Transcript of Tim's NBC "Another World" Chat
with Amy Carlson -- 4/10/96

Host NBCshows: Hi. Welcome to the NBC SuperNet Auditorium and the NBC HTTV chat room on the web.

Tonight, we have two special guests here in our New York offices: AMY CARLSON and TIM GIBBS of NBC's "Another World."

Tim is a little late to our party, but will be joining us shortly.

We'll be taking questions from both the MSN and NBC's site on the World Wide Web ( Amy and Tim are here to chat with you. So ask them anything that's on your mind! We encourage having F U N ! ! !

Host NBCshows: Before we begin this "Another World" Wide Web Chat with all the fans out there in cyberspace, here's a few background notes on our guests' careers thus far:

AMY CARLSON, one of four children, was born on July 7 in Elmhurst Ill. and was raised in Glen Ellyn, Ill. Her television credits include "The Untouchables," "Missing Persons," "Legacy of Lies" and "America's Most Wanted."

Carlson joined "Another World" as police cadet Josie Watts, on December 31, 1993 and was nominated for her portrayal in the Outstanding Female Newcomer category at the 1995 Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Carlson, who lives in New York City, plays electric bass and guitar with a band called M.S.G. She also enjoys softball, running, snow and water skiing and horseback riding.

Host NBCshows: Well, enough of this...let's get chatting! Amy and Tim are here with us in the NBC SuperNet Auditorium. Welcome!

Amy_and_Tim: Hi everyone thanks for coming! Tim is not here yet, he is en route. He will be here shortly!

Host NBCshows: Do you hang around with any of your fellow cast members away from the set? -Lisa in FL.

Amy_and_Tim: Sometimes, I hang out with Tim, Diego, Robyn, Matt, Joe. We are all friends and we often do appearances together and charities.

Host NBCshows: KC Fan: Wed, Apr 10, 9:10PM EDT (-0400GMT) Amy - I really like the scenes between you and Anna Holbrook. Is playing her daughter as easy as it appears?

Amy_and_Tim: Yes, I adore her. We have a great friendship, which helps and I think shows.

Host NBCshows: B_Berg: Amy? When did you leave Elmhurst?

Amy_and_Tim: I never lived in Elmhurst. I grew up in Glen Ellyn and left for college when I was 17!

Host NBCshows: Eliz in NC: Amy, do you still maintain a roof garden, and if so, what's growing up there now?

Amy_and_Tim: I am about ready to plant my garden. This year I am giving up on the vegetables and will just be planting lots and lots of flowers. I am a midwestern girl and didn't quite understand that you can't grow vegetables in New York on your fire escape!

Host NBCshows: Boyne: Wed, Apr 10, 9:10PM EDT (-0400 GMT) Boyne: How do you two get along and like working together?

Amy_and_Tim: He is not here so I am going to speak for both of us. He loves me and loves working with me. HA HA!! Tim is great to work with. He is a very patient and giving actor!

Host NBCshows: Cindy_Baumohl: Amy, are you married? Any children?

Amy_and_Tim: Nope, but I have three cats, does that count??

Host NBCshows: Amy - Do you ever keep in touch with Julian McMahnon?

Amy_and_Tim: No, I don't, but I here he is in Los Angeles!!

Host NBCshows: Gizmo-Z: Amy when you kiss Tim, who are you thinking about for real to get into the kiss?

Amy_and_Tim: Do you think I need more???

Host NBCshows: CHM25: Amy - are you typing yourself?

Amy_and_Tim: No!!

Host NBCshows: Amy, it's unusual to find an actress with a degree in something other than Film/Theatre. Why did you major in History? Had you planned to do something specific with a History degree? Lucky for us that you got sidetracked by acting! -Fiona Spears

Amy_and_Tim: Thank you! I was inches away from going to Law School, but decided instead to go to Chicago and pursue acting. I was lucky enough to get work --- and here I am. I majored in history because I had one of the most amazing history professors at Knox college, Mikiso Hane.

Host NBCshows: B_Berg: What kind of acting jobs did you have in Chicago?

Amy_and_Tim: See above. Plus I worked in theatre and commercials!

Host NBCshows: niccih: Amy, how long have you been tap dancing?

Amy_and_Tim: What??? Didn't you watch the show I can not tap dance! It was all a hoax! It was done with mirrors and puppets!

Host NBCshows: Tim Gibbs has now joined us!

sfiona: A question for Tim: How did it feel to punch Joe Barbara's lights out on yesterday's show?

Amy_and_Tim: It felt wonderful. He deserved it!

Host NBCshows: JensenFan: Amy, I'm looking forward to seeing you in 10 days at the luncheon, will you be singing?

Amy_and_Tim: Yes, I will be singing the lead from Le Miserables. Ha Ha just kidding. I hope I won't be singing but Vicky Wyndham has probably already assigned me a part!

Host NBCshows: I have enjoyed watching both of you on AW. It is sometimes hard to separate the characters from the actors. Do you ever feel as if your characters are taking over your own personalities? Do you have any input as to how your character may act in a certain situation? Amy, your character has become very reactive to all situations. Does this seem to have evolved over time with Josie or do you think she has always been this way? Do you both feel that AW is now headed in the right direction for success? Keep up the good work! Tell everyone that we're out here watching and enjoying! Vicki Cogelja

Amy_and_Tim: Tim: Vicki I didn't have to read your question because I knew if I just guessed there would be something contained in the phone book of a question. So the answer is YES!

Amy - I feel that Josie has always been very reactive. Amy - I feel that Josie sometimes wants everything to be ok with everyone and at other times just flies off the handle. That is because she is very passionate, as you can see with Gary!

Host NBCshows: Timothy: in another chat, you said your nickname for Amy was "Peanuts" because "she's a handful." Is she better behaved now? Or is it still difficult to keep her in line?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy -- give me a break, he was talking about himself. Tim- Don't let her fool you. She is a bigger handful now more than ever.

Host NBCshows: B_Berg: How far in advance do you guys have to work to memorize your lines?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy -- I studied diligently, Tim five minutes! Tim- Five minutes!

Host NBCshows: LWJPSD: Amy did you talk with real cops to prepare for the role?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - yes I wanted to pierce my ears but they said that they don't let female cops wear earrings! And I asked if a cop would ever give up their gun as in the situation with Ari, and they said 1% of the time.

Host NBCshows: niccih: Tim, it is nice to see you in daytime again. I have not seen you since you played Dash Nichols on Santa Barbara. What other soap operas have you played and do you stay in touch with any of the other Santa Barbara cast.

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - I did one soap in Italy called Secrets. As a matter of fact, I just came from an appearance with Robyn Mattson.

Host NBCshows: COMMACK4: How long will it be before Gary gets his job back and everyone finds out what Blaire {A.K.A.-Jackie, Cobra} did to Gary? P.S.-My mother loves the show, and she says hi. Keep up the good work guys!!!!!

Amy_and_Tim: Tim and Amy - Hi mom! We don't know when he gets his job back. Soon we hope!! Especially Josie, he suspended without pay, she can't afford the rent

Host NBCshows: Someone started a rumor online that Joe Barbara was responsible for mad cow disease. Is this true? :) Mary G.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - What that's insane. Tim - That is absolutely correct!

Host NBCshows: Amy, last September, Tim did a chat and he had the following response to the question: Is Amy a good kisser? "Amy is an exceptional kisser.. the snuggle factor with her is very high, and her lips are the right size.. The job is hell... Someone's gotta do it." Any comments? ROBIN

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - That's all! He's been lying to me! Complaining that we have to

practice. Tim - Did I say Amy?? I meant Vicky Wyndham!

Host NBCshows: annaliese: Tim: I've spent time in Italy too. Do you speak Italian?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - poco!

Host NBCshows: What do you think of this online technology? And what do you think of us crazy fans in cyberspace who're chattin with you now?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Hang 10! ;-) Tim - I love it because it's one of the few opportunities we have to interact with fans of the show and get feedback in an environment where we are able to listen and respond comfortably!

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Hang 10! ;-)

Host NBCshows: Hi Tim, I was wondering if your brother Dave will be given a larger part on the show? Also, why is it that he has never been listed in the closing credits? Not that I don't love Gary and Josie, but I want more Tibbs! -Kim (AWFan2)

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - I do too! He is my friend both as Tibbs and as Dave! Tim - NBC is currently working on the development of the Tibbs show - this fall on NBC! The premise, all I can say is, Dave Gibbs naked!

Host NBCshows: We're now about to let a lucky "Another World" fan go one-on-one with Amy and Tim for a few questions! One of you will be made a PARTICIPANT in the ON STAGE chat room. The gloves are coming off :-) If this happens to be you, please ask your questions directly in the ON STAGE Room and not the Open Mic Room. Remember that Amy and Tim are our guests and should be treated accordingly annaliese has been made a participant.

annaliese: Hi Amy! Hi Tim! You are the reason I started watching AW, and I really enjoy your work! Do you have any specific input into your characters' development?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - not really! I sort of take it as it comes! Tim - Indirectly, indeed yes!

annaliese: Amy: I know you're in a band. What type of music do you play, and where are most of your gigs?

Amy_and_Tim: My new bands name is porridge. We play sort of an ambient grunge. We have a gig at CBGB's Gallery on April 27 at 8:00pm!

annaliese: Tim: Do you by any chance have a brother/relative named Bobby? He's a friend of mine that really looks like you

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Not according to my folks!

Host NBCshows: Ok, annaliese, get your last question in for Amy and Tim.

annaliese: Looking forward to seeing you in Markham. Do you guys dance?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Amy of course is a professional tap dancer, didn't you see the show?? Amy - Yes I love to dance, but I am more free style.

annaliese: LOLThanks SO much for your time and patience. Your're the reason I started watching AW, and really enjoy your work.

Host NBCshows: Thank you Annaliese for "virtually" getting personal with Amy and Tim! annaliese has been made a spectator.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Tim - Thanks for talking to us, annaliese. Glad you like the show.

Host NBCshows: Lorin25: Tim, Amy -- if you have access to the Internet do you ever check out the AW Home Pages (web sites)?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Yah I have. Especially when NBC was on AOL!

Host NBCshows: (more of a comment than a question) COMMACK4: First of all-Amy you are the most gorgeous woman in the world and Tim-Boy are you sexy! Keep up the good work!!!!!

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Tim - Thank you! You are not so bad yourself, I think??

Host NBCshows: Check our Backstage area... for some digital photos of our chat go word=NBC Backstage.

Host NBCshows: Tim, in Amy's last chat she said the following about you: "He's a great actor. Very concentrated in the studio which I think is cool. He listens to his Walkman too much though." My question is: what do you listen to on that Walkman?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - now he has friends and we can't shut him up! Tim - porridge!

Host NBCshows: sfiona: Tim, during Joe's bachelor party, Joe mad a crack about your hair cut. Have you gotten a lot of grief over it?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Wait til you see it now! Can you say marine??

Host NBCshows: (Tim is thinking...)

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Joe can't be held responsible for his comments about my hair. The line you heard was actually spoken by Joe's Elvis coiffure, which also has its own dressing room and adjacent apartment!

Host NBCshows: If Gary wasn't with Josie who would you pick for him and Amy who would you want Josie with if it weren't Gary?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - No one! Tim ??? Tim - I would pick Amy! Amy - OHHHHH, he is trying to score points so I will forgive him for the haircut!

Host NBCshows: Do you remember your first kiss? Who was it with and how old were you?
Amy_and_Tim: Amy- mine was with Kevin Bixler in grade school at the bike racks! Tim - Mine was with Jennifer Gerro in the back of my moms brown station wagon.

Host NBCshows: We're now about to let a lucky "Another World" fan go one-on-one with Amy and Tim for a few questions! One of you will be made a PARTICIPANT in the ON STAGE chat room. The gloves are coming off :-) If this happens

to be you, please ask your questions directly in the ON STAGE Room and not the Open Mic Room. Remember that Amy and Tim are our guests and should be treated accordingly. AWFan2 has been made a participant.

Host NBCshows: Go for it AWFan2. AWFan2: Is it true that AW block voted for the emmys?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Emmys, what are those??

AWFan2: How does everyone feel about Mark Pinter not being nominated?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - I don't feel that any awards program is a realistic representation of the best work being done in this genre. So therefore the inability to recognize Mark for his outstanding work doesn't surprise me and he is still a winner in all of our books.

AWFan2: Do you ever have time to respond to some of your fan mail? Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Yes, I always respond. It may take me a while but I always respond. Tim - I am a little slow but I will get to everyone of them.

Host NBCshows: ok, AWFan2, get your last question in...

AWFan2: Do you always see Gary and Josie being together?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - I don't know. Who knows what the future holds, let me look into my crystal ball. Tim - I am nearsighted. I can't see that far away!

Host NBCshows: Thank you AWFan2 for going one-on-one with Bay City's finest!

AWFan2: Thanks for chatting with me. AWFan2 has been made a spectator.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Tim - It was great to talk to you!

sfiona has been made a participant.

sfiona: Tim, is there any significance to the dog-tag Gary wears on the chain around his neck. Or is it yours?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Yes, the real dog-tag is mine. The 200 pound gold bar is the shows!

sfiona: Amy, do you have a favorite scene that you and Tim have had together.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - The last one.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Let me clear that up. Tim is upset. I mean every last scene.

Host NBCshows: next question...

sfiona: Do you have vacation time coming soon? You seem to have worked a lot in the past 2 months.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy- No, not in the near future. Kind of! ;) Tim - It is all a big mistake! Don't tell the network we are trying to pull one over on them.

sfiona: LOL!

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Yah Yah! We keep showing up and they think we have scenes. We just adlib and they keep it.
sfiona: It's the Gary and Josie SHOW!

Host NBCshows: Thank you Sfiona for "virtually" getting personal with Amy and Tim!

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Have we mentioned that Joe Barbara's hair is starring in Grease, Joe is co-starring?

sfiona: Thanks, Tim and Amy!

sfiona has been made a spectator.

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Amy - You're Welcome! Thank you, darling!

Host NBCshows: COMMACK4: Who are your closer friends on the cast of Another World?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Tom Eplin, Diego, Joe, Amy, Grayson and Les Brandt.

Host NBCshows: (an observation from one of your fans regarding vacation time) Gizmo-Z: Amy as long as your not pregnant you won't get a vacation.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Slavedriver!

Host NBCshows: steelehawk2: Tim-Why is it that your brother officer brian Tibbs is the only cop that is nice to you???

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - Because, I am closer to the producer than he is.

Host NBCshows: Ok folks, get your last questions in here for Amy and Tim!

Host NBCshows: niccih: Amy, how did you feel when you threw that glass of wine all over Linda Dano?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - At first, I was panicking because I love Linda, but then she started ribbing me to get me going so by the time we got to tape it was one of the most satisfying experiences I had on the show!

Host NBCshows: Lorin25: Tim, your performance this week (the "Gary get's drunk" story) was incredible. Are you sure there wasn't real boose in that bottle?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - I don't remember. Thanks a lot. This kind of support means a tremendous amount.

Host NBCshows: COMMACK4: This may seem uncomfortable to answer, but......Is there any cast member that you just want to punch and slap 'til eternity?

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - many but I don't have time. Amy - I do everyday. Several! They take it and they take it!

Host NBCshows: What do you think of the new show opening and theme? I think it's great!!! George in Canada.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - We love it too! I like the variations on the theme music throughout the show. It gives the show a sense of unity and always titillates and excites me.

Host NBCshows: Cindy_Baumohl: What are your Zodiac Signs?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - I am a double cancer with both Venus and Mars and Cancer and my moon in Sagittarius. Tim - Aries!

Host NBCshows: Do you two recommend those shower and bath scenes for us non-actors? They seem like fun...Lisa

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Yes, definitely but five hours is overboard. I recommend shorter stints! ;) Tim - Find yourself some hot water and Amy Carlson and five minutes.

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - OH MY GOD!

Host NBCshows: COMMACK4: since this chat thing is almost over, just one quick question. Will Gary {Tim} be getting back his job any time soon? If you can read this--KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YA BOTH!!!!!!!

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - Rent money Rent money!! Tim - Gary will become another surfer on the welfare wave! Amy - over Josie's dead body!!

Host NBCshows: (next to last question) cool___: How long will you stay with the soaps before you decide to try nightime or the big screen?

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - I don't know. Tim - What was the question???

Host NBCshows: (last question) What has been your fondest memory from the show thus far? What would you like to remember the least? ie. most embarrassing moment

Amy_and_Tim: Amy - It has been great making friends and I have many fond memories with the people on the show. We have a great cast and crew and staff and we get silly everyday and I want to forget that.

Host NBCshows: (Tim is thinking...hard)

Amy_and_Tim: Tim - One of my favorite memories on camera that is was the water fight Josie and Gary had in the Frame kitchen. What I would prefer to forget is every other scene because I am tough on myself. Amy - We do scenes?? I just thought we played all day!!!

Host NBCshows: THANK YOU for a great chat everyone. :-)

Special thanks to Amy Carlson and Tim Gibbs for taking the time off their busy schedule to hang with us. Reminder, please check our backstage area for digital photos from this chat...

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Amy_and_Tim: Amy/Tim Thank you for showing up. It was great to here from you. Your support for the two of us and the show is much appreciated. Peace on the streets.

Amy - keep on surfing!! I will see you out there!

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