First Appearance: December 11, 1992
Last Appearance: December 19, 1994
Portrayer: Colleen Dion, December 11, 1992- December 19, 1994.
Departure: Left to go to a job in Chicago.
Introduction Scene: Bayview Court, to Ryan Harrison after he accidentally hit her with a snowball, "Who are you?!"
Exit Scene: Her apartment, to Morgan Winthrop, "You're someone's dream come true, Morgan."
Birthplace: Des Moines, Iowa.
Last Known Whereabouts: Chicago, Illinois.

None of Brett's relatives have been seen or even named.

Her parents are divorced, and she has three older brothers. All presumably live in her home town of Des Moines, Iowa.

Rob Nettles
(Married in mid-December 1994).
Rob was a professional baseball player that Brett was involved with before she came to Bay City. Apparently she saw him again in Chicago in December 1994, fell in love with him again, and agreed to marry him.

Ryan Harrison
Brett began dating Ryan when Ryan's ex-fiance, Vicky Hudson, married Grant Harrison in 1993. Their affair got off to a rocky start because Brett felt that Ryan was using her to get over his feelings for Vicky. But Ryan was able to convince her that he had genuine feelings for her and they enjoyed a relationship for several months.

Bit by bit, however, Vicky began insinuating herself in Ryan's life, and Brett was forced to realize that Ryan would never be over her. She broke off with him and advised him to pursue his true love Vicky, which he did. Brett and Ryan remained friends.

Morgan Winthrop
Brett met Morgan when she literally ran into him at Sassy's Bar in late 1993. Their relationship was delayed for several months when he went through a rape trial. But it picked up steam in early 1994 when they admitted how much they like each other.

They got close when Brett was thinking of having her breasts enlarged, and later when Brett feared she had breast cancer. Always marriage-shy, they nevertheless registered to become domestic partners in early fall 1994.

In November 1994, Brett got a good job offer in Chicago, and she and Morgan made plans to move there together. Brett left first to make arrangements in Chicago, and while there she inexplicably married her old boyfriend, Rob Nettles. She came back briefly around Christmastime to give Morgan his ring back and to tell him that he wasn't the one.

Brett and Morgan personified the typical 90s couple. They often discussed the new rules of dating that emerged in the 90s, and they tried to act out a "politically correct" relationship.

Matthew Cory
In 1993, Brett began dating Matthew. Their relationship never went beyond a few kisses or a few months. Realizing they were never very attracted to each other, they split amicably and became good friends.

Victor Rodriguez (1994)

In 1994, Brett considered surgery to have her breasts enhanced. A preliminary breast exam revealed a lump in her left breast. She underwent tests to determine if the lump is cancerous. It proved benign, and Brett was so relieved that she decided she was content with her breast size.

Brett is an architect. She has earned most of her meager income from free-lance assignments.

In November 1994, Brett moved to Chicago after she was offered a job there with a respected architectural firm.

She designed the Daily Grind, the espresso bar at Bayview Court, in 1993. As a personal favor to the manager, Ryan Harrison, Brett used to work there as a waitress. As of early 1994, however, Brett had firmly refused to demean herself by working there any longer.