Stephen Schnetzer's Compuserve Chat: Sept 10, 1997 Stephen Schnetzer's Compuserve Chat: Sept 10, 1997

SOAP CHAT HOST: Ashley S. Battel, along with Susan Niles

Ashley Battel (HOST)-- Good evening, everyone, and welcome to this special edition of our "Soap Chat" online conferences with our featured guest, "Another World's" 'Cass Winthrop', actor Stephen Schnetzer! My name is Ashley S. Battel, and I, along with Susan Niles, will be serving as your hosts for this evening's special live conference. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy this evening's conference...... Ladies and gentlemen, I am very pleased to introduce you at this time to our very special guest this evening - you have watched him weekdays for the past *15* years as Cass Winthrop (and, at times, as Rex Allingham and "Krystal Lake" as well :>) on NBC's popular daytime drama, Another World ......please join me in welcoming back to The TV Zone, actor Stephen Schnetzer :>!! We will immediately be opening the floor to questions, so please prepare to type in your "?"s at this time in order to be recognized by our moderators.
Susan Niles-- Okay, Traci! You're first up!
Traci (AW)-- I absolutely LOVE the relationship with CASS and FELICIA...I was wondering if they were going to allow us more of that? More of the friendship stuff??
Stephen Schnetzer-- They're very aware of it.... and I believe there's a story coming up in a month and a half.. that will involve my supporting Felicia... I'm surprised that there hasn't been a little more of it during the trial...Linda mentioned it.... So, TPTB are aware of the friendship and its popularity, and they want to contribute to utilize that friendship within the stories... and Good evening, everybody :> - nice to be back..And for those of you who were there a few sincere apologies for not being able to make it....and I look forward to sharing this time with you online :>!
Traci (AW)-- so, there wont be a LOVE thing happening with Cass and Felicia tho, right? Only friendship?
Stephen Schnetzer-- and let me take the opportunity... to say thank you to anybody that's with us right now who voted for me for the nomination for the SOU MVP Awards this past weekend....and I was stunned to be nominated... having had so little storyline this last year and I took that as a very personal vote of support from the fans. As far as I know, Traci, and I agree with this, the friendship is much rarer, more special and much less common... and I think TPTB agree with that, and will continue to explore the friendship aspect of the relationship.
Susan Niles-- Okay, Rebecca, we're ready for your question for Steve. Karen, you're after Rebecca!
Rebecca Eschliman-- The difficulties of Cass's earily family life seem like a rich mine of storytelling just waiting to happen. Any chance that Cass's mother will finally make her appearance? BTW, Cass seems to be like the "falconer" that all the other "falcons" can no longer hear -- the sane center, but he deserves more. You've made him into a fascinating and nuanced character, even when sidelined storywise.
Stephen Schnetzer-- HI, Rebecca :> ..thank you for the compliment.... and yes, I agree - it seems to me that that would be very fertile story material...I have mentioned it to Michael Malone, in our early meetings when he first came on the show. It was very overwhelming to come into the show with the history that AW has... as Michael Malone and Charlotte Savitz have, and be able to keep an overview of information like historical.. He has told me that he wanted to reestablish me as a viable professional... and so I was involved with the trial story.... which I thought he'd made out beautifully... and his next agenda for Cass is to provide me with a romantic interest now.... everyone seems to feel that the period of mourning has taken place regarding the profound loss of Frankie... I also know that they have pitched two storylines involving me that were turned down by the network... It must be so difficult to write a soap opera...I've heard stories where writers have pitched magnificent storylines that perhaps were too controversial... were turned down for... probably pretty unimaginative reasons... The hardest two jobs here are Executive Producer and head writer.
Susan Niles-- Do you have a follow-up question, Rebecca?
Rebecca Eschliman-- I'll wait, others are in line.
Susan Niles-- Thanks :-)! Okay, Karen ... you're up now, followed by Gwen.
KarenC3-- I have loved your storys over the years with Kathleen and Frankie. Do you have any idea who a new love interest will be? Maybe Alice Barret as a Frankie Lookalike? Also, your my favorite actor on AW.
Stephen Schnetzer-- Thanks, Karen - good evening :> ... I don't know who it is going to be... I don't know if she is in Bay City yet... I think everybody is pretty much accounted for and maybe they'll bring somebody new in... and it would be the answer to my prayers :> if it were a Frankie look-alike played by Alice. I've mentioned it till I'm blue in the face and it seemed like the climate hadn't been right... but never say never!
Susan Niles-- Do you have a follow-up question, Karen?
KarenC3 - - No, but thanks for coming tonight, Steven.
Gwen Totterdale-- Stephen, you are my favorite on AW too...I love your sense of humor
Stephen Schnetzer-- It's my pleasure, Karen :> Thank you for your support!
Susan Niles-- Okay, Gwen, what's your question for Steve?
Gwen Totterdale- - Do you get involved in any of the writing?
Stephen Schnetzer-- Not really.....I just interpret what is there.. I'll do a little editing...make some suggestions..and I might, without changing the intention... change a few words here and there, to make them seem more natural coming out of my mouth.. but a writer, I am not :>!
Susan Niles-- Follow-up question, Gwen?
Gwen Totterdale-- Yes A few weeks back Alice Barrett was on another chat and I suggested that maybe she could come back as an "actress" playing the role of Frankie, from the book Felicia wrote on her... You two were so great together. Do TPTB listen to outside suggestions?
Stephen Schnetzer-- Yes, they do listen... As a matter of fact, I suggested that very idea... I agree - I think it would be a great idea... that nobody seemed to like...or go for. This is a time on the show.. where there's an obvious change in direction... Most of the investments seem to be going into some of the younger well as Shane/Jake/Vicky.... and I think it's going to be hard for me to get a major story arc in this climate... I think it's more realistic in this climate to see the character of Cass in 6-8 week story the trial... The trial lasted 6 weeks... However, I could be wrong :>!....A lot of people seem to feel that there is a lack of balance on the show now...and if enough people feel that way, maybe they will correct that in a more even distribution..
Susan Niles-- Okay, Sondra! What's your question for Steve tonight?
Sondra Feehrmeyer-- I was just wondering if they could bring Frankie back in a some kind of storyline like they did Sharlene?
Stephen Schnetzer-- HI, Sondra :> .... I suppose they could pretty much do anything... that they put their mind to..but there's one critical difference... Sharlene's body was never recovered... and we saw Frankie in the morgue...
Sondra Feehrmeyer -- Will you wife be on the show again in the role of the psychiatrist?
Stephen Schnetzer-- and we saw her ashes distributed on the bay of Bay City... So, that would be a little something to overcome ...Forgive me if I'm being too literal No plans at this time... regarding my wife appearing, but it could pop up again. It sure was fun having her here..I hope it happens again :>!
Susan Niles-- Okay, Traci, you're up ... followed by Rebecca, Visitor, William, Paul, Karri and Gwen.
Traci (AW)-- Hi Stephen, and welcome! I just wanted to say that the fans LOVE you and CASS, and want nothing more than to see you front and center storyline-wise. Do you believe in us writing TPTB, or are our letters falling on deaf ears? WIth so many actors being let go, how can we assure ourselves that we get to keep you!?? (and congrats on that nomination at the SOU were QUITE deserving!)
Stephen Schnetzer-- Thanks so much, Traci, for your support and kind words :>! I know it must seem that the letters fall on deaf ears... but what else can we do?.....I think they do make a difference.... We just don't always see that difference...or we don't see it as soon as we'd like. The last part of your question is very sweet :> ...I think one of the reasons that I'm still here is because of you :>...and the support that you give me...and I've never felt it more than in this last year... Everybody's wondering about Cass...feels very protective of Cass and the show has responded - they did give me some action this summer.... and I believe them when they say they are going to find me a love interest.
Traci (AW)-- I feel protective over CASS, thats for I will keep my letters flowing...and I THANK YOU for coming here to chat with us! :-)
Stephen Schnetzer-- Thank you, Traci :>!!
Susan Niles-- Rebecca, what's your question for Stephen tonight? And get ready, Visitor, because you're after Rebecca.
Rebecca Eschliman-- Thanks, first off, for the thoroughness of your answer to my previous question. Since Cass has gone through so many changes over the years, is there a "core Cass" for you? And, if so, how do you keep "core Cass" in mind? And as an aside, I'm glad they're considering a romantic storyline for Cass -- the character has such a flair for romance that a romanceless Cass is a waste of opportunity (although *severely* blown by the idiotic decision to terminate Alice Barrett). GA (I finally catch on, Susan )
Susan Niles-- LOL, Rebecca!
Stephen Schnetzer-- I don't approach it by trying to hold on to a "core Cass"... A core Cass is something that you, the viewer, might glean from my performance over time.... I agree that it was an idiotic decision... I think most people will....the show has taken a tremendous amount of heat for it... and I'm glad you enjoy Cass's romantic escapades in the past ...and hopefully, we'll have some fun ones in the future :>!
Susan Niles-- Do you have a follow-up question, Rebecca?
Rebecca Eschliman-- Nope. onward.
Susan Niles-- It's finally Visitor's turn and it seems as though they've disappeared, so William ... you're on!!
William Gordon-- Hi Stephen, do you tape a whole show each day ,and how far in advance of airing are the shows taped?. All the best!!
Stephen Schnetzer-- Good evening, William :>!.... We tape one episode per day... today is a pretty late day fact, I just finished moments before we came online .... A 16-hour day, and we're about two weeks ahead of air date.
Susan Niles-- Follow-up question, William?
William Gordon-- Nope just a good fan for about 15 yrs.
Susan Niles -- Okay, Paul, what's your question for Stephen?
Paul M. Kip-- Hi Steven, Welcome and thanks for being here tonight. My name is Judy. Will we be seeing or hearing from Morgan at all in the future? And Congratulations on the SOU nomination, I too think you deserved it.
Stephen Schnetzer-- Thanks, William :>! We'd both been with AW for about the same length of time - I just celebrated my 15th anniversary this past July. HI, Judy - thank you :> ... Funny you should ask about Morgan... I just had lunch with Grayson McCouch.. He'd love to come back...for at least a time. We really enjoy working with each other, and would love to be able to work together again... No plans right now for it.... but Grayson just got a movie.... he goes off on location in a couple of weeks for 4-5 months in a summer blockbuster movie that will come out next summer starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Steve Buscemi... Pretty heady company - directed by the man who directed "The Rock" and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer... who most recently produced Con Air... so he's in very good spirits!
Susan Niles-- Sorry, Judy, your question scrolled past me before I had a chance to read that you weren't Paul ! Do you have a follow-up question for Stephen?
Paul M. Kip-- Wow!! Can you tell us the name of the movie?I'm glad he's doing well, I miss him.
Stephen Schnetzer-- I don't know the title, Judy, I'm sorry... but you can't miss it - it will be out next summer... Great Bruce Willis action extravaganza...
Paul M. Kip-- OK thanks.
Stephen Schnetzer-- and it's about a mess of asteroids threatening to crash into and destroy the earth...Don't miss it :>!
Susan Niles-- Hi, Karri! What's your question or comment for Stephen?
Karri-- Steven...welcome!!!!!!!! I met you in NY 2 years ago at the AW Fan Club Luncheon and have to say what a pleasure that was! You are such a sweet and funny guy..and so handsome! What can I've got it all!! I loved that hug!!! I hope we do see more of you soon...there are many actors currently with too much story and many deserving actors such as you who we all miss very much! I feel your character of Cass that you have created is one of the very best on daytime....I miss seeing you and Linda Dano... I have noticed your wife on the show a few times and wondered if she would be interested in a more regular part or is she too busy?? Thanks again for being've had a long day.
Stephen Schnetzer-- It's my pleasure to be here with you :> - I'm always grateful when people have had a happy meeting with me in person - it would be awful if it were to be written that "You were at the fan club luncheon a few years ago, and you were extremely rude to me" mentioned earlier, there is a story imbalance.... and it is hoped that it will be addressed for the good of the show, so people will see more of their favorite Cass and wife would love to have more to do on AW.... and that would be great fun for me as well :>!
Karri-- Hope we see more of her (your wife) and you soon!!!!!!
Stephen Schnetzer-- Thanks a lot :>!
Gwen Totterdale-- Stephen, we love you here in Hawaii, too. You are a real favorite with the fans here. I have loved all of your storylines...the ones with baby Charlie were priceless! Do you have any particular favorites?
Stephen Schnetzer-- Aloha, Gwen :>!...I love Hawaii... A long time ago when I worked in a theatre company, I was fortunate enough... to do theatre tours... 4 years in a row... to Hawaii...we performed at... Leeward Community College....and one year, I performed in Kauaii and Maui... and the big island...and I look forward to the time that I can return to that beautiful state... When Frankie was pregnant for comedy... I enjoyed "my" was great fun to play, and also on the light side... I loved Krystal Lake..... and the Felicia/Wallingford/Cass Marx Brothers On the more serious .... The manic-depressive storyline was very interesting for me to tackle The Lorna rape trial, the Nick/Toni Burrell trial, and also the return of Kathleen while I was involved with Frankie...that triangle was great... and then of course I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my stories with Cecile early on... That's probably more than you bargained for :> It would be nice to have something like that again!!
Susan Niles-- [Steve, if you ever go back to Hawaii, is there room in your suitcase for me ?] Do you have a follow-up question, Gwen?
Stephen Schnetzer-- LOL, Susan - sure
Gwen Totterdale-- We would be thrilled to have you come to Hawaii... Maybe AW could do some filming "on location" BTW, I loved your pregnancy scenes, too! Your reminiscing is wonderful!!
Stephen Schnetzer-- Let's all go....take a cruise :>!! Cass Cruise Line
Susan Niles-- Sounds like a plan !
Karri-- YES!
Traci (AW)-- Kruise the Krystal Lake...
Gwen Totterdale-- I could arrange that, actually! My company does Dolphin Discovery World Tours! *smile*
Stephen Schnetzer-- ...I think the days of extravagant location taping/shooting... are behind us.... but I'd like nothing more....I also did Hawaii 5-0 when I was there :>...played a very, very young policeman :>...Jack Lord and Dan-O...Obviously, I'm enjoying reminiscing, too :>!! LOL, Traci..better still Oh my, Gwen - there you go !!
Susan Niles-- Christine, what's your qustion or comment for Stephen?
Christine Holliday-- Do you get along with your castmates as well as it appears? I speak of the relationship you and Linda seemed to have had with "Wallingford" and "Tony the Tuna". Or, the relationship you seemed to have had with Alice Barrett.
Stephen Schnetzer-- Yes, we's one of the miracles in the 15 years that I've been here, how wonderful people get along... and I mean miracle!..It's very noticeable to people who've passed through here from other places, other jobs...they always mention it...and those of us who have been here for an extended period of time have gone on to other jobs.. look back on us and know that it was a special experience... I spoke to Alice Barrett earlier today.. and she mentioned that she ran into a makeup artist who left here about 5 years ago... but who had been here working for 13 years... then he went on to other jobs..freelancing, and also worked on another soap for a while... and he said that it was only then that he found out how wonderful it had been here on AW.
Christine Holliday-- Do producers keep those relationships in mind when they cast shows, especially when they're introducing a new relationship or a new character?
Stephen Schnetzer-- They are looking for an intangible... extra dimension that couples have... and the relationship won't last very long if they don't have it. Ryan/Vicky, Michael/Donna, Cass/Kathleen, Cass/Cecile... Mac/Rachel, Carl/Rachel.. These and many more go beyond the printed page and yes, they look for that... It's what helps make our world go round here.....they always make educated guesses or instinctive choices.
Christine Holliday-- Have them put you in a tuxedo once in a handsome!
Susan Niles -- Rebecca, what is your question or comment for Stephen? Deidre, you're after Rebecca, followed by M. Kimberly, Kimberly Anstine and Barry (who just rang in ).
Rebecca Eschliman-- It was already a specially noted occasion for you to be in conference here, but to do it after a 16-hour day is truly gracious of you. Is there a stage role that would really tempt you now -- one that would make you willing to endure the wholesale co-opting of your time even beyond your normal shooting schedule? No follow-up, but signing up for the Cass Cruise Line...
Stephen Schnetzer-- LOL...thanks, Christine :>! A guy can't miss in a tuxedo!
Susan Niles-- Deidra, what's your question or comment for Steve?
Deidre-- Cass is the only parent on AW that we rarely see with his child. Do you think we will see more in the future of Cass trying to raise Charlie? (You are one of the reasons I watch AW, thanks for the past and looking forward to the future )
Stephen Schnetzer-- There's so many that I couldn't mention one....I can't begin to mention a role...I'm so hot to do a play right now...
Susan Niles-- Sorry, I jumped the gun! Christine's question first and *then* Deidra's :-)!
Stephen Schnetzer-- BTW, Kale Browne just got a play...
Karri-- hurray!!!!!
Stephen Schnetzer-- They're doing an Arthur Miller revival in an off-Broadway theatre with Mr. Miller present in his play called the American Cloth which opens October 19th... So, we're all very happy for him :>! Thanks for your question, Deidra :> ... I think it's a missed story opportunity... I think Cass could be one of the most interesting parents on daytime if they wanted to explore that... Maybe they will...or maybe they feel they have too many parent-child stories at this time.
Susan Niles-- Follow-up question, Deidra?
Deidre-- Yes, are you typing your own answers ?
Stephen Schnetzer-- Yes, of course, I am...NOT !
Susan Niles-- Okay, let's see if I can get this right now ! M. Kimberly, what is your question or comment for Steve?
Traci (AW)-- LOL!!
M. Kimberly-- Hi Stephen from Boston. My question: will Cass be supporting Felicia's current relationship?I also must say, I am a HUGE fan and have been watching AW for 17 years now. You have been one of the major contributors to what has to be the most brilliantly acted soap ever! You are a fantastic, elegant actor--Happy Anniversary--we all hope for many more!
Gwen Totterdale-- LOL
Stephen Schnetzer-- Kimberly, how lovely :> ...I'm a fellow Bostonian, I don't know if you knew that! BTW, 2nd weekend in October, ....
M. Kimberly-- Yes!
Stephen Schnetzer-- They're having the CollegeFest at Hynes Auditorium... and I'll be appearing there on Sunday.... late morning.. with Judi Evans Luciano...
M. Kimberly-- Wonderful!
Stephen Schnetzer-- So, spread the word and come down and see us :>!
M. Kimberly-- Yes, I will!
Stephen Schnetzer-- Cass has been supporting her current relationship, and will continue to give her support... being realistic...I think he's about the only person supporting her!
Susan Niles-- Kimberly Anstine, what would you like to ask Stephen?
Kimberly B Anstine-- Hi Steve........First let me say that you are WONDERFUL and second, Would you entertain the idea of doing a play with Linda and would this be a possiblility? I get to meet her this weekend in Chicago. and hope to meet YOU soon!
Stephen Schnetzer-- I think you're wonderful, too, Kimberly :>! It would be fun to do a play with Linda... If she ever stops being so busy writing novels, doing QVC home shopping network...running off to Chicago and making appearances,..and playing Felicia Gallant, and cooking for her husband Frank ...maybe she'll have time to do a play with me
Kimberly B Anstine-- Keepimg my fingers crossed for the play with Linda I will tell her to slow down
Stephen Schnetzer-- LOL!! It will fall on deaf ears She's a maniac - a wonderful maniac :>!
Traci (AW)--
Susan Niles-- Okay, Barry, you have the honour of asking the last question of the evening!
Barry T-- I apologize for getting here so late. First, your scenes a year ago when Frankie was killed were some of the most memorable in all of TV. (Day and Night!) Second - Nancy Frangione's return last year was so badly written. Any chance that they might look into her returning again now that you are without a mate? (If not - what do you see in store for Cass?)
Stephen Schnetzer-- Thank you for your high compliments!!... with regards to the mourning/loss of Frankie.. The return of Nancy Frangione (Cecile)... could have been better written... I don't think they're considering having her come back... and I agree with the prevailing opinion that poor ol' lonely Cass needs a little sugar in his life :>....a romantic interest. I want to take this opportunity to let people know that Gail from Washington has set up the official/unoffficial Stephen Schnetzer tribute page...I'm embarassed to say that I'm not online myself, but she sent me a hard copy, and she's done a very good job....She's done a lot of research, autobiographical information... and I wanted to let you know in case you were interested in dropping by :>!...I'm sorry that I don't have the address off the top of my head....
Ashley Battel (HOST)-- (EDITOR'S NOTE: The web site address is )
Susan Niles-- I'd like to thank Steve for being with us tonight, especially after the long day he had and to thank everyone for coming and asking such great questions! Back to you, Ash!
Stephen Schnetzer-- I wanted to mention that, and I also wanted to thank everyone for joining me tonight... and I find that my appreciation for the fans of Another World keep growing and growing every year... What a wonderful relationship we have... God Bless, Peace and Goodnight!
Traci (AW)-- thank YOU Stephen!! :-)
Karri-- thanks a ton for a great chat Steven and Ash!
Kimberly B Anstine-- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barry T-- Thank you for 15 wonderful years!!!!
Paul M. Kip -- Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing your new love interest very soon. We love you
Laura-- Thank You Steve!!!!
Rebecca Eschliman-- We're the lucky ones.
M. Kimberly-- THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Deidre-- Thanks for being here.
KarenC3-- Thanks for coming.
Ashley Battel (HOST)-- That concludes the formal portion of our chat for this evening....I would like to thank everyone for joining us, as well as to Susan for assisting as host, and would also like to extend a very special thanks to our special guest this evening, Stephen Schnetzer! Thanks so much for being here this evening, Stephen, and we look forward to watching you every weekday on NBC's "Another World"!
Paul M. Kip-- Good night!
Susan Niles-- Thanks again, everyone, for making Steve's conference such a great success!!
Traci (AW)-- good job Susan
Karri -- thank you Susan! TTYS!

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