NBC Live Transcripts: Kim Rhodes
Kim Rhodes of NBC's "Another World"
September 11, 1997
6pm PT/ 9pm ET

NBCAlison: It's officially time! Welcome, Kim, to NBC Live at Yahoo! Chat.

Kim_Rhodes: Thanks!

Kim_Rhodes: Hi, hi, hi hi. Sorry, it's been a long day at work, so I'll be using short words, type slowly.....

Kim_Rhodes: While we are waiting, I will do a little soft shoe for you all.

Kim_Rhodes: O.K. that really wasn't as effective as I had planned.

NEETER_76: I really like the character Cindy because she is so strong (and a little psycho)! Are you in any ways like her? (The good aspects, of course. :-))

Kim_Rhodes: Well I'm very strong and a little psycho. We do have similar senses of humor. I don't play with matches though!

NBCAlison: You don't?

Kim_Rhodes: OK once in a while, but not in public!

A.C.B._Colorado: Do you currently have any other acting projects you're working on? Will we see you on the big screen anytime soon?

Kim_Rhodes: I would love to be doing something along with this that got me on the stage. Unfortunately, nobody wants me.

Kim_Rhodes: As for the silver screen, are you a casting director? I would love to hear from anyone who claims to be an ex-boyfriend.

Indianauniv: How did you first get started in the soap opera industry?

Kim_Rhodes: Lucky, lucky, lucky. I have a good agent, who is persistent and has a lot of faith in me. "Another World" was my third audition, for a soap, and it was the right place at the right time. I had been doing stage, for 10 years.

NBCAlsion: And now we have an "AW" question....

AW_Big_Time_Fan: What is it like being one of the villians on AW?

Kim_Rhodes: Absolutely fabulous (sweetie darlin'). And mostly because of Mark Pinter and Michael Malone. They found her sense of humor.

Chisox30813: How would you describe your cast?

Kim_Rhodes: A close nit, incredibly talented, fabulous dysfunctional family.

Kim_Rhodes: I'm not typing this!!!!

Laliberte1: Will Cass be staring in a storyline soon? I love the interaction between you and Grant. Truly the wackiest couple in Bay City. Will you be able to turn Grant around?

Kim_Rhodes: Cass definitely has storyline coming up. I love working with Grant and I think I've already turned him around a few times, round and round and round.

NBCAlison: How about another "AW" question.....

Bernard_Michael: Kim Rhodes, would you want Cindy to have a baby with Grant, if Cindy could?

Kim_Rhodes: Hi Bernard and Michael. Yes. Kim and Cindy would love to have a baby with Grant that's not way it sounded, I mean I would love to see what pregnancy would do to Cindy. I'm not sure if I want her character shackled with a kid yet.

Bambisue: i would really like to know if we are chatting with u kim or someone else in your behalf i really love the show i record it if i have to work that day keep up the good work

Kim_Rhodes: Every time someone else asks me this question I offer to show them my tattoos and piercings. Probably not effective in this medium. What other proof do you need Sherlock?

NBCAlison: Ms. Rhodes really and truly is here with us this evening! :-)

Biggerstevestny: is it fun to watch yourself everday on television?

Kim_Rhodes: Actually, right now I don't even own a TV. Shame shame shame on me.

NBCAlison: We have a behind the scenes question...

ProWrangler: Do you and Mark Pinter ever crack up while taping a particularly goofy scene?

Kim_Rhodes: Hell, we crack up during the serious scenes. We're both insufferable gigglers.

The_ancient_Phoe: What events will be coming up for Cindy in the future episodes? Did the fertility statue make her fertile, will she be pregnant?

Kim_Rhodes: Well, she unfortunately loses it before she can have a baby (silver rose returns?) Nobody's told me I can go get pregnant yet so I assume Cindy can't either.

Tbour: Can you give us any scoops about what is upcoming on the show?

Kim_Rhodes: Grant gets his. Boy howdy does he.

Kim_Rhodes: Amanda gets creative with makeup and Carl may or may not fall for it.

Kim_Rhodes: And who bloody well knows if Vicky is ever going to get hitched!

The_ancient_Phoe: What do you hope to do with Cindy in the future?what would you like to see happen to her?

Kim_Rhodes: You know, every time I try to fantasize storyline Michael comes up with something better. For me I would like to see her get to be happy for longer than 30 seconds at a time. And then just keep going like this.

Sugardaddies: What are your favorite hobbies?

Kim_Rhodes: I play a little pool. I dance a little dance. I wander aimlessly in Chelsea. Other than that I'm pathetic. I have no life.

NBCAlison: Any other parts in NYC?

Kim_Rhodes: I just moved to Chelsea so I'm still exploring it. Fabulous clothes. Shame they're on the guys.

Tommyboyy: Kim i love your new look, was it your decision or the people at another world??

Kim_Rhodes: Well, it was started by them but I took it over.

Kim_Rhodes: The Dorothy Hamil page boy was all them....

NBCAlison: Kim, you're doing a FABULOUS JOB! You pull off both psycho and comic relief very well. Which do you like performing better? The drama scenes or the funny stuff?

Kim_Rhodes: I think the only way one can work is if there's a touch of the other. I LOVE it all.

Kim_Rhodes: O.K, OK, I've never been funny in my life and it's a thrill that somebody finally thinks I am.

DrewWhite23: What has been your favorite storyline to be involved with so far?

Kim_Rhodes: The one I'm doing right now, of course. I have to admit, however, that it was pretty nice finding out Cindy was a cat burglar and I've discovered that a psyche ward gives one all kinds of opportunities for mayhem.

Gatrgrl: With the amount of time you spend on the set...Does it allow you to have a social life?

Kim_Rhodes: Why, are you single? No, seriously, I have close and loving friends, who find time for me and a dedicated boyfriend who walks on water.

ProWrangler: What's your work schedule like?

Kim_Rhodes: Well, I didn't see daylight, literally, for let's see, I'm counting...... 37 1/2 hours.

Kim_Rhodes: Then I came here!!! Cause I love you all.

Tbour: Who are you closest to in the cast.....do you do things outside the studio with them?

Kim_Rhodes: Eric Stuart has been a friend of mine since before this show. We went to school together and taught at the same theater in Philadelphia.

Kim_Rhodes: Laura Moss shares a dressing room with me and we've hung out a few times, great gal. And Pinter, of course, I think is God.

Blades96: is it hard to keep reality and fantasy from clashing together

Kim_Rhodes: Not when the fantasy is so fantastical. It's harder to keep from getting bored with reality.

Didi30: Are there any real-life romances on the set ?

Kim_Rhodes: Nobody tells me nothin!! None that I know of.

Nbcsanjose: Have you ever had to use your stage combat training on the set of "Another World"?

Kim_Rhodes: Whose got my bio? No, most of the slaps I do are full on! No faking it there..... and they won't let me use a broad sword!

Putzier: Kim, how did you react when you found out you were going to play Cindy?

Kim_Rhodes: I screamed! Really loud! On 86th and Broadway. I was selling tickets to a comedy club. Yes, I was the pariah of NY, when I found out. I immediately began ingesting an entire bottle of champagne and finished with my highest number of sales ever! Then I quit.

Bernard_Michael: Kim, what do you think when I mentioned these words/phrases: Chocolate, John Bolger, and your new SOU Award?

Kim_Rhodes: That's my boys! Again. Love it, love it, love it.

Kim_Rhodes: Unfortunately only one is something I can really indulge in anymore. You know which one.

NBCAlison: Congratulations, Kim, on your award.

Kim_Rhodes: Thanks Alison!

WUTANG4EVER187: kim you are cool as hell, so i take it that you party hard when your not working right?

Kim_Rhodes: Just say no! I can't advocate anything that is not acceptable for a PG-13 audience! Probably cause I don't know what it is. Young people these days. I'm getting old, I'm rambling, I wish I wish, I wish, I wish I wish I partied. I repeat, I'm pathetic.

Tbour: I think we all miss the character of Gabe....was he fun to act with too.

Kim_Rhodes: John Bolger is an angel and is largely responsible for me getting this part. If I hadn't auditioned with him, I think I would have been too terrified to speak the English language and he just got better. Funny, talented, beautiful I could go on. But you know all this.

TYoungAPT: Hey Kim, Loved you at American Players Theater a couple summers ago. Ever going back to the stage?

Kim_Rhodes: Oh my God!!! I missed that so much! That was the closest I've ever come to heaven. I would love, to be able to go back out to APT. I'm stuttering here, you can't hear me but I am. Thank you.

Kim_Rhodes: For those who don't know APT is a repertory theater in Spring Green Wisconsin and is I think the third largest Shakespeare Festival in the US. Outdoor theater under the stars with the skunks and the mosquito's and the most incredible audiences I've ever played to. They would sit in torrential downpours wearing plastic garbage bags just to see the end of a show.

CheerMD: I am a seventeen year old female and I want to enter show biz (acting) do you have any suggestions?? I love to act!!

Kim_Rhodes: Therapy! Shock therapy if necessary! If that doesn't work I honestly say be prepared for hard work remember you can learn from everything and don't major in acting. The best actors are the best people and incredibly well rounded in my opinion. Also don't pay anyone for the chance to be in their play. Remember what you are worth and have faith.

Fender2clone: When you were a child, who was your hero?

Kim_Rhodes: I had lots. There was of course Mom, Grandpa, and Wonder Woman. I also had a stuffed horse I was convinced could conquer the world, if he really felt like it. I still have him.

NBCAlison: Back to "AW".....

Gatrgrl: Will they ever allow you to be happy?

Kim_Rhodes: You know, Kim would love to see Cindy happy. That ain't drama though! Is it? I think it's more entertaining to see her continually striving for what she THINKS will make her happy.

Putzier: Kim, what gave AW the idea of a diet pill addict?

Kim_Rhodes: I don't have the faintest. No clue. None at all. What are you insinuating? Is it me? Am I paranoid, no really, I don't know. I'm pathetic....

Bobbie105: Kim, what would you call your dream scene?

Kim_Rhodes: Um, not fit to print?

Kim_Rhodes: No, I think any combination of sex and humor is fine by me. Throw in a little danger and I'm golden.

Kim_Rhodes: Well written is good too!

Didi30: I realize soaps are meant to be an escape from reality, but why can't they ever cast average or even dowdy looking people to bring some reality to the set, everyone is always so glamorous?

Kim_Rhodes: I think Paulina's storyline is a direct rebuttal to that. I also think that many of the people on our show myself included, are not beautiful in the stereotypical soap sense. That sums it up.... I think.

No_doubt_stud: Will your character ever be a good guy?

Kim_Rhodes: No clue stud!

Rockford_Punch: Can I have a autographed picture of you? PLEASE!

Kim_Rhodes: Can a computer do that? Wow!!

DrewWhite23: I love Cindy's wardrobe! Do you get to keep any of the clothes. . .or perhaps any of those Silver Rose jewels?

Kim_Rhodes: Yea, that plastic jewelry don't look so good, close up! The clothes, belong to the show and they sell em. I get nadda, contrary to popular belief.

2crazy4usexy: at the end of a day what is you favorite way to relax.

Kim_Rhodes: The last time I actually got to relax before I hit unconsciousness, I believe I sat in my courtyard with my roommate, one of my cats (the one brave enough to come outside) had a cup of decaf and just chatted. The people I love give me the most relaxation and happiness.

Kim_Rhodes: That and some good you know what.....

The_ancient_Phoe: What was so exausting about your filming today?

Kim_Rhodes: Well, shall I go alphabetically? Or in chronological order? How about as I think of it..... First off, got done last night too late to go home. Slept in the dressing room. Got up, couldn't find my contacts. Was blind for a good portion of the morning, that sucked. Then I started work at 7 am. Yea, I mean 7. Work. That sucked. Always does. Worked (I won't bore you with the details, but I didn't get a nap) until 8:30pm. Lunch consisted of rehearsal for the afternoon. Traumas aplenty. Can you tell I needed to end with just a little bitch session? It actually is always a wonderful feeling when I am exhausted. It means I worked. And I would rather work like this then do anything else anyday.

NBCAlison: After such an incredibly long and hard day, thank you so very much for chatting with us this evening!

Kim_Rhodes: Thank you, Thank you for having me in. It was a blast!

Kim_Rhodes: Looking at it in print, I meant 7AM sucked, not work!!!

NBCAlison: Oh boy that's early.

Kim_Rhodes: I'm going home now and going to bed! Goodnight everybody. (John Boy......)

NBCAlison: Goodnight, Kim!