MARK PINTER - February 10, 1995 - AOL CHAT

THIS IS THE TRANSCRIPT FROM THE NBC ONLINE LIVE AUDITORIUM EVENT WITH ANOTHER WORLD'S, MARK PINTER (a.k.a. Grant Harrison) ON FRIDAY 2/10/95. (Note: There was a minor transcription technicality at the beginning of the event, but the majority of the questions and answers with Mark are here in the text that follows.)

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OnlineHost: Your host tonight is Norma II!

Norma II: Good evening and welcome, Mark Pinter!

Mark Live: Hi, it's Mark Pinter, glad to be with you this evening!

Question: This is to Mark. When will Amanda find out about grant's infidelity?

Mark Live: If you watch next week, the story will come at you like a runaway train.

Question: Mark, how many girls have kissed on the show?

Mark Live: I lost track!

Question: When did you start acting?

Mark Live: In high school, I got bitten by the bug. That was a long time ago!

Question: Do you ever think about going back to As The World Turns one day?

Mark Live: Only if they let me work with my wife. Besides, I don't think they can pay me enough money.

Question: Mark, do you worry that Grant will become too evil?

Mark Live: Good question! I think the writers have fashioned a character that allows the viewers to understand why he does the things he does.

Question: Will Grant's mother, Justine, show up anytime soon?

Mark Live: Stay tuned!

Question: Is it tough to be a mean actor?

Mark Live: Its tougher to stay employed as an actor.

Question: Can you tell us if you are the one to get shot?

Mark Live: Stay tuned, the gunshots will ring out next week!

Question: Which characters would you like to see Grant become more associated with?

Mark Live: Felicia, Frankie, Cass, they're all interesting people.

Question: Mark, you must be a very good actor to be hated so well in your role of Grant. How do you want to see the baby situation resolved?

Mark Live: I want Grant to get what he's entitled to.

Question: Why are they making Grant so obsessive with the women in his life?

Mark Live: He never got the love he needed from his mother.

Question: What's the most rewarding aspect of landing a daytime acting job? The least?

Mark Live: The rewarding aspect is the work and the stability and the money. The least rewarding aspect is the commute to Brooklyn.

Question: What character does your wife play?

Mark Live: She plays Barbara on 'As the World Turns'.

Question: To Mark: Are you rich?

Mark Live: Only in children. Can you loan me some money for college tuition?

Question: Mark, What do you find most interesting about work on an ongoing program?

Mark Live: Watching the development of your character and also observing how the writers respond to your work.

Question: You say next week, but does include the preemption time due to the "trial"?

Mark Live: Barring any further pre-emptions, yes. Let's hope O.J. doesn't go on the stand. After all, this is sweeps!

Question: What's going to happen with Vicky and Kirk? Is Grant going to lose custody?

Mark Live: Over my DEAD body.

Question: Are you expected to leave the show anytime soon because of a death maybe?

Mark Live: You mean Victoria's death?

Question: What can you tell us about the fire we've heard so much about?

Mark Live: Its going to be HOT!

Question: Who is your wife? How does your wife feel about your steamy scenes with Lorna?

Mark Live: At times, not too good. But she's very supportive and understanding. sometimes.

Question: Do you perform in the theater also?

Mark Live: I wish my schedule allowed that, since I was trained in the classics on the stage.

Question: Do you think they will reveal why Grant is hiding the truth from Amanda about his affair with Lorna?

Mark Live: Definitely.

Question: Did they replace Alicia Coppola because of the coming affair?

Mark Live: I don't understand the question.

Question: What do you think of Anna Stuart?

Mark Live: Terrific actress. Stay tuned to the Soap Opera Awards on NBC this Friday night to see if she takes home the award.

Question: Will Grant ever go back to Vicki?

Mark Live: Wouldn't that be interesting?

Question: Does Grant have any idea about the baby?

Mark Live: He may be dumb, but he's not stupid. After all, he is a politician.

Question: Do you think Grant will be angry when he finds out the baby he has isn't his son?

Mark Live: Does a bear...?

Question: Do you agree that you have more chemistry with Lorna than with Amanda?

Mark Live: I think that's a fair statement.

Question: Do you ever send out pictures to those of us who admire you?

Mark Live: With all these kids, I can't afford pictures, but you can download one from the 'Another World' area in the NBC photo gallery.

Question: Do you think they are making your character too unstable?

Mark Live: No. I think they're drawing him just right.

Question: Mark, I am a actor and I was wondering if you could possibly get me a part on the show?

Mark Live: With all due respect, you have to live in NY, you have to have an agent, and you have to be properly submitted to our casting director.

Question: How would you like to see the character of Grant evolve?

Mark Live: I think his evolution is coming along fine, but I would like to explore more about his past.

Question: Were you sad to see Spencer leave the show?

Mark Live: Most assuredly. I think David Hedison is a brilliant actor and besides, he's a dear dear friend.

Question: Mark, do you think Grant is evil, or just plain crazy?

Mark Live: Neither. I think he's just misunderstood.

Question: Mark, will you be attending the fan club luncheon in April?

Mark Live: I hope so.

Question: Is Another World still filmed on E 13 St. Bklyn?

Mark Live: East 14 St.

Question: What happened to the original Lorna and how do you get along with the new Lorna?

Mark Live: Alicia Coppola, the original Lorna decided she had had enough of daytime, and I get along fine with the new Lorna.

Question: If you weren't an actor what would you do?

Mark Live: I'd be a broadcast journalist.

Question: What were your hopes and dreams as a child?

Mark Live: My hopes were to have enough money to go swimming and go to the movies. My dreams were just those of any other child.

Question: How old are you?

Mark Live: I am 44 years old.

Question: How do you feel about the way Grant treats Vicky?

Mark Live: What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Question: Mark, what caused Grant to be such a bitter, suspicious person. He used to be at least pleasant, now he's envious of everyone.

Mark Live: Well, I really feel that the writers have made a conscious decision to put Grant on a road from which there is no turning back. That's not to say he's evil personified. Only that the writers wish Grant to be a strong character, and one that can make life difficult for other people if he so chooses.

Question: Why did Grant kidnap Vicki?

Mark Live: Is it kidnapping to want your wife to be well again? Heavens!

Question: Another World is one of the best soap operas on daytime. It's well written and has superb acting. Why is it that the ratings are so low?

Mark Live: It's called audience. We're looking for audience.

Question: Mark, Do you think "soap" actors are now getting the recognition they deserve in the industry?

Mark Live: No, I don't.

Question: Mark, do you think the loss of Tom Eplin will be a ratings problem for AW? Also, is he really that difficult?

Mark Live: Hopefully, it won't be a ratings problem. And all good actors and artists are at times difficult, but Tom is a joy and a real talent. We'll miss him.

Question: Do you all get paid when the show is not on?

Mark Live: No, we don't. Can you make a loan to me?

Question: Is Rachel being replaced by another actress?

Mark Live: This is laughable!

Question: Do you admire someone in the acting profession?

Mark Live: I admire Henry Fonda and James Stewart.

Question: What are the ages of your children?

Mark Live: 14, 10, twins at 9, 5, and 23 months. Whew!

Question: Does being a slimy character all day at work ever carry over into real life?

Mark Live: Not a chance.

Question: Wasn't Grant dying of some disease a while ago? Will that ever be addressed again?

Mark Live: God I hope not!

Question: Who's involved with the fire, and where will it take place?

Mark Live: Just about all of Bay City is involved, including Smokey the Bear.

Question: Will Lorna be a suspect in your shooting?

Mark Live: That's a fair statement.

Question: Will Amanda find out about Grant's infidelity?

Mark Live: Fairer still.

Question: Are you a real suit & tie kind of man, like your character?

Mark Live: I'd say no. I'm a real kind of country gentleman.

Question: How do we write to you for an autograph or a kiss?

Mark Live: c/o NBC, Audience Services, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112.

Question: Mark, what role do you consider to have been your big break into the business?

Mark Live: The role of husband to Colleen Zenk Pinter.

Question: Mark, have you modeled. You wear clothes so well .

Mark Live: No, that's too difficult.

Mark Live: But I do like clothing. Thank you.

Question: Rephrase, why did Alicia Coppola leave. AW always replaces their actors when the character changes drastically, does that have anything to do with her leaving?

Mark Live: No, she left of her own accord. If the character's changed, it has more to do with the actress currently playing the role.

Question: I saw a photo of your home in Soap Opera Digest. It looks huge. Is it?

Mark Live: Our daughter says yes, but I could use 4 more bedrooms.

Question: I came online late. Hope this hasn't been asked already! How close are you in real life to the devious character of Grant Harrison? Are you sneaky and conniving?

Mark Live: I'm neither.

Question: Would you like to do other television like Movies of the Week or Evening Drama?

Mark Live: I'm just a puppy dog at heart. And a hell of an actor.

Mark Live: I'd love to. Do you have a script? Are you a producer?

Norma II: We have time for one last question!

Question: Mark, how do you and Colleen juggle your taping schedules and all the children?

Mark Live: We do it with mirrors. And a very large calendar. And a little bit of humor.

Norma II: It has been a pleasure having you with us this evening, Mark Pinter!

Mark Live: The pleasure's been all mine. Keep watching! It keeps getting better and better, and whatever you do, don't miss next week!

Norma II: Thanks to you audience for joining us! Good afternoon, everyone!

OnlineHost: Our thanks to Mark Pinter, "Grant Harrison" of NBC's 'Another World', for appearing online tonight, and to NBC Online for making this event possible. Be sure to check the area at keyword: NBC for a full transcript. Thank you and good night!

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