The Following is the transcript from the NBC SuperNet Chat with Linda Dano on October 5th, 1995 at 9pm EST.

Host SallyNBCTV:

According to Webster's Seventh Collegiate Dictionary, "versatile" is defined as "having several skills or abilities, implying breadth of interests as well as a variety of talents." Versatile best defines Linda Dano -- accomplished television and feature film actress, television talk-show host, spokesperson, business entrepreneur, columnist, novelist and collector of seventeenth and eighteenth century antiques.

The 1993 Emmy Award winning Best Actress...Linda Dano has starred as Felicia Gallant, one of the most popular characters on NBC's daytime serial Another World, for more than twelve years. This role follows others on CBS's As The World Turns and ABC's One Life To Live.

For six years, Linda gained further recognition for having hosted Lifetime Network's highly popular, Emmy and Ace nominated show, Attitudes. Her unique style not only featured candid celebrity interviews but also covered advice on fashion, health, nutrition and other women's issues. It has been spoofed by Saturday Night Live -- one of the highest compliments any show can receive -- and trendy Vogue magazine declared, "If you must stay home, this is the show to watch."

Linda began her acting career at 20th Century Fox Studios and has a long list of feature film roles to her credit including "Hello Dolly," "The Boston Strangler," "Wishbone Cutter," and "Star." In addition, she has starred in numerous primetime shows such as "Charley's Angels," "Six Million Dollar Man/Woman," "The Rockford Files," "Police Woman," "Barney Miller," " Peyton Place," "Petrocelli," and "Starsky and Hutch," and was a series regular on both the "Fess Parker Show," and "Montefusco's." Linda has also appeared in numerous made-for-TV movies including "Rage of Angels II," "War of the Worlds, Lost Survivor," "Nurse Killers," and "Perry Mason: The Case of The Killer Kiss," and the upcoming "When The Vows Break."

As an outspoken, witty, energetic 90's woman and role model, Linda is also in demand as a guest celebrity by many of the popular daytime talk-shows and Awards Shows having appeared on Oprah, Donahue, Geraldo, Montel, Leeza, Sally Jessy Raphael, Maury Povich, and LIVE with Regis and Kathie Lee, as well as appearing as a spokesperson for a variety of issues and products on all the national morning shows -- Good Morning America, Today, and CBS This Morning. She has also appeared on segments of 48 Hours and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and A&E's Biography.

A fashion major at California State University at Long Beach, Linda still maintains a strong affinity for fashion and design. Her fashion accessory line for The QVC Network "Putting It Together with Linda Dano" is beginning it's third year. It was created for cost conscience women who enjoy quality, style, and variety in their wardrobe. "Strictly Personal," the New York based fashion consulting service which creates complete wardrobes to match a specific client's taste and personality has been owned and operated by Linda for more than a decade.

Linda began her writing career in 1984 when she co-authored a Harlequin Romance novel, "Dreamweaver," and her Another World alter ego, Felicia Gallant. The publication included a four-month major U.S. city tour.

Linda and her husband, Frank Attardi, reside in Connecticut in a house that dates back to 1730 and which has been restored by the couple. The furnishings for the house -- all seventeenth and eighteenth century antiques -- have been carefully and lovingly collected by Linda and Frank during their leisure moments.

Host SallyNBCTV:
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Host SallyNBCTV: Good evening Linda!!

Linda_Dano: Hi Sally!

Host SallyNBCTV: Thanks so much for joining us this evening.

Linda_Dano: Are staying dry? Its raining here.. in New York..

Host SallyNBCTV: It's a lot sunnier now that you're here!!

Linda_Dano: Oh isn't that sweet.. thank you.

Linda_Dano: I saw the Pope tonight he drove by on his way back from the stadium.. I was thrilled.

Host SallyNBCTV: Let's get things started with an indepth member question from "ExTex" which was posted before the chat began:

Host SallyNBCTV: Boy, could I think of a bunch of comments and questions! I started watching AW again in 1987 after a long absence. You were one of my favorites, then I started watching your show on Lifetime -- was very sad when you left, as I thought you were a wonderful host. Your show was interesting, and not trashy like so many of them are today. Anyway, I just want you to know how much I appreciate your always "on track" portrayal of Felicia Gallant on AW.

My question is: * How do you explain the great chemistry between you and "Cass"? Viewers can always tell something special exists between the two of you. Are you very good friends "for real", or is this just superb acting I'm seeing (!)??
(Thanks very much for taking time out of your busy schedule for this chat - I can hardly wait!)

Linda_Dano: I wish I could say it was superb acting but it is not that at all.. we are dear dear friends.. and..have been for a long time. and what chemistry you seen on the never worked on we never think about it.. it just happens.
We never finish a scene that we don't hug and kiss and say "God that was .. that was.. really like is so effortless to work with Cass.. My friend Steven..
Be sure to watch Oprah on Monday .. and you will see Stephen and David Forsyth and me.. acting silly in a scene that we did on the set of Another World.

Host SallyNBCTV: Here's another pre-chat question that was sent to us for you: Linda ... Do you remember the day you were led around Berks County by two fans in a red 1969 Corvette after you had finished spending your hard earned $$$ at Breininger's "front porch" sale??? My wife still tapes all of your shows on two different TV's to make sure she's always covered in case one TV has problems. Keep up the good work and best of luck. It was a pleasure to meet you that day ... in spite of the fact that I'm not a soap opera fan !! Harry H.

Linda_Dano: Yes.. Oh yes.. Oh yes I remember it well, I can't believe that you remember that.. what fun.. I'd love to do it again..Please say hello to your wife.. give her my love and thank you for watching and letting me know..

Host SallyNBCTV: Linda - welcome!! Ryan's death has been handled beautifully by the entire cast. Has this been a hard storyline to do? --Lorin

Linda_Dano: I have to tell you .. this was the most wonderful work from everyone at the show.. I have never been prouder of a group of actors in my life..Charles, Jensen, Paul Michael Valley, Mark Pinter.. my god they were brilliant..I have always believed that we had the strongest group of actors in daytime.. and this last week certainly has confirmed that for me.
Jill Farren Phelps and the new writing team headed up by consultant Pete LeMay ...has given Another World new life.. new direction.. new excitement and we're all so thrilled with what's happening.. I'm so pleased that you like this last week.. I thought it was done superbly and I will tell everyone at work..that you feel that way too.

Host SallyNBCTV: steelehawk2: My Mom loves Donna Karan clothes because they are very classy and chic. What are some of your favorite designers?Also What's your opinion on Donna Karan clothes?

Linda_Dano: There's only one Donna Karan, too bad she's so expensive..But I do try and find of her things on sale.. I love Armani.. I also love Ellen Tracy.. some things by Ann Klein, I can also find things at Bradlees and K-Mart .. So I think if you're careful and know what your look is, you can run the gamut..And always look great.

Host SallyNBCTV: Linda, is this the first time you have been on-line?

Linda_Dano: No, I came to NBC one evening about a year ago.. and went online it was my first experience..And I really enjoyed it. I like to hear about what you like and don't like.. well, let's go back to what I like.. ;)

Host SallyNBCTV: Being a Grayson McCouch fan, I always ask this -- what's your favorite Ice Cream flavor? :) --Lorin

Linda_Dano: What's Graysons? Mine is believe it or not.. I love vanilla.. My favorite favorite is Carvell's Softee..

Host SallyNBCTV: Linda, I love your portrayal of Felicia. It's entertaining, yet real. Is there a lot of Linda in Felicia? --

Linda_Dano: I would have to say that yes.. at this point. I have played Felicia for 13 years.. Stephen (Cass) always said to me from the very beginning "You are Felicia Gallant" but I'm not sure I ever really believed that.. Now I'm so comfortable inside her.. That I'm not sure.. where she leaves off and I begin.

Host SallyNBCTV: In regards to your question before: Grayson's is Coffee!! --Lorin

Linda_Dano: Yuck.

Host SallyNBCTV: Do you think Mitch will be coming back anytime soon and did you enjoy being Matt's stepmom?

Linda_Dano: Umm.. Interesting I just spoke to Bill Espy two weeks ago..He's had a very very rough time of it in the last few years... he called because his my father..Is suffering from Alzheimers..He wanted to share that with me. and to catch up it was great to hear from him. He has no plans at this point in returning to the show..
And as far as playing Matt's stepmom, it's just fun as can be.. to play anything with Matt Crane.. he is such a lovely young man and lovely actor.

Host SallyNBCTV: Any other TV/movie projects in the wings for you? I've enjoyed you on other shows when I can catch you!

Linda_Dano: Yes... as a matter of fact.. You can watch a movie I did this year with Patty Duke (Anna Pierce) called, "When the Vows Break" on Lifetime Nov 1 at 8pm . Maybe you'll let me know if I did OK.

Host SallyNBCTV: Linda, welcome! How do you like interacting with your fans via the Internet? From our standpoint - it's GREAT!! :)

Linda_Dano: I really like it. I have a computer .. of course I haven't a clue how to work it... Everytime I do this, it makes me want to learn... and then I'll be able to do it in my office at home.

Host SallyNBCTV: How about any public appearances in the near future??

Linda_Dano: Funny you should ask..I would love to see you come to my benefit a week from tonight Oct the Expo in New York..On 43rd St.. between 6 and 7th.. it starts at 4pm.. and goes till 10pm.. and there are 50 stars coming from all the soaps..Including you Days' of Our Lives fans..Louise Sorrell is in town..And will be joining me. I'm offering to you tonight.. to the first 100 people that call in..You can buy for two tickets for the price of one..Call 1-800-599-HEART.. This benefit is for Heart-Share.. a charity that is very dear to me..It supports families, and children, who are disabled, fostered, homeless, HIV+, and it keeps them all afloat. Please come and help.

Host SallyNBCTV: (As a side note, you all can download the actual invitation to the event in the NBC SuperNet Auditorium Collectibles and transcripts BB)

Host SallyNBCTV: Do you really believe that you only need one pair of shoes and focus only on your top half?

Linda_Dano: Yeah I do. Of course.. You have to really be careful that you buy exactly the right basic pieces. And then all the fun, can take place in the accessories, and the pieces that give you your own style...Did you see the "Our Home" piece on Lifetime. ?

Host SallyNBCTV: Lorin25: Are you going to be attending the Fan's Club Luncheon this year. I'll be attending for the first time and looking forward to meeting you all!! :)

Linda_Dano: Absolutely, but you can meet a lot of them.. a lot sooner next Thursday as a matter of fact.. I'm RELENTLESS.. and it's cheaper.. and you get to eat!!!!!

Host SallyNBCTV: Here's an interesting one: kenman2000: what did you think about the verdict of OJ guilty or innocent?

Linda_Dano: You want to know something..Tonight was thrilling,emotional, positive and uplifting.. I watched the Pope at Giant Stadium.. and it renewed for me.. When I saw him and 100000 people standing in the rain.. and the love that filled that stadium.. it renewed my faith in people and this country.. and just for this evening.. let's not think about OJ Simpson.. OK?

Host SallyNBCTV: What other activities do you participate in - as if you have time between the fund-raisers you do, AW shooting, etc. What kind of hobbies interest you - I'd guess working on your house would be one.

Linda_Dano: You know me very well..Yes, my house..and collecting antiques have become a real passion and love for me. I have acquired in the last year a real love for gardening..I really enjoyed this summer and learning about the garden.. both flowers and herbs and vegetables..I learned a lot I worked hard.. and I have been doing a lot of reading.. I hope to one day be able to say those names of those specimens.. or species or whatever they are called.
I spend a lot of time with my family.. my husband, my parents, my grandchildren, my dog.. I'm very family committed..When I'm not working.. I'm a homemaker.. and my pleasure comes from my home and taking care of my family.

Host SallyNBCTV: You look fantastic. Has the weight been easy to keep off or do you think about it everyday?

Linda_Dano: Umm..Believe it or not..The weight has been easy to keep off, because of how I did it.. was easy..I'm stopped all the time all the time about the plan..The Bonios Plan..Which is the plan that I went on and have been on for over a year now..It's changed my life. Its actually made me not think about eating dieting.. guilt..hating myself.. starving.. I don't do any of that anymore.. I'll put this out on the screen for it..Because so many of you asked me about.. it..I've done an informercial for it..The number is 1-800-760-5490... Talk with them there.. that's the help line and they can give you more information.. And GOOD LUCK!

Host SallyNBCTV: You have been in TV for many years now. Has it changed since the early years? Do you find it more challenging or are you tiring of it?- Dale Ninmann

Linda_Dano: I'm so lucky.. because I've never gotten tired of it. I guess I like to pretend. It has changed it is much faster and it is much more technical..Its .. I don't know if it is more difficult.. I don't feel it's that..Its not always about what you want it to be about.. sometimes it is disappointing in that way.. I wish TV and movies were..more uplifting.. more positive..I sometimes think we do the lowest common denominator.. and I think we're better than that.
Umm.. To answer the question and the wonderful compliment.. early had said how much you liked Attitudes and you were sad when I left..I left because it started to think that we were not as good as I think we are..I'm now talking to Lifetime again about doing another show.. perhaps next year.. it could happen. And I'll always believe in fun and honesty and truth and goodness.. So - it would be a show that would be alternative to what's on now..

Host SallyNBCTV: HARRIETFRITZ: I think you and john are great together on another world

Linda_Dano: Oh! Thank you! DO YOU? My mother likes us together.. I.. its .. so who would have ever thought? I'm not sure where it's going. I'm very nervous about it.. I can't Anna Holbrook in the eye.. But it has been written so well.. and hopefully, you the audience will not know who to root for.

Host SallyNBCTV: JensenFan: When will we see the new sets on air?

Linda_Dano: I think November.. they are being worked on right now. And it says on the screen JENSEN FAN...Wasn't she just wonderful this week? I'm so proud of her.

Host SallyNBCTV: What kind of dog do you have?

Linda_Dano: Oh I have two beautiful Lhasa Apsos ..An old lady of almost 13 named Chin Chin.. And a strapping feisty little boy of a year and a half named Charlie.. And he has exactly Frank's personality.

Host SallyNBCTV: Dale_Ninmann: My daughter has always wanted to be a "star" and in TV or the movies. I have always downplayed her future in hopes that she will forget about it and chose something else. But may that is not fair. Is a career in TV a reasonable goal for my daughter or would you recommend something else?

Linda_Dano: Unfortunately..It doesn't matter what you and I think. Umm. if this is something SHE (underline) really wants in her life..I'm afraid it is what she must do or at least attempt to do.. It is a hard job.. Not so much the job.. it's getting the job..that's hard. Lots of heartache.. lots of rejection and disappointments..but if she really has a burning passion in her to act.. then you have to at least let her try..My biggest advice would be to insist that she get an education..there is no such thing as a good actor who is not bright. And if the acting doesn't work, she at least has something to fall back on.

Host SallyNBCTV: Just a reminder, with your Window95 multi-taking feature, you can be downloading near real-time video (as fast as we can put it up :-) of Linda while watching this event.

Host SallyNBCTV: Go into the NBC SuperNet Auditorium Transcripts and Collectibles BB; in there you will see the video files that we're uploading right now during Linda's chat!!

Host SallyNBCTV: steelehawk2: What brands of clothes do the AW dressers buy?

Linda_Dano: Mm.. Felicia has just been completely revamped younger.. sexier..Soft colors.. lots of Armani.. Gee...How I'm hating this.. ;) LOL But its no more big hats and great big jewelry or flashy colors .. much simpler and softer.. Hope you like it. I do its fun for a change.

Host SallyNBCTV: All the actors this week about knocked my socks off with their talent! I've never been more affected by a show, than I have been this week! Kudos to everyone on this storyline (Ryan)!!

Linda_Dano: Absolutely thank you.. I will tell everyone tomorrow.

Host SallyNBCTV: I like this suggestion of romance between Felicia and John Hudson. What do you think?

Linda_Dano: I think because of the way it is being done.. It's very real.. And I know it must be working because it makes Linda uncomfortable just like it makes Felicia uncomfortable.. I like David (John) a lot and we've been friends a long time..

Host SallyNBCTV: Is David Forsyth as big a kidder as he seems? :-)

Linda_Dano: And it's so strange to suddenly be looking at him in a new way.. but in some ways.. so easy to do it.. What do you suppose that means? I'm a homewrecker?!? Host SallyNBCTV: OOPS - I jumped the gun! Let's try it again: Is David Forsyth as big a kidder as he seems? :-)

Linda_Dano: Yes .. He is such fun.

Host SallyNBCTV: What is a average day like for Linda Dano?

Linda_Dano: Probably like yours.. I get up early 5:30..Go to the studio.. and if I'm lucky I'm finished by 7 somedays.. I finish earlier..SOMEdays .. a LOT later..But I make dinner every night.. I probably do have a lot of stuff going on.. That makes my life crazy. Other job possibilities, interviews, meetings.. other things that involve fashion, QVC, benefits..But the easiest thing I do .. is going to Another World.. And very often it is a place for me to hide. But I have all the same stuff in my life that you do.. Cooking cleaning, shopping.. ERRANDS.. ! Not easy is it.. Being all those things..

Host SallyNBCTV: How do you like working with Robin?

Linda_Dano: I love Robin! I love her..She and I have such a special relationship.. so interesting because Alicia who played Lorna brilliantly is also a dear friend..And pseudo daughter of mine.. and when Robin came in to play Lorna.. you often wonder is this ever going to work..switching gears in the middle of a was a very easy transition for me.. Her Lorna has different qualities than Alicia's Lorna ... and it's been a great journey for me..To have loved them both and had an opportunity to work with them both..

Host SallyNBCTV: I just watched the live video - KEWL!!! :)

Host SallyNBCTV: Who is your favorite host on QVC?

Linda_Dano: Oh thanks! Mary Beth Roe.. maybe cause she was first.. but I like all the girls.. I like them all..And I invited Kathy Levine to the benefit.. and I think she's coming!

Host SallyNBCTV: What's the difference between Robin and Alicia?

Linda_Dano: Their take on Lorna is different.. Alicia played the defiant Lorna.. Robin plays the victimized Lorna.. Very different, yet very Lorna.. both of them..

Host SallyNBCTV: Linda, do you watch much television? If so, what are your favorites? -Lorin

Linda_Dano: I love NYPD Blue..

Linda_Dano: Last year I loved Chicago Hope.. I'm a little trouble right now with it.. Murder One I've been watching.. As you can probably tell I'm a Steven Boccho fan.. I watch a lot of PBS, Discovery.. Learning Channel ..Not because I'm so bright. (haha) but because I'm curious.. And I like to learn about what is going on in the world.

Host SallyNBCTV: How about bringing your husband Frank on the show? How long have you two been married?

Lorin25: Linda, hello! Thanks SO much for taking the time to chat with us tonight! :D

steelehawk2: Hi Linda

JensenFan: Hi!

Linda_Dano: Frank has been on the show he played Beau Wexler.. the agent..

02180709: Hi

Linda_Dano: He was a wreck.. But it was fun..

JensenFan: He was great Linda!

Linda_Dano: Frank and I have been married almost 14 years.. or if he was answering this .. He would say - we got married the day we met.

steelehawk2: Do you miss working with the actress who played Jenna?

Philippe_VN: Hello everyone from Belgium (burning the midnight oil here... :-)

Linda_Dano: We're great friends.. and I'll tell him you asked for him.. Host SallyNBCTV: For the last few minutes, we're gonna try something a little different and open the NBC SuperNet Auditoirum into an open chat!! Go a head and say your hellos to Linda!! Philippe_VN: Hah! I popped in at the right time. Hello Linda!

Lorin25: Linda, hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us tonight!! :D

steelehawk2: Hi Linda

JensenFan: HI!!

Linda_Dano: About Jenna.. she was just in New York Alla Korot... and she's doing fine in LA and called me.. we stay in touch.. Lorin.. thanks for being here.. and it's fun for me too!

Lorin25: My pleasure and I'm glad to hear it!! :D

JensenFan: Do you know Erin Ryan?

Linda_Dano: Hi Steelhawke.. and Jensen Fan.. it's great to see you out tonight online..

Linda_Dano: Why do I know that name..? Erin Ryan.. hmm..

02180709: Hello Linda

JensenFan: She's a friend of mine, a HUGE fan of yours! She lives in NJ.

Linda_Dano: I do know the name.. gosh.. Tell her thank you.. oh yes.. of course I know her..

steelehawk2: Are you going to get a new opening picture soon?

Linda_Dano: she used to come to Attitudes all the time..

JensenFan: Yes! :)

Linda_Dano: And I saw her at a gathering not long ago.

JensenFan: In April

Linda_Dano: Tell her I said Hi please.. ~ !

JensenFan: She's getting married in November. Sure will! :)

Linda_Dano: Oh really ! I didn't know that..

Lorin25: I'm sorry I cannot make it to the Expo event, but I do plan on making a donation. I just couldn't justify flying all the way to New York. :)

Linda_Dano: To who?

steelehawk2: What's Matt and Anna like to work with?

JensenFan: His name is Joe Bruno.

Linda_Dano: OH aren't you dear Lorin.. thank you very much..

Philippe_VN: Sorry, gotta go... Bye Linda et al!

Lorin25: You're welcome, Linda! It IS a very worthy cause!

Linda_Dano: Bye Phillippe.. (waving) thank you for chatting...

Host SallyNBCTV: Linda, we can't thank you enough for sharing your time with us tonight... We are so glad you were able to hold this chat with us and your fans!

Linda_Dano: Thank you all for chatting.. I've really enjoyed it..

JensenFan: It was great!

Lorin25: We're glad ... it was a lot of fun!

steelehawk2: Bye Linda

Linda_Dano: I hope you will leave messages and let me know how you're feeling..And what you like and what you don't like..

02180709: Linda, Thank you

steelehawk2: Ok

Linda_Dano: We're friends..

JensenFan: That's really nice!

Linda_Dano: Goodnight Friends..

steelehawk2: See you tomorrow on AW

Host SallyNBCTV: Here are some hot news flashes for fans of Linda and ANOTHER WORLD..Thanks and Good Night!!

Lorin25: That's very sweet of you Linda!! Thank you!

JensenFan: Good night!

Host SallyNBCTV: QVC: Linda will be live on the QVC Network on Friday, September 29."Putting It Together with Linda Dano, " Linda's exclusive accessory designs for the QVC Network is now in its third year.

Lorin25: Good night!

Host SallyNBCTV: Linda will be a guest in the QVC Morning Show (7-9AM EST) and then in her own two hour block 7-9PM EST.

Host SallyNBCTV: HeartShare Charity Benefit...Stars from all the Soaps, Talk-Shows and TV News anchors gather on Thursday, October 12 4-10PM to salute HeartShare. HeartShare Human Services serves New Yorkers through services for foster children, families in crisis, persons with HIV/AIDS and children and families with developmental disabilities.
The event is chaired by Board Member Linda Dano at the EXPO, 124 West 43.Tickets are $75 and include the chance to mingle and take photos with favorite celebrities, informal fashions modeled by the stars, a live cabaret featuring daytime stars, memorabilia from all the shows, a silent auction plus a buffet supper.
For tickets and information 1-800-599-HEART

steelehawk2: Bye Linda

Linda_Dano: (Bye!)

Host SallyNBCTV: Remember, TWO for the price of ONE for tonight's participants!!

Host SallyNBCTV: Don't forget our chat next week with AW's Victoria Wyndham!! JensenFan: Linda, can you please tell Jensen Marie says hi! :>

Linda_Dano: (I will tell her tomorrow!)

JensenFan: Thank you! :>

Host SallyNBCTV: NEWS FLASH: JOHN BOLGER JOINS "ANOTHER WORLD" CAST Television and stage actor John Bolger has joined NBC's Emmy Award-winning daytime drama "Another World" (weekdays; check local listings) in the newly created role of Gabe McNamara. His first appearance was on Monday, Oct. 2. McNamara takes over as Bay City's

Linda_Dano: Jensen Fan - at the soap opera benefit.. I have some things with Jensen's signature .. ;)

Host SallyNBCTV: Police Captain after the mysterious death of Ryan Harrison (Paul Michael Valley). "It will be wonderful for me to have the time to develop what appears to be a very rich, complex character," Bolger said. "As different as the pace is in daytime, one of the great advantages is that it gives an actor the opportunity to live with a character for a length of time and let it unfold -- so you both grow together. This affords something very exciting for an actor."

JensenFan: Really! I won't be there! :(

steelehawk2: Say Hi to Matt and Anna for me. They are some of my favorites

Lorin25: Oh, you are making it SO tempting, Linda!!

JensenFan: I live in New Orleans.

Host SallyNBCTV: Don't forget to check out the video clips!!

[No more comments from Linda after this.]