JANUARY 1, 1998: Pre-empted for the Gator Bowl.

JANUARY 2, 1998 (EP. #8518)
Paulina is shocked when Joe accuses her of causing the fire that burned down his family home and risked the life of their child. Joe refuses to believe Paulina when she denies being on drugs that night and he seeks Gary's advice in dealing with addictions. Paulina is upset Joe doesn't believe her. After Grant overhears Matt and Amanda talking about Carl's plan, he gleefully lets Alex know Carl and Felicia are working together. Alex calls Felicia and promises her they will be together soon. Gary convinces Josie they must let Rain live with her grandmother.

JANUARY 5, 1998 (EP. #8519)
Furious when he discovers Carl is still planning on going after Alex, Joe shocks Paulina and Rachel when he states he doesn't want Paulina and Dante moving into Rachel's home. After Joe gives Rachel a few choice words about the Cory failings, Paulina sadly realizes Joe is calling all the shots now. Josie and Gary start the long uphill battle of putting their lives back together after the miscarriage and losing Rain.

JANUARY 6, 1998 (EP. #8520)
While Paulina promises her son she will never let harm come to him, Joe and Sofia commiserate about losing their family home. Later, Joe tells Paulina and Rachel his family can move into the Cory mansion if Carl can assure him it is safe, but Carl is nowhere to be found. Gary learns from Toni that Josie was accepted to a special FBI training program but she turned it down because she doesn't want to leave her husband. Wanting Josie to follow her dreams, Gary convinces Josie to take the assignment.

JANUARY 7, 1998 (EP. #8521)
Doing some fancy footwork, Lila convinces Shane to return to Bay City. Once home, Lila fakes a phone call from Shane's doctor which (finally) gives him the wonderful news he is going to live. Lila panics when Shane wants to talk to the doctor himself. As Joe wonders what is going on, Alex puts his plan into motion and tricks Matt into coming to see him. Once Matt is on his way, Alex summons Felicia. Carl goes in Felicia's place -- walking right into Alex's trap.

JANUARY 8, 1998 (EP. #8522)
Using Matt as a shield, Alex takes Carl hostage. As Matt returns home taking full blame for what has happened to his step-father, Alex takes Carl onto his jet, and reveals his ultimate plan -- to become Carl Hutchins. The two men come to blows and a gun goes off -- and the plane goes down. Joe tells Rachel Carl may be dead. Although frustrated that he didn't get to talk to the doctor himself (thanks to Lila), Shane runs some tests and is thrilled to discover he really is going to live. Shane goes to see Vicky.

JANUARY 9, 1998 (EP. #8523)
Upset by the news her husband may be dead, Rachel confides in Felicia that she believes not only may Carl be dead, but she thinks Amanda was involved in Alex's schemes against Carl. Later, Rachel is thrilled when she is reunited with the very much alive Carl, unaware that Alex is not dead. Thrilled that Shane is going to live, Vicky and Shane embrace, just as Jake walks in. Gary and Lila run into each other at the office and Lila is touched by Gary's concern for her. Gary admits to Lila he misses Josie.

JANUARY 12, 1998 (EP. #8524)
Upon learning Shane is going to live, Jake is mildly suspicious of Lila's role in the chronology of events. Later, while Vicky reassures Jake Shane will not pursue her again, Shane tells Lila he is moving out to pursue his research. Lila is determined to get more than friendship out of Shane. After learning from Toni that Tyrone is still checking into his birth, Etta Mae calls Tyrone and reluctantly says she is ready to tell him the truth. Cindy realizes Grant was in Paulina's house the night of the fire when she discovers the dragonfly bug in his newly cleaned suit. She starts to put two and two together.

JANUARY 13, 1998 (EP. #8525)
Rachel is stunned and dismayed when Carl tells her Alex was planning on impersonating him and that he had an accomplice on the inside. Carl thinks that person is Matt. Rachel makes an appointment to see her son. As an insurance policy, Cindy secretly mails the bug to Paulina and then asks Grant specific questions which confirm her suspicions that Grant started the fire. Grant is shocked when Cindy prepares to leave him and is stunned when she reveals she knows Grant started the Carlino's fire. While Paulina makes a private decision that she needs help and secretly makes an appointment with Father Gordon, Nick and Sofia tell Joe about their engagement and the three celebrate. Joe returns home and the couple attempt to rebuild their relationship.

JANUARY 14, 1998 (EP. #8526)
Although Matt denies the charge that he helped Alex in his plot to take over Carl's identity, Rachel tells her son to leave Carl alone. Matt decides to move away from Cory publishing and branch out on his own. Grant successfully convinces Cindy not to go to the police with her new information, but he worries when she admits she has hidden the bug as her insurance policy. Later, Cindy gets a call from Alexander and decides to do a little investigating her own -- without telling Grant. Etta Mae tells Tyrone she had a baby girl with Artie Willis, not Tyrone, and she begs Tyrone to keep this secret. While Tyrone realizes his search for his father has come to a dead end, Toni accepts another date with Chris.

JANUARY 15, 1998 (EP. #8527)
Using Cindy as his pawn, Alex tricks Carl into walking into his lair and knocks him unconscious. As Alex makes a stunning transformation, unsuspecting Rachel gets Amanda to admit she was Hadley Prescott and tells her never to tell Carl. As Joe has a heart to heart with Gary who tells him Joe might need help, Paulina talks with Shane and lets out her own frustrations. Paulina leaves her meeting with Shane upbeat, but her mood quickly crashes when she runs into Joe and learns he saw Father Gordon behind her back.

JANUARY 16, 1998 (EP. #8528)
Escaping from Alex's trap, Carl rushes to save Rachel as Cindy gets the police. Carl and "Carl" face off and Rachel quickly realizes which is which. To save her husbands life, Rachel shoots "Carl" and Carl takes off the mask to reveal Alex. As Grant and Cindy tell Joe about Alex, Felicia arrives in time to hear Alex say he loves her. Alex dies and the war is finally over. Wanting to ask Shane to leave Bay City for good, Vicky goes to his home where she finds Lila who is seductively in Shane's bed. Vicky leaves Lila to Shane, unaware that Lila is trying to get pregnant with Shane's baby.

JANUARY 19, 1998 (EP. #8529)
After Shane rejects an angry Lila, Lila runs to Matt's arms, stating she is through with Shane. Later, Shane runs into Vicky who asks him to leave Bay City. Shane considers her request. Joe and Paulina confront each other and Paulina admits she is worried they will lose each other in this crisis. Joe admits his own desperation and he is drawn closer to Paulina by her willingness to apologize for her recent behavior. Sofia and Nick move up their wedding date.

JANUARY 20, 1998 (EP. #8530)
After seeing how good Shane is with Kirkland, Jake asks Shane to continue being the little boy's doctor, but warns Shane to let Vicky off the roller-coaster ride. Lila tells Matt about Shane's discovery and Matt tells Lila Shane will be rich. Lila decides to become Shane's wife -- if not by one way than by another. Sofia accepts Donna's offer to help with the wedding. Later, as Nick asks Sofia to consider asking Paulina to be her matron of honor, Paulina tells Vicky what has been going on with her marriage.

JANUARY 21, 1998 (EP. #8531)
As Jake and Vicky decide not to worry about Shane, Shane decides he wants to stay in Bay City. After Matt sells most of his Cory stock to Carl, Matt announces to Lila his plans to start a pharmaceutical company. Matt and Lila toast their future. Determined to track down Hadley, Carl is shocked when he discovers the owner of the pen he found in Hadley's apartment bear the initials AC.

JANUARY 22, 1998 (EP. #8532)
Cleverly Grant discovers that Paulina has the pin and fearing for her friend's life, Cindy promises to get it back. But Grant continues to worry when he discovers Gary is looking into the fire. Joe is furious when he learns Jake believes Paulina's admission that she didn't take the drugs. Joe tells Jake to stay away from his wife. As Nick learns that he can do a story on Alexander Nikos only if new information is found, Matt opens up to Sofia about his involvement with Alex.

JANUARY 23, 1998 (EP. #8533)
The walls start closing in on Grant when Paulina refuses to give Cindy back the pin and Gary continues to pry into the fire. When Grant seals the files on the fire, Gary's suspicion of him grows. After a heart to heart with Jake, Joe tells Paulina that their love will see them through. Using his investigative skills, Nick learns more and more about Matt's ties to Nikos and Hadley Prescott. As Nick writes his story, Matt tells Sofia what he told her is confidential. Despite Cass' warnings, Felicia is more determined than ever to find Wally and help him.

JANUARY 26, 1998 (EP. #8534)
When Paulina catches Cindy trying to steal back the pin, Paulina is more curious than ever to figure out the significance of it. Joe recognizes the pin as an ornament he saw hanging on the tree before the fire. Gary runs into a dead end in the Carlino fire case. After her attempts to get Shane to sleep with her fail, Lila decides Shane's baby will be fathered by Matt. Clueless as to Lila's plans, Matt works on a proposal to give to Shane so that Matt's company will handle Shane's miracle drug. Although he knows the story could be the break he needs, Nick agrees to drop the Alexander Nikos/Matt Cory story for Sofia whose upset he was planning on publishing it. Later, Matt discovers Nick's notes and is furious when he thinks the story is going forward.

JANUARY 27, 1998 (EP. #8535)
After Vicky learns from Lila that she and Shane are not leaving Bay City, Vicky and Jake decide to return to NYC for a few months, but they run into a few roadblocks. Carl discovers Amanda was Hadley Prescott. Toni gets s surprise romantic gift and wonders if it is from Chris or Tyrone. Later Tyrone calls Toni when Cass' office is ransacked.

JANUARY 28, 1998 (EP. #8536)
After Cindy gives Paulina a reasonable explanation about the pin, Paulina returns the dragonfly and asks Cindy to tell Joe she wasn't on drugs the night of the fire. Puzzling Paulina Cindy gives the pin back to her and suspicious, Joe and Paulina crack it open. Rachel admits to furious Carl that she knew that Amanda was Hadley but defends Amanda. Rachel finds Carl packing. Convinced Ty sent her the lovebirds, Toni accepts a date with him.

JANUARY 29, 1998 (EP. #8537)
Grant is pleased with Cindy when she reveals she took the bug out of the pin before she returned it to Paulina. As Grant and Cindy celebrate their good fortune, Joe is disappointed when Paulina turns down his request to hire a nanny. As Gary tells Paulina that the fire doesn't look suspicious, Joe asks Sofia to help with Dante. Carl leaves Rachel, but she is certain he will be back. Sofia turns down Matt's job offer and Matt thinks it is because Nick told her to, not because she is helping with Dante.

JANUARY 30, 1998 (EP. #8538)
Vicky and Shane are shocked to discover that they are chairing a hospital committee together. After Lila learns that tonight is the prime time for her to conceive, Lila leaves a message for Matt asking him to come over. Wedding pressure mounts for Sofia and Nick but the two love birds realize everything will be fine again once they are married.

FEBRUARY 2, 1998 (EP. #8539)
Not realizing her master plan is to get pregnant and pass the baby off as Shane's, Matt makes love to Lila. Admitting to Vicky that he now believes Shane will not come between them, Jake declares his undying love for his wife. Felicia and Cass are separately invited for a romantic adventure to a Country Inn.

FEBRUARY 3, 1998 (EP. #8540)
When Shane drops by unexpectedly and Lila gets excited, Matt realizes Lila still has feelings for her ex-husband and asks her to forget their love making ever happened. Cass and Felicia are stunned when they meet on the romantic tryst and they wonder who set them up. Charlie realizes this is just like the plot in one of Felicia's novels -- the only problem is that Felicia can't remember the plot! Discovering that neither Chris nor Tyrone sent her the love birds, Toni wonders who her secret admirer is.

FEBRUARY 4, 1998 (EP. #8541)
When she learns that Shane is quitting the hospital committee, Vicky is furious and confronts him. Shane admits to Vicky that there is something wrong with his research. Felicia, Cass, Etta Mae and Toni all realize the events that have happened are part of the plot in one of Felicia's novels. The group discovers the novel in Wally's hideout and they wonder what will happen next. After lending her car to a friend, Paulina, Jake and Dante spend the day together.

FEBRUARY 5, 1998 (EP. #8542)
As Joe and Sofia worry that Paulina has fallen off the wagon, Jake, Paulina and Dante have fun watching planes at the airport. When Paulina returns home after a fun, sober day, and sees how upset Joe is by her unexplained absence she realizes how deep Joe's mistrust of her runs. Matt realizes what Lila has done when he discovers Shane's research is inconclusive since he didn't recover sooner. Michael and Donna rekindle their old romance.

FEBRUARY 6, 1998 (EP. #8543)
While Shane goes to seek comfort from Vicky about his research, Matt tells Lila to tell Shane the truth about her keeping the vital information from Shane which would prove that his research is true. Grant tells Cindy he plans to go for custody of Kirkland while Vicky is away in NYC. Furious that Joe doesn't trust her, Paulina tries to prove her innocence to Sofia by asking Cindy to tell Sofia what she saw the night of the fire. Knowing if she tells the truth she could lose her husband, Cindy admits she doesn't know if Paulina was sober that night.

FEBRUARY 9, 1998 (EP. #8544)
Hoping that Shane will be able to work on his research, Vicky secretly gives Shane the key to the Love lodge. Later, Jake tells Vicky he will be the one to handle Shane. As an upset Cindy tells Grant that she will never lie for him again, Paulina tells Joe to leave her since he doesn't believe in her. After a heart to heart with Michael who tells him things aren't always as they seem, Nick is able to comfort Sofia who is upset about Paulina and Joe.

FEBRUARY 10, 1998 (EP. #8545)
When Donna comes looking for the key to the Love Lodge, Jake remembers Vicky slipping the key to Shane. Michael goes to the lodge and confronts Shane. Despite Joe's reservations, Paulina insists that the couple live separately until Joe can trust her again. Paulina hopes they can work out their problems. Planning Sofia and Nick's wedding helps bring Donna and Michael closer together.

FEBRUARY 11, 1998 (EP. #8546)
Much to Lila's dismay, Vicky finds the planted evidence which proves Shane's research works. Her attempts to phone Shane fail so Vicky drives to the lodge to give him the good news while Jake makes the decision to confront Shane. Chris, Etta Mae, Felicia, Toni and Cass eagerly try to solve the mystery of Felicia's romance novel coming true. As they discover in the next chapter a violinist serenade's ex-lovers, Donna and Michael are serenaded.

FEBRUARY 12, 1998 (EP. #8547)
As Lila is busy convincing Jake and Donna that Vicky is with Shane at the lodge, Vicky happily tells Shane the good news that his research works. The couple celebrate and although Vicky tells Shane that she loves Jake, Vicky and Shane start to draw closer. As nervous Nick prepares for his wedding, Michael gives his son some tips on marriage and family. Father and son bond as Michael promises Nick a beautiful future.

FEBRUARY 13, 1998 (EP. #8548)
After a near-miss with Jake at the lodge, Vicky begs Shane to take her back to her husband. As the couple head down the icy hill they are unaware that Jake, no longer viewing Shane as a threat towards Vicky, has told a state trooper that no one is up at the lodge to warn about the icy roads. Shane and Vicky head down the road as Michael heads up -- and the two cars collide! While waiting for Josie's plane, Gary is taken in for questioning by an FBI agent. Lila discovers she is pregnant. Nick and Sofia's wedding rehearsal is damped by the weather which has prevented many key people from attending.

FEBRUARY 16, 1998 (EP. #8549)
After learning of the crash, Joe and Donna rush to the site where they find Shane unconscious. As Donna finds Vicky who has been unseen by anyone, Shane is rushed to the hospital where Lila tries unsuccessfully to tell him she is pregnant before Shane dies. At Nick and Sofia's rehearsal dinner, Sofia overhears Paulina tell Jake that she has thrown Joe out. As Jake comforts Paulina, Nick calms Sofia down. Gary is released after he is questioned by the FBI and returns home, annoyed Josie's plane was canceled and annoyed by the experience.

FEBRUARY 17, 1998 (EP. #8550)
As Joe finds Michael's body at the accident site, Donna makes Vicky promise never to tell anyone she was with Shane tonight. Distraught about everything that has happened, Vicky returns home, unaware that Jake is preparing to tell her about Shane's death and his part in it. Josie and Gary have a romantic reunion but it appears Josie may be returning with a secret.

FEBRUARY 18, 1998 (EP. #8551)
While Jake tells Vicky about Shane's death and Vicky continues to lie about her whereabouts, Donna learns Michael died in the car crash. Donna says good-bye to Michael and learns he was going to propose that night. So that Michael didn't die in vain, Donna vows to keep Vicky's secret. Paulina brings Lila to the Cory mansion where Lila seeks comfort from Matt. When Jake calls to speak to Paulina, Lila grabs the phone and Jake lies saying he never found Shane that night. Needing Rachel's comfort to get over Shane's death, Carl and Rachel agree to let time and love heal their recent breach.

FEBRUARY 19, 1998 (EP. #8552)
Vicky's guilt over her father's and Shane's death continues to mount when Lila confronts Vicky about her whereabouts that night. Although Jake sticks up for Vicky and states he went to the lodge and knows Vicky wasn't there, Lila vows to get to the bottom of this mess. Devastated by his father's death, Nick tells Sofia the awful news on the day that they were supposed to be married. Although they have a long way to go to regain what they once had, Joe and Paulina come together to deal with the tragedy of Shane and Michael's deaths.

FEBRUARY 20, 1998 (EP. #8553)
As Lila gets proof that Jake didn't warn Shane about the treacherous driving conditions, Vicky's guilt mounts over Shane's death and the secret she is forced to keep. Vicky goes to Shane's grave where she runs into Lila. After Matt learns that a man he spoke with about Carl is dead, Matt demands to know if Carl was involved in the death of his old enemy.

FEBRUARY 23, 1998 (EP. #8554)
Enemies for life, Vicky and Lila confront each other and Vicky tells Lila she told Shane about Lila's lies. Lila tells Vicky she is going to prove Vicky was at the lodge that night. As Vicky goes to the lodge to cover her tracks, Lila gets Jake to agree to take her to the Love lodge. Matt tries unsuccessfully to convince Rachel that Carl had his old enemy killed. Later, Carl makes a mysterious phone call. Sofia feels left out as Nick tries to get over his grief.

FEBRUARY 24, 1998 (EP. #8555)
While Vicky hides outside, Lila and Jake arrive at the Lodge and Lila finds Vicky's missing earring. Despite Lila's accusations, Jake expresses total faith in his wife. Lila returns home and Vicky takes back her earring and warns Lila to back off. As Joe moves out of the Cory mansion, Carl comforts Paulina about her separation. Grant works to get back into Cindy's good graces.

FEBRUARY 25, 1998 (EP. #8556)
Lila is shocked and devastated when Tyrone tells her that Shane left all his research to his foundation and the only way to change the will is for Lila to prove the baby she is carrying is Shane's. Lila's reaction to taking the test makes Matt wonder if he is the father of Lila's baby. In a tender moment, Grant helps his son deal with Michael's death. Kirkland asks his father to come to Michael's funeral and Grant asks Jake what he should do. Jake agrees Grant should be at the funeral and Grant returns home to change, telling Cindy she can't come since it will hurt Vicky's feelings. Josie learns from Toni that Gary was falsely arrested. Toni discovers Josie is keeping a secret of her own.

FEBRUARY 26, 1998 (EP. #8557)
Marley arrives for Michael's funeral and Vicky tells her twin the truth about what happened the night of Shane and Michael's death. Matt tells Lila she must take a paternity test. Josie surprises Gary when she reveals she doesn't see parenthood in her future at this time.

FEBRUARY 27, 1998 (EP. #8558)
The pressure on Vicky continues to build when Marley walks out of Michael's funeral, clearly upset at Vicky for what has happened. Later Grant tells Vicky he wants to talk to her about Kirkland. Although he agrees not to push for the paternity test now, Matt tells Lila he wants her to take the test. Lila calls the doctor. Rachel signs for a mysterious package for Carl.

MARCH 2, 1998 (EP. #8559)
Confronted at the airport by Jake, Marley almost tells Jake the truth about what happened the night of Shane and Michael's death. Although Vicky urges her sister to be honest, Marley can't break Jake's heart. As Marley leaves, the gulf between the twins increases. Despite Vicky's determination to keep custody of Kirkland, Grant secretly pulls together a case against his ex-wife when Kirkland admits his mother is having nightmares about Shane. Grant promises Kirk they will finally be together. Desperate to get a copy of her novel that seems to be coming true, Felicia asks for Carl's help. When Carl tells her the novel has been removed from the database she worries, because she seems to remember that in one of the upcoming chapters Cass's character is killed!

MARCH 3, 1998 (EP. #8560)
Not realizing that Joe, after a heart to heart with Gary, is reopening the fire file to prove her innocence, Paulina admits to Jake she needs to figure out who she is. Jake asks Paulina to write an advice column for the Herald. Unaware that Josie has planned a night of romance, Gary is upset when he learns that a prisoner named Sinclair has been released. Carl gives Felicia a list of fired disgruntled Cory employees who could have deleted her manuscript. When Cass sees a name that could be Wally's, he is convinced Wally is the one behind the pranks and determines to find Wally, before Wally makes Cass' death chapter come true.

MARCH 4, 1998 (EP. #8561)
Backed into a corner when Matt presses for a paternity test on the baby she is carrying, Lila gets a slight reprieve when her doctor reveals a paternity test might harm her unborn child. Wanting to get back together with Paulina, Joe invites her along on his day with Dante. The divided family spend a wonderful day together, at the end of which, Joe pulls Paulina into a kiss. Josie wonders what Gary is keeping from her when he receives a letter that he tears up before reading. Sofia accepts Matt's job offer to work for him.

MARCH 5, 1998 (EP. #8562)
Lila drops a bombshell on Vicky and Jake when she reveals Shane left Vicky in charge of his life's work and then she tells them she is pregnant with Shane's baby. Alone with her enemy, Vicky warns Lila to stay away from Jake. Lila realizes to get to Vicky she must do it through Jake. Paulina pulls back from the kiss telling Joe that she can't overcome his not believing her about the drugs. As Rachel talks with Paulina, Carl urges Joe to not let the separation last. Tyrone and Etta Mae arrange an evening for Chris and Toni.

MARCH 6, 1998 (EP. #8563)
While Vicky and Jake renew their feelings for one another, Lila uses some detective work to prove Vicky wasn't in Chicago the night Shane died. When Lila learns that no one could make long distance calls the night of the ice storm and Jake talked to Vicky in Chicago, Lila thinks she has her proof. After Rachel refuses to listen to Matt about his constant allegations against Carl, Matt refuses to confide in his mother. Someone looms up behind Cass and Felicia while the detective duo are in Wally's lair.

MARCH 9, 1998 (EP. #8564)
While Lila sets her trap to prove Vicky was with Shane the night he died, Jake convinces Vicky to enjoy life again. The couple decides to get pregnant. Jealous that Sofia will be working for Matt, Nick confronts Sofia's old flame. But a talk with Matt, which is overheard by Sofia, sets Nick straight. Although all the facts point to Wally being behind the romance novel mystery, Felicia wonders if someone else is behind it, someone none of them thought of.

MARCH 10, 1998 (EP. #8565)
While Carl suggests Paulina get a good divorce lawyer after he overhears what sounds like Joe is building a custody case against Paulina, Joe finally realizes that Grant is behind the Carlino fire. Joe believes Paulina but he wants to get proof before he tells her his thoughts. Wanting to be completely honest with Josie, Gary reveals that his brother wrote him a letter from federal prison. Someone buys a ticket to Bay City. Chris and Toni grow closer.

MARCH 11, 1998 (EP. #8566)
Unaware that Lila is setting him up, Jake confesses to her that he didn't tell the deputy that Shane was staying on the icy hill. Lila happily proceeds with her plan to set Jake up as a way to get to Vicky. Trying to get proof that Grant started the Carlino fire, Joe visits Cindy, telling her he has some questions about Paulina. Listening in the other room, devastated Paulina believes Joe is getting evidence against her so he can win custody of Dante, unaware he is trying to save their marriage. While Josie keeps her secret from Gary, Gary tells her more about his brother and his family life. Later, Josie and Gary discover that Gary's brother's prison file has been sealed.

MARCH 12, 1998 (EP. #8567)
Jake tells Vicky that he didn't warn Shane about the icy road conditions and therefore he caused the fatal accident. Vicky forgives her husband and is about to confess she was with Shane that night but Jake is called away. As Lila secretly listens, Vicky tells Shane's grave that she wants to tell Jake that she was with Shane the night he died. While Paulina asks Jake to help her run away with Dante, Joe finally believes Paulina had nothing to do with setting the fire. Joe heads to see Paulina to tell her he believes her. When Matt can describe the feelings Sofia is having about feeling left out of Nick's life, she realizes how well Matt knows her.

MARCH 13, 1998 (EP. #8568)
Before Joe has a chance to tell her he believes in her, Paulina dashes out of the house with Dante -- afraid Joe has come to take away her son. Vicky makes the decision to tell Jake the truth, but before she can get the words out, Jake is put under arrest and charged with willful negligence in the death of Shane Roberts.

MARCH 16, 1998 (EP. #8569)
Thanks to Lila's careful machinations, Jake is arrested for negligent homicide in the death of Shane. Jake tries unsuccessfully to convince the police that he tried to call Shane and warn him about the icy conditions. Lila's plan comes together when Vicky, to save Jake, says Jake called to warn Shane and she can prove it. After Joe confronts Carl about his role in Paulina's disappearance, Carl quietly goes to talk to the twins, and tells them that everything he is now doing, he is doing for their future.

MARCH 17, 1998 (EP. #8570)
To save Jake, Vicky confesses she was with Shane the night of the accident. Devastated Jake questions Vicky and happily Lila watches their marriage unravel before her eyes. Vicky's hit rock bottom when Nick accuses her of killing his father and it appears Grant is her only ally. Wanting to find his wife, Joe talks to Cindy to see if she knows anything about Paulina's disappearance. Grant arrives and tries to provoke Joe, but Toni intervenes just in time. Later, Joe finds a note from Paulina.

MARCH 18, 1998 (EP. #8571)
Upset about Vicky, Jake spends an angry, lonely night in jail until Grant, as a favor to Vicky, gets Jake released and all charges against him dropped. Jake wanders over to Lila's. Wanting to help their friend through a rough time, Gary and Josie stop by Lila's and are stunned to find her celebrating someone else's downfall. Gary urges Lila to think about her baby and raise it in a home of love and not hate. After reading a letter from Paulina who makes it clear she will not return home, Joe broadcasts an appeal on TV telling her how much he loves her and believes in her. Joe hopes Paulina hears his message. Nick and Sofia continue to be pulled apart as they each deal separately with their personal problems.

MARCH 19, 1998 (EP. #8572)
Jake is furious at Lila when he realizes that she did everything so Vicky would confess to being with Shane that fateful evening. Jake warns Lila to stay away from his family. Wanting to leave Bay City behind, Jake buys a bike but before he can roar off, Matt angrily confronts him. Matt and Amanda renew their friendship and sibling bond with a long talk, while Rachel and Felicia join in the search for Paulina and Dante. Rachel realizes she no longer knows what Carl is thinking or doing. Toni and Chris grow closer.

MARCH 20, 1998 (EP. #8573)
Discovering that Paulina is missing, Jake wants to help search for his friend. After an informative talk with Joe, Jake goes to see Vicky. While Lila decides to file a civil suit against Jake unless Vicky relinquishes control of Shane's estate, Vicky is visited by Grant who offers her support. Vicky wonders what Grant is up to. Hiding at a friends house, Paulina plans her next move and is shocked when Amanda finds her.

MARCH 23, 1998 (EP. #8574)
Despite Vicky's pleas for him to come back to her, Jake packs his bags and prepares to leave Vicky's life and Bay City for good. But when Stephen asks him to stay, Jake starts to have a change of heart. Amanda thinks Paulina will come home when Paulina agrees to let Amanda bring Joe to her. But when Amanda returns with Joe, Paulina has already left. With her southern charm, Lila convinces the Doctor to help her prove to Matt the baby she is carrying is Shane's. Matt feels a weight is lifted from his shoulders as he realizes the child couldn't be his. Lila is floored when the Doctor, asks her for a favor in return -- to go out with him.

MARCH 24, 1998 (EP. #8575)
Not able to leave Kirkland and Stephen, Jake agrees to stick around. Vicky is thrilled and thinks their might be a chance for them, but her hopes are shattered when Jake gives her back his wedding ring. Vicky vows to get Jake back, no matter what. Realizing Paulina is beyond trusting Joe, Joe realizes the only way to get Paulina back is to bring in the real person responsible for the fire. As Joe threatens to nail Grant, Cindy helps Paulina flee Joe forever. Carl and Rachel grow close again. Later, Carl defends Amanda for trying to help Paulina.

MARCH 25, 1998 (EP. #8576)
Jake makes it his mission to help find Paulina. When he discovers Joe is going to nail Grant, Jake offers his help, stating that he will do the dirty work so Joe can keep his hands clean. After an argument with Nick, Sofia talks to Matt who tells her that she shouldn't feel guilty for her dreams. Nick quits his job at the Herald and returns home to find Sofia in Matt's arms. Amanda takes stock of herself and finds herself drawn to an image of a man she saw running in the park.

MARCH 26, 1998 (EP. #8577)
Etta Mae offers her support to Vicky and encourages her to go after Jake. Both Etta Mae and Vicky are skeptical when Grant drops by papers that state he will not pursue custody of Kirkland. Previously, Grant met with Lila and warned her to drop the civil suit against Jake. Lila still thinks she has the upper hand. Nick and Sofia argue about Nick quitting the Herald. Nick angrily tells Sofia that their problems will get worse since they live together and don't sleep together. While Joe acts as a decoy, Jake and Gary break into Grant's apartment and find an incriminating cassette tape in the garbage.

MARCH 27, 1998 (EP. #8578)
Lila thinks everything is going her way when Vicky offers to give up Shane's estate in return for Lila dropping the civil suit. Before Lila can get Vicky out the door, Matt arrives and Lila's flustered behavior twigs Vicky as does his statement that he will keep looking after Lila. While Gary and Jake restore the smashed cassette tape, Grant reports the break-in, and Joe sends Josie to investigate. Josie removes any potentially incriminating evidence as Joe realizes the tape is everything he hoped it would be. After making a copy, Jake and Gary return the original to Grant's.

MARCH 30, 1998 (EP. #8579)
Etta Mae and Vicky concluded that Lila is carrying Matt's child since Shane wants nothing to do with her. Etta Mae convinced Vicky to stop having a defeatist attitude and suggested that she tell Jake that she saved him by handing Shane's estate to Lila. Jake distracted Grant so that Gary could place the incriminating tape back into the trash. Grant taunted Jake over his bond with Vicky through Kirkland and for failing to satisfy her. Paulina vowed that no one will take Dante away from her. Cindy offered to reveal Paulina's whereabouts to Joe under the condition that he turn over the tape and drop the charges against Grant. Joe was incredulous that Cindy would help Grant after he nearly killed Paulina and Dante in a fire. Cindy compared Grant's anger with Paulina to Joe's animosity towards Grant and insisted that he has reformed. Josie worried about Gary's obsession in getting revenge against Grant. Gary, Josie, and Jake were furious when Joe complied with Cindy's demands. Jake gave Vicky a cold reception. Jake asked Chris to kill the planned story on Grant, then called Marley when Vicky became short of breath. Josie followed up on the break in at Grant's apartment. Etta Mae told Chris that she blames herself for pushing Vicky to talk to Jake. Grant and Cindy celebrated their victory. Paulina panicked when Joe arrived at her hideout.

MARCH 31, 1998 (EP. #8580)
Josie tried to quell Gary's anger over Grant beating the charges against him. Joe gradually wore down Paulina's defenses by promising her that he has learned to believe and trust her. Cindy threw a tantrum when Vicky's call about Kirkland having a bad day at school interrupted her intimate time with Grant. Grant remonstrated Cindy for calling Kirkland a snot-nosed brat. Gary swore to Josie that he is not bothered by anything else except failing to make Grant face justice. Josie made travel plans after receiving an important phone call from a man named Jeremy. Joe reassured Paulina that he would never take Dante away from her, prompting Paulina to express frustration that she must constantly prove herself to other people. Joe and Paulina agreed to start over after they took turns holding Dante. Gary left Josie and went to a bar. Gary sulked over the injustice of the Grant situation and ordered a double bourbon. Cindy griped that Grant was at Vicky's beck and call. Cindy struck a match and stared at it while grumbling that she should remind Grant that he is married to her.

APRIL 1, 1998 (EP. #8581)
Lila triumphantly informed Donna that she has forced Vicky to completely surrender to her demands. Josie confided to Toni that she fears that Gary may have lost the battle with his alcoholism. Gary ordered a bartender to line up a row of double bourbons and to keep the drinks flowing. Joe and Paulina celebrated their reconciliation. Cass explained his theory of Wally being bent on revenge to Felicia and Rachel. Gary left the bar without taking a drink after getting distracted by a headline about Grant's new "honesty" Campaign. Donna ridiculed Lila for losing her looks as her pregnancy progresses. Paulina enjoyed a happy reunion with Sofia and the Cory family. Cass became suspicious of Lila, who became an unwitting accomplice of his mysterious stalker. Felicia encouraged Gary to take his sobriety one day at a time.

APRIL 2, 1998 (EP. #8582)
Cass denied Donna's accusation that he is sleeping with Lila. Donna suggested to Cass that Felicia planted the music box that played the song, "Greensleeves." Felicia grew exasperated over having writer's block. Nick rejected Vicky's apologies because he had spotted her with Shane. Nick told Vicky that he thought that she and Jake were perfect together, her actions caused him to doubt his love for Sofia, and described her as cruel and selfish. Nick gave Vicky the article that Jake decided not to publish. Paulina couldn't forgive Cindy, who claimed that she had acted on Paulina's behalf. Paulina accused Cindy of putting Grant first at everyone else's expense. Grant tested Jake's dedication to Steven and Kirkland by asking him to take Kirkland to soccer practice. Jake was dubious towards Grant's contentions that he is a changed man and wants to be a role model for Kirkland. Felicia denied planting the music box for Cass. Donna and Felicia asked Cass whether anyone else knew about his visit to Lila. Cass, Donna, and Felicia surmised that someone has access to Cass's computer. Paulina vowed to help Vicky fight Grant once Jake refused to reunite with Vicky. Grant and Cindy were shunned upon their arrival to Carlino's. Vicky realized that she has divided the family. Paulina glared at Grant when he came to Vicky's place.

APRIL 3, 1998 (EP. #8583)
Josie fibbed to Gary that she went to Chicago to escort a prisoner back into custody. Gary confessed to Josie that Grant evading the law reminds him of someone from the past. Sofia, Amanda, and Matt prepared Rachel's studio for the Carlinos to live in. Matt showed Sofia a sketch of her that he had drawn during the start of their romance. Matt and Sofia agreed to have dinner together. Joe asked Jake for assistance with buying property to build Paulina her dream house. Jake gazed at a picture of Steven and Kirkland and related to Joe's musings about fatherhood. Joe urged Jake to forgive Vicky and to remember that Steve and Kirkland need him. Vicky overheard Paulina wish for Grant to suffer the ordeal of rescuing Dante from a fire while being unknowingly drugged. Grant confessed to Vicky that he had drugged Paulina to stop her from testifying against him and took action because Vicky insisted on strictly abiding by their legal agreement. Paulina arranged to see a therapist. Jake confided in Amanda about his love for Vicky's boys. Amanda talked Jake into giving Steven the baseball glove he had gifted him. The male jogger checked on Amanda, who cried while sitting on a park bench. Vicky promised not to cut Grant out of Kirkland's life and understood Grant's struggle with committing unforgivable acts. Jake saw Vicky in Grant's arms and misunderstood the situation. Gary nearly slugged someone who put a hand on his shoulder.

APRIL 6, 1998 (EP. #8584)
Shocked that Vicky is actually talking to Grant, Jake leaves in a huff, and Grant witnesses Vicky suffer a panic attack. After Grant helps her through her pain, Vicky asks him to stay for a while to be there for the kids. Vicky watches Grant play with Kirk and she remembers Jake. Gary opens up to Josie and tells her about his father who always got away with everything. Josie knows there is more to the story, but doesn't push. Josie continues to keep her secret about the reason she went to Chicago. Cass, Felicia, Carl and Rachel struggle through a strained dinner. As Cass and Felicia worry about the person who is making Embers come true, Carl stays quiet knowing exactly whose behind everything. Amanda meets a mystery man.

APRIL 7, 1998 (EP. #8585)
While Carl plans a surprise family get together, Cass shows Rachel documents which authorize a reorganization of Cory Enterprises. Although covering with Cass, Rachel is troubled about the changes Carl is making without including her. Rachel decides to confront Carl. While Sofia talks to Paulina revealing she wants to put her wedding on hold, Nick moves up the wedding and books a date at the chapel.

APRIL 8, 1998 (EP. #8586)
The tension builds at the Cory family gathering and after being provoked by Carl, Matt storms out. Rachel confronts Carl about the changes at Cory and Carl provides a reasonable explanation. Later, Rachel hears a scream coming from Amanda's room. Running out of her apartment to avoid eviction, Lila goes to Matt's, and is waiting there when Nick arrives. Nick leaves angry when he finds a nude picture of Sofia lying on Matt's table. Lila returns to her apartment and Cass presents her with a bill, since he appealed her eviction notice and won. Felicia opens up to Gary and tells him that although she wants to help Rachel with Carl, she doesn't trust her own instincts.

APRIL 9, 1998 (EP. #8587)
Hearing Amanda's scream everyone runs to her room and they find Cameron, Carl's new chauffeur. Cameron tells the surprised family that he was conducting a security check and the security in the mansion needs to be improved. Later, while Joe secretly runs a check on Cameron, Cameron watches Amanda through her window. Sofia confronts Matt about the picture he has of her, and Matt can't deny he has feelings for her. Later, Matt follows Sofia back to Carlino's and from afar, Nick watches their intensity.

APRIL 10, 1998 (EP. #8588)
With a little convincing from Marley, Jake agrees to go to the reading of Michael's will and Vicky also agrees to go with a little encouraging from Etta Mae. At the reading of the will, Vicky breaks down and Jake takes her in his arms. Sofia worries when Nick receives the farm as his inheritance from his father. Lila tries unsuccessfully to crash the reading of Michael's will but Cass stops her. Later, she is thwarted again when she sees Jake comforting Vicky. Cameron exams his automatic rifle just as Amanda knocks on his door.

APRIL 13, 1998 (EP. #8589)
Jake brings Vicky to Michael's farm and they see Michael's bequest to them. Vicky breaks down and Jake comforts her, but then Vicky pushes Jake away. Carl interrupts Amanda and Cameron talking and as Carl warns Cameron to stay away from Amanda, Amanda decides to find out who Cameron really is. Later, Rachel asks Carl not to keep anymore secrets, not realizing Carl has many secrets he now keeps from his wife. Forced by Dr. Nolan to have lunch with him, Lila is horrified when Cass sees them together. Cass wonders what is going on between Lila and Dr. Nolan.

APRIL 14, 1998 (EP. #8590)
Vicky promises Jake she will never lie to him again and she keeps her promise when Jake asks her if she wanted to sleep with Shane. Vicky admits she did and she watches crushed when Jake walks out. Lila is shocked when she discovers that Nolan is not beyond blackmail! After finding out from Joe that Cameron has a clean record, despite Carl's insistence he is being honest, Rachel thinks Carl is still keeping things from her. Rachel trusts Carl is doing what's best for them all. Joe and Paulina make love.

APRIL 15, 1998 (EP. #8591)
While Carl continues to test Rachel and her alliances, Rachel visits Matt to discuss Carl's recent behavior. Amanda joins the duo when she discovers the papers Carl drew up to reorganize Cory. As Rachel and Mac's children talk, Carl tells the twins a fairytale with a villain named Mac Cory. Donna forces Sofia to see that she can't decide between Matt and Nick. When Nick tells Sofia he has set a date for their wedding, Sofia must make a decision. After telling Felicia she worries there is more to Gary's past than he has told her, Josie confesses to Felicia she is worried Gary will start drinking again.

APRIL 16, 1998 (EP. #8592)
We see more of what Carl is up to when he tells his twins that Mac built his fortune on what he stole from Carl's father and Carl is determined to get everything back. Later, Rachel passes another one of Carl's loyalty tests when she defends Carl to Cass and Felicia. Rachel asks Carl to see a doctor. Sofia begins to get excited about her wedding to Nick. Donna warns Nick he needs more in his life than just Sofia. Amanda fights her attraction to Cameron.

APRIL 17, 1998 (EP. #8593)
After a heart to heart with Paulina who tells him to decide if he should fight for what he and Vicky had, Jake goes to Vicky's with his answer. When Amanda and Cameron run into each other again, Amanda tells Cameron that she wants to bring Alli home. Cameron tells her not to, but refuses to tell her why. Determined to see what Cameron knows, Amanda slips into his room and finds Cameron's gun -- as Cameron is about to find her. Carl refuses to see a doctor and accuses Rachel of being in cahoots with Matt and Amanda. Rachel is angry at the accusation but backs off. Later, Rachel asks Cass the name of a good doctor. After watching her try to charm money out of him, Cass tells horrified Lila that he doesn't have the kind of money she needs. Lila is insulted and Cass is amused and intrigued.

APRIL 20, 1998 (EP. #8594)
Vicky is devastated when Jake asks her for a divorce. Later, Vicky opens up about her pain to Marley and Marley calls Jake, telling him she is coming to Bay City sooner than she planned. When Felicia shows Cass the missing chapter in the Embers book, Cass is outraged at how he dies. Later, Felicia tells Cass she thinks Rachel is in danger from Carl. Amanda has a close call with Cameron but he doesn't know she found his gun. Amanda plans on showing Joe the bullet she took from the gun, but delays.

APRIL 21, 1998 (EP. #8595)
Cameron wakes Amanda up and drags her to the station and has Joe tell her that Cameron's fingerprints were clean. Josie is startled when she sees Cameron at the station. Later Josie meets Cameron in his car and he kisses her. While Donna slams Sofia to Nick, Sofia shows Matt a remix she had done. Matt admires Sofia's honesty. After Rachel thinks she hears Mac's voice, Carl admits he thinks the tension must be getting to her. While Rachel sees the doctor, Carl visits Paulina and tells her the truth behind the Hadley affair. Carl also reveals he is worried he is losing faith in Rachel.

APRIL 22, 1998 (EP. #8596)
While Gary learns from Joe that he didn't give Josie a beeper and she hasn't been doing overtime, Cameron tells Josie he had to kiss her to cover with Amanda. Guilty, Josie returns home, hating to keep secrets from Gary. Felicia and Carl have a showdown and Carl denies being involved with the Embers incidents. Later, Rachel overhears Carl denigrating Mac to Amanda and she sides with Amanda. Believing Carl is upset because he is living in Mac's home, Rachel offers to move. Carl is touched.

APRIL 23, 1998 (EP. #8597)
Grant brings Kirkland home for his birthday and seeing that Vicky is upset, Grant gives her a hug. Unfortunately, Jake, who has agreed to come over as Kirkland's birthday present from Stephen, witnesses the hug and yells at Grant and Vicky. Grant tells Jake off. While Cindy waits for her husband, Paulina tells her that Grant is with Vicky and that Cindy is going to have to keep Grant and Vicky apart. Angry, Cindy waits for Grant to return home. Cass learns of how deep in debt Lila is when she tells him she has taken a loan with high interest rates expecting Shane's estate will pay everything off. Later, Cass observes Lila with Dr. Nolan and he starts to wonder if Shane isn't the father of her baby.

APRIL 24, 1998 (EP. #8598)
Reluctantly Jake reads Kirkland a bedtime story and Vicky can't resist making a play to get to Jake. As she puts her plan into motion, Grant enlists Lila's help to keep Jake and Vicky apart for good. Learning Carl and Rachel are planning to leave town, Cameron tells Josie who wonders if Cameron is getting too involved with the case because of Amanda. Later, Amanda tries to seduce Cameron so she can learn the truth about what is going on. Another Embers incident occurs and Felicia and Cass are convinced Carl is responsible. The duo confront Carl in front of Rachel and Carl turns the tables on them for Rachel's benefit wondering if they think he feels threatened by Mac's friends. Rachel orders Cass and Felicia to leave.

APRIL 27, 1998 (EP. #8599)
While Grant and Lila plot to make Jake think that Shane and Vicky slept together, Jake and Vicky start to reconcile, until Jake stops himself and leaves. Vicky vows to keep her wedding promises to Jake until the day she dies. Unsuccessfully trying to seduce Cameron into telling her what is really happening at the Cory mansion, Amanda finally confesses she is afraid Carl is up to something. Amanda and Cameron begin to talk about family, but Cameron goes on the defensive. Paulina is shocked to learn from Matt that Rachel and Carl are planning to leave Bay City and tells Matt she thinks that he and Amanda should mind their own business about Rachel and Carl.

APRIL 28, 1998 (EP. #8600)
Not really wanting to let go of Vicky, but knowing he must, Jake asks Tyrone to draw up divorce papers. Tyrone tries unsuccessfully to convince Jake to change his mind and later, Jake calls Marley asking her to take care of her sister. When Cindy overhears a conversation between Grant and Lila, she is determined to figure out what her husband is up to. However, when Cindy breaks into Lila's apartment and start her search, she hears Grant and Lila approaching the door. As Rachel admits to Paulina she is starting to have doubts about Carl, Carl, following Rachel's wishes, sees the doctor, but instead asks questions about his wife.

APRIL 29, 1998 (EP. #8601)
When Rachel and Amanda learn that Carl's neurologist has met with an "untimely death", Amanda accuses Carl of killing the doctor. Joe learns Carl's doctor was found holding something with the initials CH. Cindy overhears Grant and Lila plotting to keep Jake and Vicky apart by forging Shane's diary which will say Shane and Vicky slept together. Cindy is devastated when she realizes her husband is still in love with his ex-wife and she contemplates her next step. Nick and Sofia separately make plans for the weekend without consulting each other. Sofia is furious when Nick tells Sofia to cancel her plans, but she follows his wishes.

APRIL 30, 1998 (EP. #8602)
Unaware that Cindy is planning on warning her about Grant and Lila's plans to further destroy her relationship with Jake, Vicky tells Cindy off and Cindy leaves without telling Vicky a thing. Running away from his feelings for Vicky, Jake finds Marley in Lassiter who asks him to come away with her. Learning that Marley isn't planning on staying in town, Jake realizes he must stay, for Vicky. Jake comes home. After Rachel tells Carl she believes in his innocence, Amanda is shocked when Joe can prove that Carl didn't commit the crime. Joe and Amanda try a different tact and ask Carl's henchman, Cameron, where he was the time of the accident.

MAY 1, 1998 (EP. #8603)
While Lila and Grant put their plan into motion and get Jake to agree to meet Lila at Shane's boat, Jake agrees to stay for dinner at Vicky's. Wanting to give the duo more time alone, Donna goes to Shane's boat, instead of Jake, unaware that she is ruining Lila and Grant's well laid plans. Josie is stunned to see Cameron at the police station being questioned for the murder of the doctor. Later, alone with Josie, Cameron reminds her that he is a convict but could have his record cleared thanks to this case. Josie warns him to be careful or Gary is going to catch on. As flowers arrive for Josie at home, Amanda runs into Cameron.

MAY 4, 1998 (EP. #8604)
Unaware that Lila and Grant have set the whole thing up, Donna takes "Shane's" journal and is furious to learn that Vicky and Shane were sleeping together the entire time. While Vicky and Jake make progress towards reconciliation, Donna arrives, asks Jake to leave and tells Vicky she is saving Jake from Vicky. Josie confronts Cameron about sending the flowers and he tells her he had to distract Gary. Josie warns Cameron not to mess with her marriage.

MAY 5, 1998 (EP. #8605)
Jake barely misses seeing Grant on Shane's boat and instead finds Lila who tells him Donna took something that has information about Vicky and Shane. Jake confronts Donna. Angry at feeling left out of Nick and Donna's conversation and thinking that Donna is meddling in their lives, Sofia goes to NYC by herself to find Matt. Cass comforts Lila when Lila tells him she is no good at conniving.

MAY 6, 1998 (EP. #8606)
Thinking Jake has been hurt too much, Donna decides not to show Jake "Shane's" journal describing Vicky and Shane's affair but plans on making sure Vicky and Jake never get back together. While Donna weaves her plan, Vicky overhears Jake tell Tyrone not to proceed with Jake's divorce, for now. While Matt and Sofia celebrate their new business, Sofia's conscience appears as Nick whenever she and Matt get closer. When Matt and Sofia dance to their song, "Nick" cuts in. Upset when he sees Lila and Dr. Nolan together and realizing Nolan must be blackmailing Lila, Cass confronts the doctor and threatens him if he doesn't leave Lila alone.

MAY 7, 1998 (EP. #8607)
After Donna tells Marley about the journal, Marley tells her mother to confront Vicky and show her the proof of her lies. Donna heads to Vicky's to confront her daughter. Unaware, of what is going on, Vicky and Jake grow closer and Lila angrily reports back to Grant that their plan to split up Jake and Vicky didn't work, not realizing Donna will unknowingly carry out their plan. Sofia grows closer to Matt, despite visions of "Nick" which are invading her thoughts.

MAY 8, 1998 (EP. #8608)
After asking Jake to leave so she can talk to her mother, Vicky asks Donna what is going on. Just before Donna has a chance to show Vicky the journal, Grant arrives and diverts the potentially disastrous situation. Later, when Donna drives home she sees Vicky and Grant apparently visiting Michael's grave, and she runs them down. Furious when she learns from Cass that Shane's estate is worthless, Lila blames Vicky. Carl is gutpunched when he overhears Rachel ask Amanda if she will take the twins if anything ever happens to her.

MAY 11, 1998 (EP. #8609)
After Donna leaves the scene of the crime, Nick arrives and finds Vicky and Grant and calls for help. While Donna worries that she will be identified as the driver of the car, Vicky arrives at the hospital and everyone realizes the person who was hit was Marley. Carl hears Rachel ask Amanda to take the twins when she and Carl go away. While Amanda learns from Cameron that he thinks Rachel's decision to leave the twins with Amanda will push Carl over the edge, Carl meets someone who reminds him of his mission.

MAY 12, 1998 (EP. #8610)
While Donna worries Grant or Marley will be able to identify her as the hit and run driver, Marley tells Vicky to leave her alone. As Vicky realizes the driver of the car must have been after her, Donna learns that a witness described the driver of the car as a woman with dark hair. To save herself, Donna accuses Lila of the crime. With no memory of the accident and suffering from internal bleeding, Grant is told he needs blood. While Grant worries that his secret about not being Kirkland's natural father will get out, Cindy, knowing the truth that Grant really is Kirk's father, tells Grant she will once again help him. As Cameron and Amanda grow closer and share a kiss, Carl and Scott put their plan into motion and prepare to set Cameron up for the murder of Rachel. Unsuspecting, Rachel allows Carl to lead her out onto a hilltop while Scott takes aim with Cameron's gun.

MAY 13, 1998 (EP. #8611)
Fighting his feelings for Rachel, Carl pulls her into a good-bye kiss, his signal to Scott to shoot his wife. As Carl moves off, Rachel goes to him and Scott shoots -- both Carl and Rachel fall! Unaware of what has just happened, Amanda goes to the hillside to find Cameron while Cameron realizes his gun is missing and also heads to the scene of the crime. Matt and Sofia celebrate the signing of the new band in their hotel room. The couple move closer and closer to a romantic point of no return. Lila shocks Cass when she breaks down in tears and falls to the floor after they argue.

MAY 14, 1998 (EP. #8612)
Amanda and Cameron find Rachel and Carl on the hillside and learn that Carl has been shot. While Rachel, Amanda and Cameron take Carl to the hospital, Scott sets Cameron up for the shooting and returns Cameron's gun, right where Joe will find it. After Matt tells Sofia he wants to be more than friends with her, Sofia wrestles with her conscience and finally decides to tell Matt she loves him. Before Sofia can reveal her feelings, Amanda calls about Carl's shooting and Matt must go home. Stressed about everything going on in her life, Lila faints in Cass's arms and Cass gets a doctor. Lila worries about her baby and she decides to tell Matt the baby is his after all.

MAY 15, 1998 (EP. #8613)
Not being able to talk to her sister about why Donna is turning her against her, Vicky squares off with Donna but before Donna can tell Vicky about the journal, a fire breaks out in the hospital. As Grant goes under from a sedative, he hears Cindy tell a nurse to give him the blood that is in his records. Grant worries that he is going to die, unaware that his records are true. After Joe and Josie find Cameron's gun, Cameron is placed under arrest and brought in for questioning. As Joe watches, Josie turns off the recorder in the interrogation room and asks Cameron what she should tell the bureau. Without Rachel realizing it, Carl says good-bye to her. As Rachel leaves the hospital, she hears an explosion.

MAY 18, 1998 (EP. #8614)
While Vicky worries and prays for Marley and Jake, Jake rescues Marley from the fire. While Marley wakes up and asks for Jake, Jake's brush with death sends him to Vicky and they renew their wedding vows. As Rachel learns Carl was burned beyond recognition and died in the fire, Carl secretly leaves Bay City promising to return for his children. Sofia decides not to break up with Nick when she sees how upset he is about Marley.

MAY 19, 1998 (EP. #8615)
While Jake and Vicky renew their love for each other, Donna soothes Marley. But when Nick reports to Donna that Jake and Vicky appear to be back together, devastated Marley goes into a flatline. Cindy soothes Grant and lies by telling him she was able to make sure he got the correct blood for his transfusion. But when Cindy leaves, the nurse prepares to give Grant another transfusion and he worries that it is the wrong blood. As Josie admits to Joe that she and Cameron were put together by the FBI, Cameron sees Amanda at the police station. Cameron warns Amanda that if he isn't guilty, there is someone out there who is.

MAY 20, 1998 (EP. #8616)
Thanks to Jake's encouragement and his promise he will be there for her, Marley makes the choice to live. As Donna vows to Marley Jake will be there for her, Vicky is thrilled that Marley has survived and Jake has a renewed commitment to their marriage. Furious when he discovers that he really is Kirkland's father and that Cindy lied to him, Grant banishes Cindy from his life forever. After telling her that he is innocent and that Carl asked Cameron to spy on her, Cameron asks Amanda to help him find the person who set him up.

MAY 21, 1998 (EP. #8617)
As Vicky and Jake go home together, Donna learns the extent of Marley's injuries and makes the decision that Marley will need Jake during her long recovery. Donna decides to take Jake away from Vicky so that Marley can be with him. After a confrontation with Grant who threatens to put her into the insane asylum if she uses anything against him, Cindy runs into Gary who tries to make her turn against Grant. When Gary learns the flowers Josie received were sent locally, Gary confronts Josie but she can't tell Gary the truth -- Gary storms out.

MAY 22, 1998 (EP. #8618)
Jake heads back to the hospital while Vicky gets the house ready for a romantic adventure. As Lila goes to Vicky's to try and get money out of her, Jake is devastated when he hears Marley say in her delirium that Vicky slept with Shane. While Cameron learns from Tyrone that his bail has been set very high, Rachel prepares to celebrate Amanda's birthday. Later, Amanda thinks about Cameron and asks Cass to arrange a meeting for her.

MAY 25, 1998 (EP. #8619)
Jake is devastated to learn from both Marley and Donna that Vicky slept with Shane. Without giving her a reason, Jake tells Vicky not to tell the kids they are getting back together and he leaves Vicky wondering what she has done wrong. After Vicky refuses to give Lila money, Lila comes up with a new game plan and visits Matt with her condolences. Lila overhears Matt tell Paulina he is in love with Sofia. When Amanda asks Cass to use the Cory accounts to cover Cameron's bail, Cass learns the Cory accounts have been emptied. When Cindy tries to reconcile with Grant, Grant makes her angry so that it will appear to Gary that Cindy is crazy. Later, Grant implies to Gary that Cindy might have started the hospital fire.

MAY 26, 1998 (EP. #8620)
After learning of Vicky's infidelity and convinced it is true, Jake wants to leave Bay City for good, but Donna convinces him to stay to help Marley through this tough time. While Sofia wrestles with her inner turmoil about telling Nick that it's over between the two of them, Matt learns from Cass that the Cory fortune is gone. While Cass wonders what Lila is up to, Lila visits Shane's grave and vows to marry Matt -- as soon as she can get rid of Sofia.

MAY 27, 1998 (EP. #8621)
Nick is devastated when Sofia breaks up with him and decides to move out of the apartment. Later, Sofia sees Matt but before she can tell him she broke up with Nick, Matt tells her he loves her. Watching Lila carefully, Cass realizes that Matt is the father of Lila's baby. Gary accepts Grant's job offer and agrees to watch Cindy but when he sees how vulnerable she is he decides to turn the tables on Grant and asks Cindy to work with him, against Grant. Grant tells Chris he thinks his wife has some emotional difficulties.

MAY 28, 1998 (EP. #8622)
As Matt and Sofia declare their love for one another, Cass urges Lila to think before she plans her moves. Her worst fears are confirmed when Lila learns from Nick that Sofia loves Matt and she decides to use the worst person possible to tell Sofia that Lila is carrying Matt's baby. Matt and Amanda tell Rachel about the missing Cory money. Later, Rachel learns that Amanda is hocking her jewels to pay Cameron's bail. Cass cautions Amanda that she is risking her family's future on Cameron.

MAY 29, 1998 (EP. #8623)
As Rachel's friends gather around her in her time of grief, Carl and Scott plan their next move, unaware that their "fall guy" has just been released from jail. Scott moves ahead with the plan and arrives at the Cory mansion telling Amanda he is looking for Carl. While Jake tries to talk Marley into getting the reconstructive surgery, Vicky gets the feeling she is being convicted of a crime she doesn't know about. Determined to discover why Jake's feelings have suddenly changed for her, Vicky locks Jake in an office and tells him she isn't letting him out until he tells her what is going on.

JUNE 1, 1998 (EP. #8624)
After Jake admits to Vicky he knows that Vicky was sleeping with Shane, Vicky is floored and vehemently denies the accusations. Realizing Jake must have gotten this false information from Marley, Vicky realizes that Marley lied because she needs to be with Jake. Vicky decides not to interfere... yet. Grant tells Donna he knows that she was the hit and run driver but will keep this secret -- however she will owe him. Making the decision to find the person who set him up, Cameron convinces Rachel and Amanda to let him move back into their home. Scott is furious at this new turn of events but continues with Carl's plan for Scott to win over Amanda.

JUNE 2, 1998 (EP. #8625)
While Marley clings to Jake, Grant comforts Vicky who is upset that Jake believes she and Shane had an affair. Later, Grant blackmails Donna and tells her she must do exactly as he wants. Cass and Lila get into a heated discussion when Cass accuses Lila of butting into Matt and Sofia's relationship. Later, Cass is shocked when Lila tells him she doesn't want her child to grow up like she did -- poor and ashamed. Matt and Sofia grow closer and make plans to return to NYC together.

JUNE 3, 1998 (EP. #8626)
Thanks to a leftover print on the car, Cameron, Josie and Amanda learn that O'Hara is a known criminal. As Scott realizes Cameron is getting closer to the truth and decides to kill Cameron, Cameron and Amanda grow closer. As Cass talks to Felicia and denies having feelings for Lila, Lila is unable to get Nick to tell Sofia that Lila is carrying Matt's baby. Lila visits Cass and asks his advice on how she should tell Sofia about the baby. Gary is moved by Josie's honesty when she finally tells him the truth about the case she has been working on. The couple grow closer.

JUNE 4, 1998 (EP. #8627)
While Vicky determines to find out why Marley lied to Jake, Grant tells Donna she must help him win Vicky back. Later, Jake watches while the doctor removes Marley's bandages. Following the plan, Scott cleverly gets Rachel to hire him at Cory, while Cameron becomes more and more convinced that Scott is connected to whoever shot Carl and set Cameron up. Amanda and Cameron come up with a plan to discover Scott's true agenda. Determined to marry Matt, Lila decides to tell Sofia and Matt the truth about the baby.

JUNE 5, 1998 (EP. #8628)
Determined to get back at Grant, Cindy tells Donna that Grant and Lila forged the journal to make Donna and Jake believe that Vicky was having an affair with Shane. Vicky and Marley come face to face for the first time since the surgery. Furious when she learns that Matt and Sofia went to New York together, Lila blasts Cass and complains to him about being a single mother. Cass asks Lila to marry him but withdraws the offer when they argue. Lila comes up with a new strategy to get to Matt.

JUNE 8, 1998 (EP. #8629)
Unaware that Grant has successfully convinced Donna to keep the secret about the forged journal and that Cindy is planning on telling Vicky the truth, Marley refuses to believe that Vicky didn't sleep with Shane. Worried that Cindy will get to Vicky and Marley, Grant accuses her of being the hit and run driver and she is taken away before she gets a chance to talk to Vicky. Matt and Sofia make love and Matt vows he will never hurt Sofia.

JUNE 9, 1998 (EP. #8630)
Although Rachel appears to be trusting of Scott when she gives him access to confidential information, Rachel only tells Paulina that she is planning to go to Key West, unaware that this is where Carl is hiding out. Cameron and Amanda continue to pull the wool over Scott's eyes as they secretly investigate him. After getting Cass to agree to be her lawyer in exchange for letting Matt decide how he wants to be a father to her baby, Lila allows Sofia to find Lila in Matt's apartment going through his medical records.

JUNE 10, 1998 (EP. #8631)
As Cass realizes that Lila used him so he would keep quiet about her machinations, Lila helps Sofia to realize that she is carrying Matt's baby. Lila then tells Sofia that Matt only slept with her so that he could get his hands on the rights to Shane's drug. Amanda observes Scott's subtle show of anger when Matt attacks Carl and then announces that Matt will be supervising things at Cory from now on. Carl privately observes Rachel as she arrives in Key West. After a talk with Scott, Carl decides he will show Rachel that he is alive. While Rachel sleeps, Carl says her name and reaches out to her. After threatening Donna into putting in a good word for him with Vicky, Grant visits Cindy and makes sure her paid off doctor keeps her heavily sedated until she is moved to her permanent facility in Switzerland.

JUNE 11, 1998 (EP. #8632)
As Cass confronts Lila about her schemes to keep him quiet, Sofia talks to Matt and becomes furious that he slept with Lila when he doesn't love her. Heartbroken, Sofia leaves while Matt goes to see Lila. Cass is tempted to tell all he knows to Matt and Sofia, despite lawyer/client confidentiality. Felicia finds Rachel in Key West and together the old friends spread Carl's ashes. Realizing he can't reveal himself to Rachel yet, Carl calls Scott and tells him he is leaving the island, without telling Rachel he is alive. While on the phone with Scott, and flying the plane, Carl suffers a massive headache and as Scott listens and Rachel watches, the plane crashes into the water.

JUNE 12, 1998 (EP. #8633)
After Cass leaves without telling Matt about Lila's machinations, Lila tries to convince Matt she kept silent because she wants things that Matt can't give her, meaning a home and family. Matt leaves and is attacked by an assailant who could be Nick, Scott or Joe. Vicky and Jake are thrown together by Steven who has run to Jake for advice. Marley is crushed when Steven doesn't recognize her but finds solace with Jake who is the only person who doesn't feel like a stranger to her. Later, after Donna slips that Lila might have something to do with the lies being told about her, Vicky confronts Lila. As Josie heads to warn Amanda to stay away from Cameron, Cameron and Amanda grow closer and start to make love.

JUNE 15, 1998 (EP. #8634)
While Vicky visits Lila and tries unsuccessfully to get Lila to tell her the truth, Marley and Jake go for a ride and Marley tells Jake she wants a home. Later, as Vicky and Donna wait for Marley and Jake to return, Vicky pushes her mother for more information but just as Donna is about to tell Vicky about the journal, Grant calls and makes sure Donna keeps quiet. Donna is caught between her daughters and Jake. Vicky is determined to get to the truth. Josie interrupts Cameron and Amanda before they can make love and tells Amanda she is trusting the wrong man. Cameron and Amanda's connection is broken. After she helps Matt after his attack, Sofia accuses Nick of being Matt's assailant. While Joe takes Matt home and warns him to stay away from his sister, Nick sadly tells Sofia that if she believes he could beat up Matt, it is a good thing they didn't get married.

JUNE 16, 1998 (EP. #8635)
While Donna makes the decision to follow Grant's orders and help him get back together with Vicky, Vicky almost gets Marley to reveal why she thinks Vicky had an affair with Shane. Donna interrupts the sisters, temporarily preserving Marley's hold on Jake for a little while longer. Jake finds Marley a home -- the same home they lived in when they were first married. Wanting to see if Grant is up to something, Gary visits Cindy at the psych ward and sees she is heavily sedated against her will. When Cindy and Gary are alone, Cindy, in her drug induced state, tries to tell Gary that Grant wants to get rid of her because she knows about the journal.

JUNE 17, 1998 (EP. #8636)
Blackmailed by Grant, Donna continues to keep her secret -- even from Cass. Gary is forced to leave Cindy's hospital room when Grant arrives to discuss Cindy's treatment. Frustrated, Gary looks on as Cindy is about to get a triple dose of medication. Marley and Jake bond over funny memories of their past lives. Later, Jake tells Paulina that he won't be living with Marley as Marley happily wrongly believes Jake is moving in.

JUNE 18, 1998 (EP. #8637)
After Marley overhears Jake and Paulina discussing Jake's intentions of not moving into Marley's cottage, upset Marley heads to Michael's grave where she runs into Vicky who has just learned from Donna, Marley and Jake will be living together. After the doctor administers the drug to Cindy, Gary is able to rescue an incoherent Cindy and slip her past Grant, Toni and Josie. Grant is shocked when he discovers Cindy is missing. While Lila tries to get closer to Matt, Sofia tries to mend her broken heart.

JUNE 19, 1998 (EP. #8638)
After a heated argument with Vicky, Marley, fearing Jake could never love her, tells Vicky she will leave Bay City. Later, as Vicky visits Jake and their passion for each other erupts into a kiss, Marley decides to stay in town afterall and returns to the cottage to see Vicky and Jake together. Amanda fires Cameron and Josie offers to help him move into a boarding house -- unaware that Gary is hiding Cindy in the same place.

JUNE 22, 1998 (EP. #8639)
After seeing Jake and Vicky kiss, Marley runs from the house -- but runs into Grant, who convinces her to fight for Jake. Later, Vicky sees Grant and Donna together and wonders what is going on. After Rachel learns about Lila's pregnancy from Matt, Rachel confronts Lila and warns her to stay away from her son. While Lila becomes more determined than ever to get into the Cory family, Matt and Sofia see each other at the Lucky Lady.

JUNE 23, 1998 (EP. #8640)
Not being able to stop thinking about Cameron, Amanda goes to him. Encouraged by Billy Rush, Matt and Sofia dance together at the Lucky Lady, but when Matt tries to kiss Sofia, she leaves. Toni and Chris grow closer. After telling Joe he will keep an eye on Sofia, Nick hits a mysterious girl named Remy with his bike. As he offers to help this forlorn woman, Nick thinks about Sofia.

JUNE 24, 1998 (EP. #8641)
As Rachel decides to go to England to find out more about Scott, Scott, seeing Amanda and Cameron together, realizes he can't trust Amanda and he plans his next move. Cindy leaves the boarding house and wanders the streets of Bay City, confused and alone until Gary finds her. Promising to help Cindy, Gary is forced to lie to Josie when Cindy asks him to stay the night with her. Toni and Chris make love.

JUNE 25, 1998 (EP. #8642)
Amanda confronts Cameron when she discovers he has bugged the house. She is shocked when Cameron reveals he thinks Scott is the one who beat Matt up. Later, after Cameron goads Scott into revealing his violent tendencies, Cameron tries to warn Amanda, unaware she is walking into Scott's web. Lila presents a document to Matt releasing him from any obligation to her baby but Matt refuses to sign. Later, Lila suffers a minor fall and Matt is worried, saying he will do anything for the baby. Lila sees a new angle on getting Matt to marry her. After Nick brings Remy to Carlino's and Paulina learns she is an orphan, Paulina agrees to give Remy a job -- on a trial basis. Later, thinking she is alone, Remy takes a tip off of a table which Paulina sees but chooses to do nothing about it -- for now.

JUNE 26, 1998 (EP. #8643)
Determined to figure out why Jake believes she slept with Shane, Vicky focuses her energy on when everything when wrong. She traces it back to the day Donna went to Shane's boat, and Vicky cleverly gets Grant, Lila and Donna to meet on the boat. Vicky tells them she wants answers. Cass gets clue that Lila is in cahoots with Grant in a way that relates to Vicky. Cass warns Lila that if she is doing anything against Vicky, she will answer to him. As Scott learns Amanda might be with Cameron, Cameron warns Amanda that Scott is dangerous and then Cameron finally admits he has feelings for Amanda.

JUNE 29-30, 1998: Pre-empted for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.