Birth of Ryan


1967: Ricky Fargo, October 6, delivered by Dr. Montgomery, hospital birth
1969: Jamie Frame, November 4
1970: Michael and Marianne Randolph, September 4, hospital birth
1971: Wally Curtin, March 18
1974: Nancy McGowan, July 3, hospital birth
1976: Cory Ewing, August 23, delivered by Dave Gilchrist, hospital birth
1978: Amanda Cory, August 11, delivered by Dr. Spencer, hospital birth
1980: Matthew Cory, December 18, hospital birth

1982: Maggie Cory, April 19, delivered by Dr. Harrison

1982: Jeanne Ewing, October 15
1984: Alex Cory, February 6
Megan Singleton, June (off-screen)

1985: Grant Todd II, August 19, delivered by Dr. Silverman, hospital birth

1986: Catlin Ewing, Jr., June 3, delivered by Chris Chapin, hospital birth

1988: Alli Fowler, June 7, hospital birth

1989: Steven Frame, March 14, delivered by Jake McKinnon in Vicky's apartment

1991: Gregory Hudson, February 18, delivered by John Hudson in an abandoned building

1992: Sarah Matthews Wheeler, August 29 (off-screen)

Charlie, with Morgan and Brett

1994: Charlie Frame Winthrop, February 2, delivered by Morgan Winthrop in a hospital elevator

Kirkland, with Vicky

1994: Kirkland Harrison, April 19, delivered by Dr. Ziff, hospital birth

Freeze Frame

1996: Dante Carlino, April 15, delivered by Rachel Cory Hutchins in the Cory cabin

1997: Elizabeth Hutchins, June 19, delivered by Shane Roberts in Carl Hutchins' Florida keys beach house
Cory Hutchins, June 20, delivered by Shane Roberts in Carl Hutchins' Florida keys beach house

1998: Jasmine Cory, October 22, delivered by Matthew Cory in a Lumina Headquarters elevator

1999: Gary Sinclair, Jr., March 4, delivered by Dr. Doyle, hospital birth