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(Sue asked Linda when her book was coming out and about its availability on QVC.)

Linda replied: Thanks you for asking. The book is due out officially in all the bookstores across the country on March 31st, but it just so happens that I will offer the book to my friends on QVC on Monday, March 10. I'll be there all day if you have a second. Or you an catch me on my book tour, which will be the first two weeks of April.

Sally O'Neil wondered whether Linda watched the State of the Union or the OJ civil verdict.

Linda replied: I was watching the President, and didn't know about the verdict until after the President spoke. I was very happy for the Goldman and Brown families.

Coffee P0t wanted to know what Linda's greatest challenge in life had been.

Linda replied:: What? Did you see me an hour ago? Is that how you knew about the cab? My toughest challenge... I think it would have to be my battle with bulimia. Because it could have killed me, and I knew it. To this day, I find myself going to thoughts of doing it when I've had a bad day. It's really a toss between that and being part of my father's Alzheimer's.

Pepsi 89 wamted details on what a day at the AW studio is like.

Linda replied:: I live in New York City, so I have to get up about 5:45am in order to get to the studio in Brooklyn. Rehearsal is from 7:30 to 8:30. Also in that time we have to get dressed, made up, and do our hair. And at 8:30 we start to film the show. My day differs every day. Sometimes I can be there all day and night, and other times I can be done early in the morning. It takes a full day to shoot one hour of television. And that day can be from 8:30 to 8:30 that night. If it's a party or a big production number, it can go into the wee hours.

Sally O'Neil wanted to know how working in soaps has changed since Linda first started.

Linda replied: That's a great question. I think it has to do with me more than the medium in which I work. I feel now more confident, more sure of myselfas an actress. I take bigger risks, and have a lot more fun with it than I did back then. I know the medium has changed, and I see the changes every year. I'm not sure how I feel about them, whether I think it's changed for good or for bad. What do you think?

Tom Lander asked Linda for advice on how to impress a girl on Valentine's without scaring her off.

Linda replied: Give me a minute... I'm thinking... The most wonderful Valentine present I ever received was a hand-made card from my husband, Frank. It was very simple, and because it was hand-made, it meant so much to me.

I think if you take a simple rose, give it to her with a hand-made card, and possibly a hot dog at lunch, and way, "I didn't want to scare you or come on too strong, but I really like you. Happy Valentine's Day." She will die... she will die! And you must let me know on my home page how it turned out. And don't forget the hot dog... it will make you homey, cuddly, fuzzy. She'll think you're adorable.

Lodi NJ inquired as to what Linda does when she's not working.

Linda replied: I love being a homemaker. I like everything to do with a house. When I have time I like to cook. I like to look for antiques, and I like to move things around rooms. I love to garden. I like to get dirty, and eat hot dog.

ZAE asked about make-up.

Linda replied: I have for so many years worn the same makeup, which is Pan Stick by Max Factor. It has the best coverage. I buy it at the drugstore. It works.

PI Member asked Linda how she and Liberace became friends.

Linda replied: Liberace and I met because he, too, was a fan of Another World. He had sent me an invitation to opening night at Radio City. Days before that, I accidentally met him at Tiffany's. He got very, very excited when he met me, and asked if I was coming to his opening night. I was so thrilled and honored. I said yes, and Frank and I went to the show at Radio City, and afterwards to the private party in the Trump building.

He told me that night that he would love to come on Another World and work with me. And, as you all know, he attended two of my weddings. It was a great joy to know such a consummate and gifted performer. But an even greater joy to know such a deeply giving and loving man. I miss him still.

ZAE asked her about her shoe size.

Linda replied: 9-1/2, and boy do I hope you're a shoe manufacturer!

GrndCynStt asked about Linda's weight loss secret.

Linda replied: Thank you very, very much. I know weight is such a difficult thing. It's the battle that we never seem to be far from. I lost my weight with the Bonios plan, and because it was so successful for me, I made an infomercial for them. I would be happy to give you the number in order to contact them for more information. 1-800-760-5490. I really hope it helps, and good luck.

Sally O'Neil aksed if the SNL spoofs bothered Linda and if she'd ever met Nora Dunn.

Linda replied: I absolutely loved the spoofs. I was very, very flattered. And Nora Dunn was a fan of Attitudes, and that's what gave her the idea for the piece. And yes, I met her many times, not only on Attitudes, but also I once spoofed her on Regis and Kathie Lee.

There's a very funny story about my late father, when SNL was spoofing us. He thought I was actually on the show. Nora did me so well that even my own father was confused, and I was never able to convince him otherwise.

Tom Lander asked about AW line flubs.

Linda replied: Boy... I'm sure there are a million of them. I know there have been days where I hated what I did, or didn't like the way I played something. But I guess the biggest mistake was when I didn't talk John Aprea into staying on the show... because I could have. Stupid.

Pepsi 89 had a question about the number of AW directors.

Linda replied: No, we have several directors. And occasionally a visiting director. I think we have four contract directors.

Talking Mom wanted to know what it's like to win an Emmy award.

Linda replied: It was the most thrilling moment of my career. And it wasn't just because I won such a wonderful award, it was the friends in the audience, my colleagues and peers, who stood up, and who seemed genuinely thrilled for me. It's a night I will never forget.

WillBeAstar wondered why AW's ratings aren't higher.

Linda replied: It's very frustrating for all of us at Another World. We don't have the answer, really. Sometimes it's because the writing isn't compelling enough. I certainlny think the acting and the effort on everyone's part is really good. But it's really tough to put on a show every day, and with such competition from the other networks, and get new viewers. What do you think the problem is?

Luke'n4U asked Linda if her upcoming book was good for men.

Linda replied: The guides and tips and tricks and philosophy behind this book applies to all of us--men and women. My husband read the book and said, "Wow, I'd better stop buying blue shirts!" He got it. So if you buy the book, and I hope you do, please let me know (on my Web page) how you like it...from a man's point of view.

Talking Mom wanted to know if Linda's recognized a lot when she's out and whether that's ever tiresome.

Linda replied: I do get recognized when I'm out, quite a bit. And no, it's never tiresome. If you want to know the truth, I am very grateful. It means that I'm not washed up... that you must like what I do. I believe that signing a note to someone is an honor for me, and part of why I'm an actress.

Luke'n4U asked Linda if she's ever been on the big screen.

Linda replied: I began my career in California in nighttime television, and in films. It's always fun to go off and do something different than the soap. But my life now is in New York, and it's hard to get me to pursue other film roles because of all the complications it makes. Although I've just done a Homicide for NBC that will air February 14th, and boy would I love to go back there periodically.

So if you would like to write to Tom Fontana and say, "Boy, was she great! I'd loveto see her again!" I'd be really grateful.

smllyface13 seemed to not be sure if Linda was really at the chat.

Linda replied: How could I prove to you that I am here? Ask me something that only Linda could answer, and believe me, I'll tell you the truth.

lost confused just had a nice compliment for Linda, telling her to "stay beautiful"

Linda replied: Aren't you sweet? Thank you! Thank you very much. After the day I spent crying over Gabe, I'm not feeling very pretty. So your words mean a great deal.

GrndCynStt asked about a time change for AW

Linda replied: I'm not sure where you live, but I know Another World was changed in Los Angeles and parts of the west because of that new soap, Sunset Beach.

WillBeAstar wondered what Linda thought about "Frankie's" death.

Linda replied: We all miss Frankie. It was a great character, and certainly one that I worked with a lot. So that was a very sad day for many of us. The way it was handled, I believe, personally, was insensitive to women. She was murdered brutally. I thought it was excessive and unnecessary, especially since she was the mother of a young child. It was just too graphic for me, and I don't think that's great television.

LEGOCENTRIC, a 14 year old who likes to act out Phamtom of the Opera, asked Linda if they should continue to act.

Linda replied: I love Phantom! Which part do you do? Of course you should continue to act... We all have to start somewhere. Get yourself into some acting classes at school, and also some psychology classes. And take a lot of history. You have to be smart to be a good actor.

Imnotscared wondered if Linda's book promotion tour would bring her to Canada.

Linda replied: I hope so, but ask me to come. My publisher has no plans to send me to Canada. I would love to come, it's been a long time since I've been there. I love Canada. So please, get a campaign together to get me up!

Kewley asked how LInda finds time for fashion designing.

Linda replied: I know it probably seems that I have no tiime for anything, but I do. I make time for my family, and friends, my home in Connecticut. And when you really like to do something, somehow you find the hours to do it. I love designing, always have. So somehow there's hours in a day where I get the work done.

lost confused wanted to know if Linda would ever have a line of cosmetics and commented on Linda's beauty.

Linda replied: You're so nice to say that. I've often thought about doing a cosmetics line, and still talk about it. Maybe in the next year or two. It would have to be something very simple, very inexpensive, and really useable... so it would be just something that became part of our everyday lives, something we wouldn't have to worry about ever again. Do you know what I mean?

Kewtey asked Linda if she misses Attitudes and what co-host Dee is doing now.

Linda replied: I think about Attitudes. It was a lovely time for me. We had a lot of fun, for a long time. You always miss those memories. Dee is back in New York with her husband and two children. SHe has made a pilot for a talk show of her own. And I'm sure she will be singing again, working as an actor, and I'm sure you'll all see her again.

RoseHEBB said she turned 50 the same year Linda did and thanked her for making it easy.

Linda replied: That's probably one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me. What do you think... should we have our faces done? I haven't done it yet, how about you? Fifty's not so bad, is it?

ILUVkeanu2 wanted to know if Lorna was going to die on AW.

Linda replied: No, she doesn't die. You know that she has left the show, and I guess you also must know how sad I am about that. But always, the character could return.

FROMIE asked Linda how long she's been on AW and what her favorite storyline is.

Linda replied: Thank you for the lovely compliment. I've completed 14 years, and I'm in my 15th season. My favorite storyline? There are two: One was all the capers and fun and friendship with Wally, Cass and Felicia. And two: the alcohol story line, after Lucas died.

Kewtey asked Linda about directing.

Linda replied: I don't really have any interest in directing. I'd love to produce, but not direct. I did co-produce a pilot with RIcky Paul Goldin (ex-Dean), called "The Dano Files," and I loved that. So one of these days, hopefully, I will produce something that gets on the air... and it doesn't have to be something I'm in.

rsdmmp wanted to know Linda's thoughts on why people are so involved with TV.

Linda replied: Daytime television is in a world by itself. The characters and stories allow the viewing public to really feel they're a part of the television family.

Marno praised AW''s acting and quality and confessed they get nervous anytime the show's threatened with cancellation.

Linda replied: We, too, are very anxious about being cancelled, and are very frustrated every time our numbers don't go up, especially when we've done a good job or had a particularly strong story. I don't really know why the show isn't getting the recognition it deserves. NBC has now put an emphasis on daytime... maybe that will make a difference. Writing is everything, and telling stories that keep you watching is the most important thing. It's always hard to get great writers.

mygirl asked Linda who her hero is.

Linda replied: I'm very touched that you would ask the question the way you did. Inspiration comes, I believe, from many places. I admire my mother... my husband.. friends who always let me know they're right with me, no matter what... great performances... great writing.. great acts of courage and kindness. I think if we look around us, we can find inspiration in the smallest of things.

Kewtey wanted to know how much imput Linda has into her character's storylines.

Linda replied: The input is sometimes very difficult. If something is already written that takes a character in a different direction, it's hard to stop it if the story has already been laid out. I really disliked the Felicia/Sharlene story, where I became her therapist of sorts. And I couldn't stop it. I thought it was absolutely out of character for Felicia. I still believe that. And it's now been dropped, but I still had to play it.

I have been asked through the years, when a story is being considered, if I wanted to play it... such as the alcohol story line. So in that sense, yes, I have had input

FROMIE asked Linda where Another World is taped.

Linda replied: Another World has always been filmed in Brooklyn, New York, in an old, old studio, where in fact, a lot of the Hallmark Hall of Fame shows were filmed. And rumor would have it that Esther Williams' swimming pool is in the basement.

Wonder Stone wanted to know what happened to Gabe and asked about Crystal Lake.

Linda replied: I assume if you're talking about the aired show today, as opposed to the one that I taped. Lorna is all right, out of danger, and will now be hidden from Cindy. But if you're asking me about Gabe, I've been taping his death scenes the last few days. Crystal Lake was last seen by all of us when Walter kidnapped Felicia and put her in the attic. I would love to see her again... and so would Stephen. So I'll pass that along.

lost confused iniquired if Linda has kids and about any children's organizations Linda supports.

Linda replied: I've never been blessed with my own children, but I have two wonderfu stepchildren--David and Elisa--and they now have husbands and wives. And the great joy for me now is three granddaughters: Jenna, Hannah, and Abigail. My hat goes off to you for being able to juggle motherhood, career, husband, dogs, cooking, cleaning.. all of it. Bravo!

I do contribute time and energy to my favorite charity, HeartShare. My focus has always been the children.

Pa chick 72 wanted to know where Linda's upbeat philosophy comes from.

Linda replied: I do have a positive attitude, and I'm lucky because I've never stopped being grateful. I think when you look around you, and see all the sadness in the world, you realize how much all of us really do have.

Wonder Stone said they loved the AW story with Felicia, Wallingford, Cass, and the gorilla, where they lost the brakes...

Linda replied: It was the best... the absolute best. I still chuckle when I think about that. I'm still seeing Brent right now, wherever he is, smiling.

lost confused asked Linda what HeartShare is and where it's based.

Linda replied: HeartShare is a New York-based charity, serving the developmentally disabled. They were founded in 1914, and now addist over 1,000 children, families, and adults in programs ranging from foster care and adoption to community-based family service centers, youth centers, a school-based beacon program, and families and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Their Spring Gala is on March 19th at the New York Marriot Marquis. For information, call (718) 330-0600.

Sue asked Linda what was the best advice she's ever received concerning fashion.

Linda replied: Keep it simple.

Sue also asked Linda what her favorite dining establishments in NY are.

Linda replied: Wow... there are so many great restaurants, and I don't go out very much. I have been to and really liked the Grammercy Tavern... I spent New Year's Eve at The Rainbow Room and had a great time... Frank and I go to a little place on the East side called Lumi's, on 70th and Lex. And another favorite is Fresco's on 52nd between Madison and Park, owned by Rosanna Scotto's [Channel 5 (FOX) News Anchor] family.

Sally O'Neil wanted to know tthe secret of how Linda memorizes all those lines.

Linda replied: I don't know if it's secret... I care more about what I want in the scene than what I'm saying. So I'm not afraid of the words, and thus they're easy to memorize.

Coffee P0t asked about Rosie O'Donnell's popularity.

Linda replied: I absolutely knew she would catch on, the moment she was on camera. The reason is that the audience feels her heart, her honesty, her friendship... she's funny, but what they love most is her spirit, and they believe her. She had to be only a hit, and she is. And you're absolutely right. It's such a great statement that we've made her a hit, because it means we want better, more quality, more uplifting, more entertaining television... not tabloid.

Lodi NJ wanted to know if Linda is religious/spiritual.

Linda replied: Yes. I have a very strong belief in God, and a hereafter. I believe in the goodness of others. I believe in people's spirits living on around us, helping us, taking care of us. I was raised Catholic. Don't go as often as I should, but do attend services. I like having God in my life. It gives me someone that I can count on.

Tom Lander asked if Linda lives in New York and what she likes/dislikes about it.Linda replied: I do live in New York, and in Connecticut. I love the city. I love the people. I love the craziness. What I hate is when it rains and everything stops... it makes me crazy. But I love the activity.

Talking Mom asked about Linda's next QVC appearance.

Linda replied: I'm glad you asked, because right now I've got my fingers crossed that I will show up at 9pm ET this Friday night, February 7th. It's Gabe's funeral on Another World, and I've giving one of the eulogy speeches. So I have to get from Brooklyn to Pennsylvania by Friday night. Tune in to see if I made it, and if I start to cry, please buy something from me! :) It does happen to be my first appearance on QVC in over a year, with a new accessory line that I'm very proud of.


Linda said: Unfortunately, 5:45am comes around very quickly. And by the time I walk the puppies, and call my husband, who is away golfing, and take my vitamins, and put my jammies on... I'm already late getting into bed.

But I had such a good time talking to all of you that I didn't pay attention to the time. I hope you had fun, too. You have said some really lovely things, and I do appreciate it. So good night, God bless, I send my love. ---Linda

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