Robert Kelker-Kelly SOD Q&A on AOL
(August 1996)

Role:   Bobby Reno, ANOTHER WORLD
Birthdate:   April 18, 1964
Hometown:  Wichita, Kansas
AW Debut:   Sam Fowler:August '87; Bobby Reno: August '96
Lives With:   Three depressed cats waiting for Robert's fiancee Miriam
Parrish (Jamie, DAYS) to come home and boxes ready to unpack

His DAYS were numbered as Salem's Bo-dacious supercop, but Reno's ride into
Bay City rotates Robert Kelker-Kelly back into frame

DIGEST ONLINE: How was your recent move from Los Angeles to New York?
KELKER-KELLY: The move back to New York [to do AW] was chaos, absolute chaos.
I mean, *you* try moving from a two-bedroom house into a one-bedroom
apartment! It's just insane. Miriam's cousin in L.A., Pam, ended up keeping a
lot of our furniture. Miriam had to get rid of all of all of her clothes --
which was sort of painful for her -- because I have all the closet space. I
refuse to give up my clothes. Overall, it was hectic: We came to New York, we
found an apartment, we went back, we started packing. We were gone within a
week. It was fast and furious. It was really tough, but we had a lot of help
from our cousin Pam.

DIGEST ONLINE: Any pets to keep you company in N.Y.? 
KELKER-KELLY: We have three cats, and they hated [moving]. They were not
happy campers. Two of them [traveled in the plane's cargo area], and the
third one sat with us [in a pet carrier], but it was just insane. Now,
they're unhappy because Miriam's back in L.A. -- she's still under contract
on DAYS. One cat follows Miriam around like a dog, so having her so far away
has been difficult for them. I spent one of my days off with them, just
petting them, and they've put up with me. At least they haven't peed on me
yet, but give them a chance.

DIGEST ONLINE: How is Miriam?
KELKER-KELLY: Miriam's great. She's not happy about having to fly back and
forth. Hopefully, this will not go on much longer. Ultimately, her contract
is up in October. I just don't want her to [keep flying back and forth]
because I miss  her. This is the first time we've spent apart, and it's
lonely. I miss her. It's funny, I feel like my arm's been cut off. 

DIGEST ONLINE: How are the wedding plans progressing?
KELKER-KELLY: I've talked to some friends about some spots for the wedding
and the reception. I have some ideas, but once she gets back and her contract
is up, it will be a little bit easier and we're really going to start
throwing ourselves into it. There's a guy at the studio who was actually a
wedding consultant for a while, so I've talked to him a little bit about some
different places, some rooftops and some gardens and like that. We'll work on
it. I just can't wait until Miriam gets involved with it. I miss her! 

DIGEST ONLINE: Was it weird going back to the ANOTHER WORLD set?
KELKER-KELLY: Hell, yes. Lots of ghosts walking around those hallways. Lots
of people I remember, but still lots of ghosts. It's been a while, but the
faces are the same as far as production goes, and a lot of the faces are same
as far as the actors go. I work with a bunch of the kids now, and I don't
know *who* the hell these people are, but they're nice, so that's cool. But
it was definitely weird. It's still weird.

DIGEST ONLINE: Have the changes of the last six years made it easier or more
difficult for you to adjust to working there again?
KELKER-KELLY: A little bit of both. I think it's easier in the sense that
these people don't know me except by my reputation, so I *have* to behave,
and harder because there's not the comfortability. At least with the other
people [who were there when I was on the show last time], I have an idea of
where I stand. So it's difficult regardless, because it's always difficult
going back, but I'm a different person. And the fun thing is, I get to re-do
what I did so poorly the first time, so that feels good, and I think I'm
doing okay. I mean, no one's tried to kill me yet! Give it time. I'm ure
I'll piss somebody off, just give it time. 

DIGEST ONLINE: Has the atmosphere on the set changed?
KELKER-KELLY: The atmosphere is much different, it's much more positive.
There's much more of a sense of company. It's amazing to have an accessible
producer on the set, talking with the actors, working with the actors. That's
a great feeling. There's definitely a feeling that people give a damn, which
is great. Instead of just a machine cranking out a product, it's much more of
a family working on something together.

DIGEST ONLINE: Have you talked with the producers about where Bobby is going?
KELKER-KELLY: I've stopped asking, because I think they're still trying to
hash that one out, and I think it would be inappropriate for me to try to ask
because I'm not a writer. It's not my job. The best thing I can do is do the
scripts on a day-to-day basis and try to figure out my own stuff. Just the
other day, Kale Browne [Michael] and I were trying some stuff in a scene, and
the producer, Jill [Farren Phelps], came down and said, "It's too soon.
Relax. It'll be there." So I'll stop manipulating it and I'll just do my job,
and we'll see what happens. Who knows? I think the character has a lot more
potential for fun than if I had come back as Sam. I think Sam was, and I've
said this a couple of times, pretty much of a dead end. I'm sorry that I'm
not working with Sandy Ferguson [Reinhardt, ex-Amanda]. I am sorry about
that, although Miriam's not -- she's jealous! [Laughs] But I think this
character has a lot of possibilities.

DIGEST ONLINE: How's work?
KELKER-KELLY: I'm just digging working with Jensen Buchanan [Vicky]. She's
great. I can't say enough how impressed I am with her and with Tom Eplin
[Jake].  It's so much fun working with the two of them,  and I think that
triangle has a lot of potential. Plus, I can't wait to work with Linda Dano
[Felicia] again.

DIGEST ONLINE: Do you have the same dressing room again?
KELKER-KELLY: No, the other one burned down. Wait, I'm kidding! No, I don't
have the same dressing room. I don't have a window -- windows are premium --
but that's okay, I don't mind. I like my little cave. Let me stick my
computer in my cave, and I'll be fine. 

DIGEST ONLINE: Are you a hacker?
KELKER-KELLY: I'm not a hacker, I'm a geek!

DIGEST ONLINE: What do you think of Bobby's wardrobe? If you were a costume
designer, would you make any changes?
KELKER-KELLY: So far, [the wardrobe has been] my own clothes. Would I make
any changes? Hell, no! I like wearing my own jeans and shoes. It's easier --
I don't have to break in new things.

DIGEST ONLINE: Have your fans given you any feedback on your return to AW?
Any input on what they want to see Bobby doing?
KELKER-KELLY: Not yet. I haven't had a chance to sit down with the fan
letters, or, for that matter, get onto the net to check it out. I will,
though, this week. They could be screaming their heads off, screaming for
blood, and I just don't know.

DIGEST ONLINE: Any other plans for New York?
KELKER-KELLY: I've talked to a director about possibly doing some Shakespeare
next summer. We still have yet to meet about that, though. I'm looking for an
acting class. I want to teach while I'm here. I taught theater at a college
in L.A., and I love teaching Shakespeare to high school kids, and I want to
keep doing that. 

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