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FEBRUARY 22, 1998

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THRVmonstr: Thrive and Power Surge are proud to
THRVmonstr: welcome Emmy-winning actress, talk
THRVmonstr: show host, entrepreneur and published
THRVmonstr: author, Linda Dano. Linda will discuss
THRVmonstr: her upcoming book, "Living Great," as
THRVmonstr: well as the impact her recent public
THRVmonstr: plastic surgery (face lift) had on her life
THRVmonstr: and career.
THRVmonstr: Welcome Linda!
THRVmonstr: And Welcome Dearest!

Dearest: Thanks, THRV and thanks for the welcome.....
Dearest: Linda, a very warm welcome to
Dearest: Power Surge, Thrive and AOL
Dearest: Live. It's a pleasure to have you
Dearest: as a guest this evening :)

LindaDano1: HI everybody! What a lovely way to spend a Sunday
LindaDano1: night...thank you for visiting with me!

Dearest: Linda, I'm curious....
Dearest: Linda, what would you say is the
Dearest: difference between "beauty" and
Dearest: "glamour?"

LindaDano1: That's a great question..because I believe there is
LindaDano1: a REAL difference
LindaDano1: I think that beauty is from within, and it helps form & color what other people see
LindaDano1: but glamour is "manmade" other words you or a makeup artist, a costume
LindaDano1: designer, a hairstylist can create glamour

Dearest: Thanks -- the average woman clearly
Dearest: doesn't have to concern herself
Dearest: with being in the public eye on
Dearest: a regular basis, and isn't likely
Dearest: to undergo a face-lift. What would
Dearest: you say to women about accepting
Dearest: the changes aging brings to our
Dearest: appearance?

LindaDano1: It's tough to grow old gracefully because we live in a society that seems to be bent on
LindaDano1: young, thin, tall, and it's hard to become older
LindaDano1: and believe you have any worth
LindaDano1: so I believe (and of course, you can argue this because I DID have a facelift) that age
LindaDano1: and beauty have to come from within you.
LindaDano1: you can be a beautiful older woman

Dearest: Thanks so much, Linda.. let's go to the audience for the next question

Comment: Hi Linda, I just wanted to say that I really admire the fact that you
Comment: were so open and honest about your face lift. You really look great.

LindaDano1: Thank you so much! I was honest about all of it because I thought it might help any
LindaDano1: of you who are wrestling with this same thing
LindaDano1: This was a HUGE decision to have this facelift
LindaDano1: I was absolutely terrified
LindaDano1: and thank God, it went well
LindaDano1: And just so you know, I am still healing

Dearest: Linda, after reading your wonderfully candid account of the face-lift in ...
Dearest: this month's Ladies Home Journal......
Dearest: I wonder, if you know what you know now, would you do it all overagain?

LindaDano1: A week after the surgery, I would have said ABSOLUTELY NOT!
LindaDano1: Three months after the surgery, I'd say "Yes, maybe!"

Dearest: Thanks.. let's take another question from the audience :)

Comment: I read your articles in Soap Opera Digest. You have a great sense of
Comment: style. What is the one thing everyone should have in their wardrobe?

LindaDano1: 2 Things
LindaDano1: 1) a white tailored cotton shirt
LindaDano1: 2) and the perfect (make sure it fits!) black or at least dark simple, simple dress,
LindaDano1: sleeveless

Dearest: Interesting... let's expand on that, Linda.....
Dearest: if you were told you could only carry three articles of makeup....
Dearest: what would they be?

LindaDano1: 1)Dual-Finish Powder by Lancome
LindaDano1: 2) Lipstick
LindaDano1: 3) Mascara
LindaDano1: and if you are very lucky, you have someone to put it on you every day (smile)

Dearest: We see you dressed in your wonderful
Dearest: fashions - but does Linda Dano ever
Dearest: just chill out in jeans and a sweatshirt,
Dearest: and if so, what would she do on a day
Dearest: she were dressed like that?

LindaDano1: It's so funny that you ask because yesterday I wore jeans
LindaDano1: and I went to Linens & Things
LindaDano1: I went to the dry cleaners and the market and my mother and I went looking for
LindaDano1: baby clothes for her great-grandchildren and my grandchildren.

Dearest: Ahhh... sounds like fun... let's take another
Dearest: question from our patient audience who are
Dearest: anxious to talk with you :)

Comment: When did you decide to write a book?

LindaDano1: I had been thinking about it for a long time
LindaDano1: Looking Great...seemed to come at the perfect time
LindaDano1: I'm really happy the way this book turned out
LindaDano1: I feel that it really CAN help and I've had so many of you say that
LindaDano1: Because I had so many letters it inspired me to write my second book "Living Great"
LindaDano1: which comes out in April of this year..
LindaDano1: It's fun to share what I know with all of you
LindaDano1: and if it helps...that really is my intent

Dearest: Wonderful... we have a question about "Attitudes"... audience?

Comment: Linda, i loved the show you were on lifetime channel with nancy glass,
Comment: but i can't remember the name of it. Do you ever think you will do anything
Comment: like that again. You are a great people person.

LindaDano1: Thank you...I loved "Attitudes" (which was the name of the show)
LindaDano1: it was a great deal of fun
LindaDano1: and we talk about doing another one someday
LindaDano1: Wednesday night on QVC, I had a live audience and it felt like I was
LindaDano1: doing old "Attitudes"
LindaDano1: It was a lot of fun

Dearest: Linda, your alter ego on "Another
Dearest: World" -- Felicia Gallant --how
Dearest: much alike are the two of you?

LindaDano1: years ago, I would have said "not at all!"
LindaDano1: But now after 15 yrs, I can hardly tell us apart!
LindaDano1: One of the ONLY differences is in the area of love..Felicia is pathetic.
LindaDano1: Linda, however has wonderful Frank
LindaDano1: But then, it took me a while to find him

Dearest: Let's go to another audience question :)

Comment: What was youre favorite role to play?

LindaDano1: Ever?

Dearest: Of your TV roles

LindaDano1: You all think I'm going to say "Felicia" and yes, absolutely I LOVE playing her
LindaDano1: but I've also done some other television that was really memorable and fun
LindaDano1: I did a role of a "meany" Felicia in "Rage of Angels" and that was a lot of fun!
LindaDano1: and I had fun on "Homicide" last year
LindaDano1: It's hard to imagine playing anyone but Felicia

Dearest: Linda, I didn't realize you'd done so many TV series and shows.....
Dearest: when did your career begin in TV?

LindaDano1: Oh boy...
LindaDano1: a LONG time ago...let's see...
LindaDano1: I guess I've been acting almost always on TV with a few movies along the way
LindaDano1: I guess it's been 25, maybe 30 years...SCARY when you say those numbers
LindaDano1: I just counted on my fingers and toes...
LindaDano1: I made a mistake...I guess I've been working about 22 years in television..
LindaDano1: that's not so scary

Dearest: Ahh... maybe scary, but getting better with
Dearest: time :) Let's take another audience
Dearest: question.

Comment: Linda, Felicia has done quite a bit, but what would you like to see her
Comment: do next on AW?

LindaDano1: What a great, GREAT question! I haven't a clue!
LindaDano1: What would you like to see me do?
LindaDano1: Would you like my children to return? I would love to have a daughter, I would love
LindaDano1: that daughter to have a child...I would love that child to really need me,
LindaDano1: thus a story is born

Dearest: Linda, did you always have this
Dearest: creative flair for fashion and design,
Dearest: even as a child?

LindaDano1: To be perfectly honest, yes, I think so
LindaDano1: I certainly learned all of it from my mother, but it was a natural fit from the beginning
LindaDano1: For as long as I can remember, I dress, no matter what

Dearest: From what I've read, you seem to have a
Dearest: close relationship with your mother. Want
Dearest: to elaborate on that?

LindaDano1: mother and I are great friends
LindaDano1: We do lots of things together
LindaDano1: We, shop and travel, she's going with me to California next Tuesday
LindaDano1: she lives with Frank and me and it's great

Dearest: Sounds great ... let's take another audience question ....

Comment: Which soap star is the best kisser?

LindaDano1: boy, I don't know...when you find out, let me know! Now, in MY experience..
LindaDano1: it doesn't get alot better than David Forsyth
LindaDano1: and my one dropping to my knees kiss was the first time I kissed John Aprea..
LindaDano1: oh my god!

Dearest: Linda, we look forward to your new
Dearest: book next month, "Living Great." What
Dearest: subjects do you touch on in this new
Dearest: book?

LindaDano1: Everything to do with your home and how it makes you feel
LindaDano1: I really believe that your home should truly reflect your inner you
LindaDano1: it should be filled with warmth, the things you love most, your memories,
LindaDano1: it's YOUR place. Your private world.
LindaDano1: If you don't have that, you need to create it
LindaDano1: and I hope I can help you do that
LindaDano1: Be sure to look at the cover. My Frank designed it. It's FABULOUS

Dearest: Thanks, Linda.. we can't wait to read it. Let's take another audience question ......

Comment: How do you let all emotions come out when you are taping? It seems like
Comment: you can cry right on cue! Is it hard to do that and how do you set the mood?
Comment: Do you have any techniques before your emotional scenes

LindaDano1: many years ago I realized that acting, for me, only worked if I went to a very
LindaDano1: real place inside me. So, it's important when I start an emotional scene, that I, Linda
LindaDano1: can take Felicia to that actual place
LindaDano1: that is truth.
LindaDano1: Truth, for an actor is the ONLY thing that will make you, the audience, stop and
LindaDano1: pay attention.
LindaDano1: I like going there. And because I'm not afraid of it, I go there easily
LindaDano1: And as my husband would say, I love to cry

Dearest: Linda, please share any secrets re
Dearest: your 40 pound weight loss - for those
Dearest: women struggling to get back in shape.

LindaDano1: Losing and gaining weight seem to be a way of life for so many of us, certainly me.
LindaDano1: My only success is truly wrapped around how I feel about myself at any given
LindaDano1: moment
LindaDano1: If I'm liking myself, I don't cram Snickers bars and donuts down my throat
LindaDano1: but, boy is that a fine line
LindaDano1: Every day is a battle
LindaDano1: and I talk to myself a lot
LindaDano1: Try liking yourself. TRY really hard.
LindaDano1: and don't expect success every day
LindaDano1: If you cheat on yourself, it's ok
LindaDano1: the next day will be a different day
LindaDano1: I push my plate away, I don't eat as much, I really try to only eat when I'm truly
LindaDano1: hungry
LindaDano1: all the stuff you already know, I'm telling you, it's about how you feel about YOU.

Comment: You have a wonderful self confidence. Were you always so confident and
Comment: if not how did you achieve this.

LindaDano1: No, I haven't always been confident.
LindaDano1: And I smile when you ask me that because I still
LindaDano1: have days (yesterday, in fact) when I feel really inadequate and down on myself
LindaDano1: and I think, here again, this is about what I just said,
LindaDano1: I'm a big believer in talking to yourself. You are (as corny as this sounds) the master
LindaDano1: You can change anything
LindaDano1: I think if we believe that, we can have happy, full, loving lives
LindaDano1: But you have to believe it, you just have to.

Dearest: LInda, please share with us how you feel differently inside since the surgery.

LindaDano1: I do feel differently
LindaDano1: I feel more confident, I guess because I feel I look better
LindaDano1: You know, everything is such a delicate balance,
LindaDano1: my face looks better
LindaDano1: (you all know I HATED my jowls!)
LindaDano1: so then I started to lose weight because I started to eat..
LindaDano1: healthily (for the millionth time)
LindaDano1: and always it comes back to the same do I feel about myself,
LindaDano1: am I worthy?
LindaDano1: and right now, I'm almost 55
LindaDano1: and I feel pretty good about myself
LindaDano1: do I think it will last?? Hell, I don't know!
LindaDano1: You'll be the first to know

Dearest: Linda, why on earth wouldn't you feel worthy?

LindaDano1: I'm just like all of you, we have days where we feel like a piece of ---- where other
LindaDano1: days we feel GREAT. The trick is to make more GREAT days than the ---- days.
LindaDano1: Even Michele Pfeiffer has piece of ---- days
LindaDano1: Are you paying attention, David E. Kelley?
LindaDano1: LOL

Comment: Do you think you would you have had the face lift if you were not in the
Comment: public eye all the time?

LindaDano1: If I'm being really, really honest with myself, yes, I HATED my jowls.

Comment: what's your daily fitness regimen?

LindaDano1: I go up and down the stairs all day long both at work and home.
LindaDano1: and NO ONE goes through a department store faster than me!

Comment: Hi Linda - Thanks for your book, Looking Great, when I saw you on the
Comment: Rosie O'Donnell show! It is excellent! Isn't it time that you and Cass
Comment: (Stephen Schnetzer) got together on Another World?

LindaDano1: We are together as the best of friends.
LindaDano1: Will that become more and go back to REALLY old Cass and Felicia,
LindaDano1: I have no idea
LindaDano1: If you want that to happen, you have to write to NBC and Procter & Gamble
LindaDano1: and tell them! Letters, not, e-mail

Dearest: Remember, you can see Linda Dano
Dearest: as the glamorous, Felicia Gallant, on
Dearest: "Another World" on NBC-TV. Linda
Dearest: also makes regular appearances on
Dearest: QVC, showing her custom-designed
Dearest: accessoriy collection. Keep your eyes
Dearest: open for Linda's newest book by Putnam,
Dearest: "Living Great," coming out in April.
Dearest: Linda's books can be bought on the Net
Dearest: at Also, be sure to
Dearest: read Linda's candid account of her recent
Dearest: face lift in the March issue of Ladies Home Journal.

Dearest: Linda, thank you for this fun and
Dearest: enlightening visit to Power Surge,
Dearest: (keyword: powersurge@thrive)
Dearest: and Thrive. Best of luck in all your
Dearest: future endeavors, and although it
Dearest: wasn't the easiest experience, as Billy
Dearest: Crystal would say, "You look marvelous,
Dearest: darling, just marvelous!"
Dearest: .By the way everyone......
Dearest: Linda will be guesting on "CBS This Morning" tomorrow morning...
Dearest: in the last half hour - 8:30 -9 [ET]
Dearest: Linda, take care and thanks :)

THRVmonstr: Thanks so much Linda... and thanks to Dearest from Power Surge for hosting this event!

LindaDano1: Thank you to all of you, all your thoughts and nice words and the friendship that I feel
LindaDano1: You make me feel comfortable and free enough to share whatever I'm going through
LindaDano1: or's like we're REALLY friends
LindaDano1: Good night and I hope we talk again real soon
LindaDano1: Bless all of you. Love, Linda

Dearest: Thank you to you, Linda :) G'nite.

LindaDano1: Goodnight!

THRVmonstr: Thanks to everyone for all the great questions... see you soon. KEEP THRIVING!

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