(Married on June 16, 1999.)

Amanda first espied Cameron while he was jogging at night in the park. Several nights later they came face-to-face at the same spot, and Amanda was intrigued by the tender nature that seemed to underlie Cameron's gruff exterior.

She was shocked to discover he had taken up residence at her home as the new security expert hired by Carl. She was immediately distrustful, and Cameron did everything he could to fan the flames of that distrust. Determined to uncover his secrets, Amanda once tried her hand at seduction. This led to their first kiss in his room before she pulled away.

Amanda would continue to believe in the good person she would occasionally catch glimpses of when Cameron let his defences down. Cameron was a suspect in Carl's shooting, and Amanda was torn when he begged for her help to stop further deaths. Wanting to believe in him, Amanda pawned some heirloom jewelry to make Cameron's bail, and together they sought to bring down Scott Guthrie.

Scott kidnapped Amanda and brought her to the Hutchins hide-out in Boca Lynda. Cameron set off to rescue her, and was able to enlist his brother Gary's aid. Scott foiled their escape attempt and bound them back-to-back in a room slowly filling with hydrochloric acid. They escaped this deathtrap with Gary's help, but Gary and Amanda were trapped in a cave-in when their escape tunnel collapsed.

Both Cameron and Josie were frantic to rescue their loved ones. The engineering crew gave up after some fruitless rescue attempts and pronounced Gary and Amanda dead. Sick with grief, Josie made a half-hearted endeavor to drown herself. Cameron saved her, and the two removed their wet clothes. Exhausted, they slept, and dreamt of making love to their lost loved ones. They awoke to find themselves twined around each other. Fully realizing what they were doing, they decided to have sex, hoping the act would stem their pain.

Amanda crawled her way out of the tunnel and arrived on the beach in time to hear Josie and Cameron vow to forget what they had just done. Amanda was deeply hurt and furious with Cameron, who was unable to convince her the act had meant nothing.

Amanda was then targeted by 200-year-old Jordan Stark, who discovered Amanda harbored the soul of his lost wife, Amalie. He took control of the body of David Halliday (who had been about to commit suicide) to woo Amanda in the guise of a financial backer for the ailing Cory Publishing. He sent her flowers, Stephanotis floribunda, which triggered Amalie's presence. With Amalie struggling inside her, Amanda was led down the garden path by David, literally, as he sought to make her enter an abandoned walled garden on the Cory estate, hoping its temporal distortion would enable Amalie to emerge. It did, and she did, but Cameron arrived to encourage Amanda to fight back. Jordan lost and was sucked back through the rift in time.

Deciding not to waste any more time, Cameron and Amanda tied the knot in her mother's Florida Keys beach house, where they had made love for the first time.