Felicia, Cass, and DonnaCass and Donna spent many years in Bay City as casual acquaintances. In 1992, both went into therapy with Dr. Nadine, the Love Doctor. Donna was hurting over Michael skipping town, and Cass needed to learn once and for all to say "no" to women. One truth Cass revealed in this session is that he simply doesn't find Donna attractive. Nevertheless, they had a spontaneous kiss after Cass made a breakthrough in saying "no."

Donna played prominent roles in both of Cass's famous dreams. In the second, which gathered together his most famous lovers, he was to tell her, "We've never been lovers. Of that I'm absolutely certain." To which Donna replied, "There's always a first time for everything."

In 1997, Cass took Donna on a friendly bowling date. By the end of the year they were seeing each other regularly. Their early courtship consisted of lots of laughs and fun times. As 1998 progressed, they lost track of each other, and while they remain friends, their relationship died a quiet death.