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OnlineHost: NBC Online is pleased to present David Forsyth, who portrays Dr. John Hudson on "Another World". A native of Long Beach, CA, Forsyth was an "army brat," the son of a decorated Marine Corps colonel. Before embarking on an acting career at the age of 30, he was a paramedic and firefighter in Florida. He performed extensively in local dinner theaters, including Burt Reynolds'.

OnlineHost: He played the eldest sibling of a popular trio of brothers on "Search for Tomorrow" and had roles on "One Life to Live," "As the World Turns" and "Texas" before joining "Another World" in March 1987.

OnlineHost: A decorated ex-Marine, he served in Vietnam and Central America from 1968 to 1969. He enjoys water-skiing, racquetball and running, and he is a certified scuba diver and underwater rescue specialist.

OnlineHost: Welcome Mr. Forsyth!

CSEmcee4: Welcome David Forsyth!

OnlineHost: Your emcee is LindaSG.

CSEmcee4: Let's get a question from our audience!

Question: How did you spend New Years?

ForsythD: I spent New Years with my brother Michael Hudson and his family.

Question: Your character, Dr. John Hudson is a Vietnam War Vet, and you served in Vietnam as well. What other similarities do you and your character posses?

ForsythD: We both have a very caring nature and an affinity for medicine.

Question: Would you be friends with someone like your character?

ForsythD: I think John is very principled. And so am I.

Question: Which one of Anna Holbrook's three personalities did you like doing scenes with most: Kate, Sharley or Sharlene?

ForsythD: Sharlene. I had such a hard time with Sharley. It kicked up a lot of stuff. She was so good at it and made it so realistic it was difficult to be around her, because Sharley was so obnoxious.

Question: Do you pal around with any of your cast members outside of work?

ForsythD: Yeah. Michael Hudson, my brother who is coming back to the show. Paul Michael Valley is a good friend, and several others.

Question: Are you married? Do you have any children?

ForsythD: No. No.

Question: If you could portray someone else on Another World, for a day, who would it be and why?

ForsythD: It would be Carl, because he is such a nasty character and I never get a chance to be a rotten person.. and its good to do that. As an actor, I mean.

Question: If Dr. John Hudson was going to have an affair with one of the other female characters, who do you think if would be?

ForsythD: Lorna, she's dangerous.

Question: You have been on the show for, I believe 8 years now; do you plan to stay with Another World for as long as the show goes on or do you have plans to leave to do other projects?

ForsythD: Yes, I do plan to stay with 'Another World," as well as pursue some other projects in theater, as well as film.

Question: How has working on the show changed since you began in 1987?

ForsythD: It hasn't changed me. I'm too SOLID to let it affect me.

Question: How do you spend your time off?

ForsythD: Let's see....In the coroner's office.... performing autopsies....trying to help out as much as I can. You may think it macabre, but it's a hobby and I enjoy it.

Question: How many hours a day do you work on the set?

ForsythD: 10-15 is the average day.

Question: I have really enjoyed watching you - and your character- develop over the years. How do you feel about portraying someone who is now more mainstream, less of a rebel?

ForsythD: The bear is merely sleeping!

Question: Where did you scuba dive?

ForsythD: I been diving all over the world. The two most beautiful places have been Okinawa and Beliz, in Central America.

Question: Welcome to AOL, David. I'm sure you've been asked HOW you got into acting/television, but my question is.. WHY did you get into it? What made the decision for you?

ForsythD: Frustration with civil service. I was a firefighter and a paramedic and realized that no matter how hard you worked or how little you worked everyone progressed pretty much at the same speed. And I wanted some control over my life, even if it meant taking a big risk, and acting is a really big risk.

Question: Have you been with Another world from the start of the show way back when?

ForsythD: No! Its been on for 30 years. I've only been on for seven.

Question: Who got you where you are?

ForsythD: I did. I took the bus, and took a right on fifth Avenue, to 30 Rock. That's how I got here.

Question: Hi, David! I'm glad you liked the calendar! How much do you and Anna rehearse together? John & Sharlene are my favorite AW couple.

ForsythD: We rehearse very little. We talk about the scenes more than we rehearse them. We're looking for something more than what's on the written page.

Question: What unit were you with in Vietnam?

ForsythD: I was with the First Marines, in I-Corps, around Da Nang.

Question: How did you get started acting?

ForsythD: When I was thirty I went back to school- just decided to do something different. I majored in acting and directing.

Question: How has working on the show changed over the years?

ForsythD: It's been a bit of a roller-coaster, actually. Every time producers change or the writers change, there's a ripple effect; an adjustment that must be made by all the cast members, as well as the crew. And we've had several changes in the past seven years since I've been associated with the show. But, I'm hoping for smooth water ahead.

Question: What do you think of Days of our Lives?

ForsythD: I know and love lots of people on the show. :)

Question: John hasn't had much to do lately besides being up for Chief of Staff. What's on the agenda for him?

ForsythD: Give me a second, there is going to be a big battle that will involve a member of the hospital..... uh- maybe I'm giving away too much...Sharlene and I will be fine.

Question: Was it hard to adjust to Sharlene again after Kelsey left?

ForsythD: No, it wasn't. There were a few moments of adjustment. But it had little to do with Sharlene, the character. It was just a matter of Anna and I getting back in the rhythm of working with one another. Kaitlin and I worked very differently.

Question: Michael's coming back? Yea! Is Kale Browne going to play the part again?

ForsythD: Yes he is. And we're very glad to have him back! And you heard it here first!

Question: You said that you were not married. What qualities would you look for in a spouse/girlfriend?

ForsythD: Sensitivity and humor are paramount. And did I mention humor?

Question: Do you watch any other soaps?

ForsythD: Um....I do but not any particular one. I like to see what the competition is doing, I'm also very curious as to why #1 shows are rated that way. Based on what I see, our show should be rated #1! (Or close to it.)

Question: What is it like behind the scenes in A/W? Does everyone get along?

ForsythD: Everyone gets along very well. Except for... Julian McMahon. Nobody likes him.

Question: Do you have any other projects in the works?

ForsythD: Yes. I'm working with a friend of mine who is a Vietnam Vet, on a project that may take us back to Vietnam this year.

Question: I saw you and Anna Holbrook in an Off-Broadway play a few years ago-- Blue Skies, no Blue Plains, I think. Do you get the chance to do much theater?

ForsythD: Yes, I do, just about every year. I go to North Carolina to work at the state theater of North Carolina at Flat Rock.

Question: Are you doing your own typing as we watch? Do you enjoy online stuff? Did you know we have an "Another World" chat group on AOL?

ForsythD: Yes! I'm doing my own typing. I believe that NBC Online is going to begin scheduling Chat forums for Another World fans in the NBC Chat room.

Question: How difficult is it to adjust to a recast? For example, I think you've worked with at least 2 Donnas?

ForsythD: Yeah. Sometimes its very easy. In the case of Donnas, this was true, because Anna Stuart is such a joy to work with. A real pro.

Question: Where are you now?

ForsythD: New York.

Question: I have heard that there are not many retakes on "soaps." How much rehearsal time do you get? How do you REMEMBER all your lines?

ForsythD: Study. Like anything else, when you work with a script its like working out in a gym. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Question: Hello, love the show etc. Was the character who portrays Charlene worried about the previous Spencer's HIV positive condition?

ForsythD: She was concerned, and discussed it with him. But that was prior to his learning that he was HIV positive.

Question: How do you like working on a New York soap? How is it different from a West Coast soap?

ForsythD: I've never worked on a West Coast soap. Can't help ya.

Question: Who is your favorite band of all times?

ForsythD: That's a tough one, I can't narrow it down, but if you force me... I'd have to say Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. That dates me, doesn't it? Jefferson Airplane was pretty good, too. Oh hell- all '60s bands were great!

Question: I am a long-time fan and love John Hudson. I wish he could loosen up a little. Is that on the horizon?

ForsythD: In what way?!

Question: What would you like to see go on with John in the coming year?

ForsythD: I would like to see him take more control of the hospital to the point where he starts to get out of control and becomes devious and spiteful.....and sleeps with Lorna.

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CSEmcee4: Thanks so much for joining us Mr. Forsyth!

ForsythD: Please come back and visit again! I will if you will! Please keep watching Another World and write to us and let us know what you think. Thanks!

CSEmcee4: Thanks for being here audience!

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