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.Angela> hi Everyone! And Welcome to Delphi's chat with Linda Dano! Just to get you all caught up, Linda was recently on The Rosie O'Donnell show, and here's a little of what she had to say:

The world doesn't need another fashion book, that's for sure. But I've always [found while] traveling and meeting so many people and seeing what's going on in this country, there's a feeling that's out there that a lot of women don't even reach for trying to look good because they think it's so impossible. I don't believe fashion is style. I think style is something that is you, and if you know how to create a look for yourself - and it's not about money, you know that. You and I both know alot of people with money and they don't dress very well - it's not about that; it's about looking who you are so when you walk into a room everybody says, "Oh my God, look how lovely you are!" I believe everyone wants to look well. I think as an outside in, somehow, if you feel good about yourself, your life gets a little bit easier and a little bit better. This book is about ways to make it easy, what you can do, how you can do it. I tell stories about me; Rosie put a little piece in the book for me.
.Angela> And on that note, everyone please welcome our guest... LINDA DANO!
.doug> Hi
.Hollie> Hi
.Punky> Hi Linda
.Ann> She's here!!!!
GAYLES> Hi, Linda!
.kathy> Hello Linda!
BRBARES> hello Linda
.Punky> Yay!
SHADOW1AND2> hello
KAREN805> Hi Linda!
RESHON> hello
.kathy> Hi Reshon...Welcome!
LINDADANO> Hello Hello back!
.Angela> Please direct your questions via the /send command to our moderator
.Angela> Let the questions begin...
.Angela> I guess I should say Congratulations, Linda, on the success of your book, Looking Great... It Doesn't Have To Hurt!
LINDADANO> Thank you about the book. It's really been a dream come true.

.Moderator> BRBARES is up first. Fire away.
BRBARES> Linda, I enjoyed your guest shot on Homicide. Any chance you'll return to save that marriage?
LINDADANO> Homicide, I don't know at this time if I'll return. I'd love too. I had a wonderful time.
LINDADANO> Maybe if you all write letters to Homicide!

.Moderator> PUNKYHAAKE is next.
.Punky> Linda, I love the title "It doesn't have to hurt" Is that true? I am 53 and it does hurt to exercise.
LINDADANO> I love the title, too. What that refers to is feeling good about yourself, learning how to simplify your dressing ... It doesn't have to hurt. It can be easy. Hopefully I'll give you enough to go by in the book & you'll see it's really simple!

.Angela> John Aprea - Is he really returning to the show soon as a Greek shipping tycoon named Achilles? When will his first show air? What kind of a name is Achilles?! And... Will Felicia & others comment on his being a doppelganger for Luke?
LINDADANO> Yes, he comes back after this trip. Felicia will faint when she sees him even though he may have a beard. Very Felicia Gallant, very romantic, Achilles Nicos, Greek shipping tycoon!
.Angela> wonderful!

.Moderator> ANNTHOMPSON may make her comments. :)
ANNTHOMPSON> Linda, kudos to the best actor on daytime drama. I remember you wearing a tight fitting lace dress in the "kidnap" story. Why are all your clothes on the show so loose and... covering? Loved your Western outfit today. What a laugh.
LINDADANO> Being silly today was fun! I guess the clothes are sorta the style that I wear, maybe more will be shown with summer coming, ... [laughs] I will mention that to my Costume Designer.
.Ann> I LOVE your hats. You look so GOOD in them.
LINDADANO> I love to wear hats! I wear them personally everyday!
LINDADANO> We will see more of the Felicia hats & more of the old Felicia!

.Moderator> ANGEHOWE is up. Your dancecard. :)
.Angela> would you all be more comfortable just asking questions freely? If so, please do!
.Angela> Linda, someone mentioned in a newsgroup VERY recently that you have worn kitchen utensils on screen? Cute... whose idea was this? and what were the utensils? ...and is that in the Book?
LINDADANO> Probably right about the jewelry & kitchen utensils. [laughs] Very often they make me take off bracelets because they make too much noise.

.Ann> The fishing lure dangling in front of your face was particularly attractive.
KOALALOU> I was about to say that myself. I really liked the fishing "woman" get up.
TOMTHUMB> does this mean AW will do more fun storylines?

.Moderator> KATHYC is on deck.
.kathy> Linda, do you have much say about things like wardrobe?
LINDADANO> Yes & No about wardrobe. If I really don't like it on me I don't have to wear it. But, there are days that you don't hate or love the clothes. But, I always try to do Felicia's taste in clothes & not Linda's.

.Moderator> S_UTTER is up.
.sue> Will we get to see more fun with Cass as Krystal Lake & your adventures with him/her?
LINDADANO> We all hope so on fun storylines. We have our fingers crossed. I've been told that Michael Malone loves the drama, the glamour, the comedy, ... so Stephen & I are so anxious to have some more ... Stephen & I are hoping they'll do more of that with us. We have so much fun with it.

.Moderator> PUNKYHAAKE is up.
.Punky> I've never seen your soap opera, Linda, but loved your talk show on Lifetime. You have such a nice personality.
LINDADANO> Thank you about Attitudes, that's very sweet. Everyone asks me when I'm going to do another talk show & you never know.

.Moderator> ANGEHOWE is on deck.
.Angela> Linda, I have loved all of your appearances on Rosie's show.. and even invited her, but she hasn't made it... yet... when will you be on her show again... and...
LINDADANO> Rosie & I are friends & it's fun to do her show because she's proven that you can do a show that's fun instead of tabloid TV. So, Bravo to Rosie! But, since I was just on Rosie Tuesday, April 1st, I won't be going back right away.
.Mitzi> I saw it Linda, you were great
.Angela> and the Soap Opera Update prank was a good one... clever!
.Mitzi> BRAVO!
LINDADANO> Great glad you liked the April Fool.
.Ann> If she just wouldn't sing.....
LINDADANO> You'll never get Rosie to stop singing. That's who she is!

.Angela> how did you come up with the idea of the Hostess Kit that you gave Rosie last summer!? It was priceless!!
LINDADANO> Rosie's first talk show where she guested was on Attitudes
.Angela> wow!
LINDADANO> So, when I went on her talk show I wanted to take something about being the host of a talk show, so I made her a survival kit. She liked it. It was really fun.
.Angela> it was worth some great belly laughs in my house!

.Punky> Linda, speaking of Lifetimes Attitudes, why did you leave that show?
LINDADANO> I left because new mgmt came in & they wanted to do more tabloid type television. And, I couldn't do it. I don't believe in it. And, I've never regretted it. I feel strongly about it & I always will.
LINDADANO> It's the goodness in others & not the dark side of life.
.Angela> that's what I've liked about Rosie's show, too... respecting the guests and celebrities
.Moderator> There's a darkside of life? <pollyannaG>

.Moderator> KATHYC is up.
.kathy> Linda, what is "tabloid type" television?
.Punky> But the reason I loved your show was because of the humor and friendship between the two girls
LINDADANO> It's television that digs deep into the situations & lives of people that I believe should sometimes be kept private to them.
.Punky> It's T.V. at it's worst if you ask me

.Moderator> ANGEHOWE is up.
LINDADANO> A side of life that I think that's not good, not about not helping people & studying & learning. That's not what I'm talking about. People who get on & screech at each other, ... rather like watching a car crash .. It's not the best of us, it's the worst of us.
.Karen> really
.kathy> Digging for dirt... basically. Something ugly to parade...
LINDADANO> I'm afraid I don't have any dirt.
LINDADANO> When I started Attitudes the whole idea was to share & to learn things together as women, as girlfriends. It was never the negative, always the positive.
.Punky> It was great
LINDADANO> When it changed, it was the other side of that & I couldn't do that.
.kathy> Yes, I liked Attitudes too...
.Punky> I'll bet after the success of Rosie's show, many more will pop up like that
.sue> I always enjoyed Attitudes - sorry they changed it & you felt compelled to leave

TOMTHUMB> Linda. any comment on Y&R, and all those Emmy nominations?
LINDADANO> Yes, [sigh] Y&R and GH sorta swept the Emmys this year. I'm very happy for Jensen, but also for Genie Francis. I'm sorry more from AW aren't nominated. These are different every year, and so many are friends, to me, and to each other & I wish everyone well.

.Angela> Linda, your book was co-authored... forgive me for not having the name handy... but how did you meet her and get involved in co-writing a book on fashion... and is the angle of this book being from the "inside out?"
.Angela> I know our Singles forum was especially thrilled to have you here since looking great is a priority for many... and doesn't hurt the rest of us either :)
.Angela> Anne Kyle... that's the co-author's name... I'm just curious about her :)
LINDADANO> The book & my co-author, she was wonderful with me because she would keep me on track & make outlines for me. I would talk & talk & talk & she would somehow put it in some kind of order. So, she kept me disciplined.

.Moderator> KATHYC is up
.kathy> I am curious how you got into the soap scene...
LINDADANO> When I came to NY, the only work was daytime television. That's when I started on OLTL. Prior to that I was doing TV & Film.
.kathy> Did you audition for other shows?
LINDADANO> In the beginning I was terrified. Now I can't imagine doing anything else.
LINDADANO> OLTL, then I was hired for ATWT without an audition specifically for the part, then I auditioned for Felicia, ...
.kathy> Why were you terrified? (Not that *I* wouldn't be!)
LINDADANO> You go up sometime for readings & don't get them.

LINDADANO> Last year I auditioned for the Mother of Tarzan in the Disney movie coming out & I didn't get it & I thought I would have done such a good job.
.Angela> the Mother of Tarzan... *that* would be a hoot!!
.Punky> I can picture you in that!!!
LINDADANO> I was so disappointed.
.kathy> Linda, what happens in an audition? What do they judge?
LINDADANO> I am now so used to the *speed* of daytime.
.Ann> Keeps you on your toes, yes Linda?
LINDADANO> In the Tarzan audition I went in & read (animated, voiceover) & a casting person read the part of Tarzan, ...
.kathy> How do you know if you did good?
LINDADANO> Tarzan's mother has to deal with his leaving and I cried and everything, I had such a feeling about it & really wanted it.
LINDADANO> But, every audition you go in & read a scene, usually with just a casting person, ...
.kathy> That must be so cold...
.Karen> and scary
LINDADANO> It is. It *really* is, when you're very young, it's REALLY scary.

.Angela> is the book about feeling good about yourself more so than having the right clothes and hair?
LINDADANO> Absolutely!! The book is more about that. Style is an individual thing.
LINDADANO> If you do the best that you are, and you'll know it, then you'll feel the best & everything will fall into place.

.Hollie> Do they ever do retakes on daytime?
.Moderator> DGOLDIN is up.
.doug> Linda, what do you find is the hardest part of doing daily TV?
LINDADANO> That's interesting, Doug, hmm, probably it would be bringing vitality to it every single day. That's the challenge. Making it vital for you guys.
.kathy> That would be really hard...
LINDADANO> It is hard.
.Angela> I think your viewers would quickly say that you do a wonderful job bringing vitality to Felicia :)
.kathy> It's so transparent to your audience though...
LINDADANO> Thank you but that is my concern every morning.
LINDADANO> Thank you.

.Moderator> ANNTHOMPSON is up.
.Ann> Linda, may I ask how old you were when you started doing TV?
LINDADANO> First job I was probably 24.
.kathy> You obviously love your work. I admire you Linda. :)
LINDADANO> I've been doing this 30 years. Wow!
LINDADANO> Thank you, I do love my work.
.Ann> I admire Linda too, Kathy.
.Punky> Hey, you are as old as me. <grin>
LINDADANO> More than anything I love that you think I am good at it.
.kathy> Of course you are good at it...
.Ann> Better than good, Linda. Great!
LINDADANO> Thank you!

.Angela> What can you tell us about the Bonios program? Is it mentioned in the book as well?
LINDADANO> The Bonios plan is in the book.
LINDADANO> I talk about it & all my demons & how I lost the weight & a little bit about all of that in that chapter.
LINDADANO> It was the hardest part to write.
.kathy> Expand on that please... what is the Bonios Plan...
.Angela> I understand that's a favorite and popular question for you... and I'm *most* interested in that one now!
LINDADANO> I would sit with Frank watching TV in the evenings & just free fall with my thoughts, then put it away, then do it again another night.
LINDADANO> The Bonios Plan is really about taking control of your life, in all areas but mostly eating.
LINDADANO> None of us eat because we are hungry.
LINDADANO> We eat because we're going to that friend who is comforting.
.kathy> I certainly don't...<G>
.Angela> lol especially not chocolate :)
LINDADANO> When things are tough is when I want to eat a whole cake.
LINDADANO> Through the Bonios Plan, a series of lessons, plans, guidelines, I have learned to stop, think, be in control & it's helped me enormously.

.sue> Linda, did you have reservations about the John/Sharlene/Felicia storyline when it first started, & are you pleased with the way it's played out?
LINDADANO> Yes, I had great reservations in the beginning about that storyline. I knew that all of you would love it or hate it.
LINDADANO> And, because it was dangerous & I thought it could really happen in real life, so I enjoyed doing it in that way, that challenge.
.sue> I enjoyed it from the beginning, especially when you were fooling around in the car:)
LINDADANO> But, I regularly read my mail & I had to stop reading it.
LINDADANO> I got my first mail where people were angry with me.
LINDADANO> It hurt my feelings.
LINDADANO> Now, the day to day grind sets in, past the passion, the romance, ... not as exciting somehow.
.sue> But I read that problems are going to crop up as you & John search for the ideal place.
.Ann> I'm enjoying the uptown girl story with the farm boy. It's been a hoot, and I'm getting a big kick out of it!
LINDADANO> Problems that seem sort of petty, but very real at the same time.
.Ann> Yes, Linda.
.Punky> life
LINDADANO> It is life.

.Punky> Linda, do you have any children?
LINDADANO> I have 2 step children, both married now, boy & girl & now have 3 grandchildren who are the light of my life!
.Punky> Fantastic. Grandchildren are wonderful aren't they?

.Angela> I'm curious about your relationship to Jill Farren Phelps, that you mentioned in your book... have you been friends long? Is it difficult to work for a good friend?
LINDADANO> It's almost as though Jill Farren Phelps & I, when we met, rekindled a friendship that had to have begun in another life ... almost like that. I've literally only known her a few years, but that kind of thing doesn't happen often, but when it does it is really something. It was the most exhilarating time when I worked with her as an actress.

.Angela> I loved your story about your granddaughter at the circus ... you are welcome to retell that one :)
LINDADANO> I'm very proud of this little girl. She has great spirit. I have a funny feeling that she may become actress.
.Angela> I'm amazed that she was willing to go out into the circus ring... brave little girl!

LINDADANO> One or two more questions ...
SHOWTALK> I have watched all the NBC soaps and Felicia is one of my favorite characters. How does it feel to have her changing love relationships? Is it odd working first with one actor and then another intimately?
LINDADANO> Very very odd! If you're as loyal and devoted as I am, it gets very strange.
LINDADANO> I couldn't look Anna Holbrook in the eye when I passed her in the hallway because I had taken her man!
LINDADANO> My late M-I-L used to say it's one hell of a way to make a living!
LINDADANO> Very embarrassing

SHOWTALK> Who is/was your favorite?
.Ann> LOL!
LINDADANO> Ohhh, it *has* to be Lucas, John Aprea.
SHOWTALK> He's great!
.Angela> John Aprea begins as Achilles... May 1?

SHOWTALK> One more question. My 8 yr old son wants to act. Do you have any advice for a child who wants to get into acting? (LOL about you and Anna Holbrook)
.Ann> LOL!
LINDADANO> Be really careful, really make sure it's something the child wants to do. Make sure he gets a good education & get an excellent agent.
SHOWTALK> Thanks. He's been on auditions and got close to a movie role but I'm kind of holding back.
LINDADANO> If he loves it and has to do it, great, but it has to be something he wants to do.
SHOWTALK> He really does, but he's got time <G>

.sue> Will John Aprea coming back throw a kink into your relationship with John Hudson?
LINDADANO> I think that's what John's Achilles will be doing!

.Angela> Linda, thank you so much for taking time to fit us into your busy tour schedule! You have been a most generous and entertaining guest! Thank you so much... and thanks to everyone who joined us!
LINDADANO> I love talking to all of you! Thanks for coming out on a Thursday night to talk with me!
.Karen> This has been great, Linda - thanks you!
JMAIHOS> It was fun listening. :)
SHOWTALK> I wouldn't have missed it for anything!
BRBARES> thank you, Linda :)
.Ann> Will look for you and your book in the stores this weeks. Thanks, Linda.
.Moderator> Thank you, Linda!
.Gary> Thanks, Linda. :)
.Hollie> Nor would I. Thank you for coming.
JMAIHOS> So... you'll come back?
.sue> Thanks Linda, & kudos on the new book
.Angela> I hope everyone manages to find Linda's tour schedule for the remainder of this week and next on our forum's web pages, or Linda's official pages... :)
.Angela> All the appearance times are listed as well, so I hope you all get a chance to meet Linda and get a copy of her book signed!

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