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OnlineHost: NBC invites you to meet Linda Dano, Felicia Gallant from "Another World". Linda Dano, the 1993 Daytime Emmy Award Winner as Outstanding Actress and a nominee again for the honor in 1994, joined "Another World" more than 10 years ago. Previously, she had appeared in the serials "As the World Turns", "General Hospital" and "One Life to Live."

OnlineHost: Dano, who was raised in Los Angeles, began her acting career at 20th Century-Fox Studios and has a long list of feature films, prime-time television shows and TV movies to her credit. For six years she co-hosted Lifetime's popular "Attitudes" program, and in 1984 she "co-authored" a Harlequin romance novel, "Dreamweaver," with her "Another World" alter-ego, Felicia Gallant.

OnlineHost: She maintains a fashion-consulting business, Strictly Personal (her clients include Susan Lucci, Glenn Close and Robin Strasser), and has created and designed a clothing-accessories line.

OnlineHost: Your host this evening is CSEmcee3 (Norma II)!

CSEmcee3: Good evening and welcome, Ms Dano!

DanoLive: Good evening! It's fun to be here!

CSEmcee3: We have some questions from the audience! Are you ready?

DanoLive: Absolutely!

Question: I heard you mention a new show "The Dano Files" on Regis & Kathie Lee this morning. Can you tell us about it and when will it be on?

DanoLive: I just finished the pilot. It's now in post-production, and I should have some indication as to when you will actually see it, probably in the fall. Its not your typical talk show. Its very personal..very upbeat..and all that you ever wanted to know about your favorite celebrities. I think you'll really like it!!

Question: Do you have any children?

DanoLive: I have two step-children, a boy and a girl, who are married now, and who have given Frank and I two grandchildren.

Question: Tell us more about the storyline involving the bookstore?

DanoLive: We have new/old writers. Writers who have a long history with Another World. Everyone likes to see Cass and Felicia together as friends. So they have created a working relationship with us in a new bookstore called "Wallingford's". Brent Collins, who played Wallingford, passed away. And because he's ALWAYS been missed, we now have him back with us in a small way. I love working with Stephen, so I love this new story.

Question: What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time?

DanoLive: I guess my real hobby is collecting antiques. I collect 17th and 18th century American and English antiques for my home in Connecticut. I love to go to auctions. I love the search for new things. I study a lot about our heritage in history. And I spend a lot of time in classes and lectures, learning about our forefathers. My other hobbies are taking care of Frank. (A BIG hobby!) Also, I spend a lot of time being a homemaker. I take care of my mother, and my puppies, and my house.

Question: As an actress, what haven't you done that you would like to do?

DanoLive: I probably should say theater because I haven't done that. But I don't really want to. I would love to work on 'NYPD Blue'. Is there anyone out there who can help me with that? I would also seriously love to work on a really good script in a feature film. I've done them, but haven't in a while, and would love that luxury.

Question: What does Felicia's storyline look like for the next few months? I don't really know. I know that the writers want to mix it up. In other words, they want the comedy (old Cass and Felicia), but they also want some real, heart-wrenching material. I would love to have Felicia go through some major problem again, like the alcohol. Selfishly, because its great to play.

OnlineHost: For latecomers, you are chatting with Linda Dano from Another World!

Question: Hi Linda, Will Felicia be involved in the shooting storyline coming up, and is the victim Grant?

DanoLive: I don't really know...I'm not back pedaling here. I really don't know. I don't follow the storylines- I don't ask what's coming up. I like being surprised. I haven't heard any rumors. If I did, I would tell you.

Question: How will the O.J trial effect your show? Will storylines be missed or will it pick up where they left off?

DanoLive: I've been told that, if we are pre-empted, like yesterday and today, they will pick up the show where they left off. I HOPE they aren't planning to pre-empt every day. I was told they wouldn't do that. These are the opening arguments, so when they're over, I think it will go back to normal, with the occasional update. I HOPE. If you want to, let your local stations know how you feel.

Question: Are you personally involved with computers?

DanoLive: I have a computer. I have no idea how to work it- until now. Frank uses the computer- even plays golf on it - and I have been told to leave it alone. BUT, as of tonight, that'll all change! Get up, Frank!

Question: Have you ever had an overzealous or obsessed fan in real life like Walter?

DanoLive: Actually, yes. A few years back, at a home I had in Connecticut, a young girl stalked my house. To the point that one day, I turned around in my kitchen and she was standing there. Scared me to death. She really kept doing things, and it reached a point where Frank called the police. Fortunately, we were moving, so it stopped- simply because I wasn't there. That was very much like Walter, except that she didn't kidnap me.

Question: Hi Linda with you hosting attitudes , I was wondering if you are a good cook?

DanoLive: Yes, I am. I say I am because everyone else says I am. I know that I love to cook, and have been doing it for literally 40 years. I started when I was just a kid, and I love to eat, so it seemed like the natural order of things. And its great until I eat everything I cook! So, there have been times in my life when being a good cook wasn't such a good thing. I cook every night, give or take, and like to try things.

Question: I have a question for Linda Dano...Are Felicia and Marshall ever going to have a relationship?

DanoLive: I just asked this same question two days ago. I know they're really taking their time.. of course, we could all be old and grey before this ever happens. But I know that its not completely a dead issue. I think it depends on you. This is one of those storylines that YOU drive. If you want to see it then AW will do it. If YOU don't want to see it, then its history. I know that Marshall and Felicia will become close friends, and even be involved in some way in the bookstore. But beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.

Question: I miss you on Attitudes. Do you miss a talk show format or do you prefer acting?

DanoLive: There was a time that I would have said I only love the acting, but after the initial shock and terror of doing a talk show wore off, I really started to love it. It was great fun. And I too miss it a little. That's the reason that I'm now involved in my new show, "The Dano Files". The difference this time, is that I co-exec produce it- so that I get to say what I want. But, if I had to choose a profession--ACTING!

Question: Linda, I grew up with Eric Woods. I also live in Danville, CA where he grew the show! how long have you been on the show?

DanoLive: It said on the bio 10 years-- but I've actually been on the show 13. It doesn't seem possible, and yet, I can't imagine my life without Another World in it. It's my second family. I didn't know he grew up in Danville, CA. When I see him tomorrow, we'll have to talk about it--because I grew up in Longbeach, CA.

Question: Linda, I've been a fan for EVER, tell me HOW you can possibly work on Another World, host Attitudes, write and have a personal life?

DanoLive: It all depends on the people around you. I have a very loving husband who is very supportive of the hours I put in. I also work at a studio (including the studio for Attitudes) that were full of people who wanted to help me and keep me afloat. It's amazing, when you're doing jobs that are fun and the people are great, how non-tired you can be. Now, if I had to do it, six years later, I'm not sure that I wouldn't walk on my tongue by the middle of the week.

Question: You look totally revitalized! What's up?

DanoLive: Thank you!

DanoLive: I spent this last year really beating myself up- guilt from changing my parents lives --I moved them here from California and everything went wrong. My dad really took a terrible dive, medically, and I felt so responsible. I turned to food (remember, I'm a good cook) and got up to almost 170. Almost couldn't fit into a size 14. So for me, doing television, that's a problem. I knew that I had to do something, so I tried to do my protein diet, which I always talk about. And then a woman, a doctor, contacted me, offered me a job for an infomercial called 'Beyond Dieting, the Bonios Plan.' At first I said no. She sent tapes. I listened- it had nothing to do with packets or pills- or diets. 40 pounds later I did the infomercial. It works. I'm back in control of my life, and my food, and a size 6. The infomercial, for those who are interested, is beginning to air all over the country.

Question: I heard that you had your own line of jewelry where can you purchase them?

DanoLive: Thank you!! Yes, I do a line of not only jewelry, but also accessories and some apparel. Exclusively for the QVC network. I'll see you on QVC Feb. 11, 9-10am ET. I started out in life to be a designer. So now its thrilling that I'm given the opportunity to do that.

Question: Where is Randy Brooks these days. Miss seeing his character and yours.

DanoLive: He's of course still on the show. I think we're still sort of in a limbo situation until a story develops. He's such a lovely guy, and I love working with him. He brings to Felicia a strength and power that really makes her sit up. I like that. If you like Marshall and Felicia together, let me know. Write to me.

CSEmcee3: We have time for one last question!

Question: You and Stephen S. seem to have so much fun together. Are you friends off camera?

DanoLive: Yes. Very much so. I know his wife very well- his children. We spend time together socially with my Frank and his Nancy.

OnlineHost: All good things must come to an end! Time has run out for this event!

DanoLive: And on Feb. 17, on NBC, Stephen and I will be presenting an award on the Soap Opera Digest Awards.

CSEmcee3: It has been a pleasure having you with us this afternoon!

DanoLive: I've really enjoyed this! I hope you'll invite me back again.

CSEmcee3: Thanks to you audience for joining us! Good evening! OnlineHost: Our thanks to Linda Dano from "Another World" for appearing online tonight, and to NBC Online for making this conference possible. Be sure to check for the transcript in the NBC area at keyword: nbc. Thank you and good night.

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