Cecile DePoulignac

Cass refers to Cecile as his "Achilles' Heel." She has been a constant thorn in his side for over a decade. At first, he was madly in love with her and pursued her vigorously. They were lovers for a time, until Cecile set her sights on royalty. She married the King of Tanquir (a mythological African country) and literally sailed off into the sunset in 1984. Cass was at the docks at the time, his heart broken. As she waved to him, he called her a "bitch" and closed the book on her.

In 1986, just before his wedding to Kathleen McKinnon, Cass was kidnapped by Cecile and taken to a remote island where she tried everything she could to seduce him. Cecile's husband, the King of Tanquir, was infertile but badly in need of an heir, and Cecile's first choice for a concubine was Cass. Cass never gave in to Cecile, although she gave Kathleen the impression that the two had indeed bedded. Cass eventually escaped from Cecile and after many attempts, convinced Kathleen that he had never betrayed her. Cecile was shuttled back to Tanquir by Tanquirian authorities. This entire adventure took place over twelve weeks and much of the story was shot on location in St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands.

Freeze FrameCecile returned for another six weeks in the fall of 1989 to pester Cass once again. Reeling from the blow that Nicole Love had given him, and still grieving over Kathleen's "death," Cass succumbed to Cecile's advances and slept with her once again. Nothing came of it, however, and Cecile skipped town once again. Their brief affair was a stumbling block for Cass's budding relationship with Frankie Frame, but a very minor one.

Cecile, now no longer the Queen of Tanquir, made an appearance for two days during Cass's wedding to Frankie in 1993. She surprised the couple on their honeymoon on the Orient Express. Although Cass was worried that she would try to pull a stunt, he was surprised to discover that Cecile had apparently mellowed over the years. Cecile made some wistful comments about the good old days before kissing Cass on the cheek and leaving the couple to their honeymoon.

Freeze FrameIn October 1995, Cecile returned to Bay City, once again intent on involving Cass in her schemes. She needed his lawyer skills in her scheme to secure her financial fortune. She also tried to sow some trouble in his marriage, but hardly caused a ripple.

In 1996, Cecile revealed to Cass that he was the father of her daughter, Maggie Cory. Cass refused to believe this at first, since he hadn't even met Cecile until after Maggie was born. But Cecile revealed that they had had a drunken one night stand several years previous in Monte Carlo, which had resulted in Maggie's conception. After a few months Cecile revealed that Cass wasn't Maggie's father after all, and that she had told that lie to try to make a family out of the three of them. Cecile then left town rejected by both ex-lover and daughter.

Nicole Love
Cass had known Nicole for many years before becoming romantically attached to her in the fall of 1987. They also met up in Paris when Cass was on his honeymoon with Kathleen. Cass started working with Nicole to help manage her fashion-design business, and their relationship blossomed into a romance. They made love for the first time on a deserted isle.

With Felicia (Freeze Frame)Freeze FrameAt the time, Cass was grieving heavily for his first wife, Kathleen McKinnon. Nicole helped him through his grief. They got engaged in 1988 and planned to marry in a double ceremony with Mitch Blake and Felicia Gallant. But Nicole's niece, Vicky Hudson, was feuding with Felicia's niece, Lisa Grady, at the time, so Cass and Nicole decided to postpone their wedding.

Freeze FrameCass and Nicole set an April 14, 1989 wedding date. However, circumstances saw to it that the two would never make it to the altar. The wedding was initially postponed because Cass was deeply involved as Felicia's lawyer during her trial for murdering Jason Frame.

Freeze FrameIt came as a horrible shock to Cass when he discovered that it had been Nicole who had killed Jason (accidentally) and kept silent about it, letting his best friend Felicia Gallant spend time in jail. He immediately broke of their relationship.

Freeze FrameDistraught, Nicole sought revenge against the person who had uncovered her guilt, Frankie Frame. She began terrorizing Frankie until Cass realized what was going on and confronted her. Nicole confessed, but the strain of everything caused her to have a nervous breakdown. She was last seen in 1989 being carted off to an asylum, where she presumably still remains.

When he looks back on their relationship, Cass maintains that he was never truly in love with Nicole, that he was just using her to get over the shock of losing Kathleen.

Caroline Stafford
Cass and Caroline got acquainted in 1988, and became friends when he helped her through her mother's death. When he split from Nicole in 1989, he dated Caroline for a very short while. There was a friendly rivalry between Caroline and Frankie Frame, whom Caroline liked to call "Frank."