Wayne Addison and Liz Matthews: Wayne never reciprocated Liz's feelings. Wayne used Liz in hopes of gaining access to her fortune as part of his greedy schemes to swindle Steve. Wayne dumped Liz and was found dead shortly afterwards, with Lenore becoming the prime suspect. (September 1969 - November 1970)

Kevin Anderson and Lorna Devon: Lorna wasn't prepared to make a serious and lasting commitment like Kevin was. (June 1992 - June 1993)

Michael Bauer and Lee Randolph: Michael's affection for Lee never developed into love the way he had envisioned. Once Michael and Pat fell in love with each other, they couldn't bring themselves to act on their feelings. Instead, Michael left town and Pat remained with John. (February 1966 - February 1967)

Tom Baxter and Pat Randolph: Tom never reciprocated Pat's love and had intended to break up with her once she recovered from a botched abortion. However, their relationship wasn't officially over until Pat shot Tom during a bout of temporary insanity. (May 1964 - November 1964)

Mitch Blake and Felicia Gallant: When Mitch moved to Africa, neither wanted to uproot and move to the other's location. Since both had committed adultery during their separation, they amicably agreed to a divorce. (September 1986 - October 1990)

Mac Cory and Rachel Cory: Separated by death. (September 1974 - June 1989)

Matthew Cory and Lorna Devon: Matthew couldn't forgive Lorna for spitefully airing Jenna's "porn" tape. (May 1991 - May 1992)

Matthew Cory and Donna Love: Matthew took off his wedding ring, dropped it on the floor, and walked out of Donna's life after he found out that she had slept with Michael on the night they were to be married. (November 1992 - December 1995)

Matthew Cory and Josie Watts: Matthew broke up with Josie when her obsession with her modeling career changed her for the worse. He also feared becoming "Mr. Josie Watts." (June 1988 - July 1990)

Walter Curtin and Lenore Moore: Separated by death. (June 1967 - February 1972)

Derek Dane and Stacey Winthrop: Their relationship simply petered out. They claimed that their different lifestyles were to blame for their mutual breaking-up. A puzzling breakup scene, with Derek and Stacey telling each other how much they love each other and regret splitting up. (March 1989 - May 1990)

Fred Douglas and Susan Matthews: They divorced amicably after Fred realized that he wanted to prove that he was still attractive to younger women and Susan proved that she could take a man from her mother, Liz Matthews. (March 1969 - September 1970)

Catlin Ewing and Sally Frame: Separated by death. (February 1984 - May 1986)

Sam Fowler and Amanda Cory: Sam sacrificed his marriage for his singing career. (August 1987- January 1993)

Sam Fowler and Olivia Matthews: Olivia was devastated when Sam left her to get back together with Amanda. (August 1990 - November 1991)

Evan Frame and Amanda Cory: Amanda refused to forgive Evan for framing Sam for her attempted murder. (September 1988 - October 1990)

Jamie Frame and Cecile DePoulignac: Cecile sabotaged her marriage to Jamie once she discovered that Sandy was Mac Cory's biological son and rightful heir. Cecile fed Jamie's growing drug addiction and ridiculed his floundering job performance while having an affair with Sandy. Eventually, Jamie grew wise to Cecile's treachery and filed for divorce, which became final by December 1981. (June 1979 - December 1981)

Jamie Frame and Lisa Grady: Jamie left Lisa to try to make a life with Vicky because he had got her pregnant. (February 1987 - November 1988)

Jamie Frame and Kelsey Harrison: Jamie destroyed the relationship by refusing to hire Kelsey as his special assistant because it would hurt their relationship. (February 1992 - October 1992)

Jamie Frame and Marley Hudson: Their relationship couldn't survive Marley's obsession with conceiving a child. (June 1990 - June 1992)

Jamie Frame and Vicky Hudson: They didn't stand a chance when Jamie discovered that Vicky kept secret her suspicions that Jake may have fathered Steven. (September 1987 - May 1989)

Ernest Gregory and Janet Matthews: Janet broke off their engagement due to suspecting that Ernest still loved his former fiance, Karen Gregory. Janet also felt that her feelings of gratitude were not the basis for a good marriage. (September 1964 - December 1965)

Grant Harrison and Amanda Cory: Amanda left Grant when she discovered that he was having an affair with Lorna. (September 1993 - February 1995)

Grant Harrison and Paulina Cory: Grant couldn't deal with the fact that Paulina had shot Jake. Grant was also growing tired of Paulina at this point and was casting a roving eye on Vicky. (December 1990 - February 1992)

Grant Harrison and Lorna Devon: It took awhile but Lorna wised up and dumped Grant. But for the most part, their strictly sexual attraction was wearing thin. (November 1994 - June 1995)

Grant Harrison and Vicky Hudson: Vicky's love for Ryan prevented her from committing herself to Grant, who put the final nail in their coffin when he kidnapped and drugged her. (November 1991 - August 1993)

Ryan Harrison and Brett Gardner: Brett broke up with Ryan so that he would be free to reunite with his true love, Vicky. (December 1992 - June 1993)

Ryan Harrison and Vicky Hudson: Separated by death. (July 1990 - October 1995)

Spencer Harrison and Iris Wheeler: They petered out. (August 1991 - August 1992)

John Hudson and Sharlene Frame: One day John decided he no longer loved Sharlene, so he embarked on an affair with Felicia and left Sharlene in the dust. An unforgivable end to a beloved couple. (June 1988 - December 1995)

John Hudson and Felicia Gallant: John's one-night stand with Sharlene ruined his relationship with Felicia. (September 1995 - June 1997)

John Hudson and Kelsey Harrison: Kelsey left John because she felt she couldn't compete with Sharlene, who had just returned from the dead. (December 1992 - April 1994)

John Hudson and Donna Love: They were never a couple. They simply used each other for sexual purposes on three different occasions, in 1966, 1987, and 1992.

Michael Hudson and Sharlene Frame: Michael dumped Sharlene after he found out about her one-night stand with John. (April 1996-June 1997)

Michael Hudson and Donna Love: Michael couldn't forgive Donna for lying about her affair with Jake because it made them lose custody of their adopted son, Mikey. (March 1986 - February 1991)

Michael Hudson and Stacey Winthrop: Stacey ran off to Los Angeles to find herself. (December 1990 - June 1991)

Nick Hudson and Maggie Cory: Nick dragged Maggie into Carlino's and publicly dumped her when he found out she had been faking her pregnancy. (June 1995 - September 1996)

Ken Jordan and Rachel Cory: When Ken finally confessed that he had originally come to Bay City to defraud the Cory family, Rachel booted him out (although she seemed to enjoy his good-bye kiss). (January 1990 - January 1991)

Zane Lindquist and Felicia Gallant: Separated by death. (March 1985 - August 1986)

Lucas and Felicia Gallant: Separated by death. (September 1990 - August 1992)

Sam Lucas and Lee Randolph: Lee read an article about the effects of LSD on pregnancies and couldn't bear to give Sam malformed children. Lee broke her engagement to Sam, falsely claiming that she didn't love him and that they were from vastly different social classes. Eventually, Sam romanced Lahoma Vane on the rebound and they married in January 1969. Meanwhile, Lee tried to continue her life without Sam until her tragic death from a fatal car accident. (August 1967 - July 1968)

Bill Matthews and Missy Palmer: Separated by death. (May 1964 - March 1970)

Jim Matthews and Mary Matthews: Separated by death. (November 1940 - March 1975)

Russ Matthews and Cindy Clark: Separated by death. (May 1970 - September 1972)

Jake McKinnon and Paulina Cory: Even though Paulina realized Jake had not been faking his amnesia and that he had not run out on her, she decided she didn't want to be with him anymore. Her decision might have had something to do with Jake's attempt to make her jealous by coming on to his old girlfriend at Sassy's, but all in all, an undeserving end for a great couple. (July 1990 - October 1995)

Jake McKinnon and Marley Hudson: Jake's rape of Marley destroyed any future they may have had together. (February 1985 - October 1990)

Gabe McNamara and Lorna Devon: Separated by death. (October 1995 - February 1997).

Ian Rain and Paulina Cory: Paulina wanted marriage and children. Ian didn't. (April 1993 - May 1994)

Ian Rain and Josie Watts: Ian couldn't handle that Josie wanted to be a cop, so he fled after a hasty proposal. (April 1994 - April 1995)

John Randolph and Pat Matthews Randolph: John never forgave Pat for her part in hiding Marianne's abortion from him. The last straw for Pat was John's affair with Barbara Weaver. (November 1964 - March 1977)

Tomas Rivera and Maggie Cory: When Tomas stumbled upon Nick about to mount Maggie in the Frame barn, he spoke some harsh words in Spanish that spelled "finito" for him and Maggie. (January 1994 - October 1995)

Dennis Wheeler and Marley Hudson: Marley broke up with Dennis because she didn't like the way the relationship was changing her. (February 1992 - July 1993)

Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame: Separated by death. (May 1989 - August 1996)

Cass Winthrop and Nicole Love: Cass couldn't forgive Nicole for letting Felicia take the rap for killing Jason and go to jail. In later years Cass claimed that he never really loved Nicole at all, and that it was just a convenient relationship after Kathleen's presumed death. (November 1987 - May 1989)

Cass Winthrop and Kathleen McKinnon: During their separation while Kathleen was in the witness protection program, both had changed, and Cass had fallen in love with Frankie and put Kathleen behind him. (September 1984 - September 1991)

Morgan Winthrop and Brett Gardner: During a planned move to Chicago, Brett inexplicably married an old flame, Rob Nettles, and told Morgan he "just wasn't the one." (October 1993 - December 1994)