JULY 1-3, 1998: Pre-empted for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

JULY 6, 1998 (EP. #8644)
While Marley tells Jake that she learned of Vicky’s affair from Grant, Vicky finally learns from Grant, Lila and Donna about the forged journal. Vicky rushes to Jake and the happy couple reunite. Hoping that something will jog Cindy’s memory, Gary tells Cindy about his own abusive childhood and how similar his father was to Grant. Cindy remembers the wallpaper in Kirk’s bedroom. After Amanda tells Cameron she is willing to take her chances with him, the couple is interrupted by a call from Scott who is wondering if his date with Amanda is still on. As Amanda meets with Scott, Cameron watches.

JULY 7, 1998 (EP. #8645)
Vicky and Jake happily reunite after clearing up the mystery about Shane and Vicky’s alleged affair. The couple vow to let nothing come between them again, but when they visit Marley, Marley, determined to get Jake back, vows that Vicky and Shane really were having an affair. Vicky is stunned. Cindy remembers a phone number and while Gary is out, she calls and hears Grant’s voice. Later, while Gary comforts Cindy, Josie calls stating she knows Gary is keeping Cindy. Lila threatens to leave town.

JULY 8, 1998 (EP. #8646)
Despite Marley’s accusations that Vicky and Shane were sleeping together, Jake believes Vicky. As Vicky and Jake head home, Marley starts to unspool. Sofia has a graduation party and Matt, Nick and Remy all show up. After Sofia agrees to let Remy stay at her apartment, Nick takes Remy there while Matt and Sofia build up to an intimate moment. But Matt and Sofia’s closeness is shattered when Lila calls Matt with a faked emergency. Revealing that she knows Cindy called Grant from Gary’s cell phone, Josie demands that Gary turn Cindy in. While Josie accuses Gary of being obsessed with Grant and Gary challenges his wife to arrest him, Cindy remembers a troubling incident with Grant.

JULY 9, 1998 (EP. #8647)
Amanda is forced to pretend with Scott that she is scamming Cameron whom she thinks shot Carl. Later, Scott catches Amanda with a beeper but Amanda makes up a credible excuse as to why she has it. Scott kisses Amanda. Matt reluctantly leaves Sofia so he can be with Lila in her emergency but is suspicious that she could be faking. Later, Lila goes to the Cory house and as she fantasizes in the living room, Paulina finds her. While Lila tries unsuccessfully to enlist Paulina’s help in getting Matt to marry her, Matt learns from Cass Lila faked her emergency. Matt refuses to take Lila’s calls. Toni and Chris’s new closeness isn’t lost on Tyrone.

JULY 10, 1998 (EP. #8648)
Devastated about losing Jake to Vicky, Marley’s dark side takes over, urging her to go after what she wants. Marley goes to Jake and Vicky’s house and while pretending to be happy for them, really plans on getting Jake for herself. Jake makes a visit to Grant and Lila and serves Grant papers which curtail his rights to Kirkland. Devastated Grant leaves Lila and alone Lila collapses on the floor, fearing she will lose her baby. In hopes of stirring Cindy’s memory and to find the evidence against Grant, Gary and Cindy break into Grant’s house. With the duo inside, Grant returns home, unaware his wife is in the house.

JULY 13, 1998 (EP. #8649)
Not realizing Marley wants Jake for herself, Vicky and Jake show their support for Marley and vow to always be there for her. Later, while Jake visits Paulina and asks for her help to plan the celebration, Marley assumes her new identity as "Marnie" when she runs into Tyrone. Gary hides Cindy when Grant returns home unexpectedly and then to protect Cindy, Gary admits he is on to Grant. Grant fires Gary and before Cindy can escape, Grant has Gary escorted out. While Gary tries to rescue Cindy, Cindy overhears Grant talk to Dr. Perkins and realizes everything Gary said about Grant is true. Gary rescues Cindy. Cass finds Lila collapsed and rushes her to a clinic and so that she can get his insurance he claims she is his wife. But despite all Cass has done for her, Lila turns to Matt when he arrives.

JULY 14, 1998 (EP. #8650)
In order to lower Scott’s defenses, Amanda decides to take him away, despite Cameron’s reservations. Although Amanda reassures Cameron that he will always know where she is thanks to the homing device, she is unaware that Scott has found the device and comes up with a plan of his own. As Sofia gets over her anger for Matt, Lila slyly gets Matt to agree to take care of her while she recovers. While Matt carries Lila into his apartment, Sofia arrives. Concerned about Gary hiding Cindy, Josie almost confides in Cameron who seems to know a lot about Gary.

JULY 15, 1998 (EP. #8651)
While Scott sends the homing device back to Cameron and Cameron realizes he has no way to find Amanda, unsuspecting Amanda agrees to Scott’s change of plans as they head to a small inn on the way to Chicago. Desperate, Cameron asks for Josie’s help. Matt moves Lila into the Cory mansion and then calls Sofia to say he loves her. While Gary works against time to help Cindy regain her memory, Joe warns Josie that if she knows anything about Cindy’s disappearance she better fess up. Josie tells Gary his time is up.

JULY 16, 1998 (EP. #8652)
As Josie and Gary help Cameron find Amanda, Amanda sees Scott hide something in his wallet and realizes this might be the key into Scott’s past. When Cameron tracks Amanda down and tricks Scott into leaving the hotel room, Cameron is shocked when Amanda tells Cameron she wants to stay. Worried that Cindy will get her memory back and supply evidence on his crimes to the police, Grant is determined to find his wife. Grant makes an appeal on TV which Cindy sees. Scared Grant will find her, Cindy runs away. While at Marley’s, Jake sees Grant’s appeal on TV and mentions to Marley that Cindy was jealous enough of Vicky to try and kill her. Marley makes a note of this.

JULY 17, 1998 (EP. #8653)
Realizing Cindy could be very useful to her in her plight to destroy Vicky, Marley finds Cindy and pretends to want to help her. Marley and Cindy form an unholy alliance. When Scott finds Cameron and Amanda together, Cameron is forced to pretend that Amanda and Cameron aren’t in cahoots. After Cameron leaves with a threat from Scott never to come near Amanda, Amanda finally gets a chance to see the photo Scott was hiding, with Carl’s handwriting on the back. Scott catches Amanda snooping, but Amanda pretends she is interested in Scott and promises soon, they can make love.

JULY 20, 1998 (EP. #8654)
As Vicky and Jake assume all is well with Marley, Marley sets Cindy up in her attic and then Marley delivers an anonymous threatening note to Vicky. Marley’s plan to set up Cindy to take the blame for destroying Vicky works when Vicky and Jake assume the note is from Cindy. While Matt and Sofia kiss, Nick and Remy walk in on them. Later, after Matt has left, Remy finds a way to learn about Sofia and Nick’s true feelings while she steers them in the direction she wants them to go. Lila continues with her scheme to ensnare Matt and when she learns Matt plans on being with Sofia, not Lila, she places a phone call with plans to teach Matt a lesson.

JULY 21, 1998 (EP. #8655)
When Scott finds Cameron’s bugging device at the Cory’s, Amanda feigns shock and tells Scott she will sleep with him as soon as Cameron is behind bars. Scott plants evidence of attempted murder in Cameron’s room. Cass sees Lila’s ad in the paper which states she is planning on putting the baby up for adoption and Cass offers to marry her. Realizing this is another one of her manipulations Cass leaves, determined to tell Matt about Lila’s plan. As Lila meets with the fake adoptive parents, Matt and Sofia arrive to see the transaction. Paulina urges Felicia to hire Remy as her new assistant and reluctantly Felicia agrees.

JULY 22, 1998 (EP. #8656)
Arrested thanks to the new evidence that Scott planted, Cameron is brought in for questioning and released. Furious, Cameron confronts Scott but Cass sends Cameron away to cool off. Later, Cass tells Scott he has a personal file containing Cory family information as Cameron admits to Amanda he has served time for murder. Scott secretly knocks Cass unconscious and makes it look like Cameron was the assailant. Matt and Sofia convince Lila to give them 24 hours before Lila puts the baby up for adoption. Sofia suggests to Matt that she and Matt adopt the baby. When Felicia asks Remy to work at home, Nick jumps in and offers the use of his laptop. Nick takes Remy to the Hudson farm and when Remy finds pictures of Sofia, Nick shares his feelings about Sofia and their breakup. Later, Nick agrees to help Remy when she admits she can’t type.

JULY 23, 1998 (EP. #8657)
After Sofia convinces Matt she is ready to marry him and raise his child, Matt proposes to Sofia, which furious Lila sees. Lila confronts Matt and Sofia and then privately tells Sofia never to take her place again. Later, while Sofia tells Joe she is planning on marrying Matt, Matt learns he only has rights to the baby if he marries Lila. As suspicious Josie questions Scott about the murder, Amanda and Cameron’s passion grows and they start to make love. Cameron pushes Amanda away not wanting to hurt her. As Amanda leaves Cameron, Josie is forced to release Scott but lets him know she is watching. Lila trips over Cass’ unconscious body. Vicky and Jake ask for Gary’s help in investigating the note. While Gary is at Vicky’s, Marley arrives and lies stating she had never seen Gary before. After Marley leaves, Gary tells Vicky he had met Marley. Vicky wonders what is going on with her sister and goes to confront Marley.

JULY 24, 1998 (EP. #8658)
After a nasty confrontation with her sister, Marley is more determined than ever to use Cindy against Vicky. Later, when Jake tells Marley that he has transplanted Vicky and Jake’s tree and he and Vicky are planning to start a family, Marley maliciously goes to Vicky’s and destroys their tree. As Cass gives Lila a deathbed request asking her to do the right thing with Matt, Lila decides to leave the Cory mansion and shoulder her burdens on her own. However, after Matt talks to Paulina about his problems between loving Sofia and only having rights to his child if he marries Lila, Paulina tells Matt to put the baby first. Matt asks Lila to marry him and tells her that the child is more important to him than Sofia. Sofia overhears and is devastated.

JULY 27, 1998 (EP. #8659)
Vicky and Jake are devastated when they see their tree and assume Cindy is the one who destroyed it. However, when Jake takes Vicky to Marley’s, Vicky sees woodchips on the floor and Vicky is suspicious. After Vicky leaves, Marley gets Cindy to say a few mean words on tape, calls Vicky and secretly plays the tape for her. Matt tells devastated Sofia that he has to marry Lila temporarily to keep her from doing something crazy. He asks Sofia to wait for him but she refuses.

JULY 28, 1998 (EP. #8660)
Joe and Josie bring Cameron to Cory for questioning on the attack on Cass. Although Cameron says he was never in the room, Amanda finds his glove and Scott forces her to admit she believes Cameron to be dangerous. Later, as Gary talks to Felicia about his longlost brother, Josie asks Cameron why he knows so much about Gary. Rachel returns home and learns that Matt and Lila are engaged. While Matt tells Rachel Lila is so erratic he doesn’t want her to know the family is broke, Cass, furious Lila has tricked Matt into marrying her, blurts out that Matt has no money.

JULY 29, 1998 (EP. #8661)
While Gary agrees to help Amanda find out about Cameron’s past, Cameron lets Josie believe that Gary was the cop who sent him to jail. As Josie leaves, Cameron asks her to give a note to Amanda, which by accident Gary finds and thinks it is for Josie. Nick is stunned when Remy pulls Paulina out of Carlino’s kitchen and then they all watch in shock when a crash happens in the kitchen where Paulina was.

JULY 30, 1998 (EP. #8662)
Josie and Gary get into an argument when Gary finds the note Cameron wrote to Amanda and thinks it is a love note for Josie. Later, as Josie tells Cameron she is off the case, Scott tells Gary he found Josie’s charm bracelet outside of Cameron’s room and when Gary confronts Cameron -- he is shocked at who Cameron really is. Lila is reassured about the Cory finances when she questions Matt and Matt, without lying, tells her that she and the baby will have what they deserve. Alone with Nick, Remy admits that after she was struck by lightening she became psychic. Later, when she is alone, Remy types something up, proving she has been pulling the wool over Nick’s eyes about her lacking typing abilities.

JULY 31, 1998 (EP. #8663)
Marley plots against Vicky and rents a car in Cindy’s name then lures Vicky to her home. While Grant waits at Jake and Vicky’s, hoping Cindy will show up, Marley makes her own plan for Cindy and prepares her for an outing. Josie is shocked to learn that Cameron and Gary are brothers. Later, while Josie and Gary work toward reconciliation, Cameron runs into Amanda and tells her he his Gary’s brother. When she learns from Amanda that Scott carries around a picture of the Hutchins family crest, Rachel is determined to discover who Scott really is. However, when she goes to get her personal files, she is unaware that Scott has already removed a special document.

AUGUST 3, 1998 (EP. #8664)
While Donna discovers that no one is home at Marley’s, Marley, with Cindy watching horrified in the car, attempts to run Vicky over at Michael’s grave. Vicky catches a glimpse of Cindy’s face before she jumps out of the way and as Marley vanishes, Cindy checks on Vicky. Vicky calls the police on Cindy as Cindy insists it was Marnie driving the car. Determined to have an elaborate wedding ceremony, Lila makes all the extravagant arrangements as Rachel discovers Matt wants a quick ceremony at City Hall and quietly cancels all of Lila’s wedding plans. Lila asks Rachel to be her matron of honor.

AUGUST 4, 1998 (EP. #8665)
After Donna covers for Marley with Vicky when Vicky accuses her sister of trying to run her down, alone, Donna forces Marley to admit the truth that she was in fact the driver of that car. Donna tells Marley she was the one who ran Marley down. Marley is determined to get back at both her mother and her sister. Pretending to care for Cindy, Grant arranges for his wife to be sent back to the hospital so he can determine how much she remembers. When Cindy arrives at the hospital, she makes the decision to keep her memory a secret until she can turn the tables on Grant. After Nick, Sofia and Remy have a fun outing together, Remy e-mails someone who is very mysterious.

AUGUST 5, 1998 (EP. #8666)
While Gary admits to Amanda that Cameron is his brother, Cameron and Josie tell Joe about their relationship and Josie requests to be taken off the case. Joe refuses stating he wants Josie to continue working undercover to nail Scott. Gary is upset when he learns Josie and Cameron are still working together. Scott discovers another piece of the puzzle to lead him to Carl’s fortune. As Sofia tells Matt she must move on since he is marrying Lila, Lila reads her wedding vows to Cass who mocks her stating Matt could never love her. Lila tells Cass she is only doing this so her baby will be a Cory.

AUGUST 6, 1998 (EP. #8667)
After a visit from Sofia who asks him to turn over the business to her, Matt, feeling like he has lost everything, tells Rachel to give Lila her storybook wedding. Cass and Ty work against the clock to come up with a way that Matt can be in his baby’s life without marrying Lila. Gary slips in to see Cindy who admits she has gotten parts of her memory back but is keeping this from Grant until she can remember where she put the evidence against him. While Gary talks to Cindy, Grant, realizing that Gary must have known where Cindy was all along, calls the police and Josie and Toni are forced to bring Gary in for questioning. Remy and Nick grow closer when Remy twists her ankle and Nick takes her to the hospital.

AUGUST 7, 1998 (EP. #8668)
Lila’s wedding comes to a crashing halt when Cass arrives with a legal ruling and a court order that might allow Matt to establish paternal rights to the baby without marrying Lila. While Matt goes to find Sofia, Sofia tells Joe she must leave town. Josie’s attempts to bring Cameron and Gary together are thwarted when the brothers argue and Cameron leaves. Later, Cameron runs into Amanda and finally admits to her that he went to prison for killing his father.

AUGUST 10, 1998 (EP. #8669)
Amanda is devastated when Cameron tells her he killed his father for money. After Cameron leaves, Amanda discovers Scott kidnapping the twins so that he can retrieve Carl’s money at an island bank. So that Scott leaves the twins, Amanda offers to go with him instead and pretend to be Rachel. Before Amanda can leave a message for anyone, Scott whisks Amanda away. Horrified when Donna insists they tell Vicky the truth, Marley goes to her sister and convinces her that she is worried about their mother since she believes Donna was the driver who ran her down. Vicky agrees to watch Donna, unaware that this is all part of Marley’s plan to get Jake.

AUGUST 11, 1998 (EP. #8670)
When Rachel returns home and finds a piece of Amanda’s dress and the Nanny unconscious, she frantically calls Joe and tells of her suspicions about Scott. After stashing Amanda on his plane, Scott arrives at the Cory’s, which forces the investigation to center around Cameron, not him. Cameron hides at Gary’s as the police arrive. After Matt tells Sofia he isn’t marrying Lila, he brings her to the chapel, and proposes.

AUGUST 12, 1998 (EP. #8671)
While Amanda stalls Scott when he wants to take her to bed, Cameron is shocked that Gary doesn’t turn him into the police and instead offers to help him find and save Amanda. The brothers form a new bond. Although she doesn’t accept Matt’s proposal, Sofia and Matt grow closer once again. Lila is devastated by this turn of events but gives the news to Matt that Amanda is missing.

AUGUST 13, 1998 (EP. #8672)
As Gary and Cameron discover that Scott has taken Amanda to Boca Lynda, Amanda puts sleeping pills in Scott’s champagne. Believing Scott is asleep, Amanda attempts to slip away, but Scott grabs her. Marley continues to undermine Donna, hinting to Vicky that Donna is unstable. Later, Vicky tries to probe her mother about the night Marley was run down. Nick covers for Remy when Remy fails to get Felicia’s typing done on time.

AUGUST 14, 1998 (EP. #8673)
Knowing that she never loved him, Scott angrily tells Amanda that he is Carl’s brother and he helped fake Carl’s death so Carl, Rachel and the twins could live off the Cory money which is Carl’s birthright. Amanda is forced to do as Scott says when she realizes Scott has taken Alli for insurance. Although temporarily thwarted by Joe, Gary and Cameron arrive on the island to save Amanda. Marley spends the night with Vicky and Jake at Steven’s insistence and is thrilled when late at night, she runs into Jake while she is in her nightgown.

AUGUST 17, 1998 (EP. #8674)
While Joe tells Josie that Scott has Amanda, Scott takes Amanda to the bank where they learn the bank will need 24 hours to get the money. Waiting until the money is ready, Scott locks Amanda in a secret bunker under the house. Cameron hears Amanda’s voice through the air shaft of the secret room and he searches desperately for the opening. When Lila can’t find her wallet at the Harbor Club, Zak intervenes and pays her bill. Later, Lila goes to the Cory’s and tells them she thinks she knows where Amanda is.

AUGUST 18, 1998 (EP. #8675)
Wanting to undermine Donna, Marley suggests to Vicky that they all go to the Harbor Club for dinner. Marley is thrilled when Vicky becomes convinced that Marley’s hunch about Donna is right. However, Marley’s plan might come crashing down when she runs into Cindy in the bathroom who threatens to tell Vicky everything. With some clever talking, Marley successfully convinces Cindy that they must help each other. Matt is grateful to Lila when she tells the Cory’s where she thinks Amanda is. Later, Lila runs into Zak again who tells her he is living in her building. Remy has a close call with Nick who almost sees her sending e-mails.

AUGUST 19, 1998 (EP. #8676)
As Rachel receives a message from Alli who is being forced to tell her not to interfere, Cameron and Gary work together to save Amanda from Scott. Cameron crawls through the vent and is forced to watch Amanda and Scott start to make love. When Scott is called away, Cameron and Amanda have a stolen moment together and Cameron promises to return with the tools he needs to take off the grate, unaware that Gary has just been arrested. Josie learns from Chris about the history of abuse that Cameron and Gary suffered. Chris wonders why this wasn’t brought up at Cameron’s trial and wonders if Cameron wanted to be convicted.

AUGUST 20, 1998 (EP. #8677)
When Vicky tells Marley that she and Jake want to have a baby and are going to Provence for a quick getaway, Marley offers to stay with the boys. Later, Marley sabotages Vicky and Jake’s car by putting a potato in the tailpipe so that they will be unable to go on their trip to France. Lila comes to the rescue when Matt and Sofia desperately need a record producer and she introduces them to Zak, the producer that they need. When Nick discovers Remy is keeping a computer file on him he gives her a chance to come clean. But when she doesn’t, Nick leaves, leaving Remy wondering what is going on.

AUGUST 21, 1998 (EP. #8678)
While Josie heads down to Boca Lynda, Cameron and Gary team up to get Gary out of jail. The brothers work quickly to free Amanda and as Cameron tries to get the grate off before Amanda is raped, Gary sets off the alarm. Cameron rescues Amanda but when they emerge from the airspace, Scott is waiting for them. When their trip is canceled, Jake and Vicky decide to take Steven and Kirkland camping and invite Marley to come along. While on the trip, Marley purposefully causes Vicky to land in a patch of poison ivy which she is highly allergic to.

AUGUST 24, 1998 (EP. #8679)
Grant denied having anything to do with the potato incident in Jake's car when Donna questioned him and hinted that Donna thinks Marley was the culprit. Cindy overheard Grant tell Donna that he hopes Marley succeeds in winning back Jake so that he can reunite with Vicky. Grant threatened to reveal to Marley that Donna accidentally ran her down in a car should Donna interfere with his plans. Donna retaliated by telling Grant that Marley knows the truth and has forgiven her. Cindy fumed upon realizing that Grant and Marley led her to believe that she had hurt Marley with the car and not Donna. Grant feigned ignorance as Cindy tried to probe him for information. Grant made up excuses to leave in an effort to ignore Cindy's claims that she is slowly regaining her memory and doubts Grant's love for her. Cindy vowed to get revenge against Grant. Grant returned with a gift for Cindy to convince her that they have a loving relationship. Jake slept in a tent with Marley, Steven, and Kirkland due to Vicky's case of poison ivy. Jake and Vicky kissed after trying to fight their romantic feelings for each other. Marley told Tyrone that she is slowly recovering. Scott cautioned Amanda against ignoring his demands while holding her and Cameron captive. Vicky felt left out as Jake told ghost stories around a camp fire. Gary pretended to be Scott to order his henchmen not to intercept a plane that was landing. Cameron told Scott that Amanda tried to seduce him to save herself. Scott told Cameron that Carl is his brother. Cameron warned Amanda not to keep following Scott's orders. Josie faced Scott at gunpoint while Gary, Cameron, and Amanda were overcome with hydrochloric acid fumes.

AUGUST 25, 1998 (EP. #8680)
Josie got Scott to drop his gun and tried to get Scott to take her to Cameron and Amanda. Cameron was able to get himself and Amanda untied by using the muriatic acid that was filling the room on the ropes. Scott grabbed Josie's ID bracelet before she was hauled off to the docks by the Boca Lynda authorities. Paulina panicked while Felicia contacted the US Embassy to inquire on Alli. Rachel mused that Elizabeth reminds her that the Cory women are strong. Matt and Sofia hired Zak to help them produce records. Lila feared that the baby was coming too early after experiencing labor contractions. Matt drove Lila to the hospital. Josie tried to cause dissention among the authorities. Josie spotted Joe hiding in the bushes while the authorities planned to move her by boat. Scott interrupted Cameron's efforts to find an escape route and vowed that he will force Cameron to watch him shoot Amanda. Zak was amused by Sofia's claims that Matt's business venture was established through a team effort. Matt told Lila and Sofia that he should learn to do outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and playing ball should Lila's child be a boy. Joe rescued Josie from the Boca Lynda police. Cameron threw a tire iron into acid, which blinded Scott long enough for Cameron to initiate an escape plan for himself, Amanda, and Gary. The US Embassy notified Felicia that Alli is safe. Sofia graciously declined Zak's offer to share a drink with him. Lila told Matt that she yearns to have a family like the Corys and expressed appreciation that Matt is the father of her child. Scott set off a bomb, which caused the tunnel to collapse onto Gary and Amanda while Joe, Josie, and Cameron were knocked down by debris.

AUGUST 26, 1998 (EP. #8681)
Matt and Lila were pleased that the sonogram showed that their baby is healthy. Matt convinced Lila that they should attend Lamaze classes together. Zak persuaded Sofia into coming to the hospital to get updates on Matt and Lila's baby. Matt and Lila apologized for the actions they took against each other, agreed to be good parents to their child, and embraced, which was noticed by a jealous Sofia. Sofia declared her hatred of Lila to Zak, but resolved to maintain a positive attitude and focus her attentions onto the music business. Lila became hysterical upon learning that she had been evicted from her apartment. Matt convinced an apprehensive Lila to stay in a guest room at the Cory mansion on the condition that she stays out of Rachel's way. Joe informed Rachel, Felicia, and Paulina that Amanda has been located. The tunnel collapsed with Gary and Amanda still inside of it while Josie, Joe, and Cameron were tossed outside and Scott was instantly killed by the bomb explosion. Joe's phone connection went dead due to the bomb. Rachel and Felicia tried to soothe Paulina's anxiety while they discussed Felicia's new novel and Cory Publishing to calm their nerves. Cameron declared his love for Amanda while he, Josie, and Joe tried to dig Gary and Amanda out of the collapsed tunnel. A rescue team arrived to help Joe, Josie, and Cameron, but feared that Gary and Amanda had been killed in the tunnel. Joe tactfully informed Rachel that he is unsure whether Amanda is still alive or not. Rachel tried to remain optimistic about Amanda's survival while talking to Alli on the phone. Matt, Lila, Felicia, and Paulina smiled when Rachel lovingly touched Lila's stomach to feel her baby kick.

AUGUST 27, 1998 (EP. #8682)
Lila advised Sofia that Amanda is missing, that she went into false labor, and Matt invited her to live at the Cory mansion. Remy wrote in a journal that things are bad between her and Nick. Carlino's was reopened for business. Chris gave Nick the background check he ran on Remy. Jake took Vicky to the hospital for treatment. A mechanic told Jake that a potato was found in the tailpipe of his car. Marley admitted to Donna that she sabotaged Jake's car, prompting Donna to note that Marley has become a habitual liar. Marley retorted that she learned deception from Donna. Lila informed Sofia that she was evicted and that Gary and Amanda may be dead. Sofia told Lila that Matt insisted that the recording session take place without Zak. Lila boasted to Cass that Matt is taking her to Lamaze classes. Vicky appreciated that Jake referred to her boys as "their kids." Nick discovered that Remy dropped out of the system at the age of 10, spent time in many foster homes, but that Chris could not find a record of Remy's brother. Chris warned Nick that Remy is pursuing him because of his inheritance from Michael's estate. Cass initiated a bank transfer from Boca Lynda to the Cory's accounts. Felicia dropped her objections towards Cass's romance with Lila after recalling that she ignored everyone's warnings about Alexander. Marley hinted to Tyrone that she wants to reunite with her ex-husband and that the marriage failed because they could not have children. Donna confided to a therapist that Marley's behavior concerns her. Lila fumed upon learning from Cass that the Cory family is broke. Marley vowed to stop Donna from impuning on her plans. Remy invited Nick to her place to talk.

AUGUST 28, 1998 (EP. #8683)
Cindy went into Kirkland's bedroom with hopes of jogging her memory. Vicky interfered with Marley's efforts to be alone with Jake at the Lucky Lady. Josie was determined to continue looking for Gary and Amanda, despite that the search team concluded that it is unlikely that they survived the cave-in. Lila debated on whether to give Sofia's concerned message for the Cory family to Matt. Cindy covered her concerns for Gary to prevent Grant from deducing that she had regained her memories. Cindy recalled the significance of the wallpaper in Kirkland's bedroom. Joe cautioned Josie against having false hopes that Gary and Amanda survived and returned the ID bracelet that Scott had stolen from Josie. Cameron and Josie were caught in a storm that brewed in Boca Lynda as they left the tunnel. A hand appeared that was sticking out of the dirt that was wearing Gary's wedding band. Rachel told Matt and Lila that she senses that Amanda is still alive while they visited Mac's grave. Toni performed with Billy Rush at the Lucky Lady. Cindy used Marley's cell phone and threatened to expose her secrets should Marley refuse to help her by distracting Grant. Joe enlisted Paulina's help in getting Rachel to accept that Amanda died in Boca Lynda. Cameron was moved as Josie explained that Gary regretted that he did not give Cameron enough credit for his good qualities. Josie became disconsolate after dreaming of Gary. Cameron and Josie comforted each other upon realizing that Gary and Amanda were the most important people in their lives. The hand that was sticking out of the dirt in the tunnel started to move.

AUGUST 31, 1998 (EP. #8684)
Remy decorated her apartment in a Hawaiian style for Nick, who was suspicious of Remy's assertions that she researched his background to become familiar with his world. Nick hurt Remy by insinuating that she is after his inheritance and stated that he cannot trust her. Cindy and Marley made excuses to quell Grant's suspicions of the two of them secretly meeting in the alley behind the Lucky Lady. Marley objected to Cindy's orders to take Kirkland to see Grant because Vicky filed an injunction to stop Grant from seeing Kirkland. Cindy blackmailed Marley into arranging for Grant to meet her and Kirkland at a carnival because Kirkland misses him. Marley failed to convince Grant that she is not plotting to ruin Vicky's life. Grant hinted to Marley that they should join forces in the future. Cindy retrieved the incriminating cassette that she had hidden behind the wallpaper of Kirkland's bedroom. Cindy fantasized about seeing Grant behind bars and taunting him about everyone who yearns to see Grant suffer. Steven overheard Marley admit to Grant that she defied Vicky's injunction and requested Grant's silence on the matter. Marley apologized for her behavior after she unsuccessfully tried to convince Steven that he misunderstood her talk with Grant. Cindy hid the cassette in a stuffed dog that Grant had won for Kirkland. Cindy informed Joe that she has something that he wants. Cameron consoled Josie as she reminisced about her life with Gary. Cameron and Josie mistook each other for Gary and Amanda while consumed by grief and made love. Cameron and Josie promised not to talk about the incident, which was overheard by Amanda who stood behind them on the beach.

SEPTEMBER 1, 1998 (EP. #8685)
Jake and Vicky discussed having a baby. Steven rebuked Marley's pleas that he keeps quiet about Grant spending time with Kirkland. Vicky was immediately contrite after lashing out at Marley for putting Kirkland in jeopardy because she does not have children of her own. Marley apologized to Vicky for failing to defy Grant and for losing Steven's respect. Steven told Jake that Marley arranged for Grant to see Kirkland at the carnival. Jake asked Marley to level with him. Sofia complained to Etta Mae about Lila occupying Matt's time. Zak lectured Sofia for being indecisive on releasing Billy Rush's upcoming album without getting Matt's input. Matt confessed to Lila that he is bitter that the rescue team called off the search for Amanda. Rachel gave an eloquent speech on the bond that she shares with her children, prompting Lila to express appreciation that her baby will have Rachel as a grandmother. Rachel was moved by Lila's wishes to raise her unborn child like Matt despite herself. Cameron and Josie were shocked and relieved to spot Amanda, who collapsed on the beach due to dehydration. Amanda briefly deplored Cameron and Josie, but was unable to verify Gary's location and survival. Cameron and Josie rescued an unconscious Gary from the tunnel and performed CPR to revive him. Gary was transferred to Bay City and hospitalized. Josie expressed regret to Gary, who regained consciousness. Rachel's fervent belief in Amanda's survival was confirmed after she received a call from her in Boca Lynda. Lila overheard Rachel confess to Amanda that she has developed sympathy for Lila. Etta Mae noticed Zak's disappointment as he observed Matt and Sofia embrace.

SEPTEMBER 2, 1998 (EP. #8686)
Gary confided to a tormented Josie that he was comforted in knowing she was with Cameron and expressed wishes to have another baby with Josie. Cameron insisted to Amanda that Josie attempted suicide and that they slept together out of grief. Amanda told Cameron that Gary dug them out of the tunnel and pulled her to safety due to his resolve in reuniting with Josie, then threatened to expose Cameron and Josie's tryst when he tried to get her to come to the hospital with him. Gary was perplexed by Amanda's aversion to being at the hospital with him, Cameron, and Josie. Joe made arrangements for Gary and Amanda to be transported back to Bay City. Gary voiced optimism to Amanda that they will live happily with Cameron and Josie again. Paulina appreciated Joe's sympathies as she remarked on Rachel's belief in Amanda's survival and the bond between a mother and a child. Jake harangued Marley for betraying Vicky, associating with Grant, and turning into a different person since their marriage. Marley tearfully recalled that she was once proud of the work she did for children in China. Grant accused Cindy of cutting open the stuffed dog that he had won for Kirkland and making him miserable during their marriage. Jake threatened retaliation against Grant for defying court orders and using Marley as a pawn. Grant covered for Marley by claiming to a dubious Jake that she would expose his plots to Vicky. Jake and Marley cleared the air about the strain between them. Cindy prevented Grant from realizing that she has regained her memories by hiding her relief over Gary being alive. Joe and Paulina questioned whether Cindy is feigning insanity for Grant's benefit.

SEPTEMBER 3, 1998 (EP. #8687)
Grant threatened to reveal Marley's role in arranging his meeting with Kirkland should she refuse to help him. Cindy failed to convince Paulina that she wants to nail Grant because he intends to kill her. Paulina rejected Cindy's efforts to give her the stuffed dog that contains the incriminating cassette. Vicky accused Donna of wanting to ruin her marriage to Jake. Grant overheard Jake talk to Marley about telling Vicky that she assisted Grant in spending time with Kirkland at the carnival. Grant ordered Marley to convince Vicky to let him take Kirkland to Italy. Amanda will be brought back to town once Gary is able to fly. Rachel rebuked Lila's idea of throwing a party to celebrate Amanda's return. Lila offered to sell an exclusive story on Shane to a reporter named Kevin Marks upon learning from Rachel that the Cory family is broke. Donna insisted to a doubtful Vicky that she does not want to destroy the happiness that she has found with Jake. Vicky questioned whether Marley has been lying to her about Donna, who decided not to tell Vicky about the hit-and-run car accident. Cindy was fearful of Grant hiring a male nurse named Bruno for her. Paulina disbelieved Cindy's contentions that she wishes to make amends. Cass and Rachel doubted Lila's intentions for summoning Kevin to the Cory mansion. Marley admitted to Vicky that she arranged for Grant to see Kirkland. Marley got Vicky to question whether she has been punishing Kirkland because of her grudge against Grant. Joe decided to investigate after Paulina stated that Cindy seems to be frightened. Cindy fumed that the stuff dog was missing. Grant gave Kirkland the stuffed dog after mentioning that they are going to Italy.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1998 (EP. #8688)
Felicia realized that Cass has fallen for Lila while they discussed Lila's attempts to raise money for the Corys. Amanda was plagued by dreams of Cameron and Josie kissing passionately while she recovered in the hospital. Gary expressed gratitude to Cameron for stopping Josie from drowning herself in the ocean out of grief. Cameron and Josie argued about whether to reveal their tryst to Gary. Lila stopped Matt and Sofia from having time alone together to celebrate their business success. Felicia joked to Cass that he is protesting the idea of being in love with Lila too vigorously. Amanda told Rachel that the strength of her parents enabled her to continue fighting for survival in Boca Lynda. Rachel pointed out to Amanda that Cameron saved her life. Cameron warned Josie of the possible consequences of telling Gary that they had a one-night stand. Felicia encouraged Sofia to fight Lila for Matt's affections. Cameron and Gary had a long discussion of the past and their father. Gary told Cameron that knowing that he was taking care of Josie helped him to survive being in the collapsed tunnel in Boca Lynda. Cameron felt tormented while Gary asked him to support Josie while he is recuperating in the hospital. Josie begged Amanda not to take out her animosity on Gary or Cameron, but Amanda refused to make promises on the things she may reveal should she decide to tell Gary about Cameron and Josie making love. Sofia informed Cass that Lila is at the chapel and is seeking his comfort. Cass and Lila assumed that the other had orchestrated their meeting at the chapel. Gary asked Josie to be truthful after he witnessed Cameron and Josie fighting in the hallway.

SEPTEMBER 7, 1998 (EP. #8689)
Cass and Lila fought while trying to escape from the locked chapel. Sofia tried to calm Matt, who was concerned for Lila because she was late for their Lamaze class. Cass tricked Lila into admitting her feelings for him by pretending to faint. Lila pushed Cass away after they shared a passionate kiss when Matt and Lila came into the chapel. Matt stormed off after lambasting Lila for breaking the commitment she made to him and their baby. Sofia admitted that she engineered Cass and Lila's meeting, causing them to scold her for potentially putting Lila's baby in jeopardy. Matt caused Sofia to grow defensive by taking Cass and Lila's side on the issue. Cass was forgiving to Sofia, but did not believe that Felicia was not involved in her scheme. Amanda admitted to Cameron that she still loves him. Gary lost consciousness as Josie was trying to confess her affair with Cameron. Josie asked Chris to locate Cameron while Gary was prepped for surgery because he suffered from a severe drop in blood pressure. Amanda lamented to Cameron that she cannot forget spotting him making love to Josie and opined that they could have dealt with their grief differently. Cameron denied Amanda's assertions that Josie warned her to stay away from him because they were having an affair for some time. Toni tried to reassure Josie that her faith in Gary has helped them to have a good marriage. Josie decided to wait until Gary has regained strength before confessing her and Cameron's tryst. Gary urged Cameron and Amanda to stay together and vowed that he will never desert Josie. Amanda broke up with Cameron. Josie fibbed to Gary that her argument with Cameron was over a trivial matter.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1998 (EP. #8690)
Gary lost the ability to breathe because he was having dreams of losing Josie. Josie berated herself for hurting Gary. Remy told Paulina that she is going to immerse herself into work since she has ruined things with Nick. Nick admitted that he likes Remy. Jake was upset that "The Love Lady" quit the Herald. Vicky dragged Jake into his office with plans for them to conceive a child, which was interrupted by Marley. Jake reluctantly agreed to take Marley to her doctor's appointment after Vicky encouraged him to reschedule their lovemaking. Cindy faked anaphylactic shock so that Bruno would rush out of the apartment to summon an ambulance for her. Paulina left Remy in charge at Carlino's so that she could take Dante's babysitter to the hospital. Remy handled the breakfast crowd at Carlino's with Nick's help. Cindy promised Gary that she will get revenge against Grant. Josie angrily told Cindy to leave so that Gary could rest. Marley groused to Tyrone that he always sees her at her worst. Joe was suspicious of Cindy visiting Gary at the hospital. Joe deduced that Cindy was making veiled remarks about having incriminating information on Grant. Nick and Remy made amends. Marley wrote a love letter to Jake and left it on his desk per Tyrone's suggestion. Gary swore to Josie that he will prove his love to her. Remy told Nick that she got the idea of keeping a file on him from a book. Joe and Paulina were impressed with Remy's work at Carlino's. Jake convinced Chris to assume the role of "The Love Lady." Jake and Chris made fun of Marley's letter without knowing that she was its author. Vicky accidentally placed Marley's letter into her purse after writing directions on a notepad.

SEPTEMBER 9, 1998 (EP. #8691)
Rachel brooded in disbelief over Carl's dishonesty, but refused to believe that Carl left her family broke. Paulina begrudgingly agreed to help Rachel get Cameron and Amanda back together. Matt and Sofia kissed after talking about their concerns for Lila's unborn child and her relationship with Cass. Zak informed Matt and Lila that a radio station expressed interest in playing their song. Felicia reminded Cass of her loyalty to him and their long-standing friendship when Cass chastised her for influencing Sofia into arranging his and Lila's meeting at the chapel. Cass admitted to Felicia that he loves Lila. Rachel politely rejected Cass and Felicia's assistance in trying to prevent an employee strike during an upcoming board meeting at Cory Publishing. Rachel struck down Lila's party plans due to the inappropriate timing for a celebration. Matt convinced Sofia to attend a meeting with a radio D.J. with Zak so that he could go to the Cory publishing board meeting with Rachel. Zak and Sofia were thrilled when the radio D.J. played Billy Rush's new single. Joe arranged for Amanda, Josie, and Gary to meet with Dana in hopes that their testimony would clear Cameron of Carl's murder. Cameron and Amanda hugged each other for Gary's benefit. Dana became hostile while questioning Cameron on hitting Joe, fleeing the country, and concealing his whereabouts. Gary tried to interpose when Josie snapped at Dana while jumping to Cameron's defense. Dana questioned Cameron and Josie's relationship. Joe was puzzled by the tension between Cameron, Amanda, and Josie. Paulina expressed gratitude to Cameron for saving Amanda's life. Joe granted Josie's request for time off of work.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1998 (EP. #8692)
Amanda was furious with Rachel for requesting that Cameron come to the Cory estate. Rachel castigated Lila for misinterpreting her reservations about throwing the party for Amanda when all the guests arrived for it. Amanda tried to stop Cameron from leaving out of fear that his abrupt departure would arouse Rachel's suspicions. Paulina laid into Amanda for being cold to Cameron while Rachel expressed regrets towards letting Lila host Amanda's party. Rachel refused to listen to Lila's apologies. Cass accused Felicia of pushing him and Lila together. Lila pushed Cass into the swimming pool after Cass proclaimed that Rachel will never accept her into the Cory family. Chris was mortified when Toni ridiculed the latest advice column from "The Love Lady," which was secretly penned by Chris. Jake asked Chris to permanently assume the guise of "The Love Lady" and opined that Toni might find it amusing. Jake scrambled to find the notepad in which he had stuffed Marley's love letter. Vicky discovered that she is pregnant. Marley was haunted by her alter-ego "Marney," who called her a poor substitute for Vicky, but was thrilled when Jake asked to have dinner with her. Vicky bade a hasty retreat upon realizing that Marley had plans with a gentleman friend. Jake was shocked to see that Marley had prepared a candlelight dinner for them. Gary told Josie that he will emulate Josie's trust in Cameron since he took care of her while Gary was presumed dead. Felicia convinced a sick Josie to go home after noticing that she had a fever. Cameron happily told Gary that Dana may drop the murder charges against him. Gary invited Cameron to stay at his and Josie's place for a while.

SEPTEMBER 11 and 14, 1998 (EP. #8693)
Josie had a nightmare in which Gary decried her for sleeping with Cameron. Cameron acquiesced to Gary's wishes for him to take care of Josie. Joe impressed upon Amanda that it is difficult to reconcile with traumatic experiences and that she should not cut Cameron out of her life. Jake rejected Marley's declarations of love, but insisted that their love is in the past and that he is committed to Vicky. Marley told Jake that the only time that she was happy was during her marriage to Jake, who expressed guilt over destroying it. Etta Mae and Paulina were perplexed that Jake was not with Vicky to celebrate her possibly being pregnant. Amanda told Gary that he is the one person she can confide in about Boca Lynda. Gary informed Amanda that he sent Cameron to keep company with Josie. Josie theorized to Cameron that Gary will not believe that he was fully responsible for their affair. Marley assured Jake that she has forgiven him for raping her. Marley insisted to Jake that she wants a second chance with him, causing Jake to suggest that they stay away from each other. Vicky vented frustrations to Paulina towards falsely believing that she is pregnant and the dramatic changes in Marley. Vicky sensed that something is wrong with Marley. Gary reflected to Amanda that she was once bothered by Cameron and Josie's strong bond, but held on to his belief that Josie would never cheat on him. Jake urged Marley not to torture herself over the past and to find purpose in life. Marley told Jake that she will keep living in their old house. Amanda caught Cameron comforting Josie. Vicky knocked on the door just as Marley proclaimed that she will wait for Jake to return to her.

Notes: Episode #8693 was repeated on the following day (September 14) due to a partial pre-emption, which consisted of News coverage of the Kenneth Starr Report on President Bill Clinton.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1998 (EP. #8694)
Josie accused Amanda of being self-righteous for insinuating that she made love to Cameron in Gary's bed. Amanda made the assumption that Josie and Cameron were having an affair for months. Josie panicked when Amanda mentioned that Gary suspects her and Cameron of infidelity and opined that Josie told her to avoid Cameron out of jealousy towards Amanda. Cameron and Josie were speechless once Amanda questioned the reasons they quit being intimate upon realizing that they were awake. Marley lied to Vicky that Jake convinced her to undergo a final plastic surgery, she made dinner to psyche herself for the occasion, and summoned Jake because she became frightened of the procedure. A suspicious Vicky advised Marley to seek professional help for her mental issues. Marley privately scoffed at Vicky for thinking that she is weak and helpless. Vicky suggested to Jake that they put a "Chinese chi" in their house to improve her ability to conceive. Tyrone apologized to Marley for giving her bad advice on her love life. Marley was ridiculed by "Marney," who opined that she is a fool for thinking that Jake still loves her and that she lost him to Vicky. Marley talked to Michael while visiting his grave. Bruno located Cindy, who asked him to take her to see Dr. Perkins. Cindy told Gary that Grant has the stuffed dog that contains incriminating evidence against him. Vicky told Jake that the accident has affected Marley significantly and that she is in emotional turmoil. Marley decried Vicky for making her hate Jake because of the rape. Josie was surprised that Cindy answered the phone in Gary's hospital room. Vicky overheard Jake take a call from Marley late at night.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1998 (EP. #8695)
Joe encouraged Nick to dig into Remy's past. Nick and Remy agreed to babysit Dante for Paulina. Remy got defensive when Nick asked her personal question about her past. Remy took a picture of Paulina and Dante while looking at a family album. Paulina defended Remy in response to Joe's suspicions of her, which pleased Remy greatly. Joe suggested that Sofia befriend Lila so that they are no longer bitter enemies. Sofia was pleased that the invitation she received was from Matt and not Lila. Chris overheard Etta Mae and Toni making fun of "The Love Lady's" advice column. Toni was offended when Chris observed that she is like "one of the guys." Lila rebuffed Matt's offer to use the baby furniture in the Cory attic because they cannot afford to buy new things for the baby. Matt urged Lila to concentrate on the baby's health and not financial matters. Rachel prevented Lila from accidentally dropping an antique vase. Lila surmised to Cass that the Corys cannot be broke because of their luxurious possessions and schemed to solve the family's financial woes to curry favor with them. Cass was intrigued when Lila introduced herself on the phone as Mrs. Matthew Cory. Lila told two art dealers that Rachel entrusted her with Mac's collection and gave her approval to sell everything that patrons are willing to purchase. Cass covered for Lila by telling the art dealers that they are in negotiations with another buyer, prompting the art dealers to double their asking prices. Rachel saw the art dealers and ordered Lila to move out. Rachel refused to sell a painting that represented her life with Mac and Carl. Lila assured Cass that she will create a place for herself among the Corys.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1998 (EP. #8696)
Amanda demanded that Cameron be truthful with Gary. Rachel gave Lila permission to call the art dealers to sell Mac's collection because she had to lay off twenty-five Cory Publishing employees. Marley showed a plastic surgeon a picture of Vicky to demonstrate the ways she wants to look after surgery. Jake got nervous once Vicky revealed knowledge of him being on the phone with Marley last night. Vicky badgered Jake into admitting that he and Marley are keeping a secret from her. Cameron warned Amanda that telling Gary the truth will only make things worse for everyone involved. Vicky decried Jake for refusing to be honest with her. Jake called to warn Marley that Vicky intends to pry the truth out of them. The surgeon warned Marley that the results she is seeking will take many surgeries. Lila accepted Cass's bet that Matt will not marry her before the baby is born. Matt promised Sofia that he will include the baby in his life without Lila's interference. Amanda agreed to keep Cameron and Josie's secret out of gratitude to Gary, but proclaimed that she never wants to see Cameron again. Gary lamented that he cannot assist the Corys in getting their fortune restored. Amanda did not have the money to repair an air conditioner at Cory Publishing. Cameron evaded Gary's questions on the matter in which Amanda wants him to be truthful. Lila caught Matt and Sofia making love. Marley lied to Vicky that Jake was keeping her plastic surgery secret from her. Gary asked Cameron to help the Corys find their money. Lila gave Charlie advice on handling snobs. Jake was upset that Marley lied to Vicky about the secret they are keeping from her. Cass and Lila discussed tenacity.

SEPTEMBER 18, 1998 (EP. #8697)
Cass tried to deter Lila from pressuring Matt into marriage. Felicia stopped Lila from making a hasty exit. Paulina advised Matt and Sofia that it may be difficult to keep Lila from interfering in their relationship. Joe demanded an explanation after catching Remy cutting a picture of Paulina and Dante. Lila told Felicia about the bet she made with Cass concerning Matt. Amanda agreed to work with Cameron to recover the Cory's funds on the condition that they maintain a strict business partnership without personal feelings involved. Sofia was incredulous of Paulina's belief that Lila will make trouble for her and Matt. Remy showed Joe a locket that was gifted to her by her mother. Rachel was impressed by Zak's knowledge of the painting that she set aside to be purchased. Zak told Rachel that the painting will drum up significant interest from perspective buyers. Cameron and Amanda found themselves staring at each other while investigating the missing funds. Lila tried to claim that Felicia stopping her wedding to Cass is proof that he does not truly love her. Felicia advised Lila that she will not allow her to break Cass's heart. Zak secretly notified someone to contact Rachel. Joe and Paulina softened towards Remy, who explained that she wishes to put Paulina and Dante's picture in her locket. Rachel agreed to consider an offer on the painting from a gallery called the Lumina Foundation. Sofia dreamed of defending herself against an intimidating Lila while starting a married life with Matt. Amanda told Cameron that she was wrong to believe that he was different from other men in her past. Zak told Sofia that Billy Rush is on major playlists. Felicia told Lila that Cass lost the love of his life.

SEPTEMBER 21, 1998 (EP. #8698)
Marley fantasized about getting her old face back and Jake telling her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Paulina and Remy exchanged stories of carrying around pictures of celebrities and pretending that they were their mothers. Toni confided her feelings about Chris and "The Love Lady" column to Tyrone. Cindy begged Bruno to keep quiet that she has regained her memory. Donna reminded Jake that he must force Marley to accept that he is committed to Vicky. Vicky and Marley reminisced about their first meeting. Marley got angry when Vicky asserted that it is a good thing that they have individual, distinct differences. Toni, Tyrone, Paulina, and Remy agreed that the latest advice from "The Love Lady" is too harsh. Toni lamented that she is confused by Chris's anger over criticism towards the column. Tyrone suggested that Toni write a letter to "The Love Lady" and tell Chris that she will follow the advice to prove that the writing is poor. Cindy convinced Bruno that Grant is responsible for her inability to get her nursing license back and that Grant has powerful connections. A doctor told Donna and Vicky that Marley is expecting too much from the surgeries. Marley tried to reassure Donna that she is forgiven for the car accident. Donna acquiesced to Marley's wishes that she does not confess the truth to Vicky. Toni wrote a letter to "The Love Lady" about her problems with Chris. Grant stopped Cindy from grabbing the stuffed dog. Vicky swore vengeance against Cindy for Marley. Grant discovered Cindy's secret compartment after fighting over the stuffed dog with Cindy. Marley blamed Vicky after being disappointed by the results of her surgery.

SEPTEMBER 22, 1998 (EP. #8699)
Amanda was not swayed despite Cameron's insistence that he and Josie had one-time tryst and not an ongoing affair. Josie told Gary that Cameron has not been alone with her. Jake and Donna had to break up a physical altercation between Vicky and Marley. Vicky accused Jake and Marley of keeping secrets from her. Jake told Marley that restoring her old face will not make him love her again. Cindy lied that mice created the hallowed area behind the wallpaper and tried to seduce Grant, who received a call from Vicky requesting that Kirkland be brought home. Cindy threatened to tell Grant that Bruno allowed her to escape should he stop her from leaving Grant's apartment. Cameron emphasized that he never believed Amanda was having an affair with Scott to illustrate that he trusts her implicitly. Amanda found a letter that Cameron wrote to her prior to the two of them falling in love. Josie objected to Cindy helping Gary. Marley begged Jake not to tell Vicky that she is bitter towards Vicky. Kirkland talked to Grant about Venice. Cindy informed Gary that the incriminating tape on Grant is hidden inside Kirkland's stuffed dog. Amanda slapped Josie, who claimed that she warned Amanda about Cameron because she suspected that he shot Carl and did not know that Cameron was Gary's brother. Marley vowed to Tyrone that she will get everything she has lost. Kirkland overheard Joe and Josie talking about using the incriminating tape against Grant. Josie urged Cameron to stop Amanda from leaving town. Joe and Cindy realized that the evidence against Grant is missing, which Kirkland hid in the floorboard of the attic. Cindy discovered that Cameron and Josie slept together.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1998 (EP. #8700)
Toni told Chris that she submitted a letter to "The Love Lady," then Toni decided to follow the column's advice and end her romance with Chris. Tyrone encouraged Toni to reconcile with Chris. Chris and Toni got into a heated argument about their relationship and his possible link to "The Love Lady" column in the Herald. Gary scolded Bruno for allowing Cindy to escape his careful watch. Cameron and Josie tried to convince themselves that everything in their lives is back to normal, but continued to fear that Gary will learn about their affair. Josie grappled with being unable to hide the truth from Gary because of her guilt over being unfaithful to Gary. Josie interrupted Cindy, who brought Gary to the chapel with the intention of exposing Cameron and Josie's dalliance. Cindy arrogantly told Josie that she should take lessons from her on the proper ways in which Gary should be treated by his wife. Gary was released from the hospital. Josie left abruptly after Gary thanked her and Cameron for keeping the faith while they had dinner together. Cameron implored Josie to move on with her life instead of dwelling on the past. Josie was unable to make love to Gary. Grant and Cindy disguised their hatred for each other while enjoying a candlelight dinner, feigning affection for each other, and listening to Barbara Streisand songs that played in the background. Cindy stopped making love to Grant and proclaimed that it is wrong for them to be intimate with each other, which angered Grant.

SEPTEMBER 24, 1998 (EP. #8701)
Sofia eased Matt's angst by showing him that Billy's song is getting significant radio play across the country. Sofia told Matt that she despises Lila's presence in the Cory estate. Toni voiced suspicions to Etta Mae that Chris is sleeping with "The Love Lady." Toni asked Chris to introduce her to "The Love Lady." Marley called Jake and requested a ride home from the hospital, which was overheard by Vicky. Josie dreamed that Gary punched Cameron after discovering his and Josie's affair. Gary and Josie agreed that they have changed, but maintained that their love for each other has not lessened. Gary left in frustration after Josie pulled away from him. Lila informed Zak that she wants Sofia out of her way. Matt and Sofia planned a trip to Chicago to meet with an industry insider named Roscoe Burns, who wants to do a feature on Billy and C-Squared. Vicky decided to confront Marley after deducing that she wishes to reunite with Jake. Chris made the excuse to Toni that "The Love Lady" is a private person who keeps company with few people. Chris seethed when Toni admitted that her letter to "The Love Lady" was a joke. Cameron urged Josie to make Gary forget Boca Lynda. Tyrone learned that a woman named Marney was never admitted to the hospital. Zak denied Sofia's accusations that he and Lila are keeping Matt and Sofia apart. Vicky and Marley found matching dolls they received when they were seven years old. Marley secretly ripped the head off her doll after witnessing Jake and Vicky embrace. Zak and Sofia experienced car trouble. Chris was upset that Toni planned to visit Judy alone. Josie suspected that she might be pregnant. Vicky read Marley's letter to Jake.

SEPTEMBER 25, 1998 (EP. #8702)
Zak found shelter for himself and Sofia, who fell into the mud while trying to ditch Zak in the middle of a storm. Vicky put Marley on notice for trying to steal Jake away from her and demanded that Marley get out of her life. Jake denied Marley's assertion to Vicky that Donna wrote the letter to Jake. Sofia accused Zak of interfering in her personal life, prompting Zak to take credit for C-Squared and Billy's success. Cass squirmed as Matt and Lila discussed names for their child. Vicky stressed that Donna seems to have accepted her marriage to Jake to counter Marley's claims that Donna wants to ruin it. Matt promised Lila that she and the baby are part of his family. Lila boasted to Cass that she is closer to winning their bet. Sofia apologized to Zak to avoid losing him as a producer. Zak struggled to tolerate Sofia's musings about being in New York with Matt, finding the studio to be a peaceful place, and Matt being a special person in her life. Zak eyed Sofia's naked silhouette through a bedsheet that separated the two of them. Jake confessed to Vicky that he was trying to protect Marley and that she kissed him during dinner. Cass was amused as Lila suggested that they name their baby after Mac. Cass speculated to Lila that Matt will not marry her, but maintained that she deserves a man who truly loves her. Zak was in a bad mood from listening to Sofia babble about Matt. Lila was furious when Cass laughed at her assertion that he loves her. Zak told a mysterious person that Lila took advantage of her time with Matt and that things are going according to their plans. Marley stunned Jake and Vicky by revealing that Donna mistook Marley for Vicky and caused the hit-and-run accident.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1998 (EP. #8703)
Paulina told Remy not to worry about taking a picture from her photo album. Remy graciously declined Nick's offers to take her rollerblading and to help her complete some work for Felicia. Jake and Vicky debated on whether Donna committed the hit-and-run due to being enraged at Vicky because of Lila's forged note or Marley is deflecting the blame. Vicky grappled with the fact that Donna tried to kill her and that Marley is a liar. Grant freaked upon realizing that he cannot blackmail Donna and Marley over the car accident because Vicky knows the truth. Marley suggested that Grant makes himself available to Vicky once she succeeds in ruining her marriage to Jake. Paulina urged Remy to be honest with Nick to earn his trust. Kirkland rejected Cindy's offer to replace his supposedly missing stuffed dog and vowed to tell Grant that she is upsetting him. Marley instructed Grant to feign ignorance on the hit-and-run accident and informed Cindy that Grant fingered her as the culprit. Cindy threatened to reveal Marley's alias unless she assists her in finding the stuffed dog. Paulina understood Remy's desire to conceal her past. Remy had a premonition of Nick, who was knocked to the ground by someone while rollerblading. Kirkland resisted being bribed by Cindy to give her the stuffed dog. Grant gave Jake and Vicky a vague description of the hit-and-run driver. Marley slipped caffeine pills in Donna's drink so that Jake and Vicky would witness her helping Donna cope with an anxiety attack. Kirkland fell into a woodpile after hiding his stuffed dog in a tree. Nick expressed interest in getting to know Remy better. Donna confessed to Vicky that she was the driver of the hit-and-run accident.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1998 (EP. #8704)
An art dealer from the Lumina Foundation secured a deal with Matt to purchase Mac's collection on the condition that Lila joins them for drinks at the Lucky Lady. Lila decided to disregard Sofia's message requesting that Matt come to her place so that he would join Lila and the art dealer to celebrate. Zak denied Lila's assertion that they are allies. Sofia accidentally dropped the towel she had wrapped around her body with the intentions of having Matt do a nude sketch of her upon realizing that Zak had arrived at her apartment instead of Matt. Vicky rejected Donna in retaliation to her confessing that she was behind the hit-and-run car accident. Sofia smoothed things over with Zak to talk him out of quitting his job. Donna hoped that Vicky will eventually forgive her, but was genuinely flabbergasted by Vicky's accusation that she wrote the love letter to Jake. Sofia assumed that Matt was still in a meeting with the art dealer and went with Zak to the Lucky Lady. Matt expressed gratitude to Lila for assisting Cory Publishing. Donna wailed to Marley that she cannot continue living with lies any longer. Jake, Vicky, and Grant were relieved that Cindy found an unharmed Kirkland. Cindy acted like a wicked stepmother to scare Kirkland into keeping quiet about her search for the stuffed dog. Grant nearly caught Grant looking for the stuffed animal, which Kirkland had left in a tree. Sofia blew a fuse after catching Lila kissing Matt. Grant eased the restrictions he had imposed onto Cindy. Vicky dwelled on Jake and Marley keeping secrets from her. Marley pulled a knife on Donna, who insisted on confessing all to Jake and Vicky. A mysterious man lauded Zak's progress in achieving their mutual goals.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1998 (EP. #8705)
Cameron was shocked by Gary's announcement to Etta Mae that he and Cameron are going into business together. Gary persuaded Cameron into accepting the offer by stating that it is out of gratitude for saving his life, to make up for lost time, and so that they can build a close relationship as brothers. Josie confirmed that she is two weeks pregnant. Josie dissembled happiness over Gary's proposed business partnership with Cameron, then secretly called a clinic to inquire into an abortion. Amanda ignored Cameron's pleas for forgiveness. Vicky raged over Jake's disloyalty while they contemplated on whether Donna or Marley is attempting to wreck their marriage. Marley became hysterical when Donna adamantly refused to continue lying on Marley's behalf and take the blame for the love letter that was written to Jake and the potato incident with Jake's car. Donna was undeterred despite Marley's threat that she will commit suicide should she admit the truth to Jake and Vicky. Marley attempted to guilt Donna by citing Steven and Kirkland since they are her grandchildren. Donna tried to convince Marley that Jake is not in love with her. Marley struggled with Donna, who was knocked unconscious after falling down the porch stairs. A doctor informed Jake, Vicky, and Marley that Donna is comatose and suffered from brain damage due to the fall. Jake was skeptical of Marley's claims that Donna wrote the love letter and put a potato in the tailpipe of his car to prevent Jake and Vicky from going to France weeks ago.

OCTOBER 1, 1998 (EP. #8706)
Remy tried to escape from a man named Russell, who tried to grab her outside of Carlino's. Felicia was thrilled when she accidentally found Josie's pregnancy pamphlet. Amanda decided not to look at the updated file on the missing Cory funds that Cameron brought to her. Cameron told Amanda that Gary is his new business partner. Amanda groused to Rachel that she is unsure about her relationship with Cameron. Josie told Felicia that she must be the one to tell Gary that she is pregnant. Russell reminded Remy that they met at the Vampire Club in Chicago and that she owes him money. Remy invented an elaborate lie to Paulina that she has a friend who needs chemotherapy treatment and is dying of cancer. Amanda debated on whether to meet Cameron at the park per his request. Russell introduced himself to Joe and revealed that Remy is a con artist. Josie nearly went ballistic when Felicia babbled about starting a college fund for her and Gary's baby. Cameron almost packed up the brunch he had prepared when Amanda admitted that she is conflicted over her feelings because of his good deeds and affair with Josie. Amanda told Cameron that she believes that his dalliance with Josie was meaningless and that she is trying to forget about it. Remy was pleased when Paulina paid off Russell for her. Paulina gave Nick the day off so that he could spent time with Remy. Josie spotted Cameron and Amanda kissing. Gary surprised Josie with a dozen roses waiting for her on the coffee table. Josie felt anguished when Gary stated that he would like for them to conceive a child. Joe told Paulina that Remy orchestrated a scam of purposely getting hit by Russell's motorcycle.

OCTOBER 2, 1998 (EP. #8707)
Russell advised Remy that he warned Joe about her. Joe told Paulina that Remy purposely got hit by Russell's motorcycle to scam him. Lila was perturbed upon hearing from Cass that Matt and Sofia kissed at the Lucky Lady. Sofia was forgiving once Matt explained that the art dealer from the Lumina Foundation insisted that Matt and Lila celebrate with him at the Lucky Lady. Lila bragged to Cass that Matt gave her a beeper to contact him. Sofia fumed that Lila prevents her and Matt from being alone together. Zak removed the batteries from LIla's beeper for Sofia. Matt went to check on Lila due to being unable to reach her. Zak warned Sofia not to play into Lila's hands by getting angry with her presence in Matt's life. Nick stressed to Remy that they both have shameful pasts. Paulina tried to defend Remy against Joe, who vehemently refused to trust Remy. Felicia warned Rachel that Lila will not leave the Cory mansion once the baby is born, though Rachel admitted that Lila is making an effort to help the family. Felicia told Rachel that Lila bet Cass that she will get Matt to marry her before their baby is born. Matt was upset to find Lila with Cass. Remy confessed to Paulina that she scammed Russell. Rachel and Felicia agreed that Cass and Lila getting together would solve problems. Cass took Lila to the hospital to check on the baby, who hasn't kicked in days. Nick advised Joe not to interfere in his life unless he has proof that Remy is a fraud. Paulina warned Remy to abandon playing tricks. Lila fretted that Matt does not care about her. Remy refused to accept the diamond earrings Nick had gifted to her. Rachel informed Matt and Sofia that Lila is at the hospital due to an emergency.

OCTOBER 5, 1998 (EP. #8708)
Matt was upset to learn that Lila is in the hospital and that the batteries to his beeper are missing. Cass ordered Lila to calm down when she panicked over potentially having a Cesarean section because the baby shifted into a breech position. Remy overheard Joe and Paulina's dispute about her. Jake refused to leave Marley alone with Donna out of fear that Marley might influence her into lying on her behalf again. Lila unconvincingly denied Cass's theory that she feels she is being punished for trying to force Matt into marriage. Sofia was hurt by Matt's assumption that she removed the batteries from his beeper. Zak unhappily informed a mysterious man that things are going according to their plans. Paulina accused Joe of distrusting her judgement about Remy, despite that she is wise to Remy's scams and tricks. Donna regained consciousness, but was unable to speak or respond to verbal commands. Matt promised not to leave Lila's side. Rachel advised Sofia that Lila's presence in Matt's life may be difficult for her. Jake accused Marley of trying to ruin his marriage and blaming Donna for her actions, prompting Vicky to wish that the three of them could make peace. Zak told Rachel that he does not like to see people like Sofia get hurt. Matt and Sofia fought over his concern for Lila. Remy tried to convince Joe that Paulina inspires her to be a better person. Marley insisted to Jake that Donna's controlling ways is influencing her to interfere in his life. Paulina feared that Remy is pulling a scam. The beeper's batteries fell to the floor when Zak accidentally bumped into Sofia. Vicky and Marley were perplexed by the phrase "Mar Lie" that Donna scribbled on a piece of paper.

OCTOBER 6, 1998 (EP. #8709)
Matt agreed to stay overnight with Lila at the hospital. Sofia laid into Zak for taking the batteries out of Matt's beeper, leading Zak to confess the truth to Matt and Lila. Sofia overheard Matt order Zak to stay away from Lila and proclaim that no one will impede him from taking care of her. Sofia refused to believe Lila's apology for ruining her evening with Matt. Zak was immediately contrite as Sofia carped that she ignored everyone's warnings not to get involved with Matt because another woman is carrying his child. Zak informed a mysterious man that Matt and Sofia's relationship is nearly finished. Jake, Vicky, and Marley questioned the true meaning of Donna's scribbling on the piece of paper. A doctor recommended that Donna see a psychologist because her condition does not seem to be physical. Marley wailed to Vicky that Jake hates her. Vicky tried to reason with Marley by stressing that they both made bad decisions, but warned Marley that she will retaliate should she make a play for Jake again. A nurse prevented Jake from asking Donna questions in which she would give responses by squeezing his hand. Jake reluctantly agreed to take Vicky home. Marley told Donna that she will bring her home with her to convalesce. Cass admitted to Felicia that he is worried about Donna and Lila. Felicia assumed that a fan gifted her a mysterious golden key with a sun symbol on the end of it that was delivered in an envelope to her, which was actually from the Lumina Foundation. Cameron and Josie decided to keep their affair secret from Gary and put the events of Boca Lynda behind them. Cameron followed Josie, who had a consultation on getting an abortion at a clinic.

OCTOBER 7, 1998 (EP. #8710)
Joe was nonplussed to learn that Russell dropped charges against Remy because he was promptly paid back the money she owed to him. Remy accepted Nick's gift of diamond earrings once she felt certain that Nick believed that she was not after his money. Paulina was honored that Remy wants her to be a confidante. Joe demanded that Remy pack her belongings and leave after confronting Remy about the missing money from the cash register at Carlino's. Paulina told Joe that she took money from the cash register to pay Remy's debt to Russell, then Paulina chastised Joe for forcing Remy to leave and left abruptly to track her down. Sofia suggested that Remy give a letter she wrote to Paulina and Nick's diamond earrings herself, but failed to convince Remy that they are friends and should continue living together in Sofia's apartment. Joe told Paulina that he is determined to unearth the things that make Paulina compensate and vouch for Remy. Remy was more impressed by Paulina being a member of the Cory family than Paulina's story of discovering familial love later in her life. Sofia was thrilled that Remy decided to stay in Bay City. Paulina related to Joe that part of her remains a scared girl from Gold Street. Paulina vowed to conceal part of her past from Joe. Josie informed Cameron that she is getting an abortion so that Gary does not discover she is carrying Cameron's baby. Amanda warned Cameron and Josie that having clandestine meetings will eventually expose their secret. Josie felt awkward when a woman remarked that she is a natural at handling babies. Cameron advised Josie to tell Gary the truth or continue lying to him for the rest of her life.

OCTOBER 8, 1998 (EP. #8711)
Marley learned Donna cannot speak. A nurse informed Marley that Donna has been diagnosed with aphasia and that her therapy will resume at Marley's place. Tyrone had a nurse summon Vicky to the hospital in response to Donna write Vicky's name on a piece of paper. Cindy warned Marley that Donna will deny causing the hit-and-run car accident, but agreed to Marley's request to keep Donna quiet. Cindy asked Marley to stall Grant so that she could talk to Kirkland alone at a park. Grant learned of Donna's condition. Kirkland told Cindy that his stuffed dog is gone for good. Grant upbraided Cindy for threatening Kirkland. Cindy refused to accept Grant's divorce terms in which she would waive her rights for alimony. Grant laughed at Cindy, who proclaimed that she has regained her memory and will get revenge against him. Cindy packed her bags and warned Grant that he has initiated a war between them. Lila expressed remorse to Matt over causing problems for him and Sofia. Matt told Lila that she is changing into a better person, leading Lila to insist that her days of scheming are finished. Zak updated the mysterious man at the Lumina Foundation on their plans. Lila decided to explain herself to Matt after hearing from Zak that Rachel knows about her and Cass's bet. Cass ruefully commented that Lila is an expert schemer for tricking a furious Matt into believing that their bet was his idea. Lila vowed to Cass that she will build a future with Matt in which Cass will not be involved. Rachel recognized the pins that she and Lila received from the Lumina Foundation, which were identical to Felicia's. Lila overheard Cass tell Matt that he is giving up on a wonderful woman like Lila.

OCTOBER 9, 1998 (EP. #8712)
Cass and Matt got into a confrontation about Lila. Cass laughed when Matt asked for the reason that he has not proposed marriage to Lila, prompting a wounded Lila to wail that she does not want Cass or Matt in her life anymore. Jake received a keychain with the Lumina Foundation's logo. Jake was worried that Marley took Donna home because Donna seems to be afraid of Marley, prompting Vicky to valiantly defend Marley. Marley fibbed to Tyrone that she is taking Donna home for Vicky. Marley taunted Donna. Jake and Vicky argued over whether Marley is a victim in everything that has happened the last few months. Lila denounced Matt and Cass for treating her like a burden and a joke, then threatened to move back to New Orleans. Matt tried to convince Lila that he never meant to hurt her. Matt conceded that Cass seems to have genuine affection for Lila. Lila accused Cass of pitying her and resolved to quit being a problem for Cass. Sofia freaked when a man wearing a mask briefly appeared at her doorstep. Matt grew suspicious of the Lumina Foundation since art collectors rarely place advertisement in the newspapers. Zak told Matt that the Lumina Foundation performs some sort of research. Cass and Lila talked about their childhoods and past loves. Tyrone left a note for Vicky to contact him. Donna got scared when Cindy arrived to be her private nurse. Cindy and Marley scared Donna into staying silent towards Jake and Vicky's questions. The mysterious man ordered Zak to thwart Cass and to make "lightning strike." Cass proposed marriage to Lila. Donna knocked a soup bowl out of Cindy's hands, distracted Marley and Cindy, and reached for the phone.

OCTOBER 12, 1998 (EP. #8713)
Cass pressed Lila to accept his marriage proposal after swearing that he does not have ulterior motives. The mysterious man ordered Zak to locate Cass and impede him from interfering in his plans. Gary gifted Josie with a datebook that he marked the holidays with special family events and vowed that they can get through any hardships together. Cameron talked Amanda out of making love to ensure that they do not have second thoughts afterwards. Lila insisted that she and Cass can not get married during a storm because it is bad luck. Josie told Cameron that she cannot continue lying to Gary about the paternity of her unborn child. Cass and Lila took shelter since his car had secretly been stolen by Zak. Lila revealed to Cass that she is petrified of storms because Lila witnessed her prostitute mother being stabbed and killed by a gentleman caller during a storm when she was eight years old. Cass accused Lila of inventing imaginary problems for them by refusing to marry him, prompting Lila to lambast Cass for taking advantage of her while she was vulnerable. Cass derisively told Lila to return to the Cory family, who despise her greatly. Cameron feared that Gary will not be able to cope with the truth about the baby she is carrying. Zak drove Lila back to the Cory estate. Amanda wrote a love letter to Cameron. Josie acquiesced to Gary's wishes for them to try to conceive another child. Cass seethed over Lila's rejection. Cameron left a letter for Amanda under her door, which expressed remorse for hurting her and stated that he needed to confess something important.

OCTOBER 13, 1998 (EP. #8714)
Josie informed Cameron that she has decided to pass her unborn child off as Gary's because she could not bring herself to tell Gary the truth. Grant told a devastated Cindy that he is heading to Santo Domingo to obtain a quick divorce from her. Jake sensed that Donna's life is endangered while she remains in Marley's care. Marley warned Donna to fully cooperate with her or face the dire consequences. Cameron raced to the Cory mansion in hopes of retrieving his letter before Amanda learns the true paternity of Josie's baby by reading its contents. Everyone made plans to attend a swanky masquerade ball being hosted by the head of the mysterious Lumina Foundation. Marley engineered a plausible cover story when Jake, Vicky, and two paramedics responded to Donna's emergency phone notification. Cindy tricked Kirkland into revealing the location of his stuffed dog. Marley laid a guilt trip on Jake as she tried to gain leverage with a suspicious Jake. Donna tried to signal to Jake that she is in distress.

OCTOBER 14, 1998 (EP. #8715)
Cass harangued Lila for making excuses to justify her opinion that running away and eloping would be foolish. Felicia tried to set Cass up on a date to the masquerade ball to help him get over Lila. Zak and Sofia's business meeting with Matt was unproductive because Matt worried about Lila's whereabouts. Matt forgave Amanda for making an acerbic remark about whether her priorities should involve recovering the Cory fortune or finding Lila for him. Zak and Sofia observed Lila cry on Matt's shoulder over losing her best friend. Lila was determined to ignore Matt and Sofia orders to stay home instead of attending the masquerade ball for the sake of the baby. Lila deemed it a miracle when Zak suggested she use her strong will to get the baby to move into a position to enable a natural childbirth. Josie was relieved that Amanda had not read Cameron's letter that revealed her pregnancy, but freaked upon learning that Cameron's letter was in Rachel's briefcase. Cameron tried to distract Rachel so that Josie could find Cameron's letter in Rachel's office. Rachel was suspicious of Josie's claims that she was looking for a letter she wrote to Amanda in which she apologized for their argument at the Harbor Club. Rachel cautioned Amanda and Cameron against letting their conflicts interfere in Cory business. Cameron and Amanda were shocked when Josie willingly handed the letter to them and left. Matt, Sofia, and Rachel were surprised to find the painting that had been sold to the Lumina foundation in a box in the living room. Rachel was perplexed to receive a package from a mysterious man that contained a costume for her to wear to the masquerade ball.

OCTOBER 15, 1998 (EP. #8716)
Cameron was relieved and Amanda grew pensive after reading Josie's letter, which stated that Josie was deeply hurt by Amanda's harsh remarks to her at the Harbor Club, that she resented Amanda's suspicions that she is harboring a secret, vowed that she will make amends with Gary, and urged Amanda to reconcile with the past. Gary overheard Amanda proclaim to Cameron that she is not in love with him. Cameron and Amanda covered by acknowledging Amanda and Gary's close friendship and Amanda's jealousy towards Cameron and Josie's closeness. Cindy was embarrassed to overhear Joe and Paulina's argument over Remy, who accepted Cindy's help by borrowing her credit card. Cindy gave cash to Joe to pay off the credit card, which had been reported stolen. Marley prevented Donna from communicating with Nick by berating him for taking Donna outside of the house. Nick admitted to Jake that he is worried about Marley's resistance towards hiring a nurse for Donna and Marley's erratic behavior. Jake became suspicious when Donna grew agitated because Marley used tending to Donna as an excuse to skip the masquerade ball. Paulina gazed at a locket that was similar to the one in Remy's possession. Gary bought Josie's claim that the paper in the garbage disposal was a bill for an expensive dress instead of Cameron's letter. Jake told Chris that the Lumina Foundation is willing to donate $50,000.00 to the burn unit because the fire department was the Love Lady's favorite foundation. Cindy told Marley that she plans to play the tape of Grant's confession at the ball so that Grant will be arrested. Marley dreamed of sharing a future with Jake after drugging Donna.

OCTOBER 16, 1998 (EP. #8717)
Lila called Zak to gripe about Matt and Sofia bonding over the baby moving out of the breech position. Marley told Cindy that she fears Jake's wrath should he learn about Marley's machinations against Donna and Vicky. Tyrone informed Jake that Marnie Stone checked Donna out of the hospital for Vicky. Jake and Vicky were spooked as they contemplated Marley's capacity for wrongdoing. Zak encouraged Lila to fulfill her wishes in getting Matt to marry her and defy Matt's orders that she stay home for the sake of the baby, since the mysterious man opined that the masquerade ball will be a flop without Lila. Cass felt conflicted when Lila asked him to be her baby's godfather. Marley admitted to Jake and Vicky that she invented the alias Marnie Stone because she wanted to hide her identity from Tyrone, who witnessed Marley attempting to commit suicide on the docks. The mysterious man and an assistant named Margaret informed Zak that the Lumina Foundation does research on untapped powers of the brain. Cindy fled after Marley fibbed to Jake and Vicky that Cindy attempted to run Vicky down with a car. Lila got jealous watching Cass flirt with a beautiful woman named Denise. Zak lamented on the lives that will be ruined, despite the benefits of the Lumina Foundation's research. Cindy tricked Vicky into believing that the driver of the hit-and-run was Donna. Marley viciously took away a squeeze ball that Donna was using to exercise her hand. Sofia hoped to enjoy an evening with Matt without Lila's presence. Donna secretly spit out a tranquilizer that Marley had given her. Tyrone offered assistance to Donna. Jake warned Vicky that they should not trust Marley or Cindy.

OCTOBER 19, 1998 (EP. #8718)
Marley was relieved that Vicky approved of her attending the Lumina ball and that Donna is safe. Tyrone agreed to escort Donna to the masquerade ball per her request without quizzing her on Marley. Felicia tried to alleviate Cass's angst over Lila. Vicky decided not to pressure Marley into discussing her suicide attempt. Zak pushed an indecisive Lila to defy Matt's orders that she stay home instead of attending the ball. Remy tried to suppress her premonitions towards the evening by accepting Paulina's assumption that Remy was merely experiencing anxiety. Amanda blindfolded Cameron, lured him into a limousine, and teased him for being rude and judgmental while he was posing as the Cory family's driver. Cameron responded warmly to Amanda's kisses. Cindy reminded Marley that they should put their plan into action to defuse Marley's fury over justifying her schemes against Vicky and Jake's cold demeanor towards her. Vicky took a call that was purportedly from Donna's nurse. Jordan secretly had Felicia read his message to the guests, which apologized for his reclusive nature and requested that everyone focus on working together for the benefit of the community instead of judging Lumina by appearances. Felicia unknowingly danced with Jordan, who was amused by her suspicious nature and Felicia's comment that Jordan was being silly by not coming to his own event. Tyrone told Vicky that he found Donna alone and scared at Marley's house without a nurse being present. Everyone was shocked to hear that Donna came to the ball and was wearing the same costume as Felicia.

OCTOBER 20, 1998 (EP. #8719)
Everyone was shocked and confused when Donna went missing as the Lumina masquerade ball commenced. Margaret, who works for the Lumina foundation as an assistant, insisted to Joe that Tyrone was seen entering the building and an elevator alone. Joe posted officers for security purposes and instructed everyone not to leave until Donna is found. A limousine driver ignored Lila, who wore a costume but debated on whether to follow Matt's demands or attend the masquerade ball. The mysterious man and Zak eavesdropped on Lila's argument with the limousine driver and feared that Lila would ultimately decide against attending the Lumina ball. Chris protested attending the Lumina ball as "The Love Lady" despite that Jake had hired a man to ensure that Chris does not get out of the costume under any circumstances. Chris was thrilled when Toni returned earlier than expected and asked that they reconcile and attend the masquerade ball together, prompting Chris to immediately change clothes. Zak hoped to persuade Lila into attending the ball by taking her for a car ride. The mysterious man secretly watched Matt and Sofia, as they spoke frankly about having a future together.

OCTOBER 21, 1998 (EP. #8720)
The guests of the Lumina ball stood in amazement while watching illusions of shootings stars on the ceiling. Marley decided not to confess her schemes to Jake and Vicky upon learning that Donna was safely sleeping at Marley's house. Margaret notified Zak and the mysterious man, who is named Jordan Stark, that Tyrone experienced a memory lapse. Tyrone chose to forgive Marley for passing herself off as Marnie Stone, but could not shake the belief that Marley put him on a retainer as her legal counsel to stop Tyrone from revealing her feelings for Jake. Tyrone defended Marley against Jake and Vicky's accusations of her wrongdoing, but warned Marley not to hurt Jake and Vicky. Jordan eavesdropped on Tyrone and Marley by watching them on a monitor in his office. Joe dismissed Paulina's concerns towards Remy's bad premonitions about the Lumina Ball. Zak cautioned Sofia to be skeptical of Matt's promise that he will propose marriage once Lila gives birth to their baby per Jordan's instructions. Matt was temporarily knocked unconscious while trying to open the jammed escape hatch in an elevator as Lila went into labor. Cass missed Matt and Lila's desperate call when Denise snatched his cellphone so that they could have a fun evening without interruptions. Chris tried to give Toni relationship advice while disguised as "The Love Lady." Toni angrily stormed off after wrongly assuming that Chris had overheard her conversation with "The Love Lady." Amanda interrogated Josie after spotting her talking to Cameron, who had arranged a secret meeting with Josie in an hour. Joe and Gary lowered Cass on to the elevator and coached Lila through childbirth.

OCTOBER 22, 1998 (EP. #8721)
Josie thwarted Amanda's efforts to badger her by lying that Gary may have sustained permanent injuries from the cave-in. Amanda expressed sympathy to Josie and apologized for trying to grill her. Sofia groused to Zak that Lila was irresponsible for attending the party while she is pregnant, suspected that Lila purposely intended to have the baby at the ball, and fretted over the complications that the baby's birth is going to have on Matt and Sofia's romance. Rachel blamed herself for failing to keep Lila from attending the ball while Paulina comforted a distraught Sofia. Sofia told Paulina that she regrets that she was not the first woman to give Matt a child. Cass and Matt helped a frantic Lila deliver a healthy baby girl that Matt and Lila named Jasmine. Zak was appalled that Jordan was willing to use people like pawns on a chessboard in response to Jordan's musings that Lila is doomed. Grant grew suspicious over Cindy's glee towards their divorce being finalized. Cindy vowed revenge against Grant after removing her wedding ring from her hand. Grant panicked upon learning from Kirkland that Cindy hid a tape that is now missing in Kirkland's stuffed animal. Margaret led Cindy to the Lumina Foundation's sound system so that Cindy could play the incriminating tape for the guests. The power failed after a repairman had fixed the broken elevator. Josie asked Felicia to keep mum after she accidentally revealed her pregnancy to Gary, who was elated by the news. Cass was knocked unconscious as the elevator almost plummeted to the ground floor. The rescue team worked to free Matt, Lila, and Cass from the elevator. Matt and Cass summoned the paramedics when Lila fainted.

OCTOBER 23, 1998 (EP. #8722)
Cindy denied knowledge of the incriminating cassette when Grant confronted her. Sofia muttered to Zak that she wishes to be free of Lila's presence so that she can find happiness with Matt. Cass decided to climb the elevator cable to get help for Matt and Lila, who had lost a lot of blood. Joe helped Cass escape from the elevator shaft. Matt promised Lila that he would provide handsomely for her and Jasmine. Cass informed Joe that Lila may die unless she receives immediate medical attention. Zak was upset by Jordan's calm demeanor as they watched everything on their surveillance cameras. Remy complained to Nick that she feels terrified by the premonitions she has. Grant made himself look inept during a press conference concerning the crisis at the Lumina Foundation. Chris told Grant that he will be investigating the Lumina Foundation's building regulations and inspections to determine the cause of the crisis. Cameron pondered the ways in which Josie's baby may affect his relationship with Amanda. Amanda hinted to Sofia that Lila will always have a hold on Matt because of Jasmine. Grant and Cindy squared off on their revenge plots against each other. Nick and Remy discussed psychic abilities. Zak and Margaret intervened when Rachel lambasted Jordan for endangering Jasmine's life by causing the paramedics to be delayed in getting to Lila. Matt and Lila were rescued from the elevator. Jordan pressed a button so that the elevator would close while Jasmine was still inside of it, which caused everone to panic. Grant taunted Cindy as the tape played on the sound system. Jordan laughed wickedly when Matt, Sofia, and Lila noticed that Jasmine was not in the elevator.

OCTOBER 26, 1998 (EP. #8723)
Grant mercilessly ridiculed Cindy because the panicked crowd at the Lumina Ball drowned out the sound system while it played the tape. Tyrone tried to assure Marley that everything she tells him is confidential since Tyrone is Marley's lawyer. Donna dropped the crystal she was holding as Marley fibbed to Tyrone that Donna was home all night, despite Tyrone's fuzzy recollections of Donna being at the ball. Grant realized that Cindy did not make a copy of the tape and was surprised to discover that the one at the Lumina Foundation was missing. Zak and Cass convinced Lila to accept medical treatment. Joe overruled Gary's objections towards Josie endangering her life by investigating the elevator shaft. Marley concealed the crystal that Donna dropped by kicking it under the bed. Marley was stunned that Tyrone recalled specific things about Marley's house despite struggling to make sense of his fragmented memories. Grant threatened to have Cindy charged with assault when she tried to attack him. Zak defended himself against the Cory family's inquiries into the Lumina Foundation and the chaos that took place at the ball. Margaret denied to Joe that Jordan had attended the ball and maintained that she will not release sensitive company information to the police. Grant deduced that he could get possession of the tape by speaking with Jordan. Cass told Felicia that he feels powerless to help Lila. Joe and Cameron fumed over the Lumina staff's lack of cooperation. Sofia and Zak witnessed Matt consoling Lila. Jordan ordered Zak to dig into Remy's background.

OCTOBER 27, 1998 (EP. #8724)
Lila wailed to Rachel that she is being punished for her past mistakes and dirty deeds. Rachel urged Lila to concentrate on her recovery so that she could help search for Jasmine. Sofia was overwhelmed with guilt about the disappearance of Jasmine because Sofia concluded that she wished misfortune onto Lila. Marley gave Donna some tea that was laced with tranquilizers to stop Donna from communicating with Vicky through writing onto a pad of paper. Sofia whined to Felicia that she is going to lose Matt to Lila and that she incorrectly assumed that things would improve for her and Matt once Jasmine had been born. Cameron and Josie told Gary that they were discussing the secrets and lies that the Lumina Foundation is keeping when Gary interrupted their hushed conversation, which was actually about Josie carrying Cameron's child. Toni refused to believe Chris's claims that he is not seeing another woman because Toni smelled cheap perfume on Chris, which he wore while donning "The Love Lady" costume at the ball. Chris angrily told Toni to seek him out once she is ready to believe his word and trust in his fidelity. Matt apologized to Lila for being selfish during her pregnancy and swore that they will raise Jasmine together as a family. Marley claimed to Vicky that she attempted suicide because she had become consumed by crippling depression. Toni discovered a woman's bracelet in Chris's desk drawer at the Herald and threw it at him in disgust.

OCTOBER 28, 1998 (EP. #8725)
Vicky left Marley's house while sobbing uncontrollably in response to Marley's claims that she nearly committed suicide because she never fully recovered from Jake raping her years ago. Marley bragged to Donna that her performance in front of Vicky was eloquent, simple, and seemingly honest enough to be credible. Jake left several threatening messages on Jordan's answering machine, which involved retaliating against Jordan because Jasmine is missing. Chris told Jake that "The Love Lady" is finished because it ruined his blossoming relationship with Toni. Jake offered a $50,000.00 reward from the Herald in exchange for Jasmine's safe return and assumed that the Lumina Foundation would match it. Vicky got upset when Jake made snide remarks about Marley and Donna to Vicky. Jake went to confront Marley after Vicky relayed Marley's claims. Vicky was furious to learn from Kirkland that Cindy had harassed him. Matt gradually got Lila to accept his marriage proposal. Rachel and Matt enthused over Toni's theory that Jasmine's kidnapper would comfort Matt as the grieving father to make it seem unlikely that the kidnapper would incriminate himself. Toni rebuked Chris's offers to console her. Lila threatened to kill Zak because she suspected that he was involved in Jasmine's kidnapping, then climbed to the balcony with intentions of jumping out of it. Zak grabbed Lila just as lightning struck. Lila was astonished when Zak commented that they have similar powers inside of themselves.

OCTOBER 29, 1998 (EP. #8726)
Paulina went ballistic when Joe agreed to let the babysitter take Dante to the park. Joe incited an argument by accusing Paulina of being paranoid, but Paulina emphasized that Jasmine's kidnapper may take Dante due to having a vendetta against the Cory family. Cindy feigned innocence when Vicky harangued her for terrorizing Kirkland. Vicky called Cindy a liar for denying that she hid anything inside of Kirkland's stuffed animal, befriended Marley, and identified Donna as the culprit of the hit-and-run, then warned Cindy to stay away from Kirkland and keep him out of the feud between Grant and Vicky. Cindy called to warn Marley that one of their secrets is about to be exposed and that Vicky is rushing to Marley's house to confront her. Donna knocked over a picture to intercede between Jake and Marley, who argued over Marley's twisted account of their past marriage and the rape. Marley threatened Donna's life after she wrote a note demanding that Marley quit lying to Jake about the past. Cindy hid in a closet while Marley tried to deter Vicky from communicating with Donna further. Marley swore to Cindy that she will reconcile with Jake once he realizes that Vicky drove him away from Marley years ago. Matt and Lila were disappointed that the baby that Joe and Paulina found in a dumpster was not Jasmine. Joe told Lila that a network of baby snatchers had recently established operations in Bay City. Paulina was not mollified by Joe's assurances that he will protect the family. Cass was incredulous when Lila began searching the Cory grounds after hearing a baby's cries.

OCTOBER 30, 1998 (EP. #8727)
Rachel and Matt were curious that Jasmine's kidnappers have not delivered a ransom. Lila felt dejected when she failed to find Jasmine by following the sound of the baby cries she heard on the Cory estate. Cass warned Lila that Zak is manipulative and dishonest. Jordan ordered Zak to lessen Cass's influence on Lila. Joe felt that Josie was too recognizable for the assignment when she volunteered to go undercover to catch the baby snatchers. Lila was displeased by Cass's negative reaction to her accepting Matt's marriage proposal and Cass's efforts to protect her from Zak. Gary acquiesced to Josie's decision to ask Joe for less dangerous police cases instead of requesting a leave of absence. A lawyer grew suspicious of Cameron and Amanda, who posed as a couple who were anxious to purchase a baby. Cameron and Amanda escaped when the paranoid lawyer almost pulled a gun on them. Zak told Matt and Rachel about Lila's attempt to jump from the roof of the Lumina building. Rachel was disgusted when Zak mentioned that Cass's lawsuit against the Lumina Foundation will make the company reluctant to cooperate with the police. Matt, Lila, and Zak discussed offering a large reward for the return of Jasmine. Josie alerted Cameron after Gary mentioned that a doctor's tests may prove that he cannot father a child. Cass and Matt nearly came to blows over Matt's poor treatment towards Lila during her pregnancy. Rachel gave Lila emotional support. Cass unwittingly was driven out of town by a limousine per Jordan's orders.

NOVEMBER 2, 1998 (EP. #8728)
Cameron and Josie broke into Dr. Horner's office to steal Gary's test results, which proved that Gary is sterile. Jake implored Chris to make a final appearance as 'The Love Lady" and reveal his alter ego to Toni. Felicia prepared for her interview with "The Love Lady." Cindy resented Grant's televised offer to award one million dollars for information that will lead to Jasmine's return. Marley got upset when Vicky insisted on talking to her about the rape. Grant secretly recorded Cindy stealing money from his office. Chris, disguised as "The Love Lady," understood Toni's trust issues, but maintained that she should give Chris a chance to explain himself. Cindy accused Grant of tricking her into believing that he loved her, prompting Grant to smugly proclaim that Cindy deserves misery and misfortune. Marley told Jake that she stifled her pain because Jake had been shot shortly after the rape, that she endured hearing everyone's accounts of the past, and stated that she would have requested his support in dealing with the rape. Toni listened intently as "The Love Lady" spoke poetically about love. Cameron and Josie worried about the consequences should Gary discover that he could not have fathered Josie's child. Marley confided to Vicky that she envies her because Vicky has taken charge of her life. Chris was pleased when Toni expressed trust in him. Cindy exchanged threats with Grant, who was not fooled by her suggestion that they reconcile. Jake was floored when Marley admitted that she feels pressured to emulate Vicky's strong will.

NOVEMBER 3, 1998 (EP. #8729)
Sofia organized a civilian search at Carlino's while everyone else assisted the police in searching for Jasmine. Cameron gained access to Dr. Horner's computer and changed Gary's test results so that it proves that Gary was not sterile at the time that Josie's baby was conceived. Cameron slipped out the door when Josie unexpectedly found Gary in the waiting room of the doctor's office. Cass was startled to find himself in a bed in New York. Margaret told Cass that he experienced a blackout while waiting for Jordan at a bar and that a doctor determined that Cass's blackouts are result of head trauma. Matt calmed Lila, who freaked out when trick-or-treaters came to the Cory's front door. Lila told Matt that she is not optimistic because Jasmine has been missing for days. Rachel tried to raise Lila's spirits while Matt headed to Carlino's. Zak urged Lila not to listen to Cass because he is too pessimistic. Cass called to tell Lila that he is in New York and that the Lumina Foundation is likely behind the strange events that took place in Bay City. Dr. Horner was perplexed by Gary's altered tests results and noted that the tab technician did not sign the medical papers as required, which alarmed Cameron and Josie. Zak told Matt that Lumina's involvement in extrasensory perception is the only thing that he knows about the company. Lila was awakened by the sounds of baby cries, a mysterious wind, and music coming from an unknown location. Lila ignored Cass's warnings about Zak and asked him to take her to the Lumina Foundation right away.

NOVEMBER 4, 1998 (EP. #8730)
Jake was livid when Marley stated that she never absorbed the trauma of the rape because Vicky took control of the situation and was hell-bent on exacting vengeance against Jake, despite that Marley did not want the rape to become public knowledge. Jake stormed out once Marley asserted that she cannot understand that Vicky could marry a man she was determined to utterly destroy. Marley told a flabbergasted Donna that she believes that Vicky took her place in the courtroom during Marley's trial for Jake's shooting because she was keeping her away from Jake instead of helping her deal with the rape. Etta Mae reminded Vicky of the family she has with Jake, Steven, and Kirkland to ease her concerns about Marley's erratic behavior. Vicky suspected that Marley is using the rape to drive a wedge between her and Jake by playing on Jake's sympathies. Marley resisted Etta Mae's efforts to keep her from overhearing Jake and Vicky's arguments about the past. Zak and Lila slipped out of the Cory mansion to search for Jasmine while Rachel, Paulina, and Amanda tried to comfort Matt. Cass tried to figure out the reason that Felicia took Donna's place at the Lumina Ball by switching costumes. Matt demanded that Cass stay away from Lila. Cass maintained that Lumina orchestrated Jasmine's kidnapping and persuaded Matt into accompanying him to investigate the company. Jordan put Lila into a hypnotic state in which she visualized being in the woods and spotted Jasmine in a cradle that was placed on a branch of a tree.

NOVEMBER 5, 1998 (EP. #8731)
Jake opined to Vicky that she did not allow Marley to deal with the rape, prompting Marley to believe that Jake truly empathizes with her over the past. Etta Mae laid into Marley for eavesdropping on Jake and Vicky's argument and was incredulous when Marley wailed that she is to blame for Jake and Vicky's problems. Vicky told Etta Mae that Marley is welcome at the house any time. Joe tried to fend off Cass and Matt, who pushed their way into the Lumina Foundation. Cass told Joe that he was approached by staff of the Lumina Foundation, who offered to take him by limousine to meet Jordan and that he woke up in New York after possibly being drugged. Matt learned from Zak that Lila had found Jasmine. Zak caught Jasmine as the cradle fell from a broken branch and reunited the baby with Lila. Rachel was shocked towards Paulina's wishes for Jasmine's kidnappers to pay dearly for taking the child. Sofia told Felicia that she and Matt will be reunited because they are in love despite Lila's presence in his life. Cass seethed when everyone lauded a guilt-ridden Zak for helping Lila to find Jasmine. Joe broke up a fight between Zak and Cass, who argued over Jasmine's kidnapping. Paulina reacted strangely as Joe, Rachel, and Amanda reminisced about their babies' first days of life. Jordan tersely reminded Zak that he does not have the power to give orders. Sofia was upset to realize that Matt and Lila have bonded. Jake and Vicky were disturbed when a frenetic Marley admitted defeat in changing the ways that Jake feels about Vicky.

NOVEMBER 6, 1998 (EP. #8732)
Josie turned to Cameron for comfort. Paulina cried and dropped her locket as Joe recounted the turmoil Lila endured while Jasmine was missing. Cass suspected that Lila's discovery of Jasmine was planned, unaware that Jordan was secretly watching him. Matt and Lila brought Jasmine home. Matt apologized to Sofia for being unavailable and reaffirmed his love for Sofia. Rachel and Felicia were suspicious when Sofia acted in a dignified manner towards Matt's connections to Lila. Paulina tried to hide her locket from Joe, who refused to pressure Paulina into discussing her past. Cass complained to Paulina about Joe's progress in finding the kidnappers. Josie told Cameron that she feels terrible because Gary is treating her well and that she broke a vow they once made to be completely honest with each other. Cameron felt awkward towards Gary's invitation to watch a sports game with him and Josie. Remy sensed that Sofia cannot handle Matt and Lila's ties. Sofia inadvertently upset Remy by remarking that it was beautiful to see Matt and Lila bonding with their child. Joe told Cass that he does not have proof that would substantiate his suspicions of Jordan and Zak. Lila told Matt that she wants Jasmine to be baptized right away. Jordan reminded Zak of their ultimate mission when Zak groaned about the trouble that they have caused other people. Joe questioned Zak on Jasmine's kidnapping. Cass vowed that the kidnappers must be apprehended and deduced that Lila knows about the strange incidents that took place at Lumina.

NOVEMBER 9, 1998 (EP. #8733)
Jake and Vicky announced to Marley that they are taking Donna to their house and hiring a speech therapist for Donna. Amanda invited Cameron to Jasmine's christening and a romantic evening afterwards. Lila dodged answering Cass's questions on finding Jasmine and Zak's motives. Margaret told Jordan that Gary and Cass insist on speaking with him. Jordan told Margaret that Gary and Cass will not thwart his plans to change everyone's lives forever. Matt and Cass called a truce and worked together to determine the culprits behind Jasmine's kidnapping. Jordan ordered Margaret to stall Matt since the next phase in his plans involves Jasmine's christening. Marley schemed to keep Jake and Vicky from taking Donna out of her house. Cass accepted Lila offer for him to be Jasmine's godfather. Jordan lured Matt to the Lumina Foundation and put him in a trance by touching his shoulder. Sofia invited Zak to Jasmine's christening so that she could prove that Matt and Sofia's relationship remains intact. Zak changed the time on the clock while Sofia completed some work on C-Squared to keep Sofia from attending the christening. Vicky learned that Steven had the chicken pox, which gave Marley the opportunity to convince Vicky that Donna should stay with her since Donna never had the illness. Jake and Vicky bought Marley's lie that she planned to take Donna to a health spa. Tyrone and Marley talked about their backgrounds. Everyone was confused by Matt's tardiness to the christening. Marley told Donna that she wants Vicky out of town. Matt asked Lila to marry him right away.

NOVEMBER 10, 1998 (EP. #8734)
Donna fell out of bed after she pushed a button on the emergency beeper that Jake and Vicky had given her as Marley prepared to exact revenge against Vicky. Zak went after Sofia, who stormed out of the chapel once everyone overheard Matt's impromptu marriage proposal to Lila. Zak maintained that he changed the time on the clock to stop Sofia from attending the christening because he was certain that seeing Matt and Lila together would hurt Sofia deeply. Sofia lamented to Joe that she should have listened to his warnings about getting romantically involved with Matt. Matt explained to Lila that he was keeping his promise to marry Lila once they found Jasmine. Cass tried in vain to talk Lila out of marrying Matt, who made wedding plans. Felicia was dubious towards Cass's suspicions that Lumina had orchestrated Matt's marriage proposal to Lila through mind control. Marley claimed to Jake and Vicky that Donna was simply testing the emergency beeper. Jake, Vicky, and Marley rushed to Donna's side as Donna struggled to speak. Paulina stopped a fight between Matt and Joe. Joe angrily told Paulina that he does not feel respect or sympathy for Matt and refused to attend the wedding. Marley convinced Jake and Vicky into believing that everything is under control and that she can tend to Donna. Jake and Vicky feared that Donna's life may be endangered despite Marley's claims to the contrary. Lila thought of Cass as a priest began to officiate her and Matt's wedding ceremony.

NOVEMBER 11, 1998 (EP. #8735)
Sofia rejected Nick and Remy's offers to console her. Lila briefly stopped her and Matt's wedding ceremony so that she could hold Jasmine while everyone pondered the reasons that Matt decided to marry Lila. Lila covered her dismay when Cass walked out as the priest officiated Matt and Lila's wedding ceremony. Everyone hid their shock and congratulated the newlyweds. Rachel stated that nothing would please her more than for Lila to be a good wife and mother to Matt and Jasmine. Joe ordered Zak to remain in town and expressed profound disappointment towards Matt. Jordan urged Zak to celebrate the success of their plans. Cass was not consoled despite Felicia's concerted efforts. Felicia tried to justify Matt and Lila's love as a bond between them because of Jasmine, but Cass maintained that there is more to the situation than meets the eye. Matt implored Sofia to understand that he fulfilled his promise to Lila. Sofia tearfully demanded that Matt return to his wife and leave her alone. Rachel, Paulina, and Lila bonded over motherhood. Lila jumped to hasty conclusions upon finding Jasmine's bassinet empty, unaware that the Cory family's nanny had taken Jasmine out of it because the baby was fussy. Matt tended to Jasmine so that Lila could sleep. Cameron planned a romantic, outdoor vacation for himself and Amanda. Joe told Paulina that he intends to investigate Zak. Sofia gave Zak the cold shoulder. Cass begged Matt to reflect on his motives for marrying Lila. Jordan secretly met Lila in a dark room at the Lumina Foundation.

NOVEMBER 12, 1998 (EP. #8736)
Amanda unwittingly interrupted Cameron from confessing that Josie is carrying his child by pointing out a shooting star she spotted in the sky. Cameron and Amanda's romantic vacation ended when they were escorted off a property in the woods due to trespassing. Jake and Vicky agreed that Marley is acting strangely and that they are bothered by Marley's compulsion to control Donna's movements. Marley bragged to Donna about carrying out plans to get revenge against Vicky and to win Jake's affections. Jordan told Lila that a man in his position cannot take risks by revealing himself to the public. Lila acknowledged to Jordan that her dreams have come true and agreed to tell others that the Lumina Foundation is invested in improving other people's lives. Cass pried it out of Zak that he learned about the Lumina Foundation by reading "Beyond Imagination" and participated in the company's experiments. Lila implored Paulina to get Joe to end his investigation into the Lumina Foundation. Rachel and Paulina were pleased by Amanda's good mood. Cass told Jake and Vicky that he may be on the verge of uncovering a great conspiracy. Vicky accused Marley of being transparent and pathetic as they argued over Marley's treatment towards Donna and obsession over Jake. Donna worried about Marley's mental state because she assumed that Jordan would help Marley reconcile with Jake. Jordan reminded Zak that their plan to get Lila into the Cory household was complete and that their next plan involved Marley. Cass and Chris learned that Jordan's book, "Beyond Imagination" had been published in 1798.

NOVEMBER 13, 1998 (EP. #8737)
Gary and Josie completed medical history forms so that the hospital can determine any potential complications during Josie's pregnancy. Cass failed to find other books that were written by Jordan besides "Beyond Imagination." Marley lied to Vicky about her reasons for objecting to Jake and Vicky taking care of Donna. Vicky whispered to Donna that she is wise to Marley's deception. Josie was unnerved as tests were conducted on Gary to determine developmental problems Josie's baby may experience. Amanda got upset when Gary interrupted her romantic plans with Cameron because Gary needed his assistance on a case. Josie feared that she may miscarry and grabbed a medical form for Cameron to complete. Vicky spied on Marley, who secretly talked to Jordan about doing a favor for him because Jordan had helped Marley in the past. Chris and Cass discovered that Jordan was arrested for the murder of his wife in London, sentenced to be hanged, but disappeared on the morning of his execution and was never seen again. Jordan told Marley that he is fascinated by her struggles to regain a sense of self. Donna exclaimed "danger" as Jordan conceded to Marley that he cannot help her without having Marley's trust. Amanda rushed Josie to the hospital because she was experiencing abdominal pain. Gary asked Cameron to be involved in his child's life. Jake, Vicky, and Marley were shocked when Margaret brought Donna out of the Lumina Foundation's laboratory and discovered that Donna had completely regained her faculties.

NOVEMBER 16, 1998 (EP. #8738)
Donna could not provide answers to Jake's questions on the ways in which the Lumina Foundation had cured her aphasia. Amanda tried to ignore recollections of seeing Cameron and Josie making love in Boca Linda as Josie wailed that she may be losing the baby. Jordan was pleased when Marley and Margaret insisted that the roadblocks that impeded Donna's recovery had psychological roots. Josie fibbed to Amanda that she kept her pregnancy secret because of her previous miscarriage. Donna admitted to Jake that she cannot remember anything Marley's love letter to Jake. Donna took the blame for trying to ruin Jake and Vicky's marriage and stated that her accident was caused because Marley wanted her to confess the truth to Vicky. Cameron soothed Gary's fears over losing the baby. Vicky apologized to Marley for making unfounded accusations against her. Jordan mused about his plans for Marley. Gary told Josie that they are a team. Marley was thrilled that Donna had no recollection of Marley's cruelty towards her. Jake and Vicky brought Donna home. Cameron and Josie agreed to continue passing the baby off as Gary's child. Amanda overheard Cameron asking a nurse about the condition of Josie's baby. Jake warned Vicky that Jordan is dangerous. Marley accepted Jordan's offer to help her deal with Vicky and win back Jake. Jake went to the Lumina Foundation and ordered Jordan to face him. Gary gave Josie a bracelet as they awaited the results of a sonogram. Amanda asked Cameron whether he fathered Josie's baby or not.

NOVEMBER 17, 1998 (EP. #8739)
Marley told Jordan that she no longer shares a "twin connection" with Vicky. Jordan instructed Marley to hide while he admitted Jake into his office. Paulina told Lila that she is a member of the Cory family. Lila was immediately contrite when Paulina had an emotional reaction to Lila's comments about being unable to understand people who take babies away from their mothers. Gary asked Cameron to lend moral support to Josie as he faced the unfortunate possibility of losing another child. Margaret went to retrieve information for Jake, who claimed that he needed background information to write an article on the Lumina Foundation. Jake used a handkerchief on a pen that contained Jordan's initials. Joe was dubious when Cass mentioned that Jordan supposedly published a book in 1978. A doctor informed Gary and Josie that the baby is fine, but questioned Josie's due date because the baby seemed to be more developed than usual. Amanda believed Cameron's claims that Gary is the father of Josie's baby. Matt angrily told Cass that he will take care of Lila without his interference. Lila tried to assure Cass that Matt was not forced into marrying her. Marley was stunned when Margaret gave her the incriminating tape of Grant that Cindy had misplaced. Joe and Jake were surprised to discover that no fingerprints were found on Jordan's pen. Cindy threatened to tell the police that Grant had left her homeless, prompting Grant to warn Cindy that he will have her committed into a psychiatric ward should Cindy contact the press.

NOVEMBER 18, 1998 (EP. #8740)
Remy suggested to Nick that they gift a depressed Sofia with a necklace instead of a silver locket that Nick spotted because it was the only thing that Remy possessed that belonged to her mother. Sofia hung up on Zak, who begged Sofia talk to him on the phone. Sofia confided to Nick and Remy that she is furious with Zak for his dishonesty, advanced knowledge of Matt and Lila's wedding, and the role Zak likely played in the ceremony taking place. Paulina lambasted Zak for lying to Sofia and badmouthing Matt. Nick arranged for himself and Remy to go to the Harbor Club to attend a prom because they missed it when both of them were in high school. Remy freaked when Tito arrived unexpectedly. Grant feigned getting nostalgic with Cindy after finding the fertility statue until Grant pried it out of Cindy that she did not have possession of the incriminating tape. Cindy was mortified when Grant swiftly rejected her. Marley lied to Jake about hiding something in her purse while she waited for Vicky to get home. Jake accused Marley of being involved in the strange incidents that have been occurring because of the Lumina Foundation, causing Marley to leave. Paulina ruefully admitted that Jake is right to be concerned with Marley's negative influence on his marriage. Paulina decided to search for her lost daughter. Cindy cried over losing Grant to Marley. Marley hinted that Cindy should carry out a plan that will benefit the both of them. Cindy was shocked when Marley emptied a brown paper bag, which contained a gun.

NOVEMBER 19, 1998 (EP. #8741)
Tito, who is an old boyfriend of Remy's, rebuffed her efforts to get rid of him. Remy advised Tito that she must be careful because Sofia's brother is the police captain. Joe warned Nick that he does not trust Remy. Nick recalled that Joe had issues trusting him when he dated Sofia and proclaimed that he will prove Joe's suspicions of Remy incorrect. Jake tried to assure Paulina that he and Marley have settled their unfinished business, but lamented that Marley refuses to accept that Vicky is the woman that he loves. Jake promised to keep mum about Paulina's missing person's advertisement that she placed in The Herald and respected Paulina's privacy by not questioning her about the circumstances involved. Vicky reassured Donna that she and Jake are trying to take care of Marley. Grant fretted to Vicky that he imagined building a dynasty for himself instead of divorces. Vicky was skeptical when Grant expressed gratitude to her for letting him see Kirkland. Jake warned Vicky that Grant is incapable of remorse for his dirty deeds and that they should never let their guard down with Grant. Marley ridiculed Cindy for being pathetic and weak when Cindy refused to shoot Grant and regain his love by helping him convalesce. Cindy was astonished to learn that Marley had possession of the incriminating tape on Grant. Nick stormed out when Remy lied that she cannot go to the Harbor Club with him because she is feeling sick. Tito advised Remy that she broke a cardinal rule that a con artist never falls in love with the mark of a scheme.

NOVEMBER 20, 1998 (EP. #8742)
Tito told Remy that her feelings towards Nick have caused her to get sloppy in carrying out Remy's original plot to con Nick. Marley gave Vicky the incriminating tape on Grant, but begged Vicky to talk to Grant about it instead of going directly to Joe with the evidence. Jake disagreed with Vicky's decision to suggest that Grant surrender to the authorities quietly. Cindy held a gun while waiting for Grant to return to his apartment. Joe and Paulina argued over whether to tell Nick about Remy's shady past. Nick groused to Joe and Paulina that Remy is being dishonest with him. Paulina sensed that something was amiss with Remy because Remy had initially seemed happy about Nick's plans for the evening. Remy pleaded with Tito to be patient with her and promised Tito that she will not cut him out of the fortune they stand to gain. Marley dodged Jake's inquiry into the reasons that Cindy gave Marley the tape. Vicky reassured Grant that Kirkland will forgive him for his dirty deeds in time. Cindy fired at Grant and Vicky, causing Grant to take a bullet in his chest after he pushed Vicky out of the way. Nick and Paulina remained suspicious despite Remy's excuses for Tito's presence and her reservations towards Nick's feelings for her. Marley and Cindy restaged the crime scene to make it appear as though Vicky shot Grant. Jake learned about Grant's shooting when he called the apartment demanding to speak with him. Grant mumbled Vicky's name while being put in an ambulance. Vicky woke up in a strange room as Marley hovered over her.

NOVEMBER 23, 1998 (EP. #8743)
Lila was unconvincing when she tried to take Rachel's advice to occasionally leave Jasmine in the care of a family member so that Lila can take time for herself. Jake and Donna recalled that Vicky went to see Grant before he was shot. Marley played dumb when a disoriented Vicky deduced that the person who shot Grant locked her and Marley in the basement. Vicky was stunned when Marley relocked the door and left her alone. Zak told Lila that she was responsible for making her dreams come true. Cass told Matt that he is legally representing Sofia, who wishes to end her business partnership with Matt. Cindy told Joe that Grant had been shot before she had arrived at his apartment and that Grant whispered Vicky's name. Marley boasted to Vicky that she is keeping her captive in Marley's basement. Matt and Lila were floored upon learning that Sofia wants control of C-Squared without Matt's involvement. Rachel resolved to remain strong for the family while missing Carl. Vicky was disturbed to realize the depth of planning that Marley had devoted in taking over Vicky's life and pursuing Jake. Rachel disagreed with Lila's protests over not having input into Sofia's decision to sever business ties with Matt. Joe was suspicious of Cindy despite that she summoned the paramedics for Grant. Grant's heart stopped after he quietly pointed the finger at Cindy for shooting him. Joe and Toni learned that Grant had planned to spirit Kirkland out of town. Vicky got the upper hand on Marley, grabbed her by the throat, and tried to strangle her.

NOVEMBER 24, 1998 (EP. #8744)
Cindy and a nurse successfully got Grant's heart to work again. Marley knocked Vicky down, escaped from the secret room, and locked Vicky inside after the women had a physical altercation. Josie told Cameron that her blood type may be producing antibodies that are working against the baby. Cameron talked Josie into getting treatment for the baby, despite the fact that Gary may discover the true paternity of Josie's child through the medical records. Amanda was hesitant when Gary suggested that she leave the present she bought for Josie at the house. Jake and Donna were upset when Joe and Toni found Vicky's fingerprints on the gun used to shoot Grant. Joe hypothesized to Jake and Donna that Vicky shot Grant because she discovered the passport and airline tickets that Grant had purchased for himself and Kirkland. Gary chose to believe Cindy's claims that she is innocent of Grant's shooting. Jake threatened to retaliate against Cindy should he discover that she shot Grant and framed Vicky. Cameron and Josie used aliases so that the medical staff could give Josie shots that will save the baby's life. Amanda was displeased that Cameron and Josie had rushed to the hospital. Jake and Donna refused to believe in Vicky's guilt despite that Marley told Joe that Vicky confronted Grant about the incriminating tape. Jake rejected Marley's efforts to console him. Amanda reassured Cameron that she believes his claim that Gary is the father of Josie's baby. Vicky used a nail she found in the basement as an escape tool.

NOVEMBER 25, 1998 (EP. #8745)
Remy admitted to Tito that she feels guilty for lying to Paulina. Paulina persuaded Remy to confess the truth of her former life to Nick. Rachel was upset that Lila had changed the menu for the Cory family's Thanksgiving dinner. Cass left papers concerning C-Squared for Matt. Cass tersely reminded Lila that she accomplished her goal of becoming Mrs. Matthew Cory. Marley told Vicky that she will only hear Marley on the other end of the intercom system. Vicky accused Marley of being a heartless person, though Marley defended herself by pointing out that she gave Vicky a turkey dinner and regular rations of bread and water. Vicky stained Marley's dress by throwing cranberry sauce at her and screamed when the women realized that Tyrone had come to Marley's house. Marley lied that the banging that Tyrone heard, which was Vicky banging the heel of her shoe against the wall, was a problem with the plumbing. Marley retaliated by taking Vicky's shoes away from her and boasted that she will win Jake's affections. Vicky overheard Marley convincingly sounding concerned while talking to Jake over the phone. Jake and Donna told Steven and Kirkland that Grant had been shot and that Vicky is missing. Etta Mae urged Jake to support the boys. Remy told Nick that she had intended to con him, unintentionally fell in love with Nick, and that she needed an operation per Tito's instructions. Sofia told Rachel that she is leaving for London to raise money to buy C-Squared from Matt and find talent for her new company. Vicky prayed that Jake will find her.

NOVEMBER 26, 1998: Pre-empted for Thanksgiving programming.

NOVEMBER 27, 1998 (EP. #8746)
Lila displayed her newfound confidence to Cass. Jake told Joe and Paulina that Vicky would not flee town and miss Thanksgiving and their wedding anniversary. Joe informed Jake that Vicky's car was discovered at the airport. Marley presented Vicky with an anniversary cake and played a videotape that Jake had made for Vicky. Marley went to retrieve medication when Vicky's allergies began to bother her. Cass noticed that Lila seemed panicked as she left Jasmine with the Cory maid so that she could meet Jordan. Jordan reminded a sullen, guilt-ridden Zak that Sofia simply lost a man who falsely swore his undying love and betrayed her by marrying Lila. Zak recalled that Jordan had freed him from an unpleasant place during their first meeting. Lila tried to avoid answering Cass's questions about the Lumina Foundation and its involvement in Jasmine's disappearance. Jake insisted to Joe that Vicky would not shoot Grant because it would devastate Kirkland and that Vicky confronted Grant about the tape because she wanted to give Grant an opportunity to surrender to the police. Paulina reassured Jake that Joe will locate Vicky. Cass secretly followed Lila to the Lumina Foundation. Paulina grew suspicious when Marley went overboard tending to Jake, who almost caught Marley searching for medicine that will ease Vicky's allergies. Jordan intimidated Lila into spying on the Cory household for him. Cass and Joe were shocked upon seeing Jordan's face. Someone put a hand on Jake's shoulder as he was sitting in a park in Lassiter.

NOVEMBER 30, 1998 (EP. #8747)
Lila felt torn over spying on the Corys for Jordan. Jordan told Cass and Joe that he avoids public appearance due to his face being scarred and deformed. Jake was disappointed that the hand that touched in shoulder was Marley, who followed Jake to Lassiter. Jake concluded that Vicky may be hiding in Marley's house. Vicky managed to open a gate, but felt defeated upon realizing that the basement door was locked. Marley hedged on helping Jake search for Vicky in Marley's house. Margaret apologized to Jordan for allowing Cass and Joe to disturb him. Rachel informed Lila that she wants to establish a trust fund for Jasmine. Jordan denied to Cass and Joe that he knows Zak, that Lila was at the Lumina Foundation earlier, and that he published the book, "Beyond Imagination" since he is not 200 years old. Jordan ordered Margaret to have Zak come to his office. Cindy was shocked upon learning that Marley was keeping Vicky captive. Marley gave Jake the keys to her house after witnessing Cindy return Vicky to the basement. Zak advised Jordan that Lila will agree to spy on the Corys for Jasmine's sake. Rachel fumed after catching Lila looking at financial papers. Marley valiantly defended Vicky against Cindy's insults for Jake's benefit. Cindy fibbed to Jake that Vicky is not in Marley's house. Vicky overheard Marley offer support to Jake and her sons. Marley forced Cindy to keep mum about Vicky by threatening to implicate Cindy for Grant's shooting. Joe told Jake that Grant's blood and Vicky's fingerprints were found in Vicky's car.

DECEMBER 1, 1998 (EP. #8748)
Jake insisted to Joe that Vicky did not shoot Grant despite solid evidence to the contrary. Tito told Remy that they are the closest thing they have to a family and expressed dismay that Remy seems to be changing into a person that Tito does not recognize. Paulina fibbed to Joe that the responses she received to her missing person's advertisement were bills. Joe informed Paulina that he had been forced to put out a warrant for Vicky's arrest. Jake agreed with Marley's suggestion that she homeschool Steven and Kirkland so that the boys are not adversely affected at school by the publicity of Vicky being accused of shooting Grant. Chris overheard Cindy lament that Grant's shooting did not take place as initially planned. Cindy made a statement to Chris that she forgives Vicky for trying to kill Grant. Tito instructed Remy to feign dizzy spells while she waited tables at Carlino's. Jake stopped Cindy from checking Grant's vitals and ordered her to leave the hospital room so that a doctor could examine Grant. Donna lauded Marley's apparent efforts to redeem herself by supporting Jake, Steven, and Kirkland. Cindy requested help from Marley to stop Jake from questioning Grant further. Paulina was upset when Nick and Joe pointed out that Remy has been inconsistent in claiming illnesses to get out of things. Cindy secretly gave Grant a sedative, which took effect just as Jake and Kirkland had arrived at the hospital. Tito walked out of the bedroom to confront Nick, who grilled Remy over finding Tito's pack of cigarettes in her apartment.

DECEMBER 2, 1998 (EP. #8749)
Joe wrongly assumed that Paulina was making plans to secretly meet with Vicky. Paulina lied to Joe that she was meeting their food and wine distributor at the airport. Chris and Toni were surprised by Paulina emotional reaction to an article written by "The Love Lady" in which a woman's child was illegally adopted from an agency. Tito laughed at Nick, who left after accepting Remy's claim that Tito was a carpenter that she had hired. Tito intimidated Remy's into carrying out her plan to swindle Nick despite Remy's reluctance to hurt the people that she has grown to love. Nick comforted Donna and expressed admiration to Remy for admitted that she had originally intended to con him. Rachel suspected that Lila caused the Cory's investors to back out of restarting Brava. Jordan was evasive when Lila asked whether he is involved in the Cory family's financial problems. Amanda told Allie that Rachel appointed her to be the editor of the new Brava magazine, that she loves Cameron, and wants him to spend Christmas with them. Gary told Cameron that Rachel scheduled an urgent meeting concerning the missing Cory fortune. Cameron told Rachel that the lawyer who handled Scott's finances is being uncooperative. Matt was suspicious by Lila's confident air as Rachel explained that she found more investors for Brava. Rachel agreed to have Cass review the contracts with the investors carefully. Amanda told Cameron that they should pose as a couple to infiltrate the baby stealing scam. Jordan told Lila to trust him concerning the new investors.

DECEMBER 3, 1998 (EP. #8750)
Rachel sensed that Matt is trying to locate Sofia. Cass informed Rachel and Matt that he could not find details on the new investors' contracts. Rachel went against Cass's advice and signed the deal because she is desperate for cash to get Cory Publishing restored. Matt accused Cass of losing his professional objectivity because of Matt's marriage to Lila. Rachel persuaded Cass and Matt to put aside their differences and work together. Rachel got Matt to admit that he misses Sofia. Jordan told Zak that Lila must stay in the Cory mansion because she is key to their plans. Vicky defiantly told Marley that she can calm Jake by pressing her hand onto a certain part of his neck while the sisters bitterly fought over Jake. Cindy stopped Grant from calling Joe by getting a nurse to remove a radio from Grant's room. Grant reminded Cindy that she had motive to kill him. Paulina disliked that Marley has entrenched herself into Jake, Steven, and Kirkland's lives. Jake snapped at Marley when she attempted to calm him in the way that Vicky mentioned. Cass taunted Lila over the fact that Matt does not love her. Zak touched Matt's shoulder and uttered a post-hypnotic suggestion, which caused Matt to become attentive to Lila. Matt slipped a ring on Lila's finger, which was an heirloom that the women of the family have worn for generations. Cass grew jealous of Matt's attentions towards Lila. Marley blackmailed Grant into keeping quiet about Vicky with the incriminating tape. Vicky tried to get Paulina's attention by screaming into Marley's intercom.

DECEMBER 4, 1998 (EP. #8751)
A jackhammer prevented Paulina from hearing Vicky, who screamed over the intercom in Marley's house. Jake attacked Grant for failing to clear Vicky's name. Marley threatened to use the incriminating tape against Grant should he attempt to profess Vicky's innocence. Grant remained silent despite Joe and Jake's pleas for Grant to help Vicky because her disappearance has hurt Kirkland. Gary conceded to Amanda that he cannot prevent Josie from having a miscarriage by controlling her movements. Amanda told Gary that she and Cameron are planning a trip to Key West. Josie reminded Cameron that his concern for the baby may undermine their efforts to pass the baby off as Gary's child. Cameron feared Gary and Amanda's reactions should they learn the paternity of the baby. Joe and Jake told Donna and Paulina that Grant cannot recall details of the shooting. Marley talked Vicky into writing a letter that is addressed to Jake, Steven, and Kirkland in which she confesses to shooting Grant. Vicky reached through the gate and grabbed a piece of Marley's scarf. Grant demanded that Cindy keep Marley away from him after Cindy refused to expose Marley's schemes. Vicky slipped the piece of Marley's scarf into an envelope that contained her letter. Cameron and Amanda hoped that no one would recognize them after they returned to Brookville to pose as a couple wanting to adopt a baby. Cindy tried to convince a nurse to give Grant a sedative while Grant found his cell phone in a jacket. Marley gave Vicky's letter to Jake.

DECEMBER 7, 1998 (EP. #8752)
After Jake reads Vicky's "confession," Marley returns home and discovers Vicky has rewired the intercom and she undoes Vicky's handiwork. The stress starts to get to Marley when Vicky tells her she won't be able to keep up all the lies and Cindy calls saying Grant wants to tell the truth. Marley calls Jordan. Amanda, Cameron and Gary continue to attempt to buy a baby as Josie watches the proceedings disguised as a patient. After the trio leaves, Josie overhears Hale arrange a deadly accident for them instead of finding them a baby.

DECEMBER 8, 1998 (EP. #8753)
Although initially reluctant to be Jordan's spy, after a visit from Zak and a nightmare that Jasmine is missing, Lila agrees and starts to gather info for Jordan. Josie rushes to warn Cameron, Gary and Amanda that they are being set up and she gets there just in time to save Amanda. Later, Amanda tells Cameron that she misjudged Josie and her certainty that everyone is being honest with her hightens Cameron's guilt.

DECEMBER 9, 1998 (EP. #8754)
Worried that her plan could crumble if Grant tells the truth, Marley visits Grant again and warns him not to say a word. As Marley distracts him, Cindy injects him with another sedative. Grant dreams of Christmas futures with each nightmare hinging on the outcome of the tape. Later, Joe visits Grant and Grant tells him he doesn't know who shot him. When Tito discovers Paulina is the only rich Cory, he asks for Remy's help in conning her but Remy refuses. Later, Tito searches Remy's apartment and finds the personal ad placed by Paulina and then he intercepts a message for Remy about meeting the person who placed the ad. Tito takes off.

DECEMBER 10, 1998 (EP. #8755)
Cameron tells Josie that he wants to tell Amanda the truth but Josie won't let him. Cameron goes to Amanda and tells her he isn't right for her. Heartbroken, Amanda leaves for the trip without him. Marley starts to think her plan is working as Jake's frustration grows and he breaks down in Marley's arms. However, when Jake finds the red fiber in Vicky's letter and sees Marley's red scarf he wonders if it could be a match. Tito goes to the airport and sees Paulina waiting and learns that Paulina has the same locket as Remy. Tito decides to stay in town.

DECEMBER 11, 1998 (EP. #8756)
Without Marley knowing, Jake manages to get a piece of Marley's red scarf and discovers that the fiber he found in Vicky's letter matches it. Marley overhears Jake voice his suspicions to Donna and she slips out, enlisting Cindy's help in getting Vicky out of the house before Jake finds her. As Cindy struggles to remove Vicky, Marley tries unsuccessfully to stall Jake, who is determined to find Vicky. Realizing that Lila wants to consummate her marriage, Cass tries to convince her not to and the couple kiss. But Lila is determined to make her marriage work and later greets Matt in sexy attire.

DECEMBER 14, 1998 (EP. #8757)
Cindy gets Vicky out of the house before Jake sees her and Marley quickly explains to Jake about the cell in her basement. Although appearing to believe Marley's explanation, Jake remains skeptical and plans to secretly watch Marley. Later, anxious to get to Vicky who is in the trunk of Cindy's car, Marley slips out, with Jake following close behind. Cass makes one last attempt to change Lila's mind about consummating her marriage and Lila almost succumbs to Cass, but Matt arrives and Cass leaves dejected and convinced Lila and Matt will have sex, unaware that both Lila and Matt have decided not to. After Rachel confronts Jordan about the change in Matt, Rachel becomes intrigued with Jordan as Jordan decides that Rachel might be able to help him find what he is looking for.

DECEMBER 15, 1998 (EP. #8758)
Unaware that Marley knows he is tailing her, Jake follows Marley to the cemetery and listens as she pours her heart out to Michael making Jake think he was crazy to suspect her. Later, as Jake returns home and Donna tells him about another memory of Marley which raises his suspicions once again, Marley takes Vicky to her new hiding place, the burned out Love basement. Paulina is stunned when Tito claims to be the person who answered her ad saying that Paulina must have had a son, not a daughter. Paulina and Tito agree to keep this quiet until they have proof, and as Paulina wonders if Tito really is her son, Tito tells Remy he is staying in Bay City.

DECEMBER 16, 1998 (EP. #8759)
As Tito breaks into Paulina's house to find information he can use to convince her he's her son, Remy tells Paulina her fantasy of finding her real mother. Jordan tells Lila he wants Rachel's ring and Lila tries to get it for him. Zak also helps out Jordan when Jordan discovers that Chris has tracked down a copy of his book and Zak uses his powers to turn the book to dust before anyone has a chance to read it. Gary visits Josie at work and tells her that he loves her and the baby more than anything in his life.

DECEMBER 17, 1998 (EP. #8760)
Discovering that they both suspect Marley is involved in Vicky's disappearance, Jake and Tyrone team up to get to the bottom of the mystery. However Marley slips away from them both when she brings Vicky some soup and warm clothes and Ty finds his tires slashed when he tries to follow her. Jake tries to manipulate Grant into telling him what he knows about Vicky. Gary is shocked to learn that Cameron didn't go to Key West because he didn't think he was good enough for Amanda. Gary tells his brother not to undervalue himself. Later, after also talking to Josie, Cameron goes to Key West.

DECEMBER 18, 1998: Pre-Empted due to coverage of Bill Clinton's Impeachment Trial and the Iraq War.

DECEMBER 21, 1998 (EP. #8761)
The search is on for Vicky and as Tyrone questions Marley about why she disappeared on him, Grant refuses to give Jake any information. Kirkland decides to stay at Grant's for Christmas. Later, Jake defends Marley against Tyrone and then tells Marley to move into Vicky's with him whenever she is ready. Privately, Jake tells Tyrone he needs Marley to trust him so she will drop her guard and lead him to Vicky. Marley goes to see Vicky and Vicky tries to work on Marley's sympathetic side showing Marley the dolls she found in the basement and stating that Marley will miss her when she dies. After Marley leaves, Vicky finds a piece of glass Marley left behind and tries to cut her ropes. Rachel makes arrangements to have dinner with Jordan Stark. As Matt and Lila wait in the Harbor Club, Rachel gets a message saying that Jordan will be unable to join them. Rachel finds Jordan outside where he holds her hand and then leaves without a word. When Rachel returns Lila sees Rachel's ring is missing and she rushes out. Jordan discovers that Rachel's ring isn't the same as the one in his picture book.

DECEMBER 22, 1998 (EP. #8762)
Amanda is shocked when Cameron arrives in Key West and she tells him how much he hurt her when he wouldn't come with her as planned. Amanda tells him it is over but Cameron is unable to leave since the roads have washed out. Lila asks for Jordan's help in getting Matt to love her but Jordan tells her she must do that on her own. Before Lila can leave, Cass visits Jordan and denounces him. Convinced of Cass's love for her, Lila is touched but Jordan warns her not to do anything that will endanger her marriage to Matt.

DECEMBER 23, 1998 (EP. #8763)
While Vicky works on freeing herself, Tyrone and Jake come up with a plan and Jake pretends to be drunk and fall asleep on the couch. But Marley is skeptical and before she goes to Vicky she makes sure Tyrone isn't following her and then she calls the police to report Jake is driving drunk. As Jake is arrested for drunk driving, Marley goes to Vicky and is stunned at how sick Vicky is. Joe discovers Jake really isn't drunk and demands to be filled in on what he knows about Vicky's whereabouts. Cameron and Amanda reconcile and make love. Josie arrests Dr. Hale but Hale blackmails her saying he will tell Gary the father of her baby is Cameron. Josie is forced to let Hale go. Later, Gary overhears Josie tell Toni she has a prior connection to Hale but Josie manages to cover.

DECEMBER 24, 1998 (EP. #8764)
After Cameron and Amanda make love, Amanda is upset when she learns Alli isn't coming home for Christmas. Later, Amanda tells Cameron Alli will have to get used to him being in Amanda's life. Jake tells Joe he believes Marley has Vicky but he doesn't want Marley to catch on. Joe plays along but Marley starts to think Tyrone and Jake suspect her and threatens to go back to China. Lila brings Christmas presents to Cass and Charlie and she is touched by Charlie's memory of her mother's love. Tito uses the information he found in Paulina's journal to convince her he is her son. Paulina and Tito decide to have DNA tests done.

DECEMBER 25, 1998 (EP. #8765)
Knowing that if Marley leaves he may never find Vicky, Jake pulls out all the stops and begs Marley to stay saying he knows Vicky is never coming back. Happy, Marley agrees to stay. Upset by the lack of love in her marriage and moved by Cass' love for her, Lila goes to Cass intending to have an affair. But Cass refuses, for her sake. Paulina is overjoyed when Joe brings Remy over to their house for Christmas, knowing that this will make Paulina happy. Jordan agrees to sit for Rachel as she makes a bust of him.

DECEMBER 28, 1998 (EP. #8766)
Jake despairs when Vicky isn't home for Christmas but is happy when both Steven and Kirkland decide they want to be with Jake on Christmas. Marley, Donna and the boys rally around Jake as they think about Vicky. Donna sings a Christmas song and is joined by carolers who are led by Paulina and as the group sing together, Vicky listens hidden in the Love mansion.

DECEMBER 29, 1998 (EP. #8767)
As Marley discovers how sick Vicky really is and promises she will get help, Joe questions Grant and Cindy about the shooting but before Grant can tell the truth, Marley calls and warns Grant about the tape. Grant keeps quiet but wonders what role Cindy played in his shooting. Later, Cindy gives Marley antibiotics for Vicky as Bridget visits Vicky who says she isn't ready to die. Lila invites Cass to her New Year's Eve party but he declines. Jordan learns from Rachel about the Cory family bible and is determined to look at it. Lila gets everyone out of the house so Jordan can look at it.

DECEMBER 30, 1998 (EP. #8768)
Cindy reluctantly agrees to pose as Vicky at a nearby hotel and Jake is forced to go with Joe to check out the possible Vicky sighting. While Jake and Joe realize they are on a wild goose chase, Donna starts to remember more about Marley and confronts her daughter about Vicky's whereabouts. Marley rushes out to go to Vicky as Donna who has seen the two dolls, tells Jake she knows where Vicky is, right before she collapses. When Amanda comes into the library unexpectedly, Jordan hides and watches as she does a similar movement as his mystery woman. As Jordan tells Zak he might have found the one he was looking for and transforms himself into David Halliday, Amanda and Cameron grow closer. Tito gives Paulina a sample of his hair for the DNA test, cleverly giving her Remy's hair instead of his own. Later, Remy wonders what Tito is up to.

DECEMBER 31, 1998 (EP. #8769)
Amanda's new investment partner in Brava turns out to be David Halliday and Amanda is charmed, while Cass is skeptical. Later as Jordan tells Zak he thinks he found the one, Cameron takes Amanda out for a romantic outing. After intercepting Nick's roses and claiming he bought them himself, Tito lets Remy believe that Nick stood her up and convinces her to go on an outing wit him. Tito successfully cons a cashier and Remy is furious when they get home. Nick shows up and reveals he sent the flowers and Remy warns Tito to shape up.