MSN Chat -- September 1995

Host sallynbctv: Good evening, everyone! Welcome to the NBC SuperNet Auditorium. This evening, NBC SuperNet is proud to present a chat with Timothy Gibbs, "Gary Sinclair" from one of America's best loved daytime dramas, NBC's Another World. We will be starting in just a moment.

Host sallynbctv: Timothy Gibbs will be joining us in just a minute.

Host sallynbctv: TIMOTHY GIBBS (Gary Sinclair on ANOTHER WORLD)

Host sallynbctv: Timothy Gibbs was born on April 17, 1967 in Calabasas, CA. One of five children, his oldest brother Dave is an actor, another brother, Steve is a pilot and his two sisters Lynda and Pam are teachers

Host sallynbctv: Gibbs has been an actor for seventeen years, a profession he "fell into." The actor appeared as a series regular on "Santa Barbara," "Rousters" and "Father Murphy." His other television credits include Movies of the Week "Secrets," "Police Story," "Family Honor," "Huckleberry Finn," "Goldie & The Boxer II," "Deliberate Strangers" and the Emmy Award winning Movies of The Week "Contract For Life" and "Dead Wrong." Gibbs was also seen on television in "Father Dowling Mysteries" and "Growing Pains." In addition, Gibbs has been seen in the feature films "Witchboard II," "The Kindred," Just Between Friends" and "A Letter From Brian."

Host sallynbctv: Gibbs has had the unique experience of working with many professional sports celebrities, all by coincidence. Gibbs worked with O.J. Simpson on the television movie "Goldie and The Boxer Go to Hollywood." He also appeared in a variety of commercials with Merlin Olson, Hank Aaron and Wilt Chamberlain.

Host sallynbctv: Gibbs joined the cast of ANOTHER WORLD as police academy instructor Gary Sinclair in April of this year.

Host sallynbctv: Gibbs is single and lives in Manhattan, When he's not taping the serial, he enjoys a range of outdoor activities as well as cooking and writing.

Timothy_Gibbs has been made a participant.

Host sallynbctv: Good evening Timothy!! Thanks for coming to chat with us!!

Timothy_Gibbs: Great to be here.. a pleasure.

Host sallynbctv: Here's our first question:Hi, Tim! Is this your first time online? How do you enjoy visiting with your fans via the computer

Timothy_Gibbs: My first time online with MSN, and I enjoy visiting with my fans via anything, person to person, electronic whatever.

Host sallynbctv: Another viewer would like to know: Are we going to see the Buck/Grace storyline unfold more in the future?

Timothy_Gibbs: Uhh.. Good question, I know that they left it open for Buck to return when his last line before departing was, "I'm gonna get you Gary.."

Timothy_Gibbs: So as long as he doesn't come back tomorrow and kill me.. I'd like to see his character come back, because I think he's a hell of an actor and it was a lot of fun.

Host sallynbctv: Here's another question: OK - you know we really like you - John F. Kennedy, Jr. is on Murphy Brown tonight, and we're here with you!

Timothy_Gibbs: Hahahha...

Timothy_Gibbs: JFK is on Murphy Brown? I gotta go..

Host sallynbctv: Tim, there is someone by the name Keysoul online claiming they are you -- is it? :D

Timothy_Gibbs: Yes.

Timothy_Gibbs: The name is a nickname that my brothers gave me when I was a boy, and it comes from my mother used to say that I had a lot of soul.. so my brothers for some reason, they thought that I was the momma's boy. I had the key to momma's heart.. I was the one who could get dessert when I wanted it.. and they combined the words and came up with KeySoul, and I actually have it tattooed on my right shoulder.

Host sallynbctv: How do you like working with Amy? She's seems like she's a lot of fun! --Lorin 25

Timothy_Gibbs: Amy , I call her Peanuts.. that's my nickname for her.. because she's a handful.

Host sallynbctv: Another user wants to know: Great Bath scene. Is Amy a good kisser?

Timothy_Gibbs: Amy is an exceptional kisser.. the snuggle factor with her is very high, and her lips are the right size.. The job is hell..

Timothy_Gibbs: Someone's gotta do it.

Host sallynbctv: What's it like working with your brother now that he's joined the AW cast? Will he have a larger role in the future?- Ex Tex

Timothy_Gibbs: To the first part - it's a dream come true.. that's exactly how the whole thing (his employment on the show) came about..

Timothy_Gibbs: I went into our exec producers office..

Timothy_Gibbs: And introduced her to my brother via his picture and tape..

Timothy_Gibbs: And explained that I wanted to work with him, that it was a dream, because he's my best friend. And he's talented.

Timothy_Gibbs: I felt it would be as much an asset to the show as Dave

Timothy_Gibbs: Dave's resume.

Timothy_Gibbs: And it happened it came together.

Timothy_Gibbs: The first time I had a scene with him, I was to come in the front door of this place, and walk up and bark an order at him, completely seriously.. I looked him in the eye and fell apart on him.. and I was a blithering mess man, I couldn't stop laughing.

Host sallynbctv: Tim, welcome! Are you planning on attending the Luncheon in April!

Timothy_Gibbs: Ask the Fan Club Luncheon? If that's the one, yeah.. of course. How else would I get to meet you folks face to face.

Host sallynbctv: Another member wants to know: Which one is your brother??

Timothy_Gibbs: My brother premiered on today's show.. as Officer Tibbs.. a combination of my first and last name.

Host sallynbctv: What shows do you enjoy watching on television? Or do you even watch much television?

Timothy_Gibbs: Uhh.. 60 Minutes..

Timothy_Gibbs: I used to love Saturday Night Live..

Timothy_Gibbs: And if I could watch myself without cringing, I would love our show especially now..

Timothy_Gibbs: That my brother's on..

Timothy_Gibbs: ;)

Host sallynbctv: Being a Grayson fan, I must ask this...what's your favorite ice cream flavor? :) --Lorin

Timothy_Gibbs: My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla swiss-almond.

Timothy_Gibbs: What's yours?

Host sallynbctv: You wouldn't happen to be a football fan, would you? I'm an avid Cowboy fan (ExTex - duh!) - do you have a favorite team?

Timothy_Gibbs: Yeah, my favorite team is anyone beating the Cowboys..

Timothy_Gibbs: (laughing)

Timothy_Gibbs: In all seriousness, I'm a major Miami Dolphins fan, and I just went down to a auction of sports memorabilia and won a pro ball signed by Don Shula, and # 13 Dan Marino.

Host sallynbctv: ExTex: I'll forgive you for that, and will continue to watch AW anyway -- it will be hard!!!! (Just kidding - I love the show, and your character!)

Timothy_Gibbs: Cowboys have never looked better..

Timothy_Gibbs: Tex.

Host sallynbctv: When is your new movie coming out?. PS - I don't think you look like Barney!!!-Steelehawk2

Timothy_Gibbs: My movie will be released on video because I'm such a box office draw.. ha ha...

Timothy_Gibbs: Late January..

Timothy_Gibbs: It's called "Wreckage" , its a thriller based around scuba diving.

Timothy_Gibbs: I got to dive in it too..

Host sallynbctv: I heard that Justine was accidentally going to shoot Ryan. Are you going to be involved in Justine's death?

Timothy_Gibbs: Trying to weasel information huh? Well IF Ryan were to be shot.. and I do mean IF ... Gary, would only be involved from the aspect of investigating the crime..

Host sallynbctv: So, you like to cook! What kinds of meals to you enjoy preparing? --Lorin25

Timothy_Gibbs: English muffins..

Host sallynbctv: Did you always want to be an actor? Or a cop??

Timothy_Gibbs: Uh I'm supplementing my income as an actor, until I can become a cop.

Timothy_Gibbs: But in all reality I dreamed as a lot of kids did, of being a cop..

Timothy_Gibbs: And uh, part of the reason I am so attracted to what I do, is because it

Timothy_Gibbs: provides me with the opportunity to even unrealistically, experience things like police work.

Timothy_Gibbs: That I've had wishes to experience..

Timothy_Gibbs: At one time or another..

Host sallynbctv: do you hang-out with the other castmates at all???-leighmarie

Timothy_Gibbs: Uhh.. Yeah.

Timothy_Gibbs: When I can keep up with them.

Timothy_Gibbs: With Tom Eplin, Amy Carlson, Joe Barbara, and Judy Evans it is like being in college..

Timothy_Gibbs: Long hours..

Timothy_Gibbs: Loud music..

Timothy_Gibbs: And lots of trouble.

Timothy_Gibbs: Sometimes naked.

Host sallynbctv: I recently left a corporate job to strike out on my own; did you leave something lucrative to cast your lot in the acting arena, or plan on acting as a career from the start?

Timothy_Gibbs: I started acting at 11.

Timothy_Gibbs: And left behind a very lucrative lemonade stand..

Timothy_Gibbs: that I planned on taking public.

Host sallynbctv: You said you like the outdoors, what type of activities do you involve yourself in when you're not working?-Red5

Timothy_Gibbs: I love the outdoors, I love scuba diving, and flying..

Timothy_Gibbs: Come from a family of pilots.. if it flies.. we probably been in it.

Timothy_Gibbs: I love the ocean and I like surfing.

Timothy_Gibbs: And although it's not outdoors, boxing.

Host sallynbctv: Another Member would like to know: What's a typical day for Tim Gibbs?

Timothy_Gibbs: Gosh..

Timothy_Gibbs: I wish I could say that I was regimented.

Timothy_Gibbs: enough to have a typical day. Sometimes I wish I was more predictable..

Timothy_Gibbs: I'm kinda flying by the seat of my pants. all I know is I'm still here.

Timothy_Gibbs: And I always floss.

Host sallynbctv: What's your favorite kind of music?

Timothy_Gibbs: I like a wide variety of music..

Timothy_Gibbs: music is a large part of what I do..

Timothy_Gibbs: In fact behind me is headphones that look like they should be attached to some system at Carnegie Hall, as opposed to the little compact disc player.. I learn my lines while listening to music in my headphones..

Timothy_Gibbs: For two reasons..

Timothy_Gibbs: a) I'm usually learning them in the car on the way to work.

Timothy_Gibbs: and it allows to study without having to answer any questions.. from the people I'm riding in with..

Timothy_Gibbs: b) the other is that scenes, interaction, is rhythmic..

Timothy_Gibbs: and so I try to pick music from all categories , classical

Timothy_Gibbs: to crazy.

Host sallynbctv: Sounds like you grew up around lots of water - maybe the East or West coast? Gulf Coast?-Ex Tex

Timothy_Gibbs: West Coast California.. near Malibu Beach..

Host sallynbctv: Any plans to do any work here in Nashville at Paul Michael Valley's theatre? We'd love to have you!

Timothy_Gibbs: I have a great respect for Paul, and am glad to say that we're becoming solid friends.. I would love to work with Paul in his theatre..

Host sallynbctv: Do you like living on the east coast or do you go west whenever you can?

Timothy_Gibbs: I just got back from the west..

Timothy_Gibbs: but when I first knew of my relocation.. to the east..

Timothy_Gibbs: I was skeptical because of the active lifestyle I had lived in California.

Timothy_Gibbs: But I made a conscious decision to seek out the positives and found that it was much easier than I anticipated.. and to answer your question..

Timothy_Gibbs: I love it.

Host sallynbctv: Do you ever fall in love with your leading ladies?-JohnC_C

Timothy_Gibbs:I did once.. Never again... never again.. John.

Timothy_Gibbs: Did you hear me?

Host sallynbctv: I'm thinking of coming to the Heartshare fundraiser -- recommend any hotels in the area?

Timothy_Gibbs: Uh yeah.. oh yeah..

Timothy_Gibbs: I'm a hotel fanatic.. I live in a hotel.

Timothy_Gibbs: If you're a modern sort.. stay at the Royalton..

Timothy_Gibbs: Just change clothes in the lobby.. cause there won't be room to do it in your room.

Host sallynbctv: What's the funniest thing that has happened to you on the set?

Timothy_Gibbs: Oh God..

Timothy_Gibbs: *sigh*

Timothy_Gibbs: I'd have to say it didn't happen to me.. but while I was waiting to tape a scene.. that we had just dress rehearsed.

Timothy_Gibbs: The camera started rolling.. and when one of the camera's didn't move with us actors.. tape was stopped.. and there was one of our cameramen snoring..

Timothy_Gibbs: in his chair..

Timothy_Gibbs: Great for my ego.

Timothy_Gibbs: (laughing) Hopefully I'm not putting you to sleep.

Host sallynbctv: What's it like working with Linda Dano?

Timothy_Gibbs: Boy its one of those experiences that you'll carry with you for not only what you learn, but for what you feel.. for the rest of your life.

Timothy_Gibbs: She's different.. and big part of why this experience has me blessed.

Host sallynbctv: Do you keep in touch with anyone from Santa Barbara? Do you watch any other soaps?

Timothy_Gibbs: I watch Days of Our Lives occasionally..

Timothy_Gibbs: And I keep in touch with Nancy Grahn,

Timothy_Gibbs: and Louise Sorel.

Host sallynbctv: What's really in the beer bottle's on the show?-Steelehawk2

Timothy_Gibbs: Good question..

Timothy_Gibbs: When I can talk them in to it..

Timothy_Gibbs: Real beer.

Timothy_Gibbs: But that is rare..

Timothy_Gibbs: So it is usually near beer.

Host sallynbctv: What's it like working with Grayson? He's seems like he would be a laugh a minute! :D

Timothy_Gibbs: To go back, so if you catch me slurring my dialogue, you know what I've been drinking..

Timothy_Gibbs: As for Grayson, he's an unusual chap. What I refer to as a rare guy..

Timothy_Gibbs: Can't put my finger on him, but he makes me smile.

Timothy_Gibbs: And he's becoming a good friend. Did you know he's an avid fisherman..

Timothy_Gibbs: ?

Host sallynbctv: You talk about brother(s) - any sisters, or is yours an all-male clan?

Timothy_Gibbs: No two older sisters.. Lynda and Pam..

Timothy_Gibbs: Both mommies.. bless them for making me an uncle.

Timothy_Gibbs: And to answer your question that's coming..

Timothy_Gibbs: Between the two of them, they have three boys and two girls. . So the boys still outnumber ...

Timothy_Gibbs: YES!

Host sallynbctv: If you could star in any primetime show on the air right now what would it be?

Timothy_Gibbs: Law and Order..

Host sallynbctv: teelehawk2: What is Joe Barbara and Matt Crane like to work with?

Timothy_Gibbs: Joe is tall.. so tall that working with him is a pain in the neck...

Timothy_Gibbs: Or maybe I'm short..

Timothy_Gibbs: Short enough to enjoy working with Matt Crane comfortably..

Host sallynbctv: Do you like your storyline? What changes would make with the character if you could?

Timothy_Gibbs: I love my storyline..

Timothy_Gibbs: When I first auditioned for this show..

Timothy_Gibbs: It was for the role of Evan.

Timothy_Gibbs: Obviously.. I didn't get it.

Timothy_Gibbs: Screentest number 2 was for Joe..

Timothy_Gibbs: I wasn't tall enough.

Timothy_Gibbs: Then they offered me Gary.

Timothy_Gibbs: And as soon as they told me that he would be both a recovering alcoholic and an anti-hero, I jumped at it because

Timothy_Gibbs: of the identity that alcoholism brings..

Timothy_Gibbs: to the audience.. and secondary because I had already played a bad guy on Santa Barbara and wanted to play a good guy this time around.

Host sallynbctv: Has it been tough playing an alcoholic and did you attend a real AA meeting as research?

Timothy_Gibbs: Many.. I am not an alcoholic.. but I am an 'oholic' of other things..

Timothy_Gibbs: so I understand addiction..

Timothy_Gibbs: And found it relatively easy to relate to the many friends I made sitting in on those meetings.

Host sallynbctv: We're going to start wrapping things up in a few minutes... Here's another question from a member who'd like to know: Of all the actors & actresses you have worked with, which one did you enjoy working with the most?

Timothy_Gibbs: Michael Landon.. and Mary Tyler Moore.. Ted Danson..

Timothy_Gibbs: And Christine Lahti.. and believe it or not.. OJ Simpson played my adopted father in a telefilm titled, "Goldie and Boxer Goes to Hollywood." My first big role as a child actor.

Timothy_Gibbs: And I lived through it.

Timothy_Gibbs: (laughing)

Host sallynbctv: To end of a good note..we have to ask..boxers or briefs?????

Timothy_Gibbs: A fig leaf..

Host sallynbctv: Tim, we can't begin to thank you enough for holding this chat with us this evening!! Thank you so much and the best of luck.

Timothy_Gibbs: Thank you.. and I wish..

Timothy_Gibbs: we could talk longer there's lots to say.. and probably I could learn from all of you about the show. We'll do it again soon.. Peace and Good Fortune..

Host sallynbctv: Thanks to everyone for participating in this evening in the NBC SuperNet's chat with Another World's Timothy Gibbs. Be sure to tune in every weekday for the latest on Another World.

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Host sallynbctv: "Another World" has been innovative since its inception. In January 1975, it became the first serial to adopt a one-hour format, and it later was the first to expand to 90 minutes. The show also pioneered the casting of celebrities as guests in the storylines. Among the notables: Morgan Freeman, Susan Sullivan, Faith Ford, Liberace, Dick Cavett, Al Roker and Sally Jessy Raphael. The serial has also broken ground on several important social issues, including the tragedy of AIDS, post-Vietnam stress syndrome, date rape, multiple-personality disorder, alcohol addiction, manic-depressive behavior and child molestation.

Host sallynbctv: The serial has presented two particularly innovative and highly praised special episodes in recent years. "The Case of the Stolen Heart," which was filmed in black and white and telecast in early 1992, spoofed the detective movies of the 1940s while telling the love story of Cass (Stephen Schnetzer) and Frankie (Alice Barrett). The episode won the Directors Guild Award for Best Direction of a Daytime Program. "Murder on the Honeymoon Express -- The Vanishing Game," telecast in 1993, was set in the 1920s and filmed in sepia tone.

Host sallynbctv: "Another World" has taken its cameras on location to various locations, including Nice (France), the Caribbean, the Southwest -- and even to the extremely cold clime of Banff, Alberta, Canada, for Grant (Mark Pinter) and Vicky's (Jensen Buchanan) winter-wonderland honeymoon. Last year, Jake (Tom Eplin) and Paulina's (Judi Evans Luciano) summer-wilderness adventure was shot in Upstate New York.

Host sallynbctv: "Another World" was nominated for five Daytime Emmys this year in the categories of Direction, Original Song, Music Direction, Hairstyling and Costume Design. In past years, the show has won the Emmy as Outstanding Drama Series as well as Emmys for Writing, Directing, Hairstyling, Costume and Set Design, and for Best Actor, Actress and Ingenue. The program's creative staff is frequently recognized by numerous soap-opera publications for its contributions to the production of some 260 episodes a year.

Host sallynbctv: Jill Farren Phelps was named the executive producer in May 1995. She previously served as the executive producer of "Guiding Light" (1991-95) and "Santa Barbara" (1988-90).

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