Charles Keating as Andrew HutchinsFAMILY
Carl is the only son of Andrew Hutchins [known as Anthony in 1985], to whom Carl was very attached. Andrew's company was put in Carl's name for tax purposes, and Carl used the opportunity to make some quick cash. Behind his father's back, Carl sold the company to Cory Enterprises, under the assumption that Cory would build the company up. Instead, the European division of Cory decided to restructure and the Hutchins company was lost. In grief, his father committed suicide. Carl was on the scene at the time. His father's death so consumed Carl with guilt that he swore revenge against the man he blamed for Andrew's death, Mac Cory. His hatred turned him into a heartless villain.

Carl has two sons: Perry Hutchins, who died in 1985 from an accidental fall. Perry is rarely mentioned.

Carl had a strained relationship with Perry, which was completely Carl's fault. He often belittled the boy. In 1984, when Carl made out his will, he left everything to Sandy Cory, not Perry.

Freeze FrameRyan Harrison. Ryan hated Carl when they met in 1991. Ryan, as an officer of the law, did everything he could to arrest Carl and bring him to justice. His world was turned upside-down in 1992 when he discovered that he was actually Carl's son, a fact neither of them had ever known. It turned out that Carl had had an affair with Ryan's mother, Justine, many years ago, which produced Ryan.

Freeze FrameWhen Carl reformed in 1994, Ryan accepted him as his father, and even called him "Dad." Carl was devastated when Ryan was killed in October 1995, and it was all he could do not to succumb to his dark side and seek revenge against Ryan's killer.

Freeze FrameCarl was in a lot of pain for a long time after Ryan's death. When Ryan's spirit appeared to him in a dream in early 1997, Carl was able to release a lot of his anguish. Ryan convinced his father that he still had much to live for. Their reunion was cut short as Ryan was seemingly reincarnated into Carl and Rachel's new baby.

Cory and Elizabeth Hutchins. In 1997, Carl was doubly blessed when Rachel gave birth to their twin children. It remains Carl's greatest fear that these children will suffer for Carl's past deeds.