Another World's KIM RHODES
April 20, 1999

SODhost: Welcome to our AW Mystery Chat!
SODhost: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome Kim Rhodes! Hey Kim! Hi!

Bernard_Michael asks: As John Littlefield (Gary) said it best last week, our new nickname for you is RED! Do you like that? (From Bernard & Michael)
Kim Rhodes: I love you guys! I just got your letter but I haven't read it yet. I love the nickname--it's not so new. It's been a nickname from him for about six years. When we first met, I had a LOT of red hair. I love it. It's actually John's nickname for Kim, and it kind of became Gary's nickname for Cindy.

dandaz asks: Do you have any pets or kids ??
Kim Rhodes: As I speak, I'm cleaning up a hair ball! I have two cats, Pongo and Quince. Quince is the big fat bad-ass, and Pongo is the little orange freak. :-)

b>JoCelLynn2 asks: Did you kill Grant?
Kim Rhodes: Uh.......... No??? I mean, yes???? I mean, I don't know! They won't tell me because they know I'd tell you! :-)

Dakota12298 asks: Kim do you like the part that you play?
Kim Rhodes: LOVE IT. I have had more fun than I ever possibly conceived of having when I got this job. And Cindy gets to go anywhere. So, yeah! I love it.

beanestrada asks: Who do you want to kiss more than anyone else?
Kim Rhodes: Hmmm... on the show?

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim, do you still keep in touch with John Bolger (ex-Gabe) now that he works at OLTL?
Kim Rhodes: I haven't talked to Bolger for over a year. We kind of send messages through people, so I follow him, I keep track of him, and he knows when I send love through people, but I haven't actually spoken with him for quite a while.

Spazzy_Janet asks: Kim, I've noticed that out of all of the characters on the show you seem to have the best one- liners. Do you know any of the writers personally?
Kim Rhodes: :-) I know a couple of them personally. I think all of them enjoy Cindy's sense of humor, and the producers and directors are very lenient in letting me come up with the appropriate one-liners when none has been previously written.

daisyfury asks: Kim,did you like playing the Bad Girl?
Kim Rhodes: It's a lot more fun, in my opinion, than playing the good girl. I've said it before, and I think it bears repeating, that playing the good girl on soaps means stifling impulses that you would otherwise have. Being a bad girl on a soap means indulging impulses that you normally wouldn't. And who doesn't prefer indulgence to being stifled?

LMicheleG asks: Hi Kim! If you could take one thing from the AW set before you leave, What would it be?
Kim Rhodes: Lisa Peluso [Lila]? No, actually I think that big huge bed in Grant's suite. And also, in the hospital, there's a little sign that says "Shock Therapy" and has an arrow pointing the direction. That, I think, would also be fun just to have. I may try and get it. :-)

COOLBEANS007_98 asks: is there more than one killer??
Kim Rhodes: You mean, a la Orient Express? Again, I honestly don't know.

Tanya_xf2522x asks: What other soaps have you done Kim my mom says she has seen you before???
Kim Rhodes: Your mom is wrong. No offense, Mom! I have never done television at all, before this. I did ten years of regional theater work. But no TV.

LMicheleG asks: Kim, will Cindy have a happy ending?
Kim Rhodes: They tell me yes, although what a happy ending for Cindy is is anyone's guess!

sasha4b asks: Kim I think you are great! What plans do you have for acting in the future?
Kim Rhodes: Anything I can get! (She says biting her nails) :-)

HeatherE78 asks: Kim - What has been your most memorable scene in your time on the show?
Kim Rhodes: Wow. That's a good question. I'd have to say, the last scene between Grant and Cindy on the docks. Just because that was our last scene together, and that relationship was so much a part of who the character of Cindy was.

s_nicole14_99 asks: did u enjoy working with mark pinter (grant)??

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim, what has been your favorite stage role to date?
Kim Rhodes: Oooh... I would say there have been a few. Clytemenestra, Viola in Twelfth Night, and Kate Hardcastle in She Stoops to Conquer.

beanestrada asks: Yes, Kim on the show, who haven't you kissed that you'd like to
Kim Rhodes: Well, since most of the actors are very generous off-screen, I'd say...who haven't I kissed that I'd like to... On-screen, Cindy is very confused as to why she's never kissed Tyrone. And Amanda.

Redanytime asks: Kim, How did you feel about the possibility of being matched with David had the show continued on?
Kim Rhodes: If the show had continued on, I think it would have been a wonderful match. I like David [Macdonald, David/Jordan] as a person; I think he's a phenomenal actor, and I think it could be a wonderful team.

LMicheleG asks: What happened to Booba? I loved that storyline!
Kim Rhodes: Well, I'll tell ya! If you watch Third Rock from the Sun, you'll notice in the background of the University office, where John Lithgow teaches, there is a shelf and on top of the shelf is Booba. What can I say? He got a better contract!

mac24_99 asks: Kim-Are you the Actress from Cumberland RI
Kim Rhodes: Not that I'm aware of!

suckeryou asks: Do you ad-lib at all or do you stick to your script
Kim Rhodes: Who, me??? Ad-lib??? Never! OK, once in a while...

Redanytime asks: Kim, how are you doing with the news of the cancellation?
Kim Rhodes: My momentary bouts of hysterical depression are nicely quelled by pints of Ben and Jerry's.

Mrs_Chasez asks: Would you like to see Cindy and Gary hook up at least once before the show ends?
Kim Rhodes: I would. Unfortunately, the ramifications of that hook-up would not lead to a happy ending for Gary and Josie. As a result, I have to say no.

CTCH3_99 asks: Will we see you at the Luncheon on Saturday? Any surprises?
Kim Rhodes: Yes, you'll see me at the luncheon. As for surprises, any surprises would also surprise me. I just hope to get through the damn thing without snot completely destroying my makeup!

jaboz99 asks: cindy, i loved your line today about "elvis leaving the bldg"
Kim Rhodes: They actually wrote that! I can't take credit for it. I did, however, come up, along with Joe [Barbara, Joe], with the peanuts line. If you caught it, you know what I'm talking about. It wasn't in today's show.

onelifetoliver asks: what's you favorite tv show other than AW?
Kim Rhodes: Right now, I'd say it's a toss-up between Just Shoot Me, Ally McBeal (OK, I admit it) and Xena. OK, I admit that one, too.

FREDVV asks: Kim do you think that Grant's alive?
Kim Rhodes: No :-( she says sadly. And with great remorse. He might have been, if we got renewed for a few more years!

FREDVV asks: Kim, do you think AW will go to a new network?
Kim Rhodes: I know so little about this business I can make absolutely no even slightly educated guesses. Sorry!

CreamyT_98 asks: Kim, your acting is superior. I hope that another network picks up Another World. After 30 years I cannot imagine it going off the air.
Kim Rhodes: It's heart-breaking for all of us. And thank you.

Bernard_Michael asks: I asked this question to you last time. Describe the first thing that comes to mind when I mention these three things: Judi Evans Luciano [Paulina], Mark Pinter [ex-Grant], and CHOCOLATE!
Kim Rhodes: Judi Evans Luciano: pure joy. Mark Pinter: who? Oh, that guy. Yeah, I kinda miss him. Chocolate: I had to give it up.

jobber_1999 asks: You play such a great part, semi-crazed and all - how hard it that to pull off?
Kim Rhodes: How hard is that to pull off? Frighteningly easy! It disturbs many of my friends. No, I'm kidding. It's more a matter of simply committing to the situation and then enlarging it.

Spazzy_Janet asks: Cindi and Gary have great chemistry together, but recently I've noticed that Cindi and Joe also have great chemistry. What is it like working with Joe Barbara?
Kim Rhodes: Hubba hubba! Actually, I think they have great chemistry too. Joe and Kim have similar senses of humor, which is actually frightening. Which means that Joe and Cindy tend to play well off of each other. We amuse ourselves and sometimes that's the only key.

terrie_99_1999 asks: Kim, who do you dream of working with in the future?
Kim Rhodes: Anyone who pays me! No, um... I still haven't wrapped my mind around the fact that I won't be working with this group of people whom, in my estimation, are some of the most incredible, generous, and gifted actors on this planet. I dream of working with THEM, as well as other friends of mine, in a little utopic production somewhere. Financed by Steven Spielberg! :-)

AWvet asks: Kim I personally cry during the show like today when the acting is so great. Just so you know we will really miss you guys.
Kim Rhodes: Thank you so much. That means a lot. It honestly does. Actors ultimately are telling stories for the people who listen. And it always means a great deal to know that we've told a story well.

kendrickkreations asks: What's Your favorite B & J's flavor?
Kim Rhodes: I'll tell ya! They used to have a flavor called Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. If anyone has connections with Ben and Jerry, please tell them that I will give them free endorsement for life if they would just bring the flavor back! And that's considering I honestly had to give up chocolate. (But I would sneak it for Ben and Jerry's.)

AWvet asks: I would love to see you on a sitcom like Darma and Greg. Would you do it?
Kim Rhodes: In a heartbeat! That's actually what I aspire to do. In my pipe dreams.

jobber_1999 asks: I love Xena too - you've got great taste! Did you know she's pregnant (in real life)
Kim Rhodes: I actually did not know that. Thanks for the update! All the best, Lucy

MSandner asks: How was it going to school/college with Eric Morgan Stuart [Chris] & John Littlefield?
Kim Rhodes: Eric wasn't someone I knew well in college. Nevertheless, he was someone I liked instinctively. My instincts have strengthened, and been proven right every single time we speak. He is a miraculous man. And someone I am very grateful to have as a friend. John and I have had what could only be called a tempestuous yet wonderful beginning. Through working with him again on the show, I have been reminded what a generous and good man he is, and I have been blessed to forget anything that I ever kept as a grudge. And reaffirmed all of the wonderful things I knew he was.

HeatherE78 asks: What will be the first thing you do when the final episode (as an NBC program) is taped?
Kim Rhodes: You mean, besides get drunk? Not that I advocate getting drunk -- I don't drink, I really don't -- but boy, a martini will be called for! Then rounds of hugs for everyone, a lot of tears, and then start praying I find another job. That's the first 30 seconds!

mac24_99 asks: Kim- will you really take all of Kirklands money?
Kim Rhodes: Would I or will I? Of course Cindy WOULD. Will Jake and Vicky allow that to happen? I doubt it. Why? Because Cindy's the bad guy, and bad guys never win. Sigh...

dandaz asks: Besides John who is your fav co-worker?
Kim Rhodes: Eric, Lisa, Ellen [Wheeler, Marley], Judi, Sandi [Ferguson, Amanda] , Nadine [Stenovitch, Josie]... The rest of them... You get the picture.

Ripley_844 asks: Kim, do you ever come back to Phila.?
Kim Rhodes: Oh yes. My boyfriend actually lives there. I am frequently there on weekends trying to pretend that no, I don't want another cheesesteak. Two was enough!

JoCelLynn2 asks: Do you like working with Tom [Eplin, Jake]?
Kim Rhodes: Love him! Nobody keeps me on my toes more and I delight in his combination of humor and passion.

s_nicole14_99 asks: hi cindy i saw you on christmas daddies you were great!! did u enjoy it??
Kim Rhodes: It was *magical*. I was so enamored of the community and the music. Oh, the music! It was a wonderful experience.

AWvet asks: We loved the peanuts line and discussed it at chat.
Kim Rhodes: Woohoo! That's the kind of thing that Joe and I are amused by.

Annabanana36 asks: I love the scenes between you and Vicky [Jensen Buchanan]. Are those as fun to play as they are to watch?
Kim Rhodes: Ab-so-lute-ly. The woman is INCREDIBLE. The hardest time we have is not bursting into giggles. She takes anything I throw and turns it into gold and throws it back twice as hard. I trust her completely.

panana_98 asks: how was it playing up to grants sons
Kim Rhodes: Sean [Rademaker], who plays Kirkland, and I have a very lovingly adversarial relationship, I guess you could say. He is thrilled whenever Kirkland gets to abuse Cindy. I myself don't understand why ever he could enjoy that! But he seems to!

LMicheleG asks: Hey Kim, Love your different hair colors! Which do you like best?
Kim Rhodes: Oh, always the most recent. Actually, I'm going to try to stick with the red, if I can afford to. I think it suits my own personality. And I don't have to wear as much makeup.

beverlya1_98 asks: oh, lhe meantime, who killed Grant? I hope it was Donna, what is your choice?
Kim Rhodes: OK, here goes: My own personal theory (cuz we do sit around and discuss this stuff) is that it was none of the suspects. Of course, I've been wrong before.

casa_de_clooney asks: did the bulter do it?
Kim Rhodes: Wouldn't it be nice if we could afford to have a butler? :-)

AWvet asks: He told us last week that you are a great kisser. How about him?
Kim Rhodes: Fabulous!!! I hope my boyfriend isn't reading this right now. If he is, Michael, that's only what vague MEMORIES tell me!

onelifetoliver asks: Have any actors from other shows shown their support by calling or anything?
Kim Rhodes: Um, no, but I have heard through other people messages of support, specifically from Lauren [Martin-Harkins, Camille] and Lesli [Kay Sterling, Molly] on As the World Turns, both women that I happen to adore.

ThetaChi_Kermit asks: Who do you wish that you could have done more snenes with?
Kim Rhodes: David Macdonald and finally, I'm getting to really work with Jensen and Tom. I'm loving it! I'm sorry it has to end so quickly. I think I would have really enjoyed working with Matt Crane [Matt] and Sandra Ferguson. Linda Dano [Felicia] is a goddess and I'm sure I could have learned a lot from her too. In fact, now that I think about it, anybody I never got to work with I'm sure I missed wonderful opportunities.

Bernard_Michael asks: Linda Dano said this about you: Kim is "talented, funny, emotional...a complete wacko who makes everyone smile when she walks into a room." Discuss.
Kim Rhodes: I'm a little teary, actually, because Linda, to me, and this is in all seriousness, is someone who is so remarkable to me, that I have a hard time looking at her without more than a trace of idolatry. She knows this, because I've told her. I think on every level, the woman is nothing short of phenomenal. And to hear that she has spoken so highly of me is praise that affects me deeply.

suckeryou asks: have you ever been as obsessed with someone as Cindy was with grant
Kim Rhodes: Um, you mean besides John Littlefield?

FREDVV asks: Kim, whats your favorite Cindy and Grant moment?
Kim Rhodes: Hmmm. I think after they'd had sex for the first time, and were discussing their honeymoon, and thinking in the voiceover, each how they were going to kill the other, I loved that moment. The whole series with the thermometer was beautiful. And in recollection, well, the rest of it weren't too shabby neither.

daisyfury asks: Do you ever get on the internet and chat...just as a regular person...not a star i mean
Kim Rhodes: I don't have a computer, but I sure would if I could. A lot of us do.

kendrickkreations asks: What do you think about the fan protest of NBC on 4/24 in support of them keeping A.W.?
Kim Rhodes: I thank them for their support. I hope if it can't effect a change, at least they will be heard.

LMicheleG asks: Recently Linda Dano begged to be on Ally McBeal, maybe you could join her?
Kim Rhodes: In a nanosecond!!! Please, oh please, what a combination of glories! Linda on one side, David Kelley on the other! Throw in just a couple more names I'm sure you could figure out, and I'd pop!

AnglieKo asks: Who is your favorite couple on the show?
Kim Rhodes: Grant and Cindy! What kind of question is that? Oh, he's dead... Then it would be Marley and Tyrone. Or Cass and Lila.

FREDVV asks: Kim, what was it like working with Chris Goutman?
Kim Rhodes: I will tell you this: when I heard the show had been cancelled, I told him that if he ever were leading an army, and he needed people on the front lines, call me. Ultimately, he made some decisions that hurt me. And I love him all the more for the fact that they were the right decisions. He is an incredible leader. And more than a little scary to me!

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim, we sent your birthday card a bit early to you because we didn't know when the last tape date would be. Did you receive it yet? (From Bernard & Michael S)
Kim Rhodes: That may be what I got today. I forgot my mail at the studio, but it's sitting on my desk. You guys are FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much for all of your support through this. You won't lose me.

Ripley_844 asks: Kim, your costume for the Ball was the best! Was it difficult to wear?
Kim Rhodes: Oh YEAH! The bands on my arm and leg were held on with toupe tape! Imagine ripping that crap off your body every night! Ouchy ouchy! To say the least... Also, I could only sit in one particular position because the dress was cut so incredibly high. Finally, didja get a look at those shoes? Say no more! BUT the instant I started to hurt, all I had to do was look in a mirror, and I was fine again. :-) Yowza!

AnglieKo asks: Do you ever hate anything they make you wear?
Kim Rhodes: I am fortunate enough to have a wardrobe designer that responds well when I fall on the floor kicking, screaming, and threatening to hold my breath until I turn blue. As a result, I have never been forced to wear something that I hate. (Actually, [Costume Designer] Shawn [Dudley] has fabulous taste and I rarely even mildly disagree with him.)

MSandner asks: Do you enjoy wearing all the stuff Cindy gets to wear? Probably not that horrid orange jacket before the hair cut?
Kim Rhodes: OK, here we go: Good God are we still on the dead Muppet coat? That thing was incinerated eons ago!

CindiAWfan asks: do you dress the way Cindy does?
Kim Rhodes: I can't afford to. Also, my own personal tendency is towards a slightly less "Republican" style. The tattoos and the belly ring don't show in suits.

Redanytime asks: I am not a memeber, but I know many who are that thank you so much for offering ""Grant" KIWI in a cracker. The KIWI's I know loved that!
Kim Rhodes: You would be amazed how many people were actually offended by that! Let me please state for the record that I never meant to choose one group of fans over another. I simply was given an opportunity to make some people happy and I'm very, very glad I did.

kitty33_98 asks: Are you going to take a vacation when you are done taping the final scene?
Kim Rhodes: Does applying for work as a bartender count as vacation? Actually, I am planning on going home to see my family and then down to see some friends at a Shakespeare festival for a few days.

MrsHJ asks: Kim, I have an AW newsletter is there anything you could say for encouragement for all my readers?
Kim Rhodes: It's very hard to give encouragement to a terminal patient. I wish I could tell you that the show would be OK, but we all know it's not. I can, however, tell you that the people involved with the show will be OK, because they are incredibly talented and gifted individuals who appreciate every single drop of support we've received for 35 years.

aeggs83 asks: Hi Kim - I am a longtime AW fan and have enjoyed you immensely as Cindy - one question, do you know when we'll see changes in the stories reflecting since the cancellation : ( , to tie things up? Thanks -look forward to seeing you after AW
Kim Rhodes: First of all, thank you. And I look forward to being able to be seen after AW (she says with a grimace and crossed fingers). As for the storylines, I think you'll start seeing changes in mid-May. That's just a guess, mind you. But I think it's about right.

kendrickkreations asks: Do you think Grant, in his own sick way, loved Cindy?
Kim Rhodes: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I have to. I play Cindy!

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim, do you agree with the best picture oscar for Shakespeare in Love?
Kim Rhodes: Considering that was the only movie that was nominated that I saw, sure, what the heck!

baseball_man25 asks: did u ever have to work with a real mean director
Kim Rhodes: I've worked with a couple of buttheads in my life, but never the kind of director that you think of berating actors. I've been lucky in that. On the show, there are nothing but gems.

laylatheoriginal asks: Kim who sexiest guy on AW
Kim Rhodes: You're trying to get me into trouble, aren't you? I think we have oodles 'o sexiness in oodles 'o ways! There, THAT's politically correct! :-) Sort of...

wallflowerlexi asks: What's your favorite tattoo?
Kim Rhodes: On me?

FREDVV asks: Kim, did you see the AW article in the NY Times?
Kim Rhodes: No, I was out of town when it was printed. What did it say? I haven't been in the studio to get much gossip recently.

Diane33_1999 asks: Are you and your Co-workers aware tht in Canada Another World is the highest watched show only behind YOung and the Restless? and do you feel that if CTV in Canada was to pick it up it would be welcomed?
Kim Rhodes: Yes, we are aware, and immensely thankful. We didn't understand why that wasn't considered in the negotiations between NBC and Procter & Gamble when they kept talking about Aaron Spelling's "foreign pull." As for being picked up by CTV, unfortunately, I don't think that Procter & Gamble could offer them a deal they could afford. Again, I restate that I don't know much about the business. This is just my impression.

Ripley_844 asks: Kim, does Cindy know who the murderer is?
Kim Rhodes: If Cindy does, Kim doesn't. In fact, there were scenes when they were talking about "a key" -- they being Jake and Vicky -- and Cindy then had the key, and Kim didn't know what the key was for!

Annabanana36 asks: I enjoyed the story you and Ellen did in SoapDigest. You two seemed to really hit if off.
Kim Rhodes: We did! Ellen is one of the people that I consider a friend, and I am confident I will never lose touch with, and our relationship will grow past Another World. She is an ethereally beautiful woman, both inside and out. I cannot be anything other than happy when I am with her.

nature1111 asks: Hey Kim! Who is your most inspiration?
Kim Rhodes: It varies. There are different aspects of my life that are inspired by different people. In terms of day to day acting, Linda Dano never ceases to teach me something new.

superbigawfan asks: Kim You are realy funny ever pull a practical joke on the set?
Kim Rhodes: Ooh... Let's just say, rubber chickens, rubber gloves, rubber ... no, not those... once in a while! But the humor that comes out of me is rarely planned. Cuz, see, I'm not funny.

AnglieKo asks: Do you like raisins?
Kim Rhodes: Thank you for possibly the oddest question I have ever received. What about my personality indicates that I would have any strong feelings for raisins one way or another? A raisin passion is not something that I consider one of my top ten attributes, no. I don't, however, feel that they should be eradicated from the existence of the universe, either. Apparently, they do induce occasional bursts of verbosity. And that's all I wrote on raisins.

Adia3676 asks: You are a great actress, I will miss you and Grant (Mark) the most... What will you miss the most?
Kim Rhodes: Cindy and Grant. The coffee in the mornings. Watching the show with the cast in the makeup room. Arguing bitterly in dry rehearsal. Sitting in the control room and watching my fellow actors. And the fact that Dunkin Donuts was only 2 blocks away. And I think I'll miss Cindy most of all.

FREDVV asks: Kim, NBC really are idiots, How could they give up AW for junk like Passions?
Kim Rhodes: You've heard this before, and I'm sure you will hear it again. This is a business. Unfortunately, dollars are the greatest equalizers. NBC exists to make a profit. They have reason to believe that this decision will make the greatest profit. I am sad that viewers and those of us who put the show together are sacrificed because of this. But that is the industry. And the same reason that Another World was allowed to exist for 35 years in the first place, we can't forget that. We are lucky for what we had. Am I pissed? Maybe a little. But none of us can take it personally.

Arl541 asks: The trouble is nobody will watch Passions or NBC
Kim Rhodes: The nasty little gloating side of me hopes you're right. The more generous, and I hope, larger, part of me, wants to wish well for the newcomers and as well for the struggling PASSIONS. I've met many of those actors. I like them all, and I know what an uphill battle they're all fighting.
SODhost: We've got one last question here for Kim.. We've received nearly 1000 questions tonight

Annabanana36 asks: What was it like filming all of those murder scenarios?
Kim Rhodes: A bit morbid, I have to say. It was very odd doing something that at once was so much fun and at the same time meant I was losing a beloved partner. It was rather surreal.

SODhost: Thank you ALL for joining us tonight!


CindiAWfan asks: Kim, please tell all the cast members that we love them!

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim, you will do just fine. We (Bernard & Michael) have the utmost faith in you. You are a very talented and beautiful actress. You will go FAR!!!!

beverlya1_98 asks: Kim Just wish I had gottin your autograph before the show was cancelled. Have quite a collection of AW from 30 years. You top all the Vixins!

nature1111 asks: Hey Cindy! Your really my favorite, does everyone tell you that?

CTCH3_99 asks: Kim, thanks for tonight and all your wonderful performances on Another World. You will be missed!

AWvet asks: Kim Rhodes I will miss you but will follow your career forever.

Mrs_Chasez asks: Thank you for taking the time out to chat with your fans.

Arl541 asks: There will never be another Cindy

Coll_OT asks: I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed watching AW over the past 9 years. Please extend my thanks to the cast and crew for truly wonderful entertainment! I will miss the show very much.

DiamondGrl07 asks: really going to miss you all

Arl541 asks: After 35 years you guys became a part of my family

MrsHJ asks: THanks your the best KIM!!

Kim Rhodes: First of all, I'm crying. I guarantee that I will miss you more than you will miss me. I guarantee it. Cindy has also become a part of my life, and through the course of playing Cindy, I have become a fan of Another World. And its fans. You are the most intelligent, loyal, passionate, and funny group of people that I have ever worked for. In the midst of all of this, the pain of knowing that we're about to go, your strength is feeding us. I bless you for it. And I will never forget it. Thank you.

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim, you are a gem in the daytime drama industry. Good luck and Keep SMILING! :-)

Mrs_Chasez asks: You aren't the only one crying Kim. I am too.

SODhost: Thank you Kim! Thank you AW supporters! Please join us next week! We'll have another mystery chat for you

MSandner asks: Thanks for hosting every week. You deserve a round of applause.
SODhost: Nah, this is a joy :-) Thank you guys.. tell your friends... We'll see you next week :-)

ladyhawke1963 asks: Kim, if you can read this, Please hang in there and don't give up hope. There are a lot of plucky fighters putting in their all for Another World.