Another World fans swamped Digest Online e-mail-boxes with questions for Executive Producer Chris Goutman. So, we gathered up a slew of queries, trekked downtown and grilled the EP for answers to your most pressing issues.

What did Goutman have to say? Read on!

First of all Chris, welcome. So far I like what I see since you took over the reins of Another World.

OK for my question:

1) Any chance of having Jordan Stark stay totally morphed as David Halliday? I think that the character of Halliday is one who, so far, is rather humorous and not as dark and gloomy as Stark has been made out to be.

2) Also this is more of a comment rather than a question. PLEASE put some more humor into the storylines. AW has had wonderful humorous stories in the past and that seems to be sadly lacking now.


Lisa "Diva" Klobucar
Lansing, MI

Chris Goutman:

1. The chances are very, very good that will happen. We're very happy with David MacDonald [who plays Jordan/David]. I think he's a great find. As the story progressed, we became very attached to the character of David, so I think you'll find David staying around for awhile.

2. I don't know if we'll be getting a lot of humor from David, but I think we're finding more humor in the Sergei/Felicia story. And I think you get humor from Cindy. Now that [Cindy's] obsession with Grant is over, I think you'll find her becoming a very nice larger-than-life character on the canvas. We're very much aware of the history of the show and the important place that humor has played in the stories. It's a part of that history that I'm very fond of as well.

Welcome Mr. Goutman!

I wanted to first say CONGRATULATIONS and to let you know I have definitely seen improvement with my favorite soap since you came aboard!

1) What I wanted to know is, will you start to focus a bit more on the veterans of the show? I see the new storyline for Felicia involving Sergei (which I LOVE!!) but we are only getting it about once a week if we are lucky. Linda Dano is a major asset to the show, in my opinion, and I know many fans would like to see her more often than we do right now.

2) I think more interaction is needed as well with all the characters of Bay do you feel about that? Will we see more characters becoming more involved with people they haven't normally been involved with in the past?

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Toledo, OH

Chris Goutman:

1. Well, I think the veterans are, as I've said over and over again, the greatest asset to the show. As to Felicia and Sergei only playing once a week, that's something we are acutely aware of and I think you'll see them playing more often. We just have to take care of a few other things before we do bring them forward, but I also think it was not an unwise decision to bring a new character out a little more slowly. I think that always helps.

I think the story's working, I think the character of Sergei's intriguing. He'll be with us for a while. The veterans are continually a matter of great interest to us and we are continuing to try to create stories for everyone.

2. Absolutely. Again I've said this on a number of occasions, when I came to this show I thought that a lot of the characters were insulated with who they dealt with and that they dealt with the same characters in the same way in patterns that repeated themselves. So my idea is hopefully in the months to come of expanding the show so that the characters are going to interact with a larger number of characters in larger stories but still telling the same sort of intimate, emotional stories that Another World can do.

Mr. Goutman,

Welcome back to Another World. You've gotten some really good things going since your reign as EP began. Are you and your team of writers giving serious thought to how to use the African-American characters on the canvas. Chris and Toni need their own serious storyline, as does Etta Mae. And please don't shy away from a Tyrone/Marley pairing. They have great chemistry together. Also, where do you envision the character of Cindy heading, without Grant or Gary on the canvas?

Sparks, MD

Chris Goutman:

The African-American story has been neglected by Another World. It is top priority with me. We are bringing on a new character: The character of K.C., Etta Mae's daughter. She has been cast and she's being played by Persia White. She will start taping the first week in May. In the meantime, we're bringing on a DA who will take part in a trial that is coming up on the show. Hopefully, he'll work out well and stay around for a while. And in the meantime we intend to flesh out the African-American cast. Again, it's a very real priority for me, as well as the writers.

I think Cindy will be heading into a lot of mischief. Not to give too much away, but earlier I was asked about David staying on the canvas, I think you might see a little David/Cindy interaction very very soon.

By bringing back Frankie, is your intention to reunite her with Cass? If so, why would you put a stop to the great story and chemistry that Cass and Lila share? Cass and Lila are proving to be a terrific couple. Are there going to be new things in store for Frankie, like a new romance perhaps?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chris Goutman:

First of all, the character of Frankie's name is Anne. I think the important thing is you'll find out more and more about Anne, Anne's story. I think right now she is a complication in Cass and Lila's relationship. I see great story in Cass and Lila. I think they a terrific couple, but they're a couple that does very well battling, as it were. So it complicates their relationship.. We'll find out more and more about Anne, which will be intriguing. And the reasons for Anne becoming a part of Cass and his daughter Charley's life will become a more and more compelling matter.

Why are you casting 2 new, young characters (Gary and Cameron's brother; Yale-bound college girl) when the main gripe of fans is that there are not enough mature characters with a history on the show? Why introduce new characters in which viewers won't want to invest time? What is your strategy and why do you think it will work?

Thank you.

Chris Goutman:

I look at Another World as a multi-generational story. The veterans have a lot of play. I think what is lacking on the show are a youthful element. All the young people that we're bringing on the show have a relationship, a very strong and powerful relationship with veterans that are already on. I just think that the younger tier of characters is another portion of the cast that's been neglected lately. I think that if you look at the entire spread of ages, we don't have a lot of kids on the show. We have Ally... and Ally is a Cory, Amanda's daughter. So all the characters that we're going to be bringing in will have a very integral relationship to all of our veterans so we're not just dumping kids on willy-nilly who have no relationship to anybody. It's very important to me that these kids come on with a history with the families that are already there.

Mr. Goutman, could you shed some light on a rumor that's circulating that Jensen Buchanan will be leaving Another World as part of the exit story for Grant/Mark Pinter?

San Diego, CA

Chris Goutman:

Jensen is with the show, she's a very important part of the show and she will be with us for a long, long time.

Mr. Goutman, What can I do (if anything) as a true fan & faithful follower of Another World, to keep the show from being cancelled? I only started watching about 3 years ago. I can tell you this, it's a better show than Sunset Beach ever thought about being. I fell in love with the "Jake-Vicki-Shane story line. Been hooked ever since.

Please say they're cancelling Sunset Beach & renewing AW!!!!!

Thank you,


Chris Goutman:

It's very easy. Look up a hundred of your friends. Call them all up. Tell them to start watching. If you have a hundred young friends, that would be better :) Tell each of those one hundred friends to find a hundred of their friends, get on the phone and call those friends. And if we can get that little ripple going and get it into a larger pool and get a larger number of viewers watching our show, we'll be on the air.


As you know, Another World will celebrate its 35th Anniversary in May. Do you have anything special planned for the show to commemorate this milestone? As a fifteen year fan of the AW, it would be great to relive some memorable moments from AW's past!

Keep up the good work, and I'm confident that those Nielsens will start moving on up!

Baltimore, MD

Chris Goutman:

You're not going to see anything on the air as of now. And it won't be May 4th when the actually anniversary will take place. We have some very terrific stories going on and I don't want to interrupt at this time the momentum I'd like our show to have going into May. This is not to say that we won't have something that will happen in June. This is our 35th year. The day is May 4. We will have ample opportunity to celebrate on the air, but not during the month of May.

Hello Mr. Goutman.

I have two questions. Sometimes I email or write to the show and I was wondering if there was any point to my doing so. Do you consider what fans who write in want when you make your storyline decisions and does snail mail carry more weight than email.

Second, are we ever going to get a love scene or at least a montage for Jake and Vicky. I would think after the miserable holidays we endured with them, their fans deserve at least a little treat. Grant groping Vicky is not my idea of romance.

Dallas, TX

Chris Goutman:

1. Oh yeah. We love to hear from everyone. We read everything. Kudos and criticisms are all read and considered. And we work hard at trying to make the show better, so if you have a good idea, send it in. I do know that emails come across my desk and letters come across my desk. So if you have something to say, say it.

2. I totally understand this and that's a terrific criticism; I agree with that. I think we need more [montages/love scenes] on the air. We'll be doing more and more of that. Jake and Vicky are our supercouple, if you want to call it that in soap lexicon. We are just developing, and will shortly launch, a new Jake/Vicky story. It's been written and will be launched and be a very important part of our summer story.

Hi, First I wanted to let you know how great I think AW is doing, and that i hope it only gets better. Secondly, i was wondering why the Lumina story hasnt been dropped back down to earth yet when that seems to be what most people want? It is not characteristic of our lovable AW, although it is based on 'romance', so doesn't it matter what the fan base thinks? Some people do not mind it and enjoy it somewhat. I myself tolerate it simply because it is part of AW. However most people do not care about it and would rather see it disappear back to 1798!! How do you feel about that and what does it take to convince you?? :)

New York

Chris Goutman:

It doesn't take anything. It's gonna disappear in May.

1. Will we ever see Cass and Felicia together romantically?

2. Do you think AW needs another backbone couple that stays together forever (Mac and Rachel)?

3. Why isn't AW more heavily promoted by NBC?

4. How do the writer's keep up with the histories of the characters?

Atlanta, GA

Chris Goutman:

1. No.

2. Yes.

3. We're very happy with our relationship with NBC and I can only say that we hope it continues for years to come.

4. We have computers. We have a database and whenever I have a question about the history of the show, we have great writers assistants who aid me in giving me pictorials. We pull tapes. I'm continually digging through the history of the show to what sort of characters existed, where the relationships of the characters have been. The history leads into the present which kicks into the future. So I think a lot of what we're doing, hopefully, will have resonance with people who know the history of the show and realize that it's the basis upon which we will move into the future with the show.

How long is Iris going to stay in jail? I mean the woman has been there since 1994, come on for a soap thats like a lifetime sentence.

Chris Goutman:

I don't want to open a can of worms here, but I love the character of Iris and I was around when Beverlee McKinsey was doing it and yeah, I think the character of Iris is something very interesting to me.

Dear Mr. Goutman:

I along with thousands of other loyal Another World fans were heartbroken in early 1997 when the long standing practice of Freeze Framing the last scene of every show was discontinued. Can you explain why this happened and if there is any chance of reinstating this much loved and sorely missed trademark of Another World?


Carlos Torres
New York, NY

Chris Goutman:

I don't know. I really don't know the answer to that. I think there are a number of decisions that NBC makes in terms of making their shows consistent. Actually, someone else asked me and I said, 'Yeah we did used to freeze frame everything,' so it's something I'll ask about in the near future, but I don't think it's a priority right now.

Dear Mr. Goutman,

1. Now that Grant Harrison is going to be murdered and with Carl Hutchins out of the picture the sole villian left in Bay City is the mysterious Jordan Stark. Although this storyline shows promise, one villian on the scene is not enough. Will you be introducing another mysterious villian or will an old favorite like Carl Hutchins be brought back?

2. Obviously as an Another World viewer, I am concerned about the rumors that the show is up for cancellation. I have submitted a variety of letters to different personnel to try to persuade NBC to save the show. What will be the determining factors to save or cancel the show? Are ratings the sole determinant? Are you satisfied with the current ratings and what is your ultimate long and short-term goal?

3. Although many of the current storylines are very exciting, I find some of the recent interplay between characters to feel a little artifical. For example, Grant actually believing that Vicky could love him after all they had been through. The total about-face is a bit much to swallow. Also, Paulina's refusal to allow Joe to retest Tito even if this irreparably damages their marriage and handing over her trust-fund money after many years of decrying the use of the Cory funds. Obviously you need to create new dilemnas for the characters but how do you avoid the problem of writing plots for an individual which are out of character?

4. I admire the witty dialogue that the writers have constructed particularly for Cass and his interplay with Felicia and Lila. I love the addition of verbal humor and repartee to the show. AW does it better than any show. Will you encourage the writers to incorporate more of this in future scripts? We viewers love a good sparring match and when sparks fly between characters. Lila is a great character in this respect. Fireworks really fly when Cass and Lila are in a room. This reminds me of the old interplay between Jake and Paulina. Felicia and Cass are also spectacular together. However, I miss the old cat fights between Vicky and Lila. These are two strong willed women who can really have at it and these two actresses shine in these scenes. After all the bad blood between them, its a shame that this conflict is ignored. AW could use some fresh conflict between the female leads. Is there any plans to develop this type of dynamic? Marley and Cindy have the potential and chemistry to carry this off.

Philadelphia, PA

Chris Goutman:

1. Well, if we're leaving David, I don't know how good David's gonna be... And I think you'll find someone else enter the Jake/Vicky story this summer.

2. Yes, ratings are the sole determinant and they look very closely at what they call demographics. They've made no bones about that. It's very straight forward. They've said "We have the numbers." So, call your friends. :)

3. Personally, I don't think either things are out of character. Grant never bought into Vicky -- He basically wanted to take his son. That was it. It was a ruse on his part. As to Paulina, I think it's very believable the guilt that she feels about never having been there for this child that she gave up under very, very emotional circumstances when she was a teenager. I think that's very believable. I think that you would want to give this child everything that you were unable to give this child during his entire life, so it has more to do with her sort of wanting to redeem herself in her eyes than because of what Joe says. It's her story and I think it is believable, I think especially Judi Luciano [Paulina] has made it extremely believable.

4. I agree. I think that our dialogue writers are extremely clever. We were talking about it the other day. Everyday you have at least a few scenes where the dialogue is just crackling. You have the [Classic Lines] page in Soap Opera Digest where people say things and I'm like "Why not this? Why not this?" I think we're very good at, I must say. And I'm very very pleased with the writers. They're a very talented bunch.

I think that Cindy will sort of pollenate through all of the female cast members. I don't know if I want to go back to Lila and Vicky. I know for a lot of fans it's nice to just have that, but I think we need to move forward. It's a reference point, so let's go forward and create new things.

Hello Mr. Goutman,

I have been watching AW for 17 years now and I've stuck with it through all of the ups and downs. I applaud the positive changes that have been made recently. My question is: will you return to family stories and relationships? In the past few years it seems as if families have been sorely lacking and the characters are floating around without any anchors. I'm not as concerned with finding the same actors, although I enjoy seeing the familiar faces return. I would just like to see the families rebuilt again. Cass used to have siblings, Felicia used to have daughters, Jake used to have cousins and an aunt and uncle, Rachel used to have more children, grandchildren and a sister, and Donna used to have siblings and a brother-in-law. I've not even mentioned the ex-spouses and ex-lovers (paging Cecile) that used to liven things up. Will you be rebuilding the families and the intertwining relationships they used to have?


Indianapolis, IN

Chris Goutman:

I think AW still has. Every story has [been] based on incredibly strong family ties. Even the Lumina story -- Rachel trying to protect her family. I can't think of a stronger family tie. The Paulina story: It's about her child. . . It's Joe and Paulina's relationship . . What a couple! What a marriage.. It's a rich, rich area. All of [our] thinking is about family. So yes. Going back to an earlier question of bringing in the youth -- My thinking is that's the way of expanding family ties and enriching family ties... That's always a priority. That's the start of our thinking when we create anything.

I think AW has suffered in the past due to a lack of direction and overarching purpose. Writers often forget history -- even now, what is happening to Rachel's daughter is the same triangle that she was in with Alice and Steven. Does that ever strike her as ironic? So my question is: Where do you want AW to go? What do you want to be AW's strengths?

Brooklyn, NY

Chris Goutman:

That's a very sort of large question. I've said this a number of times: I think that AW's strengths are in telling stories about families, about multi-generations.. But also, to me, AW, in terms of my history with the show when I was involved with it, they were doing a lot of companies. There was not only Cory Publishing and Brava, but there was Frame Construction and things like that. I think you'll see more of that. An integration of the family in the workplace with the family at home and how each one mirrors and impacts upon one another. I think that the way society's changed in the past 20 years is why we're losing viewers -- a lot of people are working. And I think that AW can refelct that in a way that I think will be very different and at the same time very true to AW's history.

Mr. Goutman, first let me congratulate you on the stupendous job you have done with Another World since taking the reins. I began watching Another World because one couple caught my eye -- Amanda Cory and Cameron Sinclair--and they remain my favorite couple, because of the stellar performances of Sandra Ferguson and Michael Rodrick. My questions are therefore about my favorite characters/actors.

1) What are your long-term plans for Amanda and Cameron? Will they find their way back to each other as I hope? Call me a hopeless romantic, but I see them as soul mates and would hate to see them permanently separated.

2) Will Cameron realize the threat that Stark poses to Amanda and ride to her rescue?

3) Will we ever find out who really killed Cameron and Gary's father and who Cameron was covering for?

Thank you!

Columbia, MO

Chris Goutman:

1 & 2. Well, what do you think? :) Yes, the answer to that is yes. David will remain on the canvas and he will continue to be a conflict for Cameron and Amanda. I love Cameron and Amanda. I think if they're gonna be star-crossed, let's put some obstacles in their way.

3. I'm not sure we ever will. I can't answer that. I know, but I'm not telling ;-)

Among other things, I'd like to ask you about the opening of the show: Are there any plans to update it in the near future? Late future? Ever? I'd love to see people like Lisa Peluso and Kim Rhodes on there. They've certainly been made integral parts of the show. That's all I would need to get excited about all of AW.

Calgary, AB

Chris Goutman:

The answer to that is yes. I like our opening. I like the style of our opening, but yes I'd like to update it. When we're picked up, it will be updated. As you know the opening has decreased in length. Our opening may be just an "op."

Is "Frankie" the real Frankie or is she just someone Jordan Stark created, and what is she going to do to Cass and Lila's relationship? (don't do too much damage!!!)

Pittsburgh, PA

Chris Goutman:

Let me answer this and hopefully we'll dramatize it because I think it's something we need to answer. Stark did not create her. This is a character who is her own person. Anne is her own person. Stark found out about her and that's about it. She came of her own free will and she has a history which hopefully the audience will find intriguing with what happened to Frankie.

I love the show and I love Jake and Vicky and I just have one little question. Why isn't Jake wearing his wedding ring anymore and where's the Jake and Vicky's place sign that should be on the cottage door? Thank you for keeping this great couple together, they make my day whenever they are on. Tom and Jensen are dynamite together, you can feel the sparks flying between them.

Phoenix, Arizona

Chris Goutman:

That's a good question. We're trying to get that [ring] on him as often as we can. It should be. He's a forgetful actor. I think [Jake and Vicky] are terrific. I think Jensen is just a treasure. I don't know where that sign is. I'll ask! Props! Design!

Hello Mr. Goutman.

1. I just wanted to tell you that myself, along with a large group of people have started a campaign to help save Another World from being canceled. We all think that you are doing a great job and have done so much to make AW better. We do not believe that AW deserves to be canceled and we are doing everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen. A small group of us will be at the luncheon in April and would love to meet you. Will you be attending?

2. Also I would just like to say that on AW I would love nothing more than to see Jake and Vicky have a baby. Will that be something I can look forward to? In the summer maybe?

Jennifer Church
Spokesman, Save AW Campaign
Kalamazoo, MI

Chris Goutman:

1. I will be there and I agree wholeheartedly. I think this show is in terrific shape. The thought of cancellation is sort of unreal to me because the show is in such great shape and it's capable of doing so much bettter very very soon. So I agree with you all.

2. Maybe if they'll try a lot and get more shower scenes. I can't promise there's going to be any results in nine months though.

Will we ever see some leading men on AW that are over 40, to complement Felicia, Rachel and Donna? I think all of them are long overdue for romance. How about Mitch Blake or John Hudson returning to Bay City?

Chris Goutman:

Again, not to open a can of worms, but I love Bill Espy [ex-Mitch] and David Forsyth [ex-John] and when the opportunity arises I'd love to have them both back.

Which show, other than Another World, would you like to produce?

All My Children
General Hospital
Guiding Light
Sunset Beach

Chris Goutman:

The answer to that is Another World, Another World, Another World, Another World.

Chris, being exec. producer for Another World, you have been familiarized with how different aspects of life influence the show itself and its success. I'm wondering, from your point of view, how soap operas have influenced the people's lives. I don't necessarily mean in an obsessive way or in a negative way. Do you see how soap operas or the stereotypes of soap operas have unconsciously influenced our way of thinking?

Thank you. Your response means a lot to me.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Chris Goutman:

Oh, I think that people get so much from soap operas. I mean it becomes a tool of entertainment, of fantasy, of instruction... In every way. Like when you read a book and you get something from that, but this is so more immediate. I think everyday problems are covered in soap operas. I think romantic concerns are covered in soap operas. I've known people who when we've gone on location have made their travel plans because they've seen a location. [Soaps] infiltrate every facet of one's life. As it's meant to be. We're in home five days a week. So, hopefully we mirror life, we give something to aspire to, something to enjoy something to take vicarious pleasure in, and hopefully we give any number of things that only a soap opera coming into a home five days a week can.

Do you really expect us to believe that a sophisticated woman like Felicia is really going to fall for someone like this Russian musician?

Cookeville, TN

Chris Goutman:

Who says she's fallen for him?

A belated welcome to you, Mr. Goutman.

My question is simple. When are we going to see the return of the hospital focused stories and their staff members?? Several of our beloved Bay City residents seemed to have gotten stuck in a closet at the hospital, i.e. Morgan Winthrop, John Hudson, Rita Madison.

Chris Goutman:

I don't think we're going to see the hospital as a major venue for the show. Again, getting back to what I said about the workplace, I think you will find various other workplaces becoming more prominent on the show.

The only thing I can figure out about Mr. Stark is that he must be the devil. Am I warm?

Sharon, Pa

Chris Goutman:

There are no devils on P&G shows.

1. How could Rachel be broke? Wasn't Carl a wealthy man when he was killed in the hospital explosion? Wouldn't his riches go to his wife and children along with all his Cory stocks?

2. Any chance of hooking Tito and Allie together? Imagine Paulina finding them together in an intimate moment and freaking out. Too much fun!

Chris Goutman:

1. Again, we perhaps have not been very successful in making this clear. Yes, [The Cory's] have many, many assets. What happened was that they were in a tight cash flow problem. I know, I wish all the world could have a tight cash flow problem and still be living in that house and have servants :) It's not something that a lot of people can relate to, but it does happen in which one's liquid assets are diminished at a certain time and they don't want to go into what they own. That's basically the situation. Yeah, it's sort of lame. I'll be honest with you.

I'm curious as to why the storyline that began as a romance between Nick and Remy degenerated into a showcase for new character, Tito? While the complications that Tito potentially provided to the Nick and Remy story were welcome, the writers seemed to have sacrificed both the characters of Nick and Remy in order to elicit a following for Tito--who is not deserving. Nick is never on the show, and when he is it is only to be lied to or berated by Remy and Tito--as though Nick is the one doing something 'wrong.' In addition, Remy is no longer sympathetic in the least. Her treatment of Nick in order to protect Tito has made her more reprehensible than Tito himself, and because Remy and Tito are both liars, it doesn't really seem to matter any more which of them is really Paulina's child. I was sorry to see the only young-adult romance on the show sacrificed.

Thank you for your response.
Seattle, WA

Chris Goutman:

Let me just say, I don't know quite how to respond to that. I've gotten a lot of response saying that they hate Tito and all that stuff. He's very manipulative and he's doing it to our dear beloved Paulina! I like all three actors. I love Taylor Stanley. I think she's terrific and we have great things in store for her.

Hi Chris,

I am a 21 male student and I guess I am not part of that 18-35 women demographic. I must say that Another World has always been a family thing, but right now I am the only one that keeps watching.

My question pertains to Another World's new direction. The old Another World has remained and seems revitalized. Humour is back in a big way (ie Sergei and Felicia), romance is everywhere (ie Lila and Cass), without forgeting turmoil (ie Josie's baby) and mystery (ie Stark). I know ratings have been up and down. How much attention do you pay to them? If Another World gets dumped by NBC (they better not!) would you consider moving the show elsewhere?

PS. I luv your mix of the young and the not-so-young. Taylor Stanley and company are a bunch of very good actors (not just a bunch of pretty faces!). And Judi Evans Luciano, Stephen Schnetzer, and all are fabulous as usual.

Keep up the good work.

Chris Goutman:

I have no control over that. I have every hope that NBC will in all their capacity keep this show on the air because it deserves to be on the air.

Are there any future plans to divorce the McKinnons and put them with new lovers? Everyone I know who used to like them can't stand them now. They are so boring and have no chesmitry with each other. Vicky and Jake used to part of a great couple (with other people that is). Many of us want that again.

Atlanta, GA

Chris Goutman:


Thank you for making Another World so much fun to watch again! Keep up the great work! Love the new storylines and that you are using the characters that we have all enjoyed watching over the years. I miss seeing Toni and Tyrone involved in the storylines--do you have anything for them coming up?

Louisville, KY

Chris Goutman:

Yes. Toni will become more and more involved and she'll be involved in the murder mystery with Grant. She'll have a much much bigger place. She and Chris will have some conflict that will be created by the new character of KC, who is her sister.

Hi Chris, welcome to my favorite soap. What makes AW special for me is Jake and Vicky, one of those rare couples who've managed to stay sexy and fun even after marriage, which is usually akin to death on a soap. I've noticed that there's been a real decrease in the lovemaking and sexy playfullness between them since you've taken over and I really miss that. Are there any plans for some love scenes for them? Tom Eplin is the sexiest man alive and I think his love scenes with Jensen are just incredibly hot.

Wilmington, Delaware

Chris Goutman:

Yes. Again, Vicky and Jake are our most prominent couple on the show ... for obvious reasons. They've been on the show for a long time and we have two terrific performers. As I said earlier, we have a story that will launch in May. A very big story for them that will really get off the ground during the summer. It will be a wonderful surprising story that will utilize both Tom Eplin's talents -- I love seeing Jake in hot water -- and Jensen's -- who is also very adventurous. I think we haven't grown tired of them because they're very adventurous people and no matter what sort of conflicts they get in, we know they'll resolve them because there's a prevalent foundation of love there. And I think that that's very reassuring to the audience. It's very reassuring to me. That love, I think, is so strong that it's able to withstand any number of conflicts. I think that's what people want in their own lives.

Hi Chris!

I was elated to read earlier interviews when you stated that attention would be paid to the multi-talented Victoria Wyndham. Can we expect to see 'Rachel' center stage in a storyline of her own soon? She exudes such talent - she is a major reason that I've stayed tuned for so long!

I almost cried when I heard that Pete LeMay was being considered as head writer at OLTL. As I'm sure you're aware, LeMay made magic as head writer during AW's golden years. Any chance that you would consider him returning to the writing team at AW?

Thanks for your support of AW. Best wishes for the coming year - and all of our collective fingers are crossed for better ratings and the program's due acknowledgment from NBC.

Nashville, TN

Chris Goutman:

We are continually again talking about how we can best serve the story and our very talented actresses -- Anna Stuart, Vicky Wyndham and Linda Dano. I've said this over and over again, I love all three. I love Vicky Wyndham. She and I continue to talk about how best to maximize her character. So yes, we have great plans. Nothing I can share right now. Right now to me Vicky's doing a great job. She's sort of the anchor for the Lumina story so she's just doing great work.

I'm very happy with our writing team as it is.

Chris, almost everyone agrees that what's missing from soaps today is romance, and you've done a great job with Cass & Lila and Cameron & Amanda. However, I think there is another element that is missing from soaps today and that is friendship. You've renewed the friendship of Cass & Felicia, but there are so many others that have fallen by the wayside - Felicia & Rachel, Vicky & Paulina, Jake & Chris, Josie & Toni, to name just a few. Do you have any plans to bring friendships back to the forefront again?

Newington, CT

Chris Goutman:

I agree with that comment. Yes, we do [have plans]. I think that we can do a better job with friendships and with romance. I think that in our sort of pursuit of just propelling story in the past few months, we haven't neglected it, but it is something we are very much focused on at this point.. And again, it's part of the rich fabric of relationships that make Another World so special.

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Chris Goutman:

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