JANUARY 1, 1999: Pre-empted for the Gator Bowl.

JANUARY 4, 1999 (EP. #8770)
While Jake pleads with Donna to wake up and remember where Marley has Vicky, Marley goes to Vicky and vows to get what she wants, no matter what. Marley realizes she can't let Vicky die, and decides to help her. As Jordan focuses on Amanda being his mystery woman, Cameron proposes to Amanda and she accepts. Jordan attends the Cory party as David, but upon discovering Amanda's engagement, he loses control and turns back into Jordan. As Cass vows to do what it takes to get Lila for himself, Matt discovers a letter that Lila wrote to Cass that reveals her true feelings. Matt confronts Lila.

JANUARY 5, 1999 (EP. #8771)
As Jake, Joe and Tyrone rush to find Marley, Marley panics when she sees a roadblock and drags Vicky to a roof, planning to jump with Vicky to the next building while Jake watches in horror. Losing concentration upon learning about Amanda and Cameron's engagement, David turns back into Jordan but is determined to get closer to Amanda. Jordan decides to use Rachel so he can get closer to Amanda. Cass challenges Lila to tell him what she said in the letter to him but Matt arrives before Lila has the chance. Cass kisses Lila.

JANUARY 6, 1999 (EP. #8772)
Fighting his own anger and revulsion toward Marley, Jake successfully gets Marley's attention and she lets Vicky go. As Vicky is taken to the hospital, Marley admits to Tyrone that she still loves Jake, unaware of Jake's hatred towards her. Unaware that Tito is conning her, Paulina gives Tito a late night meal and she is struck by how much they have in common.

JANUARY 7, 1999 (EP. #8773)
As the hospital staff race to save Vicky, Marley goes to the hospital and is stunned when Jake confronts her and shows her his true rage. Vicky is reunited with Steven, Kirkland and Jake as Marley is taken to jail. After Remy and Tito cover with Nick as to why Tito is in Remy's apartment, Remy tells Tito she wants him out. Tito goes to Carlino's and Paulina, feeling sorry for Tito, invites him to stay at her place on the condition that Joe must never know.

JANUARY 8, 1999 (EP. #8774)
While Vicky worries about her sister and asks Jake to go and visit her, Marley refuses to admit she is mentally ill and insists she plead guilty to the charges against her. After Cindy visits making sure Marley doesn't implicate her or Grant, Marley is thrilled when Jake visits, but is devastated by his hostility towards her. While Jordan is determined to get closer to Amanda to discover if she is really Amalie, the woman he is looking for, Cameron asks Amanda if they can elope. Amanda agrees as Jordan vows to make sure the wedding plans never take place.

JANUARY 11, 1999 (EP. #8775)
While Rachel sculpts Jordan and he subtly asks her questions about Amanda, Zak tells Lila to delay Cameron and Amanda's departure. Lila enlists Cass's help but the couple can only be detained so long and as they head out the door, they are stunned to find Alli on the doorstep. After discovering a note for Paulina to meet Tito on the docks, Joe secretly observes, Paulina and Tito in an emotional moment. Later, Joe wonders what is going on when Paulina lies about her whereabouts.

JANUARY 12, 1999 (EP. #8776)
Both wondering where the tape went, Grant and Jake visit Marley and Jake pleads with her to give him the tape so she can prove there is still good in her but Grant tells Marley that he will get her out of trouble if she gives him the tape. Marley wonders what to do. Thanks to Jordan's quick thinking who has arranged for Alli to arrive before Cameron and Amanda can leave, Amanda and Cameron decide to have a Valentines Day wedding instead. Cass thinks Lila was stalling Cameron and Amanda for Jordan but Lila won't admit it.

JANUARY 13, 1999 (EP. #8777)
When Nick sees a police alert on a scam artist, Nick is convinced it is Tito and accuses Remy of working with him. As Tito reads Paulina's diary to get him out of his latest jam, Remy tells Nick that the scam guy isn't Tito. Nick works to make it up to Remy while Tito "confesses" to Paulina he has been scamming. Paulina is understanding and hugs him, as Joe walks in and sees this. After Alli upsets Amanda when she accuses her of not caring about her, David arrives, sends Alli off in his car and unsuccessfully tries to hypnotize Amanda, blaming her distraction on Cameron. Jordan vows to get rid of Cameron.

JANUARY 14, 1999: Pre-empted for News Coverage of the Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Trial.

JANUARY 15, 1999 (EP. #8778)
After Cass taunts Lila saying she and Matt don't have a real marriage, Lila goes to Lumina and asks Jordan to make Matt love her. Later, Matt goes to Lumina with a few questions and Jordan hypnotizes him and suggests he be a true husband to Lila. Matt goes home and wants to go to bed with Lila. Tito and Paulina explain to Joe why they were together, but after Tito leaves, Joe warns Paulina about letting a stranger into their home. Later, after Remy learns of "Tim" from Joe, Remy accuses Tito of scamming Paulina.

JANUARY 18, 1999 (EP. #8779)
Searching for the tape, Grant goes to Marley's and finds Cindy already there. Grant and Cindy argue and Cindy mentions the night Grant was shot, but quickly covers. Later as Jake goes to Marley's to look for the tape, Marley breaks down with Tyrone and Tyrone agrees to take her to the hospital to get her the help she needs. When Vicky wakes up, Marley is standing in her hospital room. Unable to sleep with Matt, Lila calls Cass, but hangs up without speaking. Later, Cass and Rachel argue about Lumina's control over Matt and Rachel comments she thinks they are underestimating Matt's strength.

JANUARY 19, 1999: Pre-empted for News Coverage of the Bill Clinton Senate Impeachment Trial.

JANUARY 20, 1999 (EP. #8780)
As Jake searches for Marley and Tyrone persuades him to let Tyrone find her, Marley talks to Vicky and asks if she can ever forgive her. Vicky admits she is too upset and doesn't know when she can forgive. Marley tells Vicky she will never hurt her again and then goes to the docks, where Tyrone finds her ready to jump. When Alli refuses to go with them, Amanda and Cameron go skiing on their own. Jordan follows them up to the cabin and as Cameron passes out in the snow (with help from Jordan), Jordan looks at Amanda sleeping in her bed.

JANUARY 21, 1999 (EP. #8781)
Jordan tries to draw a memory out in Amanda but she wakes up screaming for Cameron. As Jordan disappears, determined to get Cameron out of the way, Amanda clings to Cameron. Chris warns Jake to control his anger towards Marley or else he will be a problem for Vicky since Vicky cares for her sister. Cindy, Josie and Gary discuss the upcoming baby.

JANUARY 22, 1999 (EP. #8782)
Lila lies to Cass and convincingly tells him that she and Matt consummated their marriage. Cass gives up hope as devastated, Lila tries to convince herself she had to lie so she can have a secure marriage with Matt, for Jasmine's sake. Felicia is too late to receive an award when her limo driver is late, takes them the wrong route and gets them into an accident. Felicia is furious and complains to the company who tells her that Sergei will be fired. When Felicia returns home, she finds Sergei at her doorstep. After Tito talks Etta Mae into rehiring him, Tito tells unsuspecting Remy that he is going to change his life, making her unaware he is scamming her also.

JANUARY 25, 1999 (EP. #8783)
When Felicia learns Sergei has been fired from his job, she allows him to sleep on her couch and she is charmed when Sergei makes her a midnight supper. Cindy blackmails Josie into looking for the tape in Marley's personal effects by threatening to tell Gary what she knows about Boca Lynda. Josie talks to Cameron while Jordan watches in the distance. Jordan asks Zak to investigate Josie's medical records thinking that he may have found a way to split up Cameron and Amanda.

JANUARY 26, 1999 (EP. #8784)
Josie finds the tape in Marley's things and sadly lets Cindy take it from her. Josie writes her letter of resignation. Despite Tyrone and Donna's reservations, Marley is determined to plead guilty at her arraignment. Later, Vicky goes to the arraignment and asks to be heard. When Tito learns from Paulina that the DNA test results could come in today, he goes to Carlino's and after infuriating Remy who has assured Nick she wants nothing to do with Tito, Tito intercepts the test results.

JANUARY 27, 1999 (EP. #8785)
While Gary convinces Josie not to resign, Grant and Cindy are shocked to learn the tape isn't the one they are looking for and later Cindy goes back to Josie - demanding the real tape. Josie talks to Cameron and while Jordan listens, Cameron tells Josie she is helping Cindy for their baby. Jordan happily believes he has found a way to break up Cameron and Amanda - by revealing that Josie is carrying Cameron's baby. At the arraignment, Vicky convinces Marley to plead not guilty so she can get the help she needs and enable both Vicky and Donna to move on with their lives instead of worrying about her in prison. After Marley is sent for a psychiatric evaluation, Jake and Vicky run into Cindy and Grant and Vicky remembers that Cindy knew where Vicky was being held all along. Vicky tells Jake and Grant that she remembers who helped Marley - Cindy.

JANUARY 28, 1999 (EP. #8786)
Thrilled that he now has the information he needs to break up Cameron and Amanda, Jordan summons Lila and tells her that she must tell Amanda that Josie is carrying Cameron's baby. This is too much for even Lila but when she tries to protest, Jordan tells her she must reveal this news, or suffer the consequences. As Cindy denies everything, Vicky tells Jake and Grant that it was Cindy who stopped Vicky from getting out of Marley's dungeon. Later, while Jake and Vicky reunite with the boys at home, Cindy tells Grant she did put Vicky back in the dungeon, but she did it because she loved Grant and didn't want the truth about the tape to get out. As Jake and Vicky hatch a plan to trap Cindy and Grant, Grant tells Cindy that she better not have shot him - or else. Amanda and Matt have a heart to heart about Matt's marriage and Amanda asks him if Matt truly is under Lumina's spell and Matt admits he doesn't know. Amanda tells Matt to stay away from Lumina.

JANUARY 29, 1999 (EP. #8787)
Cass is shocked to find Sergei in Felicia's apartment and Felicia asks Sergei to leave. Later, Sergei returns and thanks her for her kindness. Felicia is charmed. Worried for Jasmine's safety, Lila decides to follow Jordan's orders and tell Amanda about Josie's baby but before she has a chance, Amanda asks her to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Lila can't tell Amanda the news and sneaks out of the house with Jasmine to see Cass. Discovering Lila is missing, Matt goes to Cass' and before Lila can tell Cass what is wrong, Matt brings Lila home. Privately, Cass tells Lila that he will always protect her but she has to tell him the truth.

FEBRUARY 1, 1999 (EP. #8788)
Paulina finds the doctored lab report in the mail and as Paulina discovers that "Tim" really is her son, Joe learns from Nick that Tito is bad news. While Joe looks for Tito, Paulina prepares to tell "Tim" a dark secret from her past. Hatching a plan, Vicky decides to get close to Grant as Jake gets closer to Marley - hoping someone will give them the information they are looking for to nail Grant and Cindy. Vicky successfully gets Grant to feel protective towards her as Marley is thrilled Jake has started to visit her.

FEBRUARY 2, 1999 (EP. #8789)
Lila visits Cass and makes him promise to wait for her with the car and then she lies to Jordan and tells him she told Amanda about Cameron. Jordan, knowing she is lying, gives Lila one more chance to tell the truth. Frightened, Lila tells Cass she wants to leave town forever! Paulina reluctantly agrees with Tito to continue to keep the secret that he is her son. As Joe tells Paulina Tito is a scam artist, Tito tells Remy that Paulina is coming on to him. Remy doesn't believe Tito but when Paulina asks Remy not to tell Joe if she ever sees her with Tito, Remy starts to wonder what is going on. After Alli confronts Amanda about Cameron's criminal past, Alli feels badly when she sees her mother in tears. David, sensing he might have an ally in Alli, tells her she is doing the right thing by trying to prevent Amanda's marriage to Cameron.

FEBRUARY 3, 1999 (EP. #8790)
Lila tells Cass the truth and admits that Jordan has her spying on the Cory's and that Jordan had something to do with Matt marrying her. Cass confronts Jordan and threatens him with legal action if Jordan comes near Lila again. Lila tells Cass she loves him as Zak shows Jordan a front page article on the murder of Frankie Frame Winthrop. While Jake learns from Marley that Cindy knew about Vicky's kidnapping and then he tells Joe, Vicky learns Grant and Cindy don't have the tape. Josie is devastated when Joe takes her off desk duty and then tells her that Cindy was involved in the kidnapping and Cindy is now Josie's top priority.

FEBRUARY 4, 1999 (EP. #8791)
Cass and Lila declare their love for each other and after a heart to heart with Cass, Lila tells Rachel and Matt that Jordan had Lila spying on them. As Matt asks Lila if she loves Cass, Jordan goes to Frankie's grave. Cindy continues to blackmail Josie and tells her that she wants to be kept posted on Joe's investigation. Later, Joe and Josie discover evidence that will link Cindy to Vicky's kidnapping. When Cameron tells Amanda how much he truly loves and wants to be married to her, Amanda feels closer than ever to Cameron as Cameron feels guiltier than before for not telling Amanda the truth about Josie.

FEBRUARY 5, 1999 (EP. #8792)
Matt throws Lila and Cass a curve ball when Lila tells him that she loves Cass and Matt tells Lila she can't leave the house with Jasmine. Lila is forced to stay at the Cory's and miserable, Cass leaves and goes to Frankie's grave, as Jordan watches. After learning from Nick where Tito lives, Joe goes to Tito's to arrest him and is stunned to find Paulina already there. Tito won't let Paulina tell Joe he is her son and Tito is brought to the police station. Joe decides to track down how Tito got the money for his apartment.

FEBRUARY 8, 1999 (EP. #8793)
Rachel informed Amanda that Lila is spying on the Corys for Jordan. Jordan told Zak that he has other means of achieving his goals, despite losing Lila's cooperation. Tito was freed after someone secretly paid his bail. Remy protested when Nick warned her to avoid Tito. Joe and Nick groused that Paulina and Remy constantly defend Tito, who convinced Paulina to temporarily postpone revealing him as her son. Sergei was grateful that Felicia recognized his talent and promised to get him a start in the music industry. Etta Mae offered Sergei a job playing at the Lucky Lady, then clashed with him over the type of music he should play for customers. Alli realized that Cameron and Amanda were using reverse psychology on her by claiming that they were calling off the wedding since she does not approve of the union. Alli was unhappy with Cameron despite agreeing to start fresh with Amanda. Rachel was skeptical towards Jordan's assertion that he is looking for happiness. Joe and Paulina argued about her involvement in Tito's life. Joe confronted Paulina after learning that she had paid Tito's bail and rent on his apartment. Paulina blurted out to Joe that Tito is her son.

FEBRUARY 9, 1999 (EP. #8794)
Grant remained calm and Cindy freaked when Josie arrived with a warrant to search the apartment. Josie confiscated a pair of Cindy's shoes that were found under the bed in hopes that the prints might match the ones in the ice at Marley's place. Grant and Cindy headed for the Harbor Club to question Vicky about the information Marley might have provided to Jake. Cindy blackmailed Josie into keeping mum about the evidence linking Cindy to Vicky's kidnaping so that Josie returned her shoes. Joe solemnly told Paulina that he thought that the secrets and lies between them were a thing of the past. Paulina provided details to prove Tito is her son to Joe, who hypothesized that Tito is scamming her. Joe walked out when Paulina received a call from Tito. Vicky orchestrated an argument between Jake and Grant so that it would appear that Vicky jumped to Grant's defense. Cindy called Cass and Tyrone to request legal representation. Paulina stopped Tito from leaving town after he had a confrontation with Joe. Vicky positioned herself to eavesdrop on Grant and Cindy, who argued over Grant's concern for Vicky and that he may ruin his career. Jake and Vicky resolved to manipulate Grant.

FEBRUARY 10, 1999 (EP. #8795)
Jake and Vicky staged an argument so that Grant would rally to Vicky's defense. Vicky pretended to confide in Grant while Jake planted unflattering remarks about Grant in Cindy's head in order to make them jealous. Cindy warned Grant that Vicky is plotting to get him jailed, prompting Grant to order Cindy to pack her bags and leave the apartment. Jake balked at Vicky's request to give her time to spend with Grant. Jake and Vicky told Steven and Kirkland ghost stories during a power outage. Cindy plotted revenge after witnessing Grant leaving Vicky's house. Lila asked Matt to quit pretending that they have a real marriage. Matt tried to dismiss Lila's feelings for Cass. Cass stormed off after mistakenly believing that Lila and Matt were getting intimate. Matt had Jasmine sleep in his bedroom for the night. Cass accepted Lila's reasons for letting Matt kiss her, professed love to her, but decided to wait before they can make love. Jordan recited poetry and placed a yellow flower on Frankie's headstone. A woman bearing a striking resemblance to Frankie emerged and watched the shadows of Cass and Lila through a window.

FEBRUARY 11, 1999 (EP. #8796)
Amanda told Cameron that she and Alli have planned a "girls' night out," though Cameron was doubtful that Alli will change her mind about their impending nuptials. Jordan/David arranged to meet Amanda at the Lucky Lady under the pretense that she needed to sign some papers for him. Alli called a cab to drive her to the Lucky Lady instead of accepting Cameron's offer to drive her to the place. Alli insolently proclaimed to Cameron that she will not be conned by him, prompting Cameron to counter that he will marry Amanda with or without her approval. Matt swore that he will not allow Cass to wreck his family. Jordan mused that he and Amalie will be reunited. Cass assumed he was hallucinating after spotting Frankie gazing at him from beneath a streetlight outside of his place. Cass and Lila spoke eloquently of their feelings for each other and made love. Lila left Cass out of fear that she could lose Matt should he discover that she slept with Cass. David subtly encouraged Alli to spy on Cameron to uncover dirt on him. A tired Jordan boasted to Margaret that he has set several plans in motion. Cameron and Amanda were surprised when Alli fibbed that she will accept their marriage. Alli schemed to be present for Cameron's planned meeting with Josie. The woman who resembles Frankie planned an extended stay in Bay City.

FEBRUARY 12, 1999 (EP. #8797)
Tito denied Remy's accusations that he is blackmailing Paulina with her past. Paulina got upset that Joe is investigating Tito's background. Joe insisted to Paulina that he is trying to protect her and ordered Paulina to keep Tito away from their house and Dante. Cass and Lila admitted their affair to Matt, who threatened to fight Lila's efforts to annul their marriage. Nick tried to make amends with Remy for getting Tito arrested. Remy accused Tito of being a con artist who is ruining Joe and Paulina's lives. Cass warned Matt that he cannot prove adultery and may lose grounds to contest an annulment should he fail to appear on the scheduled court date. Matt revealed to Cass that he and Lila consummated their marriage and promised that he will do everything possible to keep Lila and Jasmine with him. The woman who resembles Frankie was evasive with a bartender about her purpose for coming to Bay City. Tito returned Paulina's diary and manipulated her into persuading him not to leave town. Remy punched Tito, who kissed her in an effort to prove that he is not secretly in a romance with Paulina. Matt snapped a photograph of Lila holding Jasmine. Paulina admitted to Joe that she sold her baby.

FEBRUARY 15, 1999 (EP. #8798)
David used reverse psychology on Alli by contending that she is not responsible for Amanda. Remy tried to calm Nick, who witnessed Tito accost Remy to stop her from questioning Paulina. Joe concluded that Paulina sold her baby out of desperation and forgave her past actions, but Paulina berated herself for causing Tito's criminal past by abandoning him. David was knocked backwards after touching one of Rachel's paintings that Matt had hoped to restore. Amanda gave thanks for her blessings while sitting in a chapel. Eavesdropping on Cameron and Josie, Alli learns that Josie is carrying Cameron's baby. Alli is tempted to tell Amanda the truth. Paulina told Remy that she is Tito's mother and that his birth name was Timothy. Tito fibbed to Remy that he was considering Paulina's feelings by concealing that he is Paulina's son. Paulina rejected Joe's suggestion that they verify Tito's claims before she publicly acknowledges him as her son. Remy was jealous of Tito due to her own wishes to locate her mother. Paulina told Tito that she is ready to announce that he is her son to the Cory family.

FEBRUARY 16, 1999 (EP. #8799)
Upset about the wedding and her new knowledge about Cameron, Alli leaves the wedding rehearsal and she and Amanda have a heart to heart outside. As Alli and Amanda talk, Cameron is touched when Gary gives him something of sentimental value proving that their brotherly relationship has changed. Cass confides in Felicia about his blossoming relationship with Lila and he also admits he imagined he saw Frankie. After sending Marley a note threatening harm to Jake if she talks about the kidnapping, Grant tests Vicky to see if she is out to get him by giving her the fake confession tape.

FEBRUARY 17, 1999 (EP. #8800)
While Amanda and Cameron get ready for their wedding, David tries to subtly to convince Alli to tell Amanda the truth. Right before the ceremony begins, Alli tells her mother that Cameron is the father of Josie's baby. As Grant gives Vicky the tape, Jake discovers pertinent information from Marley and realizes that Grant is trapping Vicky and he calls to warn her. Vicky destroys the tape and tells Grant there is a chance they could get back together. Cindy is furious Vicky passed the test but later she takes a picture of Jake and Vicky kissing.

FEBRUARY 18, 1999 (EP. #8801)
Thanks to detective Kirk, Jake and Vicky learn of Cindy's picture and Vicky visits Grant to do damage control. Vicky hastily explains the picture to Grant by saying Jake is jealous of their growing relationship. Before Vicky can stop him, Grant passionately kisses her. Amanda is stunned by Alli's declaration but when she observes a look pass between Josie and Cameron, she knows it is true. Amanda calls off the wedding and as Josie begs Gary to let the couple work things out on their own, Cameron goes to Amanda and finally tells her the truth and tells her that Gary doesn't know he can't have children. Gary goes to Amanda and asks her what happened.

FEBRUARY 19, 1999 (EP. #8802)
Desperate to find out what happened between Amanda and Cameron, Gary talks to Amanda but Amanda tells him he will have to ask his brother what happened. Later, as Amanda tells Cameron he must tell Gary the truth before the baby is born, Alli, feeling awful about ruining her mother's life, goes to a bar where she runs into David who brings her home. Although she is disgusted that she might have to make love to Grant, Vicky is thrilled when Grant tells her that Cindy confessed to being in on the kidnapping plot. Jake arrives just in time to save Vicky from Grant but Jake is furious that Vicky let Grant come onto her. Later, Jake dreams of throttling Grant.

FEBRUARY 22, 1999 (EP. #8803)
Josie and Amanda angrily confront each other and Josie pleads with Amanda to make sure Alli keeps quiet. Overhearing her mother's argument with Josie and feeling horrible about ruining her mother's life, Alli agrees to keep the secret. Later, Amanda thanks David for being so kind to Alli, unaware that it is David who is behind everything. Feeling like there is something coming after the Cory's but not sure what or who it is, Matt confronts Lila and asks her if it was Jordan who made him want to marry her. After Lila promises to tell him what she knows, Matt heads to Lumina and remembers that Jordan hypnotized him. Cass tells Jordan he is willing to stop interfering in his plans with the Cory's, if Jordan convinces Matt that his marriage to Lila is over. Later, Cass is stunned when he sees Lila talking to a woman who looks like Frankie but by the time he catches up to them, the woman is gone.

FEBRUARY 23, 1999 (EP. #8804)
Despite Remy's memory of Tito talking about his family, Tito explains that he made up all of those stories years ago and that Paulina really is his mother. When Remy learns about the DNA test from Paulina, she thinks Tito is really Paulina's son. Later, Remy covers with Joe when he asks her about Tito, but when Remy remembers why Tito came to Bay City she realizes Tito has been lying all along. After telling Gary that the reason the wedding was called off is because he had a one night stand and seeing how disgusted his brother is, Cameron decides to leave town. Convinced that Amalie's spirit is inside Amanda, David/Jordan is determined to win Amanda's confidence and he visits with her. However, before David can hypnotize her, Matt interrupts stating he thinks Lumina was behind Amanda's called off wedding. Later, when Amanda says something that reminds him of Amalie Jordan is convinced of Amalie's presence and is determined that nothing will stand in the way of being united with Amalie.

FEBRUARY 24, 1999 (EP. #8805)
Although Paulina doesn't suspect what Tito is really up to, Tito's plan may fall apart when Remy reminds Tito he didn't know his mother lived in Bay City until he learned she had a trust fund. As Joe tries unsuccessfully to get information from Remy about Tito, Paulina sets up a bank account for Tito so that he can have the financial independence to write his own checks for college. Tito is thrilled. Cindy continues to blackmail Josie and Josie reluctantly tells Cindy that Vicky and Jake know that Cindy was involved in the kidnapping. Later, when Gary sees how stressed Josie is he suggests she start her maternity leave early. Josie happily agrees. As Grant surprises Vicky at home, Jake visits Marley and is completely honest with her stating that he isn't sure he can forgive her for what she did to Vicky but he wants the old Marley back. Touched by his honesty, Marley tells Jake exactly where the tape is hidden, both unaware that Cindy has overheard the entire conversation and is now on her way to retrieve the tape.

FEBRUARY 25, 1999 (EP. #8806)
Jake and Vicky catch Cindy with the tape before she can leave and they call Joe. As Cindy calls Josie to help her, angry Joe listens to Grant's taped confession that he set the fire that almost killed Paulina and Dante. When Joe leaves, Josie steals the tape out of his drawer as Grant learns of Vicky's betrayal. Grant threatens Vicky. After getting a push from Cass, Matt hits his head and hints that everything might now be back to normal.

FEBRUARY 26, 1999 (EP. #8807)
Joe is furious when he discovers the tape missing and he is forced to tell Vicky and Jake that with the tape gone they have no case against Grant. As Joe promises Paulina he will bring Grant down, Josie hides the tape. Jake vows revenge against Grant. Remy tells Nick the whole truth and although he is furious with her lies and uncertain of his future with her, he agrees to give Tito the chance to tell Joe the truth. Tito tells Remy his loyalties will always be with her.

MARCH 1, 1999 (EP. #8808)
Upset about Cameron, Amanda seeks solace outside a secret Cory garden where David finds her and learns that she has never been inside. Learning Cameron plans to leave town, devastated Amanda bids David farewell and David returns to Lumina to discover underneath the paint on the painting is a secret garden, identical to the one on the Cory grounds. David realizes the garden is the gateway from the future to the past. As Cass confronts Frankie and discovers she isn't his dead wife, Matt agrees to divorce Lila, although he is stunned to realize that he has come to care for her more than he would have expected.

MARCH 2, 1999 (EP. #8809)
Due to Cindy's blackmail, Josie meets her with the tape but tells her she is planning on giving the tape to Joe instead. Furious, Cindy threatens Josie and a struggle between the two women ensues as the tape goes flying into the water, just as Josie realizes her water broke and the baby is on it's way! Jake and Vicky visit Marley and tell her of their plan to nail Grant. Touched by their honesty, Marley agrees to tell them what she knows about Grant and Cindy. Later, despite Jake's determination that she give up her crusade to nail Grant, Vicky, knowing that Grant is testing her, secretly meets him and tells him she will leave town with him. Grant kisses her as Jake arrives. Still unsettled about "Frankie's" visit, Cass is thrilled when Lila tells him Matt has agreed to give her the divorce. Later, before Cass can tell Lila about Frankie's look alike, Lila confesses to Cass that she worries she'll never be able to measure up to Frankie. Cass decides not to tell Lila about the lookalike.

MARCH 3, 1999 (EP. #8810)
Cindy takes Josie to the hospital where Gary joins them. Later Gary seeks comfort from Cameron as Josie starts hard labor. Determined to see if the Cory secret garden looks the same as the one he found hidden in the painting, David works on the lock to get inside. As Jake fights Grant, Vicky, to maintain her charade, calls a cop. Furious, Jake is arrested.

MARCH 4, 1999 (EP. #8811)
While Rachel tells Matt that she is determined to figure out what Jordan is up to, David enters the secret garden and realizes this is where he met Amalie years ago. David knows to get Amalie back, he must bring Amanda here, but when he tries to push Amanda to enter the garden she resists, and David must back off, for now. Later, when Zak learns of Jordan's plans to remove Amalie's spirit from Amanda's body, therefore killing Amanda, Zak tells Jordan he can't do that! While Cameron comforts Josie, Gary rushes to see his newborn son and runs into Cindy. After Cindy realizes how much this baby means to Gary, she decides she can't tell Gary the truth and lies saying she wanted Josie's help to nail Grant. Later, as Gary and Josie learn that because the baby is so immature he might need blood from the father, Amanda sees how much pain Cameron is in over his son and takes him in her arms.

MARCH 5, 1999 (EP. #8812)
Determined not to let Jordan kill Amanda, Zak rushes to the Cory's to tell Lila and Matt about Jordan's grand plan. However after Matt and Lila agree to talk to Zak but want to check on Jasmine first, Zak sees Jordan on the Cory terrace and with a flash of lightening, Zak disappears. Matt and Lila wonder what happened to Zak when it appears he vanished without a trace. Cass is unnerved when "Frankie" shows up in his office as the cleaning lady but grateful when the office gets a little busy and she jumps in to help. Later, Cass learns "Frankie's" name is Anne and after Anne leaves, Cass looks at the picture of Frankie. Amanda is tempted to tell Gary the truth when he sees Cameron and Amanda together, but Josie arrives and stops her just in time. Later, while Gary talks to Gary Jr., Amanda and Josie have a heart to heart and after Amanda tells Cameron that although it is horrible to live a lie, for Gary it might be worse to be told the truth. Gary calls Sharlene and asks her to come for Josie.

MARCH 8, 1999 (EP. #8813)
Upset that Jake is in jail, but not wanting to expose her plan, Vicky asks Paulina to bail Jake out. Vicky is forced to stall for time when Grant arrives and asks her to run away with him. As Grant leaves, Jake returns home and is furious that Grant was with Vicky. Tito is thrilled when not only does Remy take his side in a fight with Nick, but Paulina tells him that his bank account will be set up soon. When Joe sees Paulina and Tito together, he questions the wisdom of the bank account and Tito storms out. For Joe, Paulina agrees to slow down, but gives Tito some run around money. Felicia agrees to let Sergei move in with her for a few days.

MARCH 9, 1999 (EP. #8814)
When Josie learns Gary is going to give blood for his son's transfusion, Josie blurts out that Gary isn't the father. Jordan/David is furious when Amanda defends Cameron to Jordan/David. Jordan tells Ms. Allen he must have Amanda's trust before he can release Amalie's spirit. Vicky sneaks out of the house to meet Grant, but Jake, realizing what she is up to and worried for her safety, enlists Joe to bring her back. Jake thinks Vicky is obsessed with getting Grant.

MARCH 10, 1999 (EP. #8815)
Gary is devastated when he discovers Cameron is the father of the baby and leaves too angry to listen to Josie's explanations. As Sharlene comforts Josie, Gary spills out his pain to Amanda, until he realizes she knew the truth as well and he runs off. Josie calls Felicia worried that Gary is going to fall off the wagon. Matt and Lila tell Cass and Rachel about Zak's mysterious disappearance and are convinced that Jordan is more dangerous than ever. As Rachel heads off to find Jordan's book, Cass, Matt and Lila find Zak's key chain and wonder why he hasn't returned for it. Matt, Lila and Cass think about their next move as Rachel finds Jordan's book.

MARCH 11, 1999 (EP. #8816)
Felicia finds Gary at a bar and encourages him to be there for his child. Gary goes to the hospital and talks lovingly to his son which Josie overhears. However when Gary sees Josie he angrily tells her he won't be home. Rachel successfully outsmarts Jordan so he doesn't know she has his book. Later, David finds Amanda outside the garden and almost persuades her to enter but she changes her mind. Amanda agrees to enter the garden tomorrow, unaware that she has set the date for her doom.

MARCH 12, 1999 (EP. #8817)
Putting Vicky on the spot, Grant takes Vicky to bed before she can stop him. But when Donna returns home, Vicky is able to put Grant off again and Grant leaves. Donna is furious when she discovers Grant was there, but Vicky tells Donna she wants to nail Grant to protect her family. Donna covers for Vicky with Jake. Cass is unnerved when Anne tells him he might have some unresolved feelings for his late wife and Cass decides he just needs to resolve things with Lila asap. Cass tells Lila he wants to arrange a divorce for her right away and Lila is thrilled, however Matt is bothered at the thought his marriage is ending.

MARCH 15, 1999 (EP. #8818)
As Jake angrily finds one of Grant's cufflinks on the floor by his bed and realizes Grant was there, Cindy is stunned when she overhears Grant and Vicky making plans for a romantic tryst. Cindy tells Grant Vicky is just using him. Realizing Cindy must be neutralized, Vicky tells Grant Cindy shot him! Grant is furious. Cindy vows revenge on Vicky. Wanting to take Remy away before she gets back together with Nick, Tito asks Paulina to speed things up with his college money but is upset when Paulina tells him to be patient. Tito returns to Remy and they kiss, which Nick sees and refuses to give Remy another chance.

MARCH 16, 1999 (EP. #8819)
As Gary learns from Josie that he is sterile, Cameron tells them that the baby needs surgery. Furious at Josie for keeping the truth from him, Gary leaves as Josie signs the surgery consent forms. While Sharlene talks to Gary encouraging him to think before he leaves Josie and the baby, Josie confesses to Joe that she is the dirty cop. Later, Gary returns to the hospital and learns the baby has died and as Josie and Cameron sob in each other's arms, Gary leaves undetected and throws away his sobriety. Determined to get Vicky back, Cindy tells Jake about Grant and Vicky's rendezvous plans and as Jake watches through a window, he sees "Vicky" with Grant, unaware it is Cindy, dressed to look like Vicky. Jake threatens to kill Grant. Later, Cindy offers Joe a deal - drop her arrest charges in exchange for the tape.

MARCH 17, 1999 (EP. #8820)
Everyone in Bay City appears to be furious at Grant as Grant gleefully learns that Paulina sold a baby when she was a kid. Grant tries to blackmail Joe with this new information while Joe, who has made a deal with Cindy, looks for the tape to nail Grant. Later as Jake persuades Joe to arrest Vicky to keep her from tricking Grant, Cindy realizes Grant plans revenge on Bay City and feels someone must stop him. Tito realizes Remy's feelings for Nick could be a problem in getting her to leave town with him.

MARCH 18, 1999 (EP. #8821)
As the Cory's use the book to figure out what is motivating Jordan, Jordan discovers his book is missing and goes to the Cory's and overhears their plans to keep the book at Cass's. When the book is stolen from Cass's office, Rachel confronts Stark and asks him what he wants with her family. Josie and Sharlene return home from the hospital and realize Gary has moved out. Unaware that the secret is out, Cindy arrives to blackmail Josie and Josie unleashes her pain about the baby. Later, after a small funeral for the baby, Gary comes to say a heartfelt good-bye to Gary Junior. Amanda goes to NYC.

MARCH 19, 1999 (EP. #8822)
Gary remarked that it is shame that Cindy failed to kill Grant. Remy tried to quell Paulina's dread over confessing to Tito that she sold him while he was a baby. Rachel had reservations towards Paulina's request to use her trust fund to pay for Tito's college education. Tito panicked when Rachel suggested that Paulina have tests conducted to prove that Tito is her son. Tito spoke to Remy about starting a new life. Paulina feared that Grant would reveal her past. Donna objected to Jake putting Vicky in jail. Jake confessed to Steven and Kirkland that Vicky is in jail for her own protection. Tyrone blames Jake for Marley's trial being postponed because he extracted information about Grant from her. Jake thanked Marley for telling him about Grant and Cindy, but decline's Marley's request to get her released from the hospital. Jake blamed Marley for causing Vicky's obsession with Grant. Joe warned Grant that he will rue trying to blackmail Paulina. Freeman told Grant that a boat is ready for him and a guest. Gary and Cindy got into a physical altercation with Grant, who caught them snooping in his apartment. Paulina introduced Tito to Rachel. Marley fantasized about killing Grant and escaped. Tyrone urged Joe to stop Grant from keeping Marley in the hospital. Joe, Tyrone, and Jake hoped to find the incriminating tape to thwart Grant.

MARCH 22, 1999 (EP. #8823)
Tyrone lectured Marley for damaging her case by escaping from Willowdale and taking a gun with unspecified intentions of getting Grant out of Vicky's life. Donna bought Tyrone's lie that Marley went missing. Tyrone persuaded Marley into returning to Willowdale for further treatment and kissed her after swearing that she has a future ahead of her. Grant and Freeman watched a diving expedition for the missing tape until Joe arrived due to responding to an anonymous tip from a citizen. Grant boasted to Joe that he and Paulina will regret plotting against him. Vicky raked Jake over the coals for keeping her in jail, but Jake maintained that she must be protected from Grant. Jake got angry when Vicky emphasized that their marriage lacks trust. Vicky fantasized about killing Grant, then called to tell Grant that she is anxious to hear his speech. Joe and Jake worried about their respective marriages should Grant find the incriminating tape. Grant recruited Judge Walker to get Vicky released from jail. Judge Walker advised Joe that he has made a powerful enemy in Grant. Grant threatened to have Donna charged with vehicular homicide. Donna ordered Grant to stay away from Vicky and Marley and dreamed of killing him. Grant told Kirkland that they are going on an adventure. Jake stopped Vicky from meeting Grant for dinner.

MARCH 23, 1999 (EP. #8824)
Tyrone was riddled with guilt over getting romantically involved with his client. Joe declined Paulina's suggestion that they bargain with Grant. Paulina dodged answering Tito's questions about the divers that Joe hired to find the tape. Paulina gifted Tito a check to pay for his college tuition and a cell phone. Jake ignored Vicky's protests that he is acting as her bodyguard. Jake accompanied Vicky to the Harbor Club upon learning that Marley escaped from Willowdale. Grant rejected Spencer's pleas to quit running away from his problems and not to separate Kirkland from Vicky. Cass decided to keep mum about finding Tyrone in the law office with Marley. Anne firmly told Cass that she is not his wife and cannot issue demands on her. Marley credited Tyrone for her improved mental state. Judge Walker ordered Tyrone to witness Grant's speech if he values his career. Marley promised to stay in the law office. Tito threw clothes on the floor to fool Nick into thinking that he and Remy made love. Jake and Vicky carried out a ruse in which Vicky screamed that Jake is going to kill Grant. Grant followed Vicky, who took out a tape recorder and prepared to listen to Grant's speech. Grant refused to keep Paulina's secret. Remy went with Tito to the bus station. A man showered Grant with compliments on his job performance as the mayor of Bay City while Grant walked to the podium.

MARCH 24, 1999 (EP. #8825)
Everyone was shocked when Grant blamed the BCPD for his transgressions because they questioned his character and undermined his integrity with vicious lies and fired Joe for obstruction. Grant accused Jake of being Joe's accomplice, disparaged Paulina and Cindy, and stated that tax payers' money was wasted on an expedition for an incriminating tape that does not exist. Grant hinted that he is leaving town with the only person he loves. Toni supervised the diving team's search. Gary bade a hasty retreat after making a veiled comment about handling Grant. Marley recalled Grant's threats he waged against her. Jake and Vicky were skeptical of Cindy and Marley's pleas that Grant plans to spirit Kirkland out of Bay City. Gary publicly threatened Grant while Paulina proclaimed that she will pity Grant once he is dead. Nick became suspicious as he listened to Tito and Remy reminisce about the past. Nick told Remy that he once scammed his family in similar ways as Tito in using Paulina. Nick and Remy assured Paulina that Tito left town. Toni recovered the incriminating tape after Chris and Jake rescued Kirkland. Donna tried to stall Grant from finding Vicky in her office. Grant pushed Donna into the wine cellar, causing her to fall out of her wheelchair, and accused Donna of faking her paralysis. Grant and Vicky admitted their deep hatred towards each other. Vicky knocked Grant unconscious with a statuette after Grant bragged that he is permanently taking Kirkland away from her.

MARCH 25, 1999 (EP. #8826)
Cameron resolved to find Gary for a despondent Josie. Cindy bragged to Gary that she got revenge against Grant by notifying Vicky of his scheme to spirit Kirkland out of town. Gary reminded Cindy that she will be jailed for her complicity in Grant's crimes unless the incriminating tape is found. Cindy failed to convince Gary that Grant will receive his comeuppance. Gary drunkenly mocked Cameron's efforts to encourage him to reconcile with Josie. Chris tended to Kirkland while Jake raced to stop Vicky from killing Grant. Paulina refused to confide her troubles to Nick and Remy. Joe vowed to Paulina that he will not allow Grant to ruin their lives. Jake agreed with Marley's offer to confess to Grant's murder for Vicky. Marley replaced Vicky's fingerprints on the marble statue with her own, but was unaware that Vicky had accidentally left her scarf and purse at the scene of the crime. Joe and Toni discovered Marley kneeling beside Grant's body. Joe found the envelope with evidence against Paulina in Grant's possession. An unseen assailant finished Grant off. Chris was suspicious of Jake's musings on thwarting Grant. Cameron found Gary stumbling on the docks and carried him to Josie's place. Tyrone refused to believe that Marley killed Grant. Toni feared that Joe had tampered with forensic evidence. Etta Mae rescued Donna from the wine cellar and corroborated her story that Grant had attacked her. Toni was stunned by Joe's strange reaction to the incriminating tape being recovered. Nick stormed out after Remy received a phone call from Tito, who asked Remy to leave town with him. Marley told herself that she was right to take the blame for Grant's murder while she was booked and placed into a jail cell.

MARCH 26, 1999 (EP. #8827)
Cass brought duplicates of Matt and Lila's divorce papers since Matt's lawyer lost the original documents. David gifted Alli with tickets to a rock concert. Matt refused to sign the papers in retaliation to Cass convincing Lila not to accompany Matt on his trip out of town. Matt seethed when Cass purposefully made out with Lila in front of him. Paulina berated herself for being relieved that Grant is dead and that they are no longer living in fear. Paulina insisted to Joe that the past can finally be buried. Joe defied warnings from Judge Walker to halt the murder investigation since Grant announced intentions to fire him as the police captain. Paulina was calmed by Joe after listening to the tape of Grant's confession for starting the fire. Joe recalled planting an envelope with blank pages in Grant's pocket, which Toni interpreted as Grant's blackmail of Paulina being nothing but a bluff. Paulina noticed Joe avoid eye contact with Toni as she mused that it is fortunate that Marley likely beat him to killing Grant. Tyrone failed to get Marley to admit that she had falsely confessed to murder to protect Vicky. Jake tried to ease Vicky's torment over Marley's confession. Jake and Donna lectured Kirkland for declaring his hatred towards Marley for killing Grant. Jake refused to acknowledge Donna's doubts over Marley's culpability. Donna and Vicky vowed to conceal the truth after Vicky revealed the true circumstances of her confrontation with Grant. Tyrone berated Jake for allowing Marley to take the blame for Vicky's crime. Jake swore to Tyrone that he does not believe in Marley's innocence and wants her out of his life. Donna went to the fireplace and prepared to destroy Vicky's scarf.

MARCH 29, 1999 (EP. #8828)
Joe remonstrated Toni for interrogating Paulina on Grant. Judge Walker accused Joe and Paulina of covering for Grant's murderer and letting Marley take the rap for the crime. Cindy called Marley an excellent liar for claiming that she killed Grant. Jake consoled Vicky, who was plagued by nightmares, which re-enacted her final confrontation with Grant. Donna fibbed that she had destroyed Marley's scarf and went into a sobbing fit for Tyrone's benefit when he caught Donna throwing the scarf into the fireplace. Jake got Tyrone to begrudgingly declare a truce between them and not to charge Donna with tampering with evidence. Kirkland overheard Vicky proclaim to Jake that she cannot let Marley rot in jail for a crime she committed. Jake convinced Paulina to plead with Vicky not to admit to the police that she killed Grant. Tyrone tricked Marley into admitting that she made a false confession. Marley warned Vicky and Jake that Tyrone extracted the truth from her. Vicky insisted that an autopsy must be performed on Grant's body while arguing with Cindy about having Grant cremated and making funeral arrangements. Paulina confided to Vicky that she sold her first child on the black market. Vicky was touched when Paulina encouraged her not to torture herself over Marley because Kirkland needs his mother. Judge Walker had D.A. June Reiner inform Joe that he has replaced him with Toni to take charge of Grant's homicide investigation. Tyrone vowed to prove Marley's innocence and Vicky's guilt in killing Grant. Jake and Vicky tried to entertain Steve and Kirkland with fun activities. Joe lamented to Paulina that Marley's confession is not likely to hold up in court.

MARCH 30, 1999 (EP. #8829)
Gary grew terrified at the possibility that he killed Grant to protect Cindy because he could not remember his whereabouts for the night of the murder. Gary told Josie that there is not enough time in the world to erase the repercussions of her affair with Cameron. Alli was moved when David gifted her with an unreleased album of her favorite band's music. Amanda accused David of using Alli to get close to her and ordered David to stay away from her, prompting Alli to chastise Amanda for taking her misery out on her and David. Gary and Cindy agreed that they were together on the night of Grant's murder to establish an alibi for themselves. Sharlene tried unsuccessfully to convince Gary to reach out to Josie. Jordan chuckled after having flashbacks of his time with Amalie in the secret garden. Cameron and Amanda's attempts to make amends were dashed once Josie arrived at the Lucky Lady, which reminded Amanda of Cameron and Josie's tryst. Cindy was haunted by fantasies of interacting with Grant while at the morgue. Cindy had papers drawn up to initiate Grant's body being cremated without an autopsy. David was forgiving once Amanda conceded that she jumped to rash conclusions over his bond with Alli. Amanda was flattered as David showered her with compliments for being elegant, intellectual, and beautiful. David was thrilled when Amanda asked to see what is behind the door of the secret garden and wished for his company. Cameron and Josie reflected on the person their son could have been had he survived. Gary arrived with flowers for Josie and caught Cameron and Josie in a platonic embrace. Gary left the flowers on the windowsill and walked away.

MARCH 31, 1999 (EP. #8830)
David was chagrined when Amanda pulled back from entering the garden because she sensed danger. Alli told David that Amanda is frazzled due to Grant's death. Amanda decided to give David another chance after Alli lectured her for treating him badly. David watched as Amanda walked through the secret garden, the picture on a television turned black and white, Amanda gazed at the pretty flowers, and fainted after smelling Amalie's favorite flower. Jordan leaned over Amanda and asked Amalie to emerge. An incredulous Toni demanded proof to corroborate Donna's claims that she killed Grant during a fight and walked to the stairs of the wine cellar. Joe stopped Cindy's order to have Grant's body cremated. The coroner informed Joe and Cindy that Marley's confession may not be legitimate. Kirkland assured Vicky that he forgives her for killing his father. Jake failed to talk Vicky out of confessing to Grant's murder and accompanied Vicky to the police station. Toni summoned the D.A. in response to Vicky's assertion that she killed Grant. Cindy got into a physical altercation with Vicky, who was arrested and charged with Grant's murder. Donna promised Vicky that she will get her released from jail. Marley was overjoyed when Vicky professed love for her sister. Etta Mae was surprised that Paulina knows Tito. Nick took Remy to the Harbor Club in hopes that she might sense vibes that would help his family. Remy had a vision of Grant lying on the floor begging for help, which shocked Paulina. Nick and Remy informed Joe that Paulina was at Donna's office earlier. Joe and Paulina requested that they start being truthful with each other. Nick and Remy are suspicious of Paulina.

APRIL 1, 1999 (EP. #8831)
Tito played on Paulina's sympathies by lamenting the high cost of textbooks. Lila tried to assuage Cass's fears that Matt will not sign the divorce papers while they got romantic. Paulina got angry with Rachel for insisting that Tito submit to a series of additional DNA tests before he is accepted into the Cory family and the money from the trust fund is released. Jordan started to summon Amalie until Amanda regained consciousness and gasped in horror at the sight of Jordan's deformed face looming over her. Jordan realized that he has lost his chance to summon Amalie's spirit, picked up an unconscious Amanda, and fled the secret garden in despair. Etta Mae and Felicia were not amused by Sergei's practical jokes at the Lucky Lady. Sergei and Felicia argued over having fun in life. Etta Mae and Felicia interposed when Cass and Sergei got into a fight about his musical talent and inability to book gigs on his own. Cass and Felicia exchanged barbs at each other over their romantic partners. Cass learned of Vicky's arrest and agreed to represent her. Remy was embarrassed and Nick furious when Joe dismissed Remy's vision of Grant being alive until someone finished him off moments later. Toni warned Joe that his erratic behavior could endanger his career. Nick told Remy about his deceased parents and bond with the Hudsons. Remy tried to calm Nick's temper over Tito calling her. Rachel remained suspicious of Jordan's friendly overtures and intentions for her. A disoriented and cold Amanda told Rachel that she has no memory of being in the garden and questioned Jordan's presence. Jordan resolved to get rid of Amanda to secure the permanent return of Amalie.

APRIL 2, 1999 (EP. #8832)
Lila admitted to Rachel that she spied on Amanda and kept her at the house to prevent Cameron and Amanda from eloping, but denied that she bought the plane ticket to bring Alli home from Zurich. Rachel confronted Jordan, who claimed that Amanda broke her engagement of her own volition, that he is not interested in Amanda, and that he fired Zak. Rachel told Jordan that he can give the Cory family peace and fellowship by leaving town. Jordan angrily told Margaret that Rachel must be removed as an obstacle to his plans. Cass, Jake, Vicky, and Paulina tried to pressure D.A. June Reiner into freeing Vicky. Chris persuaded June to release Vicky by hinting that the publicity over her lack of mercy towards Vicky's innocent children would negatively affect June's mayoral race. Jake agreed to June's request that he signs over controlling interest of the Harold to Bay City should Vicky fail to appear for her arraignment. Anne took a phone message from Lila to Cass, who researched precedents that would get bail for Vicky. Cass asked Anne out to dinner after being impressed by Anne's knowledge of precedents and the jury selection process. Cass got Anne to leave his office to stop Lila from seeing her. Jake quelled Vicky's regret over making Steven and Kirkland suffer because of her obsession with Grant. Toni and Chris discussed their misgivings over Joe and Paulina's suspicious behavior. Chris suggested that Toni give Joe the benefit of the doubt. The coroner informed Joe that Grant was likely killed by asphyxiation and not due to head trauma. Joe asked the coroner not to release the findings of the autopsy on Grant. Joe hid the autopsy from Toni.

APRIL 5, 1999 (EP. #8833)
Matt admitted to Lila that he is stalling the divorce because he wants the chance to make their marriage work. Lila convinced a defeated Matt to sign the divorce papers by confessing that she is in love with Cass. Cass informed Vicky that they could enter a plea bargain to manslaughter. Cass and Jake persuade Vicky into revealing the true circumstances of her confrontation with Grant so that Cass can develop a defense case for her. Vicky retrieved the tape she recorded during her confrontation with Grant. Cass concluded that they must keep mum that Jake removed Vicky's purse from the crime scene and that the tape makes Vicky seem like she killed Grant in cold blood and not self-defense. Joe told his friend Abe that he does not want to arouse suspicions by inquiring into details about Grant's death. Paulina seethed when Joe ignored her advice to stay out of Grant's homicide investigation. Anne dodged Cass's attempts to learn more about her background. Felicia was shocked by Anne's resemblance to Frankie. Felicia told Anne about Frankie's death and suggested that she find work elsewhere. Vicky noticed that Paulina seemed edgy. Toni disagreed with Jake and Vicky's assertion that Grant's audible plea for help on the tape after Vicky fled proves that she did not kill him. Joe gave Toni the autopsy report after admitting that he concealed it to keep tabs on the investigation. Cass was thrilled that Matt signed the divorce papers. Jake did not share in Vicky's elation that June is not proceeding with the case against her. Toni told Chris that Joe is acting suspiciously. Paulina fretted that anyone could serve time in jail for killing Grant.

APRIL 6, 1999 (EP. #8834)
Although Cameron tries to reconnect with Amanda, David enlists Alli's help in getting Amanda to the Lucky Lady where he monopolizes her time. Alli guilt's Cameron away from her mother. Joe tells Josie that she isn't the "corruption" that Grant mentioned. Joe offers Josie her job back and she accepts. Sergei gets a phone call which hints someone is looking for him. Cindy goes to the morgue and discovers Grant's body missing!

APRIL 7, 1999 (EP. #8835)
Joe continues to undermine Toni's handling of the investigation and the DA grows more and more suspicious of him. Cindy has an interesting reaction when she learns that someone killed Grant after the blow to his head was inflicted. As Cindy breaks into Grant's suite to recover money, deeds and jewelry, Josie puts together that Cindy's heel must have made the wound found on Grant's hand.

APRIL 8, 1999 (EP. #8836)
The DA suspends Joe from the force pending further investigation. Feeling badly for Joe, Josie continues to work with him off the record to clear his name. Josie and Joe investigate Cindy's collection of high heels and take one that she might have worn the night of the murder. Cindy bribes Grant's PI Freeman to destroy all the evidence of her divorce so she can be the heir to Grant's estate. Cass finds Anne at Paradise Lounge and together they agree they shouldn't work together. Later Anne observes as Cass and Lila embrace.

APRIL 9, 1999 (EP. #8837)
Cindy's shoe tests positive for traces of Grant's blood and she is brought in for questioning. Not wanting to stand trial for murder Cindy tells Toni that Gary killed Grant as she watched! Unaware that Jordan is out to get Amalie, Amanda goes to the garden to meet David and faints when she gets there. Amalie reaches out to Jordan in the garden but Amanda continues to resist. David brings Amanda back to the house and she doesn't remember anything that happened at the garden. Later, David and Amanda kiss as Cameron sees.

APRIL 12, 1999 (EP. #8838)
Gary and Josie grow closer as Cindy spells out to Toni the scenario in which Gary killed Grant. The police bring Gary in and when Gary sees Cindy is the witness against him he is stunned. Cindy admits to Gary she has been protecting him, he killed Grant. Cameron is forced to admit to Rachel that the reason his wedding to Amanda broke up was he was the father of Josie's baby. Later, Cameron follows Amanda to the Lucky Lady and observes as David gives Amanda a necklace to help her with headaches, but in reality will put Amanda under David's spell. Before David can get closer to Amanda, Josie arrives with news of Gary and they all rush to the police station.

APRIL 13, 1999 (EP. #8839)
In deep pain over what has happened to his life, Gary goes along with Cindy's accusation as a way to escape. Realizing what he is doing, Amanda gets Gary to admit he wants Cameron and Josie to watch him self destruct as a form of punishment. Later, after Gary is put under arrest for murder, Cindy confirms to Grant's grave that Gary is innocent but no one will ever know. Sergei arrives for his concert but when he sees 2 "agents" he runs out and the concert is called off. Felicia is annoyed but ends up forgiving him. Sergei asks Felicia to marry him! Jordan/David uses Amanda's necklace to continue influencing her.

APRIL 14, 1999 (EP. #8840)
As Jake and Vicky discover that Kirk is to inherit all of Grant's fortune, Cindy has had all copies of the divorce decree destroyed and arrives at the reading of the will saying she is Grant's widow and will challenge his will. Vicky is furious. As Cass defends Anne as her pro bono lawyer, Matt takes Lila to the Harbor Club. Later, Cass sees Matt and Lila dancing and covers his upset. Cass offers Anne part time work and she accepts. Felicia turns down Sergei's marriage proposal. Later, Felicia is visited by INS agents who tell her that Sergei is an illegal alien and he can only stay in the country if he is married to a citizen. Felicia is furious and throws Sergei out.

APRIL 15, 1999 (EP. #8841)
As Gary tries to remember what happened that night, Cameron and Josie try to find Gary an alibi so that they can clear his name. Josie is thrilled when she visits Gary Jr's grave and learns that the cemetery caretaker saw Gary there the night Grant was killed, making it impossible for Gary to kill Grant. Toni drops all charges against Gary. After getting Joe's help to get Marley out of Willowdale, Vicky and Jake learn from Marley that Cindy said she and Grant were divorced. Marley also tells Vicky and Jake about Grant's safety deposit box and the group find the locked box at Grant's. Realizing when they find the person with the key to the box, they will find Grant's murderer, they hide and watch as Cindy returns. When Cindy opens the box, she is surprised by the posse waiting for her.

APRIL 16, 1999 (EP. #8842)
Jake, Vicky and Joe successfully convince Toni to arrest Cindy and as Cindy goes to jail, everyone celebrates the end of a long ordeal. However, the truth might not all be out when Joe gets a phone call threatening blackmail. Later when she is alone, Donna walks. David is furious when he sees that Amanda is still drawn to Cameron, despite the effects of the necklace. Later in a trance, Amanda goes to the garden to meet Jordan while Cameron doesn't know where she is. After Gary and Josie return home and wonder how to proceed with their lives, Josie is crushed to discover Gary has left without telling her where he is going.

APRIL 19, 1999 (EP. #8843)
As Cameron searches for Amanda, Amalie talks to Jordan and tells him Amanda loves Cameron as much as Amalie loves Jordan. When Jordan tries to kiss Amalie, Amanda screams and runs out of the garden and David brings her home. At home, David lies saying Amanda screamed at Cameron and Amanda asks Cameron to leave. Cameron wonders what is going on. Although Paulina tries unsuccessfully to talk to Joe, Joe slips out to meet the blackmailer and learns that he wants $20,000 to keep quiet about Paulina's past. Joe returns home and tries to remember where he has heard the blackmailers voice before. Tito returns home to Remy claiming he wants to help Paulina through her ordeal. When Nick arrives, Tito sneaks out, but Remy tells Nick Tito is back. Nick, thinking that Tito and Remy have slept together, storms out saying he doesn't want to spoil her fun. Remy wonders what is going on.

APRIL 20, 1999 (EP. #8844)
As Jake gives Paulina money for Tito after learning the whole story from her, Joe goes to the station with Josie to ask Toni how things are going with the case. Later, Josie lets Joe look at Grant's file and as he looks, he hears Freeman talking and realizes Freeman is the blackmailer. Joe slips Grant's strong box out of the evidence room as Toni questions Cindy who claims she took the strong box key from Grant after he was dead. Nick accuses Remy of sleeping with Tito. Remy is stunned and realizes Tito must have set the whole thing up. When Tito returns home, Remy throws him out. Remy kisses Nick. Gary and Felicia have a heart to heart and Gary admits he doesn't know how to feel about Josie. Felicia tells Gary that Josie came through for him when it mattered but only Gary knows if that will be enough to repair their marriage. When Felicia asks Gary if he is ready to lose Josie, Gary heads out with a purpose.

APRIL 21, 1999 (EP. #8845)
As Tyrone tries to get Marley out of Willowdale, Jake and Vicky wonder if Marley is ready for the real world. After Vicky and Jake leave, Marley admits to Tyrone that Jake raped her. Tyrone is furious at how Marley's family takes advantage of her and while Marley refuses to do anything about it, he goes to the McKinnon/Hudson's and tells the shocked family Marley is suing them for obstructing justice. As Cameron tells Rachel he is worried about Amanda and David, Amanda goes to Jordan in the garden and they kiss. Jordan tells Amalie that she must make Amanda want to be with David, not Cameron. Worried about her daughter, Rachel tells Alli she wants to take her and Amanda on a secret cruise but no one must know. Unaware that David is behind Amanda's strange behavior, Alli confides in him about their cruise and David vows to himself it will never happen!

APRIL 22, 1999 (EP. #8846)
Shocked at Marley's lawsuit, Jake and Vicky visit her at Willowdale and argue with Tyrone. Marley decides to go ahead with the lawsuit. Later, Tyrone and Marley kiss. As Rachel confronts Jordan and tells him to leave Amanda alone, Amanda tells Cameron she feels something for David as well. Lila meets Anne face to face.

APRIL 23, 1999 (EP. #8847)
Before Joe can leave with the money from Grant's security box to pay off Freeman, Paulina wants to know what Joe is keeping from her. Joe refuses to explain and meets Freeman on the docks, as Toni finds the security box key on Paulina and Joe's floor and realizes Joe has taken the box. Joe gives Freeman the money, but before Freeman can leave, he falls at Joe's feet, dead as Joe realizes he now has a dead body, and a witness. Anne and Lila talk and Anne decides that since Lila has Matt, she can have Cass. Later, Lila and Matt celebrate their divorce and after Matt kisses Lila, she decides it is time to move out of the Cory house for good!

APRIL 26, 1999 (EP. #8848)
Joe calls in an anonymous 911 for dead Freeman and hides as Josie discovers the missing strong box next to the body. When Toni and Josie realize the key Toni found at Joe's opens the strongbox and then play the 911 tape and hear Joe's voice, they wonder what Joe is up to. Remy and Nick start to grow closer and Nick confides in Remy wondering what Tito is up to with Paulina. So that both she and Nick can keep an eye on him, Remy agrees to let Tito move back in. Felicia tells Sergei it is time he went home. Sergei refuses and later, when he is alone, he doubles over in pain.

APRIL 27, 1999 (EP. #8849)
When Rachel realizes how disoriented Amanda is, she decides to take Amanda and Alli on the cruise tonight. Alli informs David and David is furious. To stop Rachel from leaving, Jordan lures Rachel to Lumina under the pretense he will tell her the whole truth. Rachel finds Jordan slumped over in his office. Cass is horrified to discover Anne and Lila met, but is relieved that Lila didn't seem to recognize her. Wanting to marry soon, Lila and Cass tell thrilled Charlie, however when Charlie shows Lila her baby book and Lila sees a picture of Charlie's mom, she realizes Cass' new paralegal looks exactly like his dead wife!

APRIL 28, 1999 (EP. #8850)
While her family looks for her, Rachel finds herself alone in Lumina as Jordan is taken to the hospital. Rachel watches Jordan's monitors and is horrified to see an image of Amanda in danger at the clock tower and runs to her daughter's aid. However, when she gets to the tower, she finds herself alone and locked inside, trapped by Jordan as Jordan tells Amalie he is almost ready to take her away forever. Lila is hurt that Cass concealed the truth about his new paralegal and she confronts him. Later, realizing how affected by Anne's appearance Charlie will be, Lila unhappily agrees to conceal the news from her.

APRIL 29, 1999 (EP. #8851)
As Rachel remains locked in the clock tower with no way out, Rachel's family tries to figure out where she went. Lila admits that Jordan tried to get her to stop Amanda's wedding by telling her that Cameron is the father of Josie's baby. When Alli realizes she revealed this info, she wonders if Jordan used her to get to Amanda. As Toni worries about Joe's involvement in Grant's murder case, Paulina worries about her husband and the secret she has been keeping. To get Tito the money and get him out of town, Paulina forges Rachel's signature and calls the bank to release the money. Vicky and Jake are stunned to see Donna walking and Donna admits she walked the night of Grant's murder. Later, Donna and Vicky bond when Vicky admits she wants to get Marley released.

APRIL 30, 1999 (EP. #8852)
Vicky visits Marley and tells her their mother can walk and wanted to keep that secret because of something she saw that night. Later, as the sister's talk, Toni arrives and her questions for Marley indicate that Joe is a possible suspect in the murder investigation. Now determined to find out what Donna saw that night, Vicky returns home and tries to make Donna reveal what she saw. Paulina successfully gets the money for Tito in cash but before she can leave the house with it, Joe makes her leave when Josie arrives saying that Joe is a murder suspect. Later Toni comes with a search warrant and is shocked when she finds a piece of Grant's stationary indicating that Paulina sold a newborn on the black market, proving that Grant did have information to threaten Joe with. Having returned home, Paulina admits she did sell her baby and Toni believes Joe killed to keep this secret. Paulina admits Joe wouldn't have killed Grant for this info, but she would have.