April 13, 1999

SODhost: Hi AW fans! Glad you're joining us for our Mystery Chat tonight! We'll be starting our chat with our mystery guest at 6:30pET/3:30pPT
SODhost: I'm KP and I'm your host for today's chat... We had a fabulous time last week with Ellen Wheeler and we will be continuing to have a fabulous time every week with a new AW Mystery Guest (or Guests) straight into May. Hope you all continue to come!

Bernard_Michael asks: KP, I did too. It was fun guessing and having the chat with ELLEN! Bravo to SOD and AW!!!
SODhost: Thank YOU! Our intent is to keep doing these until AW's no longer with us :-(

SODhost: Welcome to our Another World Mystery Guest Chat! Our Special Guest tonight is John Littlefield.
SODhost: We're glad you all could join us today! We're just getting all the final details set with John.... He's here and ready to chat with you all!

SODhost: Ladies & Gentlemen... John Littlefield! WElcome John!
John Littlefield: John Littlefield: Hi! :)

SKINNERS_LOVER4EVA asks: Hello John, What are your feelings now that the rumors are true that Another World is Cancelled????
John Littlefield: I'm disappointed, you know, I'm sorry that such an established show with such an incredible history is being looked over for a new show that has not been established and that doesn't have a history. I mean, we have a lot of incredible history: Ray Liotta was on the show, Morgan Freeman was on the show, Anne Heche was on the show. We were the first show to do an hour, we were the first show to do an hour and a half. And to be looked over like that for a new show is disappointing. I understand it, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. Chris Goutman is like the David E. Kelley of daytime, I just want to let you know that. He has done such an incredible job in such an incredible amount of time... It has just been an honor to work with him, and a privilege.

Spazzy_Janet asks: Hi John, congratulations on being chosen as SOD's performer of the week. I just wanted you to know that you have done a fabulous job and we will miss you.
John Littlefield: Thank you!

MSandner asks: John, was it fun filming your Grant murder scenerio?
John Littlefield: Yeah! It was, it was a lot of fun. I felt like I was in a Martin Scorcese movie.

EllenWheelerFan asks: Hello John! My name is Robin. Ive been watching AW for 15 years. My question is Where were you when you found out AW was cancelled?
John Littlefield: I was filming--check this out--yesterday, my LAST THREE SCENES of my time on Another World. In the graveyard! Chris Goutman calls in all cast and crew and it just so happened it was in that studio and the only lights that were on in that studio were the graveyard lights. And we found out that NBC has cancelled Another World in the GRAVEYARD. Isn't that wild? How's that for irony?

princhipessa_00 asks: Do you think Josie and Gary will get back together if gary doesn't go for MURDER?
John Littlefield: Who knows?

Bernard_Michael asks: Who will you miss the most on the show?
John Littlefield: Excellent question. Very hard question... I'll miss some of the security guards that I see right when I walk into the building. I'll miss the wardrobe guys. I'll miss everybody. There's nobody I *won't* miss. But who will I miss most is difficult to answer. I will miss everyone. But that's an EXCELLENT question!

casualshoe asks: John, do you have any immediate plans for theater or other work now that you 'll be gone from AW?
John Littlefield: Yes, I've got a lot of stuff in the works filmwise. But I'm not going to talk about it because I don't want to jinx it.

beanestrada asks: I am here to find out what I can do to help save AW....?
John Littlefield: Just keep watching... but there's nothing you can do. We appreciate it, we love you for it, but... Maybe there's a chance we'll get picked up on that all-soap ABC channel. But it's a business decision, and business is business. That's the shitty part of it.

lumina_foundation asks: I heard you were offered a role on Port Charles, will you be moving to California now?
John Littlefield: No. I don't want to do that. Bay City was enough!

MSandner asks: John, any hints on how Gary will leave with a *bang* from Bay City?
John Littlefield: Keep watching...

MSandner asks: John, do you like to watch your work on TV/film, etc?
John Littlefield: You know, I like watching it on film more than I like watching it on TV-- and I don't like watching it in film, if that answers your question! I have a friend who records it all, and my parents record it all, and I get messages like, "You were so good today!" And I'm like, "OK... next..." Because I'm just so critical, I'm such a perfectionist. I'm like, "work on it, work on it." If I see something I don't like, I'll beat myself up over it for hours. I'll think, "Why didn't I think of that choice?!?" So I just don't watch.

bcb1939 asks: So, John the hard part to understand is why would Cindy point the finger at you unless she was protecting herself.
John Littlefield: That's a very good question...

stevensmom3 asks: Hi John, we will miss all have done a terrfic job!!
John Littlefield: Thanks! We're not going anywhere for a while-- but I appreciate it! There's one thing about this business -- there's no such thing as goodbyes, just "see you later"s.

MMB1947 asks: Does anyone know who the killer is?
John Littlefield: Yes, many!

happy_in_canada asks: WHo is the most wild on the set?
John Littlefield: Me and Michael Rodrick (Cameron)-- the insane brothers. We're the biggest practical jokers too.

happy_in_canada asks: Did you like it when the show brought in Cameron as your brother?
John Littlefield: Yeah, I loved it. I love that guy. He's the best. Gave me somebody to vacation with, and surf!

lilyjae asks: What is your fantsay ending for AW?
John Littlefield: Michael Rodrick was once asked this question and he got so much flak for saying, "I want to make love to every woman on the show." So in the wonderful words of Michael Rodrick, "I want to make love to every woman on the show." That's for you, Mikey! The immortal words of Michael Rodrick...

LongLiveBayCity asks: Just a quick have REALLY REALLY done a phenomenal job the past few weeks. You get a HUGE round of applause from me! :-)
John Littlefield: Well, I bow to your superior taste :)

suemw77 asks: who do you think did it, John?
John Littlefield: I did! :) Just kidding.

cyberjune11 asks: John,are you allowed to say who shot Grant?
John Littlefield: Yes I am!

nika2219988 asks: so what do u do on your free time ??
John Littlefield: Lately I've been doing my taxes! But looking for a job, really... Hanging out with my cat... You know, doing things that I have neglected to do in the last year.

larile asks: "How are things going with the cookbook?"
John Littlefield: That's a good question! It's been put on hold.

lpk456 asks: Who is the most like their character ?
John Littlefield: Linda Dano (Felicia). She's just so cool!

larile asks: "Do you have any specific websites or clubs your fans can join so we'll know how you're doing in the future?""I personally will miss your great talent!"
John Littlefield: Oh, thanks. Yeah! Just check your local listings and check out the NBC web page. Just browse, baby! Browse! :)

LongLiveBayCity asks: I have TRULY TRULY enjoyed your scenes you have had with Linda about you two taking the show on the road? SO us fans can still see GARY & FELICIA!?!?! heehee!
John Littlefield: Yeah, well, anything's possible at this point!

casualshoe asks: John, are you originally from Easton, Pa?
John Littlefield: Yes, ma'am!

beanestrada asks: is there any chance to see you at the luncheon, i am going
John Littlefield: Yeah, I'm going!

bunnygirl52 asks: what was your favorite episode you filmed?
John Littlefield: Mikey and I did some crazy shit in Boca Linda that was fun. And Deenie (Stenovich, Josie) and I have done some pretty wild things but I think my all-time favorite scenes are with Red, Kim Rhodes. She's just a blast! I've known her for years. Do you know that, fans? I used to date her! We were boyfriend/girlfriend years ago.

lilyjae asks: tSo did you steal anything from the set as a souvenier?
John Littlefield: Did I *steal* anything from the set? No!!! Actually, I wanted to take that stupid horse from the Cory living room. That stupid... horse! That stupid #@!*&! horse! And then I wanted to UPS it to Victoria Wyndham's (Rachel) house. :) I wish I could steal Sandy Ferguson's (Amanda) heart, but she won't have me. My sister just said, "You're such a cheeseball." :)

conjences asks: You're good looking, talented and you can cook? Are you married???? lol
John Littlefield: No, I'm single!

rtadpole asks: where the hell is boca linda?
John Littlefield: Next to The Truman Show. :)

AW_JV4ever asks: Hi, thanks for doing this chat. I thought your scenes at the hospital were great!! Were they tough to film?
John Littlefield: No, actually. I was just finally glad I had a storyline! I was glad I had some writing with substance.

lilyjae asks: you are a cheeseball for saying that!!! but it was pretty cute!
John Littlefield: Awww... Well, you know, cheeseballs will be cheeseballs, I guess.

John Littlefield: I didn't go to high school in Easton, PA. But my dad worked at Lafayette College. Go Easton, home of Larry Holmes!

AWvet asks: A little history on the horse. It was Rachel's first sculptor and I think Mac Cory's ghost would get you.
John Littlefield: Oh, really? All the better to steal it!

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim and you did Night of the Iguana together in college/grad school. How was that experience working with Red? I'm a big Kim Rhodes fan. I run an unofficial website for her!!! Come visit it anytime!!!
John Littlefield: Any time I get to work with her is like heaven has fallen upon the earth. CHEESEBALL! It's true though. I can't express it.

Bernard_Michael asks: What's the best thing you can cook? What's your speciality?
John Littlefield: I'm asking my sister... She says lamb. I do lamp chops really good.

JuuYa asks: What all you all REALLY drinking when you are getting drunk??
John Littlefield: Flat ginger ale. Except Red doesn't like ginger ale. She likes iced tea.

hcarllee asks: did you ever work with amy carlson, who played josie before nadine stenovich, i hope i spelled her name right
John Littlefield: No.

conjences asks: Do you like any sports?
John Littlefield: I love baseball, I love motorcycle racing, I like surfing a great deal. I played squash today, which was fun. It's not like racquetball; you use badminton racquets.

CTCH3_99 asks: John, did you go to school with Eric as well as Kim?
John Littlefield: No, he graduated the year before I got there. But I did go to school with Jason George from Sunset Beach. This was at Temple University; go Owls!

lilyjae asks: how is morale on the set?
John Littlefield: Great. :) Never better. We never had that problem; it's always been great.

LongLiveBayCity asks: SO what about doing theater in NY? I would come see you if you did!
John Littlefield: From your mouth to God's ears!

Soon_2B_Star asks: What's up with the CHeese balls?
John Littlefield: That's what my sister Morgan calls me. All those pictures in all the magazines, that's Morgan.

larile asks: "So, being single, you go for the slightly mental, fireball temper kind of girl?"
John Littlefield: How did you know? :) That are currently on medication, yes.

MSandner asks: John, which actor would you have liked to work with more or that you never worked with on AW?
John Littlefield: Tom Eplin (Jake). And Victoria Wyndham.

Bernerlove asks: WHAT is TOM Eplin really like?
John Littlefield: He's great, a cool guy. Smart as a whip, man. Funny, too. Oh my GOD, that guy is funny.

EllenWheelerFan asks: Can we still write to you ? Will you answer our letters?
John Littlefield: Yeah, of course! Sorry if you've written and I haven't done it yet! I'm bad at that.

forget_me_not_angel asks: Do you have a pet?
John Littlefield: Yes, his name is Grace and he's from the 7th circle of feline hell!

nikki_567 asks: what is your favorite thing to do when your not busy?
John Littlefield: Play with my cat... go to movies. Now it's baseball season, so I'll just hang out and watch the games.

MMB1947 asks: Was it hard stepping into the part that someone else had played. I thing you are great!
John Littlefield: No, and thank you. :) I didn't fit his clothes, but that was about it.

John Littlefield: I really love The Who? and I'm really into swing, big band orchestra music. That's all I pretty much listen to. I was born at the wrong time.

MSandner asks: What's your thoughts on who killed Grant?
John Littlefield: That's a very good question... Next question...

casualshoe asks: When you are at home, what kinds of programs do you watch?
John Littlefield: Well, my sister and I used to be diehard The X-Files fans. Then it just got so boring. But my sister got me into Law & Order, and that's really good. And Homocide: Life on the Street, that's REALLY GOOD. Really talented people, and it's shot great, and it's written great. And then SportsCenter, and classic sports channels are great. But watching my cat is really great entertainment. He will sit in front of the fridge for hours thinking there's a mouse there. It's great entertainment!

AWvet asks: Do you ever surf the web and read how the fans are feeling?
John Littlefield: I've only surfed the waves, I've never surfed the web. Oh, wait-- the Internet? Yeah, I do that all the time. I just got a computer so I don't know the lingo yet. But yes, I have.

happy_in_canada asks: Who on the show do you find the most fun to work with?
John Littlefield: Nadine and Michael. Kim Rhodes. Linda. Joe Barbara is the BEST to work with. He's so funny. You know, you ask me the person I'm going to miss the most on the show? It'd be Joe, but he lives down the block, so I'm going to see him all the time!

Bernard_Michael asks: Did you think Shakespeare in Love deserved the Oscar for Best Picture this year?
John Littlefield: No--Elizabeth did.

LongLiveBayCity asks: DId you date Kim Rhodes when you two attended Temple?
John Littlefield: Yeah, of course. Everybody knows that.

John Littlefield: Yeah, the first one was good.

forget_me_not_angel asks: If you could write Gary's last few words what would they be?
John Littlefield: If I could write Gary's last words... "Adios!"

beanestrada asks: Go for Joe, he rocks my world too, but in a different way..He is just so cool
John Littlefield: Yeah.

Bernard_Michael asks: I really wanted Gary and Cindy together as a couple b/c you two had so much chemistry together? Gary was a true friend to Cindy (until she ratted him out), but there was something between Gary and Cindy that would speak volumes..
John Littlefield: Me too. She's a good kisser. When she ratted him out it turned him on! :)

rtadpole asks: what about Life is Beautiful? did you see that?
John Littlefield: Yes, my second favorite for the Oscar. Shakespeare in Love is third.

hcarllee asks: how does the cast feel about the cancellation
John Littlefield: They think it sucks!

tmkaiser asks: How about if Rachel wakes up at the very end of the last episode? What do you think?
John Littlefield: That'd be cool! That'd be rad! :) Maybe you could get hired as a writer!

John Littlefield: Peace of mind. I would love to kill Jordan Stark, though! Just to put an end to his misery of having to put on all that makeup every day. Poor David [Macdonald, David/Jordan]! He's so happy being David Halliday.

bcb1939 asks: How is it to work with some of the veterans on the show?
John Littlefield: Oh, it's a dream. It's just like, "Gosh, I remember watching when I was a kid, it's such a trip."

stevensmom3 asks: will any of our bitchin' help you think??
John Littlefield: No :(

aeggs83 asks: Did the cast find out before hand, or just yesterday when it went public
John Littlefield: Yesterday.

AWvet asks: Just between us what did you really think about Lumina?
John Littlefield: Zzzzzzzzzzz.....

beanestrada asks: So, are you going to get to go to bed with Josie one more for the road?
John Littlefield: Hey, sure!

nikki_567 asks: what is your favorite sport?
John Littlefield: Baseball.

AW_JV4ever asks: I just wanted to say that the fans are going to miss every single one of the actors on AW. You all have become a major part of are lives. We see you so often you're almost like family. Thanks for giving us such great tv moments! We'll miss you!
John Littlefield: Thank you-- check's in the mail!

Imogene_F asks: when will we find out who killed Grant??
John Littlefield: Enough with Grant! I don't know! What about ME, what about MY feelings? :) (weeping) People ask me about Jordan and Amanda, and what do I think of them, but Gary's never met Jordan Stark! He doesn't even know who he is!

Spazzy_Janet asks: John- Gary and Cindy have great chemistry on screen. Do you wish that the writers would have had the opportunity to explore this relationship more?
John Littlefield: Oh, sure, if we had time. I'm sure it would eventually have happened.

casualshoe asks: I really enjoyed your work on AW, what is the one thing you'll remeber most about working on AW?
John Littlefield: Oh, just how nice everybody is.

CTCH3_99 asks: John, will you be staying in New York?
John Littlefield: I don't know as of yet. I don't know what I'm going to all my fish! Grace already got one... He got my favorite one... He thinks they're candy or something.

tweety1115 asks: What star on the show would you most want Gary to sleep with?
John Littlefield: She's married-- I'm not going to say a word. But she's SUCH a fox.

Bernard_Michael asks: What's the worst cooking disaster you ever had as a cook? Maybe you can create a cooking show for the Food Network...Cooking with John
John Littlefield: My worst cooking nightmare? Oh, gosh. I don't think I've ever had one. I've burned stuff, but nothing really that traumatic.

AWvet asks: Did you see "A Fish called Wanda?"
John Littlefield: Yes.

DMC82053 asks: Will Gary forgive Josie before he leaves?
John Littlefield: I don't know... whatever they write, I'll say. I would like to think so, though.

AWvet asks: That was there big mistake. I always said Cass should have hired Gary and Cameron to investigate Stark.
John Littlefield: Oh yeah. You know someone who I'd really, really want a scene with? I never had a scene with Steve Schnetzer (Cass). I always really wanted to do a scene with him.

princess_of_Blue_Lake asks: What Kind of books do u like to read?
John Littlefield: I'm a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan. And a huge Cormac McCarthy fan. I'm reading Catch-22 right now; it's pretty funny. I'm rereading everything I should have read in high school.

MSandner asks: Do you still have that life-long fear of nuns regarding your Catholic school days? Here's a question about you. LOL! :)
John Littlefield: Oh, yes! They're my worse nightmare. Nuns, they scare me!

forget_me_not_angel asks: Grace is a beautiful name where did you come up with it?
John Littlefield: Marc Grace, first baseman for the Chicago Cubs.

CREWMAN_33_32 asks: how long have you been on the show??
John Littlefield: I'm telling Gracie we're talking about him. About a year and a few months.

rtadpole asks: when is your birthday...what has been your best celebration ever?
John Littlefield: My birthday is July 8... and all of them have been special.

AWvet asks: Maybe playing Gary matured you.
John Littlefield: How do you mean? Please respond.

John Littlefield: Yeah, in the backyard! I was a little kid :)

sunnie30_99 asks: I read that u are a real gentlemen Is that true
John Littlefield: Yeah, my dad is a Colonel, and I have 4 sisters and no brothers. My dad was a big stickler on manners. Huge, huge, huge. Like, Miss Manners better watch out. How did you know that?