Do you have an eventual goal with your career, something you'd like

to be doing before you retire?

Joe Barbara:

I'd love to CREATE entertainment that inspires people.


hey Joe! I would like to know if you taped Jake and Vicky's wedding yet?

Joe Barbara:

Yes, we shot Vicky and Jake's wedding this week. It was the first

location shoot I've done on the show. We taped it at the Brooklyn

Botanical Gardens. It's going to look beautiful!

Visty8: Joe, what is it like working with Judi she seems really cool

to work with?

Joe Barbara:

Judi is the coolest. She is a phenomenal actress and always prepared.

She makes everyone around her comfortable.


What were you doing before another world?

Joe Barbara:

I was doing mostly theater. I did a play off-Broadway called "Tony

and Tina's Wedding" for 2 years and speaking of theater... I'm going

to be back on Broadway, in "Grease" for one week only, Dec. 8-14!


Joe Barbara -- I just love your work on Another World. Do you have

any upcoming projects in the works?

Joe Barbara:

As I just mentioned, I'm doing "Grease" on Broadway for one week

Dec. 8-14. So get your tickets now!!!

Joe Barbara:

And thanks for the compliment!


Joe ... What was your experience like working as a PA for

Entertainment Tonight?

Joe Barbara:

The first part of my job was driving the ET van through the streets of NYC.

Joe Barbara:

The rest of my job was carrying all the heavy things! But through

all this I met some of my show business idols and some very cool

celebrities. Like one night, I got to meet Jimmy Stewart. But overall

it was very frustrating, because I was always around people doing

what I wanted to be doing.


Mr Barbara - how do you see your character Joe Carlino developing

over the next several episodes? Any hints or spoilers?

Joe Barbara:

He's finally going to get fed up with Paulina's behavior.

Joe Barbara:

I'm told that Joe is going to have hot sex with Cindy :-) Of course,

Cindy told me that!


Folks, Kim Rhodes has just joined us. Be sure to get questions in for Kim!


Has any of your family ever come to watch you do an episode of the show?

Joe Barbara:

Yeah! My dad started lobbying for a hot scene with Cindy.


Kim Rhodes: Hi Kim, This is Bernard and Michael Sandner. One thing

thanks for mentioning us in Soap Opera Weekly as one of your loyalest

fans. We were honored.

Kim Rhodes:

You're fab!!! Now I gotta start plugging for that SOD Award! Help me

out guys! There is a letter on the way. It's sitting on my dressing

room table. I SWEAR.


Kim-Who is the Best Kisser on the Show?

Kim Rhodes:

JOE CARLINO... it was a really hot kiss, but it never made it on the

air. Paulina is pretty good too! ;-)

Joe Barbara:

Cindy is known for her hot kissing all over the set. I'm proud to

have shared in the experience.

Kim Rhodes:

If my sister or my boyfriend are reading this... I'm... um....

well... lying. As in not telling the truth. Not as in lying down.

Joe Barbara:

I'm outta here. It's been fun guys! Keep watching. Hope to see you in

Tucson (if you're in the area). Later!!!

Cindy :

Kim, do you like playing an evil character?

Kim Rhodes

:Never a dull moment. I love it!!


Kim...Yourcharacter has totally changed. How do you

feel about the direction they're taking with Cindy? Ever hear from

Grayson McCouch (Morgan)? A possibility he may return someday?

Kim Rhodes:

I love her sense of humor. I love working with Mark. But

I never want to see the element of danger totally disappear. No, I

haven't heard from Grayson. He's a big movie star now!


Tim Gibbs as now joined us. Welcome, Tim.

Tim Gibbs:

Hello, all you keyboard fanatics. Thanks for having me. Let's hear

some challenging questions.


(Cindy) Are you going to testify against Grant?

Kim Rhodes:

I don't know. I really don't. Nobody tells me anything.


Tim, was it hard playing an alcholic?

Tim Gibbs:

It wasn't as hard playing an alcoholic as it was playing

drunk. The challenge of playing drunk is, if you've ever been drunk

before, which I'm sure all of you hackers have.... when you're drunk

you're always trying not to be. And, when you're playing drunk,

you're trying to be drunk and not to be drunk at the same time.


Will you get caught using that "magic thing" on people in

the future?

Kim Rhodes:

Your friend and mine, the booba, must return to his native

village in Africa. No one is having sex without him and the

population is dying out. What a shame! What a shame :-(


Years ago there were charity softball games on Staten

Island between AW and Guiding Light. Any chance of that happening


Tim Gibbs:

Hopefully. I would love to hit one out of the park into Staten



Does it ever get bothersome being noticed all the time? Don't

you ever want to go out, and not be bothered?

Kim Rhodes:

I never get noticed! NEVER. It would be nice sometimes,

like...when I'm being ignored by a waiter or get bumped off a flight.

But it keeps me humble.


you and amy have done an absolutly fabulous job with the

miscarriage story line. Will you be able to gain custody of Rain?

Tim Gibbs:

It's hard to tell they haven't told us yet, and of course

Gary being an alcoholic probably will not help our chances and

perhaps Josie's distant past of prostitution won't help matters

either. But, if we gain custody we plan on putting the child through

intensive hard labor.

Kim Rhodes:

I'm going away. We don't get sunshine in NY. At least not

like this. So I'm going toenjoy it a little bit. Bye to the Druker

(sorry if I spelled it wrong) Lab.


(it's sunny and 85 today in Tucson)


How about the love scens Tim With Josie? did you to ever

just bust out laughing?

Tim Gibbs:No, but Amy frequently bursts out laughing if she catches a

glimpse of my manhood.


Amy Carlson and Dahlia Salem have also just joined us Welcome, Amy

and Dahlia.

Amy Carlson:

Hi, I'm here!

Dahlia Salem:

Hi everyone!


How's Tucson?

Amy Carlson:

Tucson is great. Tonight we're going to crown the homecoming queen at

the University of Arizona.(tim and I). Which is exciting. Also,

we'll be at the Tucson Mall on Saturday and the mall at UA.

Tim Gibbs:

And we'realso going to crown the King, a queen, hoping that his

sexual preference coincides.

Amy Carlson:

And, we're going to be picking a new cast member for "Days of our

Lives" on Saturday at the Tucson Mall.


Pretty exciting!


How far ahead of time do you get the script before filming begins?

Dahlia Salem:

We usually get our scripts a couple days in advance and sometimes

there are last minute change And you may receive them the night



If you'd chosen a career besides acting, what would it have been?

Dahlia Salem:

I would be interested in counseling. Working with children. It would

be fun to teach drama to children.


Describe how you felt when you went to the audition. What mental

keys do you keep in mind at an audition?

Dahlia Salem:

I just concentrated on enjoying the moment and taking my time. I feel

a lot of actors seem to forget that the casting directors want to see

you do well. They are not your enemy. So, there no rush or specific

rhythm to a scene. You can really make it your own. But of course,

you are quite nervous going in there and making a good impression.


Dahlia Salem -- What was it like working with Mercedes Ruehl in 'The

Rose Tattoo?'

Dahlia Salem:

It was the most wonderful experience I've ever had acting! She was a

teacher to me and tremendously supportive. I understudied the role of

her daughter and had an opportunity to perform the role one matinee.

Amy Carlson:

Yeah, that would have been a really cool to try as a young actress.

Dahlia Salem:

She guided me and I learned a lot from just observing her work daily.

She's a fantastic actor! And very down-to-earth.


What projects are you working on in addition to "AW"?

Amy Carlson:

Right now (I'm on vacation) , and I happen to get a film that

coincides with my vacation.

Tim Gibbs:

The project that I'm currently working on outside of "AW" is finding

a project outside "AW" to work on.

Amy Carlson:

It's for Showtime, and it's called "Thanks of a Grateful Nation"

starring Ted Danson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Steven Weber, and Marg

Helgenberger about the Gulf War syndrome I shot yesterday then flew

to Tucson, then I fly back tomorrow night (Toronto).


Dahlia Salem -- What was your experience like working with Jeff

Bridges in Blown Away? Any desire to do more film projects?

Dahlia Salem:

Unfortunately, I didn't actually get the chance to work with Jeff

Bridges. I was a concert patron and of course, in a crowd of

thousands of people :-) He was miles, upon miles away from me. But he

looked good from a distance :-)


Dahlia Salem -- How does a psychology major end up on a soap like

'Another World'?

Dahlia Salem:

I think I learned to be a good listener and able to engage and

interact with others on a certain level.


For Dahlia Salem, who would u want to work with more on AW?

Dahlia Salem:

I would love to work with Joe Barbara more (my brother

on the show) and Linda Dano. She and I had a few scenes a few months

back. We had a lot of fun working together. I think it would be NEAT

to work with Charles Keating. I could do some und cover work for him

or something.


you all do a lot of stunts on your show. Do you do your own stunts or

do you have stunt doubles?

Amy Carlson:

I've always done my own stunts. I've never had a double.

They've hired doubles, but at the last minute, asked me to do it. For

instance, the rats.

Tim Gibbs:

I do all my own stunts, except falling from the hay loft, and any

scenes with Vicky Wyndham. They are both very dangerous. Ha Ha.


What are your favorite shows besides you soaps?

Dahlia Salem:

ER and Seinfeld are my favorite shows. In fact, I'd love to do a

sitcom, given the opportunity.


amy do you ever go online in your spare time?

Amy Carlson:

I recently went online and found it very difficult to listen to what

people were saying about me and things that I feel are personal. I

felt that I was listening in on conversati s about me, so since then

I've stopped going online and I feel that it's better for me. For

instance, everyone online thought it was ridiculous that I was

promoted to captain, and many people expressed that Josie didn't care

about her baby. Therefore, the scenes about the miscarriage were not

as poignant :Sometimes I want to play and say I'm doing

the best I can with what I get. That's why I stopped looking, because

I have to play it anyways - the best I can and make sense of it.


Dahlia, at what age did you start acting??

Dahlia Salem:

I started acting when I was about 12. In school, I chose to

creatively do things rather than technically, when it came to oral


Dahlia Salem:

So, if I was doing a report on something, I would act it out and

direct other peers in my class. I also like to imitate certain

cartoon character voices.

Dahlia Salem:

My parents would beg me to shut up, but I couldn't! Remember, Speedy



Amy-what is your favorite Disney character?


Amy, Dahlia and Tim are going to answer the question.

Dahlia Salem:

Pluto. I love him because he's so goofy.

Dahlia Salem:

(Pluto) and because he's so vulnerable.

Amy Carlson:

My favorite character was the little girl who was in "The Rescuers"

who was lowered down the hole to get the jewels. If anyone knows her

name, please send it.

Amy Carlson:

I feel like she's a little bit like Josie.

Tim Gibbs:

My favorite character is Dopey, because he's just the right height

and he doesn't ask too many questions.

Amy Carlson:

My second favorite character would have to be piglet from "Winnie

the Pooh."


dahlia what direction do you think your character will go to tomas or nick

Dahlia Salem:

Right now, Sofia has her hands full with Nick. But there maybe a

triangle with Tomas and Nick...

Dahlia Salem:

Sofia gets along with Tomas very well. We're very good friends and

their friendship may go never know.


Some fans are asking ..... what has "Another World" been nominated

for the Soap Opera Digest Awards?

Amy Carlson:

"AW" has been nominated for Best Show, which it is. For those of you

who watch, you already know. Also, we're very proud of Eric Stuart

who is nominated for Best Scene Stealer, Judi Evans Luciano who was

nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Jensen Buchanan who is

nominated for Hottest Female Star, and Kim Rhodes and Mark Pinter for

Best New Couple. And, Tom Eplin for Best Actor.

Dahlia Salem:

I'm very happy for the nominees. Eric Stuart, Kim Rhodes, Judi

Luciano, Jensen Buchanan, Mark Pinter. VERY WELL DESERVED. and of

course, Tom Eplin.

Tim Gibbs:

And Tim Gibbs for being huge in Daytime. Frank Grillo is also

nominated for his hugeness. :-)

Dahlia Salem:

I always knew that Tim would be huge in daytime.


(we're talking about the celebrity basketball game last night)

Dahlia Salem:

I had a fabulous 2 pointer just at the point where everyone thought

I was a choker. I came through!

Dahlia Salem:

Tim was a wonderful MC. He got all the tuba players up on their feet!


Amy- what is your favorite T.V. show?

Amy Carlson:

"Seinfeld " and "ER." Tim's is "Law & Order."


Dahlia-what was the most embarassing thing you've ever done?

Dahlia Salem:

I have so would too embarrassing to reveal.

Tim Gibbs:

Scenes with Ozzie.

Amy Carlson:

Gotten too happy with trying to act as my own dermatologist.


Amy Carlson -- it sounds like your quite the outdoorsman. What is

your favorite outdoor activity?

Amy Carlson:

White water rafting.


Hi! Are you guys anything like your characters in real life?

Dahlia Salem:

Well, I'll tell you, Sofia and I are opposites. She's a damn good

cook apparently...and its tough for me to even boil water.

Dahlia Salem:

Sofia is more tolerant of situations than I am. I tend to fly off the

handle too soon and she sits back analyzes before she makes her move.


Tim Gibbs -- how does Sunset Beach compare with your previous work on

'Santa Barbara?'

Tim Gibbs:

"Sunset Beach" is by far the easiest show I've ever done. In fact,

it's almost like I'm not even on the show.


Where can you buy your monkeywrench line of clothing?

Amy Carlson:

Christie Clark has generously donated her entire line (of clothing)

to now I never have to buy it from her ;-) There's a mail

order was recently listed in Soap Opera Digest.


Timothy Gibbs -- which do you like more -- sunny California or your

home in Manhattan?

Tim Gibbs:

I like aspects of both (LA and Manhattan)...but I'm enjoying NY,

because I lived for 20 some years in LA and I like the change.


Tim... how do you see your character's relationship with Josie developing?

Tim Gibbs:

It's hard to tell what the plans are for my character. I find that

when I do communicate with the executive staff about the future


Tim Gibbs:

There is not enough concrete information to get excited about,

therefore I opt for surprise.


What do you do if you have a zit on a day you're supposed to be filming?

Amy Carlson:

I unintentionally aggravate it as much as possible through nervous

picking, which requires a trowl of makeup to cover.

Tim Gibbs:

I try to reason with it, and if that doesn't work, I upstage it.


(MARK MORTIMER has just joined us)


Mark Mortimer -- which national commercials have you been in?

Anything we might remember?

Mark Mortimer:

jockey underwear, and its still running


Did any of you have to change your appearance to get your jobs on the soaps?

Amy Carlson:

Hey, blondegirl, that's how I've had to stay for Josie.

Tim Gibbs:

Just a chin implant.


For Mark Mortimer: Is it true that Nick will join a religious cult?

There has been rumors to that affect...

Mark Mortimer:

that is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard.


For all the stars how long does it take to film an episode?

Amy Carlson:

As long as it takes. Anywhere from 10-18 hours that's every day by the way.


Mark...Is that you in the magazine ad for for Shaving gel (I think).

There's a pic (I think it's you), and it says heartbreaker under it.

Mark Mortimer:

yes thats me!


Thanks for joining us today! It was great seeing you Amy and Tim. In

case you're wondering (which I'm sure you are ), Tim and Amy are

going to relax and swim before the big homecoming event at UA.

Tim Gibbs:

It's always a pleasure, thank you so much for the opportunity to chat.

Amy Carlson:

Thanks for not asking the 2 questions that you always ask. ;)

Tim Gibbs:

Be sure to check out my website, and the exciting new

additions in Los Angeles, New York City and South America.


Mark and Dahlia- do you two like working together? Are the love

scenes uncomfortable?

Dahlia Salem:

We really haven't had any love scenes yet. But I love working with

Mark. We have a lot of fun together.

Mark Mortimer:

yes, we like working together, but we've never actually had sex.

Dahlia Salem:

He tries to get in my light a lot! He enjoys shadowing me!!

Mark Mortimer:

she's easy to shadow


Do any of you read your fan mail, and on average, how much do you

get a week?

Mark Mortimer:

Mark and Dahlia; we read allllllllll the fan mail and respond as soon

as possible and we get quite a bit.

Mark Mortimer:

thank you very much for your questions we have enjoyed this time

with you very much


All of us at and Yahoo! wish you a fantastic day, and we look

forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Hank Cheyne, Brian Krause and Laura Moss have just joined us!


Laura Moss -- how do you see your character Amanda Cory progressing

over the next few episodes?

Laura Moss:

Rachel's dissappearance forces her to look at Carl in a different

light. And starts to appreciate him. Long time coming, huh?


Brian: what has it been like working with the cast of "AW"? Did they

openly welcome you to the production?

Brian Krause:

It's been very challenging. Everybody has been more than welcoming.

They made me feel very comfortable from the moment I got there.


Laura- I've read that you were trained in musical theater and dance.

Any desire to return to those roots in the future?

Laura Moss:

Yes I do have aspirations to return to the theatre. Its the best

training for me, I believe.


Laura, who is your favorite jazz musician?

Laura Moss:

I have lots of favorite jazz musicians on any given day, but today

I'm thinking John Coltrane


Laura Moss -- do you have any influence over how the scripts are

written or over your character's personality?

Laura Moss:

No, I do not have any input in how they write Amanda, only in how I

play what they write. It would be nice to have more input.

Laura Moss:

We have another new head writer so things will be changing.


Brian: what can you tell us about future developments for Matt Cory?

Brian Krause:

I'm a little uncertain. I hope that they continue to match Lila.


Laura - what do you think about the way your character has turned -

she is so bad now

Laura Moss:

Well I don't mind playing a bad character, we all do terrible things

at some point in our lives. As long as we understand why she does

what she does I think it could be great.


Do you think Amanda just needs a 'man' in her life?

Laura Moss:

AMANDA NEEDS A MAN, YES! YES! YES! (do you get my drift?)


Laura, do you have any imput as to the hairstyle and clothing you

wear on the show?

Laura Moss:

Hair & Clothing...Hair I have some input. Clothing, unfortunately, I

do not. But everyone is in the process of changing Amanda's image -

fewer power suits.


AW cast: Tim Gibbs and Amy Carlson came online yesterday. Are they

as wacky on the set as they appear in a chat room?

Brian Krause:

They're pretty wacky in person. They both have a great sense of

humor. I know that when they work together, they keep things light

and fun. But they take their job very seriously at the same time.


Brian- was it easy to get right into the Matt role? Did you watch

past shows of him?

Brian Krause:

It was pretty easy to get into "Matt" because the other characters

in the show helped me to learn all the history of "Matt." I didn't

want to watch any previous shows because I want to make Matt my own,

and I really didn't want to know what Matt Crane ha done. I didn't

want to emulate him as much as I was trying to create my own



Whatever happend to the previous 'Matt'?

Brian Krause:

Matt Crane has established himself as a sculptor/artist and has put

his time into his love. I believe he's very happy following this

dream of his.