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Your host for tonight is CSEmcee7 ( RobertJDB )

NBC Online welcomes Amy Carlson tonight, who plays Josie Watts on "Another World." Amy was born on July 7 in Elmhurst Ill. Ms. Carlson graduated cum laude with a B.F.A. in History and Concentration in Theater from Knox College. While in college, she appeared in "Fifth of July," "Titanic," "Noises Off," "Antigone," "A Lie of the Mind" and "School For Scandal." After graduation, the actress went to Chicago where she did local theater and video projects.

Ms. Carlson had a featured role in the film "Babe" on which she worked with actor John Goodman. Her television credits include "The Untouchables," "Missing Persons," "Legacy of Lies" and "America's Most Wanted." Ms. Carlson joined ANOTHER WORLD as Josie Watts, the daughter of Sharlene Frame, on December 31, 1993. She was nominated for a Soap Opera Award in 1995 for Outstanding Female Newcomer.

The blonde-haired blue-eyed actress, who lives in New York City, plays electric bass and guitar with a band called M.S.G. She admires the work of actors Jodie Foster, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Al Pacino. She has been to all states except Alaska, and aspires to travel throughout the Far-East and Africa. Ms. Carlson enjoys softball, running, snow and water skiing and horseback riding.

CSEMCEE7: Good evening and welcome to America Online, Amy Carlson !

CSEMCEE7: Let's get a question from our audience !

Question: Amy, You are doing a great job as Josie. I want to know if you think she will get together with Gary. He's hot! Thanks, Rebecca

AmyCLive Who am I talking to? I've never been online before...this is wierd!

AmyCLive Yea, I hope so..I think he's hot too, and a fine actor as well.

Question: Hi, Amy. Thanks for being online with us. It was very interesting and informative to read in the mags about your trip to Rwanda. Do you have any plans to go back?

AmyCLive I hope to go back..Its one of the most beautiful countries I've ever seen and the people are incredible. I think I'm going to try to go to Vietnam this Christmas actually.

Question: Will Josie ever get married and how long before we see this?

AmyCLive I have no idea. But I think a huge, huge wedding with Matt and Josie would be delightful...Don't you?

Question: Amy, Would there ever be a romance between Josie & Tomas? In the few scenes you had together, the two of you really seemed to work well together.

AmyCLive No but I think they are developing a strong friendship. He's too mature for her! ;)

Question: When is AW going to get a new opening to the show? Why have they kept the old one so long?

AmyCLive Cause it costs a lot of money and actually I just shot a new opening that they are planning to add sometime in the future...but I don't know when. I 'm sick of it too...but I like Crystal Gayle's song.

Question: Hiya, Amy! Thanks for coming OnLine tonight! My question is, do you answer fan mail, and if so, personally?-- Kris

AmyCLive I try to. I always send pictures but sometimes its hard to keep up and it takes a while. I love fan mail.

Question: Is it true that Jodi O'Keefe is being replaced as Maggie? And would you tell us if you knew?

AmyCLive I have no idea. I'm pretty good on the rumor mill...
AmyCLive ...but I've never heard that.

Question: Are you worried about the success of your current alcoholism story being that it was just done with Felicia?

AmyCLive umm...Not really because its a different story. I think Gary's story is more about how it affected his strength as a police officer.

Question: Your portrayal of Josie has been excellent. What direction would you like to see your character go?

AmyCLive Vice.
AmyCLive I'd like a really crazy storyline where Josie is undercover and has to do all this tough stuff like hide stuff from Sharlene to protect the family and gets shot and Gary feels really guilty....
AmyCLive ...and goes back to drinking!

Question: Amy, welcome online! Is this your first time on the Internet? If not, have you ever visited the AW message boards in the NBC area? -Lorin

AmyCLive No I wish I could read them though.

Question: Amy, how do you feel about your rapid acceptance as a police cadet? I know a police cadet who wishes he could get through the academy as fast as you are! :)

AmyCLive If any juicy posts come...send them in my fan mail!

AmyCLive Rapid acceptance? Soap time goes pretty quick.

Question: what do you like best about Another World?

AmyCLive The people are cool.

Question: How did you get your big break?

AmyCLive I just got e-mail...I guess I should watch my comments about "juicy comments" :)
AmyCLive I meant strong opinions about my work!
AmyCLive Falling out of tree was my big break. Ha Ha Also...
AmyCLive ...America's Most Wanted, which was strangely enough just re-broadcast...
AmyCLive ...I wish they'd catch that guy and get it off the air!

Question: You have such a cute figure, how do you stay in shape?

AmyCLive I jog...and do sit up....sometimes.

Question: Do you miss your friends in Glen Ellyn?

AmyCLive Yea. Like which ones?
AmyCLive LOL....

Question: Who would you like to get with on the show?

AmyCLive long as the stories are good.

Question: Do enjoy working with Timothy Gibbs? What a babe!!!

AmyCLive Yes. Very much. I automatically included him in that list. He's a great actor. Very concentrated in the studio which I think is cool. He listens to his Walkman too much though.

Question: I just wanted to tell you that Josie is my favorite character on AW... and ask what you have done to prepare Josie for life as a police officer?

AmyCLive I tried to go to the police academy in NY, then I tried to ride with the cops but they wouldn't let I read this book "What Cops Know" and it was pretty intense.
AmyCLive I guess just workout. I had a lot of friends in Chicago that were police officers... ..It's a long story.

Question: How did you like taping the July 5th show? Do you tap dance often?

AmyCLive Please! Did you watch carefully. That was so embarassing..I wanted to be Ginger Rodgers but fell short. I had never tap danced before and when they asked me what I wanted to do, I said tap dance! Sounded cool. Until I tried it. Four classes and two coaching sessions later...well you saw. It was fun though.

Question: do you think they will recast Amanda?

AmyCLive I don't know. But I'd love to see the Corys and the Frames go head to head in touch football. We'd kill 'em.

Question: Are you concerned about the future of the cast or the show with the changes that are going on? For example, the firing of Christine Tucci.

AmyCLive Always. It's a precarious business. But I think that the new executive producer is a strong woman who takes riskes and that could be cool.
AmyCLive I'm hopeful.

Question: Amy why did they recast the part of Nick?

AmyCLive I think they wanted someone who has more of an edge and a lot of times when you get a new executive producer, the last hire is the first fire.

Question: Did you or do you watch soaps yourself? If so, which ones?

AmyCLive Not that Justin didn't have an edge..he didn't have an evil edge.

AmyCLive Yes...
AmyCLive ...I used to watch Days in high school a little bit when Judi Evans was on it.

Question: Amy, you are such a joy to watch on the show. You seem to have so much energy and really know how to have fun. My question is are there any similarities between you and Josie? -Lorin

AmyCLive Yea, we're both kinda geeky and quirky sometimes. And I'm obviously late sometimes too like Josie. Sorry!

Question: Hey Amy....So what is the scoop on Michael Hudson? Is he sick??

AmyCLive That's not fair. But I do know....
AmyCLive ...he-heh.

Question: it true you once had a pet pig?

AmyCLive Two. Arnold and Arlene. Rescued runts from my Uncle Donovan's farm.

Question: Have things settled down over there since the changes, and what do you think of the new writing team?

AmyCLive They don't write me in enough.
AmyCLive I haven't worked enough to figure it out...Ask me in a month.

Question: Josie has been so strong lately, but today when she got the letter from Ian she broke down, is this going to continue?

AmyCLive I just want to say this--isn't it weird that he's getting married first of all. Second...
AmyCLive at least she's not slobbering.

Question: How much input to you have, on your character's direction?

AmyCLive Not so much. More so in that if I try something with my work, the writers see that and pick up on that and go with it. Like I think they saw how much I liked beating that guy up from the docks. Ted the rapist) ...And wrote me a lot of physical stuff.

Question: Question:What's it like to work with the portrauyers of Cass and off-screen too?-Jaime

AmyCLive They are a screaming riot. Sometimes Linda Dano makes me laugh so hard... ...I roll around on the floor clutching my belly. And Stephen too.

Question: Amy, what do you do to amuse yourself in your "spare time"? -- kate

AmyCLive I travel. And I have a New York roof garden. My tomato plants are amazing. I'm from the Mid-West we like to watch things grow.

Question: Hey Amy..... Florida wants to know if you have any outside projects you are working on?

AmyCLive I just did a play and I'm looking into some independant stuff...And I might direct a play this Fall.

Question: Amy, Is there any way to send fan mail via the internet?

AmyCLive I wish we could! Tom Eplin stole the dressing room (best one in the studio)...that I used to share with Christine Tucci, promising that he was going to put computers in so we could chat. All I've seen so far is squat. Ha ha. Write NBC tell them to get us computers! :)

Question: Does AW allow visitors on the set?

AmyCLive Only every so often. Actors sometimes give them, ones people have bought for charities, etc. But sometimes its disruptive. We get all excited by the visitors and start to chachkee and waste precious time. Anna Holbrooks and David Forsyth are the worst....or the best !

Question: Amy, do you spend alot of time outside of work with your fellow cast members? If so, who do you "hang out" with?

AmyCLive Matt, Diego, Paul and friend Lu-lu who's the head makeup artist... everyone at some point.

CSEMCEE7: We have time for one more question !

Question: Amy: I saw a picture of you and your Mom recently. How does your family feel about seeing you on TV everyday? -Cyndi

AmyCLive They think its cool. Because I live in New York and they never get to see me. They think I'm living Josie's life.

CSEMCEE7: Thank you for joining us tonight Amy Carlson ! Any closing comments?

AmyCLive Thank you everyone for coming! I feel honored that you're so interested. That was the most fun I've had since my tomatoes. You're all so polite and fun to hang out with.