Matt Crane recently returned to Another World after a two year hiatus...

Crane joined the soap in 1988, molding Matthew Cory from a rich preppie into a formidable young man... His departure left AW on a non-stop search to find a durable replacement. It didn't happen. Meanwhile, off-screen, Crane focused his time on sculpting and spending time with his fiancee Robin Christopher (ex-Lorna, AW).

We caught up with Matt and peppered him with questions fans posted for our Interactive Q&A... Here's what he had to say!


A) What made you decide to come back to Another World? I'm glad you're back.

B) What were you doing during your hiatus from the show?


Magnolia, AR

Matt Crane: A) I thought it was a great opportunity. I consider myself very lucky to have left the show of my own will and then two years later to be asked to return. It doesn't get much better than that.

B) Sculpting.

A) Will your character, Matt Cory, show his artistic side again? Maybe Matt could open an art gallery.

B) What do you like to do when you're not working (other than sculpting of course)?

C) What kind of music do you listen to? Favourite bands or singers?

D) Do you plan to do promotional visits? I'm hoping that'll you'll come to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Edmonton, Canada

Crane: A) No, I don't see that happening.

B) Spend time with Robin.

C) Almost every type -- operas are a favorite.

D) We'll see, I haven't been in touch with the people who organize those...


I'm thrilled to have you return to Another World. The storyline will have many new dimensions with you playing Matthew Cory again. Who are you most excited to act with again? It will be so cool to have you back with the original adult Amanda, Sandra Ferguson, and, of course, Rachel [Victoria Wyndham]. Welcome back.

New Brunswick, Canada

Crane: I'm excited to work with both those people as well as people like Lisa Peluso [Lila] who I haven't worked with before.

Mr. Crane:

I look forward to your return to Bay City. I really missed your style. I would love to see Another World weave the core families (Corys, Loves, Matthews) back into the soap. I would love to know where I could purchase a piece of your sculpture. Do you have an address or telephone number to pursue this.

Crane: I had a show at Gallery B.A.I. in New York. I'm sure they would love to sell you a piece.

Did you miss the people you worked with while you were gone? Did you keep in touch? Does it feel strange being back or does it seem like you never left?

Crane: I did miss them. It felt strange at first, but once [I] had been [back] a few weeks it felt like I had just taken a long vacation.

Welcome Back Matt!

Any chance Matt's real father Mitch Blake (William Grey Espy) will return too? Your scenes ten years ago as father and son getting reacquainted were great... and you were a great stepson for Felicia (Linda Dano). No one remembers your character was her stepson. Any chance there can be a reference in the storyline to that? Now that Cass and Lila are part of your story, Felicia can fit in too.

Bloomfield, NJ

Crane: I haven't heard of anything along those lines, but I do think [William Grey Espy] would be interested in coming back.

I have been watching AW for awhile. You were playing Matt and I thought you were the best!! I was really disappointed when you left the show. I kept watching though. Now, you are coming back and I am VERY excited. What I want to know is: How are you going to like acting with Lila and the Lumina situation?? Is it going to be hard to just jump in and take over [the] role??

Good Luck and I will be watching you!!!

Tonya Smith
Picayune, MS

Crane: It has been hard trying to figure out exactly what my character's perspective is -- regarding any true feelings as opposed to the Lumina suggestions.

What direction would YOU like to see Matt Cory headed? You left a while ago -- and he has changed -- do you think for the better?

Manasquan, NJ

Crane: I think he has matured as I have.

I was so happy that you got your hair cut a few years ago; I like it so much better shorter. I was just wondering if you ever thought of wearing it in a buzzcut because I think it would look awesome. Also, who would you like to work with now that you're back on the show?

Welcome back,

Pittsburgh, PA

Crane: My hair is pretty short now and will probably stay that way for a while.

I like working with Cass [Stephen Schnetzer] and Lila [Lisa Peluso], however I would like to be involved with others such as Vicky [Jensen Buchanan] and Jake [Tom Eplin].

Dear Matt,

A) What do you think of the Matt/Lila/Sofia storyline and its link to Lumina?

B) I think that you worked well with Tom Eplin and should try to do some more storylines together. Did you enjoy working with Tom Eplin? How about "Dean"? Would you like to work with him again?


Crane: A) To tell you the truth, I don't know much about what happened.

B) I liked working with Tom and would like to in the future. And "Dean?" It's been a while, but it would be fun.

Missed you very much. Great to have you back. Here's my question, how do you feel YOUR presence will affect the dynamics between Matt, Lila and Cass?

Ottawa, Canada

Crane: Well, hopefully the story will really take off and work. That is my hope.

I was so happy to hear you were coming back on AW as Matt Cory. I'm a working Mom, so I don't get to watch AW every day but I keep in touch on the Internet or by buying Soap Opera Digest. I've been watching AW since I can remember.

What do you think is going on with Lumina? My personal opinion is that it is ridiculous.

Anyway, hope you will be with AW for a long time and wish you and yours all the best in 1999.

NB, Canada

Crane: Hopefully, we can develop a great story without the aid of mind control. I have faith in this creative team.

What is it like returning to the show now that Matt is married and has a child? Do you like the fact that he is a family man now?

Waterloo, Iowa

Crane: I do like it. In fact, I think it can only add something to the character.

Do you feel that the writers have created a rift between Rachel and her kids that must be filled in??

Crane: Well, Matt and Rachel have always been close and that is something that won't change.

Aloha from Hawaii Matt!!

Glad to see you back on AW -- but why in the world did you leave?

Pearl City, HI

Crane: To sculpt. For two years I did nothing but sculpt. It was wonderful and a luxury to have that freedom. I'll have it again in the future.


I'm so glad you came back to AW. And congratulations on your engagement to Robin too. Is there any chance she would come back to AW too?

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Crane: Anything is possible. We'll see what happens in the next six months.

Matt -- It's great to have you back on AW -- my question is, comparing the storylines recently to the ones in the past, is there any direction in particular that you'd like to see, in relation to where your character has come to at this point, compared to where he was when you left? Thank You!

Albany, NY

Crane: Matt wasn't sure what was going on when I left. Now it seems he's more secure, stable and knows what he wants for his child and family.


Just wanted to say welcome back!! I hope that you are hooked up with Donna again. Donna's story line is in need of some major substance and you are the perfect one to add some spice/romance. What do you think? If anybody can get her out of that wheelchair you can!! I'll be tuning in.

Rebecca GS
Lafayette, LA

Crane: That would be all right with me. I loved working with her, but I'm not sure what [tptb] have in mind.

Hi Matt, I'm so glad to have you aboard once more, I really missed you as Matt. You are Matt Cory in my opinion! I heard you left to travel Europe, did you enjoy it and what did you enjoy the most? Welcome back, you were truly missed by me.

Judy Kip ,
Plant City, Florida

Crane: Actually, Robin and I went to Greece for a month. As it turned out, our boat kept breaking down, so it was less than spectacular!

Dear Matt Crane --

First of all, welcome back to Another World!!

I have two questions for you: First, what got you started in sculpture? Second, do you have any advice for a new sculptors?

Best of Luck


Crane: I grew up with art. My mom's a painter. And as far as advice -- as long as you're doing what you want and love it, don't be swayed by the hard work.

Hi Matt,

Welcome Back!! Have the producers given you any clue how they are going to use Another World's vast history to help strengthen the show? Right now, it is so stupid. Another World used to be so character driven, now it's what lame plot do the characters get to deal with this week?

Thanks for your insight.

Gary Walker,
Champaign, IL

Crane: I think with the new management they are realizing what Another World has to bring to daytime. I think you'll see a difference.

Another World tried twice to replace you in the role of Matt Cory, but neither actor "clicked" in the role. What do you think you bring to the part that the other actors didn't?

Crane: Recasting is very difficult. For some reason, the chemistry is just right with me back.

Can we look for a major rebuilding of the Cory family in the future?

Crane: Well, let's hope so -- yes.

Glad you're back. It just wasn't the same. Will you stay married to Lila?

Silver Spring, MD

Crane: I'm not sure what they have in mind, but I think we'll always have a link. Namely, Jasmine.