SODhost: Welcome to our Another World Mystery Chat! Our chat begins at 7pET/4pPT... Send in your questions now!

larile asks: SODhost, can you tell us who the guest is today?
SODhost: Here's your first clue... We have two guests

aine75 asks: Any hints on our mystery guests?
SODhost: Hints... well, it is a guy and a girl

Wit_67 asks: are they a couple
SODhost: Uh huh... they are indeed a couple...

Will_miss_AW asks: Only one guest or 2?
SODhost: It's two... God willing :-) that they finish their scenes by then. C'mon.. any actually questions besides "Is it ---- and ----?" .... You just want to know.. and that's it.. is that it?... Well, since you're sensitive this evening... This week's prize goes to...

aine75 asks: Is it Joe and Paulina?
SODhost: Yessiree Bob... er Aine... Judi Evans Luciano and Joe Barbara will be chatting with us tonight... at approximately 7pET/4pPT... as I said, they are working today. Joe & Judi are both coming online straight from the set... so please be patient with us. We're trying as best we can :-)

Redanytime asks: SOD, any chance of Jensen and tom next week? They are the remaining suspects.
SODhost: I'm not sure who we'll have next week... I do know we won't be here on Tuesday next week. But our plan was to have all the suspects on eventually... and we're going to try and and have all of them plus a few more surprise guests in the next few weeks. Obviously we're running a little behind.. Joe and Judi have been working all afternoon. So we're just waiting on their arrival from shooting on set at AW. Hope you guys can hang in there with us.. we promise they'll give you 110% once they get here :-)

Redanytime asks: SOD, so the chats will continue even after the "mystery" is solved?
SODhost: Yes Red, the chats will continue... Until the end of May, I believe

LMicheleG asks: SOD- Will there be a chat next week?
SODhost: Yes there will be.. don't know what date yet... I just talked with the studio... Joe and Judi are still filming. If you guys want to hang in here... with me ... that would be great.. we will have about an hour with them once we get started

LongLiveBayCity asks: Thanks for keeping us posted SOD :-)
SODhost: YOu're welcome
SODhost: Okay.. the Joe & Judi update: Judi just phoned.. [no death glares please ] ... they just got off set. She has to do a few doodaddy things.. and will be on with us in 5 to 10 minutes. Cool beans?

Wit_67 asks: Thanks for the update, but where's joe?
SODhost: They were filming together... so I'm assuming he'll be calling shortly

aeggs83 asks: KP, is there any more talk about some of the characters going to other P&G shows, like ATWT as their AW characters, as reported?
SODhost: I'm hearing the same kind of stuff you guys are hearing... so who knows what's going to happen. My advice to you guys.. Keep positive... And speak your minds

SODhost: We've got Judi! We'll let you know when we have Joe!
SODhost: Welcome Judi!

LMicheleG asks: Judi, I've loved Paulina's recent scenes w/ Vicky! What's it like working with Jensen again?
Judi Evans Luciano: Ah, it feels like home. Back home week! It's nice. :-)

suckeryou asks: You are both acting very guilty, but I have to say I don't think either of you is what are you hiding???
Judi Evans Luciano: My eighth month? No... I don't know yet! I hope I will find out soon!

LMicheleG asks: Judi, I've watched you since your first day on Days! Which character is more like you, Adrienne or Paulina?
Judi Evans Luciano: Both, but I would say a little more Paulina. I like to kill people--LOL!
SODhost: Judi is here! Send in your questions for her!

FREDVV asks: JUDI, what is your favorite Paulina and Jake moment?
Judi Evans Luciano: Hmm... Yeah, when we were fighting and rolling around in the mud. That was pretty fun! All of our fight scenes. :-)

LongLiveBayCity asks: Judi, I gotta tell you, YOU ROCK! Whats has working on the set been like the past two weeks? Are you all holding it together out there?
Judi Evans Luciano: Well, the truth is, this is one of the greatest groups I've ever worked with. We're all professionals, we know what we have to do, and we know that we want to go out with a bang and not a whimper. That's not to say that there aren't a few tears shed! But we're still going to do our best and go out with our heads held high!

BORN_INTO_ATTITUDE_X asks: will paulina find out about remmy soon???
Judi Evans Luciano: Stay tuned... don't know... hope so... You think I'm going to tell you so you don't have to watch? You gotta watch! :-)

smokeybear6969 asks: Judi how did you get so sexy and do you have a sister about 16-18
Judi Evans Luciano: LOL! Thank you thank you thank you! You just made my night! But sorry, I only have three older brothers. But hopefully I'll have a job soon and you can see me on that!

Nell_46 asks: Judi, is there a chance AW will be pickep up by another network?
Judi Evans Luciano: There's always hope. It's not over until the fat lady sings, or so they say. Keep writing, emailing, phone calling, whatever you can do! Keep going, going, GOING until we're gone.

smokeybear6969 asks: Judi what type of music do you listen to
Judi Evans Luciano: A big mixture. I like a lot of 80s rock, you know (said with valley girl accent), George Winston, and movie soundtracks, that sort of thing. I love swing music and old time Mexican, like mariachi.

aeggs83 asks: Judi - I have enjoyed you for many years now, and wondering if you 'd like to take some time off now, or hoping to move right into another show or other acting job?
Judi Evans Luciano: The truth is that I could retire if I wanted to, but I really don't want to. I'm a workaholic and I love working, and if I have a little time off, I'll spend it the best way I know how: with my son. I've worked for the last 17 years with about 10 months off, which in this business is incredible. So I don't think I want to stop this winning streak.
SODhost: FYI: Joe is en route to a phone... he will join us ASAP

superbigawfan asks: Judi, I love that you include Austin with you in the show. Do you ever have second thoughts about showing him?
Judi Evans Luciano: No, you know, we have pretty good security at the studio and there's pretty good security where I live. He likes it, and I like having him with me. Besides, he's a Luciano! If anyone touches him, he'll be dead, you know what I'm sayin'! :-) You can hide from the FBI, you can hide from the IRS, but you can't hide from the mob! (Ha ha...)

ChantalLogan asks: AW deserves RESPECT!! And it will get the respect it deserves !! WE HAVE TO FIGHT!!!
Judi Evans Luciano: That really means a lot and I really appreciate it. Keep fighting for the show!

mojochavez asks: What was your reaction to the fan club luncheon?
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh, it was wonderful and I think I can speak for all of us that we really felt engulfed by love from the fans and we certainly feel that for them, and who knows? It might be the last one. And this whole time I really felt bad for us and for the crew -- we're all losing our jobs -- but I realized the fans, they're losing their family. Another World is family to them. So it was sad. It made me sad. But we all felt the warmth from people and the support was really wonderful. We'll miss everyone.

SODhost: Judi Evans Luciano is here with us.. Joe Barbara is on his way. Thank you guys for all your patience tonight :-) We'll keep chatting until we can't chat no more :-) Okay, Judi update... Yes folks, she's in her car.. and she just went thru the tunnel... So we're Judi-Free for a few more seconds... don't worry, she'll be here in two shakes... And you think this is glamorous?

kozmokramerrules asks: I just want to say seriously you all are very talented you will all do fine and this cancelation really bites
Judi Evans Luciano: From your lips to God's ears about us finding employment! Cancellation does bite, but you can't really blame NBC; they made a business decision that made sense to them. It does suck for us and for the fans but it was a choice. It happens in the entertainment industry, it happens in other industries. But hopefully another network will see the value that we have in the show.

s_nicole14_99 asks: judi who is your fav actor/actress to work with on set??
Judi Evans Luciano: Austin, my son! And then, well, there are three: Joe Barbara (Joe), Taylor Stanley (Remy), and Troy Hall (Tito). I love to work with everybody and I get along with everybody, but those three are my family. And whenever I take my son with me to work, my son says "I'm going to see Daddy Joe! And Taylor! And Troy!"

nob3 asks: Since we lost you in a tunnel, do you have a long commute?
Judi Evans Luciano: Uh, well, without traffic it's about an hour and 10 minutes. But with traffic, it can be up to three hours. But I know some shortcuts... I think it's like 55 miles one way. Can you imagine the mileage on my leased cars! Sooooo nasty!

nsyncfanlancejustinchris asks: Judi, what's your favorite movie?
Judi Evans Luciano: That's kind of hard, but Airplane/Gone With the Wind.

Spazzy_Janet asks: Judi- if you could pick any ending for Paulina, what would it be?
Judi Evans Luciano: JAIL! (Just kidding!) A happy ending. I'd like to see a happy ending, and wish that she could eat A LOT.

I_am_a_RedHead2 asks: Judi, do you answer your fan mail?
Judi Evans Luciano: I'm a bit behind -- about 2 years -- but yes I do, and I'll have plenty of time to do that now! :-)

clb24244 asks: What was it like doing a love scene with Jake?
Judi Evans Luciano: Funny! I mean, it was a laugh a minute. We just cracked each other up and we'd be lewd and crude. It's not a fun thing, to be almost nude in front of 30 crew guys, it's kind of uncomfortable, so the best thing to do is make light of it.

LMicheleG asks: Judi, how did Austin like the luncheon?
Judi Evans Luciano: Well, last year, he was lovin' it but I was so nervous and this year, he cried right away and was up in the balcony above and was yelling at all of us, like "Hey, hi!" It was pretty funny.

Judi Evans Luciano: ME! No, I'm really not sure, I don't know. Everybody looks guilty.

superbigawfan asks: I have heard that Charles Keating is coming back for the last few episodes. Will you get to work with him at all?
Judi Evans Luciano: I hope so. I miss him, a lot. He's got a GREAT sense of humor and he's a great actor.

Looney_112 asks: Judi are you hoping the show will be picked up by another station, or is it time to move on?
Judi Evans Luciano: I'm hoping the show will be picked up by another station. I mean, I don't know how or if that could happen, but I love Another World. It's a great show and it's a great group of people. I see them more than I see my own family.

kozmokramerrules asks: I will bet the ranch that Grant is still alive!!!!! What do you think?
Judi Evans Luciano: Could be! Nobody's ever really dead on soap operas. Even if you see them die on camera, they're not really dead. I mean, look at Stefano on DAYS for crying out loud!

Will_miss_AW asks: Do you think you'll keep in touch with many of the AWbig family ?
Judi Evans Luciano: I plan to, I plan to. I've spent eight wonderful years with these people, and I love some of the people there like family. So I hope to, I plan to. I guess we'll see if they want to stay in contact with me!

suckeryou asks: we try not to look at DAYS, Judi:-)
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh, it's a good show too!

superbigawfan asks: Is there anyone you haven't worked with on the show that you would really like to?
Judi Evans Luciano: I don't think I've worked much with Henry Simmons [Tyrone] and I really adore him. I haven't worked enough with Ellen Wheeler [Marley] and I love her. LOVE her! And I have barely worked with Sandi [Ferguson, Amanda] and Matt [Crane, Matt]. I hope to God I work with them before it's over! Just warning you, I'm about to go through the Lincoln tunnel!

Will_miss_AW asks: Do you have any pets? if so austin must love it?
Judi Evans Luciano: Yes he does. Two dogs, one very tabby cat, green-cheeked conure (a small parrot) and 2 horses.
SODhost: Okay... we've lost Judi momentarily... :-)
SODhost: Trust me, this isn't as stressful for you as it is for me ;-). Look, we're all commuting with Judi... tomorrow, tell your friends :-). Judi will be online with us momentarily.. Joe is en route to a phone as well...

angel_baby53 asks: JUdi, You're looking great!! How did you do it?
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh yeah, the old-fashioned way, diet and exercise. Actually, I should say change of eating habits. Diet is a 4-letter word. That and exercise, and going right past McDonald's. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. There's nothing like a quarter-pounder, though!

aine75 asks: hang in there, host! :-) Is Judi driving or riding??
Judi Evans Luciano: Driving! Yes, I know it's illegal to talk on the cell phone and drive at the same time, but hey, it's for a good cause! I've got some jerk on my ass and I'm about to slam on the brakes!

AWvet asks: You mean like we are carpooling?
Judi Evans Luciano: Yeah! Thank you! It's very stuffy in here with everybody -- somebody roll down a window, quick!

jarod_67 asks: With or without cheese???
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh, with with with! How could you eat meat without cheese? And mayo, mayo, mayo! That's why I gained 85 pounds, OK!

AWvet asks: I'm having flashbacks of when she ran over Kirk. Tell her to drive carfully!!
Judi Evans Luciano: LOL! Oooh, look, a pedestrian! Faster, faster, faster! :-) OK, gentle...

aine75 asks: You're a brave woman, Judi, and we love ya for it!
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh thank you! You wouldn't want to ride in the passenger seat, then! You'd be the brave one then!

suckeryou asks: They have therapy for dealing with road rage :-)
Judi Evans Luciano: Well, I drive too fast for anyone to be really angry at me. I have road rage, but other people don't usually have road rage -- I'm too far ahead of them! My favorite saying? "Put the pedal to the metal!" Red means stop, yellow means go very fast!

Redanytime asks: Judi, who are the better drivers? Men or Women?
Judi Evans Luciano: I think women, only because they WILL ask for directions, and they seem to pay attention more to where they are driving where they're going and they have a plan. Because with motherhood comes a lot of organization so you have to know what you're doing. I've noticed that men kind of wander and are like, lalalalalala, and they refuse to stop and ask for directions! I don't understand that; you're lost, get directions! But nothing personal against any men here in the room...

jobber_1999 asks: Glad to see you've got a sense of humour - we haven't seen it much on the show lately.
Judi Evans Luciano: I know, right! I keep begging them. I'm laughing! Can I at least be pretty and not have to cry! Please! And they say "Maybe, maybe. Be a good girl and then we'll see." I miss laughing. But don't think that in between scenes I'm not trying to make everybody laugh!

jarod_67 asks: Since we are with you...are you using the carpool lane...LOL
Judi Evans Luciano: Uh, actually there aren't any carpool lanes where I'm driving. I guess I could now that I think about it, since you're with me. I could just say, "Hello officer, there are 4000 people with me! Frisk me, frisk me!" :-) Ooops, went off on a tangent there.

ChantalLogan asks: Judi: are you close with Kim Rhodes? I stated crying at the luncheon and she strated crying with was and she comforted me..I felt bad I made her cry
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh yeah, I am close with Kim Rhodes (Cindy), and when people cry, she's very emotional, and when other people cry it's devastating. She hates to see people cry and so do I. That was the hardest thing. There were people in line for autographs who couldn't even speak because they were crying. It was heartbreaking; it was like watching your mom cry, which is bad. Not bad as in bad, but as in heartbreaking.

CAJCsoapfan asks: I know this is really emotional, but Judi, I wanted to tell you that my son was hit by a car several years ago. He died instantly. but I just wanted to share that when Paulina hit Kirk, I was able to stop hating the woman who hit my son because it was so easy to see the tortune Paulina was going through in the aftermath. Thank you
Judi Evans Luciano: Wow. I'm crying. I'm glad that that portrayal could help you come to terms with your anger and your grief... and that's something that I really loved about Another World, that they dealt with stuff like that. Real feelings, real people, and real situations. I'm trying to drive and cry at the same time. I mean, a lot of people identified with the whole weight thing, and that was what so great about AW. They told the stories that people wanted to see; they took risks. And I'm glad that that story helped you.

NKracala asks: I laughed so hard at a chat you did where you said that Lisa was calling you Ballina and her Cryla!
Judi Evans Luciano: Yes! Those were our nicknames for each other. Lisa [Peluso, Lila] came up with that and now that's with what everyone calls us. "Bawlina, come to the floor! Cryla, come to the floor!" We should do our own sitcom, or rather, a crycom. I just want to say that the last question really hit me. But when people get really touched and can come to grips with what has happened to them...

BarryT60 asks: They TELL, TELL - don't use past tense!!!!!
Judi Evans Luciano: They really do tell great stories, and our writers are really top-notch. And I'm going to miss that----a LOOOOOTTTTT! But I'm still crying!

AWFanAlbert asks: AW also let male viewers into the storylines, AW is not just a house wife soap, i couldn't believe i got hooked but i did. AWrocks
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh, thank you. We love men and we love women too :-). And that's the other thing about AW: they told a lot of male stories, from a man's point of view. They didn't just tell women's stories from a women's point of view. They shared the wealth. You can't ask for more. We did a lot of way-out stuff, but AW was always about family, and relationships, and how to overcome obstacles and hurdles. And that true love CAN, if you work at it, exist.

superbigawfan asks: I just want to thank you for taking time out of your driving schedule to chat with us!!! LOL
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh, my pleasure. You know what? I can't stop saying thank you to all of our viewers because if you didn't watch our show we wouldn't be doing it. There are no words to say thank you and I appreciate YOU wanting to chat with ME. I'm getting something out of this, believe me! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I mean, there are actors who say, "I can't be bothered." But I can be, and I really want to say thank you. I don't know about anybody else, but you perform for the audience, and it's REALLY rough when people say, "I love you!" :-) I love the viewers. There aren't words that describe it enough; "thank you" just doesn't do enough.

jobber_1999 asks: Judy - Please! Any news about ABC or CTV picking up AW? We need some hope here...
Judi Evans Luciano: Honestly, I'm pretty much out of the loop. I really don't know. If there is something going on, they haven't let us know. But that doesn't mean stop writing and emailing. Because miracles really do happen. Just watch Touched by an Angel! They brought back Cagney and Lacey! Search for Tomorrow went to CBS! Who knows? If you who love the show keep telling the networks how you feel, somebody will respond -- hopefully.

jarod_67 asks: Now watch'll have 4000 people crying with you and then the car will

Redanytime asks: ok, so she is driving, on the phone and crying. I am glad I am at home

superbigawfan asks: We thank you very much for being bothered. It makes us love you even more!!!

NKracala asks: Thanks Judi, that's sweet to know that the appreciation is reciprocated!

LuvAW2 asks: All of you in the cast were so gracious to the fans at the luncheon. Thank you!
Judi Evans Luciano: LOL! The appreciation REALLY, REALLY, REALLY is reciprocated. Thank you, thank you for coming and thank you for watching Another World. I was a big fan before I got here. I used to watch it when I was on DAYS. I used to watch DAYS and then AWand think, "That's such a cool show. I hope I could work on it." And look what happened! I remember getting hooked on Frankie's heaven scene. It was mesmerizing and the performances was great, as was the writing. I remember thinking, "Hey, this is COOL!" I love shows that take chances, and AW always took chances. I like to be surprised; that's why I like ALLY McBEAL. You just never know what's going to happen!

Abby41082 asks: Judi- I want to commend you on the weight storyline. I could totally relate to that, I am 17 and am always concerned with my weight. I want to thank you for portraying that so beautifully. You are a truly gifted actress!
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh thank you, and I want to respond to that by saying, "You are who you are on the inside." That's what Joe kept telling Paulina, and it's true. If it's a health thing, that's another matter, but it's not about looks, it's about who you are on the inside. And as long as you believe that, that's all that matters.

MomEZ33 asks: Judy, I just want to say that I feel like I know you after dealing with the weight issues also. I will follow your career wherever you go
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh thank you. Write to every producer you know! I wish you WERE a producer! But thank you, that just means the world to me. It really, really does.

superbigawfan asks: Ok so what did you do to Joe that he is so late?
Judi Evans Luciano: Well... LOL... He's trying to use his cell phone but the battery was really low, so he's probably waiting until he gets home to get on, if that's OK. And I beat him-- No! :-)

suckeryou asks: Are you getting strange looks from other cars as you pass by??
Judi Evans Luciano: No, not too strange. Just "eww, look at that lady, she's crying and talking on the phone!" But it's kind of dark out, so I can't really see.

LMicheleG asks: Linda Dano was begging to be on Ally McBeal, maybe you could join her?
Judi Evans Luciano: I would love to be on that show! I'd be so shy, because I'm so in awe of David Kelley and that cast. But I really would like to do comedy, so to be on that show would be like, "Woohoo!"

littledenise asks: do you know joe well?
Judi Evans Luciano: Yes, I do. I'm probably closer to Joe than I am to anyone. We have a really close friendship, and we really support each other personally and professionally. He's one of the nicest people I know. He'll be mad at me for saying this, but he's really a great guy, a great man. And a WONDERFUL partner.

kozmokramerrules asks: Does he have a nice tush?
Judi Evans Luciano: Um, yeah, actually! You've seen the rest of him on TV, and let me tell you, it doesn't suck! He's got a GREAT body. :-) Not to be a feminist pig, but he's got a great body! Or a female chauvinist pig... And people who know me know I'm a pig, so...

superbigawfan asks: I just want to say how much I envy you for getting to kiss Joe!! You lucky dog!!!
Judi Evans Luciano: Like I said, it doesn't suck! He's got some nice lips, let me tell ya! He he he...

CAJCsoapfan asks: Judi, I'm really sorry for making you cry :(
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh, don't be sorry. You touched me, and that's what I like about touching other people. (And I meant that emotionally.) It made me cry, but it made me feel happy that that helped. And now I'm crying again!...

AWFanAlbert asks: hey there are some of us who envy Joe ya know LOL
Judi Evans Luciano: That floats my head!

bcb1939 asks: You are such a laugh. I bet you are a lot like Paulina
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh, well thank you, thank you!!!! Woohoo! Yeah, I'm a little on the wild side. Tame but wild. I've got a wild mouth -- all talk and no action.

Judi Evans Luciano: What do you think I do every day after I work? But then I go home to another guy who has another butt. Not to brag, but a REALLY nice butt. A lot of other nice things too, but a REALLY NICE BUTT. Why can't a woman have a butt like that?

CAJCsoapfan asks: C'mon tell... were the men on Days (Wally Kurth & Billy Hufsey) good kissers too? I have envied you ever since Adrianne had an affair with Emilio!!!
Judi Evans Luciano: I haven't worked with a guy who's a bad kisser, let me put it that way. It's a tough job to be kissed by all these gorgeous men, but somebody's got to do it and it might as well be me! It's nice to have an affair without actually having an affair. But it's work, you know.
SODhost: Okay..we've got Joe! Joe had commuting woes... :-(
Joe Barbara : Hey thanks for talking about my butt everyone! Thank you very much! I wasn't aware that it was all that noticeable! I meant on television. I know Judi's seen it...
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh yeah, it's nice.

bcb1939 asks: Hey, Joe. Thank you for being here.
Joe Barbara: Thanks for waiting for me! I just walked in the door and opened a can of tuna fish. I'm eating it right out of the can.

Leslie asks: Joe: What time is it?
Joe Barbara: It's party time! I'm very proud of you, Leslie. I was asking everybody that. We were signing autographs for so long, it must have been I had to do something to perk things up so I wouldn't sign autographs until they told me, "It's party time!"

larile asks: To Joe or Judi: "Who had more fun killing Grant in the black and white scenes?"
Joe Barbara: I got to kill him twice! We had to do them separately. I had a fantasy about killing him a couple weeks before, and then I got to kill him.

Judi Evans Luciano: Judi: I had a blast! I had the fantasy of burning him to a crisp. That was fun! But we love Mark Pinter!
Joe Barbara: Yeah.

littledenise asks: i will feed you tuna from a can if you come to my house.
Joe Barbara: Well, where's your house?
Judi Evans Luciano: LOL!

LMicheleG asks: Judi and Joe, If you could take one thing with you from the AWset, what would it be?
Joe Barbara: Judi. No, just kidding.
Judi Evans Luciano: I'd pick you too, I love you! I'd also like the piano in the Cory living room.
Joe Barbara: I'm booking for the Carlino's sign, the big sign outside of Carlino's.
Judi Evans Luciano: I think I want one of the urns from the Cory living room.
Joe Barbara: Empty of course.
Judi Evans Luciano: No, full!
Joe Barbara: I don't know how I'm going to get the piano out of there without people noticing!
Judi Evans Luciano: I do like Vicky's couches and chairs.
Joe Barbara: There's a table in Lucky Lady, upstage, with like a bamboo thing with a light on it, a lamp and an end table all in one. I love that little thing.
Judi Evans Luciano: It is really cool. It would be a nice centerpiece.
Joe Barbara: No, really I just want the Carlino sign. And my shield, my police shield. And the nameplate on my desk. And some of those bowling trophies in the Captain's office.
Judi Evans Luciano: And change the trophies to say, "Joseph Barbara, 1992."

BarryT60 asks: And I must say - in all honesty, I was never that keen on the character of Joe ever since he got so high and mighty with Sophia. BUT - your performances in the last month or so- have been so top notch!! Both of you guys have drawn the viewer in to your performances.. Applause, applause!!
Joe Barbara : Thank you. You know what? I wasn't keen about him going after Sofia either, put that on the record, but I had to do what they wrote for me. But I agree with you. But I didn't know enough to know how to get around someone asking you to do something like that.

Will_miss_AW asks: joe we already know Judy has a farm do you have pets?
Joe Barbara : I don't have any pets, but my mom and dad had a dog named Rambo that had a little operation on her foot this weekend. Everybody say a prayer for Rambo! But I want fish, I want to get a fishtank. It's hard to have a horse when you live in midtown Manhattan. Judi lives in the hills, but I live in midtown.

FREDVV asks: Joe, IS Judi the best partner that you have worked with?
Joe Barbara : Of course, by far! I've only worked with two, but yes, absolutely. Judi is the most... you know, how many times do we say, if someone is in a situation in a scene where somebody says, "What do you need, what do you need?" She's always there for me.
Judi Evans Luciano: He's the same way. He's always saying, "What can I do for you?"
Joe Barbara : And it's not like that with every actor. We're very lucky to have that with each other. Making the scene as good as it can be, as opposed to making the individual as good as he or she can be. And Judi is all about the scene and the other person, she really is.

LuvAW2 asks: Sounds like you both will need a UHaul on the last day.

NKracala asks: You sound a little greedy Joe!
Judi Evans Luciano and Joe Barbara: Oh yes, really!
Judi Evans Luciano: I don't really want the piano!
Joe Barbara : Greedy!?!?!?! Why, because of the piano comment!
Judi Evans Luciano: It's out of tune, anyway! :-)
Joe Barbara : I'll probably walk out of the place with--
Judi Evans Luciano: A whole set.
Joe Barbara : No, enough to put in a brown paper lunch bag. Other people will be pulling up with semis!
Judi Evans Luciano: I want your dirty socks.
Joe Barbara : Oh baby, you can have them-- as long as you wash them and give them back!

AW_JV4ever asks: What would you like your character's last words to be?
Joe Barbara : Oh man!
Judi Evans Luciano: "Do me now! I haven't had sex in so long!"
Joe Barbara : Why didn't I call that before you said that?!?
Judi Evans Luciano: No, "I love you."
Joe Barbara : Yeah, "I love you" is probably the thing.
Judi Evans Luciano: That and a big sweaty kiss!

Abby41082 asks: Hi Joe!! My name is Abby. You are a fabulous actor! Where were you when you heard about the cancellation? What are your feelings about it?
Joe Barbara : I was home. I didn't work that day, and I got a call from [Executive Producer] Chris Goutman. Initially I was... My first reaction was numb, I didn't have a feeling. And this is what I honestly feel: It's a terrible thing for the show, for the network, I guess I got kind of angry at the situation because I felt like we worked so hard to get to a place where we were really... I've been on the show four years and the last six F months have been the best. I was angry because the potential is so great right now and that was cut short. But personally, I think it's going to be a great thing for me as an actor because it's going to force me to work on other projects and force me to get out of the daytime world for a while. I don't think any actor wants to do one thing for their whole lives. You've got film people doing theater, people in theater who want to do movies and TV shows. It's just the nature of what we do, and this is a chance to do that. But it's really hard to give up a full-time, paying job when you're an actor. But it's an opportunity for me, personally, and I'm looking forward to it. But I'm angry that the show, at the time when we had the greatest potential, was cut short.

NKracala asks: Joe, this is Nancy in Atlanta. I sent you my first fan letter last week. How long does it take you to answer your mail?
Joe Barbara : Hi, Nance! Well, I usually... after May 25 I'll have a lot of time on my hands. Don't expect it before June, but I'll get to it in June. We're taping a lot of shows now; we're really busy between now and the end of May. But I'll look for it, Nancy from Atlanta. I'll look for it specifically.

QUESTION: Joe, will you be singing on the show again?
Joe Barbara : I doubt I'll be singing on the show. They haven't approached me about it in a long long time. But today, I just confirmed today, I'm going to be working on an album with a couple of other soap actors! I just talked to the producer today and it's definitely going to happen! If you send me a letter you'll be on a mailing list and I'll send you something telling you how you can get it and what it's called.

FREDVV asks: Joe who have you learned the most from at AW?
Joe Barbara : Oh wow. I'd have to say Judi. And not only from the acting standpoint, but from a business standpoint, just how to sort of deal on a daily basis in this business. When to fight something in the script, when not to. To choose your battles, that kind of thing. Judi's been in this business a long time and there's a reason for that. There are people who come and go like flies in this business. So not just strictly about the work, but how to handle yourself in this business and how to negotiate those clever twists and turns off camera as well. But also as an actor, I watched a lot of people and I probably learned more about acting from some people that I worked with when I did Tony 'N Tina's Wedding, a play, that were phenomenal. And they taught me so much that I hope I bring to the show.

suckeryou asks: The new, scheming, Joe is fabulous!! Are you enjoying exploring this side of the character, Mr Barbara??
Joe Barbara : I love it! I asked for this years ago! But it took Chris Goutman to hand me that ball, and I love it. People question, would Joe do this or that, and of course he would! Joe would do anything to protect his family, and in his mind, Joe hasn't done anything wrong! Everything he's done, he's done to protect his family. But yes, I love it. I think it's about time I got to do something like that.

NKracala asks: Joe - the comment about the peanuts between you and Cindy almost made me fall off the couch. How did you keep a straight face (and don't tell me it's because you're a great actor!)
Joe Barbara : Oh, man! You know what? Kim [Rhodes, Cindy] and I made that up ourselves! That was something that in rehearsal, in dry rehearsal, she said "The peanuts," and I of course, my ears perked up--I knew what it said in the script, but when I heard it, I went, The what?" Because it sounded so much like the other, and she said, "The peanuts, with a T, Joey." It was just something we came up with ourselves, and when you're in the moment, I don't know how you keep a straight face, but you do. But that WASN'T in the script!

Abby41082 asks: Joe- Did you go to Syracuse University? I want to go there, if so did you like it?
Joe Barbara : Yes I did! It's just REALLY cold. It's so cold up there! Think about the University of Miami. No, don't think about that! Think about the U of Maui! I take it back about Miami, I hate the hurricanes. Go Gators!

rosabellek asks: Joe, How did Toni get to replace you and not Josie?
Joe Barbara : Good guestion, excellent question! I think Josie had too much storyline with her and Gary and Cameron and Toni hadn't had a storyline in a long time. That's just my guess, but you're right, Josie has seniority and rank and everything over Toni. And Josie did act as Captain once before, took over for me once before.

CAJCsoapfan asks: Joe, is your album going to come in CD as well as cassette? I know Johnathon Sharpe has one out but it's only cassette.
Judi Evans Luciano: Yeah, I'm sure it will be out on CD.

AWFanAlbert asks: Joe did you play any sports in high school, college, if so what
Joe Barbara : Yes, I played basketball and track, in high school. When I was a little kid I played baseball, but in high school I was in so many other things. I think I was still playing basketball when baseball season started, so I went with basketball, I think that's what happened.

FREDVV asks: Joe and Judi, what is it like working with Chris Goutman?
Joe Barbara : awesome.
Judi Evans Luciano: The best, the absolute absolute best.
Joe Barbara : The best thing about Chris: he trusts you.
Judi Evans Luciano: He trusts everyone to do their job.
Joe Barbara : He trusts everyone, the writers, the actors, the cameraman. And if you don't, he's on you. But knowing there's trust there to begin with, he makes you step up and raise the level of our work and come in prepared and ready. There's an expectation that he has and you don't want to let him down. And consequently, we trust him. He's in the booth all the time, so when we do a scene in rehearsal or in taping and he has nothing to say about it, he doesn't give us notes or things to change or after taping he says, "That was good," we know it was the truth.
Judi Evans Luciano: You'd know if it was bad that he'd be honest, which is hard to find in this business anyway. He just is a dream, a dream boss.
Joe Barbara : I know that Judi and I feel that he really knows when it's good and when it's not. And that's a rarity too. He trusts us, we trust him, and that: Bang! The show is so much better, those two factors alone bring the show to another level.

BayCityTourist asks: Do either of you have a favourite current song?
Joe Barbara : Current? I do!
Judi Evans Luciano: I like "Iris" by the Goo-goo Dolls.
Joe Barbara : I think it's called "It's All Been Done Before," by Barenaked Ladies. I like that! I don't know the words, but I love it!
SODhost: Joe is singing to us...

KeavyLynch1 asks: What is the scariest thing you have ever done on the show?
Joe Barbara : Took my clothes off! Ran around the set in my underwear!

kozmokramerrules asks: I asked Judy about your tush, and she said it was very nice. Any chance we can get a good view before it is over? PLEASE
Joe Barbara : WOW! Well, you'll have to talk to the writers about that! I don't know! Is there any skin coming up, Jude?
Judi Evans Luciano: I don't know! A lot of trial, though!
Joe Barbara : Next time I have to wear jeans, I'll try to grab the tightest... no, that's ridiculous.
Judi Evans Luciano: Shove your butt in the camera.

AWvet asks: Judi I have read some transcripts of your other chats and I think you are great at interviews. Would you consider hosting a talkshow? I know I would watch.
Judi Evans Luciano: I definitely would love to host a talk show! Are you from The View? :-)

CTCH3_99 asks: This is for both Judi & Joe: If it truly is the end of the WORLD, will you stay in NY or move to L.A.?
Judi Evans Luciano and Joe Barbara: Wherever the jobs take us.
Joe Barbara : I'm not planning on moving yet, but the door is open, yeah. Or I could move to Nashville and become a country singer.
Judi Evans Luciano: Oh God!
Joe Barbara : I'd be the Italian cowboy!

Abby41082 asks: Judi- what's your favorite part about NY?
Judi Evans Luciano: Joe Barbara.
Joe Barbara : Aw…. that was cool!
Judi Evans Luciano: And his stuffed shells.
Joe Barbara : I make great pizza too.
Judi Evans Luciano: And bananas foster!
Joe Barbara : Pizza and bananas foster for everybody!

aine75 asks: Joe, what are you hiding from Paulina? And Paulina, what are you hiding from Joe?
Judi Evans Luciano: Condoms! Sorry, had to go there!
Joe Barbara : A used one!
Judi Evans Luciano: No!!!
Joe Barbara : Yeah, suddenly, I pushed us over the edge, huh, Judi!
Judi Evans Luciano and Joe Barbara: We don't really know.
Joe Barbara : Now we do, but at the time we shot it, we didn't actually know. And when I watch it now, knowing more than I knew when we shot it, it still works! It still makes sense!
Judi Evans Luciano: We didn't know what to play so we played everything!
Joe Barbara : We played "I killed him," "She killed him," "She doesn't know I killed him..."
Judi Evans Luciano: All in the same scene! I've had to increase my therapy!

BarryT60 asks: This is Barry from Nashville.. we have room for you here - but I'd rather see AW saved!!
Judi Evans Luciano and Joe Barbara: Thanks, Barry. That's sweet.
Joe Barbara : Well, I'd love to see it saved too. I'm just thinkin' down the road in case that doesn't happen.

larile asks: Joe, what's bananas foster? Never heard of it?
Joe Barbara : Oh my god!
Judi Evans Luciano: Gain weight just by listening!
Joe Barbara : It's butter, brown sugar, bananas, banana liquer, 151 rum, and cinnamon, and ice cream.
Judi Evans Luciano: My ass just grew an inch!
Joe Barbara : Oh my God, it's awesome.

robbin53 asks: why is it that EVEREYONE is acting guilty
Judi Evans Luciano: That's what they make us do! It makes for a more interesting story.
Joe Barbara : Everyone has a reason to, really. Everyone has done something wrong. Vicky was wrong because she thought she killed him. Marley is guilty about lying about killing him. Jake moved evidence out of the crime scene. Everyone has a reason. See, that's the cool thing about the writing of the whole storyline. Everyone had a legitimate reason to be acting guilty about, whether it was killing Grant or something else. And that's what's cool, everyone has a reason to be guilty, so even after we find out who killed him, we see that everyone had something to be guilty about.

FREDVV asks: Joe, are you going to meet the Frankie look alike?

Joe Barbara : I would love that! I think Joe should! That's the first person Joe met when he moved back to Bay City! I worked with Frankie my first 3 or 4 months on the show. There has been no talk of that, so I don't know if that will ever really come to pass. And they're so involved in different things.
Judi Evans Luciano: Definitely, Paulina and Frankie had some interesting times together. That's one person I would like to work with again, Alice Barrett-Mitchell.
Joe Barbara : Joe found her body. No one has ever watched that episode; too violent! Gross.

Redanytime asks: Judi, any chance of "Dante" being Jake's son as a last minute surprise for Joe?
Judi Evans Luciano: That's funny, that crossed my mind today driving into work. But no, it's definitely Joe's son.
Joe Barbara : Can you imagine? Joe would go drive off a cliff.
Judi Evans Luciano: Joe would say, goodbye cruel world!
Joe Barbara : I thought that back when Judi was pregnant.
Judi Evans Luciano: I thought that would be a great story.
Joe Barbara : If the show were going to continue, that would be a great twist down the road.
Joe Barbara : Yes, to find out that for three years he'd been loving and fighting for this little boy and it wasn't even his! That would be a great story for you, Joe.

AWFanAlbert asks: Joe, my mother is here, she totally adores you , will you say hi to her, her name is Roseann
Joe Barbara : Hi, Roseann! Where are you?

JoCelLynn2 asks: How do you both like working with Tom?
Judi Evans Luciano: He's funny!
Joe Barbara : He's intense, sometimes, you know.
Judi Evans Luciano: He's a wild ride.

Abby41082 asks: Joe- If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Joe Barbara : Oh, man! In thirty seconds or less? World peace... Another Worldstay on the air (Judi helped with that one) and 20 more wishes.

superbigawfan asks: Judi, are you planning on having any more adorable children?
Joe Barbara : She's got the green light from me! I told her if she got pregnant again I'd have to quit.
Judi Evans Luciano: I was so mean to him when I was pregnant. Some people can't eat broccoli; I was mean to Joe. The plan was to have another one, but I need to be working and confident in my job, and that's going to take a while, and then I might be too old so it might be too late, so I'll probably stay with just one. But I have a wonderful child and I'm grateful; you know what they say, count your blessings. But that does sadden me: if AW had stayed on the air, probably in another year or two I would have had another one.

Wheezykins asks: Joe I hear you are a great singer, what song is your favorite to sing?
Joe Barbara : Oh man! I don't know if I have one favorite song to sing. I love singing, because I can play it on the guitar, "Unanswered Prayers" by Garth Brooks.

NKracala asks: Joe - give us the dirt on Judi. She was going on and on about your personal secrets. Your turn!
Joe Barbara : What personal secrets?!?!? She wouldn't do that. Judi is dirty but in a very cute way. You just gotta love her. She works really, really hard. She works really hard and she's actually one of the smartest women I've ever met.
Judi Evans Luciano: I'm going to cry!
Joe Barbara : Enough with the crying already, I'm tired!
Judi Evans Luciano: That is so sweet, Joe. I love you.
Joe Barbara : She loves me a lot.
Judi Evans Luciano: I really do.

cyntequila asks: So "Joe Carlino"-I was just wondering, do you remember a girl you met at the train station in NY on your way to a Yankee game
Joe Barbara : I think so!
Judi Evans Luciano: Did you do something dirty, Joe?

mardi_ks asks: Judi , Do you have any hidden tallents?
Joe Barbara : Oh my God, don't ask her that!
Judi Evans Luciano: I can cross my eyes like Marty Feldman.

rosabellek asks: Joe- Would you like to go back to broadway after AW is done?
Joe Barbara : It would be a pleasure to do it and not have to only sleep three hours a night and learn a ton of dialogue at night! It would be fun to do it like everybody else does it, where you go home and sleep and then have the whole day to prepare for the show that night.

SODguest: I want to talk!"

Andi51196 asks: Joe and Judy: I was saddened to see the show cancelled. Has P&G defeninately said good bye or are they trying to keep it afloat?
SODguest: Joe and Judi: We honestly don't know.
SODguest: Joe: From what we heard Saturday at the luncheon, there's talk of it going somewhere else.
SODguest: Judi: I think P&G wants to keep it afloat. It's their show; they don't want to see it die.
SODguest: Joe: I don't think they'd tell us if they knew one way or another. They wouldn't want to raise false hopes if it
SODguest: didn't work out.

Abby41082 asks: Joe and Judi- What has been your most embarassing moment on AW?
SODguest: Judi: There have been so many! I don't know.
SODguest: One time Tom knocked me out by accident, but that's not embarrassing.
SODguest: I haven't had too many embarrassing ones.
SODguest: Joe: How about the other day when I left the studio? I left and I had more scenes to tape.
SODguest: The guy comes to the car and says, "Bring Joe Barbara back to the studio!"
SODguest: Judi: One time I had to totally change clothes behind the set, in between scenes,
SODguest: and I was totally naked, thinking I was shielded by the set, but I looked up
SODguest: and there were like 8 crew guys like, "Hello!" And I knew them, too!
SODguest: Joe: And they knew YOU really well after that!

rosabellek asks: You could do "Joesph" You would look GREAT in a loin cloth!!!
SODguest: Joe: Oh really?
SODguest: Judi: I can attest to that. He would.
SODguest: Joe: I'd love to do that show but be Pharoah. I would love to do that, Oh my God.
SODguest: That's the greatest role, just come out there, you do one showstopping number,
SODguest: then you get off.
SODguest: I'd be in a loincloth, hey, what the hell!
SODguest: Judi: Whatever works, babe.
SODguest: Joe: Whatever works.

BayCityTourist asks: Joe, what were the last three CDs that you bought?
SODguest: Joe: The last 3 CDs I bought, that's a good question!
SODguest: Judi: Garth Brooks, Garth Brooks, and Garth Brooks. Or Elvis, Elvis, and Elvis.
SODguest: Joe: I think I bought some stuff for auditions, a Rick Astley CD.
SODguest: I bought the Saturday Night Fever, Broadway version. I can only think of 2.
SODguest: But you can't go wrong with Elvis or Frank or Dean.
SODguest: Judi: Or Garth.
SODguest: I'm just busting your chops, Joe.

Abby41082 asks: Joe and Judi- Did you have fun at the luncheon on Saturday? Do you enjoy meeting your fans?
SODguest: Joe: I had a great time at the luncheon. I thought it was great just to feel the outpouring of support
SODguest: for everyone. It was just amazing. I love meeting the fans, I really love it. I wouldn't
SODguest: stay for four hours if I didn't really love it. I just want to take the chance to thank everyone who
SODguest: was there, and everyone who wrote in, and everyone who expressed their love and support.
SODhost: We're going to take one more question for Joe & Judi...
SODguest: Judi: I love meeting fans. I love hearing what they have to say; I love that they
SODguest: watch and like I said before, I love to say thank you. And the fan
SODguest: club luncheon is for us to say thank you, thank you, thank you.
SODguest: I get a little nervous because of the crowd, but once we get there,
SODguest: they're so lovely and warm and sweet and genuine, I just have the best time.

Redanytime asks: Joe and Judi, you are coming straight from the set, care to share what scene you were taping?
SODguest: Joe: I can tell you this: Paulina's in the hospital.
SODguest: Judi: And he's taking good care of her.
SODguest: Joe: We're 3 weeks ahead, so if we tell you any more than that, it'll really spoil what's coming up.
SODguest: There are a lot of people in the scene, and we're all coming from the courthouse,
SODguest: where the person accused of killing Grant is on trial.
SODguest: But the scene itself was where Paulina was in the hospital.
SODhost: Thank you Thank you Thank you Joe & Judi! You've really gone beyond for the fans tonight!
SODguest: Judi: I just want to thank the fans for all the support, all the love, for watching us through everything
SODguest: and being with us through everything. I can't think of greater fans than AW fans. Thanks. It's been
SODguest: terrific!
SODguest: Joe: I want to echo what Judi said, thanking everyone for all the love and support.
SODguest: But here's my thought: I know a lot of people have been watching the show for a long time--
SODguest: 30 years, 25 years, 20 years, 1 year, whatever. However long you've watched, you've
SODguest: invested in the show, the characters, and us as characters. I want to say, a) thank you, and b) if AW
SODguest: does find another home, I know you'll all be there, which would be wonderful, for us and for the show.
SODguest: If this really is the end, and we don't find another home, and I've thought about this a lot,
SODguest: for us as actors, it really is a whole new era of my life that's about to begin. Something is ending, but I really
SODguest: believe it's, "What am I going to do next?" and work on something new and wonderful. It's weird for the fans
SODguest: because at 2:00 or whatever it is where you live, the show won't be there. For us,
SODguest: we won't go to work and it'll be weird for us, but we'll find new jobs. But if you're out there and you watch
SODguest: the show and you love the show and it doesn't get picked up anywhere else, why don't you use that show
SODguest: --pardon me, that hour-- for something positive? Volunteer at the hospital, or spend that time with your kid, or
SODguest: your husband or wife, or take that class you wanted to take. Let's all use that hour to make the world better.
SODguest: Judi: Definitely.
SODguest: Joe: We really have to look at it as, we've had this show for 35 years and it's really a wonderful gift,
SODguest: and now if the gift is taken away, that's OK, we just have an extra hour of our day to do something with,
SODguest: and let's do something really positive with it. Let's make it a new beginning for all of us, not just for us as actors.
SODhost: Thank you all for being here tonight! We'll see you next week!