with Surprise Chat Guest -- CHARLES KEATING

OnlineHost: Charles has entered the room.

Charles: Hi Everyone. Thanks for the welcome.

FORMALI: your welcome! :)

Lorin25: Folks, in case you don't know...Gaileliza is Gail who maintains the Charles Keating web page.


Snowrun506: Wow.. Hi again Gail.. Good Job!!!!!!!!

Charles: And Gail, I above all must thank you.

JAZKRZ: May I have the address?

Gaileliza: Well, thank you for the inspiration!

Gaileliza: Http:\\

Lorin25: Tom Freeman from The Another World Fan Brigade asked me to be host to a special guest and to announce his arrival....

Gaileliza: Who?

Lorin25: "Charles" is Charles Keating. Welcome, Charles! :)

Snowrun506: Who?

JAZKRZ: Charles?

Gaileliza: Yes, Charles

Snowrun506: Charles!!!! Welcome!!!!!!!!!!! KEWL ;)

JAZKRZ: WOW!! Welcome

Charles: Yes, Charles, or Carl Hutchins.

Lorin25: Nicole...welcome. Say hi to Charles Keating. :)

Gaileliza: LOL! Welcome online!

FORMALI: Charles, welcome! We are so happy you could join us.

JAZKRZ: Charles I loved Redemption. Was it hard to keep all the accents straight?

Gaileliza: Charles, why did you decide to join us this eve?

Lorin25: Cyn, hello there. Say hi to Charles...Charles Keating. :)

Nicolettah: Hi Charles- great to have you here!

Charles: Its a pleasure to be here in your world of cyberspace. And I don't know why, but I'm nervous.

Snowrun506: LOL Charles.. don't be nervous here ;)

JAZKRZ: We're friendly

Snowrun506: WE are nervous NOW :D

FORMALI: Charles, LOL!! How sweet!!

Gaileliza: Yes

Lorin25: LOL!!

SnowDrift7: Hi Charles, thrilled to have you here!

Charles: This is long overdue and something I hope to rectify in the future.

JAZKRZ: Loved your scenes with Rachel and Vicky this week.

Snowrun506: We really appreciate it Charles.

Kibaba99: Um.....HUH?????????

Lorin25: Karen...say hi to Charles Keating (aka "Charles")

Byndclulys: what? you're kidding right lorin.

Gaileliza: Charles, does that mean you may pop in again sometime?

Kibaba99: Hi Charles!! So glad you could join us this evening!

FORMALI: Charles, do you come online often, or is this new to you?

Charles: Certainly if invited.

Snowrun506: You are ALWAYS invited Charles ;)

SnowDrift7: You're always welcome in Bay City :)

Kibaba99: You are most definately invited! :)

JAZKRZ: YOU have a standing invitation : )

Jensfan: Charles did you receive an original painting from Suzanne Lewis AKA MangoBuns?

Lorin25: You're always welcome, Charles. :)

Gaileliza: Need we say more? Where is your arm...right this way! ;-)

JAZKRZ: Charles, You have such a wonderful voice. I loved your recording of Redemption]

SnowDrift7: Charles, is there much upheaval at AW these days?

Lorin25: Everyone, also with Charles is his wife Mary, who is doing the typing. Thanks Mary!!

JAZKRZ: Was it hard to keep the accents straight?

Snowrun506: <------is speechless... believe it or not ;)

Kibaba99: Hello Mary! Welcome!!

FORMALI: Hi, Mary!!!

Nicolettah: Hi Mary!

Snowrun506: Hi Mary :D Welcome!!!

Gaileliza: Hi again, Mary, and thank you!

Charles: I've hesitated to go online over the last couple of months because of contract negotiations.

JAZKRZ: Welcome Mary

SnowDrift7: Hi Mary, met you in NY at Love Letters!

Byndclulys: Snow, me too. my mind is blank.

JAZKRZ: Why aren't you being used since the Emmy? Are they trying to ruin the show?

Byndclulys: Charles it was great meeting you at the luncheon.

SnowDrift7: We miss your front burner storylines with Rachel!

Charles: I have no idea, all the powers that be tell me they love me, but they haven't used me. Mary says hi.

FORMALI: Charles, we love seeing you on the show. We hope to have you with us for a long time.

Lorin25: Ivan, hello!! Chatting with us tonight is Charles Keating ("Charles")!!

JAZKRZ: Your scenes this week with Vicky and rachel have been moving

FORMALI: They have left me in tears!

Steelhawk1: oh cool!

Snowrun506: LOL Ivan

Byndclulys: I was in tears.

Kibaba99: Charles, I LOVED the scenes between Carl and Vicky!! I was in tears!

Jensfan: Yes, Charles, you and Jensen were amazing yesterday.

Charles: Both actresses are superb. They're a pleasure to work with.

Lorin25: Charles, is Maggie DePriest going to start writing for Rachel and Carl? We want to see you front burner again, SOON!

Snowrun506: DITTO!!!!!!!

Byndclulys: Charles, I really wish we saw more of you on the show.


Charles: I sincerely hope so. In fact, today, out of the blue, I received a call from VP NBC to tell me that I was important to the show and this will be reflected in the coming months.

Gaileliza: Charles, when you aren't on the you watch the show?

FORMALI: Is Carl going to bond somwhat with Bobby Reno?

Snowrun506: YES!!!!!!!

Lorin25: That's great news, Charles!!!

Nicolettah: Glad to hear that Charles


Kibaba99: That is wonderful Charles!

JAZKRZ: WE KNEW this all along!!

SnowDrift7: Great news! I hope Carl discovers he's Kirk's grandfather!

Jensfan: YES!

Lorin25: ITA, Cyn!!

FORMALI: <--------hopes that, also

Byndclulys: ITA

Nicolettah: It think we all wish that Cyn!

Kibaba99: <--- Also hopes that!!

Charles: I wish I'd known it all along. Thank you one and all.

JAZKRZ: Yes, We want Kirk to be Ryan's. Any hope?

Snowrun506: Mary > To you ... is he the nasty Carl or the loving Carl at home?

Steelhawk1: We was afraid that the writers were transforming Carl into a bad character again.

Charles: Depends on his mood.

Snowrun506: LOL... ;)

SnowDrift7: ROFL!

FORMALI: LOL!!!! But that's men, anyway.

Byndclulys: LOL

JAZKRZ: Since he quote's poetry professionally does he do it at home?

Charles: We're LOL too. What is ROFL?

Lorin25: Becca, hi there!! Say hi to Charles Keating ("Charles")

Becca309: Hi everyone-- bad day today :(

Gaileliza: I for one refuse to believe that you have bad moods! :-)

SnowDrift7: Rolling on the Floor Laughing

FORMALI: "rolling on the floor"

Charles: Yes, he's forever spouting.

FORMALI: Don't ask what "ROFLMAO" is, however...!!

Kibaba99: LOL Lisa!!

Snowrun506: Or PIMP ;)

SnowDrift7: LOL Lisa and Mary!

Charles: Gail, you're absolutely right - Charles.

JAZKRZ: I don't always follow Carl's quotes but I love them and feel so clever when I do understand one!

LeighMW97: Hi Charles!!

Charles: Gail, he would say that - Mary.

FORMALI: Mary, that is so romantic and sweet.

Becca309: Hi Marie, Leigh, Nicole, Jenn, Lisa, Deanne, Kibs, Lor, Cyn, Ivan...

Kibaba99: LOL Deanne!!

Snowrun506: LOL. Charles and Mary !!!

Lorin25: LOL!!

Charles: And I love you for trying JAZ

FORMALI: My husband spouts other things

Byndclulys: LOL

Kibaba99: ROFL Lisa!

FORMALI: wish it were poetry!!

Snowrun506: Mine too Lisa ;)

Charles: Well Formal1 enjoy it, enjoy it.

Gaileliza: What do you think of all this craziness...are you over your nerves yet?

Lorin25: Karen, also with us tonight is Charles Keating ("aka Charles"). :)

FORMALI: LOL!!! Thanks, I'll try!

JAZKRZ: Shakespere is not something one can fully appriciate alone

Charles: Yes, Gail, but I feel like I'm racing to keep up.

SNORKELKEG: Hi Charles!!!, sorry I missed ya!!! :)

Lorin25: You're doing great!! I'm impressed. :)

Gaileliza: We all are!

SNORKELKEG: Suz, going to be upset!

Nicolettah: We all feel that way most of the time Charles

Steelhawk1: Yes and my mentor Edie!

Becca309: Charles!!!! Welcome to our chat!!!!! Your scenes today with Vick were excellent!

Charles: Thanks, Becca.

JAZKRZ: Charles, You did such a wonderful job with Redemption that I forgot it was beening done by one person. Was it hard to keep all the accents straight?

FORMALI: .....say what....??

Charles: Redemption was fun to do and completed in two days.

Charles: Somewhat, yes.

Gaileliza: Didn't you do Deceivers back in 1991? Another audio bk?

FORMALI: Please forgive me for not knowing, but what was "Redemption"? I'm still waiting to hear those Snapple commercials!

Lorin25: I've heard them, and's so hard to recognize your voice! You do GREAT, though!

Charles: Yes, I did. I think that written by Frederick Forsythe, and another challenge accent wise.

JAZKRZ: I heard that Couplets might be released on CD? Is this true? I can't wait

Nicolettah: The Snapple commercials are great- almost didn't recognize the voice

FORMALI: Are the Snapple commercials on the radio, or TV?

Gaileliza: I think it sucks that they made you americanize that lovely accent!

Kibaba99: I had trouble recognizing the voice too! Great job though!

Lorin25: Both, Lisa....that I've heard. :)

SNORKELKEG: <--haven't heard the snapple commercials yet:(

JAZKRZ: Redemption= audio book by Leon Uris. It's wonderful!

Charles: Yes, indeed it is true, and the delay is my fault. I'm in the process of getting the rights to poems.

FORMALI: Deanne, thank you!! :)

Gaileliza: Snapple ads are gone off the air.

Charles: They've evidently chosen another advertising company, good-bye to yours truly. Show biz.

JAZKRZ: I imagine that takes a while to line up

SNORKELKEG: Figures and I missed them!!

SNORKELKEG: So Charles, how the hell are you doing????

Lorin25: Oh no!! That stinks. :(

Snowrun506: They're Loss Charles ;) Me too Karen :(

FORMALI: Awww, Charles! That's too bad.

KPeter611: Who is Charles?? Keating???

Kibaba99: Boy, that was a quick run for the ads! I'm sorry. :(

FORMALI: They don't know what they have lost.

Becca309: Shame on Snapple-- I love those commercials!! Turn them up on the radio when I hear them

Charles: Easy come, easy go.

Lorin25: I'm not doing my job too well over here. <G>

KPeter611: Wow......great!!!!

Becca309: Jenn-- you finally made a great chat!!

Kibaba99: Slacking off there Lorin <VBG>!

KPeter611: Of all nights to have trouble signing on!!!!!

JAZKRZ: We are all heartbroken about Frankie/Alice- How is the mood on the show?

Steelhawk1: Hi Charles, Could you please say Happy Birthday to one of your biggest fans Edie?. Her Birthday is on Monday

Lorin25: LOL, Kibbo...yup. ;)

Becca309: Ivan-- Edie is on her way now-- thanks to yours truly <g>

Byndclulys: I know, I'm about to pass out.

SnowDrift7: Charles, was Alice surprised by the fan outcry

KPeter611:'s great to have you here!!!

Lorin25: Say hi to Charles Keating, Edie. :)

Byndclulys: You of course made it again.

KPeter611: Hi Edie!!

FORMALI: I hope we don't have to be exposed to too much more of that, it's embarrassing

AWorldFan: Hi Charles

Snowrun506: you prefer playing Carl as good or evil?? I know, I know. . dumb question, but I'd really like to know ;)

Steelhawk1: Edie- Oh, I'm so glad your hear...look the big kahuna is here :)

Charles: Dear Edie, have the happiest birthday this year. Love, Charles.

SNORKELKEG: <---Mine is 2 days after Edies!!!!

AWorldFan: You're kidding right?

Steelhawk1: Thank you Charles:)

Lorin25: Penny, hi there! Chatting with us is Charles Keating and his wife Mary ("Charles").

KPeter611: Who is "Charles", Charles too??

Kibaba99: Edie - you lucky girl!! :)

Steelhawk1: No, Edie I asked Charles to say HB to you :)

Lorin25: Nope, Edie..."Charles" is Charles. :)

Becca309: Hi Mary

KPeter611: the answer!!

SnowDrift7: Charles, what about the play your doing this Fall? Are you looking forward to it?

SNORKELKEG: Hi Mary...didn't say hey to you!

Kibaba99: HI Mary!

KPeter611: Hello Mary.....and welcome!

KPeter611: We are all such BIG fans of yours, Charles!!

AWorldFan: Hi Mary and Charles welcome

Charles: There is no single trait to an interesting character, before when they made Carl purely evil, they painted him into a corner and I had to leave.

Nicolettah: Hi Bucko<G>

Nicolettah: Hello Mary!

Shababy: Hey, whats going on?

Kibaba99: I think a dark side is always interesting. :)

SNORKELKEG: Mary, say hey to Charles before you leave!

Becca309: Charles-- my dad thinks you're cool <he told me to tell you>

FORMALI: Charles, absolutely, real people have many facets.

AWorldFan: Thanks for the birthday greeting This is Edie

JAZKRZ: The struggle is what makes it real and facinating.

Gaileliza: I would love to see Carl and Rachel get into a new caper!

Charles: Make no mistake, I love the dark side, but I love the humor too and therefore, the humanity of the man

Shababy: Is Charles Keating here?

SNORKELKEG: :( I didn't get a birthday greeting!!!

Lorin25: Yes, Sharon...Charles = Charles and his wife, Mary. :)

Snowrun506: Thank you Charles... never thought of it that way ;) I totally agree!!

Shababy: Happy B- day SNORK!

SNORKELKEG: Thanks Sha!!!! I can always count on you!

Lorin25: That makes perfect sense, even for someone who hasn't a clue about acting. <G>

Snowrun506: Karen.. happy birthday ;)

Lorin25: Yes, Sharon...Charles = Charles and his wife, Mary. :)

Gaileliza: OH boy, are you in for a treat/

Snowrun506: Thank you Charles... never thought of it that way ;) I totally agree!!

Charles: Oh, dear Snorkel, happy birthday to you. Love, Charles.

JAZKRZ: Oh, You DO know what keeps us watching

Kibaba99: I love the humor too!

SNORKELKEG: Thanks the way I am Karen!!

SnowDrift7: <--- really wish it were my birthday <sigh>

FORMALI: I loved Carl's scenes with Grant. Mark Pinter seems really nice in person.

Steelhawk1: Karen- Happy Birthday!

Lorin25: LOL, Cyn!!

Kibaba99: LOL Cyn!

JAZKRZ: Are the new writters going to give Rachel back her backbone?

KPeter611: was WONDERFUL meeting you at the Fan Club Luncheon!!

FORMALI: Where has Rachel been, anyway?

Charles: Mark is even better than nice, he's a pleasure to work with always.

Gaileliza: Charles, charles, charles...does Mary watch you on the telly?

Becca309: Charles-- any info about the off-B show, Everybody Smile? Dates, etc.? A bunch of us plan to go

Shababy: Charles and Mary... HI! How ya doing?

Byndclulys: Charles, I loved meeting last year at the luncheon. Are you going again next year?

FORMALI: That's great. It must be a lot of fun (and hard work, I'm sure) to work with such a great group of people

Charles: Because I don't watch the show, Mary becomes my eyes. She always tapes it and asks me if I want to see it. But she knows I can't bear watching myself. So every time, I tell her "no".

Shababy: My Nieces Sheri and Sarah would Like to Hi to all!

Lorin25: Charles, did you by chance receive a painting from a Suzanne Lewis (MangoBuns)? :)

JAZKRZ: Your acceptance at the Emmy was a great tribute to the entire cast

Gaileliza: It was a wonderful eve for you...

Snowrun506: You would be amazed Charles.. watch it sometime ;) You are GOOD!!!!!!

Charles: Yes, indeed and charming it was.

SNORKELKEG: Charles-you SHOULD watch are very good!!!!!!!

Jensfan: I was at the Emmy's and my two friends and I were screaming like we were insane in the balcony!

FORMALI: You should watch yourself, Charles. You're one of the most entertaining actors on TV(or else where)

Bizyma: Very good!!!

SnowDrift7: Charles do you enjoy stage work more... you were SO WONDERFUL in Love Letters!

Snowrun506: Charles.. do you have any interest in doing movies??

Gaileliza: I would die to see LL- will you bring it to Seattle?

FORMALI: Charles, I remember seeing you in a motion picture, but just at the beginning, what was it?

Gaileliza: The Bodyguard

Charles: I can honestly say I love all of it. Theatre, film, t.v

Becca309: Everyone-- I was in a car accident today :(

**Lot's of well wishes for Becca in here**

Charles: Becca, hope you're well.

AWorldFan: Charles any dates for the play yet?

Becca309: Edie-- I asked that too <g>

Becca309: Back problems-- I was a passenger and we got hit from behind

JAZKRZ: Was the older love= peace and Passion your input? It was right on target

Charles: As to "Everybody Smile", the off-broadway play, there are still plans afoot, but nothing signed.

Becca309: Thanks everyone!! You guys are the best

KPeter611: Charles..........just loved your scene with Vicky yesterday!!

AWorldFan: Mary look for a comparison suprise come Christmas time -Edie

Becca309: I need some TLC-- from who is the question?? :)

Byndclulys: maybe Charles can think of someone. LOL

JAZKRZ: I take it you don't mean us, Becca?

SNORKELKEG: NOT GABE!!!!! Becca I go far for you, but I won't give you Gabe!!!

Charles:Becca, TLC coming through cyberspace here and now.

Lorin25: Awwww!!!! That should help! :)

Becca309: I was thinking...............................How about Dave Gibbs?? <g>

Kibaba99: Boy, if that doesn't make you feel better <g>!

SnowDrift7: Charles, even when the writing is painfully dull, your scenes with Vicky are wonderful.

Snowrun506: Becca!! TLC from Charles & Mary Keating.. WOW ;)

Jensfan: I'm telling you!!

SNORKELKEG: Kibs......what do you have to say about that!!

Nicolettah: That would work, huh Becca?!!

Becca309: Thanks Charles!!!

FORMALI: Charles, I am 33. I don't wish to be famous, but I've always wanted to try acting in local productions. Am I too old to start? Honestly.

Steelhawk1: Lisa- I didn't know you wanted to become an actress

Snowrun506: Charles ... she is also beautiful :D

SNORKELKEG: Charles....I have to say your scenes with Jensen on Monday were wonderful!! You tore my heart out!!!

JAZKRZ: Charles, Jensen hinted that more of the cast lurks than we know

JAZKRZ: Can you tell us more?

Shababy: Charles and Mary - i love yas!

Charles: NEVER! Check into it at once if you have the urge. We should always follow our urges.

Snowrun506: NEVAH.. Lisa!!!!! It's TRUE!!! :P

Lorin25: Good advice, Charles!

FORMALI: Thank you. That meant a lot coming from someone with your experience.

Steelhawk1: Lisa, can you act?<g>

Shababy: Charles - can you tell Tim Gibbs I love Him! I AM DESPERATE! He he

Jensfan: ooohhhhhh

Byndclulys: Charles, how would one go about getting started in acting. I've wanted to act since I was 2 but i have no idea where to begin.

***Lot's of LOL's at Sharon's comment here***

Charles: No, tell him yourself.

***A lot more LOL's at Charles' comment here***

Becca309: Sha wishes she could!!

Charles: You have been, darling, you just haven't been getting paid for it.

AWorldFan: LOL Charles

KPeter611: doew the cast feel about Frankie's demise??

Nicolettah: you tell her Charles!

Shababy: Charles, i am sorry ... I just love him so much! thanks!

SNORKELKEG: Well tell Charles you love him to Sha!

Lorin25: Folks, did you see that all the web pages are going black on the dreaded 19th?? :**(

JAZKRZ: We are all sick about Frankie/Alice

Charles: That's O.K.

Steelhawk1: Yes, Lorin!

Kibaba99: I read that Lorin. :)

Becca309: Lor-- yes!!! wish I had a HP to black out...think I can get one by then? <g>

AWorldFan: Charles what do you think about your home page

KPeter611: I read that it's supposed to be a very violent episode......not looking forward to it

Gaileliza: Charles, have you seen any of the many web pages about AW?

Nicolettah: Yes Lorin :(

FORMALI: Yes. We are all so sad about that.

Lorin25: :) It's a tribute to Alice and Frankie.

SnowDrift7: Poor Edie, Aug 19th is her Birthday and it's AW's BLACK MONDAY

Charles: My feelings as to Alice Barrett are obvious and shared by the company, it seems to most of us that this wasn't especially well thought out, but there it is.

AWorldFan: Thanks for reminding me Cyn

FORMALI: I have young children, can not bear to watch a young mom die...too depressing

Gaileliza: I agree, Charles...

Lorin25: I just can't see the benefit from letting her go, especially with the outpour from her fans.

KPeter611: But unfortunately it will be too late.........

Snowrun506: Charles.. do TPTB realize what a strong following AW has?

SNORKELKEG: Not thought out well at all!!! And for what....beefcake? YUCK

Kibaba99: ITA Lorin!

Charles: I can't bear to watch it either - Mary

JAZKRZ: I've wondered if they aren't killing off some favorites to cast them in the new soap. Comments?

SnowDrift7: Are things adrift these days without JFP or more calm...we feel so uncertain about the fate of AW

Gaileliza: +Yeah, its just sucks

Lorin25: If I have the nerve to watch, I'll have a years' supply of hankies handy. :*(

Nicolettah: You never know Deanne

SNORKELKEG: Don't think so Deanne.....Alice is going to look into fall season!

Kibaba99: I am so sick about Frankie's death. :*(

Kibaba99: I have to watch...but I think it will be through my fingers.

SNORKELKEG: HATE the thought of losing Alice B!!! :(

Charles: We are all uncertain these days, but I am assured that NBC want this show to work. P&G want this show to work. JFP wanted this show to work.

Lorin25: Charles, does letter writing help? I work with Tom and the AWFB and it'd be good to know the efforts of the fans pay off, if only a little.

Becca309: Frankie and Ryan will be together now :**(

Nicolettah: Me too, Kibs

Jensfan: I'm sure we'll all be screaming at out TV's across the country.

Lorin25: Awwww, Becca!!! :*(

Steelhawk1: Becca- yes

Kibaba99: BEC!! <SOB>

Snowrun506: I sure hope so!!!!!! Don't want to lose AW :(

Gaileliza: Me too...that is the sort of violent crap that should stay on the movie screen


KPeter611: Well, that's encouraging.....but it won't work if they keep killing off all the characters that we love.

Lorin25: I definitely will if I can find my voice. :(

Charles: The letter writing that continue to produce, has I am told an enormous impact, but like all big ships it takes a lot of time and space to move around in.

Shababy: My nieces want to be Sofia?dahlia and Vicky/Jensen! I started them on AW!

KPeter611: Charles.......we all loved your scenes with Vicky Monday.....

Becca309: I'll be too choked up to yell-- I sobbed so much for Ryan, this may be as bad :(

SnowDrift7: Charles, thanks for answering :) about the future of AW.

Steelhawk1: Charles, you seem to be a mentor to alot of the actors at AW, I talked to Lisa and Les (at the MSN chat) and they all look up to you and your expertise!

KPeter611: We hope to see much more of you and're the heart and soul of the show.

Becca309: Yes, thank you charles-- we hope AW has a very looooong future ahead!

Byndclulys: I hope AW is on forever, I couldn't bear to lose it.

Snowrun506: Yes Charles .. Thanks... with actors such as you and Victoria, etc.. I can't see how it can fail...

SnowDrift7: Carl & Rachel are the cornerstone of AW

Lorin25: Me neither. There is just too much talent on that show.

SNORKELKEG: Hey Charles..can't you put Maggie over your knee and give her a good spanking!!!!

JAZKRZ: Does it still seem that TPTB are trying to make AW more like Days?

Snowrun506: And it is more realistic than most of the other soaps.

Kibaba99: Way too much talent! The entire cast is quite an ensamble.

Gaileliza: Yes!

KPeter611: Charles.....what are they going to do with Maggie?

FORMALI: Deanne, NO, say it isn't so!!!!

Charles: It seems to so many of us, a simple task, get a good story teller and have it well told to an audience as enthusiastic and altruistic as you are.

Nicolettah: If the length of the day is any indication, it sure does Deanne

Shababy: NO Days replica!Aw RULES on its own!

FORMALI: Charles, absolutely.

Lorin25: <---Getting dictionary. <G>

***Some LOL's here for me <G>***

Kibaba99: AMEN Charles!!

Gaileliza: And we are vocal, aren't we?

FORMALI: We need something that's a little more mature than the "D***" fare, why does everything have to be a clone of everything else??

AWorldFan: Charles and Mary are you having fun yet? <G>

Lorin25: Ha, got it. Thanks Charles, what a great compliment! :)

JAZKRZ: Charles, It's so simple. Why can't TPTB understand that

Nicolettah: ITA Lisa!

Kibaba99: so what does it mean?

Lorin25: I will be devastated if they try to turn our beloved AW into a clone of Days.

Charles: Yes, we are enjoying ourselves.

Jensfan: Maybe the recent ratings jump will give them pause in changing it too much.

Nicolettah: Me too, Lorin

Kibaba99: Me too Lorin!!

SnowDrift7: I hope so Marie!!

SNORKELKEG: After 30 years I will QUIT watching if they do that..

JAZKRZ: I hope so Marie

KPeter611: Karen........30 years?? Me, too! 31 I think

FORMALI: I know you guys don't agree with me, but RKK will help the ratings. AW follows D*** in many markets

Snowrun506: Charles.... do the actors get much input into the storyline?

Charles: I don't think NBC have any desire to turn AW into DAYS, they recognize the virtue of AW being different.

Byndclulys: If AW is cancelled i'd never watch NBC again!

Kibaba99: I think you are right Lisa.

Lorin25: Lisa, I believe you're 100% correct on that. I hope it helps the show.

Nicolettah: I hope so Marie, but the mags are attributing it to the Olympics- we know better though

Gaileliza: I threaten a lot, but no matter what...I will keep watching...I have since I was a kid

FORMALI: Charles, thank God they realize that

Lorin25: That's very good to hear, Charles!!

JAZKRZ: Thank God, Charles. The rumors have had us worried as well as some of the characters changes

Becca309: I hope so Charles-- AW is so much classier JMO <g>

Jensfan: I know the Mags are saying it was the OLYMPICS, that sucks!

Kibaba99: I am very glad to hear that!!

Shababy: BYe, I really am going now! thanks and see yas!

AWorldFan: Nite Sha

Jensfan: I'll keep watching too, I can't stop with Jensen there, she's a friend.

Lorin25: Even if it is the Olympics that drew in more viewers, it could've hooked a good portion of them and will help the ratings in the long run. No?

FORMALI: Charles, I watched D*** for 23 yrs, and finally gave up with a particularly ridiculous storyline...I like some reality with my fantasy, thank you!!

Byndclulys: May 4, 1964 AW premeired. I want it to continue until....forever.

Nicolettah: The mags never seem to have much positive to say about AW

AWorldFan: Charles they aren't really going to turn you into a Stefano character are they?

Gaileliza: Even out here in Seattle it is given little publicity or respect!

FORMALI: Nicole, when they say something at all.

SnowDrift7: How has RKK integrated into the company? He's gotten so much publicity!

FORMALI: OH, EDIE, shhhhhhhhhh!! Hush your mouth!!!LOL

Charles: I will leave before that happens and why on earth would anyone want to turn a superior character into a less than superior character. You can take that to the bank.

Lorin25: Charles, as I loved the He Says/She Says that you and Victoria did a while back. Nice article!

KPeter611: Good for you, Charles

Snowrun506: LOL Charles!!!!!! Good for you!!!!!!!!!

FORMALI: AMEN, CHARLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jensfan: COOL

Bizyma: Hooray for Charles:)

Kibaba99: Good for you Charles!!

Gaileliza: Thank you Charles!!

KPeter611: Stefano is dead now, I think!

SNORKELKEG: You go Charles!!

SnowDrift7: Thanks Charles!!!!!

AWorldFan: Good for you Charles!! Stick to your guns (POlice term) <G>

Kibaba99: Stefano is never dead.

Lorin25: LOL, good for you!

Becca309: Go Charles!!! Carl rules over Stefano any day!

Nicolettah: Good for you Charles- nice to hear of someone with some integrity!

Steelhawk1: Charles for President!!!

Gaileliza: Wait, thats what they said about Carl...

***Lot's of LOL's here for Ivan***

KPeter611: Better than Bob Dole lol

JAZKRZ: Go Charles. We do love the humanity of Carl. And his struggles with himself

Charles: LOL - C & M

Becca309: LOL, KP

Charles: Of course I'd be better than Bob Dole.

Jensfan: Who wouldn't?


SNORKELKEG: Amen to that!!!

KPeter611: We'll vote for you!!!

Witheld #1: lol

Kibaba99: ROFL!!

Lorin25: ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Bizyma: AMEN!!

Becca309: Anybody would be better than Bob Dole

Steelhawk1: LOL, no doubt about it!

FORMALI: You've got my vote!

AWorldFan: Mary you would make a great first lady

Snowrun506: :::::::::::::gonna write in Charles Keating ;)

SNORKELKEG: But wait....even I'd be better than Bob Dole!!!!!!

Steelhawk1: LOL-Karen

SnowDrift7: ROFL Kar...good point!

Kibaba99: GO Mary!! LOL!!

Charles: Karen, you should do the job.

Gaileliza: Charles- will you be on the Rosie show?

SNORKELKEG: No thank you Charles..I have enough trouble handling my 1st graders as it is!!!!!! LOL

Lorin25: Yes, we have a Talk Show campaign to get AW actors on Talk Shows.

Charles: On the night of the Emmys it was mentioned that Rosie was interested in me being on the show at some point, so I was told. We shall see.

FORMALI: Well, the CLASSY talk shows, anyway

JAZKRZ: SOD's thumbs down articles were dirrected at TPTB not the actors

Jensfan: Cool, Jensen wants to do Rosie.

Becca309: Lor-- are we posting it on the boards??

FORMALI: I hope that is true

Lorin25: There's a Rosie area here on AOL and there have been MANY posts to get AW actors on her show.

Gaileliza: Lets just go to nyc, pick up a cab, walk him over to Rosies!

KPeter611: We'll Email her, Charles......we'll get you on!

AWorldFan: Charles how is the CD coming along?

Snowrun506: Oh Puhleeeezzeee do it Charles!!!!!!!! I would love seeing you on Rosie!!!

Lorin25: Yes, Becca...many have posted. (Thanks to those of you who did)

JAZKRZ: OK, after the chat everyone post on Rosie's board

Charles: I think Rachel and Carl should visit Rosie. It could be quite entertaining.

Steelhawk1: Charles you are the coolest!!!!

Lorin25: LOL, that'd be quite entertaining!

Snowrun506: YES!!!!!! Good idea Charles!!!!!! ;)

Kibaba99: I think you are right Charles!!

Nicolettah: Good idea Charles

FORMALI: Charles, wonderful idea!

SNORKELKEG: You guys could do a scene from Love Letters!! COOL

Lorin25: Yes, brilliant idea Karen!

Charles: It would be more fun to do some of the children's material on Rosie.

Snowrun506: Oh yes Charles... that would be cute :)

FORMALI: Charles, what children's material?

Lorin25: You took the words right outta my mouth, Lis.

KPeter611: Anything you do, Charles, would be great

Gaileliza: Rosie is such a hoot! You would have a blast on her show!

FORMALI: <----apologizes for sounding so uninformed

KPeter611: If you do children's stuff, I could tape it for school......

Kibaba99: I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering what material <g>! LOL!!

Nicolettah: When isn't she singing, Lisa?

Charles: Some of the children's material from the show "Couplets" that Vic and I do.

JAZKRZ: Children's poetry?

Lorin25: That sounds very interesting! I'd love to see that.

FORMALI: I have never seen "Couplets" say there is a CD coming out soon, or it's in the works?

AWorldFan: Couplets is great!

Charles: Actually the poems are by E.E. Cummings. The CD is in the works.

SNORKELKEG: Hey could come read Poetry to my class anytime!

Charles: Can I have specifics, Karen?

JAZKRZ: The only ee cumings I remember is very sensual

Snowrun506: Mary.. you must not get to see much of Charles, what with AW and Couplets.. we appreciate you sharing some of your time with us tonight ;)

SNORKELKEG: Charles....I teach in Chicago...kind of far away....but they are sweet kids!!

FORMALI: I would love her to hear ANYTHING from you, Charles, you are pure class

Steelhawk1: Charles, Can you give any tips to a "Carl Jr." in training?.

SnowDrift7: LOL!! Ivan that's right, you're Carl-in-training!

Charles: I don't know what that means?

AWorldFan: CHarles Ivan is a Carl in Training its a identity we gave him <G>

Lorin25: What what means?

Lorin25: Oh, Carl Jr.

SnowDrift7: And Edie is Ivan's mentor

SNORKELKEG: Seriously Charles...if you ever come to Chicago, our children would love to here you!!

Charles: Well, keep pursuing what you're doing, you're obviously doing it right.

KPeter611: I'm in could come here to read to MY kids...all 25 of them......

FORMALI: Deanne, and I believe they are close in age, also, right? (girl 6, boy 4)

Gaileliza: Charles, should I break my bank and come out to NYC next spring to see you at the luncheon?

KPeter611: we're stressing the Language Arts,,,you'd be great!!

Steelhawk1: Thank you, Mr. Keating!

SNORKELKEG: Hey Kathy...I have 28...more of an audience!! LOL

Byndclulys: charles, did you enjoy the luncheon.

Charles: No, don't break your bank Gail.

Charles: I enjoyed the fans at the luncheon as I always do, but I did vow it would be my last.

Snowrun506: Charles.. any particular reason??

KPeter611: Why???? We loved meeting you!!

Jensfan: Charles, you're not going in 97?

Lorin25: You did, Charles? We'll certainly miss seeing you there.

Becca309: Why, Charles??

JAZKRZ: Charles, Say it isn't so <sob>

Charles: This isn't the format to get into it.

Kibaba99: I am sorry to hear that Charles. I didn't get a chance to meet you :(

SNORKELKEG: YO Skates!!!!!

Witheld #2: Thanks Becca!

Lorin25: Elizabeth, hello!! Charles Keating and his wife Mary are here tonight. :)

Nicolettah: Hi Elizabeth!

Becca309: Hi Elizabeth!!! Say hello to Charles!

SnowDrift7: The luncheon was a mob scene, is that why, Charles?

Gaileliza: Don't say its the last one!! I live in Seattle now! Will you come back?

Witheld #2: Hi Everyone & mostly Charles! It's an honor to chat with you!

FORMALI: Charles, I'm so disappointed!!! I got THIS CLOSE to meeting you, and they scooted you away!

AWorldFan: Long hours and the crowds

KPeter611: I think they needed better organization......

Charles: Its always a mob scene, no that is not the reason.

KPeter611: Too much of a mob scene for the actors.......

SNORKELKEG: I know Charles.....the food was lousy!!!!!!

Byndclulys: I'm just glad I got to meet you last year.

FORMALI: But, alas, I can't say that I blame you, it is crazy there (and no a/c)!

Becca309: <-----met Charles, so happy that I did

Kibaba99: The luncheon must be quite tiring for the actors.

Snowrun506: LOL Karen!!! I don't think that was it either ;)

Lorin25: I never got to meet Charles or Victoria that day. :(

Witheld #2: I love my picture with Charles, we both look exhusted!!

Gaileliza: Then I thank God, I got to meet you in Seattle last Oct.

FORMALI: They all looked so beat. Except Tom E, who found time to squeeze every last woman's rear-end.

Charles: The energy that you give us sends us out of there high. It isn't that its tiring in my opinion the year before last was incredibly successful because we presented ourselves as an ensemble. This year, lacked that generosity of company spirit.

AWorldFan: Mary it was great meeting you you are so nice and friendly!

Snowrun506: Charles.. do you ever break your vows to yourself? ;)

***Lot's of LOL's here for Lisa's Tom E. comment***

SnowDrift7: Loved meeting Charles and Mary at Love Letters -- what a fantastic show!.

Witheld #2: Charles-- How are things on the set these days? Have they hired someone to replace JFP?

Charles: Yes, Snow, often.

Lorin25: Charles, do you mean the performance or the entire event?

Snowrun506: Ohhhh Charles,, that is sad :(

FORMALI: Charles, that was noticed, I think, by a lot of people...I can't say that I blame you

Snowrun506: Maybe next year will be better though.. yes??

JAZKRZ: Charles, Do the actors have any input into the luncheon and ideas to improve it?

FORMALI: ...What happened? Some of the actors did not seem "into" it

Jensfan: I read that VW was upset with the cooperation of the cast.

Nicolettah: I read that too, Marie- said she would rather work with the kids

Charles: I believe the luncheon should serve the fans and not be an ego fest or a business venture.

SNORKELKEG: Way to go Charles!!!!!!

Lorin25: Thanks, Charles!

Witheld #2: ITA Charles!

Kibaba99: Thank you Charles :)

Snowrun506: That is nice Charles!!!!!!

Gaileliza: I agree, Charles!

AWorldFan: ITA Charles I noticed the change

Gaileliza: Charles, wish you could tell us more!

Jensfan: A lot of the songs were done before, and it just wasn't the same.

Charles: Good night one and all and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. God Bless, Charles

Steelhawk1: Charles, the new opening sequence is AWESOME!!!. However why do you feel you weren't paired up with Victoria?

SNORKELKEG: is the comraderie on the set these days?

KPeter611: I just loved meeting all the actors, and all of you, too!

AWorldFan: Nite Charles

Jensfan: Night Charles.

JAZKRZ: Thanks, for coming

Becca309: Night Charles-- thank you for joining us!!!

FORMALI: Charles, good night, and thank you so much!

Lorin25: Thank you, Charles. Take care. G'night Mary and thanks to you too!

Snowrun506: Charles/Mary Thank you Sooooooooo much for your time :D

Kibaba99: Good noght Charles!! Thank you for coming!!

Witheld #1: good night Charles please come again

SNORKELKEG: OH Poetry!!!!!!

SnowDrift7: Good night Charles, thanks for coming to Bay City

Nicolettah: Goodnight Charles and Mary- thanks for chatting and please come visit again!

Steelhawk1: Good Bye Charles thank you so much!

Witheld #2: Good night Charles!

Kibaba99: Goodnight Mary!!

AWorldFan: Thanks for joining us Mary and Charles!

KPeter611: Good night was a pleasure!!! Come again~

SNORKELKEG: Night Charles, and thank you for joining us!!!!

Becca309: Night Mary

Bizyma: Night Charles & Mary Sweet Dreams:)

FORMALI: Yes, goodnight Mary!!! So glad you could join us!

Witheld #2: Good night to Mary, too!

Gaileliza: Charles...goodnight sweet know the rest! Thank you!

SNORKELKEG: Good night Mary.....have a good one!

Steelhawk1: Charles you are the coolest!.

SnowDrift7: Night Mary, Thanks for bringing your talented husband to visit us. come back soon

JAZKRZ: Night, Mary- hope you don't mind if we all adore your husband ; )

Charles: Thanks everyone for being so generous. We both had a lot of fun. Love, Mary

Snowrun506: Thank YOU :D

Gaileliza: Thank you Mary! You have a generous heart!

SNORKELKEG: It was fun for us too!!!! Come back soon!

Steelhawk1: Bye Mary, nice meeting you!

Kibaba99: We are so glad!! You are welcome anytime!!

OnlineHost: Charles has left the room.

End of Transcript