Marley Hudson
In the early 1980s, Carl enjoyed toying with Marley's affections. Marley was too stunned to respond one way or the other.

Freeze FrameAmanda Cory
In 1991 Carl became enamored of Amanda and sought to make her his own. He even arranged to whisk her out of the country. The closest they came was a heart-to-heart talk about the importance of children, on the day Carl discovered that Ryan was his son.

Vicky Hudson
In 1992 Vicky cozied up to Carl in hopes of getting some information that would clear Ryan of the Rick Madison murder. Carl took full advantage of the situation and planted a big juicy kiss on Vicky's lips.

Iris Wheeler
In 1994 Carl's amnesia made him look at Iris, whom he despised, in a new light. He called her a little vixen and pursued her vigorously. He stole a few kisses and even dragged her into bed with him at one point.