JANUARY 1, 1997: Pre-empted for the Gator Bowl.

JANUARY 2, 1997 (EP. #8264)
Not realizing Grant is behind their fighting, Vicky complains to Donna that Bobby and Jake's fighting is bothering her, while Grant gives Cindy her next assignment. As Jake continues with his life -- someone secretly watches him. After Sofia has an intense reaction to Matt's intimate sketch of her, Matt realizes that Sofia is still a virgin. Although admitting to Michael she will honor their agreement, Donna privately tears up their contract thinking that after their night of lovemaking, Michael is as much in love with her as she is with him.

JANUARY 3 , 1997 (EP. #8265)
Encouraged by his father, Kirkland calls Bobby telling him that Vicky misses him. Not realizing Bobby is playing right into Grant's hand, Bobby arrives at Vicky's and the tension eases between the two of them. Later, knowing that Bobby is there, Grant threatens Vicky, and Bobby tells Vicky he is moving in. Ryan continues to try and warn Vicky about Grant's plan but is unsuccessful. Amanda and Jake strike up their old rivalry and Amanda is curious when she learns that Jake is so serious about Vicky. Sofia is embarrassed when Matt realizes she is a virgin and admits to Paulina she is worried Matt might think of her differently. Later at dinner with the Carlino's and Cory's, Rachel faints.

JANUARY 6, 1997 (EP. #8266)
After Bobby insists on moving in to protect her from Grant, Vicky tells the children that Bobby will be living in the attic. Later, Bobby and Vicky go to their separate rooms but are unable to sleep due to their close proximity. After the Cory's/Carlino's take her to the hospital, Rachel admits to John she thinks she is going through menopause. Later, as Carl worries about Rachel's health and tries to find out more details, Matt opens up to Sofia. Josie is furious when she learns that Felicia has moved into the farm and Sharlene and Felicia try to calm her down. Later, Gary arrives and successfully calms Josie down by making love to her.

JANUARY 7, 1997 (EP. #8267)
While coaching the fake Jake, Grant gets a surprise visit from an angry real Jake who has learned of Grant's attack on Vicky. Luckily for Grant, Tomas arrives just in time and gets Jake to leave. Furious, Jake goes to confront Bobby and learns Bobby has moved out of the boarding house. Gabe and Gary get into an argument over Gary's persistence into the Grant Harrison case. Not realizing their two men are furious at each other, Lorna and Josie plan a dinner for everyone that night. Donna is thrilled when Michael continues to spend time with her, thinking he truly loves her. But when Michael finds the ripped up marriage document he is furious and leaves her devastated. Sharlene and Felicia get into another fight which John walks in on. As Felicia convinces John the fight isn't serious, Sharlene must help Greg get through his feelings over Felicia moving onto the farm.

JANUARY 8, 1997 (EP. #8268)
Jake is devastated to learn that Bobby is living with Vicky. Grant talks to Cindy and assures her he will help her win Gabe back. Later, Ryan sees Cindy's shrine to Gabe and mentions to Bobby via the radio, Cindy's name. Bobby is hurt when he overhears Vicky tell Jake that Bobby's living at her house means nothing. Josie and Lorna's dinner seems to go well until Gabe sees Gary's makeshift office and accuses Gary of betraying his trust and friendship. Gary accuses Gabe of having a blindness toward Grant. The dinner comes to an abrupt end.

JANUARY 9, 1997 (EP. #8269)
Vicky admits to Etta Mae that she still misses Ryan. As Etta Mae tells Vicky to write Ryan a letter, Bobby returns home after a meeting with Carl and makes dinner for Vicky -- the heat in the kitchen having nothing to do with food. Nick is horrified when he discovers the nude picture of Sofia that Matt drew and determines to step up his actions to split up the happy couple. But his plans backfire when Nick calls Matt down to the Herald and instead of arriving alone, Matt arrives with Sofia -- their romance blooming. Felicia refuses to give Carl any information on Rachel and as he continues his digging, Rachel is furious to learn that Felicia has spoken with Carl. After Amanda witnesses her mother's irrational anger, Amanda decides to stay home -- for good.

JANUARY 10, 1997 (EP. #8270)
After confessing her turmoil to Etta Mae, Vicky tells Bobby she wants him out -- the stress of having him live with her is too much -- neither of them admitting their true feelings for each other. Working for Grant, Cindy finds Jake at Sassy's, and "accidentally" spills a drink on him. While Jake cleans up, Cindy steals Jake's jacket while Ryan tries to warn Jake that Cindy is up to no good. Learning of a new undercover assignment as a prostitute, Josie asks Gabe if she can have the assignment, secretly thinking she will be able to find the prostitute Cody spent his last night with. Instead of revealing her news to Gary, Josie first goes to Sharlene. John, Sharlene and Felicia are forced to cope with living under the same roof. John and Felicia, particularly, are having a hard time with being so close together -- yet being forced to stay apart.

JANUARY 13, 1997 (EP. #8271)
Bobby tries unsuccessfully to tell Vicky about his growing feelings for her. Thinking that being on neutral ground might help, Bobby invites Vicky to go away with him for a day. Agreeing to think about Bobby's invitation, Vicky writes Ryan a letter -- clearly having trouble letting Ryan go. Suspicious, Jake questions Cindy about his missing jacket, but Cindy escapes before answering his question. Cindy delivers the jacket to Grant and Grant's operative, Hal, successfully impersonates Jake. Grant's plan is falling into place. Although she has a tougher time getting Gary's support, Josie is thrilled when Sharlene agrees to support Josie's decision to take the new police assignment. Gary is angry at Gabe for putting Josie on this dangerous assignment.

JANUARY 14, 1997 (EP. #8272)
Rachel has another fainting spell and Matt insists on taking her to the hospital for more tests. As her worried family waits outside, John examines Rachel and shocks her when he tells her she is pregnant. Sharlene's physical therapy appears to hit a roadblock and Tomas tells Felicia that Sharlene's problem is mental. Felicia yells at Sharlene and furious, Sharlene moves her leg and trips Felicia. Bobby proves Cindy's connection to Grant by provoking her enough to make her run to Grant. Later, Bobby tells Vicky he needs to know her decision about leaving town. Jake tells Amanda he is going to win Vicky's love.

JANUARY 15, 1997 (EP. #8273)
While Randy listens, Vicky tells Bobby she will go away with him. After Grant learns of Vicky's plans, he tells Hal their plan will be fulfilled tomorrow. Worrying that time is running out, Ryan visits Bobby in his dreams and shows him 2 headstones with Vicky and Bobby's names on them -- successfully warning Bobby danger is near. Rachel is shocked to learn she is pregnant and swears John to secrecy. As her family worries about her, Rachel goes to Sassy's where she runs into Carl but quickly rushes out. Carl follows her. Although Sharlene can't move her leg again, everyone is thrilled that she is starting to regain feelings in her leg.

JANUARY 16, 1997 (EP. #8274)
The pieces of Grant's plan fall into place and while Jake is sent out of town on a meeting, not knowing Grant's operative has siphoned off his gas, Bobby makes plans to get Vicky out of town. Carl, Bobby and Gary are unsettled by Bobby's dream and Carl and Gary both secretly make plans to break into Grant's safe. After Grant learns from Kirkland the exact time of day Bobby and Vicky are leaving, he returns to his home, finding Gary in front of his open safe. The tension continues to build at the Herald between Matt and Nick and Nick is thrilled when he learns that Sofia is still a virgin. Amanda watches the tension with her brother and then listens in on Jake's conversation with Chris. Amanda decides Bay City is a very interesting place to be. Josie is angry at Gary for his secret investigation on Grant and worries that he will be thrown off the force.

JANUARY 17, 1997 (EP. #8275)
Bobby is elated when Kirk reveals his special friend is Ryan but decides to keep this secret from Vicky until the time is right. As Jake is stranded out in the middle of nowhere, Grant has a bomb planted under Bobby's truck and makes sure that Tomas sees the fake Jake coming out from under the truck. When Vicky says good-bye to her family, she feels a sense of finality and sadness and Michael and Donna are struck when she calls them Mother and Daddy. After talking with Alli about where babies come from, Rachel remembers that Ada had a baby late in life as well. She asks Ada for a sign and finds a rose blooming in the snow.

JANUARY 20, 1997: Pre-empted for the Inauguration of President Bill Clinton.

JANUARY 21, 1997 (EP. #8276)
Grant's plan shifts into high gear as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. While Tomas sees fake Jake crawl from under Bobby's truck, Ryan overhears that danger looms for Vicky and Bobby on their trip. After Jake is picked up by one of Grant's operatives (therefore no alibi), Jake unsuccessfully tries to convince Vicky not to go away. After Carl says good-bye to Bobby and Vicky, Ryan frantically tries to stop the trip. Nick interrupts Matt's lunch with Sofia but he is unable to come between them. Later, Sofia surprises Matt with an anniversary dinner in his honor and Matt tells Sofia that he respects her for wanting to take their relationship slowly. Nick sees them kissing and vows it isn't over until the fat lady sings.

JANUARY 22, 1997 (EP. #8277)
On the drive to their destination, Bobby starts to open up to Vicky while Ryan learns of the bomb under their truck. As the bomb ticks away, Ryan concentrates and finally appears in front of the moving vehicle. Cindy grows hysterical when she realizes what Grant has done but when she learns Lorna is going out of town, she thinks Grant is paying her back for her work and decides not to reveal what she knows. When Gabe and Cindy go to dinner at the Harbor Club, Grant wonders how much Cindy revealed. Gary is on his own in trying to convince Josie not to take the prostitute assignment when Sharlene tells Gary he needs to let Josie make her own decisions. Amanda and Jake meet by chance and each start thinking the other has changed, until they start to see the old Amanda and Jake resurfacing -- proving that neither have changed at all.

JANUARY 23, 1997 (EP. #8278)
Determined to save Bobby and Vicky, Ryan breaks Bobby's axle and Bobby jumps out of his truck, seeing the bomb. Bobby gets Vicky out of the truck right before the truck explodes. As Vicky's body floats up to Ryan, Donna, Jake, Carl and Grant all experience different feelings. Later, Amanda takes Jake home and they almost run into fake Jake who is planting evidence. Donna tells Grant she wants to buy the Harbor Club. Cindy's guilt increases but before she can tell Gabe the truth, Grant sends over a flaming dessert and Cindy quickly heads home. Rachel asks John to fake medical records on her condition so that Carl doesn't find out what is wrong with her. Later, Carl finds Rachel outside the hospital and wonders what she is hiding.

JANUARY 24, 1997 (EP. #8279)
Vicky and Ryan are reunited in Heaven and Ryan attempts to give Vicky everything they lost. In a heavenly celebration, Ryan asks Vicky to marry him and they make promises full of romance and love. Finally as Jake waits outside Vicky's door for her to come home, Vicky asks Ryan the inevitable question as she worries about her children -- is she dead? Gary does his best not to follow Josie as she goes undercover, but Josie is furious when Joe arrives as her back-up. Josie makes some headway in her search for a crooked cop who is shaking down hookers. Later, Gary and Carl make an uneasy alliance over their mutual motivation to stop Grant. Rachel shocks her children when she tells them she wants Carl out of Cory Publishing. Stubborn and not wanting to reveal her pregnancy, Rachel is forced by Matt and Amanda to take over the position of CEO in an attempt for her to jump start her life -- not realizing Rachel really needs to take it easy for the baby. Carl breaks into John's office and finds Rachel's planted fake medical records which say she is anemic. Later, Rachel urges Carl to stop worrying about her -- which he finds impossible.

JANUARY 27, 1997 (EP. #8280)
Ryan and Vicky go through a journey in time when Vicky asks Ryan what the future holds for her loved ones. What follows is what Ryan and Vicky see might happen in the future. Michael and Donna go their separate ways with Michael marrying a string of bimbos and Donna marrying Carl. Jake buys Vicky's cottage and hasn't adjusted to Vicky's death. Stephen and Kirkland have gone their separate ways with Kirkland becoming a miniature Grant and Stephen a teenage hellion. Kirkland and Stephen's anger at each other will escalate and they fight with each other at the train trestle. Vicky decides she must return and live to prevent this future from happening-- until she realizes that she will never see Ryan again.

JANUARY 28, 1997 (EP. #8281)
Sadly Ryan and Vicky say good-bye to each other for one last time and as Bobby performs CPR, Vicky is whisked back to life. While Jake frantically looks for Vicky, Bobby carries Vicky to a shelter, not realizing Vicky has no idea who she is. As Vicky and Bobby live, Grant asks Hal to impersonate Jake one more time. When Greg asks his parents if they plan on remarrying other people, John admits he plans to eventually marry Felicia, while Sharlene admits she won't marry again. Michael agrees with Sharlene and as Donna overhears, Michael says some people don't need to marry to be happy.

JANUARY 29, 1997 (EP. #8282)
As Bobby realizes that Vicky has no memory, Vicky's family grows more alarmed that Vicky hasn't come home. While Carl assures Michael, Donna and Jake that Grant meant Vicky harm and Bobby took her away to protect her, Bobby tries to convince Vicky to trust him. Scared and confused, Vicky leaves the shelter and finds herself balancing on a cliff with her bad knee buckling underneath her. Nick's day goes from bad to worse when Sofia admits she will never get back together with him and Matt fires him from the Herald. Paulina learns Joe is studying for the captains test.

JANUARY 30, 1997 (EP. #8283)
While the family tries to cover for Vicky's disappearance with Grant, Bobby and Vicky have a heart to heart with Bobby trying unsuccessfully to reassure Vicky that they are only friends. While Bobby watches Vicky sleep, Donna takes Kirkland to Grant's for a visit and startles Grant by saying that she just saw Vicky a little while ago. Grant calls Hal and tells him to find Vicky's body. Cindy's mental state starts to deteriorate and Grant worries that she could ruin his plan. Later Grant has Cindy sign Foundation papers and he slips a blank piece of paper in the middle which she signs as well. Grant plans on using this paper in the future. Worrying that Grant might have outsmarted him, Carl visits Gary saying that maybe Grant's plan had nothing to do with Bay City. Gary wonders if Grant has already made his move.

JANUARY 31, 1997 (EP. #8284)
Grant starts asking questions on Vicky's whereabouts to Donna. Thanks to Cass, Grant doesn't get any answers and leaves Jake and Donna worried they can't keep Grant at bay much longer. As Jake decides to move into Vicky's house, Vicky and Bobby almost kiss when Bobby sees two men arriving -- appearing to look for them. Bobby hides Vicky in a culvert and goes to find out more information. Cindy makes plans to leave Bay City and before she leaves, she tells Gabe she loves him. She is devastated when Gabe does not share her feelings and rushes out, leaving Gabe in absolute shock. Later, Cindy burns Gabe's picture in the sink at the Harbor Club but is caught when Lorna finds her. Cindy flees the bathroom when Lorna slips and falls unconscious and smoke fills the bathroom from the burning picture. Matt persuades Amanda to come work at the Herald with him.

FEBRUARY 3, 1997 (EP. #8285)
Cindy left an unconscious Lorna and fled the ladies' restroom, which was engulfed in flames. Gabe rescued Lorna while Grant gloated that the fire is Donna's responsibility since she is the new owner of the Harbor Club. John treated Lorna at the hospital for smoke inhalation, a collapsed lung, and internal injuries. Gabe identified a scarf that was found at the scene of the fire as Cindy's and was haunted by the deaths of Sarah and Sam while telling Joe that Cindy is upset for Lorna despite that the two women do not like each other. Matt told Chris not to do an article on Cindy's suspected involvement in the fire without proof. Grant purposely made Cindy's journal and scrapbook of Gabe available to the police, causing Joe to realize the extent of Cindy's obsession over Gabe. Gabe ordered Joe to find Cindy and keep the search of her apartment a secret. Bobby discovered that Vicky went missing.

FEBRUARY 4, 1997 (EP. #8286)
Grant recognized a pair of earrings Hal brought to him as a gift from Ryan to Vicky. Hal took the brunt of Grant's fury towards the Hudsons for not keeping him abreast of Vicky's disappearance and Cindy being a loose cannon. Gabe was uncooperative when Grant pressed him for information on Cindy. Grant told Hal that he is finally going to be a father. Chris accused Jake of being too pre-occupied over Vicky. Jake asked Gary to locate Vicky while Chris reported to Matt that Cindy's alibi for the night of Sarah and Sam's death does not check out. Donna griped to Michael that she dislikes Bobby and blames him for Vicky's disappearance. Michael tried to suppress his suspicions of Carl for Donna's sake. Gabe's declarations of love helped Lorna survive surgery. Joe warned Gabe that Cindy may be a threat to Lorna. Amanda was shocked to find prenatal vitamins in Rachel's purse. Jake impeded Carl from answering a phone call from Bobby to demand that he reveal Vicky's whereabouts.

FEBRUARY 5, 1997 (EP. #8287)
Rachel asked Amanda to keep the pregnancy a secret from Carl and everyone else. Amanda agreed to be supportive of Rachel's decision. Jake refused to let Carl answer the phone and accused him of helping Bobby to kidnap Vicky. Carl yelled at Jake for ruining his chances of locating Vicky by causing him to miss Bobby's call. Lorna revealed to Gabe that she fought with Cindy and fell after she tried to knock pills out of Cindy's hand. Gabe told Felicia about his and Lorna's wedding plans. Paulina refused to give Cindy information on Lorna's condition under strict orders from Gabe. Cindy became unglued while trying to contact her doctor. Gabe echoed Chris's suspicions that Cindy left the mental institution in Boston and came to Bay City because of him. Chris agreed to postpone printing a story on Cindy per Gabe's wishes. Donna lashed out at Michael and Carl because Vicky is still missing. Hal notified Gary that an accident occurred outside of city limits. Jake tried to harass Gary into filing a missing person's report on Vicky. Gary received a call that confirmed that the truck involved in an explosion belonged to Bobby.

FEBRUARY 6, 1997 (EP. #8288)
Felicia asked Rachel whether she has informed Carl that he has been ousted as CEO of Cory Publishing. Gabe recruited Felicia's help in protecting Lorna from Cindy by secretly spiriting her out of town with help from Jenna. Carl and Michael did not share Donna's optimism that Vicky is alive. Gabe implored Cindy to turn herself into the authorities on KBAY. Donna lambasted Michael for abandoning Vicky in her time of need. Josie hoped Sharlene would be proud of her for busting a prostitution ring. Sharlene encouraged Nick to offer moral support to Donna and Michael. Joe refused to believe Carl's claims that he is to blame for hurting Vicky. Joe and Gary thought of suspects who may have planted a bomb in Bobby's truck. Chris advised Jake to be strong for Steve and Kirkland. Matt and Chris failed to stop Jake from reading a headline about the truck explosion. Tomas told Grant that he assumed that Cindy took a vacation. Cindy donned scrubs and a surgical mask in order to get food from the hospital. Sofia urged Tomas to tell the police that he spotted Jake emerging from Bobby's truck. Paulina watched a grief-stricken Jake remove Vicky's necklace from the wreckage of the truck.

FEBRUARY 7, 1997 (EP. #8289)
Rachel begged Carl not to blame himself for Ryan's death. Carl deplored God for taking the lives of his loved ones while allowing Grant to kill his family. Rachel begged Carl to use his anger to reunite the family, but Carl maintained that he is alone and has nothing for which to live. Tomas and Sofia gave incriminating statements on Jake to Joe, who ordered a search warrant of Jake's apartment while refusing to address Paulina's concerns that he seemed distracted. Chris, Matt, and Sofia walked out of the Herald after a wild-eyed, raging Jake vowed to write an article that exposed Grant as a murderer. Matt was unsympathetic when Rachel defended Carl for being devastated because he transferred his love for Ryan to Vicky and advocated her romance with Bobby. Sharlene offered to take care of Steven and Kirkland to give Michael and Donna a respite. John and Sharlene expressed concern for Nick over Vicky's presumed death. Carl got angry when Tomas questioned Grant's guilt in Vicky and Bobby's deaths. Paulina told Carl that Donna refuses to hold a memorial until the bodies are found. Jake's face registered shock and horror and Paulina watched in disbelief as Joe arrested Jake for the murders of Bobby and Vicky.

FEBRUARY 10, 1997 (EP. #8290)
Paulina's desperate efforts to stop a persistent Joe from arresting Jake were in vain. Jake cautioned Paulina against getting involved in his legal troubles. Sofia tried to comfort Tomas, who was guilt-ridden over his part in Jake's arrest. Donna ranted against Michael for turning his back on Vicky and remained in denial that she was dead. Donna flew into a rage at Grant, who arrived with flowers under the pretense of mourning Vicky. Michael angrily reminded Grant that he and Donna have legal custody of Steve and Kirkland and ordered him to leave. Paulina interrupted Gabe's interrogation of Dr. Forsythe on possible insurance fraud to plead Jake's case, prompting Gabe to derisively tell Joe to control his wife. Joe tried to get a confession out of Jake for the truck explosion. Grant taunted Cindy over causing Sarah and Sam's deaths and persuaded her into taking tranquilizers. Gary was pleased when Josie and Felicia called a truce after being forced to spend time together at the hospital. An injured Bobby found Vicky in the woods. Vicky passed out while Bobby gathered her in his arms and carried her out of the wilderness.

FEBRUARY 11, 1997 (EP. #8291)
Sofia brought food to the Hudson's and offered sympathy to Nick, who bitterly stated that he does not want her pity. Grant expressed sympathy over Frankie's death in an effort to convince Cass that he should be the one to tell Kirkland about Vicky's death. Cass informed Grant that it will take 7 years for Vicky be declared dead, that a body has yet to be found, and denounced Grant as an unfit parent. Cass promised Grant that he will keep court proceedings tied up indefinitely so that Grant will never gain custody of Kirkland. Grant ordered Hal to locate Cindy. Michael and Donna related their beliefs to Steven that Vicky survived the truck explosion. Nick raised Steven's spirits by pointing out that Vicky is a fighter. Paulina accused Joe of arresting Jake out of spite because she shares a past with him. Sofia took Paulina's advice to tread carefully in friendships with former lovers. Carl failed to convince Gabe that Grant had framed Jake. Cindy balked at Grant's demand for her to obtain blood samples from Bobby and Vicky. Cindy tricked Grant into believing that she had passed out from taking tranquilizers and called her doctor once Grant left.

FEBRUARY 12, 1997 (EP. #8292)
Bobby and Vicky were treated by his friend Daniel, who is a "medicine man" that lives in the wilderness. Bobby advised Daniel not to call the police since Grant is monitoring all of the scanners. Daniel explained to Bobby that Vicky died and visited the afterlife, but has returned because it is not her time. Vicky regained consciousness as Bobby spoke of Steven and Kirkland, the house, and Jake. Chris refused Jake's request to bail him out of jail so that he can uncover evidence to implicate Grant because Chris has grown tired of Jake's tirades. Joe got irritated with an angry Paulina for making him justify his police work and investigations. Paulina told Joe that nothing will convince her of Jake's guilt. Jake asked Paulina to poison him in a desperate effort to get him out of jail. Grant called the judge presiding over Kirkland's custody to request a favor. Grant's plan for Hal to kill Cindy was thwarted because she left the storeroom and wandered the hospital. Josie and Felicia thought getting Lorna out of town might be futile. Gabe called for addition police officers after learning that Cindy is in the hospital. Gabe was floored after answering a phone call with Cindy on the other end.

FEBRUARY 13, 1997 (EP. #8293)
Sofia grew slightly jealous when Emily Maddux admitted her attraction to Nick. Sofia was unenthusiastic over Matt coming to see her. Paulina accused Tomas of falsely accusing Jake of killing Vicky and Bobby and snapped at Sofia for wanting to make Matt's favorite cake. Sofia retreated when Paulina disparaged her, Tomas, and Joe. Jake asked Paulina to feed him cilantro because he is highly allergic to it. Jake and Paulina's scheme was thwarted because Joe had called a doctor to treat Jake so that he would remain in custody. Cindy told Gabe that she is hiding because Grant wants her dead. Grant grabbed Cindy with the intention to orchestrate Cindy's suicide by jumping out of a window. Cindy stabbed Grant with a hyperdermic needle and escaped. Gary told Gabe that he believes in Jake's innocence and pondered Grant's connections to Cindy. Nick brought Emily a bouquet of roses and discussed their plans for Valentine's Day. Nick warned Grant against threatening his family. Tomas blamed Sofia for the backlash he has received for implicating Jake. Gabe promised to protect Cindy from Grant. Bobby stood vigil over Vicky while Daniel summoned help because she was at risk of slipping into a coma.

FEBRUARY 14, 1997 (EP. #8294)
Vicky remembered the explosion and told Bobby that she must return to her boys. Vicky recounted her time with Ryan in which they tackled unfinished business and stated that the warm, fulfilled feelings she once had with Ryan have resurfaced. Bobby was elated by Vicky's resolve to face the future. Paulina remonstrated Joe for not allowing Jake to be admitted into the hospital. Joe accused Paulina of aiding and abetting a criminal. Cindy donned a disguise to escape Grant. Gabe told Grant that he cannot impose on their friendship anymore, which was witnessed by Carl. John informed Felicia that he wants to resume living with her. Carl accused Gabe of allowing a murderer to walk free. Matt planned a romantic dinner with Sofia. Sofia implored Paulina not to allow Jake's plight to affect her marriage. Carl asked Paulina for Rachel's whereabouts. Neil Johannsen of Internal Affairs introduced himself to Joe and the other candidates for police captain. Joe struggled to take the exam. Grant asked whether Cindy has contacted Gabe. Cindy confessed to allowing Sarah and Sam to die and that Grant framed Jake for murder. Cindy was terrified as Gabe escorted her out of the hospital.

FEBRUARY 17, 1997 (EP. #8295)
Bobby told Vicky that Ryan had saved them from the truck explosion. Bobby and Vicky felt at peace upon realizing that Ryan was Kirkland's "special friend" and that Ryan has been their guardian angel. Gabe fell into Cindy's arms after being shot in the back by a sniper. Tomas tried to revive a wounded Gabe and Cindy attacked Grant and called him a murderer. Carl smiled enigmatically at Gary. John failed to keep Gabe alive during surgery. Felicia and Josie went berserk over Gabe's death. Josie arrested Cindy for conspiracy to commit murder. Daniel assured Carl that Bobby and Vicky are alive but that she needs medical attention. Carl called a medivac unit to retrieve Bobby and Vicky and evaded Gary's questions on his whereabouts since he threatened Gabe. Gary brought Carl in for police questioning. Rachel spoke fondly to Loretta of her time with Carl in New York and hypothesized that he would be a great father. Joe was appointed captain by Neil. Jake asked Joe when he is planning to arrest Grant for murder. Joe vowed to gather evidence against Grant before he presents the case to the D.A. Jake lunged at Grant, who arrived at the police station bloody from Cindy's attacks.

FEBRUARY 18, 1997 (EP. #8296)
Vicky dreamed of cooking breakfast for Steven, Kirkland, and Bobby. Vicky suffered dizzy spells and slurred speech while Daniel and Bobby waited for the medivac unit to arrive. Jake lunged at Grant, then taunted him for killing Ryan, Vicky, Bobby, and Gabe. Grant was relieved that the authorities were unwaware of Gabe's suspicions of him. Joe reluctanty carried out Neil's order to give Grant police protection since Grant claimed that he was the sniper's intended target due to Carl's threats. Felicia agreed to make funeral arrangements for Gabe. Cindy implicated Grant while confessing everything to Josie. Joe was dismayed after he was forced to release Grant because he could not find incriminating evidence in Grant's apartment. Nick suspected that Grant bribed the judge to award him custody of Kirkland. Cass and Nick vowed that they will stop Grant's legal wrangling. Nick decided to take Steven and Kirkland on an adventure. Carl mocked Gary's efforts to detain him for questioning and left the police station. Felicia dreaded telling Lorna about Gabe's death. An impromptu memorial was held for Gabe, which was attended by police officers, hospital personnel, and friends outside of the hospital. Felicia warned Grant that Gabe's killer will pay dearly for his crime.

FEBRUARY 19, 1997 (EP. #8297)
Cass, Michael, and Donna deduced that Nick took the boys to keep Kirkland safe from Grant. Michael and Donna had a confrontation with Grant, who arrived with a court order and police officer. Grant demanded that Donna be arrested for attacking him and for violating a court order. Joe dismissed Jake's assertions that he should be freed to prove his innocence and that Grant framed him for Vicky and Bobby's presumed deaths. Jake defended Paulina as a loyal person to Joe. Grant threatened legal action after claiming that Carl kidnapped Kirkland. Donna swore that she would rather rot in jail than disclose Kirkland's whereabouts to him. Joe lambasted Grant for making accusations without proof, but ordered an APB out on Carl. Matt, Paulina, and Chris concluded that Grant hired someone to impersonate Jake after they grilled Tomas on supposedly spotting Jake on the night of the explosion. Sofia decided to help Nick take care of Steven and Kirkland. Nick and Sofia were amused that their hotel suite in Lassiter had a heart-shaped bed and mirrors on the ceiling. Rachel comforted Felicia while Gary urged her not to over-exert herself. Amanda proclaimed to Rachel that Carl does not deserve a child, but Rachel maintained that she has been hurt by each of her children. Bobby and Carl felt helpless as Vicky was admitted to the hospital.

FEBRUARY 20, 1997 (EP. #8298)
Nick softened towards Sofia and stated that he will not be ready to date anyone exclusively for some time. Nick and Sofia tried to avoid gazing at each other while laying in bed with Steven and Kirkland. Grant demanded that Rachel tell him where Carl has taken Kirkland. Rachel kicked Grant out of the Cory Mansion after stating that he has done terrible things and is worse than she could have ever imagine if he truly caused Vicky and Bobby's deaths. Amanda suggested that Rachel keep her pregnancy secret from Carl because she is scared of his obsession in getting revenge against Grant. Vicky told Carl that Ryan gave her back the strength to live and raise her children. Carl gave Vicky the white knight chess piece that he carries with him. Sharlene disliked Grant's aggressive attitude towards her, but insisted that Michael would never take part in kidnapping Kirkland. Grant tried to pressure Sharlene into probing Michael for information to no avail. Carl told Bobby that they must be cautious after he called the Hudson farm looking for Michael and Grant grabbed the phone. Grant lurked outside of Vicky's house and hoped that Kirkland would be returned to him. Vicky had surgery to remedy brain trauma. Carl reunited with Ryan in a dream sequence. Rachel happily touched her stomach due to feeling the baby move.

FEBRUARY 21, 1997 (EP. #8299)
Jake ranted to Chris that he is in jail for a crime he did not commit. Gary and Josie vowed to nail Grant. Paulina sought comfort in Joe's arms. Nick and Sofia played games with Steven and Kirkland. Grant made a televised plea for Steven and Kirkland to be returned in exchange for a reward. Rachel and Amanda reminisced to Allie about Mac playing with his children and his dedication to family. Paulina understood as Felicia confided Lorna's fears for Gabe's life being constantly endangered because of his job. Grant called Jake's bluff in proving that he was framed. Rachel dreamed of Carl talking to their baby and vowing to avenge Ryan's death. Rachel placed a call to Carl. Sofia called to tell Paulina that she and Nick took Steven and Kirkland away to protect them from Grant. Felicia consulted with a rabbi on consoling Lorna. Sharlene informed Josie that Grant grabbed the phone when Carl tried to contact Michael. Josie begged Sharlene to cut ties with Grant. Carl told Jake that Vicky is alive. Grant and Cindy squared off over the letter incriminating her and exonerating Grant of murder. Carl persuaded Jake to stay in jail and allow Grant to assume that he knows Kirkland's whereabouts. Amanda refused Jake's request to write a story exposing Grant. Cindy apologized for allowing Sarah and Sam to die at Gabe's memorial service. Carl shocked everyone by revealing that Vicky is alive.

FEBRUARY 24, 1997 (EP. #8300)
As Vicky desperately tries to get to her children, Carl announces to a shocked Grant and audience that Vicky is alive. As the walls start to close in on Grant, Grant buys himself more time by producing a letter from Cindy which would appear to exonerate him. Hiding kids is not as easy as Nick thought and the crew is forced to run again when a hotel maid recognizes them and attempts to turn them in. Joe is appointed Captain of the BCPD by the Commissioner.

FEBRUARY 25, 1997 (EP. #8301)
Vicky enlists Jake's help in finding her kids before Grant can locate Kirk. Vicky heads out on her own, against doctors orders and as Jake tries to locate Vicky, despite her request not to, Bobby discovers Vicky has left her hospital room. The pressure of Joe's job continues to increase as Joe learns that Paulina knew that Sofia had run away with Vicky's children. Later, Joe gets frustrated with Gary's nagging about Grant and appoints him head of the task force created to find Gabe's killer. The news slowly leaks to the Cory's of Rachel's pregnancy and as Rachel tells Carl, Amanda slips the news to Paulina.

FEBRUARY 26, 1997 (EP. #8302)
Nick makes a strange phone call to Jake which inadvertently lets Jake know the exact location of where Nick took Kirk and Stephen. As Vicky continues her search, Jake heads to Lassiter while Grant secretly follows. Carl is hurt when he learns that Rachel kept her pregnancy a secret from him. In a shocking twist, Carl walks out on Rachel leaving her hurt and confused.

FEBRUARY 27, 1997 (EP. #8303)
As Jake beats Grant at his own game and continues to Lassiter without Grant as his shadow, Bobby finds Vicky in Lassiter and they continue the search for the boys together. After Matt learns of Rachel's pregnancy from Paulina, he confronts Carl telling him to stay away from Rachel. Carl won't be deterred. Each police officer deals with Gabe's death in his own way and as Gary and Josie make love to forget their problems for a while, Joe worries how he will fill Gabe's shoes.

FEBRUARY 28, 1997 (EP. #8304)
After a sleepless night, Vicky and Bobby search for the kids with renewed hope when they find Kirkland's teddy bear. Vicky and Bobby find the gang at the Lassiter Park and as Vicky and Bobby share a kiss, Jake secretly looks on devastated. Josie and Gary talk to Cindy and learn she had no knowledge of Grant's so called letter. Josie and Gary wonder what Grant is up to. Carl leaves for a Florida Key after telling Sharlene of his plans. Rachel, worried that Matt pushed Carl too far, learns of Carl's plans from Sharlene and sets off to find him.

MARCH 3, 1997 (EP. #8305)
The Hudson's all gather for a joyous reunion when Bobby, Vicky and gang return from Lassiter. As Vicky wonders where Jake is for the celebration, Jake, realizing he has lost Vicky forever, throws Vicky's engagement ring into the water. While Vicky heads to find her old friend, Grant arrives at the Hudson's with custody papers for Kirkland. Sofia tries unsuccessfully to forget about her returning feelings for Nick by going to see Matt and passionately kissing him. Josie and Gary get closer to proving Grant forged Cindy's letter. Later, Gary keeps information from Joe and Josie wonders why Gary isn't being honest with their captain and friend.

MARCH 4, 1997 (EP. #8306)
Vicky confronts Jake at the docks and is devastated when he asks her to leave him alone. While Jake goes to dinner with Amanda and Alli who try to cheer him up, Grant leaves Vicky's devastated and deterred when Kirkland admits he wants to stay with Mommy. After the kids are put to bed, Vicky and Bobby find themselves alone for the first time since the kiss. Joe confronts Sofia for the first time since her disappearance calling her actions very immature. Furious, Sofia runs to Matt and asks him if she can spend the night at his house. Joe wonders what Gary is hiding when Tibbs delivers a forensics report to Gary.

MARCH 5, 1997 (EP. #8307)
While Jake sadly tells Paulina he must let Vicky go, Vicky and Bobby try to define their blossoming relationship. Later, while Bobby protects Vicky from Grant, Vicky puts Ryan's picture away and says good-bye to him for the last time. Running away from her feelings for Nick, Sofia offers to move in with Matt. Later, Sofia dreams about Nick and Matt hears Sofia whisper Nick's name while she sleeps. Although upset with Gary about concealing evidence, Joe ends up forgiving Gary when Josie asks the two men to cooperate. Later, as Gary tries to make up with Josie after an argument, Joe and Paulina make love and Joe realizes Paulina is self conscious about her body.

MARCH 6, 1997 (EP. #8308)
Grant starts feeling the pressure of his plan unraveling when he learns Cindy is being put in protective custody. As Grant makes a phone call overheard by Sharlene asking for help in eliminating Cindy, Jake comes to Gary and Josie with a credit card bill with purchases that were made while he was in jail. Gary and Josie are starting to think Grant made a mask of Jake's face and created a Jake double. The pressure at work and his sister moving out starts to get to Joe but Paulina steps in and helps Joe to realize what is important in life. Joe professes his love to his wife.

MARCH 7, 1997 (EP. #8309)
Grant's world starts to crumble a little more when Gary and Josie's suspicions about a Jake mask and impersonator are confirmed when an upset Tomas sees a surveillance video of Jake taken while the real Jake was in jail and ID's the fake Jake as Jake. Gary puts a plan into action when Joe puts Jake under house arrest and Gary clamps the arrest cuff on Josie instead of Jake. Jake calls Grant with Hal's voice saying their association isn't over. After learning of Donna's surprise party for Vicky, Grant plans a surprise of his own. Donna solicits Bobby's help in getting Vicky to her surprise party when she learns Vicky and Bobby had planned their first real date for that night. Bobby asks Etta Mae to become Vicky's fairy godmother and Etta Mae transforms Vicky into Cinderella. Joe and Sofia make up and Sofia moves out with her brother's respect and love instead of Joe's anger.

MARCH 10, 1997 (EP. #8310)
As the party gets underway, Bobby takes Vicky up to a hilltop where they share some intimacies. After they arrive at the party, Vicky sneaks out to rendezvous with Bobby, but runs into Grant instead. Rachel tracks down Carl and admits her feelings for him. Later, although Rachel admits she isn't ready to spend the night with Carl, she is forced to stay when the only access road is underwater. Gary, Josie and Jake work to bait Grant, and Jake dresses like the fake Jake. Chris arrives in the midst of preparations but the trio get rid of him and proceed with their plan.

MARCH 11, 1997 (EP. #8311)
Grant is thrown when he talks to Vicky and sees what looks like the fake Jake lurking behind her. As Vicky goes back to the party and chastises the police for not putting Grant behind bars, Grant runs to the docks looking for Hal while Jake and Gary happily look on, realizing they were right about a Jake impersonator. Grant prepares to kill fake Jake. Trapped and trying to make the best of it, Rachel and Carl talk about their child's future before going to sleep in separate rooms. Rachel calls Matt and tries to convince him not to come after her, but Matt is more determined than ever to stop his mother from reuniting with Carl. Sofia admits to Matt she is having a hard time forgetting about Nick. Matt tells Sofia that she must work this out on her own and leaves her to take care of Rachel.

MARCH 12, 1997 (EP. #8312)
Rachel is furious when Matt arrives trying to convince her to stay away from Carl. Later, Carl and Rachel return to Bay City and Carl asks Rachel if he can move back in with her. While Vicky works to get her friend released, unaware of the plan against Grant, Gary, Josie and Jake move forward with their plan. Josie is dismayed when she learns the next phase of the plan includes her mother and as she calls Sharlene to ask for help, Gary confronts Rachel and asks her to participate in a dangerous assignment. At Donna's prompting, Sharlene decides to move back into her own apartment.

MARCH 13, 1997 (EP. #8313)
Despite Carl's pleas not to, Rachel agrees to help Gary with his plan to get Grant. Later, Rachel bonds with Matt and asks him not to come between her and Carl. While her brother and sister-in-law enjoy their first night alone in their house, Sofia looks at an apartment and fantasizes about living there with Nick. Later, while Joe is at work, Paulina opens up to Neil about her fears of Joe being captain of BCPD. Michael is furious with Donna for kicking Sharlene out of the house and shocks Donna when he makes her leave as well.

MARCH 14, 1997 (EP. #8314)
Knowing that he must keep Vicky away if the plan to get Grant is to work, Jake sadly tells Vicky he no longer wants her to come visit him. Operation Grant continues to work and as Rachel transforms herself successfully into Justine, Sharlene puts a drug into Grant's drink, hoping that Grant will confess his sins. While baby-sitting for Kirk and Stephen, Nick reminisces about the fun they all had in Lassiter with Sofia. While Nick admits to Vicky he still loves Sofia, Matt visits Sofia with words that sound like he is saying good-bye.

MARCH 17, 1997 (EP. #8315)
Dressed as Justine, Carl visits a drug induced Grant and happily records Grant's confession. As Carl leaves, he doesn't realize he leaves behind evidence of his presence. After reassuring Bobby that his different lifestyle doesn't bother her, Vicky takes Bobby to a video arcade where Bobby gets caught up in a racing game of speed. Seeing that Bobby is entranced, Vicky tries to get Bobby to open up, but Bobby will just admit he is caught up in his memories. Clearly unhappy with the way she looks, Paulina yells at Joe when he offers her a snack and then quietly tries to get him to understand her feelings of frustration.

MARCH 18, 1997 (EP. #8316)
Disoriented due to the effects of the drug, Grant is furious when he realizes Vicky has taken Kirkland away on Grant's visiting day. While at Vicky's, and still slightly drugged, Grant is haunted by a cloaked figure and ends up confessing again to Carl, the figure, details of his plan to kill Vicky. Disappointed that the tape of Grant's confession doesn't have enough information on it, Carl asks Jake to do some editing with the recent info Carl has acquired from Grant . Locking Josie in the bathroom so he can escape, Jake makes a new confession tape and delivers it to Carl. Emily and Sofia move into their new apartment with Tomas and Nick's help.

MARCH 19, 1997 (EP. #8317)
As Josie protects her mother from Grant's wrath, Joe listens to Grant's taped confession and Grant is brought in for questioning. Jake is arrested by Toni Burell and while at the police precinct watches Grant unspool as Grant listens to the tape of his confession. Late due to Grant's arrest, Carl arrives just in time for Rachel's prenatal check-up and lies to a trusting Rachel about his whereabouts. As Carl and Rachel hear the baby's heartbeat, they vow to work together to build a future for their new child. Because Jake filled her in on Grant's evil deeds, Toni tries unsuccessfully to get her mother, Etta Mae, to stop working for Vicky. T

MARCH 20, 1997 (EP. #8318)
Trying to get Grant to crack, Joe and Gary leave Grant in a police questioning room playing the tape over and over for him. Later, a woman lawyer claiming to defend Grant, demands that Grant have a blood test to see if Grant might have been coerced in some way into a confession. Clearly upset with how the taped confession was acquired, Josie confronts Gary who tries unsuccessfully to soothe her fears. Alone in the apartment, Nick and Sofia start to open up to each other. Paulina gets an implied threat from Grease and Joe orders Grease brought to headquarters.

MARCH 21, 1997 (EP. #8319)
Although Grant is arrested and charged with murder, Josie tells Gary she wants to tell Joe about her suspicions regarding the tape. Gary begs her to keep quiet and instead of telling Joe her fears, Josie asks Joe for a transfer saying she can't work with Gary. Carl and Rachel reconcile when Rachel invites Carl to move back into the mansion. Carl tries to tell Rachel about his involvement with Grant's confession but Rachel refuses to listen. Neil rescues Paulina after Grease Snyder attempts to threaten her. While she listens to Felicia's new novel in progress, Sofia fantasizes about Nick. Later, stressed about her feelings for Nick, Sofia urges Nick to keep dating Emily.

MARCH 24, 1997 (EP. #8320)
As his hold on reality begins to slip, Grant refuses to plea bargain claiming he wants to be with his son. Haunted by inner demons, Grant confronts Carl at the hearing accusing Carl of making him crazy. Gary worries that he may be losing Josie do to his vendetta against Grant, as Josie tells Sharlene that she is not sure about her future with Gary. Tomas agrees to be Sofia and Emily's third roommate despite Nick's objections. Carl moves back into the Cory mansion.

MARCH 25, 1997 (EP. #8321)
In a shocking twist, Grant goes mad at his bail hearing when Cass denies Grant of visitation rights with Kirkland. Although most people believe Grant is faking, Grant is sent to BCUH Psych Ward for evaluation. Later, Gary finds the gun which killed Gabe in Grant's car but Joe fears it was planted. Angry at Amanda for trying to push her way into interviewing Bobby, Vicky is shocked when Amanda tells Vicky that today is Bobby's birthday. Later, Bobby helps Vicky tell Kirkland that Daddy can't come visit since he is sick. Paulina is stalked by a sinister looking man and later she receives a gift for Dante. Although Rachel assures her the gift is from Matt, Joe worries that Snyder is behind it.

MARCH 26, 1997 (EP. #8322)
After learning from Daniel that Bobby hates surprises and having a surprise party for Bobby already in progress, Vicky finds Bobby alone in his apartment and tries unsuccessfully to get him to open up. Furious that Bobby refuses to reveal anything to Vicky, Vicky returns to the party but is shocked when Bobby arrives at her house, and agrees to stay for the party. The tension runs high between Joe and Gary when Joe asks Gary if he planted the gun in Grant's car. Later, Gary gets off on the wrong foot with his new partner, Toni Burell. A mysterious figure tampers with electrical wires at Carlino's. John returns home to a delighted Felicia.

MARCH 27, 1997 (EP. #8323)
Jake sneaks into BCUH Psych Ward and learns from Cindy that she thinks Grant is faking and plans to kill Grant. As Cindy plans Grant's demise, Grant talks to a shrink and insists that he is a US Senator. Nick rescues Sofia when a fire starts in Carlino's kitchen. Later, as Joe surveys the damage and Sofia breaks down in Nick's arms, Snyder says to an accomplice they are ready for step 2. Josie starts working with Neil and tells Gary she doesn't want to sleep with him at this time. Later, Gary goes on a stakeout to Snyder's garage with his new partner Toni.

MARCH 28, 1997 (EP. #8324)
Vicky visits Grant in the Psych Ward and is convinced he isn't faking. Later, as Jake anonymously alerts the hospital staff that Cindy is planning on killing Grant, Cindy prepares to follow through with her plan. The pressure builds around Joe when Joe learns that the insurance won't pay for the kitchen damage and Joe and Neil disagree over the commissioner's wishes to shut down the task force. Later, Joe is skeptical when he finds a bag of cash in his car. After clashing about their different ideas on their new home, John and Felicia separately call the real estate broker and ask to be shown what the other wants.

MARCH 31, 1997(EP. #8325)
Joe decides to keep his newfound cash a secret, even from Paulina, until he can figure out what's going on. Later, Joe gets a call demanding that Grant take the blame for Gabe's murder. After losing her courage to kill Grant, Cindy runs into Gary and tells him that Grant's psychosis appears to be drug-induced. Worried, Gary asks Carl about the drug which they gave to Grant. After watching Bobby get overly angry at Amanda for taking his picture, Vicky tries unsuccessfully to get Bobby to open up about his past and who or what he is running from. Sofia is freaked when she has another fantasy about Nick that comes true.

APRIL 1, 1997 (EP. #8326)
Despite her promise, Amanda publishes Bobby and Vicky's picture in the Herald and while Bobby tells someone he will contain the article, Vicky's curiosity about Bobby's secrets gets the better of her and she books a ticket to Texas to find out about Bobby's past. Donna hires a British aristocrat as her restaurant manager. Desperate to get Paulina and Dante out of town and away from danger, Joe is disappointed when lovingly Paulina tells Joe she wants to stay and help him through his problems. Later, Joe learns from Snyder that Eddie was a dirty cop and Snyder suggests Joe take the bribe. Joe gives Josie a top secret assignment to investigate Eddie Carlino.

APRIL 2, 1997 (EP. #8327)
Determined to find out what Bobby is hiding, Vicky won't back down when Bobby tells her not to go to Texas. After doing some thinking, Bobby agrees to go with Vicky, but Vicky is skeptical when she sees a large amount of cash in Bobby's pocket -- and knows that that amount had been stolen from the Harbor Club. Josie is in shock when Joe admits to her that he is planning on keeping the bribe money in an attempt to flush out the guy Grease Snyder is working for and the real person who killed Gabe. Michael admits to Sharlene he has missed seeing her and invites her out on a date.

APRIL 3, 1997 (EP. #8328)
As Paulina worries about Joe and asks for Jake's help, Joe reminisces about the expensive gifts Eddie used to buy that he couldn't have afforded on his salary. Joe is confronted by Jake who tells him to take care of Paulina and later Joe goes to Carl for help. Cindy gives Grant a temporary antidote to cure his insanity and as he drinks the drug, she tells him it might kill him. After accepting Felicia's job offer, Sofia admits to Felicia she has been having dreams that come true. Felicia encourages Sofia to write down her thoughts and then takes some of her own advice and as she writes down her dreams, John arrives and gives her inspiration.

APRIL 4, 1997 (EP. #8329)
While Jake orders Chris to find out if Joe is on the take, Joe asks Carl for a loan for restaurant repairs. Carl, twigged because he has spoken with Paulina, offers to help Joe in anything -- including non monetary things. Although originally trying to convince Cindy that the antidote failed, Grant comes clean when Cindy threatens to withhold the drug, which makes him sane. Later, Grant tries to convince Cindy he didn't have Gabe killed. Desperately trying to stop Vicky from going to Texas, Bobby tells her their flight has been canceled. But trying to keep his past a secret keeps getting harder when Vicky hears one of Bobby's old friends call him by a different name and later she learns the flight to Texas wasn't canceled. When Vicky goes to confront Bobby, she learns he has cleared out of his room. Felicia confides in Rachel about the problems she is having in her relationship with John.

APRIL 7, 1997 (EP. #8330)
Vicky's curiosity about Bobby's past continues to build when she finds Bobby's empty room and a note which looks like he is meeting a woman. Vicky goes to Texas, only to discover her worst fears coming true. While Jake and Chris investigate Joe who is spending way more money than he makes, Joe disbands the task force and confides in Josie that he is only pretending to take the bribe money so he can conduct his own investigation. Work continues to keep Josie and Gary apart and while Josie is home, Gary is on an unsuccessful high speed chase.

APRIL 8, 1997 (EP. #8331)
While Joe learns anonymously that Grant's death should be declared a suicide, Cindy warns Grant that if he says he is sane, he will go to jail. Desperate to see Kirkland, Grant is thrilled when Grease Snyder, dressed as a patient, offers to break Grant out of the hospital. Joe's secret investigation becomes tougher when he is forced to lie to Paulina saying the insurance company is paying for Carlino's damages. Later, as Paulina learns from Cass about Joe's lie, Jake offers Joe money to cover his debts. Gary and Josie spend a romantic day together and later, after they make love, Gary wants them to each promise, there will be no more secrets between them. Josie stresses because she is keeping Joe's secret from Gary. Felicia and John's romantic lunch is interrupted when Sharlene walks in. John is privately bothered that Sharlene is having lunch with Michael.

APRIL 9, 1997 (EP. #8332)
As Grease strangles Grant and leaves him for dead, Joe and John rush to save Grant as Cindy administers CPR. While John takes over the lifesaving effort, Cindy finds Grant's suicide note. After Joe convinces the public Grant is dead, he brings Josie to the morgue where she sees Grant is alive! As Vicky learns that Bobby isn't who he says he is, Bobby is with a woman who calls him Jed. Nick reads Sofia's journal and learns all about her fantasies with Mr. Right.

APRIL 10, 1997 (EP. #8333)
Wanting to help her husband, Paulina confronts Joe on his lie about the insurance money and Joe tells a partial truth saying he borrowed money from Carl, but Carl, wanting to be faithful to Joe, won't admit that he gave Joe money. Later, Joe admits to Paulina that he is on the take. Furious that Josie is hiding Grant and more furious that Josie has become Joe's confidante, Gary confronts Joe telling him to get Grant out of his house. Both men are unaware that someone has overheard that Grant isn't dead. After secretly reading Sofia's diary, Nick makes one of Sofia's fantasies come true by trapping them in Michael's attic where their sexual tension runs high.

APRIL 11, 1997 (EP. #8334)
Still upset with Joe, although forgiving him, Paulina brings Dante to Joe's induction ceremony. After the ceremony while Joe learns from Snyder that the big guy wants to see him, Neil offers to take Paulina home and when she accepts, Neil makes a call saying he's got her. Instead of finding Mr. Big, Joe finds Dante's cup with a message saying don't let your family pay for your mistakes, Joseph. When a pizza person shows up for a delivery, Josie realizes it's a trap, and tells Grant that they need to leave ASAP. As Bobby visits a woman named Lila, Vicky visits TJ Reno in jail and learns the Bobby Reno she knows, isn't the real Bobby Reno. Nick and Sofia, trapped in the attic, dance to a Victrola and get closer. Michael and Sharlene, on the porch about to kiss when they hear Sofia yell for help.

APRIL 14, 1997 (EP. #8335)
While Neil takes an unsuspecting Paulina and Dante to a yacht, Joe worriedly talks to Commissioner Raines, who tells him Neil is the bad cop and he has Paulina. As Joe goes to search for Paulina, Raines calls Neil, saying watch out for Joe, he is armed and dangerous. Josie and Grant escape to a Country Inn and while Josie checks out a suspicious sound, Grant runs away, leaving Josie to worry where Grant might have gone. While Vicky worries about what Bobby is hiding, Bobby talks to Lila. Michael and Sharlene grow closer.

APRIL 15, 1997 (EP. #8336)
Not realizing they have been set up by the Commissioner, Joe and Neil prepare for a deadly fight as Paulina worries for Joe's life. Worried when Vicky starts asking questions about Lila and his real name, Bobby pays off Tugboat so he will forget Bobby ever existed. Frustrated Bobby won't tell her the truth, Vicky gets the surprise of her life when she learns from Josie and Gary that Grant is still alive -- and he is missing. After Cass gives her the screenplay of her novel, Felicia is forced to leave for Hollywood when she realizes the movie is nothing like the novel she had written.

APRIL 16, 1997 (EP. #8337)
After telling Paulina to lock herself in the cabin until it is safe to come out, Joe and Neil angrily confront each other, both believing the other is the dirty cop. Paulina panics when Neil and Joe fall into the deep water. As Josie tries to track him down, Grant surfaces in Cindy's apartment begging her to make the antidote to save his sanity. Cindy refuses to help. Sofia is shocked when Nick apologizes and admits he has been reading her diary to make her fantasies come true. Moved that it appears Nick has changed, Sofia impulsively kisses him. Sharlene is touched when Michael says he will secretly help Tomas fund medical school since Tomas' financial aid fell threw.

APRIL 17, 1997 (EP. #8338)
After telling Paulina to trust him and tell the truth no matter what, Joe is forced to leave his wife and son as Neil brings him to the police station saying Joe is under arrest. Jake demands to know what is going on as he worries for Paulina. As Carl and Rachel decide to renew their wedding vows, Grant convinces Cindy to help him get a permanent sanity antidote. Sofia admits to Nick that she is confused about her feelings for him and her commitment to Matt. Toni and Chris make a date for the Harbor Club.

APRIL 18, 1997 (EP. #8339)
As Bobby tells Lila he must stop the person trying to discover the truth about him, Vicky asks Toni to run a police check on anyone named Ford and Toni turns up 3 people -- all true villains. Vicky tries to figure out which villain is Bobby. Josie is forced to fingerprint Joe and confides that she has lost Grant. Joe quietly tells Josie to look for Grant in secret. As Joe is put back behind bars, Paulina is brought in for questioning, upset at her husband's arrest. Looking for the original drug to make an antidote, Grant and Cindy break into Rachel and Carl's bedroom and are almost caught by the unsuspecting couple. As Grant steals out, he puts a drop of the drug in Carl's drink and watches gleefully as Carl literally gets a taste of his own medicine.

APRIL 21, 1997 (EP. #8340)
While Jake tries to figure out Joe's secret agenda, Paulina, remembering Joe's advice, admits Joe lied about the insurance money. Later, Joe is taken off by 2 deputies as Cass sadly tells Paulina that Raines is having Joe treated like any other common criminal. While Bobby tells Lila he might not be able to come and see her again, Vicky works on figuring out if Bobby is one of the criminals Toni ran the police scan on. Later, Vicky finds a note from Bobby saying he is ready to tell her the truth. As Grant takes the antidote for his sanity and is restored to his old self, Carl becomes convinced that Grant is still alive when he learns the insanity drug is missing from his bedroom.

APRIL 22, 1997 (EP. #8341)
Convinced that Joe is covering up something bigger than bribery charges, Jake overhears Paulina accuse Neil of setting Joe up and asks Chris to investigate Neil. Later, Paulina witnesses a knowing look shared between Neil and Joe and wonders what is going on. As Gary tells Carl he must tell no one he suspects Grant is alive, Grant and Cindy work together to prove Grant is dead so that Grant can make a new identity for himself. Worried about her mother's safety now that Grant is on the loose, Josie asks John to keep an eye on Sharlene. John agrees, but is shocked when he discovers Sharlene is being taken care of by Michael.

APRIL 23, 1997 (EP. #8342)
Bobby tells Vicky he used to be a thief and switched names with someone so he could stay out of jail. After Bobby tells Vicky he loves her, Vicky tells Bobby they can now move ahead with their relationship. Later, Vicky tells Etta Mae she didn't believe Bobby's story and she plans on finding out the truth. As Nick overhears, Sofia admits to Emily that she kissed Nick, but it meant nothing. While Emily is comforted by Tomas, Nick tells Sofia he knows the kiss meant more than nothing. Sofia admits she doesn't want to hurt Emily and Matt, so she can't get back together with Nick. To help her sister, Amanda agrees to help Jake uncover the truth about Neil. Sharlene and Michael grow closer as John looks on.

APRIL 24, 1997 (EP. #8343)
Amanda and Jake put their plan into motion and while Amanda goes out with Neil, Jake rifles through Neil's office. But Jake's plan fails when Neil, realizing he's been set up, returns to his office and finds Jake. While Jake realizes Neil could be dangerous, Neil visits Paulina at Carlino's. While Joe tells Carl that if he finds Grant he should keep him safe, Grant, realizing he can't get into his assets, comes up with a plan to get cash quickly. Cindy goes to Carl and tells him she will reveal Grant's whereabouts -- for a price. Unable to choose between Jenkins and Toni, Chris makes 2 dates for the same night. Unfortunately, Chris' plan to keep the women in the dark back fires, when Jenkins and Toni realize what Chris is up to and decide to go out together, leaving Chris all alone.

APRIL 25, 1997 (EP. #8344)
Carl secretly follows Cindy to Grant's hiding place and Carl learns that if he kills his enemy, he will also kill Joe's chance at getting out of jail since Grant knows who killed Gabe and who set Joe up. Needing Paulina's help to get Jake and Amanda off his back, Neil tells Paulina that he is working with Joe to trap Gabe's killer but he can't reveal the killer's identity. Paulina agrees to help and as she talks to Amanda, Neil is chloroformed in an alley by an assailant. Vicky returns to Texas to find out more information on Bobby, but this time everyone refuses to talk. Defeated, Vicky returns to her hotel room where she finds Bobby, right before the police knock on her door.

APRIL 28, 1997 (EP. #8345)
As Carl and Grant form an uneasy alliance to get Joe out of jail, Gary discovers a clue in Gabe's datebook which might lead to Gabe's killer. While Carl hides Grant in the Cory Lakehouse, Gary, Josie and Cass realize the clue Gabe wrote down could lead them right to the Commissioner. As Bobby disappears again, Vicky is shocked to learn from the Texas police that Bobby is wanted for murder. Later, Bobby turns up in Vicky's car and Bobby tells Vicky that she must not believe he is a murderer. Vicky isn't sure who Bobby really is. Wanting to follow Josie's wishes, Michael spends the night at Sharlene's.

APRIL 29, 1997 (EP. #8346)
Thanks to a gift from Paulina, Neil's life is saved from bullets that came dangerously close to his heart. As Neil remains unconscious in the hospital, Paulina worries for Joe's safety while Jake wonders what Paulina is hiding. Furious that his assassination attempt on Neil failed, Raines orders Joe killed, as Grant and Carl work against time to convict Raines. While Nick and Sofia slowly grow closer, Emily asks Tomas if she should bother fighting to keep Nick. Tomas' feelings for Emily start to grow. Jealousy runs rampant between the Hudson men when John realizes Michael spent the night with Sharlene. Later, Michael and Sharlene kiss.

APRIL 30, 1997 (EP. #8347)
Bobby tries unsuccessfully to say good-bye to Vicky and is touched when Vicky offers to help Bobby prove his innocence. Later, Bobby leaves Vicky when she falls asleep, leaving a token of his love. When Vicky wakes, she is saddened to realize Bobby is gone. While Grant and Carl trap an unsuspecting Raines to confess his guilt on tape, Joe escapes from prison and convinces Toni of Raines' guilt. Later, Josie and Gary present the tape of Raines confession and Joe demands Raines arrest, but his worst fear comes true when he realizes Raines has Paulina. In a shocking twist, Grant proposes to Cindy but Cindy refuses realizing that as Grant's wife, she wouldn't be able to testify against him. Grant's day goes from bad to worse.

MAY 1, 1997 (EP. #8348)
Desperate to free Paulina, Joe does everything he can to meet Raines demands. But Raines shocks the crowd, saying he has Rachel as well. As Raines releases Rachel who is taken to the hospital for stomach pains, Josie shoots at Raines but misses. Using Paulina as a shield, Raines leaves Carlino's and Joe, voicing his love for Paulina, shoots Raines, hoping he doesn't miss. Felicia is intrigued when she meets Alexander -- a Lucas lookalike, on her flight back to Bay City. When their flight is diverted Alexander insist on taking her to an exotic place for dinner. Tomas and Emily go out on a date.

MAY 2, 1997 (EP. #8349)
Vicky returns to Bay City, thinking she will never see Bobby again and is questioned by Detective Morris who is looking for Bobby a.k.a. Shane Roberts. Initially denying she knows Bobby, Vicky is forced to tell Morris that Bobby has left the country when Morris presents proof that Vicky knows Bobby Reno. As Jake tries to warn Vicky about the real Bobby Reno, Vicky finds Bobby waiting for her on her porch. In a quick move, Joe shoots and kills Raines, saving Paulina's life and freeing the Bay City Police Department from a corrupt boss. Joe is named a hero. Carl and Rachel are devastated when John tells them that if Rachel carries the baby to term, Rachel could die.

MAY 5, 1997 (EP. #8350)
Vicky is shocked to find Bobby on her porch and tries to guess about his past. As Bobby is about to tell Vicky the truth, Jake arrives and Bobby hides in a secret room in Vicky's house. Later, Bobby slips out of the house, unaware that Vicky is following him and Vicky watches Bobby enter a clinic for people with special problems. As Vicky grows more curious, Jake learns Bobby is married. While Carl and Amanda agree that Rachel should have an abortion, Rachel learns from John that she and her newborn son have a slight chance of surviving the pregnancy. Rachel makes her decision. Emily watches Tomas' devastation when he learns that medical school won't defer his placement until he gets financial assistance, meaning Tomas will have to drop out. Emily gets an idea. Sofia receives a letter from Matt, giving her her freedom to date other people.

MAY 6, 1997 (EP. #8351)
While Jake learns from Amanda that Bobby is still in town and tells Morris he knows where Shane Roberts is, Vicky sneaks into the clinic and finds Bobby who takes her to a nearby hilltop and admits he killed a woman. Vicky is worried for her life. Disappointed that their whirlwind tour is forced to end, Alexander proposes to Felicia who finally admits she is engaged. After Alexander leaves, Cass arrives and wonders about Felicia's excitement to this Lucas lookalike especially when Felicia finds an expensive bracelet the billionaire left her. While she sends Cass to return the gift, Felicia tries unsuccessfully to tell John about her adventure. Neil reveals that Josie and Joe will we cited for bravery. Emily plans a tuition-raising party for unknowing Tomas.

MAY 7, 1997 (EP. #8352)
Bobby reveals to Vicky that he was a doctor who accidentally prescribed the wrong combination of meds to a woman friend who died from the medicine. Bobby also reveals he was married but his wife left him and asks Vicky to leave him for her own safety. Bobby reluctantly agrees to meet Vicky the following night. Later, Vicky furiously yells at Jake for telling Morris about Bobby. Shocking everyone, including Joe, Grant gets out on bail when he reveals that Gary and Josie entrapped him to get his confession. As Gary admits to the crime and tells Joe that Josie opposed the plan, Grant proposes to Cindy who agrees when she learns she will be heir to his fortune. As Grant's life gets better, Gary is investigated by the IA and Josie and Joe are given awards for their work. Tomas is thrilled when someone gives an anonymous pledge to fund Tomas' entire medical tuition at his tuition party.

MAY 8, 1997 (EP. #8353)
With Felicia's friendly advice, Rachel goes to Carl and tells him she has made a decision about the baby that won't be easy for either of them. As Josie's career continues to improve, Gary is demoted and goes to get a drink. Tipped off by Neil who is only trying to help, Josie finds Gary at a bar staring at a beer and she looses faith in her fiancé. Paulina gets frustrated at Joe about her weight when Joe buys her a dress that is too large. While Cass worries about this Lucas lookalike, Alexander sends Felicia more gifts -- the latest, a lapdog wearing the expensive diamond bracelet. Intrigued by her new admirer, Felicia later tells John she wants a romantic evening with him , but the new dog, does not like John.

MAY 9, 1997 (EP. #8354)
Bobby and Vicky meet secretly at the train depot after Vicky throws her friends off track and Bobby admits to a nurse that he wishes Lila would get along with out him. Bobby invites Vicky to run away with him and as Vicky agrees to think about it a beam falls, pinning both Bobby and Vicky. Although it looks like the wedding will go off without a hitch, Cindy realizing this wedding isn't what she dreamed, stops the ceremony admitting she can't go through with this. After Rachel tells Carl she plans on keeping the baby and Carl vows to support her decision, the couple renews their wedding vows and later return home to tell upset Amanda about their decision.

MAY 12, 1997 (EP. #8355)
After freeing Bobby from underneath the beam and putting his dislocated shoulder back in place, Vicky brings Bobby home and hides him in the secret room when Morris comes looking for him. Unsuccessful on his search, Morris leaves determined to find Bobby, as Jake decides to uncover the truth on Bobby's past. Once Grant admits to Cindy that he loves her and agrees to give her a real wedding, Cindy accepts his proposal. While Grant books the Harbor Club for his impending nuptials, Cindy learns that if Grant dies, she will inherit everything. Learning that his son emptied his trust fund, Michael accuses Nick of wasting his life. Nick wonders if Michael is right.

MAY 13, 1997 (EP. #8356)
The Cory's must pull together when Rachel reveals she will risk her own life to carry her baby to term. As Alexander offers to fly to Greece for sacred healing waters to help Felicia's old friend, Carl prays to whoever will listen, offering his own life so that Rachel and the baby will live. Felicia is shocked to learn that Alexander has bought the movie studio producing her script. Gary resigns from the police force. Sofia thinks Nick is the secret benefactor of Tomas' medical school fund.

MAY 14, 1997 (EP. #8357)
Temporarily deterred by her meddling parents, Vicky finally leaves the house in search of medication from a woman named Patti who Bobby said could help. As Bobby waits for Vicky's return, Jake learns from someone in New Orleans, Bobby is a sexual harrasser and a murderer. Although each planning the other's demise, Cindy and Grant share a reluctant kiss before their wedding, and are shocked at the heat they both feel for each other. Paulina asks for John's help in losing those unwanted pounds.

MAY 15, 1997 (EP. #8358)
Following Bobby's request, Vicky finds Patti and learns that this woman is Shane's (Bobby) sister. Worried for her brother, Patti agrees to help Vicky nurse Bobby back to health and will come ASAP. After Vicky leaves, Jake secretly follows Patti to Vicky's and then calls Morris telling the detective where to find Bobby. Later, Jake enters Vicky's empty house and comes face to face with Bobby, a fight ensues and Jake is seriously injured. Risking his freedom Bobby takes Jake to ER. Despite many obstacles, including the judge moving up the trial, Grant and Cindy are married, and the bride is whisked away by her new groom. Realizing the reason Sofia is being so nice to him is due to her thinking Nick is Tomas' benefactor, Nick realizes he can never tell Sofia the truth.

MAY 16, 1997 (EP. #8359)
While Morris gets closer and closer to Bobby's whereabouts, Bobby saves Jake's life in the hospital. As Bobby tries to slip out, Morris spots him and orders his arrest. Although each want the other dead, Grant and Cindy consummate their marriage and shocking both of them end up making wild and passionate love. John is called away on emergency business at the same time that Alexander shows up with Rachel's healing waters. Felicia wonders if Alexander had anything to do with John's sudden departure.

MAY 19, 1997 (EP. #8360)
With Vicky's help, Bobby escapes Morris' grasp and Bobby secretly goes to Carl for help hiding him. After Jake tells Vicky he thinks they should prove Bobby's innocence, Vicky returns home, where she finds Morris camped outside of her cottage thinking Vicky will lead him to Bobby. Despite Gary's pleas, Cindy decides not to implicate Grant in court, thanks to a generous bribe from her new husband. After the charges are dropped, Cindy and Grant start planning their homicidal honeymoon. Originally skeptical that Alexander was responsible for John leaving town, Felicia ends up taking Alexander out to Carlino's for dinner. Seeing Rachel at Carlino's Alexander tells Rachel she has eyes of life, not death.

MAY 20, 1997 (EP. #8361)
As Carl hides Bobby in the Cory lake house overnight, Jake assigns Amanda to discover if Bobby's guilty or innocent. While Amanda wonders what Carl is up to with the lakehouse, Carl delivers a farewell note from Bobby to Vicky. Vicky begs Carl to reveal to her Bobby's whereabouts. Excited about his new opportunities, Gary invites Josie to join him as his new business partner in a private investigator service. Before Josie can turn him down, Joe sees the couple and slips that Josie was promoted to detective. Gary gives her his sincere congratulations.

MAY 21, 1997 (EP. #8362)
While Amanda watches Carl, thinking he is having an affair, Carl sets up a secret meeting for Bobby to say good-bye to his sister Patti. As Carl brings Bobby down to the Island house, Vicky gets a message from someone saying Bobby knows who the real murderer is. After sneaking out of the house and away from Morris' prying eyes, Vicky arrives at the Island House, surprising Bobby. Taking Donna's advice, Nick decides to keep letting Sofia believe he paid for Tomas' education. Later, Nick takes Sofia to campus and registers for classes, showing Sofia he is getting his life back together. Downplaying her attraction for Alexander to Rachel, Felicia tells John she wants to set a wedding date— picking the same day of Alexander's gala event.

MAY 22, 1997 (EP. #8363)
While Jake reads over Amanda's notes and discovers many inconsistencies with Bobby's trial, Bobby admits to Vicky he is protecting someone very close to him. Knowing they might never see each other after this day, Vicky and Bobby start to make love. Truly thinking Nick has turned over a new leaf, Sofia slips to a skeptical Tomas, that Nick was the one who paid for his tuition. Tomas worries about those implications when Nick asks Tomas to take a Spanish test for him. Tomas thinks Nick hasn't changed at all. Telling Alexander she has set her wedding date on the same day as his gala, Felicia feels she has closed this chapter in her life for good but Alexander thinks this book is still wide open.

MAY 23, 1997 (EP. #8364)
After Amanda finds Vicky and Bobby making love, the pair lock Amanda in a local cabana and escape to the airport, unaware that Amanda has her cellphone and she has called Jake who unwilling reveals to Morris' Vicky and Bobby's whereabouts. After a tearful good-bye, Bobby boards the plane, not realizing Morris is his seatmate, and is waiting to take him back to death row. Vicky is furious at Jake for turning Bobby in. Grant and Cindy are forced to start their new life together, when each present the other with a document stating what will happen if they each die a weird death. With his wife by his side, Grant sets a plan into motion that will help him regain his position in society and custody of his son. Josie throws an impromptu surprise party for Gary celebrating his new career.

MAY 26, 1997 (EP. #8365)
Originally furious that Jake turned Bobby in, Vicky melts when Jake tells her he believes in Bobby and wants to prove his innocence. After hiring Gary, Jake and Vicky head to New Orleans, as Bobby is visited by Dr. Ambrose who angrily tells Bobby he will pay for stealing his wife's heart and her life. After Carl tells her he harbored fugitive Bobby Reno in their Lakehouse, Rachel vows to stand by her husband, shocking Amanda. While Amanda and Carl get into an argument, Rachel collapses. Trying to make headway in gaining back his position in society, Grant takes Cindy for dinner at Carlino's and unsuccessfully tries to get people to come to his house for a dinner party. Later, Cindy makes headway with Paulina who has a very kind heart.

MAY 27, 1997 (EP. #8366)
Despite John's warnings, Rachel refuses surgery when John tells her her life is hanging by a thread due to a blood clot. Attempting to keep this new hurdle a secret from her family and friends, Rachel subtly says her good-byes, and reveals the truth to Paulina after asking her step-daughter to take care of her new son. Finally admitting to Carl what is going on, Rachel loses consciousness and Carl signs the consent forms for surgery. Tomas reluctantly agrees to take Nick's Spanish test, but after Nick has a romantic talk with Sofia, he realizes he can't cut corners and ends up telling Tomas he will take his own test, and take his chances.

MAY 28, 1997 (EP. #8367)
While Jake secretly visits Bobby in the New Orleans jail and tries to get him to tell the truth about the murder, Gary dresses up as a priest and visits Bobby's sister, Sister Patrice and tells her that her brother is on death row. Patti tells Priest Gary, she is ready to confess her secret. Rachel pulls through surgery and Carl is elated when he learns from John Rachel is expecting twins. As Rachel fights for her life, Death visits Carl ready to claim him since he spared Rachel. Carl remembers Rachel saying Love conquers Death and Carl wins the struggle. Rachel wakes up. During the celebration of Nick passing his Spanish test, Nick learns from Sofia that she wouldn't love him if he hadn't given Tomas the money for med school, since the money proves Nick has changed. Nick ends up drinking too much and going out with Tomas.

MAY 29, 1997 (EP. #8368)
As Bobby orders Jake to take Vicky home, Vicky meets Dr. Ambrose's maid who is terrified to answer questions about Shane Roberts stating that the nurse who would have testified for Shane died mysteriously. Marie tells Vicky that Shane and Rebecca Ambrose were having an affair. While Patti tells Lila to tell the truth, Gary tells Jake and Vicky that Lila is the real murderer. As Vicky urges Bobby to give up his wife, Lila escapes from a convalescent home. Tomas tries to take care of drunken Nick and is at his wits end when Nick steals a traffic sign. Nick leaves, and Tomas tries to return the sign, but runs into Officer Toni Burrell who is having an equally bad day and after arguing with Tomas (who won't tell her Nick stole the sign!) she brings Tomas into the station accusing him of having an attitude. Cass takes Donna bowling.

MAY 30, 1997 (EP. #8369)
Vicky and Jake try to find the truth about Bobby and Vicky learns from Marie that Ambrose is a womanizer while Gary discovers Ambrose is leaving the country. As Gary tells Jake he is following Ambrose, Bobby marks another day off his calendar. Tomas refuses to apologize to Toni who has put him in jail but when Tomas realizes how hungry he is, he reconsiders an apology. While his friend is in jail being blamed for something he did, Nick is sobered up by Michael and remembers nothing of the previous night. As Felicia and John differ more than they thought in terms of wedding and honeymoon preferences, Michael and Sharlene are finding they differ in terms of their vacation preferences— with Sharlene more like John and Michael more like Felicia.

JUNE 2, 1997 (EP. #8370)
Cindy tries to win over the high powered society ladies of Bay City in an attempt to gain respect. First she sends Rachel flowers, then she sits with Paulina at the Harbor Club and finally she tells Donna she will not help Grant take Kirkland away from Vicky. Grant is furious at Cindy's machinations and tells her to leave the ladder climbing up to him. Upset about her weight gain, Paulina secretly starts taking the diet pills that Cindy sent to her. While Toni investigates the jewelry heists in Bay City, Grant has a necklace stolen from his safe. Toni wonders if Grant can trust his new wife.

JUNE 3, 1997 (EP. #8371)
Felicia and John once again are separated as John leaves to bring Greg to summer camp and Sharlene to the Cory cabin, while Felicia takes a trip to LA and meets up with Alexander. Toni is angry with her mother when Etta Mae tells her she bought some raffle tickets to win the Coffee House. Toni tries unsuccessfully to get Etta Mae's money back but Etta Mae's disappointment at losing the raffle turns to amazement when Toni reveals she has a surprise for her. Michael urges Nick to tell Sofia the truth ASAP, but when Nick tries to tell Sofia, he is thwarted once again.

JUNE 4, 1997 (EP. #8372)
Trapped at the Cory Cabin due to inclimate weather, John and Sharlene talk about their feelings for each other and end up in each other's arms -- as Felicia and Alexander grow closer. After calling off their stakeout at Felicia's, Joe and Josie head to Carlino's where they build their friendship. With the clock ticking, Vicky and Jake learn from Gary about a note from Ambrose to Lila which casts suspicion on Dr. Ambrose as the real killer. While Vicky and Jake go to Ambrose's to find hard evidence, Shane gives Patrice his remaining possessions, including something for Vicky.

JUNE 5, 1997 (EP. #8373)
As the time draws near for Bobby's execution, Vicky and Jake look through Ambrose's house for evidence to clear Bobby's name. At the final hour, Marie tells Vicky, Ambrose killed the nurse who witnessed Mrs. Ambrose's murder. Vicky and Jake race to stop the execution. While John and Sharlene make love, Felicia runs from Alexander afraid of her growing feelings for him and returns to Bay City learning there is a problem with John's divorce papers. As Grant tries unsuccessfully to turn Cindy into a society lady, Cindy wonders if Grant had anything to do with a mayoral candidate pulling out of the race. Later, Donna wonders what Grant is up to when he and Cindy stop by Vicky's to give something to Kirkland.

JUNE 6, 1997: Pre-empted for coverage of the French Open.

JUNE 9, 1997 (EP. #8374)
Thanks to Jake and Vicky, Shane's execution is stopped just in time and Morris waits for Gary to bring Ambrose back to stand trial for Rebecca's murder. While Shane stays in New Orleans until legalities can be cleared up, Vicky returns to Bay City worried about her future with Shane, unaware that Lila is reading a letter from Shane meant for Vicky. Nick gets himself into more and more trouble as he continues to drink. Later, he ends up in jail when Toni finds a piece of missing jewelry in his pocket. Nick is released when the burglar strikes again, but an animosity has been born between Nick and Toni. Joe and Josie work together to find the burglar and are shocked when Rachel is the next robbery victim.

JUNE 10, 1997 (EP. #8375)
Unaware that Michael has seen them making love and the news has spread to Felicia thanks to Donna, John and Sharlene vow that this was a one time occurrence and want to continue moving on with their separate lives. John returns home and finds Felicia upset -- not realizing she knows what happened. Amanda wrongly accuses Carl of stealing Rachel's jewelry and later Carl tells Rachel about the theft and Amanda's reaction. Rachel asks for Carl's help in dealing with her daughter and Carl goes to Amanda with a proposition. Gary returns to Bay City and tells Josie he proved Shane's innocence and caught the real killer.

JUNE 11, 1997 (EP. #8376)
The people who they love are hurt the most by John and Sharlene's one night stand and Felicia tells John the wedding is off. Later, Michael confronts his brother while Felicia accuses Sharlene of seducing John. As John hopes to move past this with Felicia, Felicia gets a call from Alexander. Realizing his good deed means he lost Vicky forever, Jake tries to remain upbeat, even when he feels that he no longer belongs in Vicky's happy household. While Donna warns Vicky to be careful of Shane, Lila leaves a mysterious note for Vicky. After Sofia tells him she hopes he will never lie to her again, Nick asks Jake for advice and Jake warns Nick that if he loves Sofia, he must tell her the truth.

JUNE 12, 1997 (EP. #8377)
Furious at Grant for having the restraining order lifted, Vicky attempts to be nice to her ex-husband but has problems working through her own demons. While Cindy tries unsuccessfully to be nice to Kirkland, Lila sneaks into Vicky's house leaving a note for her. While Alexander goes to help Felicia sort through her feelings, John and Sharlene are separately getting advice from other people telling them that they should not discount their feelings for each other. Sharlene leaves town with unfinished business between her and John. Because of what happened between Sharlene and John, Josie starts to rethink her marriage with Gary.

JUNE 13, 1997 (EP. #8378)
Lila uses her machinations to win her husband back. As Shane learns from Ambrose that Lila was the one who pushed him into murdering Rebecca, Vicky reads the note Lila left which indicates Shane and Lila's marriage is far from over. Vicky runs to Jake, while Shane asks Carl to help him locate Lila. Although John begs her not to give up on them, Felicia forces John to move out and then asks Alexander to take her to his yacht for dinner. Alexander declines. Toni and Chris kiss for the first time as they help Etta Mae prepare the Coffee House for opening. As Toni tells Chris about a friend from her past, Tyrone enters and he is drop dead gorgeous.

JUNE 16, 1997 (EP. #8379)
Not realizing Nick has been keeping a secret from her, Sofia decides tonight is the night to take the next step with Nick and as the two start to make love, Michael bursts in wondering when Nick will tell Sofia the truth. Touched by Gary's attempts to soothe Josie's marriage fears, Josie romantically bakes a cake with the date of their nuptials written in icing -- July 25. Chris is jealous of Toni's childhood friend Tyrone and worries he may stay in town longer than just for a visit. Later, Toni, Chris and Tyrone go bowling and the two men are evenly matched. When Paulina returns from NY, Joe compliments her on her weight loss but Paulina doesn't admit to taking diet pills. Later, Paulina asks Cindy for more diet pills and agrees to help Cindy with Kirkland in return.

JUNE 17, 1997 (EP. #8380)
While Vicky remains tormented about her feelings for Shane knowing that Lila still loves her husband, Shane returns to Key West with Carl to tie up some loose ends. Despite Amanda's objections, Rachel and her mid wife fly down to Key West to surprise Shane and Carl. Despite Nick's pleas, Sofia refuses to forgive Nick for the lie he told and throws him out. As Sofia commiserates with Felicia, Nick drowns his sorrows at the local bar, refusing to let Tomas help him. Josie and Gary are put into conflict again when they both separately look for the silver rose thief. Gary gets a call from Cindy promising to deliver the suspect. Amanda warns her daughter to give up on her matchmaking when she catches Alli spying on her and Neil kissing.

JUNE 18, 1997 (EP. #8381)
Jake asks Chris to investigate Lila and Shane's marriage as Lila knocks on Vicky's door. As Vicky and Lila prepare to talk, Shane is forced to do an emergency C-section on Rachel when she falls, placing both her the twins lives in grave danger. After getting bad advice from John saying to fight for Sofia, Nick drinks too much and scares Sofia by climbing onto her roof and trying to make her talk to him. Nick ends up falling off the roof. Cass offers Tyrone a job as his Junior law partner, much to Chris' dismay.

JUNE 19, 1997 (EP. #8382)
Vicky is devastated when Lila talks of the love she shares with Shane and shows Vicky a love letter that Shane wrote to Lila just before he was supposed to die. Vicky doesn't realize this letter was really meant for her. In order to save both Rachel and the babies, Shane is forced to deliver the twins. The girl is born, but there is a problem with the baby boy. Worried about Nick, Sofia calls the police and Toni answers her frantic call. Recognizing Sofia's fear and worry for Nick, Toni agrees to check the hospital to see if Nick is there. Thanks to Tomas, Nick is in the hospital and he gets into another confrontation with Toni.

JUNE 20, 1997 (EP. #8383)
Shane successfully delivers the twins who are born weak but with great hope of survival and he removes Rachel's tumor just as the medivacs arrive in time to take unconscious Rachel to the hospital. While Toni and Chris draw closer at the Coffee House, Nick is yelled at by Tomas, Emily and Michael for his lying and his drinking. Later, Toni walks alone through the hospital lot and gets an uneasy feeling she is being followed -- a figure with a miraculous medal that looks just like Nick's is close behind. Dash insists on taking Cindy's place to meet the silver rose robber and instead of finding the thief, Dash finds Josie and Gary who suspect him to be the burglar when they find Rachel's stolen bracelet and a silver rose. Grant announces his candidacy for mayor.

JUNE 23, 1997 (EP. #8384)
While Tyrone tells Chris to take care of Toni, Toni is beaten up and raped in the hospital parking lot by an unseen assailant. Toni awakens to Nick hovering over her and after a struggle, Nick runs away. Sofia tells Joe that Nick frightened her tonight. After Rachel and the twins are rushed to the hospital, Shane calls Vicky and tells her he is coming home. After a strange call from Lila trying to recruit his help in winning Shane back, Jake visits Vicky who wonders if Shane has been lying about his relationship with Lila all along. When Joe tells Paulina how beautiful she is, Paulina takes the diet pills out of the garbage deciding to continue using them despite the side effects.

JUNE 24, 1997 (EP. #8385)
As Josie gets silent Toni to open up about the rape, Nick tells Tomas that he saw Toni injured in the parking lot. Josie agrees to keep Toni's secret but takes Toni to the hospital to get checked out as a drunk Nick is fired from his job at the Harbor Club and then passes out on Sofia's roof. When Grant starts his campaign for Mayor, Amanda vows to use all of her connections to make sure Grant is defeated. Felicia and John embrace when they learn the good news about Rachel and the twins, but Felicia tells John she can't take him back. Later, Felicia asks for Gary's help in getting over John and as Gary takes his friend home, he realizes Felicia was just the next victim of the silver rose thief.

JUNE 25, 1997 (EP. #8386)
Vicky worries about Shane when he calls her and tells her he will be right over and then doesn't show up. Vicky goes to the boarding house and finds Lila in Shane's arms. As Toni and Josie learn from John that Toni was raped last night, Nick wakes up on Sofia's roofdeck and has no recollection of seeing Toni in the hospital parking lot, despite Tomas telling Nick about it. Later, Nick falls asleep with scratches on his arm. Carl and Rachel are welcomed home by their family as the twins stay in the hospital in incubators until they are old enough to come home. In the middle of the celebration, Rachel gets a call from Florida with her biopsy results.

JUNE 26, 1997 (EP. #8387)
Rachel is thrilled to learn that her tumor is benign and the celebration continues until Grant and Cindy arrive looking for their reward money for finding Rachel's bracelet. While Carl writes the check, he is appalled to learn of Grant's plans to run for mayor. Later, the babies are named Elizabeth and Cory and Death visits Carl in a dream saying he will be back. Josie helps Toni cover with Etta Mae, Chris and Tyrone about Toni's whereabouts the night before. Etta Mae wonders what is wrong with Toni and when they are alone, Toni bursts into tears and Etta Mae wonders what is going on. Vicky accuses Shane of lying about his relationship with Lila and she returns home, telling Jake she and Shane are finished. Lila burns the love letter to Vicky and proclaims Shane hers.

JUNE 27, 1997 (EP. #8388)
While Etta Mae persuades Toni to report the rape, Sofia warns Nick to straighten out his life. When Joe learns about the rape, and Josie provides evidence which points to Nick, Nick is brought in for questioning and Toni remembers Nick leaning over her. Toni accuses Nick of rape. As Vicky and Jake grow closer due to Vicky leaving Shane, Shane asks Lila for a divorce. While Vicky is on the phone with Jake she smells smoke and Jake rushes over to find Vicky's bedroom on fire. While Josie and Gary work together to find the silver rose thief, Cindy tries unsuccessfully to seduce Grant to get more cash. Later, Cindy tries to fence Donna's missing rings.

JUNE 30, 1997 (EP. #8389)
As Emily paints a picture to Joe that Nick is a violent person, Nick admits he cannot remember what happened that night. Worried that his son will be charged with rape, Michael hires Tyrone to be Nick's lawyer, not revealing the rape victim is Tyrone's old friend Toni. After Jake rescues her from the fire, he brings Vicky to the hospital not realizing Shane will be there. Although Shane tells Vicky he is divorcing Lila, Vicky tells him to stay away from her. Later, Shane's sister warns that Lila is unstable and she might commit suicide if Shane divorces her now. Gary is shocked when Josie reveals Toni was raped and Nick is a suspect.