her and in the Cory ice house, the stalker kills, once again. With her dying gasp, Frankie attempts to leave a clue to the stalker's identity. As Maggie sits home alone on her wedding night, Nick attempts to drown his sorrows at the local bar -- with Rafael at his side. But his conscience gets the better of him and when the opportunity arises, Nick is unable to cheat on his new wife with a girl at the bar who is more than willing. After learning Carl had to go to Chicago, Rachel and Matt go for a walk through the Cory grounds, not hearing Frankie's cries for help.

AUGUST 20, 1996 (EP. #8169)
After discovering Frankie's missing car, Rachel and Matt are stunned when Frankie's body is found by Joe in the Cory ice house. The Commissioner is furious when he learns the stalker has killed again, and tells Gabe he has 2 weeks to find the killer. But Cass is the one who everyone must help as he deals with his wife's death. Grant meets Bobby for the first time when he comes to pick up Kirkland for a visit and gets the feeling he has met Bobby before when he looks into Bobby's eyes. Vicky and Jake are devastated when they learn that Frankie has been killed by the stalker.

AUGUST 21, 1996 (EP. #8170)
After leaving Frankie at the morgue, Cass returns home to be with his daughter. With the help of Felicia and Morgan, Cass finds the strength to break the news to Charlie that her mother is dead. Gary and Josie are determined to find the killer, now that the stalker has killed a member of their family. They get their big break when they realize the stalker was after the chain Frankie was carrying. Maggie's attempts to learn from Nick his whereabouts on their wedding night are temporarily postponed when she learns of Frankie's death and must go to help Cass during his time of sorrow, shocking everyone by her tender side which is normally hidden.

AUGUST 22, 1996 (EP. #8171)
Desperate to help the police find Frankie's killer, Cass tries unsuccessfully to decipher the clue that Frankie left by her side. Devastated, Cass leaves the station, and runs into mourners who are holding a silent vigil for the stalker's victims. Grant is given the unfortunate task of telling Sharlene about Frankie -- despite John's reservations. Gary and Josie get a big break when they find a prescription among Blair's things with Fax as the prescribing doctor. They bring the information to Gabe who enlists Morgan's help as someone on the inside at the hospital to find out more about Fax Newman. After Sofia leaves the hospital with Paulina, she sees Nick for the first time since he and Maggie got married. Sofia is devastated.

AUGUST 23, 1996 (EP. #8172)
The evidence starts to come together as Gary, Josie, Morgan and Gabe work separately to learn why and if Fax is the stalker. Finally, Gabe decides to put a tail on Fax -- but he is too late, as Fax has already left town. Maggie heads over to Cass' to help with Charlie and Cass tells Nick what a wonderful mother Maggie will be. Later, when Nick and Maggie run into the Doctor that treated Maggie, Maggie is evasive, worried that her secret will get out -- as Rafael looks on -- wondering what Maggie is up to. When Jake publishes an uncharacteristically moving article about Frankie -- Vicky's touched and calls Jake -- with memories of Ryan and Frankie -- just to talk.

AUGUST 26, 1996 (EP. #8173)
As Gabe, Josie, Gary and Morgan all find proof that Fax is the murderer, Fax gets ready to kill again. Frankie's friends and acquaintances come to her funeral to say good-bye. After the service, Cass insists that everyone go to the gala -- as planned, for Frankie. Later and alone, Cass says good-bye to his wife for the last time. Vicky and Bobby look forward to seeing each other at the gala -- each wondering why they are drawn to one another.

AUGUST 27, 1996 (EP. #8174)
The search is on for Fax while Fax continues to evade everyone as he looks for Morgan. But Fax learns valuable information while at Morgan's house by discovering Josie has found more evidence against him at the jewelry store. As Josie gets ready to leave the store, she gets the shock of her life when Fax arrives with a gun, ready to shoot. The town gathers at the hospital for the gala and Michael names the new trauma unit after Frankie Frame Winthrop. Maggie continues to fake her pregnancy at the gala by putting some padding under her dress to give her story more credibility. But she worries that Sofia is on to her when Sofia arrives in the bathroom as Maggie is adjusting her padding. Jake's curiosity is twigged by Bobby -- the new man in town.

AUGUST 28, 1996 (EP. #8175)
Despite Josie's valiant effort, Fax overpowers her and she becomes Fax's hostage as they head out to the trestle to find Ozzie. Josie tries one last time to escape Fax's hold, and manages to free herself, only to fall down an abandoned man hole, unconscious. Sharlene is stunned that Fax is the killer and that her daughter is out looking for him. As Sharlene experiences an emotional breakdown, John comforts her. While Maggie tells Nick she wants to leave Bay City for good, Matt encourages Sofia to get on with her life and Sofia asks Tomas out on a date. Jake goes with Vicky to Ryan's grave for support as Vicky tells Ryan about Frankie.

AUGUST 29, 1996 (EP. #8176)
Desperate to find Josie, Gary goes to the train trestle where the only person he finds is Fax, who refuses to reveal Josie's whereabouts. Unfortunately, Fax is on a death mission and Gary is forced to kill Fax before Fax kills him -- and Fax dies without revealing that Josie is lying unconscious in a covered man hole. John urges Gabe to withhold the information from Sharlene that Josie is missing until they have more information. After Morgan fills Cass and Felicia in on Fax's motives for the killings, he goes to pay a visit to Fax in the morgue.

AUGUST 30, 1996 (EP. #8177)
As the search for Josie continues, John and Michael offer money and man power to the police to help bring Josie home while Donna helps Sharlene deal with her emotional turmoil. Meanwhile, Josie sits in her dungeon, semi conscious, hoping that Gary will find her in time. After Bobby cuts himself on his saw, Vicky brings him to the hospital for stitches. Later, Bobby runs into Vicky who is curious about her growing feelings for this stranger. Maggie feels the walls closing in on her when a doctor's bill arrives at the Cory mansion which Rafael refuses to give to her. Later, Maggie tells Nick that if he moves away from Bay City with her, she'll divorce him when the baby comes.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1996 (EP. #8178)
As the search for Josie continues, Gary and Gabe find Fax’s scrap book with pictures of the murder victims, proving how sick Fax really was. Later, Sharlene and John together tell Gregory that Josie is missing. Felicia watches their closeness unobserved and wonders about her future with John. Paulina realizes she is going to need Bobby’s help to fix up Carlino’s and makes a barter deal with him -- he will fix up the place in exchange for 3 free meals a day. While Rafael gets closer to discovering Maggie’s secret, Nick makes the decision to move away from Bay City with Maggie after seeing Sofia and Tomas on a date and having a good time. Maggie feels triumphant with Nick’s decision, oblivious that Rafael is about to ruin her plans.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1996 (EP. #8179)
All of Josie’s friends and family work around the clock to find her and bring her home while Josie uses her survival training to stay alive. As Grant console’s Sharlene, a prankster’s fake lead sends Gary on a wild goose chase making him loose precious time in finding Josie. Bobby continues to work on Vicky’s cottage and has a funny feeling when he stumbles upon some of Ryan’s things. Later, Jake observes Vicky and Bobby together and feels jealous, deciding he will find out who Bobby Reno really is.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1996 (EP. #8180)
While Jake "surfs the net" to find out information on Bobby Reno, Bobby comes to Vicky’s defense when Grant seems to get a little out of control. Later, Grant puts on his charm for Sharlene when he says goodnight and Sharlene realizes she has feelings for Grant Harrison. Maggie and Nick tell their respective relatives that they are moving to LA until the baby is born. While Rachel wonders what Maggie is hiding, Michael appears to give Nick the brush off since he is so worried about Josie. John is forced to step in and tell Nick how much Michael truly loves him. Missing Frankie and wanting to help Cass preserve Frankie’s memory as well as satisfying her own need, Felicia asks Cass’s permission to write Frankie’s life story.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1996 (EP. #8181)
Josie works to free herself from her dungeon when she finds a ladder that could lead her to safety. As Gary returns to the trestle in search of his lost love, Josie falls from her ladder, beginning to lose hope. Meanwhile, the police have a big problem on their hands when they learn an escaped criminal is on his way to Bay City and he just happens to be looking for millionaire and ex cell mate, Grant Harrison. As Rafael learns the shocking truth that Maggie isn’t pregnant, Maggie gleefully tells Sofia that she and Nick are leaving Bay City. Later, while Rafael plots his next move with this valuable information, Nick tries unsuccessfully to say good-bye to Sofia. After John and Felicia come to Cass’s rescue when he suffers a panic attack, Felicia assures her old friend that she will help Cass get through this tragedy one day at a time.

SEPTEMBER 6, 1996 (EP. #8182)
When Gabe and Gary learn that Ozzie is awake they rush to his bedside hoping he will help them find Josie. Although Ozzie talks in riddles, Gary figures out the key and thinks he knows where Josie is. But Gary must now race against time when the escaped con finds Josie in her dungeon and has plans of his own for her. The walls are about to crumble around Maggie when Rafael gives a forged letter to Nick, which states that Maggie is not pregnant. While Maggie happily makes plans for her future, Sofia tries to get through her birthday party and Nick rejoices about this wonderful new information. Vicky has her hands full when she invites both Jake and Bobby to dinner. Jealous Jake is furious when he senses that Vicky is starting to have feelings for Bobby and announces over dinner that Bobby was once in prison.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1996 (EP. #8183)
Thinking fast and realizing this man is an escaped convict, Josie convinces Cody that her name is Sharlene Hudson and Dr. Hudson will pay a large ransom. As Gary is hot on Josie’s trail, Cody calls Grant who is with Sharlene and asks him if he knows a Mrs. John Hudson. After discovering that Maggie has been lying to him all along, Nick decides to pretend to be nice to her until he finds the correct time and place to drop his bombshell. As Maggie is skeptical about Nick’s change of heart, Sofia asks Matt to help her move on with her life. Bobby admits to Jake and Vicky that he was in a juvenile facility for petty theft. Vicky is furious at Jake for his meddling but the dye has been cast and Bobby quits, despite Vicky’s pleas for him not to.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1996 (EP. #8184)
Nick manages to bring a kicking and screaming Maggie to Sofia’s birthday party and shocks the crowd when he delivers the doctor’s letter to Sofia saying that Maggie isn’t pregnant. Although Maggie tries to deny the accusation, Rachel steps in and Maggie confesses. In shock, Sofia leaves her party with Paulina in tow, as Nick is comforted by Vicky. After Grant informs the police that Cody has Josie, John and Sharlene wait by the phone for Cody to call. As they wait, Sharlene learns that John is planning on proposing to Felicia. Later, Cody calls, asking for a million dollars in exchange for Josie’s life. Joe worries about Gary when he sees him take a bottle of liquor from Carlino’s, thinking Gary will take a drink.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1996 (EP. #8185)
Pretending he is a drunk homeless person, Gary manages to follow Cody to the place where he is keeping Josie. However, Gary’s plan to wait quietly for the police goes awry when Cody attempts to rape Josie and Gary is forced to come to her rescue, knocking Cody unconscious. But Cody has one more trick up his sleeve when Gabe bursts in to help Gary and Josie and Cody manages to shoot Gabe and take Grant, who came by to help, as another hostage. As Jake and Bobby argue about Jake’s interference, Vicky seeks out her father for advice. But Vicky finds Michael in a romantic situation with Donna and must come back later. As Vicky tries to decide what to do about Jake, Bobby agrees to come back to work for her. Felicia and Morgan worry about Cass, when Cass seems too happy to be dealing with the reality of Frankie’s death. Carl returns home but is cryptic with Matt when Matt asks him the purpose of his trip.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1996 (EP. #8186)
As Grant is held hostage by Cody, Gabe and Josie are brought to the hospital where family and friends are waiting. Gabe is rushed into surgery and Cindy and John save his life. While Sharlene is relieved that Josie is all right, she worries about Grant and defends him to her family. But while Sharlene worries, Grant thanks Cody for a job well done. The tension is thick between Carl and Rachel but is quickly alleviated when Carl tells Rachel the reason for his sudden trip had to do with Blair Baker and why she blackmailed him. Carl tells Rachel the entire "truth" and Rachel believes him. While Rafael urges Maggie to end her marriage to Nick, Nick begs Sofia to come back to him. Sadly Sofia tells Nick it is over.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1996 (EP. #8187)
After orchestrating his own rescue, Grant is brought to the hospital with the title of hero, making it look like his bad reputation has been erased. Josie is released from the hospital and joins the search for Cody but refuses to tell Gary about her ordeal. Finally, Josie opens up and admits she feels she failed as a cop. Jake asks Vicky out on a date while Bobby admits to his doctor that he has been having strange dreams about a woman but he doesn’t know who she is. Bobby subconsciously hums the same tune that Vicky had been singing earlier. Although Felicia is about to tell John she is worried about Cass, John surprises her by proposing marriage.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1996 (EP. #8188)
Although underneath she is saddened by the news and admits this to Grant, Sharlene graciously congratulates John on his engagement to Felicia. However, John and Sharlene have more pressing things on their mind when Gregory asks Grant if he will kill Greg also. Excited by her news, Felicia tries to tell Lorna about her new engagement, but as she gets ready to show Lorna the ring, Felicia realizes she has misplaced it! Jake has renewed hope for a relationship with Vicky when she admits she was jealous when she saw him with another woman. Elated about his news, Jake heads to the hospital where he overhears Bobby talking to a mystery Doctor and wonders who this Doctor is. After agreeing with Tomas that they should just be friends, Sofia admits to Matt that she has decided it is time for her to meet a new man.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1996 (EP. #8189)
After making an agreement with Sharlene that neither Grant nor Felicia will be alone with Greg, John tells Felicia that he has accepted Grant will be part of their lives. Later, Sharlene and Grant grow closer. Although both of them want more out of their relationship, Michael and Donna sign a contract ruling out a fourth marriage. Josie, Paulina and Lorna all talk privately with their significant others about their fears regarding police work. Pretending to be outraged when Maggie is humiliated in Sassy's by a former "friend", Rafael stands up for Maggie, admitting that he will always be there for her, and kicks Kyle out, but later, pays him off for a job well done.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1996 (EP. #8190)
Bobby's dreams continue and he is shaken when he dreams of the train trestle that exists in Bay City. Later, Bobby runs into Carl which leaves them both unnerved. As Bobby admits to Dr. Kessler that he feels like he knows people in town, Jake learns that Dr. Kessler is an eye doctor. Josie's fears are upsetting her and in an attempt to alleviate them she returns to the trestle, despite Gary's reservations. Later, Josie must put on her dress uniform as all the officers are called by Gabe for a mysterious announcement, which Gary thinks is his execution. After agreeing to drop his inquiries into Carl's past for Rachel's sake, Matt is thrilled when Sofia asks him out to lunch so they can discuss her new college marketing class.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1996 (EP. #8191)
More curious than ever when he follows Bobby to the train trestle, Jake asks for Carl's help in uncovering more about Bobby Reno. Carl agrees after he meets with Bobby and gets the feeling he has met him before. Shocking everyone in town, including Gary himself, Gabe reinstates Gary as a police officer and asks Josie to pin on his badge. Sharlene worries about her daughter when she sees Josie's hand shake but Josie puts on a brave front before she goes to the station to write a mysterious letter. The race is on as Grant decides to run against Michael Hudson for the position of Chairman of the hospital board. As Donna tries to win votes seductively for Michael, Sharlene agrees to help Grant campaign.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1996 (EP. #8192)
Keeping John in the dark, Felicia buys a new engagement ring which unfortunately John notices looks different from the one he gave her. While Felicia and John prepare for their engagement party at the farm, Sharlene finds Felicia's lost ring and reluctantly decides to return it to her, not realizing she is walking right into the party. Lying to Lorna to make her leave Gabe's side, Cindy waits until Gabe sleeps and then sits on his bed and holds his hand. Although Jake is out for blood on Bobby Reno, Carl is more curious about Bobby then out for revenge. Jake and Carl meet at Bobby's apartment and start snooping, but get the shock of their lives when Bobby catches them in the act. Sofia agrees to go as Matt Cory's date to John Hudson's party.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1996 (EP. #8193)
Shocking Felicia, Sharlene returns Felicia’s missing engagement ring and wishes her well. Later, Felicia tells her tale of the missing ring to John who laughs at the story. Felicia is forced to leave her new fiancee soon into the party when she speaks with Cass and is disturbed by the tone of his voice. Gary is upset when he discovers that Josie is planning on resigning from the force and hasn’t confided in him. Later, Josie runs into Sharlene and yells at her mother for her relationship with Grant. Matt helps Sofia get through her first visit to Nick’s home since the accident. Later, the couple goes to Carlino’s and Matt tells Sofia that she is beautiful. Needing their passion to be alleviated, Michael and Donna head to the Hudson barn to make love... but once again, something stands in their way.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1996 (EP. #8194)
Sofia and Maggie have it out when Sofia tells Maggie she needs to put the past to rest. Later, Sofia hints to Matt that he might be more than a friend to her. As Sofia talks to Matt, Maggie watches Rafael come to her rescue again when he pretends to kick his friend Boyd out of the bar for making snide remarks about Maggie. In the struggle to get Boyd out of the bar Rafael mistakenly knocks over a burning candle. Vicky and Jake go on a date to Sassy’s and come very close to kissing, as Bobby watches with interest. Unfortunately, their kiss is delayed when a fire breaks out due to the overturned candle. Although Gary is welcomed back to BCPD with open arms, he worries about Josie who finally confesses she is too scared to be a cop. As Gary watches with sadness, Josie lays her badge on Gabe’s desk and leaves the precinct.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1996 (EP. #8195)
Despite Joe and Gary’s attempts to change Josie’s mind about resigning from the force, Josie is adamant and Gary is forced to tell her he will support her decision. Bobby becomes the hero of the day when he puts out the fire at Sassy’s but unfortunately he burns his eyes, making him blind. As he is taken to the hospital, Vicky overhears him mention that he can’t be blind... again. Later, Jake takes Vicky home. After talking about relationships with Sofia, Matt walks in on Rafael who is about to seduce Maggie. When Rafael leaves, Matt and Maggie make up although Maggie is upset when she overhears Matt call Sofia and tell her what a wonderful time he had with her.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1996 (EP. #8196)
Determined to find more out about Bobby Reno, Jake snoops around the hospital and discovers Bobby owes BCGH half a million dollars. Not realizing Jake is delving into his bills, Bobby opens up to Vicky about his past. Later, Vicky tells Jake she misses him. Furious that Donna gave Jake the idea to put Grant’s mug shot on the front page, Michael worries that Grant will now go after Vicky and Kirkland. As Donna apologizes to Michael for interfering, Sharlene tells Grant she will help him reclaim his reputation in anyway she can.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1996 (EP. #8197)
Jake gains access to the hospital computers and learns that Bobby was a recipient for an organ transplant and he is doubly shocked when he learns who the donor was. Before having his bandages removed, Bobby learns from Dr. Kessler that the dreams he has been having might be related to his organ transplant. Bobby tells Doctor Kessler he would like to find out who the donor was. Sofia admits to Matt that she has been thinking about Nick less and less when Matt takes her to dinner at the Harbor Club. Also at the Harbor Club, Maggie and Rafael share dinner and just when Rafael is about to make his move, Carl arrives and glares at Rafael. Although originally wanting Vicky to ask Stephen to stop telling Greg stories about Grant, Sharlene changes her mind when Vicky reveals the kind of person Grant really is. When Sharlene sees Grant again, she is cool to him and Grant angrily tells Vicky that he is now ready for war.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1996 (EP. #8198)
Both Vicky and Bobby are thrown by their growing feelings for one another when they look into each other’s eyes after the bandages are removed. Later, as Carl holds the letter in his hands, Dr. Kessler tells Bobby he has contacted the donor’s family. Jake is thrown when he illegally discovers who Bobby’s donor was and impulsively tells Vicky he loves her, hoping he doesn’t lose her. Nick is more determined than ever to get Sofia back when he observes, undetected, a growing closeness between Matt and Sofia. Maggie is furious when she overhears Carl tell Rafael to stay away from her and stands up for Rafael. Later, Maggie disappoints Rafael when she agrees to go with Rachel on her trip to France. Cindy continues to try to subtly interfere with Gabe and Lorna’s relationship, this time encouraging Gabe not to stay at Lorna’s apartment during his recovery. Later, Cindy learns from Morgan that he dated Lorna.

OCTOBER 1, 1996 (EP. #8199)
Curious about his medical history, Vicky asks Bobby about his past and he admits to her he received an eye transplant over a year ago. As Jake offers Bobby $200,000 to get out of town and out of Vicky’s life, Vicky rushes to Carl and asks him to find out who received Ryan’s eyes. As Matt continues to boost Sofia’s confidence, Maggie runs into Nick at the farm and notices a hard edge to him, realizing he is now determined to get what he wants. While Maggie cancels her trip to France, Nick shows up at Carlino’s to see Sofia. Lorna agrees to help Paulina go clothes shopping when Paulina admits she is unhappy with the way she looks.

OCTOBER 2, 1996 (EP. #8200)
Playing their cards close to the chest, Vicky and Carl refuse to tell Grant they think Bobby might have Ryan’s eyes. Later, Jake thinks Bobby is going to leave town with the $200,000 payoff but Bobby can’t be bought. As Jake learns that an orderly found the money in a linen cart, Bobby tells Vicky he has Ryan’s eyes. Sharlene tells Josie that she is leaving Grant— despite Grant’s pleas not to abandon him. After Nick tells Sofia he will wait for her forever, Sofia tells Matt she is going to accept a two week internship away from Bay City. Under Matt’s urging, Maggie admits to Rafael that she is staying in town because of Nick.

OCTOBER 3, 1996 (EP. #8201)
Bobby decides to leave town after learning that Jake knew about his eyes before he did and Vicky’s admission that she thinks Bobby set her up to get her money. Grant learns the shocking news about Bobby’s corneas and visits Ryan’s grave where he feels an eerie chill throughout his body. Josie throws herself fully into her new job as a housewife and nothing anybody can say will stop her -- even when Gabe arrives unexpectedly and tries unsuccessfully to get her to come back to the force. John and Felicia are reunited after Felicia’s trip to Oklahoma.

OCTOBER 4, 1996 (EP. #8202)
Vicky apologizes to Bobby after she hears that he didn’t accept Jake’s bribe and tries unsuccessfully to convince him to stay. Gary realizes something is not right with Josie when she has a constant need to be doing something with him at all times. Lorna learns from Gabe and Cindy that they used to date. Sofia is touched when Matt gives her some farewell gifts. Later, Sofia is thrown when Nick stops by unexpectedly and kisses her and she kicks him out.

OCTOBER 7, 1996 (EP. #8203)
After saying good-bye to Vicky, Bobby heads to the trestle -- drawn by Ryan’s memories and is shocked that Vicky has beat him there. Bobby admits to Vicky he has been having Ryan’s dreams and Vicky is convinced Bobby has Ryan’s memories. Bobby agrees to stay in town a little longer. Originally unnerved that Gabe and Cindy dated, Lorna is reassured by Gabe who puts her fears to rest. As Gabe tells Lorna that the loss of Sarah is in his past, Cindy wonders alone, if Gabe’s past is gone, but not forgotten. Originally frustrated that Maggie has Nick constantly on her mind, Rafael successfully comes up with a way to make Maggie forget about Nick -- and Rafael and Maggie’s attraction grows.

OCTOBER 8, 1996 (EP. #8204)
Bobby is furious when he learns that Carl paid off his hospital debt and tells Carl to leave him and his debts, alone. Bobby’s actions have proven to Carl that Ryan exists in this stranger. Michael confronts Jake on breaking into the hospital computers and wonders privately what he should do about Jake’s actions. Gary confronts Josie on her strange behavior after he finds her birth control pills in the garbage. Josie refuses to reveal her secret fears about police work -- even to Gary. Dropping by Carlino’s to subtly find out from Paulina Sofia’s number in Chicago, Matt is thrilled when Sofia calls Carlino’s and talks to Matt -- telling him she misses him. Cass and Felicia decide to sell Wallingfords.

OCTOBER 9, 1996 (EP. #8205)
Grant’s upset when he gets an insinuating postcard from Cody and tells Gary he is worried that Cody will return. Josie denies to Gary that she is still worried about Cody. Bobby is caught in the middle as Jake urges him to leave and Vicky and Carl urge him to stay. Wanting some answers, Bobby goes to Ryan’s grave and thanks him for his sight and wonders aloud to Ryan why it is so hard for him to leave Bay City. After Rafael watches Nick and Matt fight over Sofia he comes up with a plan that will help both Nick and Rafael get what they want. Rafael shares the plan with Nick who agrees -- Nick will help Rafael get Maggie if Rafael helps Nick win back Sofia. Joe invites Paulina on a romantic weekend and she quietly worries about her appearance.

OCTOBER 10, 1996 (EP. #8206)
Michael and Grant continue to compete for the Chairman of the Board position and Grant resorts to spying on Michael at the Harbor Club and learns Michael knows Jake broke into the hospital computer. Michael tells Jake he is going to have to turn him in. Rafael and Nick put their plan into action with Maggie and Nick tells Maggie off in a hurtful way. Rafael asks Nick to continue being mean to Maggie so she can get Nick out of her system. After Cass leaves dinner with John and Felicia, John and Felicia decide to postpone their wedding until Cass’ emotional state has improved.

OCTOBER 11, 1996 (EP. #8207)
After visiting Ryan’s grave, Bobby tells Vicky he has had no more dreams about Ryan and feels he can now leave Bay City. Vicky is forced to leave in the middle of their discussion to make an impassioned and successful plea to the hospital board as to why Michael should be Chairman. Angry that he lost the election, Grant follows Vicky home and confronts her, as Bobby and Jake are inside -- unaware that Vicky might be in danger. Despite her mother’s reservations, Josie continues to say everything is wonderful. Later, after learning from Gabe he tried to get Josie reinstated onto the force, Gary confronts Josie about the secrets she is keeping from him. Lorna wonders what is really going on between Cindy and Gabe.

OCTOBER 14, 1996 (EP. #8208)
After being rescued from Grant by Jake and Bobby, Vicky tells Jake that although she fears Grant, she has come to see Jake as her "rock". Later, Stephen and Kirkland find a key box and Jake takes one of the keys, saying it is the key to Vicky’s heart. Bobby returns to Vicky’s after talking with Carl and tells her he will stay in Bay City and continue to help with her house. Josie agrees to see a therapist after admitting her fears to Gary. Later, Josie’s fears come to the surface once again when she gets a crank call, secretly fearing that Cody is coming to get her. Lorna is furious at Gabe for over-exerting himself at Cindy’s and is upset when Gabe tells Lorna he is planning on going back to work tomorrow. Cindy is satisfied with the progress she made with Gabe.

OCTOBER 15, 1996 (EP. #8209)
Carl warns Sharlene to watch out for Grant and Sharlene agrees to follow his advice. Furious that Carl made him lose Sharlene, Grant wants revenge. Rachel returns to chaos after her trip, when she not only learns that Bobby received Ryan’s corneas and worries what impact that might have on Carl, but she is furious when she discovers that Maggie has dropped out of school. Rachel tells Maggie to grow up and admit that Nick never loved her. Maggie ends up feeling very alone and she and Rafael finally kiss. Joe wines and dines Paulina to celebrate their engagement anniversary. After their romantic evening comes to a close, Paulina and Joe return to their lives, a little more refreshed.

OCTOBER 16, 1996 (EP. #8210)
After Vicky forces Jake and Bobby to call a truce to all of their arguing, Jake asks Vicky to reserve Halloween night for him. Later Jake and Vicky end up at Sassy’s where privately Bobby tells Vicky, that he will help protect her from Grant. When Jake brings Vicky home, a strange wind whips up around them. Furious that Matt has Sofia’s phone number and he doesn’t, Nick enlists Jake’s help in obtaining the number. Oblivious to the scheme, Matt happily gives Jake the number who passes it along to Nick who unfortunately is unsuccessful in talking to Sofia. Matt tells Jake he has just stepped over the line. Grant tells Carl the truce is off and their war is back on.

OCTOBER 17, 1996 (EP. #8211)
Vicky invites Jake over to share her first fire at home and as Jake checks the flu a plaster impression of a child’s hand falls on top of him. Later, Vicky and Jake hear a sigh and wonder who is in the house with them. Gary must reassure Josie when she sees a picture of Cody and her hand trembles. Gary and Josie are unaware that Cody is still out to do Josie harm. Cindy attempts to move in on Gabe and uses an unsuspecting Felicia to do so. As Lorna cancels her lunch with Gabe to be with her mother, Cindy happily eats with Gabe while Lorna’s feelings for Cindy start to become uneasy.

OCTOBER 18, 1996 (EP. #8212)
Bobby has a logical explanation for Vicky and Jake regarding the house sighing and Jake leaves for work. As Vicky and Bobby talk, the boys arrive and Stephen reveals he was in a fight because kids say the house is haunted. Later, as Jake arrives and the adults talk, the kids head up to the attic and send out loud, alarming screams. After Rafael tells Maggie that he won’t spend time with her until she breaks it off with Nick, Maggie confronts Nick and realizes she no longer loves him. Later, Nick and Matt have it out over Nick’s interference with Sofia. Felicia brings Cass to Wallingfords to tell him they have a buyer and to say good-bye to the store. Cass pays a final tribute to Frankie and he and Felicia leave the store for the last time.

OCTOBER 21, 1996 (EP. #8213)
Vicky, Jake and Bobby head up to the attic when they hear the boys scream, and Jake pushes the door in. Once the adults are inside the boys calm down somewhat when they see they were screaming at a sheet but ask Jake to spend the night to protect them. Vicky decides to throw a Halloween party to put the boys’ fears to rest. Carl is elated when Bobby visits him to tell him he is on his side in Carl’s war against Grant. Rachel is unnerved when she sees Bobby and Carl talking. Maggie gloats to Sofia when she tells her to watch out for Nick and reveals that Maggie is free of him forever. Nick gets Sofia to agree to not stop talking to him. Later, Maggie plans to get into her trust fund while Sofia dreams of making love to Nick.

OCTOBER 22, 1996 (EP. #8214)
Everyone is in high spirits, although the tension runs high between Jake and Bobby, over the Halloween party. But Grant puts a damper on the excitement when he arrives to pick up Kirkland and to talk to Vicky. A wind stirs up on the porch as he and Vicky talk. Later Vicky continues to be unnerved when a flower pot falls off the shelf for no apparent reason. Gary and Josie pick out their wedding rings and their excitement builds for their impending nuptials. Later, Josie asks Paulina to be her matron of honor and Cass to be a groomsman. Gary learns that Cody is back in the US and might be after Josie and must decide if he will tell Josie about Cody’s return. Cass gets caught up in his grief when he reads the first chapter of Felicia’s book on Frankie. Later, John provides a diversion and an antidote for Cass’ pain.

OCTOBER 23, 1996 (EP. #8215)
Although Gary plans on telling Josie about Cody after her therapy session, Sharlene and Grant warn Josie before he has a chance. As Josie confronts Gary on his silence, Cody plots a route back to Bay City. Bobby and Vicky are unsuccessful as they try to explain the weird occurrences that are happening in the house. When Grant drops off Kirkland, Bobby tells Grant to stay away from Vicky. Later, Vicky and Bobby try to explain how the trash can with the shattered pot was overturned. Lorna gives Cindy a housewarming gift.

OCTOBER 24, 1996 (EP. #8216)
With the help of their friends and anticipating Cody’s arrival, Gary and Josie make plans to secretly move up their wedding day. As Sharlene tells John not to tell Felicia about the wedding, Josie gets another crank call from Cody Murcer. More unexplainable occurrences happen at Vicky’s house when Jake and Bobby talk about protecting Vicky from Grant and a faucet turns on for no apparent reason. Sofia becomes upset when she is on a fake "date" with Matt at Carlino’s and Nick, who has been given a "heads up" about their date, arrives for an order and to say hello. Later, Sofia admits to Paulina that she dreamt about Nick.

OCTOBER 25, 1996 (EP. #8217)
After Vicky and Bobby pick up the decorations for the Halloween party, Bobby’s truck breaks down on an isolated road and the two realize they will have to spend the night together, alone. Although Josie is upset when she overhears Gary listening to the message that Cody left, she appears to calm down when Gary discovers a clue to Cody’s whereabouts on the message. Later, Josie’s fears resurface when she grabs a gun and ends up mistakenly aiming at Gary. Nick secretly steals an undelivered message to Sofia from Matt saying that Matt will be late to their meeting and as Sofia unknowingly waits for Matt, Nick arrives in Matt’s place.

OCTOBER 28, 1996 (EP. #8218)
As Jake frantically looks for them, Bobby and Vicky settle down for the night in a nearby shack, and share truths about themselves. After admitting to Gary that she wants to protect herself from Cody, Josie and Gary run into Grant and Sharlene at Carlino's. Grant angrily ends his meal when Carl steps in and loudly tells Sharlene, to Josie's delight, Grant is a man not to be trusted. Matt is furious when he realizes Nick stole his note to Sofia and rushes to their meeting place where he finds Nick professing his love to Sofia. Later, Matt invites Sofia to Vicky's Halloween party so they can convince Nick once and for all that they are dating.

OCTOBER 29, 1996 (EP. #8219)
Over a fire and roasting pumpkins, Vicky and Bobby's feelings for each other grow as they share their deepest thoughts. As they grow closer, Jake discovers the address of where Vicky and Bobby went to pick up the pumpkins. As Rafael hides in Maggie's room, Rachel confronts her granddaughter about trying to get into her trust fund before she is 25. Disappointed about the rules of the trust fund, Rafael sneaks back to his room where he runs into Carl who angrily whispers that there will be consequences if Rafael pursues Maggie.

OCTOBER 30, 1996 (EP. #8220)
Jake is shocked when he finds Vicky and Bobby sleeping peacefully together in the truck. Relieved when Vicky tells Jake nothing happened, Jake privately disappoints Bobby by saying that Vicky would never be interested in someone like Bobby. Later, Grant finds out that Vicky was out all night and vows to get back at her. As Rafael learns from Nick that Maggie can get access to the trustfund once she marries, Maggie is working with a new lawyer trying to figure out another way to get into the money. Keeping quiet that he knows the rules of the trustfund, Rafael tells Maggie that he is scared of Carl and plans on leaving. Maggie plays into Rafael's hand when she says she wants Rafael to stay and says she has a plan. Cindy tries to keep her anger in check when Gabe offers to fix her up on a date for Halloween. Later, Cindy cleverly gets unsuspecting Chris to invite her to the Harbor Club on Halloween where she knows Gabe and Lorna will be.

OCTOBER 31, 1996 (EP. #8221)
Jealousy and rivalry run rampant between Jake and Bobby as the Halloween party gets into full swing. Later, as the lights go out downstairs, Kirkland is alone in the attic, mesmerized by an eerie white light coming from the closet. Slyly dressing in the same costume as Matt, Nick waits for his chance to trick Sofia at Vicky's party. Nick sees his opening when Matt leaves Sofia alone for a moment, and quietly steps in and kisses her. After the kiss, Sofia is shocked when she sees her masked man is Nick. Rafael is elated when Maggie asks him to marry her, knowing that now he can get his hands on her fortune. But his excitement is short-lived when Maggie asks him to sign a prenuptial agreement.

NOVEMBER 1, 1996 (EP. #8222)
As Kirkland smiles at the eerie white light asking who are you, Jake asks Vicky to come to Lassiter to cement their relationship. Later, Jake and Bobby are forced to enter the apple bobbing contest with a kiss from Vicky as the first prize. With the party in full swing, no one realizes when Grant comes in costume to prowl around. However, when Carl discovers Grant, he points his dagger at him. After Nick kisses Sofia, Matt takes her away, sensing something is bothering her. As Sofia stays with Matt, Nick tells Michael that Sofia is still in love with him. At the Harbor Club and with careful manipulation, Cindy manages to dance alone with Gabe. As she dances, Cindy fantasizes that Gabe loves her. John is upset that he must keep Josie and Gary's wedding a secret from Felicia. But John has bigger problems on his hands when Greg begins to act out his anger about his parents' divorce.

NOVEMBER 4, 1996 (EP. #8223)
As Donna tells Vicky that Kirk is talking to himself, Kirk bonds with a ghostly Ryan in the attic. Later Jake and Vicky clean up after the party and Jake wonders if Vicky will accept his offer to go to Lassiter. When Carl plunges a fake sword into Grant for crashing Vicky's party, he not only makes Grant furious, he makes Rachel angry as well. Later, Grant tries to do damage control with Sharlene for his party-crashing by putting a spin on the story involving Kirkland. Oblivious to the fact that Cody is in town, Josie studies a dossier on him. Later, Josie and Gary go out for a walk and narrowly miss Cody in a clown costume who is waiting to meet Grant. Greedy for Maggie's money, Rafael plays upon Maggie's loneliness and tells her he won't sign a pre-nup and breaks up with her -- claiming he will always love her. Later, Maggie lies when Carl asks her if she is seeing Rafael.

NOVEMBER 5, 1996 (EP. #8224)
Gary and Josie excitedly get ready for their wedding, not realizing Grant and Cody know about the new date and are planning a surprise of their own. Later, Gary and John ready the farm for the big day. Upset that it appears Kirkland has an imaginary friend, and not realizing the friend is Ryan back from the grave, Vicky calls John for advice. After leaving Maggie a note with his plans, Rafael runs into Carl who angrily demands that Rafael leave. Using Carl's anger to his advantage, Rafael complains to Maggie and she tells Carl to leave Rafael alone. Later, when Maggie tries to find Rafael, he is gone.

NOVEMBER 6, 1996 (EP. #8225)
Grant is ecstatic when he inadvertently learns where the wedding is going to be and tells Cody the information and exactly how Cody will get inside. Josie and Gary excitedly get ready for the wedding, oblivious to Grant and Cody's plan. Maggie finds Rafael who reveals he is leaving town because she doesn't love him. Not realizing she is playing right into his hand, Maggie professes her love and rips up the prenuptial agreement. As Nick secretly watches Matt and Sofia together, he realizes that Sofia hasn't told Matt about the kiss. After "accidentally slipping" to Matt that he and Sofia kissed, Nick smiles at Sofia's reaction, realizing that he can win her back.

NOVEMBER 7, 1996 (EP. #8226)
When Joe learns that Cody is heading towards Bay City he tells Josie and Gary who, despite the danger, want to stay and leave Bay City as husband and wife. As the excitement builds, Cody arrives in disguise at the wedding, after double-crossing Grant and tying him up in a dumpster -- disabling him from saving Josie as originally planned. While Kirkland plays with Ryan, his "imaginary friend" in the attic, Vicky accepts Jake's proposal to go with him to Lassiter. In the attic, Ryan hears Vicky's voice and is devastated at his inability to communicate with her.

NOVEMBER 8, 1996 (EP. #8227)
While Carl hides in Grant's car, Grant escapes from Cody's binds and hurries to stop Cody before he kills Josie. But Grant might be too late, as Josie starts her walk down the aisle, not realizing that Cody has a gun trained at her head, ready to shoot. Jake is thrilled when Vicky agrees to go to Lassiter with him, but has a feeling of unease when Vicky won't confirm or deny that she has feelings for Bobby. Later, Bobby worries about Vicky's safety when Carl tells him that Grant has formed an interesting alliance with Cody Murcer. As Kirkland continues to play with him, Ryan tries to gain control over his unearthly form to protect Vicky. When Kirkland leaves, Ryan realizes he can pass through doors. Although Maggie starts to doubt her decision to run away when she sees Rachel, Rafael commandeers Maggie and convinces her he will always take care of her. As Maggie starts to leave, Rachel stops her wondering where she is going.

NOVEMBER 11, 1996 (EP. #8228)
Cody's plan to shoot Josie goes awry when Gary gets a glimpse of Cody and warns the guests of Cody's presence. As the wedding guests flee from the barn, Cody holds Josie and Gary hostage with intent to kill. While Vicky worries about Kirkland's imaginary friend, Ryan wanders the house with his new found freedom waiting for his chance to see his love once again. When Ryan finally sees Vicky, he calls her name and she looks right into his eyes. Rafael successfully convinces Maggie to leave Bay City and never look back. Sadly, Maggie leaves a farewell note for Rachel.

NOVEMBER 12, 1996 (EP. #8229)
Using her police instincts and swallowing her fear, Josie turns the tables and makes Cody fear her. But Josie's hard work is for naught for when she and Gary start to flee, Grant, despite Sharlene's desperate pleas that he stay away, bursts into the barn and a shot is fired. Frustrated that Vicky can't see him, Ryan angrily wonders why he has come back. But Bridget's spirit comes to help him and as Vicky sleeps, Bridget helps Ryan understand why he has returned. When Vicky wakes, she sees a chair rocking and feels an overwhelming sense of comfort. Matt tells Sofia that they need to take a break from each other since Sofia hasn't resolved her feelings for Nick. Rachel finally decides to let Maggie make her own mistakes and tells Matt she will not go find her granddaughter.

NOVEMBER 13, 1996 (EP. #8230)
Not realizing Sharlene has followed him to the barn, Grant and Cody shoot simultaneously and while Grant kills Cody, Cody's bullet hits Sharlene who falls to the floor unconscious. Seeing the bloody mess, Carl arrives in time to say that Grant and Cody were in cahoots which Gabe overhears. After being questioned about his involvement with Cody by Gabe, Grant runs into Carl who accuses him of hiring Cody for his own welfare. But Carl is forced to stop his accusations when Rachel walks in on yet another Grant-Carl confrontation. Sharlene tells John she can't feel her legs and John plans emergency surgery.

NOVEMBER 14, 1996 (EP. #8231)
Devastated about her paralysis, Sharlene tells John that she would like him to take care of Gregory at Michael's farm without Felicia. While John breaks the news to Felicia, who is already feeling left out because of the wedding, Grant visits Sharlene who thanks him for saving her life. Jake is thrilled when Vicky agrees to spend the night in Lassiter with him and while Vicky makes arrangements for the boys, Jake implies to Bobby that Jake and Vicky will be sharing a room. When Jake and Vicky happily leave for their stroll down memory lane, jealous Bobby kicks the porch railing.

NOVEMBER 15, 1996 (EP. #8232)
Jake's plans for Vicky in Lassiter include more than just a trip down memory lane and after Jake and Vicky dance under the stars, Jake gets down on one knee preparing to propose marriage to Vicky. Carl visits Bobby at Vicky's but Bobby refuses to admit that he is upset that Vicky and Jake are away together. As Bobby and Carl talk, Ryan curiously watches them. Despite Gary's persistence, Grant refuses to admit to him that he was ever connected to Cody Murcer. Later, Grant runs into Carl at Sassy's who continues to believe Grant had everything to do with Cody Murcer's return to Bay City. Gabe asks Josie to return the force.

NOVEMBER 18, 1996 (EP. #8233)
Jake is devastated when Vicky stops him mid-proposal, admitting to him as she has feelings for Bobby, she isn't ready for marriage. Later, Bobby is pleased when Vicky and Jake return home early from their trip. Ryan is frustrated that he can't communicate with Vicky and in his anger makes a vase fall off the mantel. Grant tells Rachel that Carl tried to kill him while Carl doesn't deny Grant's accusations which for Rachel, only confirms his guilt. A furious Rachel banishes her husband to the guest room, not realizing Grant has secretly planted a tape recorder to learn if it's the right time to makes his move on Carl. Nick fusses around Sharlene for Sofia's benefit and privately Sharlene calls him on it. Later, Matt tells Sofia she must figure out her feelings for Nick before Matt and Sofia can have a relationship.

NOVEMBER 19, 1996 (EP. #8234)
Donna is shocked when Vicky tells her that Jake almost proposed to her in Lassiter, but turned him down because of her feelings for Bobby. Wanting to get Bobby out of Vicky's life so she is free to marry him, Jake asks Paulina to hire Bobby which would make Bobby too busy to work on Vicky's house. Joe nixes the idea. Carl and Rachel quarrel over Carl's vendetta against Grant, as Ryan watches and tries unsuccessfully to warn them about the tape recorder. When Carl leaves, Grant arrives and manages to retrieve the tape recorder deciding the time is right to take something away from Carl. Later, Carl asks for Rachel's forgiveness and they make love. Although upset about Matt's decision to cool their relationship, Sofia defensively tells Matt that his choice is fine with her. Matt wonders if he made a mistake.

NOVEMBER 20, 1996 (EP. #8235)
Despite Gary's suggestion that he and Josie get married right away by a Justice of the Peace, Josie admits she wants to have her mother walk her down the aisle. The couple, however, decide to stage their own private wedding. Felicia follows up on Cass' idea to visit Sharlene at the hospital and although Sharlene is gracious she treats her cooly. Later, Felicia gets the door slammed in her face when she brings Greg's bookbag to him at the farm. Jake admits to Chris he must--once and for all--learn what Vicky's feelings are for him. Jake, Carl, and Bobby all end up at Vicky's and as Carl tells Steven he will take him to the train depot to see the old trains, Jake kisses Vicky while Bobby watches.

NOVEMBER 21, 1996 (EP. #8236)
Ryan sees Grant and although his brother can't hear him, angrily retracts his deathbed forgiveness and vows he will protect Vicky from Grant's revenge. Later, Grant learns from Kirkland that Carl is taking Steven to the old train depot and begins to formulate his plan. Bobby worries about Carl's anger towards Grant and arranges to meet Rachel later in the day. As Jake happily tells Paulina that he and Vicky kissed, Vicky tells Donna that she is upset that Jake kissed her and wishes he would back off. Later, Jake and Matt flip a coin to see who will be editor and who will be publisher of the newspaper. Cindy overhears Gabe and Lorna's plans for a secret getaway and connives to cancel their reservation. Gary tracks Gabe down and insists on pursuing Grant's involvement with Cody promising to stay within legal bounds.

NOVEMBER 22, 1996 (EP. #8237)
Grant puts his plan into action and while Grant's employee tells Rachel and Bobby Carl is ready to kill Grant, Grant goads Carl into fighting with him. Not realizing his family is on the way, Steven goes to find help and ends up falling on the train tracks, unobserved by everyone but Ryan who tries to stop the oncoming train. Jake is upset when he learns from Vicky that the kiss changed nothing, giving her 24 hours to tell him how she feels for him. But their conversation is cut short when they must rush to the trestle to stop Carl and Grant's fight and to get Steven. Although Sharlene shows optimism for her visitors, Josie, Tomas and John worry that she is setting herself up for a big fall. Later, Sharlene has a nightmare and tumbles from her bed into John's arms and cries at the reality of her condition.

NOVEMBER 25, 1996 (EP. #8238)
With Ryan's help, Bobby saves Steven from being hit by an oncoming train. After making sure that Steven isn't hurt, Rachel is so furious that Carl's anger put Steven's life in danger that she kicks him out of their home. Later, Jake sees a tender moment between Vicky and Bobby. Not realizing they are both feeling the same way, Matt and Sofia try unsuccessfully to get over their relationship break-up.

NOVEMBER 26, 1996 (EP. #8239)
Grant is triumphant when he learns that Rachel has kicked Carl out of their home. As Ryan unsuccessfully tries to comfort his father, Grant gleefully plans his next move - to get Vicky out of his way. While Jake is having nightmares that Vicky chooses Bobby over him, Vicky discovers she has lost the necklace that Steven made for her. Drawn back to the trestle, Bobby finds Vicky's necklace. Upset that she doesn't see John as much as she would like to, Felicia brings John a picnic out to the farm. However, her plans are ruined when Gregory forces Felicia to leave. Later, John calls Felicia to reaffirm his love.

NOVEMBER 27, 1996 (EP. #8240)
Vicky's Thanksgiving dinner brings her friends and family around her. While Jake arrives with a necklace as a gift for Vicky, Bobby arrives with Carl who is devastated about not spending Thanksgiving with Rachel. As everyone forgets their problems, Ryan watches over the feast. Although heartbroken that Carl isn't with her, Rachel puts on a cheerful face and asks Matt to sit in Carl's place at the head of the table. As Rachel talks about love that will never die, Matt and Sofia share an electric look. Sharlene is shocked when everyone surprises her with a hospital Thanksgiving feast. Before dinner, Josie reveals that she is returning to the force and Sharlene thanks everyone for their help. Thanks to Cindy, Lorna and Gabe's secret getaway is ruined however, Lorna might be getting wise to Cindy's schemes.

NOVEMBER 28, 1996: Pre-empted for NFL Football Game.

NOVEMBER 29, 1996 (EP. #8241)
Bobby agrees to help Carl in his quest to stop Grant from causing trouble. Spurred on by Carl's encouragement that Bobby share his growing feelings for Vicky, Bobby goes to Vicky's house where he finds her unconscious and naked on her bathroom floor. While Gary is reluctantly closing up the Cody Murcer file, Mrs. Murcer comes by angrily saying that Grant killed her son. After picking up Cody's affects, Mrs. Murcer drops her purse and a letter from Cody drops out. Gary and Joe think this might be new evidence on the case. Sofia is assigned her internship for her final college grade and tries unsuccessfully to get her assignment changed. To Nick, Matt and everyone's surprise, Sofia arrives at the Herald, announcing she is their new intern.

DECEMBER 2, 1996 (EP. #8242)
Grant walks in on an innocent, yet compromising, situation between Bobby and Vicky and instinctively Vicky knows Grant is going to use this situation to his advantage. Later, Grant is summoned to the police station but is sent on his way after Gabe reveals Cody's letter exonerates Grant of any wrong doing. Grant privately pays Cody's mother off for a job well done. Walking on cloud nine, Grant finds Jake and accidentally slips that Bobby was in Vicky's bedroom. Jealousy runs rampant between Matt and Nick over Sofia being the intern at the Herald. Later, Sofia finds a flower on her desk from Chris welcoming her to the Herald.

DECEMBER 3, 1996 (EP. #8243)
Desperately trying to get his image back, no matter what, Grant makes the rounds in Bay City. First, Grant tells Jake he saw Bobby in Vicky's bedroom and he happily watches Jake threaten Bobby. Next he admits to Cass he will succeed in practicing law again. Grant polishes off his day by telling Sharlene he has donated some high tech equipment to the hospital to help her walk again. Rachel admits to Carl that she has forgiven him but isn't sure she can trust him. Later Carl runs into Bobby and to Ryan's delight, Bobby tells Carl that Grant has a plan and he has started to put it into operation. While Lorna is at the Inn straightening out her room cancellation, Cindy plays on Gabe's sympathy for her and makes it look, to Lorna's shock, that Gabe and Cindy are cozy and affectionate.

DECEMBER 4, 1996 (EP. #8244)
Jake is devastated when Vicky tells him that she has feelings for Bobby and that Grant saw Bobby in Vicky's bedroom. Jake cuts Vicky off before she can tell him nothing happened between her and Bobby. Upset that she might loose Jake as her best friend, Vicky asks Bobby to leave when he stops by but Bobby refuses, wanting to know what is wrong. Ryan is thrilled when he overhears a conversation between Carl and Bobby where they discuss that Bobby received Ryan's eyes. Ryan is convinced that he and Bobby have a psychic connection. Sharlene is delighted when Michael offers for her to stay at the farm until she recovers. As the entire family return to Michael's, Donna is shocked when she realizes Sharlene will be staying with Michael for the long haul. Gregory stops John from leaving to have dinner with Felicia.

DECEMBER 5, 1996 (EP. #8245)
Reeling from her encounter with Jake, Vicky and Bobby get into a fight when Vicky orders Bobby to leave -- their unexpressed feelings for each other causing even more tension. As Vicky talks to Donna about her feelings, Bobby is being haunted by Ryan who is ecstatic that Bobby can feel his presence. Thinking that Sharlene and Gregory are safe for the night, John returns to Felicia. However, John and Felicia's romantic moment is interrupted by Gregory who calls saying that he misses his father. Hurt that it appears Cindy has feelings for Gabe, Lorna admits her jealousy to Felicia. Later, Gabe invites Lorna to join him and Cindy for Cindy's birthday celebration, but Lorna declines.

DECEMBER 6, 1996 (EP. #8246)
As Grant watches, Jake trashes Sassy's because he is upset that Vicky chose Bobby over him. Unaware that Jake is out of control, Vicky listens to Bobby as he admits he has feelings for her and shares details about himself. Touched Vicky admits to Bobby there is something she wants to tell him. After admitting to Cass she is upset with Cindy's constant interference, Lorna and Cass join Gabe and Cindy at Carlino's where Lorna thinks she sees an intimate moment between Gabe and Cindy. Lorna and Gabe leave in an argument as Cass takes Cindy to continue her birthday at Sassy's. After watching Grant lift Sharlene's spirits again, Josie sadly admits to Gary that despite her reservations about Grant, he is helping her mother's mood tremendously and asks Gary to stop his investigation into Grant's involvement with Cody. Gary admits he can't stop pursuing Grant.

DECEMBER 9, 1996 (EP. #8247)
Unaware that Jake has been arrested for trashing Sassy's, Vicky admits to Bobby that she has feelings for him which are complicated by her love and memory of Ryan and her friendship for Jake. As Vicky agrees to go on a date with Bobby, Joe gets the arrest charges against Jake dropped and Jake sadly tells Paulina that Vicky and Bobby made love. Gabe is astonished to learn that Lorna is jealous of Cindy and is further shocked when Lorna says Gabe is encouraging the crush. Cindy interrupts their discussion when she says that Jake is in jail and needs help. Lorna apologizes to Cindy for accusing her of moving in on Gabe.

DECEMBER 10, 1996 (EP. #8248)
As Nick attempts to move in on Sofia, Matt tells Sofia he wants to date her for real. Seeing that Matt is moving in on her, Nick arranges for Sofia to go away on a trip to NYC. Sharlene offers an olive branch to Felicia when she tells Felicia that Gregory can stay with her. However, Gregory is not thrilled with the new arrangement and says he will never live at Felicia's house. Cass searches for some sort of real estate but is vague about why. Later a visit to Carlino's prompts Cass to make an offer that Joe and Paulina can't refuse.

DECEMBER 11, 1996 (EP. #8249)
Despite Donna's objections, Vicky goes on a date with Bobby who takes her to a bar and shows her a little about his former life. After Bobby's portion of the date is over, it is Vicky's turn to surprise him. John and Sharlene try unsuccessfully to convince Gregory that they will never remarry, but Greg is too upset to listen. Later, when Sharlene tries to discipline him Gregory runs away and Sharlene is helpless to stop him. Gary is furious when he discovers that Gabe helped Grant get reinstated to the bar. Although originally skeptical about Sofia's trip to NYC, Matt allows Sofia to go and admits he is looking forward to her return. Nick secretly books a flight to follow Sofia to NYC.

DECEMBER 12, 1996 (EP. #8250)
After Vicky shares her secret childhood photo album with Bobby, Bobby and Vicky almost kiss, but Vicky calls it a night. Bobby meets with Gary to discuss Grant's involvement with Cody and then returns to Vicky's to watch over the house. John finds Gregory and tells Sharlene he will stay the night for Greg. When he calls Felicia, she tells him that he should stay at the farm until Greg is more secure. Felicia stops by Carlino's and runs into Cass who shares his idea for practicing law from a table at Carlino's. Later as Cass is telling Felicia about Lorna's jealousy of Cindy, Cindy stops by with Grant and convinces Felicia that Lorna has nothing to be afraid of.

DECEMBER 13, 1996 (EP. #8251)
As Ryan desperately and somewhat successfully tries to tell Bobby that Grant is out to hurt 3 people, Vicky and Bobby pick out a Christmas tree. Vicky and Bobby almost kiss, but they are interrupted by Jake who is feeling like Scrooge this year. When Jake is finally bitten by the Christmas bug, he gets an idea of a Christmas surprise for Vicky that might bring her back into his life. Lorna attempts to be more sympathetic to Cindy at Gabe's suggestion, but when Lorna realizes Cindy is undermining her at work as well, she explodes at Cindy -- which Gabe overhears. While Gabe and Lorna have another fight, Cindy returns home victorious, only to find Grant waiting for her. Sofia is shocked when she discovers Nick followed her to New York and is even more stunned when she learns that Nick made a large donation to the school Sofia graduated from. As Nick shows up at Sofia's hotel room, Matt makes arrangements to surprise Sofia in New York.

DECEMBER 16, 1996 (EP. #8252)
As Ryan works feverishly to communicate with Bobby and warn him about Grant, Grant tells Cindy he knows about the role she played in her sister's death and blackmails her into helping Grant with his plan. Determined to win Vicky back, Jake makes plans to steal the Lassiter Christmas tree, knowing that tree would have special meaning to Vicky. While Nick works to get closer to Sofia, Matt arrives in New York planning on doing the same thing. Matt is shocked when he walks in on Sofia and Nick in what looks like a compromising situation, not realizing Sofia is just fastening a necklace around Nick's neck.

DECEMBER 17, 1996 (EP. #8253)
As Ryan tries to get through to Bobby, Gary tells Bobby that he thinks Grant had Mrs. Murcer killed to silence her. Grant continues to move ahead with a plan and tells Cindy she must befriend Jake McKinnon. Later, Bobby wonders what Jake is up to when Jake breaks into Vicky's house and steals something. John invites Felicia to a tree trimming party to help Greg understand that he is part of an extended family. But John's plan backfires when John and Felicia argue over John's handling of Greg. After Nick and Matt get into a fight over Sofia, Sofia angrily sends both men on their way. But Matt is not deterred and climbs up the fire escape to give Sofia a passionate kiss which leaves her wanting more.

DECEMBER 18, 1996 (EP. #8254)
Touched that Jake stole the Lassiter Christmas tree and filled it with ornaments only she would understand, Vicky tells Jake that she didn't sleep with Bobby. Jake is thrilled. When Ryan talks to him through the radio, Bobby freaks out and tells his friend Dustin he thinks he is going crazy. But Dustin tells Bobby he is experiencing his sixth sense and he should listen. Wanting to leave before Grant gets to her, Cindy starts packing her bags. But first Lorna and then Gabe convince Cindy to stay, both thinking she is leaving due to Lorna's jealousy. Later, Cindy finally tells Grant they will help each other get what they want.

DECEMBER 19, 1996 (EP. #8255)
When Ryan overhears Grant say he is planning on killing Bobby and Vicky, Ryan realizes he is running out of time. As Ryan asks Vicky out on a date, Grant sends Cindy on an errand to buy some items which he puts in a safe, with the receipt. Sofia continues to feel the tension and competition between Nick and Matt over their growing feelings for her. Later, Nick gives Sofia a flower reminding her that his Christmas deadline is almost up and Matt asks Sofia out to dinner. Felicia is thrilled when Cass decides to throw a party and Sharlene declines the invitation while John accepts. Excited to spend time alone with John Felicia is devastated when Sharlene rolls into the Harbor Club, changing her mind about coming to the party.

DECEMBER 20, 1996 (EP. #8256)
As Vicky and Bobby enjoy their date together, Chris confiscates the engagement ring for Vicky from Jake so Jake isn't hurt again. Later, Jake is hit on the head in the ally near his car, as Vicky and Bobby are walking home. Bobby reacts to the strange noise. Sharlene's disability is having a negative impact on all the Hudson's lives. Michael must cancel his cruise with Donna, and Josie is forced to stay with Sharlene overnight -- leaving Gary alone. While Sharlene tells Felicia she isn't happy with John living with her, Josie questions John's motives about staying under the same roof with her mother. After Sofia admits to Matt that she is confused about her feelings for him, Matt kisses her.

DECEMBER 23, 1996 (EP. #8257)
While Jake is taken to a strange place where something is done to his face, Bobby takes off after a stranger who was following him and Vicky. Unable to find the stranger and not wanting to leave Vicky alone, Bobby returns empty handed, and Ryan follows the stranger to Grant. Ryan sees Grant give Cindy her next assignment. Later, Bobby and Vicky find Jake, and wonder if he is dead. Matt and Sofia kiss passionately and Matt's plan to cool things off has the couple ending up in blankets in front of a fire. Sofia doesn't want to stop as they start kissing again.

DECEMBER 24, 1996 (EP. #8258)
Jake is disoriented when he wakes up with Vicky and Bobby by his side. At the ER, Jake is diagnosed with a mild concussion and Vicky takes him home to take care of him. While Gary thinks this was a routine robbery, Bobby is convinced it has something to do with Grant. Jake develops a strange rash on his neck where Vicky found a gooey substance. As Matt and Sofia's kiss heats up, Rachel interrupts them when she realizes they fell through the ice at the pond. Later, Nick convinces Sofia to see him on Christmas morning before she goes to the Cory's. Curious to see what Michael got her for Christmas, Donna secretly opens up some of the presents under the tree. Unfortunately as she is rewrapping them, she mixes up some of the cards.

DECEMBER 25, 1996 (EP. #8259)
Vicky's house is full of the Christmas spirit as all her men gather around her for the season. Jake lounges on Vicky's couch and gives her a string of pearls as Bobby presents her with seeds saying that he will help her plant them in the spring. Ryan watches the scene praying that Vicky will trust Bobby to keep her safe from Grant. Matt gives his mother a wonderful Christmas present, by bringing Amanda and Alli home which cheers her up and makes her forget that Carl isn't around for the holiday. Desperately wanting to win Sofia back, Nick tells Sofia that his only present to her for Christmas is his love. Unfortunately, Sofia tells Nick that she has moved on with her life and says her final good-bye, leaving Nick devastated. Sofia goes to the Cory's feeling reborn. Felicia, John and Sharlene forget their problems temporarily in the spirit of the season and give each other appropriate presents. After John and Felicia make up after their most recent fight, the family gathers and sings Christmas carols around the tree.

DECEMBER 26, 1996 (EP. #8260)
Jake refuses to listen to Bobby's warnings when Bobby admits he doesn't think Jake was mugged at all. As Bobby heads to Grant's house to find some clues, Cindy, following Grant's orders, gets Jake's fingerprints on a receipt. Cindy warns Jake he shouldn't be alone. As her family rally's around her, Sharlene is upset at being such an inconvenience. While John heads home to fill in for Sharlene's physical therapist, Felicia heads to the farm, just in time to see John massaging Sharlene's muscles and Felicia misunderstands what is going on. Josie tries to make Gary promise not to buck authority on Grant's case. However, Gary and Josie end up letting passion overcome their problems.

DECEMBER 27, 1996 (EP. #8261)
As Bobby searches through Grant's apartment looking for clues, Ryan urges him on, thrilled when Bobby learns that Grant has been shopping in an art supply shop. While Bobby wonders what this all means, Grant reveals to Hank that he has made a mask of Jake's face which makes Hank look like Jake's double. Thinking Vicky's asleep, Jake admits how much he loves her. Awake, Vicky has heard Jake reveal his true feelings. Wanting to escape from her problems and her insecurity, Felicia tells John, much to his dismay, that she is going on a trip -- leaving her problems behind. Although Matt doubts his sincerity, Nick wishes Matt and Sofia well -- saying the best man won. As Matt and Sofia make plans for New Years, Nick acts out his true feelings of rage and anger.

DECEMBER 30, 1996 (EP. #8262)
The race is on to "get the girl" and as Jake decides to show Vicky the engagement ring he bought for her, Carl plays fairy godfather with Bobby, giving him a tux and some advice -- convincing Bobby to go to the New Years Eve party where Vicky will be. Surprising both John and Sharlene, Felicia decides she won't go away on vacation -- in fact she has a better idea......Although missing Carl at the holidays, Rachel puts on a cheerful face for her family. However, she doesn't realize that Carl is using her grandson as Cupid and when Steven invites her to come over -- she agrees, not realizing Carl is waiting for her.

DECEMBER 31, 1996 (EP. #8263)
The rivalry heats up between Jake and Bobby when the ring Jake brought for Vicky turns up in Bobby's pocket. Jake refuses to listen when Bobby claims he is innocent and Vicky gets fed up with their arguing and leaves -- not realizing Grant is the one behind the stolen ring. As the clock strikes 12:00, Ryan watches Vicky as Grant smiles smugly -- seeing that his plan is working to perfection. In a shocking twist, Felicia decides to live at the farm and become Sharlene's homecare worker -- leaving Sharlene a little skeptical at her enemy deciding to help her as a friend. As the New Year begins, Donna seduces Michael, Gary and Josie finally get together on New Years, Matt and Sofia get to know each other and Gabe and Lorna share some romance.