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JudiEvans: Hi everyone !! Hope all is well...

Question: I've read read that you and Jensen Buchanan are friends outside of work. Do you socialize with any of the others?

JudiEvans: Yes, I socialize with Tom Eplin, and Colleen Dion...and Eric Woods

Question: What have been some of the highlights of working on "Another World"?

JudiEvans: Working with Jensen and Tom...and the writers have given me a plethora of emotions to play and great story. We have a wonderful crew and producers and directors.

Question: Do you have a desire to do films,theatre or primetime TV work? Do you watch alot of TV and if so,what are some of your favorite programs?

JudiEvans: I would always love to theater , film and prime time getting the work is another story!! :-) I love Melrose Place...and NBC on Thursday nights.

Question: Are you still at all like Paulina in real life?

JudiEvans: More now than before.. only because she was pretty tough, and i'm not so tough. I'm more of a weenie!

Question: What was it like being in the circus for several years as a young child? Was it culture shock when your family settled down and you weren't travelling all the time?

JudiEvans: It was a lot of fun, like a soap opera, you get paid for having fun. And I was so young, I didn't realize we stopped doing the circus!

Question: I see you and your husband in the soap magazines all the time and you always look so naturally happy? What's the secret to your successful marriage?

JudiEvans: Being best friends, honesty, compromise...

Question: Why is Jake really going to leave the show? Will they ever replace him with a different Jake?

JudiEvans: I have no idea.

Question: Are Joe and Paulina going to be interacting more in future shows?

JudiEvans: I hope so ! ! ! }:>

Question: Of the characters you've played which did/do you enjoy most,Beth Paines,Adrienne Kiriakis or Paulina?

JudiEvans: Paulina, definitely, though they were all truly wonderful characters to play.

Question: Hi Judi! I'd like to begin by saying that I think you are the best actress on AW. I'd like to know, do you miss working with Tom Eplin, and what's ahead for Paulina?

JudiEvans: I do miss him tremendously. Unfortunately I don't know Paulinas future...only the writers do!

Question: Judi - I've read that you and Jensen are good buddies at work. Do you ever socialize outside of work?? If so, where do you go and what do you do ??

JudiEvans: We hang out at each other's houses and chat, have a little wine.... maybe a little cheese.. lots and lots of laughs !

Question: I like the shorter haircut - was it your decision or does the show tell you they want you to have a new style?

JudiEvans: Sort of both, I went in for a trim and I don't know what happened!

Comment: How often do the actors ad lib and break out in laughter?

JudiEvans: We don't ad lib very much...they prefer we say the written word. But we do break out in laughter when we make mistakes !

Question: Will you be doing any movies in the future?

JudiEvans: I hope so :-))

Question: What do you think about the possible relationship between Paulina and Joe Carlino?

JudiEvans: I certainly want it to happen!

Question: Judi, was it hard doing the "Jake's Funeral" episode? I thought it was very moving.

JudiEvans: It was hard, and it wasn't...it was very releasing . I cried for about twelve hours straight, and let out all those emotions inside me.. It felt pretty good, but I certainly was tired afterwards.!

Question: Judi, if you hadn't become an actress, what do you think you have become?

JudiEvans: A doctor. A geriatrician.

Question: How does it feel to work with another leading man after working with Tom Eplin?

JudiEvans: Certainly different..Tom Eplin is one of a kind. You don't get that kind of energy and voraciousness very often.

Question: Are Paulina and Vicky going to stay friends? Your scenes together are so fun to watch!

JudiEvans: I hope they stay friend. I hope I get to work with Jensen in the future. I'm glad you enjoy us.

Question: Why did you end up leaving Days....was it because your contract was up or they played out what they felt was what they could do with your character at the time?

JudiEvans: My contract was up..but it was my choice to leave. I had to work out some personal things in my ex-marriage... thats why it became EX. 'nuff said :-)

Question: Hi Judi! I just wanted to say I really enjoyed meeting you at the fan luncheon--thanks for coming back to chat with us again tonight! A question --how long do you think Paulina should grieve for Jake before she gets involved with Joe?

JudiEvans: Certainly a while. Its nice to see a character grieve for a lost one longer than a week, before she sleeps with someone else. I thank the writers for that.

Question: What's your family doing now that they retired from the circus?

JudiEvans: My mother works in a loan department in a bank and my father sells insurance. But I swear they're still a lot of fun :-)

Question: Who are your favorite actors--in daytime and film and nighttime?

JudiEvans: Daytime..hmmm..just about everyone !
JudiEvans: Film...Jessica Lange and Cary Grant.
JudiEvans: Nighttime...Alan Alda was always a favorite
JudiEvans: female..
JudiEvans: Rhea Pearlman.
JudiEvans: Noah Wyle
JudiEvans: big crush !!!!!

Question: Judi, we love you in Alabama. Do you have any inside information about the future of the show? Could it still be cancelled?

JudiEvans: Any show could be cancelled, I just hope its not us. Keep watching and keep writing...please ! :-)

Question: I am amazed how daytime actors can memorize so much dialogue so quickly. Do you use teleprompter?

JudiEvans: Nope..never

Question: Did you have any problems with the transition of taking over the role of Paulina from the original actress?

JudiEvans: I never really saw her work except for her last day...and when I came on, the producers basically gave me free reign..and said "go for whatever you want to go for" basically it was easy because they gave me the freedom.

Question: Do you like doing Another World better than you liked Days? I really loved you in both!

JudiEvans: I love both shows very much. But, I really have to say, if it were a choice... AW

Question: Since you took over as Paulina, she's become a more realistic, 3-dimensional character. Wasn't she supposed to be a love interest for Jamie once?

JudiEvans: I think so...since they aren't related by blood...but I couldn't tell you for sure.

Question: Do you ever get to visit with your cast mates from Days?

JudiEvans: Yes. I just had lumch with Wally and Rena about a month ago. And I talked to Melissa... over Christmas.

Question: Judi, do you know what Tom Eplin is pursuing now? Is he still in acting?

JudiEvans: Yes, definitely. He's been pursuing prime time and film.

Question: How hard is it to work on a soap?

JudiEvans: Very hard...you have to learn tremendous amounts of dialogue daily...you don't have much rehearsal and you can't make too many mistakes..to often. The hours can be very,very long...sometimes you get up before the crack of dawn and come home way after sunset sometimes you wonder if the day really happened.

Question: What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you on set?

JudiEvans: hmmmm...I was doing this love making scene with Lujack, on Guiding Light. We were wrapped up in a blanket and during the scene, my body suit slipped down and I didnt realize it. but the crew sure did ! Talk about a red face...
One time on AW, there was this fight scene between Jake and Kevin and in the rehearsal, in front of the camera, I was standing behind Jake, he didn't know it and he accidentally knocked me out !!

Question: Paulina shows all of her emotions so well--which emotion is the most difficult for you to play?

JudiEvans: Depression.because it can come off boring. Its a difficult line to play.

Question: Do you like the relationship between Paulina and Vicky? Will Paulina really be on Grant's side?

JudiEvans: I think Paulina is neutral as far as Vicky and Grant are concerned. The only one she really sides with is Kirkland.

Question: How do you make yourself cry on cue?

JudiEvans: It just happens. In acting, that pretend moment, for that moment...is real. and it really hurts, so I really cry. One time I thought I was having a heart attack, but I was just very upset in the scene.

Question: will Grant and Amanda get back together?

JudiEvans: :X my lips are sealed, but keep watching.

Question: Judi Do you have AOL at home and do you come on at night in chat?

JudiEvans: Actually..I'm computer stupid. I am stuck in the 80's and don't even own a computer yet... ...but soon.

Question: Is it hard to keep your personality separate from Paulina's?

JudiEvans: No. She's just a character I play...but then again shes part of me. Maybe I need therapy ! :-)

Question: What is your favorite type of role?

JudiEvans: hmmm Somone who can rise above whatever obstacles life holds for them. And someone with a lot of heart.

Question: If you could work with anyone in the world, who would it be?

JudiEvans: Mel Gibson... like in Man Without a Face.. or ..Lethal Weapon. Always wanted to play a police-type character.

Question: How did you get started in show biz?

JudiEvans: I was a circus clown. I then I ran away to join the soap operas! Seriously, I studied in college and with private coaches. Got an agent who sent me out on auditions until I finally got something. My first major role was on Guiding Light.

Question: What happens if you get sick? Who plays your character that day?

JudiEvans: Unless you can't make it to work...they will replace you or change the schedule. But you basically, have to be in the hospital. Normally you work even if your throwing up... ...the show must go on ! One time I had 104 fever...was throwing up between every scene, had about 50 pages of dialogue and had to kiss someone in the scenes...but we did it !

Question: Who is paulinas perffect match JudiEvans: Was Jake. Next...I don't know... but keep watching...

Question: I miss Paulina's scenes with Matt. Will she forgive him for doubting Jake so they can he 'family' again?

JudiEvans: Watch very closely in the next couple weeks.

Question: Do you keep in touch with people that leave the show? Would you ever leave daytime for Prime time or the big screen?

JudiEvans: I do keep in touch with people who have left the show that are my friends... I would consider leaving daytime for primetime or the big screen..but I could never forget that soaps have given me all that I have.

CSEmcee5: We have time for one more Question: !

Question: What has been your favorite storyline? And your least favorite?

JudiEvans: Most favorite would be all the twists and turns I've had with Jake... I can't think of a least favorite..because its been all too good.

CSEmcee5: Thank you Judi Evans for joining us tonight ! Any closing remarks?

JudiEvans: Thank you so much for letting me chat with you.

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JudiEvans: And please stay tuned..theres a lot more fun to come!
JudiEvans: Goodnight

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