NBC Online was pleased to present a conference with "Another World's" Robin Christopher (Lorna Devon). Christopher was born and raised in Revere, MA. Previously on "All My Children", she joined the cast of "Another World" in February 1994. Her television credits include guest appearances on "Matlock", "Empire City" and "Vinny and Bobby". She also appeared in the film "Bodies of Evidence". Christopher is engaged to be married and lives in New York City.

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OnlineHost: Your emcee for this event is SaritaDCE (CSEmcee3)!

OnlineHost: NBC Online is pleased to present a conference with "Another World's" Robin Christopher (Lorna Devon).Christopher was born and raised in Revere, MA. Previously on "All My Children", she joined the cast of "Another World" in February 1994. Her television credits include guest appearances on "Matlock", "Empire City" and "Vinny and Bobby". She also appeared in the film "Bodies of Evidence". Christopher is engaged to be married and lives in New York City.

CSEmcee3: Welcome!

RobinLive: It's great to be a part of this! I hope to answer as many of your questions as possible. Let me correct the bio. I'm single! Living in NYC and having a great time.

CSEmcee3: OOPS! We have our first question.

Question: Hi Robin! Welcome to AOL! Tell me are the writers REALLY going to pair your character Lorna up with Graysons character Morgan? No offense I think your both terrific, but Morgans more pizza & beer and you seem to be more prime rib and champagne.

RobinLive: LOL, but doesn't that make it interesting! I think Morgan and Lorna are great together for just those reasons. They can bring out different things in each others characters and I do think and I hope that Morgan and Lorna will be paired sometime in the future.

Question: Robin, when you get time off from your busy schedule. Where do you like to go on vacation? What is your favorite romantic vacation spot?

RobinLive: I love Europe, but lately since my brother is a US Marine and stationed in various places in the US, I have great opportunity to visit our own country. My favorite romantic spot is probably somewhere in the English countryside, with champagne and prime rib!

Question: Robin, do you answer fan mail?

RobinLive: I do answer my own. I'm just very slow. I do indeed answer it personally, so do be patient.

Question: What would you like to see happen to Lorna in future story lines?

RobinLive: I'd like to see Lorna gain power in a different job where she didn't have to work under any evil, manipulative men. She needs to have her own power, some good lovin'!

Question: Your arrival on the show was very soon after Alicia Coppola's departure. How hard was it for you to make the role your own?

RobinLive: It was rather difficult. Not only do we look extremely different, but we also have different energies. The role was very defined by a previous actress, so all I could do was come in, not think about it, and eventually make it my own. It was difficult also due to the fact that when I joined the show, I wasn't working very much at all. It didn't give people the chance to see me every day and get used to me. I think that helps a re-cast, but hopefully now, with the good story that I have, I feel I have accomplished what I set out to do which is make Lorna my own character.

Question: Is Lorna really finished with Grant, or will she go back to him...again?

RobinLive: I think you may see some surprising developments with Lorna and Grant that may shock you. I can't tell you. I can only say that its inevitable that these two characters would be drawn together again. They have many similar qualities and the pairing seems to work. I love working with Mark Pinter, so I also hope for that reason that we continue this assorted sordid story.

Question: What is your next project?

RobinLive: Gosh! I have my hands full with two gorgeous men!

RobinLive: Why would I want to do anything else right now! Seriously, I'm rather busy with the show right now. So nothing is on the front burner.

Question: Are you enjoying the Morgan/Lorna storyline more than the one with Grant? Or vice versa?

RobinLive: They're both engrossing to me for different reasons as an actress, I find different parts to Lorna depending on whom I'm working with. I, of course, think there's more of a longevity possibility with Morgan. But it's so fun to have Grant pull out of the manipulative and evil side to Lorna. But Morgan forces Lorna to be honest with herself, which she does not like. But is necessary for a successful soap-opera couplet.

Question: Hi Robin! Welcome to AOL. Do you interact outside of work with any of the other actors? If so, who? Lorin

RobinLive: Yes, I do. Actually, I seem to be most friendly with the hair and make-up department! The hair department is nominated for an emmy this year, if they win they have said they want to thank me as a honorary hair department employee. I tend to hang out in the make-up room, since my dressing room is so close but also, I don't hang out with many actors! There are a few actors that I do see outside of work. Christine Tucci, Paul Michael Valley, Amy Carlson, that's about it, although I do love everybody I work with very much.

Question: Robin - hello, I'm a big fan of AW. What's it like working with the sexiest guy on AW Grayson McCloud? (You can tell him I said that.)

RobinLive: Isn't it McCouch? It's a unique experience working with Grayson is wonderful, besides having the hardest body in the world. He always surprises me when we have scenes. He keeps me in the moment. He's also a great pleasure to horse around with and see everyday and I will tell him you said that.

Question: Hi, Robin! How do you like the Land of the Internet? Thanks for coming!

RobinLive: LOL! Well, I actually don't have a computer. When my fiancee and I broke up he got custody of the computer. So this is a real treat.

Question: When you took over the role of Lorna, how much study of the character's background did you do? I'm one fan who appreciates both Alicia's and your depiction of Lorna. You play the part differently, but that's to be expected! Love Lorna w/Morgan! Barb

RobinLive: I talked to the producers and Linda Dano. They filled me in as much as possible and the rest I had to fill in for myself. Once again, I had to do it my own way. I had never watched Alicia in the role, which I think in a funny way helped me. I never felt I had to imitate or live up to anybody else's interpretation of the role.

Question: What do you think the hardest thing you had to portray as "Lorna"?

RobinLive: Coming in and finishing up the rape story line was extremely difficult because I felt it was someone else's story line. Next to that, probably my obsession with Grant during the affair and the subsequent break-up with him, was very draining.

Question: Welcome Robin. Can you please tell us why they are changing the character of Lorna? Lorna was always so strong, and now they are making her very weak!

RobinLive: I think that they, the writers, are inevitably exploring a part of Lorna that's always been there. Lorna has never had the greatest amount of self-esteem and it is now coming to the surface. Lorna has never really been in love before and has mistaken her obsession with Grant as love. In the future, soon you will be seeing some scenes with Grant where you'll see the manipulative edge of Lorna! Thank God! It's fun to play a BITCH!

Question: What is Lorna's true feelings about Morgan?

RobinLive: I think Lorna is terrified of what she feels for Morgan. I think somewhere inside, she knows this is the real thing. But she's always been so self protected and independent and doesn't want to be hurt. She's also afraid if he sees the real Lorna, he won't like what he sees. Once again, it's the whole self esteem issue. Lorna would rather be alone or be with someone like grant, where she doesn't have to risk the feelings rather than be destroyed by a true love.

Question: How did you become into acting?

RobinLive: I was very brave. I had never acted in school. I was a painter, I was more introverted than what you would expect an actor to be. I got the acting bug around age 15 when I saw James Dean in East of Eden. GREAT FLICK! So, after high school, I gave up a scholarship to B.U. to move to New York and give my father a heart attack! I started studying acting and supported myself by doing various modeling jobs such as romance book covers! I was in New York for roughly two years before I booked All My Children. My father is doing well now.

Question: Have you ever met Faye Dunaway? You resemble her so much.

RobinLive: I must get that comparison at least once a day! Thank you for that, but I hope its a young Faye Dunaway!

RobinLive: And no I've never met her, but I may play her life story.

Question: Hello, Robin. What kind of music do you enjoy?

RobinLive: I enjoy various types of music. Lately I've been getting into modern jazz, and also I love current alternative rock. Also I've begun to really appreciate a lot of the singers and big bands of my parents era, the 40's and the 50's.

Question: Robin, is most of the wardrobe & make up that you have/wear on the show close to your personal style?

RobinLive: NO! Especially when I first started the show, when I was wearing the dreaded Spandex. In Lorna's position as a PR person it didn't make much sense to be dressed in Betsy Johnson. Now with the new look, its a little closer to mine since I do like classic clothes. But still, its a little too dressy for my taste. My hair is naturally curly, which unfortunately they don't take advantage of on the show. But I think soon you will see Lorna lose that straight hair and get some curls! Yea!

CSEmcee3: We have time for one final question.

Question: I also remember you on All My Children. How does that experience differ from An. Wld?

RobinLive: Ummm! All My Children was my first job, so it was an incredible learning experience. I feel a little wiser. All My Children was great fun, and I do keep in touch with few people, but AW has a slightly kooky, more family oriented feel to the studio. I adore everyone and feel more in control as an actress and even as a person in Brooklyn. I feel very lucky to do what I do every day and to have the people around me that I have at AW.

CSEmcee3: Any final comments, Ms. Christopher.

RobinLive: Yes. Its been a great pleasure to actually feel like I was talking to you guys directly. Thanks for logging on and for supporting Another World. Much love to you all!

CSEmcee3: It has been a pleasure to have you as our guest.

CSEmcee3: Thank you to our audience for their participation.

OnlineHost: Our thanks to Robin Christopher for appearing online tonight and to NBC online for making this conference possible. Thank you and goodnight.

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