On-Line Chat with Charles Keating

19 October 1995

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OnlineHost :  Your host is Norma II (CSEmcee1)!  Tonight, NBC Online welcomes
Charles Keating of "Another World" to the Bowl. Keating originated the role
of Carl Hutchins in 1983 and played it until 1986. His character was brought
back periodically as of November 1991 and then returned to the serial on a
regular basis in August 1993.  

OnlineHost :  Keating has been involved in theater, film and television on
both sides of the Atlantic.  His prime-time American television credits
include "Going to Extremes," "The Equalizer," "Fresno" and "Miami Vice."  On
British TV he was in "Brideshead Revisited" and "Edward and Mrs. Simpson."
He most recently appeared in the films "The Bodyguard" and "Awakenings."

OnlineHost :  "Another World," NBC-TV's longest-running daytime drama, has
been innovative since its inception.  In January 1975 it became the first
serial to adopt a one-hour format, and later was the first to expand to 90
minutes and pioneer the casting of celebrities as guests in the storylines.
"Another World," taped at the NBC Studios in Brooklyn, NY, is produced by
Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc.

CSEmcee1  :  Good evening and welcome to America Online, Charles Keating!

KeatingAW  :  It's a treat to be here..thanks for asking me.

CSEmcee1  :  Here is our first audience question:

Question  :  I think Carl is such a romantic - are you? What's the most
romantic thing you've done for your wife?

KeatingAW  :  Oh I'm afraid you would find me a most unromantic creature! I
mean I love poetry and music and things like that...and I'm capable of being
romantic. ...but by and large...I save that for work. Because it is work! I
hope that doesn't disappoint you!

Question  :  Keating how long have you been on Another World...

KeatingAW  :  Well I first came on the show ten or so years ago...But because
of work in the theater, and other forms...I tend to come and go, as the
actress said to the bishop!

Question  :  Charles, I was sorry to miss your recent poetry evening with
"Rachel" here in New York! Were you pleased with this duet?  DO it again!

KeatingAW  :  Yes I intend to do it again..We are going to do "Couplets"
around the country....and have dates set up through October.

Question  :  Was it hard for you to swallow Carl's transformation  from a
rather sinister villain?

KeatingAW  :  Was it hard to swallow....? I was delighted to be
re-employed...to add to that...the powers that be at that time..Of course
there have been many powers that be since that time....were  interested in
establishing a romance between Carl and the leading diva.. Victoria Wyndham.
A sort of beauty and the beast idea. Many didn't believe it would work and I
think that they were surprised that the results were unexpected.

Question  :  Hi, I'm Daryl from Punxsutawney, PA ( I hear you & your wife
stopped here for supper a few months ago). I was wondering if your show
"Couplets"  will ever be coming closer to my area? If not, will it be on
video or audio tapes for your distant fans to enjoy

KeatingAW  :  Indeed. We are in the process right now of setting up a
recording of.. "Couplets" hopefully will be available in the Fall.

Question  :  Have you done much Shakespeare? Carl strikes me as deeply

KeatingAW  :  Yes indeed. As an actor all my life..about 30 years, and
Shakespeare been a part of my diet every year..in one way or another. Of
course at the royal Shakespeare Company....In England, the focus was
exclusively Shakespeare.  And then at the Chichester Festival Theater, with
Keith Michelle, Rex Harrison, Ingrid Bergman, there was more Shakespeare
prior to these experiences the Guthrie theater in Minneapolis three years
again of Shakespeare, The Charles playhouse in Boston. Is that enough?

Question  :  Charles, how much longer will it be before you catch on to the
fact that its Justine and not Rachael ?? By the way tell Vicky from me that
she's doing a terrific job making us believe that there are two separate
people. The accent & face expressions great.

KeatingAW  :  Well Thankfully...just last week, we taped the episode. We went
to bed together..The writers seemed to have determined that that was the
optimal moment of discovery.

Question  :  Mr. Keating are you happy that Jake is back on the show.

KeatingAW  :  I'm positively delighted! I'm very fond of Tommy.

Question   :  Hi Charles--thanks for chatting!  What is the mood like at AW
now?  As a long-time viewer I am worried about the recent backstage changes
and how they will affect the show! 

KeatingAW  :  So am I.

OnlineHost :  If you joined us late, you are chatting with Charles Keating of
Another World!

Question  :  How do you feel about the Rachel/Justine storyline?

KeatingAW  :  What do you mean "how do I feel about it!"

Question   :  what do you think of Bob Dole's attack on TV and the media?
The soaps would definitely be part of that don't you think?

KeatingAW  :  Hold it! I'm struck by the fact of Mr. Doles name! In England
there is an expression.To Be on the Dole" Which means..to be rather on the
lower, more unfortunate end of the.. social scale. So much for Mr. Dole and
his comments. I have always been worried about anyone or any institution that
was overly concerned KeatingAW  : for my morality or my spiritual well being.
Thank you very much.

Question  :  How is the new executive producer working out?  Why was
Christine  fired?

KeatingAW  : I  have no idea why Christine was fired. I don't know whether
she was fired. ...or her contract simply came to an end and they made the
decision to go in a different direction with the Cory family.  As to our new
producer, Jill Farren-Phelps, we have met once. She only began her
responsibilities this week..and In my experience,  One must never make snap
judgments on anything. We are all aware each and every one of us, .that we
must pull together and attempt to give this show it's rightful standing.

Question  :  I think that Victoria Wyndham is doing a great job as Justine
and Rachel but I'm not crazy about the storyline.  Do you know when the
writers are going to let Rachel wake up and get back to Bay City to fight for
her identity?  You're great as Carl!

KeatingAW  :  Thank you so much. As soon as they allow me to be a hero, and
rescue the poor ...thing!

Question  :  Charles, we love your work!  Which medium is the most
difficult: film, stage, or television?

KeatingAW  :  Each present a challenge. I love working as an actor.  I love
actors. And I love the process...Each form seems to present its own degree of
difficulty..its own challenge...and its own unique reward.

Question  :  I would really like to commend you on your performance as Carl
Hutchins, you have turned from a character that we love to hate to one we
just love to watch.  I was wondering who is your favorite actress to work

KeatingAW  :  My favorite actress to work with...I think what counsel would
call a leading question and its like that lawyers question...when did you
last beat your wife?  Of course there is no question that Wyndhams and I have
discovered a rich, working relationship. Where scenes are shared and
discovered equally. No mean feat in daytime.

Question  :  Do you get a change to socialize with your fellow actors on the
show ?? If so what do you do?

KeatingAW  :  No I socialize with none of them... Love them dearly, but I
prefer to be in the garden.

Question  :   Hi Charles! I love Carl's character on AW, are there any plans
for him to return to his deliciously evil ways? Thank You, Jenn

KeatingAW  :  They tell me I'm going to become a pernicious shit again.

Question  :  Mr. Keating what did you do in The Bodyguard

KeatingAW  :  Not very much...Two days work. Two short scenes with
Mr.Costner...who was a treat to work with.  Blink...and I'm gone!

Question  :  How do you fell about the Justine/Rachel storyline?

KeatingAW  :  I don't know how to answer questions like that..You play each
day and extrapolate whatever you can and whatever the writers have given. And
be thankful. Where the story goes, I have no  idea. I'm not one of those
actors who's interested in reading even next weeks  script. Tonight I shall
work on tomorrows' scripts and so on..

Question  :  Welcome to AOL Mr. Keating.  I was fortunate enough to see you
at Mackinaw City last weekend.  Has anyone told you how much you resemble
Sean Connery?

KeatingAW  :  Only Seans mother. ;-)

Question  :  Are you anything like Carl?

KeatingAW  :  Do you mean, am I pernicious suit? Because we've already made
clear...I'm far from romantic! I suppose it depends on who you ask.

Question  :  Welcome online!  I think you are a wonderful actor you are so
cool!  I met you 2 years ago in DC, you were very nice.   How did you get
started in acting and have any advice for beginning actors?

KeatingAW  :  Any advice? None whatsoever...except reconsider. And of course
it was a woman that started me in it.

Question  :  Why is there no reference to Perry, your dead son, who was so
important to Carl's life or to his mother who he must have been married to at
the same time he was involved with Justine?

KeatingAW  :  What is fascinating about this medium as opposed to any other
that's ever been created...is you the audience come to the show with your
memories. That doesn't happen in the theater...it certainly doesn't happen in
film, where we are all made voyeurs.. I speak now as a member of the
audience. Given that, it's particularly difficult..having gone through so
many upheavals, that these facts of history can sometimes be overlooked or
forgotten by the people in power. But not by you the audience. Regarding
David Oliver, I talked to him just before  he died...I received a call from
Jamaica. that David wanted to talk with me...He was a delightful lad. And I
remember him with love. He was not unlike one of my own sons.

Question  :  You have such a nice singing voice...any plans for an album?

KeatingAW  :  Well indeed, there are a couple of songs in "Couplets", that I
said we hope to record by the end of the summer....Other than that no one's
ever asked me.

Question  :  You have such a beautiful ponytail - Do you ever plan on cutting

KeatingAW  :  Depends on the role.

Question  :  How will Carl expose Justine, once he figures out that she isn't

KeatingAW  :  I have no idea what they have planned!

Question  :  Charles, did your son play you in the flashback scenes with
Justine?  The actor looked a lot like you -- Nancy

KeatingAW  :  Nancy, no it was not my son. And I have no idea who it was. 

Question  :  Do you like Carl the way he is now or would you like to see Carl
go back to his evil ways?  I like the nice Carl.  Do you and Ryan get along
off-screen as well as on-screen?  You seem to be just like father and son?

KeatingAW  :  Yes..that's the idea. I like all the Carls. When he was a
villain I never thought he was a villain...if he becomes a hero, I won't
think of him as a hero. Ideally simply human.

Question  :  How old were you  when you began acting..

KeatingAW  :  Probably soon after I could talk. Same as the rest of us! It
doesn't take us long as children to become aware that adults lie and deceive
and we quickly adapt.

Question  :  There is a lyrical quality .... a wonderful way with words...
great quotes.. and asides as paying to homage to PF with Dark Side of the
Moon. Do you reword the script or are the the writers that good that they can
tailor the script for you.

KeatingAW  :  Yes indeed they're that good. Though I must say that  when they
gave me the line..: "I hate rock and roll" I took great umbrage to it...and
changed it. Saying.. "I hate bad rock and roll. Pink Floyd, of course is
something else."

Question  :  Why is the screen actors guild so difficult to get into?
Aspiring actor here!

KeatingAW  :  Cause there is a lot of union members that want to keep you
out!: Especially if your young and pretty. The truth of the matter is its a
catch-22 situation ...Unless you're in the union, you can't work. You can't
work unless your in the union..You can't do either if you don't have an
agent....And on top of that , please God, you've got a bit of talent. But
there are no guarantees my heart. Don't let anyone..dissuade you and don't
let anyone talk you into it. Your choice. And remember...You owe yourself
your biggest dream. Good Luck.

Question  :  Does your wife travel with you when doing "Couplets" and other
personal appearances?

KeatingAW  :  Occasionally.

Question  :  Do you have any stage or screen projects coming up outside of
Another World?

KeatingAW  :  Couplets as stated, a book just recorded..Leon Uris' new
book"Redemption" recorded

OnlineHost  :  Time is up for this event!

KeatingAW  :  for Harper Brothers...and out soon I've been asked to do a play
at the Westport Country Playhouse..That I;'d love to do..but it depends on
the soap schedule. That's about it I think. I would like to thank you for
watching our show.....and for being here tonight...as a player our
responsibility is to your imagination, my hearts we play to please.
Goodnight and God Bless!

CSEmcee1  :  Thanks for being with us in Center Stage, it has been a
pleasure, Mr. Keating! Thanks to you audience for joining us!  Good evening,

OnlineHost  :  Our thanks to Charles Keating of "Another World" for appearing
online tonight and to NBC Online for making this event possible. Thank you
and good night.

OnlineHost :  Copyright 1995 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved.