JULY 1, 1997 (EP. #8390)
While Cass worries that the prosecution has a strong case against Nick, Sofia tells Nick she believes in his innocence even though Nick has no memory of what happened that night. Sofia vows to stand by Nick no matter what. Felicia and Alexander continue to grow closer, as John becomes more determined to win Felicia back. Later, Alexander picks up Felicia from Rachel's baby shower and is shocked when he sees Carl Hutchins, his old enemy, living at the Cory mansion. Lila is not at all pleased when Shane forces her to distance herself from him since Shane is determined to get Vicky back. After blackmailing his opponent to withdraw from the race, Grant runs unopposed for mayor.

JULY 2, 1997 (EP. #8391)
While Lila works her way into Bay City and gets a job as Gary's personal assistant, Vicky is devastated that Shane wants a future with his wife and decides to go on a trip with Jake and the boys to NYC to cheer her up. Vicky has no idea that Lila is lying to keep Vicky and Shane apart forever. Shocked to learn that Toni is the rape victim that Nick is accused of raping, Ty tells Cass that although he still wants to be his partner, Ty can't work on this case. Alexander reveals that his animosity for Carl Hutchins stems from the fact that Carl is responsible for his wife's death. Despite Felicia's argument that Carl has changed, Alex refuses to give up this blood feud.

JULY 3-4, 1997: Pre-empted for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

JULY 7, 1997 (EP. #8392)
Joe charges Nick with rape when he finds samples of Nick's blood on Toni's clothes. As people take sides in the rape case, the town starts to divide. Vicky enjoys her trip to NYC with Jake and the boys while back home, Shane is upset that Vicky is away. Moving her way into Bay City, Lila endears herself to Josie and Gary and later, taking advantage of Vicky's trip, she invites Shane over for dinner. Grant is shocked when Cindy reveals she is the Silver Rose thief, but then he comes to the startling revelation he can't turn her in since it will hurt his mayoral campaign.

JULY 8, 1997 (EP. #8393)
Although Nick's case looks bad, and Joe urges her not to, Sofia continues to stand by Nick, believing he is innocent. When Chris escorts Toni to Nick's bail hearing he attacks Nick when Nick attempts to tell Toni he is innocent. After returning to Bay City, Kirkland and Steven tell Jake they think of him as family. When Vicky goes to her cottage she runs into Shane who asks her to marry him. Paulina accidentally takes too many diet pills and collapses in Joe's arms. Realizing tonight is supposed to be the night before her wedding, Felicia tells John she is going with Alexander to watch him accept his award. John hopes to be with Felicia tomorrow.

JULY 9, 1997 (EP. #8394)
While Tyrone listens to Toni talking about the rape and wonders if Cass is going to use a "diminished capacity" defense, Nick is released on bail. Gary agrees, with Josie's blessing, to help Cass find evidence to clear Nick. Later, Sofia and Nick walk together into Carlino's and are shunned by their peers. When Joe is out of earshot, Paulina begs the Doctor not to send her test results home, knowing that they will come up positive for diet pills. Later, Paulina asks Cindy not to tell anyone about the diet pills and Cindy agrees as long as Paulina doesn't reveal she has been supplying them. Grant enlists a spin doctors help in putting a positive spin on Grant and Cindy's checkered past. Grant's chances of become Mayor are looking better and better, as long as he can keep Cindy in check.

JULY 10, 1997 (EP. #8395)
Rachel's 25th anniversary show. The twins are brought home and baptized on this day and Rachel remembers her past with all the people who have come in and out of her life -- including Mac, Ada, and the births of Matt and Amanda. This show will be a tribute to Rachel Davis Cory.

JULY 11, 1997 (EP. #8396)
The town continues to divide over the rape trial. Vicky is shocked to learn that Nick is accused of raping her good friend's daughter, but vows to stand by her brother. Nick, thanks to Jake's advice, is determined to recreate the night of the rape by getting drunk again. Sofia won't let Nick drink and vows to stand by him no matter what. Rachel and Felicia plea to their significant others to forget their old animosities but their pleas are given on deaf ears for when Alexander and Carl come face to face, they glare at each other— trouble is brewing.

JULY 14, 1997 (EP. #8397)
As Gary searches for clues to clear Nick, Nick starts to believe he raped Toni when he remembers leaning over Toni and Toni saying, "It's you". Purposely forgetting her appointment with the therapist, Lila helps Josie with her wedding dress fitting. Later, Lila pleads with clueless Shane to have him tell her he once loved her -- knowing Vicky is about to come to the office. While the woman are off together, Alexander accuses Carl of being responsible for the death of his wife and warns him to watch his back. Later, Carl has a vision of Death.

JULY 15, 1997 (EP. #8398)
Thanks to Lila's machinations, Vicky sees Shane and Lila in an intimate embrace and leaves them in tears -- Shane never knowing Vicky was ever there. Later, Shane leaves and Jake walks in on Lila's fury realizing what trouble Lila is. Vicky refuses Shane's marriage proposal. Jake volunteers to check out a lead when Nick has another memory of a man in an army uniform. Nick is shocked at Sofia's loyalty when Sofia turns from her family and sides with Nick. Making Cindy furious, Grant anonymously sends back all the stolen jewelry. Later Grant announces he is running unopposed for Mayor and Donna is so angry she thinks about challenging Grant.

JULY 16, 1997 (EP. #8399)
Thanks to some expert police work by both Toni and Joe, Joe finds a witness who saw Nick in the parking lot at the time of Toni's rape. As the prosecution puts together their strong case, Gary comes back with news of the solider who saw Nick that night -- hours after the rape occurred. Lila teams up with Grant when he agrees to represent her pro bono in stopping her divorce. Lila pretends to cooperate with Shane while she makes plans to stay married to him. Grant's life is looking up when he realizes not only is he preventing Vicky's happiness by holding up the divorce, but he happily welcomes Donna into the mayoral race, seeing her as an easy opponent. After receiving milder diet pills from Cindy, Paulina throws away her old diet pills. Later, Joe finds Paulina's pills in the trash and wonders what is going on.

JULY 17, 1997 (EP. #8400)
While Cass tries to make Nick plead guilty for a reduced sentence, Tyrone puts Toni through a mock cross examination to prepare her for the trial. Toni falls apart and Tyrone hopes Nick chooses to plead guilty so Toni won't have to keep reliving her nightmare. After admitting to Joe that she has been taking diet pills, Paulina breaks down saying she is afraid Joe won't love her if she is fat. After agreeing to be Gary's best man at his wedding, Felicia plots to get Josie to the Harbor Club for her surprise shower. Gary wonders what kind of shower this is when he sees the hunk Felicia hired to jump out of the cake.

JULY 18, 1997 (EP. #8401)
While Sofia tries to find more evidence to clear Nick, Nick is hypnotized to try and jog his memory. Under hypnosis, Nick talks about the events of that night and his account sounds like a confession. Lila continues to work her way into Bay City and is relieved when she learns through Vicky that Vicky declined Shane's marriage proposal. Lila lies to Shane saying she never received the separation papers. At Josie's shower, Donna attempts to get more endorsements for Mayor. Later, everyone at the shower is shocked when Gary jumps out of Josie's shower cake, instead of the hunk Felicia hired.

JULY 21, 1997 (EP. #8402)
While Vicky and Paulina help Josie dress for her wedding, Alexander buys a horse so that Gary can arrive at the station house on horseback. The moment arrives and Gary arrives on a horse, while Josie arrives in a police car with sirens sounding. Crashing Josie and Gary's wedding, Grant and Cindy do some campaigning for the Mayoral race. Before the devilish duo are kicked out, Grant presents a check to Neil for police widows and orphans while a photographer quickly snaps the picture. Sharlene is shocked to learn that John didn't marry Felicia.

JULY 22, 1997 (EP. #8403)
While Toni wishfully remembers a time when she was just as happy as Josie, Josie and Gary head to Alexander's penthouse to spend a romantic evening. Josie hints to Gary she is pregnant. Shane leaves for Chicago and tells Lila he wants the separation papers signed when he gets back. As Sofia watches his behavior, Dr. Bradford hypnotizes Nick and makes him believe he is drunk. But when Dr. Bradford and Sofia aren't watching, Nick bolts and staggers into Carlino's, where everyone believes Nick is really drunk.

JULY 23, 1997 (EP. #8404)
Appearing drunk, but really under hypnosis, Nick tries to confront Toni to apologize, but Ty pulls him away before Nick can hurt a frightened Toni again. Although his behavior was due to hypnoses, Joe is so furious at Nick he arrests him. The next day Joe says another rape occurred last night and Nick is the prime suspect. Vicky and Jake grow closer when Vicky tells her old friend she must let Shane go. Vicky and Jake kiss. Thrilled that Josie is pregnant, Gary tells his new wife all his dreams are coming true. Even when Joe calls and tells Josie he needs her back at the station and they will have to postpone their honeymoon, their happiness can't be dampened. Felicia urges John to work out his feelings for Sharlene and then she tells him she must move on.

JULY 24, 1997 (EP. #8405)
While Sofia tries to clear Nick from the rape that occurred last night, Tyrone begins to question Nick's guilt when the second rape victim reports smelling alcohol on the rapists breath and Nick hadn't been drinking that night. The Grand Jury begins to deliberate. After Grant gives Cindy an ultimatum either she gets pregnant or she is out of his will, Cindy has fertility tests done and bursts into tears, but covers with Grant. Later, to ensure his winning the spot for Mayor, Grant hires a hunk Rusty to get dirt on Donna. Donna plays into Grant's hand when she is taken in by her new waiter, Rusty.

JULY 25, 1997 (EP. #8406)
Although Dana convinces Toni that the jury will be favorable to the prosecution, Ty worries that this jury will need to be shown beyond doubt that Nick committed the crime. After learning from Jake that Shane wrote Vicky a letter before he was to be executed, Vicky confronts Lila who presents a "Dear John" letter to Vicky making Vicky believe that Shane really does want to be with his wife. Vicky leaves, and Lila continues to forge Shane's writing. While Grant tells the world he and Cindy are trying to have a baby, Cindy tells Paulina she is unable to have children.

JULY 28, 1997 (EP. #8407)
After Nick enters his plea of not guilty, Dana and Cass give their opening arguments. Everyone is shocked when Dana calls Toni as her first witness and Toni accuses Nick of being her attacker. As Jake talks to Gary about his new wife, Vicky gets a "push" from Paulina and Donna to go for Jake. Josie tells Joe she is pregnant. After being tipped off by Cindy's Doctor, Grant confronts his wife and is furious to learn Cindy is sterile. Grant is determined to get around this obstacle, as the fertility report mysteriously disappears.

JULY 29, 1997 (EP. #8408)
Cass sets up a great case for the defense when he has Toni admit she didn't see her attackers face and Nick's blood could have gotten on her when he leaned over her after the rape to see if she was O.K. Toni comes apart on the stand. Vicky and Jake go to Lassiter where they reminisce about the fun they have had growing up. While Jake happily reminisces, Vicky gets a visit from Bridget who advises her to show Jake how she feels. Vicky proposes to a shocked, but thrilled, Jake. Grant promises Lila he will continue to keep delaying Lila's divorce from Shane. Lila and Grant are intrigued by one another.

JULY 30, 1997 (EP. #8409)
Jake is shocked at Vicky's proposal, but to Vicky's surprise he postpones his answer until she can honestly tell him she is over her feelings for Shane. Vicky goes to speak with Shane, unaware that Shane is desperately trying to get the separation from Lila finalized. In a shocking twist of events, Toni admits to Cass she could be mistaken that Nick is the rapist. Cass has now put a reasonable doubt in the jurors minds that can not be forgotten. Later, Nick confesses to Michael he has a secret in Chicago which could cause big trouble in this case. Gary and Josie go separately to Chicago to find out Nick's past.

JULY 31, 1997 (EP. #8410)
While Jake reveals his fears that Vicky will go back to Shane to Paulina, Vicky's resolve weakens when she talks to her mother about marrying Jake. Later, as Grant tells Lila she needn't worry about her divorce from Shane, Shane and Vicky see each other at Rachel and Carl's party, their feelings for each other showing on their faces. Amanda is furious that Carl cut one of her father's favorite writers from the Cory author list but later overhears that Carl might be responsible for Alexander's first wife's death. Amanda thinks the only way Carl will leave Rachel is if Carl is unfaithful. Paulina takes another diet pill after she promises Jake she will be in a smaller size dress for Jake's wedding.

AUGUST 1, 1997 (EP. #8411)
After a night of missed opportunities, Vicky finally tells Shane she is planning on marrying Jake while Jake learns that Lila and Shane are legally separated. Later, as Lila overhears, Jake confesses to Gary that he and Vicky might get married -- and he will know for sure if Vicky meets him tomorrow. Before Josie and Toni get to Joanne, the girl from Nick's past, Gary talks to her and makes sure she won't testify at Nick's trial. Gary returns home, unaware that Josie and Toni have talked to Joanne and she has changed her mind -- she will testify after all. Rachel has a heart to heart with Felicia about Felicia and Alexander and tries to make her friend be wary of the Lucas look-a-like. Rachel hopes Felicia will listen. Paulina, Joe and Neil head to the bowling ally where Joe wonders why Paulina is acting strangely. Later, when Joe isn't looking, Paulina takes another diet pill.

AUGUST 4, 1997 (EP. #8412)
The clock ticks for Vicky to make a decision between Shane and Jake. As Jake anxiously waits, nervous that Vicky won't marry him, Shane visits Vicky in her bedroom, determined to win her back. Vicky kicks Shane out, but her decision has been made. The sides are drawn in Carl and Alexander's feud and although Felicia hasn't yet chosen her side, Amanda clearly is enthralled by this man who could be Carl's downfall. Alex slips Amanda his phone number so they can continue their conversation in private. While Cass tells Tyrone that he regrets Tyrone can't be working on Nick's case, Tyrone tries unsuccessfully to conceal his interest in the rape trial.

AUGUST 5, 1997 (EP. #8413)
As the trial proceeds, the prosecution continues to build a strong case against Nick. Joe and Josie testify for the prosecution putting another nail in Nick's coffin. But when the prosecution brings in a surprise witness, Nick fears it is all over. The Mayoral race takes an unexpected turn when Carl agrees to be Donna's backer, and Alex, wanting to go against Carl, backs Grant. Realizing Donna is now strong competition, Grant tells Rusty to move ahead with the seduction plan which will take Donna out of the race. Hating to lie to her husband, yet wanting to loose more weight, Paulina continues to take diet pills in secret.

AUGUST 6, 1997 (EP. #8414)
As Jake waits and worries Vicky won't show up in Lassiter at the appointed time, Shane tries unsuccessfully to change Vicky's mind about marrying Jake. Later, Vicky tries desperately to get to Lassiter on time to meet Jake, but her day gets crazy and she worries she will miss him. Shocking the defense, mostly Sofia, the prosecution produces a surprise witness who accuses Nick of raping her a few years before. Sofia runs from the courtroom in tears and the defense is forced to start their presentation without their number one witness, Sofia, who is nowhere to be found. Oblivious that Amanda is really scheming to bring Carl down, Rachel and Carl are touched that Amanda is making an effort to get closer to them. Rachel's newest worry is that Felicia's association with Alexander will ruin her friendship with her oldest friend.

AUGUST 7, 1997 (EP. #8415)
As Shane desperately tries to find Vicky before it is too late, Vicky meets Jake in Lassiter and tells him she wants to marry him. Excited to start their new life together, Vicky and Jake kiss while Shane secretly watches, realizing he is too late. As Josie notices some nagging inconsistencies while Toni and the second rape victim talk, Tomas' testimony turns damning for the defense when the prosecution gets him to admit he doesn't know if Nick could have committed the rape. Soul searching to see if Nick is innocent or guilty, Sofia implores Toni to talk with her while Nick tells Cass he will make a deal with the DA and plea guilty.

AUGUST 8, 1997 (EP. #8416)
Although Vicky tells Shane she loves Jake and wants to marry him, Shane refuses to give up and tells Vicky that she is making a mistake that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Later, Vicky and Jake return to Bay City and prepare to make love, while Shane finds Lila asleep on his bed in the on call room. While Sofia desperately tries figure out if Nick is innocent or guilty, the second rape victim is unable to identify Nick in a police line-up. Nick decides to sleep on his decision to plead guilty. Grant is furious to learn from Lila that Jake and Vicky are getting married and he promises Lila he will take care of Jake and of prolonging Lila's divorce proceedings from Shane. Later, Grant is thrilled when he observes Rusty kiss Donna and declares it's time to move to step 2!

AUGUST 11, 1997 (EP. #8417)
As Lila tries unsuccessfully to use her feminine wiles to win Shane back, Jake and Vicky decide to wait until marriage before they make love. Distracted, Paulina burns herself on something on the stove and Joe brings her to the hospital. As Shane bandages her wound, he wonders if she is back on diet pills, but Paulina lies, saying she isn't. Ending up on the same flight with adjoining seats, Carl and Felicia have a heart to heart and Carl tries to tell Felicia of Alexander's short-comings. Felicia continues to defend Alex and Carl threatens he will bring Alex down if he harms his loved ones in any way.

AUGUST 12, 1997 (EP. #8418)
The defense gets their first few breaks when Nick realizes he is innocent and Sofia, believing in Nick, gives a testimony on Nick's behalf. Then Michael and Gary learn Nick is allergic to gin, which is what the second victim smelled on the rapist breath. Finally hearing enough evidence to believe in Nick, Tyrone agrees to help the defense, despite realizing he might lose the Burrells as family. Wanting to bring his enemy down, Alex suggests to Amanda that if the right woman were to seduce Carl, Rachel would leave him forever. After Shane treats Paulina for her burn and subtly tells her the dangers of taking diet pills, Paulina's conscience gets the better of her and she throws away the pills and picks up some information on Overeaters Anonymous. Too angry to listen to Tyrone's reasons why Nick is innocent, Toni throws her old friend out, but after she cools down the cop in her also begins to see the same inconsistencies Tyrone has seen. Later, Toni thanks Chris for being her anchor and realizes she misjudged him in the beginning and worries she also misjudged Nick. Vicky and Jake spread the news of their upcoming nuptials to the Hudson family and they are met with happiness, and a little reservations, by all. The boys are thrilled and invite Jake to spend the night to celebrate. While Grant and Cindy make love, hoping Cindy will become pregnant, a fax is sent from the fertility clinic stating Cindy is infertile. Before the couple can see the results, the fax machine blows up -- thanks to the menacing Fertility God.

AUGUST 13, 1997 (EP. #8419)
Cindy evaded Grant's inquiry on whether she is ready to have a child. Grant revealed that he knows Cindy is supplying Paulina with diet pills and mused that having control over the police captain's wife may be beneficial. The Fertility God burned Cindy's test results, which stated that she is unable to conceive. An irritable and hungry Paulina advised Joe that he cannot sympathize with her struggles because he has never been overweight. Michael, Donna, Nick, Steven, and Kirkland were thrilled by Jake and Vicky's wedding plans. Michael encouraged Vicky to attend the trial to give Nick moral support. Kirkland interrupted Jake and Vicky as they were about to get intimate. Etta Mae and Toni accused Tyrone of betraying the Burrell family and poked holes in Nick's defense case. Toni apologized to Chris for misjudging him. Toni identified gin as the type of alcohol that she smelled on her rapist. Tyrone angered Toni when he emphasized that Nick has an extreme allergy to gin. Dana continued to believe in Nick's guilt despite receiving a report from Tyrone that illustrated the flaws in the prosecution's case. Tyrone joined Nick's defense team after questioning him.

AUGUST 14, 1997 (EP. #8420)
Jake and Vicky spread the news of their engagement and while Jake tells Amanda who worries to her mother that she will never find the right man, Vicky tells Etta Mae who is happy for her, but clearly the rape trial has put a wedge in their friendship. Lila benefits from Jake and Vicky's engagement when Shane, upset that Vicky is getting married, invites Lila to have lunch with him. Grant is furious when he learns Cindy is infertile and angrily says it is all over. Alexander gives Felicia a diamond ring which he calls a friendship ring.

AUGUST 15, 1997 (EP. #8421)
Etta Mae and Toni view Tyrone's belief in Nick's innocence as a betrayal to their family and are further angered when Tyrone does an excellent job of questioning Nick for the defense. However, the prosecution scores a point when they get Nick to admit he doesn't know if he raped Toni or not. Tyrone asks the judge to recall Toni Burrell to the stand. Thanks to the spin doctor, Grant and Cindy manage to gain votes when Grant takes Cindy to the hospital as a worried husband, afraid his wife is about to lose their baby. When Donna comes to Carl saying she is being sued for sexual harassment, Carl worries Grant is the one behind this latest scandal. Taking Grant's advice, Lila offers to go with Shane to get a quickie divorce.

AUGUST 18, 1997 (EP. #8422)
After both the prosecution and the defense rests, the Hudsons and Burrells return to their homes to wait and worry for the verdict. While Joe tries to make amends with his sister by arranging for her to see Nick, Paulina brings food to the Burrells and the Hudsons. Finally the verdict is brought down. Felicia and Cass go to the Hutchins to meet with Carl, and Rachel is shocked when she sees Felicia's "friendship" ring. Rachel is floored and Felicia, upset her friend won't support her relationship with Alex, leaves in a huff. Later, Cass tells Carl he has been hired to be Nikos' attorney.

AUGUST 19, 1997 (EP. #8423)
Much to Chris and Etta Mae's delight, and the entire defenses chagrin, Nick is found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in jail. While Josie wonders about Rayburn when he reacts badly about a foiled attempted rape, Toni worries that they didn't catch the right man. As Donna asks Gary to look into the sexual harassment story, Lila acts as Grant's spy, giving him information to help him with the election. Cindy is jealous of Lila's relationship to Grant, thinking her husband has a thing for this southern belle.

AUGUST 20, 1997 (EP. #8424)
Carl and Alexander's animosity towards each other heats up when Alex "accidentally" hits Carl with his car however Carl is convinced this was done on purpose. Later, Alex meets with Grant to secretly discuss Grant's campaign and Felicia warns Alex of Grant's past. Taking her lawyers advice, Lila arranges for Vicky to be her unsuspecting witness to see Lila and Shane making love. While Shane tells Jake he is still in love with Vicky, Lila steals a sample of Donna's writing and puts her plan into action. Jake and Chris try to rebuild their friendship that was hurt by the rape trial.

AUGUST 21, 1997 (EP. #8425)
Not realizing she is being set up by Lila, Vicky is thrilled when she receives a note from Donna for a trip for 2 all expenses paid to San Domenica. Falling right into Lila's trap, Vicky excitedly agrees to go while unsuspecting Shane and conniving Lila arrive in San Domenica for their quickie divorce and discover they only have 1 hotel room. Grant's plan to win the Mayoral election proceeds wonderfully as he buys his wife off by giving her a beautiful pearl necklace and Rusty unnerves Donna by elaborating on her seductiveness. Cindy also reluctantly agrees to help by giving Paulina more diet pills which she will become addicted to. Gary asks for Joe's help in keeping Josie out of harms way at work.

AUGUST 22, 1997 (EP. #8426)
While Emily gives Nick an alibi for the second rape, making Nick look more and more innocent, Toni remembers more about the night of her rape and realizes there are many inconsistencies. Toni tries to remember more while another woman narrowly escapes assault by Rayburn. While Lila slips Shane a drug to make him sleep so she can proceed with her plan. Vicky and Jake happily check into the hotel, unaware that Lila and Shane are currently in their room. While drugged, Shane makes love to Lila, thinking she is Vicky while Jake and Vicky prepare to walk into their room.

AUGUST 25, 1997 (EP. #8427)
Not realizing he made love to Lila the night before and Vicky saw, Shane is determined to get a divorce from Lila. Lila grants the divorce, vowing Shane will regret this decision. Vicky, upset about seeing Shane and Lila together, asks Jake to marry her right away. Amanda proceeds with her plan to split up Rachel and Carl and makes a love nest at a hotel for the "other woman" in Carl's life. Alex is stunned when he sees Amanda is the "other woman". Rachel is devastated her friend Felicia is engaged to Alexander and Rachel begs John to fight for Felicia. John sets up a surprise for his ex-fiancee.

AUGUST 26, 1997 (EP. #8428)
Toni reveals to Josie she thinks Nick is innocent and she remembers a rapist saying a certain phrase. As Josie thinks she remembers Rayburn saying that phrase, Toni tells Tyrone she was wrong about Nick. Amanda continues with her affair set up by buying gifts on Carl's credit card and calling Rachel and hanging up. Later, Amanda secretly records Carl and Rachel talking. Although John makes a valiant effort to win Felicia back, Felicia tells him it is over. John agrees to let her go, but warns she is asking for trouble getting involved with Nikos.

AUGUST 27, 1997 (EP. #8429)
Acting on a hunch, Josie rifles through Rayburn's locker, but doesn't find any evidence which would prove he was the rapist. Later, however, Josie finds a picture with Rayburn wearing the same belt that left an imprint on the second victim's leg. Rayburn starts to get nervous. After finalizing the divorce, Shane runs into Vicky and tells her the good news, but is shocked when she snaps at him and makes a very confusing comment. Vicky and Jake move their wedding plans forward and Chris agrees to be Jake's best man, while Lila is determined to get her husband back. As Mayor candidates wife, Cindy continues to help Grant win the election by paying Rusty to leave town and giving Paulina more diet pills to "help" her withdraw. As Grant gleefully plans his election, Gary reports to Carl that Alex helped Cindy's miscarriage doctor find a position in another hospital.

AUGUST 28, 1997 (EP. #8430)
As Jake and Lila talk about Lila's horrible past and Lila wishes Jake luck, Vicky asks Paulina to be her matron of honor. Vicky happily plans her wedding to Jake as Shane tells his sister he isn't ready to let Vicky go. Convinced that Rayburn raped her, Toni wants to go after him, but Josie convinces her to keep this quiet until they can find enough evidence to convict him. Josie and Toni prepare to trap Rayburn. Gary tells the Hutchins that not only is Grant behind Rusty's sexual harassment suit, but Alex has many shady dealings and he treats women very poorly. Rachel worries about Felicia. Amanda puts her "operation Carl affair" plan into high speed and starts to plant "incriminating evidence" in places Rachel will see.

AUGUST 29, 1997 (EP. #8431)
While Sofia baby-sits the boys, Vicky and Jake go on their first adult date and run into Amanda and Shane who are out as well. Startled that Shane asks Vicky to dance, Jake tells a shocked Shane that Vicky saw him sleep with Lila in San Domenica. Furious, Shane goes to find his ex-wife. Wanting to warn her friend, Rachel tells Felicia about Alex's sordid past, but already have been warned by Alex what Rachel might say, Felicia is furious at her friend. Later, Amanda tells Alex how she will proceed with Carl's affair with "Hadley". Toni shocks her family by bringing Tyrone to her birthday celebration and telling Etta Mae she knows Nick didn't rape her. After a heart to heart, Tyrone is welcomed back into the Burrell family while Josie follows Rayburn alone, despite her promise to Toni she would ask for back-up.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1997 (EP. #8432)
While Chris throws Jake his bachelor party, Shane confronts Lila about Vicky seeing them in bed together. Shane is convinced Lila set the entire thing up, although Lila denies his accusations. Felicia, remembering Rachel's words of warning regarding Alex, dreams Alex leaves her for Amanda. However, Alex wakes her up from her dream with a reassuring phone call saying he misses her. Paulina is almost caught by Joe when she is counting her diet pills. Later, Joe and Paulina make love.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1997 (EP. #8433)
While Jake and Chris excitedly head to Lassiter early to prepare for the big wedding and Vicky's arrival, Vicky receives her best wedding present yet when Etta Mae tells her Toni believes Nick is innocent. But the happy day is covered with doom when Kirkland gets hit by a car driven by Paulina. As Sofia, Emily and Tomas break down the wall that was built up during Nick's trial and resume their old friendship, Nick is thrilled when Toni visits him in jail and tells him she believes he is innocent and she is determined to find the real rapist so she can free Nick. Alex uses Amanda as his pawn in the war against Carl and he helps Amanda make it look like Carl is having an affair. Amanda thinks the affair is her idea, not realizing she is being used by Carl's enemy.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1997 (EP. #8434)
As Jake worries in Lassiter about Vicky's whereabouts and hopes she didn't get cold feet, Vicky worries for Kirk's life as both her son and her friend Paulina are rushed to the hospital. While Vicky begs Shane to save her son, John looks at Paulina's symptoms and suspects drug abuse. Not realizing Alex is truly a player in this war with Carl, Felicia is once again reassured by Alex, who makes her feel her fears are ungrounded. As Alex and Amanda prepare to fire their first gun into the Cory camp, Cass warns Felicia about letting the rift with the Cory's turn into a war.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1997 (EP. #8435)
After a phone call from Shane telling him what happened in Bay City, Jake rushes home to be with Vicky. Later, Vicky and Jake are thrilled when Kirk wakes up, but although Kirk is awake, Shane and John worry about the results of Kirk's MRI. As Josie and Toni prepare to trap Rayburn, Rayburn secretly watches through Josie's window and learns what the women are up to. He prepares to give the women what the deserve. After learning of the accident, Cindy rushes to be with Paulina and worries about how Grant, who is unreachable, will take the devastating news about his son. The gap continues to widen between the two friends, when Felicia removes herself from the list of Cory authors.

SEPTEMBER 5, 1997 (EP. #8436)
Vicky is devastated when she learns Kirk has a life-threaten aneurysm and she is forced to decide whether or not to let it go, not knowing when it might erupt, or if she should let her son undergo a very risky operation. Kirk's life is in Vicky's hands, since Grant is nowhere to be found. Josie moves ahead with the plan to trap Rayburn alone, despite her promise that she will keep Toni informed every step of the way. As Toni waits for instructions, Rayburn grabs Josie from behind. After Paulina confesses her pill addiction to Joe, Joe helps her admit herself into the hospital for treatment. Amanda successfully plants hints that Carl is having an affair and Rachel starts to take them seriously.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1997 (EP. #8437)
Vicky is forced to make the final decision that will affect her son's life alone, since Grant is nowhere to be found. Jake tells Vicky he will support her no matter what. After Lila tells Shane she believes he can do the operation, Vicky tells Shane she has made her decision. As Toni tries desperately to find Josie, Rayburn brags to Josie of all his crimes and reveals he plans to make her his next victim. Toni arrives ready to kill Rayburn, but Josie calms her down. Amanda proceeds with operation "Carl affair" as Carl starts to wonder what is going on. Later, Rachel asks Carl about a gift she found but Carl is unintentionally evasive.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1997 (EP. #8438)
Vicky gives the go ahead for Shane to do the operation on Kirk. As Kirk is brought into surgery, Grant arrives, insisting they don't proceed with the surgery. While Chris and Etta Mae worry about Toni's whereabouts and Joe wonder's why he is missing 3 officers, Josie and Toni use Rayburn's phobia's to try and make him confess. Joe is furious when he learns of Toni and Josie's rogue operation and threatens to bust them. After Gary tries unsuccessfully to warn Felicia and Amanda about Alex, Felicia accuses her old friend of buying into Carl's propaganda. Later, Amanda starts to have second thoughts about proceeding with her and Alex's plan when she learns about Paulina's accident.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1997 (EP. #8439)
While Cindy tells Grant that what happened to Kirk was indirectly Grant's fault since he gave Cindy the drugs to give to Paulina, Shane successfully completes Kirk's surgery. After thanking Shane for helping her son, Vicky waits anxiously for Kirk to wake up. Josie and Toni leave Rayburn alone and tied up at his apartment, hoping he will confess. However, the women don't plan on Rayburn having any visitors but Sofia, after learning from Nick Toni is trying to free him, heads to Rayburn's apartment thinking Toni might be there.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1997 (EP. #8440)
After Gary presses Josie to tell him the truth, Josie tells Gary that she and Toni are involved in an investigation and Rayburn is a part of it. Gary incorrectly assumes that Rayburn is helping Josie and Toni. As Gary and Chris wonder what is going on, Josie and Toni secretly move Rayburn. While Paulina tries to get over her addiction, John tells the Cory's what Paulina is going through. Rachel is determined to stick together as a family to help Paulina and Amanda, wanting to help her family, tells Alex she can't go through with their plan.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1997 (EP. #8441)
As Grant worries for his only son, Kirk wakes up and Vicky and Shane are thrilled when they learn Kirk has been undamaged by the surgery and he will be fine. Later, Cindy is upset when she realizes her husband loves his son more than he loves her. While Gary and Chris discover conclusively that Rayburn is the serial rapist and worry about Josie and Toni, the women try and force Rayburn to confess. Michael, Felicia and John bond over John's kindness. Later, Felicia and Alex grow closer.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1997 (EP. #8442)
Grateful to Shane for saving Kirk's life, Vicky and Shane share a close moment, and Vicky realizes she still has feelings for Shane. Remaining faithful to her fiance, Vicky and Jake return home and start to make love. But they are interrupted by Shane who calls saying there is bad news about Kirkland. After he confesses his crimes, Rayburn escapes from Josie and Toni. But Toni saves the day, and catches her rapist as Gary and Chris arrive. Rayburn is brought to the precinct and demands Josie and Toni be jailed. Carl calms an unsettled Rachel who wonders who is Hadley Prescot. As Carl romantically takes Rachel off to bed, Amanda finally agrees with Alex to proceed with the Hadley Prescott affair. Later, Amanda makes Rachel question Carl's fidelity.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1997 (EP. #8443)
Vicky is devastated when Shane tells her that Kirk is having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics and the only thing that might save his life is an experimental drug. Nick volunteers to be the guinea pig to test the drug that might save Kirk's life. As Grant worries about Kirk, Cindy tells Grant that the (falsified) blood tests prove that Kirkland is not Grant's son. Although furious that Josie and Toni did the investigation on their own, Joe agrees to press charges against Rayburn as Gary and Chris remove any evidence that would prove Rayburn's confession was forced. Using a rookie officer, Rayburn gets himself released from prison and he prepares for revenge.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1997 (EP. #8444)
As Grant prays for Kirkland's life, Nick has a bad reaction to the experimental drug. Sofia promises a very sick Nick they will have a future together as Shane dreams that he saves both Nick and Kirkland and wins Vicky's love. Thinking they are finally safe, Josie and Gary go to Rayburn's apartment to look for evidence. As Josie returns to the precinct and learns Rayburn has escaped, Toni goes to the hospital to tell Nick about Rayburn arrest, unaware that Rayburn is free and is planning on coming after her.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1997 (EP. #8445)
While Grant reels from the discovery that Kirk isn't his son and turns to Cindy for comfort, Nick's system finally starts to respond to the drug. Shane tells Vicky about Kirk's condition and provides answers and information. After Joe learns of Rayburn's escape he orders a search to find Rayburn, he asks Dana to up the efforts to release Nick and he suspends Josie and Toni. Despite the counselor's recommendation to stay in the hospital for continued treatment, Paulina is convinced she doesn't have a problem and prepares for her release.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1997 (EP. #8446)
After he saves Kirkland and Nick's life, Shane is forced to realize that Vicky will still be with Jake, no matter what. Lila offers comfort to Shane and is relieved she didn't follow through with her plan of overturning the divorce. However, Grant has different ideas and when he learns Vicky plans to take Kirkland away he proceeds with subpoenaing Vicky for Lila's divorce, forcing Vicky to stay in town. To save their careers, Joe suspends Toni and Josie. Later, as Toni presents a grateful Nick with his freedom since he has now been exonerated, Josie goes home where Gary vows to stay by her until Rayburn is caught. Rayburn plans his revenge. Amanda is thrilled when Gary doesn't recognize her dressed up as Hadley. While Amanda has her fun being Hadley, she continues to give Rachel more reason to be suspicious of Carl.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1997 (EP. #8447)
Furious at Grant, Lila tries to do damage control after Grant follows through with their plan to subpoena Shane and Vicky. Later, Vicky confronts Grant with the subpoena and runs into Shane. Amanda introduces a newly returned Matt to "Hadley." Later she meets with Gary and learns he has no idea Amanda is "Hadley". Alex romances Felicia on the Harbor Club Terrace and asks her to stay over. Tyrone and Dana discuss the oddities of Rayburn's arrest.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1997 (EP. #8448)
After they put the pieces together, they realize Lila had a huge role in splitting Shane and Vicky apart. Vicky tells Shane she does feel differently about him but still plans on marrying Jake. Shane confronts Lila and all her machinations. After getting Joe to agree to her release, Paulina returns home and finds her entire family, watching over her as if she might break. Grant realizes Cindy has power now that she knows Grant is not Kirkland's father. After Josie and Toni learn Rayburn has been caught, Gary leaves Josie to investigate Alex's daughter. Josie is terrified when she gets a threatening phone call from Rayburn and she realizes Rayburn wasn't caught at all.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1997 (EP. #8449)
As Shane confronts Lila and her lies, Vicky and Jake are surprised at the newsroom by an impromptu almost wedding party. Vicky confesses privately to Etta Mae her feelings for Shane and her friend helps her realize she loves Jake. Later, Vicky, Shane and Lila meet at the hospital and Lila tells Vicky she and Shane slept together in San Dominica. Joe arranges for police protection for Toni and Josie when he learns Rayburn is free. Toni is upset when she receives pictures of herself clearly taken that night by Rayburn. After her family leaves, Paulina has flashbacks of running down Kirkland and she becomes upset. Matt tries unsuccessfully to discourage Amanda from proceeding with her "Hadley" plan. Amanda proceeds with her plan and steals a pair of Carl's cufflinks.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1997 (EP. #8450)
Amanda and Alex doctor a tape of Carl reciting romantic poetry and they plot how they will use it to destroy Carl. Rachel finds a key to "Hadley's" apartment. However, unbeknownst to both Amanda and Rachel, Matt meets secretly with Alex who pledges to support Matt's takeover of Cory Enterprises. Toni and Josie are terrorized by Rayburn. Cindy threatens Grant that she will reveal he is not Kirk's father and she finally admits she just wants Grant's love. The Fertility God finally looks favorably on her. Despite Felicia's offer to help her deal with her drug abuse, Paulina refuses to admit she has a problem.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1997 (EP. #8451)
After Shane takes hope that Vicky isn't marrying Jake right away, Shane tries to protect Vicky from Grant who is looking to force Vicky to stay in town. Grant tracks down Vicky at home and presents her with an injunction to keep her from taking Kirk. Furious that Grant won't back off his son, Cindy tells Vicky to ask Grant why he didn't donate blood to his "so-called" son. Felicia is disturbed to find Amanda and Alex alone together but Alex convinces Felicia of his love for her and his lack of interest in Amanda. Later, Alex almost drops the bombshell about infidelity to Rachel. After Rayburn invades her house, Josie is freaked out and Toni invites her to stay at the Burrells. For their own protection, Joe locks up Toni and Josie in a cell.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1997 (EP. #8452)
Alex tells Rachel about Carl's previous affair, while Amanda continues to convince Rachel Carl is now cheating on her. After what she hears, Rachel has to believe Amanda. Cindy reminds Grant of the hold she has over him. Shane almost catches them breaking into the hospital computer. Vicky realizes she has to leave with Kirkland tonight. Josie and Toni try to talk their way out of jail.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1997 (EP. #8453)
Carl tells Rachel he was at the airport all night, but Rachel won't believe him. Cindy and Grant complete their mission. Thanks to the fertility god, Grant is looking at Cindy with love in his eyes. Shane is suspicious of Grant and Cindy. Rayburn lets Josie and Toni know they aren't the only ones he's after.

OCTOBER 1, 1997 (EP. #8454)
Carl comes home, just as Rachel is at the hotel, finding evidence of Carl and Hadley's affair. Rachel decides to take the twins and go to the Cory cabin. Rayburn uses Etta Mae to set a trap for Josie and Toni. Joe tells Paulina he loves her, and she has to forgive herself. They make love, but when Joe has to go to work, Paulina turns to the bottle for comfort.

OCTOBER 2, 1997 (EP. #8455)
The tables are turned on Rayburn. Amanda decides her plan is too dangerous, but she convinces Felicia of Carl's indiscretion. Thanks to the fertility god, Cindy talks Grant out of his plan.

OCTOBER 3, 1997 (EP. #8456)
Toni saves Rayburn, but he has a funny way of showing his appreciation. Alex lets Grant know he's prepared to call in favors. Amanda continues to keep Carl and Rachel apart. Jake is suspicious of Lila's feelings for Matt.

OCTOBER 6, 1997 (EP. #8457)
While Toni is given the satisfaction of booking Rayburn, Josie survives a scary fall, seemingly unharmed. The Burrells go home to celebrate Rayburn's capture and Josie comes to the celebration. But when she arrives Josie suffers a sudden sharp pain. Matt won't listen to Jake's warning's that Lila is trouble. Later, Matt surprises Lila with a kiss. Alex convinces Felicia to give him another chance, he promises to work on his temper. Nick visits Sofia and tries to get some time alone with her, but Tomas gets in the way.

OCTOBER 7, 1997 (EP. #8458)
Devastated, Josie loses her baby and Toni and Tomas try to comfort her. Josie worries about telling Gary the bad news. Paulina gives advice to both Shane and Amanda separately suggesting they go out and meet new people. Shane goes to a bar where he runs into Amanda who is dressed in her Hadley disguise. Shane and Hadley have a drink together. Grant is shocked to hear that Donna will accept a position working for him in his new cabinet, not realizing Donna has agreed so she can keep an eye on him. Later, after Grant tells Joe he's the new boss, he finds himself smitten with Cindy who is using the fertility god to get her man.

OCTOBER 8, 1997 (EP. #8459)
Carl finds Rachel at the Cory cabin and gets her to admit she has seen Hadley's suite. Rachel takes Carl to the suite and is shocked to find that any trace of Hadley has disappeared. Rachel and Carl have no clue that they were close to catching Amanda, who after her date with Shane returned to the apartment to destroy the evidence of Hadley, and left seconds before Rachel and Carl arrived. Carl believes Alex and possibly Matt are at the bottom of the Hadley mystery. Gary learns from Josie that she had a miscarriage in the aftermath of Rayburn's capture. They begin rebuilding their lives. After Matt escorts her home, Lila agrees to see Matt again. Later, Lila tells Shane she isn't going to pursue his love any longer.

OCTOBER 9, 1997 (EP. #8460)
After Grant arranges for a TV press conference to exonerate Nick and honor Josie and Toni, Joe considers resignation since he fears Grant will invade his job as police captain. Toni accepts the medals for her and Josie's bravery and returns home to the Burrells for a celebration, which Nick has been invited to. Cindy convinces Paulina to keep quiet about the pills, but Cindy worries that Paulina will soon crack.. When Emily moves out of the apartment, Sofia suggests to Tomas that Nick move in.

OCTOBER 10, 1997 (EP. #8461)
Carl begs Rachel to believe that he is not having an affair and Amanda is horrified when she realizes Rachel is standing by her man. Amanda worries when Carl accuses Matt or Amanda of setting him up. Later, Rachel and Felicia come to a shaky agreement -- if Rachel agrees to consider that Alex isn't a bad man, Felicia will agree not to rush into marriage with Alex. Felicia tells Alex the November wedding is off. Joe is called away for his grandfather's funeral and Paulina worries about being left alone. Later, Joe shocks Josie and Gary when he asks Josie to be Acting Captain in his absence. Josie accepts Joe's offer, despite Gary's worries that Josie is willing to trade her family for her job.

OCTOBER 13, 1997 (EP. #8462)
Amanda is shocked when Carl accuses Matt of setting up the Hadley affair and therefore Carl refuses to work with Matt at Cory Publishing. Amanda and Matt are furious when Rachel takes Carl's side. After Carl goes to confront Alex, Amanda continues to impersonate Hadley when she calls Shane -- despite her promise to her brother Hadley will go away. Nick moves into Sofia and Tomas' apartment as their new roommate, in Emily's old room. He wants to just be roommates with Sofia until he can get his life back together. Lila helps Shane to see it's time to move on. Shane and Lila come to a new understanding in their relationship.

OCTOBER 14, 1997 (EP. #8463)
Promising Rachel he will get proof that Alex set the Hadley affair up, Carl makes a visit to Gary where he learns that the rumor of the affair started with Alex. Enough proof for him, Carl angrily goes to confront Alex. Although she promised to put Hadley to bed, Amanda thinks Hadley's life is more fun than her own. Hadley rents Jake's old apartment so she can use it for her date with Shane. To relieve her anxiety about being alone while Joe is gone, Paulina and Dante temporarily move in with Rachel.

OCTOBER 15, 1997 (EP. #8464)
Carl angrily confronts Alex on the rooftop of Alex's penthouse. Alex plays along with the lie of Carl's affair when Rachel and Felicia arrive. Finally Rachel gets Carl to leave and as Rachel heads down the stairs, Alex antagonizes Carl one last time. Carl leaps to attack Alex, and accidentally knocks Felicia into the skylight. As Matt and Lila go on their date at the Harbor Club, Hadley and Shane have a tete a tete at the Hotel Bar. At the end of the evening, the two couples run into each other and to Matt's surprise, Hadley boldly introduces herself to Lila as her new neighbor. Later, alone with Amanda, Matt confronts her about keeping Hadley around. Cindy's worst fears come true when after Grant gives the fertility god to Donna to give to a museum, Grant's attitude toward his wife changes drastically.

OCTOBER 16, 1997 (EP. #8465)
As Felicia fights for her life, Alex accuses Carl of attempted murder and Josie is forced to hold Carl for questioning. Distraught about Felicia, Rachel returns home to Matt and Amanda and tells them what has happened. Both Matt and Amanda worry about their roles in this war. Liking their date earlier in the week, Shane calls "Hadley" to arrange another meeting. Nick, Sofia and Tomas settle into their new life as roommates. Tomas is unsettled when he falls asleep and has a fantasy dream about Sofia. He is shocked that he has feelings for his old friend.

OCTOBER 17, 1997 (EP. #8466)
As Felicia's friends gather around her, Cass witnesses Alex's genuine love for Felicia. Feeling pressure from Grant who is getting pressure from Alex, Josie is forced to decide if she should book Carl on criminal charges or let him go free. Carl returns home with Rachel -- and Tyrone is his new defense lawyer. Etta Mae tells Tyrone she knew a handsome man like Tyrone once a long time ago. Cindy attempts to steal Booba back from the Harbor Club.

OCTOBER 20, 1997 (EP. #8467)
Rachel and Carl return home and Rachel refuses to tolerate Matt and Amanda's accusations. While Matt worries that Amanda will confess her crimes, Carl visits Felicia in the hospital and Felicia forgives Carl for the accident. While Hadley calls Rachel and tells her she is leaving Bay City forever, Paulina learns from Shane that he has gone on a date with Hadley. Cindy has a near miss with Donna when she steals the fertility god.

OCTOBER 21, 1997 (EP. #8468)
After Paulina learns of the mysterious call Rachel got from Hadley and she discovers that Shane is meeting Hadley at a bar, Paulina decides to meet the mystery woman. However, before Paulina can get Rachel to the bar to meet Hadley, Hadley disappears. Rachel is determined to meet her and she tracks Hadley to her suite and demands entry. Amanda panics. After a visit from her old friend Rachel who agrees with Felicia that both their men have flaws, Felicia unwraps her facial bandages and is horrified at what she sees. With unintended help from Donna, Lila makes progress with Matt.

OCTOBER 22, 1997 (EP. #8469)
Finding Rachel pounding at Hadley's door and realizing Amanda is inside, Matt pry's Rachel away and promises to tell her the whole truth. As Matt confesses to his mother that the entire Hadley plan was his idea, Amanda destroys all the evidence of Hadley and returns home, ready to confess. As Gary discovers a lost little girl and brings her home with him, Josie discovers some pills which killed a recent Jane Doe who she suspects has a child. Josie takes this new information to Paulina in hopes that Paulina will finally reveal who her supplier was. Although Paulina doesn't give the information, she is very close to confessing, leaving Cindy very worried. Cass tells Etta Mae that Tyrone's mother left a modest legacy to be split between Etta Mae and Tyrone.

OCTOBER 23, 1997 (EP. #8470)
Despite Amanda's protests and shock, Matt takes the entire blame for the Hadley scheme, and completely exonerates Amanda. Rachel is devastated and throws Matt out of the house and the family. Matt tells his sister to protect Rachel from Carl and Amanda feels very guilty that her plan went horribly wrong. Felicia is upset about her facial deformity and is in despair when she sees Alex's brief look of horror at her face. Although Alex tries to convince her that she will be beautiful again, Felicia knows that things have changed between them. Later, Felicia sneaks out of her hospital room, preparing to disappear forever. Josie realizes the little girl staying with them is the Jane Doe's daughter. As Gary and Josie care for the child, they grow closer and make love for the first time since the miscarriage.

OCTOBER 24, 1997 (EP. #8471)
Felicia disappears into the night and is taken in by a caring homeless man who helps her to see that her looks don't matter. As Alex vows to get revenge on Carl for taking away his love yet again, Felicia opens up to this strange homeless person. As Josie and Gary bond further with Rain, Grant confronts Paulina and warns her not to tell anyone that Cindy gave Paulina the pills. Paulina realizes Grant is the person who gave Cindy the pills to give to her and Grant will know the street pusher who is providing the drugs which killed Jane Doe. As Kirkland infuriates his father by telling him that Jake will be his daddy also, Vicky runs into Shane who tells her he still loves her.

OCTOBER 28, 1997 (EP. #8473)
Vicky reminded Shane that she is engaged to Jake, but realized that Shane's declarations of love still affected her. Vicky rushed out after discovering that Shane was purchasing jewelry for another woman. Matt moved into Hadley's old apartment. Amanda told Matt that she wishes to confess everything to Rachel, but Matt maintained that Rachel will never forgive their actions. Matt warned Amanda that Alex will destroy the Cory family to get revenge against Carl and suggested that Amanda stay away from him. Lila brought groceries for Gary and Josie and reproached Amanda for showing intense contempt towards her. Amanda was touched when Jake gifted her with a gold whistle. Matt threatened to expose Alex to Felicia. Alex ordered Matt to be tailed and stopped from getting to Felicia. Josie tried to get Paulina to reveal her drug supplier by emphasizing that she can prevent more children from becoming orphans like Rain. Rain overheard Gary and Josie discuss becoming her legal guardians. Lila gave Josie advice on coping with a miscarriage. Vicky was surprised to learn that Shane and Lila have not reunited. Vicky sought comfort from Jake. Paulina thanked Shane for not being judgmental towards her. Vicky admitted to Paulina that she regrets lashing out at Lila. Lila agreed to go with Matt to Jake and Vicky's engagement party.

OCTOBER 29, 1997 (EP. #8474)
Dana and Jake seethed when Grant and Cindy used Jake and Vicky's engagement party to engineer a photo opportunity for the press. Donna stole Booba from Cindy and planned to use its powers for herself. Gary discussed Felicia's whereabouts with Carl and Rachel, who confessed that she is keeping it a secret to maintain Felicia's confidence. Rachel was too worried about Felicia and angry with Matt to talk to Amanda. Alex disrupted the party to rage at everyone, including Carl and Rachel. Fearing for the twin's safety, Gary and Shane caught up to Alex, who recited a Greek curse against Carl and escaped. Felicia and Shane escorted Paulina and Amanda to the party. Shane admitted to Paulina that he still loves Vicky. Amanda was miffed that Matt brought Lila as his date for the engagment party. Grant stopped Paulina from going to the police to reveal the name of her drug supplier. Felicia frantically made plans to leave Bay City while secretly keeping tabs on Cass. Alex planted evidence to throw Gary and Carl off his track. Alex lured Rachel to an abandoned church by making her believe that she could assist Felicia there. Alex stealthily attacked Rachel from behind.

OCTOBER 30, 1997 (EP. #8475)
Tomas teased Nick over the love letters he has been writing to Sofia. Tomas begrudgingly watched Nick and Sofia flirt with each other at the Halloween party. Sofia mistakenly believes that Tomas wrote the love letters she has been receiving. Vicky quickly removed her old crone costume and happily kissed Jake. Donna tried to use Booba's powers on Cass. Vicky became upset after jumping to the hasty conclusion that Shane bought jewelry for Amanda. Vicky was unnerved after having an encounter with Shane, but was relieved that Shane bought the necklace for Paulina. Shane professed his love to Vicky and kissed her, which was witnessed by Donna. Donna orchestrated Shane and Lila's win as "King and Queen" of the Halloween party. Etta Mae advised Vicky to avoid Shane to conquer her lingering feelings for him. Tyrone replaced Chris as Toni's date since Chris was called away to work. Gary reassured a disfigured Felicia that everyone loves her unconditionally. Alex tied Rachel up and planned to put her in a stone crypt as payback for Carl's crimes. Alex boasted that the church will be demolished and she will become part of the foundation of a shopping mall. Alex confronted Felicia over leaving him.

OCTOBER 31, 1997 (EP. #8476)
Carl was frightened after reading Alex's cryptic note he left on the Cory Mansion's door. Shane begged Paulina to reveal the source of her diet pills to the police. Carl convinced Amanda that Alex is holding Rachel captive in exchange for Felicia. Cindy fumed when Grant insisted on keeping his appointments. Donna happily seduced Cass with Booba's help. Jake and Vicky decided to make love after resisting their temptations. Paulina got upset when Joe revealed that she uses the same drug pusher as the woman who died from an overdose. Donna caught Cindy trying to steal Booba from her. Alex feigned indignation when Grant accused him of kidnapping Rachel. Amanda lied to Alex that Rachel is at the hospital talking to Shane, but failed to get Alex to reveal Rachel's whereabouts. Cindy tricked Donna into taking a fake Booba. Donna got upset when a tired Cass went home to sleep. Carl hinted that he knows Zoey's whereabouts when Alex balked at leading him to Rachel. Cindy was stunned when Grant claimed that he is grateful for her unconditional love and does not care about being linked to Paulina's drug addiction. Paulina implied to Joe that Grant provided Cindy with the amphetamines. Shane's worst fears were confirmed while he worked in his lab. Alex grabbed Rachel, stopped her from stabbing him with daggers, and fibbed that her family has been torn apart.

NOVEMBER 3, 1997 (EP. #8477)
While Rachel is trapped in the sarcophagus with no means of escape, and Carl and Matt argue over who is responsible, Alex worries he will lose Felicia forever if he follows through with his plan. The clock ticks as the building is prepared for demolition, while Alex tries to make a decision. Rain sees Popper in the police squadron but before Josie can distinguish what is upsetting the little girl, Popper is released. Josie learns Popper's real name and determines to find this awful man. Shane discovers he has a rare disease and reluctantly tells Tomas this secret. Later, Shane kisses a skeptical Lila.

NOVEMBER 4, 1997 (EP. #8478)
Vicky, Jake and the boys come up with the perfect wedding that is unique to their family. Josie and Gary look into the possibility of becoming permanent foster parents for Rain. Later, Josie learns Rain's father Popper is the one who has been supplying amphetamines. Toni turns down a date with Chris to spend time in Chicago with Tyrone and Etta Mae. After a little help from Paulina, Felicia decides to fly to LA for plastic surgery performed by a doctor Shane has recommended.

NOVEMBER 5, 1997 (EP. #8479)
Alex and Grant are forced to form an unholy alliance when Grant discovers that Alex is holding Rachel captive. As Rachel tries to free herself, Carl hurries to free Rachel from her grave before it is too late. After visiting Paulina where she learns of Josie and Gary's new houseguest and that Paulina is close to turning Grant in, Cindy relays these new findings to Grant. Grant decides to make trouble for Josie just as Josie arrives to bring Grant in for questioning in the drug case.

NOVEMBER 6, 1997 (EP. #8480)
While Carl tries to free his wife, Alex offers Matt and Amanda a proposition which will put an end to Carl and Alex's feud. After Amanda and Matt agree to Alex's deal, Alex rushes to the church to save Rachel, and spots her, just as the church starts to explode. Shane realizes his disease could be fatal, and visits Vicky and gives her a look which speaks volumes. Thinking the love notes are from Tomas, and not Nick, Sofia decides to ignore them and hope Tomas' feelings for her just go away.

NOVEMBER 7, 1997 (EP. #8481)
Despite Shane trying to make her leave Jake, Vicky tells both Shane and her mother, Jake is the one she loves. Later, Shane visits Lila and tells her he has something serious to say to her. Carl is rescued from the church and learns no one could have survived the demolition. Amanda is devastated when Carl tells her Rachel was in the church during the explosion. Grant and Cindy refuse to admit to Joe and Josie, any involvement with the illegal pills. Cindy worries when Grant tells her to trust him to handle her problems with the police.

NOVEMBER 10, 1997 (EP. #8482)
Shane apologizes to Lila for his treatment of her and she realizes something must be wrong. Later, Lila correctly surmises Shane has a disease and insists on accompanying him to Chicago to help him. While Rachel's body is carried by an unknown person to a remote location, Amanda deals with her guilt as Carl refuses to believe Rachel is dead. Alex is also missing. Etta Mae, Toni and Ty wonder about the meaning of a key Tyrone's mother left Etta Mae. Later, Etta Mae leaves after seeing a picture at the jazz club which causes her painful memories. Tyrone and Toni find themselves awkwardly close when they try and recreate a picture.

NOVEMBER 11, 1997 (EP. #8483)
Jake and Vicky run into Shane and Lila in Chicago and romantic tension runs high. Later, as Shane decides to fight to stay alive, for Vicky, Jake tells Vicky when they put on their wedding rings, it is forever. Tomas tells a very relieved Sofia that he didn't write the love letters. Later, Tomas and Sofia rehearse a love scene and Nick walks in on what looks like a very real kiss between the two roommates. Frustrating Josie, Grant stops Cindy from making a statement against him regarding the drug case. But the case isn't over when Popper is brought into the station and Rain ID's him.

NOVEMBER 12, 1997 (EP. #8484)
Due to a power outage, Vicky and Shane are trapped on the hospital roof together and Shane professes his love to Vicky. With a little help from Jake, Paulina starts to believe in herself again and tries to help pull the Cory's together which is proving a difficult task. Later, Rachel wakes up and when it appears she has no memory, Alex sends Carl a note, stating Rachel is alive. Sofia writes a letter to arrange a meeting with her mysterious admirer. Later, the lights go out and Sofia kisses Tomas, who she has mistaken for Nick.

NOVEMBER 13, 1997 (EP. #8485)
Jake and Lila rescue Shane and Vicky from the hospital roof. Jake and Vicky happily leave as Shane vows to stop their wedding. Carl and Matt form a temporary truce for Rachel's sake. Feigning memory loss to make Alex free her, Rachel is returned to her family, and promptly loses consciousness. To help their budding romance, Nick tells Sofia he is moving out. Tomas is thrilled.

NOVEMBER 14, 1997 (EP. #8486)
Trying to win Vicky back, Shane sends her an anonymous note asking her to meet him on a boat. While Vicky prepares to meet "Jake", Lila learns about Shane's plan and makes a decision. Chris continues to feel left out of Toni's life when he sees Toni and Tyrone work together to discover the meaning of a key. Later, Chris and Toni go on a date, and Tyrone looks on with jealousy. Josie tells Gary she wants to adopt Rain. After talking with Tyrone about adoption, Gary worries Josie could get her heart broken.

NOVEMBER 17, 1997 (EP. #8487)
While Jake and Vicky realize Shane was the one who asked Vicky to come to the boat, Lila convinces Shane to get medical help from his sister, Patty. Later, as Jake tells Shane to stay away from Vicky, Vicky decides to ask Patty to help convince Shane Vicky is marrying Jake. Gary sends Popper back to jail when Popper tries to sell Rain to Gary and Josie. Thinking that Popper has left town, Grant celebrates his good fortune with Cindy. Carl vows to find Alex, no matter what.

NOVEMBER 18, 1997 (EP. #8488)
Shane discovers where Vicky is having her bridal shower and prepares a surprise for her, as Jake and Chris come up with a plan of their own. Despite Tomas trying to tell Sofia the truth, Sofia is certain her secret admirer is Matt and prepares to confront him. Tyrone shocks Toni with a kiss and admits he has feelings for her. Later, Chris asks Toni what is going on between her and Tyrone.

NOVEMBER 19, 1997 (EP. #8489)
Vicky is startled at the gift Shane gives her for her bridal party. Jake and Chris crash the party and Jake is touched when Vicky tells him how much he means to her. Marley arrives into town. Sofia starts to write a letter to Matt but is stopped by Nick's entrance. Tomas unsuccessfully tries to tell Sofia the truth about the letters. Nick sees Sofia's letter to Matt and wonders what is going on. Cindy tells Grant she would like to keep Kirkland. Grant tells her he might be able to gain custody if Vicky shows she is a negligent mother.

NOVEMBER 20, 1997 (EP. #8490)
After Shane kisses Marley thinking she is Vicky, Marley confronts her twin and asks what is going on. After a heart to heart with her sister, Vicky decides to be honest about her feelings for Shane. Grant and Alex establish a shaky partnership due to Grant's knowledge of Alex's involvement with Rachel's disappearance. Later, Carl moves out of the mansion to try and lure Alex into his trap. Upset that Tyrone has feelings for her, Toni tries to explain to Chris why their relationship seems to have taken a wrong turn.

NOVEMBER 21, 1997 (EP. #8491)
Since Vicky has disappeared to talk to Shane, Marley is forced to pose as Vicky for Vicky's wedding, convincing even Grant that she is Vicky. Marley hopes her sister can get to the church on time. Josie learns from Toni that Rain has a living natural grandmother. Josie packs a bag.

NOVEMBER 24, 1997 (EP. #8492)
After talking with Shane, Vicky makes it back in time for her wedding and as the ceremony proceeds, Shane arrives with intent to win Vicky back. Tomas writes a response to Sofia's letter to Matt trying to convince her that her secret admirer isn't Matt after all. Although Carl and Rachel successfully stage an argument for Cindy's benefit, Cindy pretends to leave and sees the couple renew their love.

NOVEMBER 25, 1997 (EP. #8493)
Shane gets devastating news when he learns his disease cannot be cured and he tells Lila who is shattered. Later, Shane visits shocked Vicky and wishes her many years of happiness with Jake. Nick is devastated when he finds an anonymous love letter to Sofia, thinking the author is Matt. Joe puts out an APB for Alex when Grant tells Joe Cindy saw Carl hugging Rachel. Felicia wonders if she will ever recognize herself again once her bandages are removed. She decides she must make some changes in her life.

NOVEMBER 26, 1997 (EP. #8494)
Trying unsuccessfully to make peace within the Cory family and upset Joe has to go back to work on Thanksgiving, Paulina goes to a local bar where she runs into Shane. The two commiserate together. After coming to terms with the possibility of losing Rain, Josie leaves to meet Rain's grandmother to see if she is willing and suitable to raise Rain. After Felicia and Cass celebrate Felicia's successful surgery, Alex sneaks into Felicia's hospital room and begs her to meet him later at the place they first kissed. Felicia doesn't reveal that Alex has contacted her.

NOVEMBER 27, 1997: Pre-empted for Thanksgiving.

NOVEMBER 28, 1997 (EP. #8495)
As Jake and Vicky happily begin their honeymoon, a devastated Shane decides to leave Bay City. While on the flight, Shane's illness returns and he collapses. Etta Mae is shocked when she sees Toni and Tyrone kiss. After fantasizing about a happy ending with Kirkland, Grant learns that Alex is in LA and Carl is on his way to find him.

DECEMBER 1, 1997 (EP. #8496)
While Etta Mae tries to convince Toni not to fall in love with Tyrone, Tyrone desperately tries to find more clues about his father. Later, Toni asks Tyrone for time to sort things out with Chris. After arriving in LA, Carl and Gary search for Alex, knowing he might be with Felicia. When the duo discovers Felicia is meeting with someone, they make a surprise appearance at the meeting. Amanda and Rachel try to rebuild their old closeness, but Amanda is too guilt-ridden.

DECEMBER 2, 1997 (EP. #8497)
After a near miss with Alex, Carl and Gary return to Bay City. Carl is shocked and skeptical when Alex calls conceding defeat. Alex secretly puts Carl under surveillance and then asks for Grant's help with his master plan. Furious at the person who is writing her love letters, Sofia angrily states she will never speak to this person again. Tomas tries to write Sofia an explanation. Returning Vicky and Jake's so-called wedding present to Grant, Donna angrily warns Grant not to split up Vicky and Jake.

DECEMBER 3, 1997 (EP. #8498)
As Vicky and Jake happily spend time together, Lila searches for Shane. When Lila learns of Shane's whereabouts, she makes a visit to Vicky's hoping to come up with a way to bring Shane home. Sofia and Nick clear up the love letter misunderstanding and simultaneously discover that it was Tomas who wrote the final letter. Sofia tells Nick she will take care of Tomas. Paulina is upset when Joe confronts her about her drinking. Joe tells Paulina he thinks she has a drinking problem.

DECEMBER 4, 1997 (EP. #8499)
While Vicky and Jake leave on a romantic weekend to Rome, Lila steals a sample of Vicky's writing and writes a letter from Vicky to Shane begging him to come home. Paulina and Joe have a tough confrontation about Paulina's drinking. Later, Cindy and Paulina revive their old friendship with a bottle of wine and Joe worries when he finds the empty bottle in the trash. Toni helps Tyrone look for his father. Tomas tells Sofia he loves her.

DECEMBER 5, 1997 (EP. #8500)
Toni and Tyrone learn that the man Artie thinks is his father, is dead. Wanting to be on the "inside" again, Matt apologizes to Carl. Much to Lila's chagrin, the letter she wrote to Shane is returned and intercepted by Donna who wonders why Vicky is asking Shane to come home. Later, Lila discovers Shane is in Chicago.

DECEMBER 8, 1997 (EP. #8501)
Helping Alex with his plan, Grant goes to the penthouse to get Alex's belongings, and runs into curious Felicia who wonders why he is there. Cindy does some fancy footwork to help Grant out of a potentially sticky situation. Nick creates a Christmas wonderland for Sofia and the two pretend to marry under the stars. As Nick and Sofia's kiss grows more passionate, they are interrupted by Tomas who tells them Luisa will be staying with them for a few days. Etta Mae and Toni have a heart to heart where Etta Mae tells Toni to be careful of her feelings for Tyrone and that she wishes Tyrone would stop looking for his father. Later, Toni tries unsuccessfully to tell Chris about her growing feelings for her childhood friend.

DECEMBER 9, 1997 (EP. #8502)
Lila finds Shane and convinces him to come home to Bay City. In return for breaking into Nikos' safe, Grant asks Alex to help him win custody of Kirkland. Later, Grant secretly mics Cindy when he learns she is going out with Paulina, hoping that Paulina and Cindy will talk about the information Joe has on Alex. After a talk with Tomas, Nick convinces Sofia to wait until they are married to make love. Nick secretly makes arrangements to get his grandmother's engagement ring.

DECEMBER 10, 1997 (EP. #8503)
While Lila and Shane return home, Donna confronts Vicky with her "letter" to Shane. Vicky denies writing the letter and is convinced Lila is behind it. Later, Jake discovers the picture in his Christmas stocking of "Vicky" and Shane kissing and wonders what is going on. Toni tells Tyrone she wants to give her relationship with Chris another chance. Later, Etta Mae cries over an old baby blanket. After having one too many drinks with Cindy and knowing Joe will overreact, Paulina lies to Joe saying she is staying out late shopping with Amanda. Grant steals Carl's hospital records for Alex.

DECEMBER 11, 1997 (EP. #8504)
After Jake realizes Marley is the one kissing Shane and not Vicky, Vicky tells Jake about the letter. Jake confronts Lila and learns she wrote the letter, but Shane knows nothing about it. Later, Jake wonders what is going on when she sees Lila pick up more medicine for Shane. Grant eavesdrops on Cindy and Paulina and learns Joe suspects Grant and Alex of being in cahoots. Grant calls Alex to warn him while Joe angrily confronts Paulina about her lying. Unsuccessful in locating Rain's grandmother, Josie returns home and tells Gary she wants to drop the search. Gary agrees.

DECEMBER 12, 1997 (EP. #8505)
After Lila admits to Jake Shane is dying, Jake confronts Shane. Shane asks Jake not to tell Vicky and Jake reluctantly agrees. Lila learns Shane's health is improving, but decides to keep this news a secret for fear Shane will run right back to Vicky. While Joe questions Grant about his involvement with Alex, Paulina takes some medicine with a glass of wine and groggily turns the oven on but forgets to light it. Paulina passes out from gas fumes. Toni tells Chris she wants to give their relationship a chance.

DECEMBER 15, 1997 (EP. #8506)
After Jake saves her life, Paulina, upset by her error, tells Joe she is going to stop drinking. Joe is proud of his wife, although remorseful he wasn't there when she needed him the most. Lila continues to let Shane believe he is dying but feels guilty about her actions. Lila successfully convinces Shane to move in with her until Christmas so she can take care of him. Trying to make the most romantic wedding proposal he can, Nick enlists Felicia's help and advice. But Felicia's suggestions get him arrested for breaking and entering!

DECEMBER 16, 1997 (EP. #8507)
Toni and Josie come to Nick's aid when Nick is arrested for breaking and entering into Sofia's apartment. When they discover Nick's plan to propose, they agree to help him win Sofia's hand. Unsuspecting, Sofia learns Nick has been arrested and heads to the police station. Carl and Matt form an uneasy alliance to try and flush Alex out of hiding. Matt goes to see Grant to deliver a message for Alex. While Grant and Matt talk, Cindy realizes the pin Grant gave her is really a listening device and she plans to get even with her eavesdropping husband.

DECEMBER 17, 1997 (EP. #8508)
After a talk with Lila who convinces him to keep the secret of Shane's imminent death, Jake decides to take Vicky and the boys away for Christmas, as Vicky makes her own Christmas surprise for Jake that hinges on them staying in Bay City on December 25th. With a little help from his friends, Nick romantically proposes to Sofia and Sofia happily accepts! Josie decides that if she must choose between her career and motherhood, she will choose motherhood.

DECEMBER 18, 1997 (EP. #8509)
When Vicky sees Shane at Lila's, she worries when she witnesses him having a seizure. Lila returns home to do damage control as Jake takes Vicky away, angry she went to Lila's. As Lila helps Shane, Vicky and Jake make love after their first fight. Cindy gets even with her husband when she pretends to confess to Joe about Grant and Alex's alliance. After he makes love to Cindy, Grant gets a call from Alex with his next assignment, to kill Alex. Tyrone is stunned when King recognizes Etta Mae as Satin.

DECEMBER 19, 1997 (EP. #8510)
While Lila reluctantly agrees to help Grant with his plan to take Kirkland away from Vicky, Jake and Vicky have the family over for a Christmas eve dinner. Not realizing it's from Grant, Vicky brings in a gift mysteriously left on the porch. After a visit from King, Tyrone presses Etta Mae for the truth about his father, and he suddenly realizes that Etta Mae is his mother!

DECEMBER 22, 1997 (EP. #8511)
Despite Etta Mae's denial, Tyrone believes Etta Mae is his mother and privately determines to get some answers. Later, Tyrone is shocked when Toni admits she has feelings for him. Jake tells Lila that Vicky will know the truth about Shane after Christmas, and she will learn it from either Jake or Shane. Paulina and Joe argue when Cindy comes to drop off a Christmas present. But Cindy secretly leaves a surveillance device, so that Grant can keep tabs on the police chief.

DECEMBER 23, 1997 (EP. #8512)
Convinced that Etta Mae is his mother, Tyrone breaks things off with Toni, much to her dismay. Later, Tyrone tells Cass he is in love with his (Tyrone) sister. Vicky and Jake's Christmas takes an unexpected turn when the Christmas present Vicky arranged for Jake cancels when Jake, wanting to keep Vicky happy, cancels his surprise trip for Vicky to London. After Tomas tries to convince Sofia to leave Nick, Sofia asks Tomas to move out of their apartment. Nick and Sofia spend their first Christmas together as fiancees.

DECEMBER 24, 1997 (EP. #8513)
After Jake tells Shane he must tell Vicky the truth about his illness, Shane attempts to tell her, but collapses in Vicky's arms before he can get the words out. When Carl receives a threatening present from Alex, he begs Felicia to bring Alex to him. Josie and Gary worry when Rain's grandmother shows up on their doorstep with intent to raise Rain on her own.

DECEMBER 25, 1997: Pre-empted.

DECEMBER 26, 1997 (EP. #8514)
After making sure Vicky won't leave her family to take care of him, Shane tells devastated Vicky he is dying. Wanting to put Joe in his pocket, Grant slips in on sleeping Paulina and makes it appear she has passed out on pills. Then, to make it look like she has also been careless, he lights some candles. As Grant leaves, the room fills up with smoke. Working hard to quell any romantic feelings for Toni, Tyrone moves out of the Burrell household, crushing Toni and making her wonder what is going on.

DECEMBER 29, 1997 (EP. #8515)
While Jake makes the decision to tell Vicky about Shane's illness, Vicky is devastated when she learns the news from Shane himself. After devastated Vicky leaves, Shane throws away his medication. Grant's plan to discredit Paulina goes awry when the Carlino's house bursts into flames with Paulina and Dante inside. Joe rushes home, but can't see his wife and son through the smoke.

DECEMBER 30, 1997 (EP. #8516)
After saving Paulina and Dante from the fire, Joe's relief turns to skepticism when he worries that the fire was caused by Paulina's drug dependency. As Joe asks for a drug test on his wife, Grant is genuinely relieved that Paulina and Dante are OK and hopes the fire won't be traced back to him. Making the decision not to prolong his life anymore, Shane prepares to sail away from Bay City forever, not realizing Lila is frantically trying to find him since she knows continued use of the medication will make Shane live. Lila finds Shane.

DECEMBER 31, 1997 (EP. #8517)
Joe angrily confronts Paulina after he learns there were traces of drugs in her blood the night of the fire. But Paulina denies his accusations, making Joe even angrier. Thanks to some quick thinking, Lila gets Shane to agree to continue taking his medication. Touched by Lila's concern, Shane makes love to her. Jake is shocked when Vicky forgives him for keeping Shane's illness a secret from her. As the New Year rings in, Rachel, Carl, Cass and Felicia agree to move ahead with their plan to trap Alex.