As the World Turns's STEPHEN SCHNETZER
December 8, 1999

SODhost: Ladies and Gentlemen! We're happy to welcome Stephen Schnetzer (Cass, ATWT) to our chat today!
SODhost: Hi Stephen!
Stephen Schnetzer: Hi everybody!

roxy9678 asks: Do You like being on as the World Turns?
Stephen Schnetzer: Yeah! Absolutely! There's quite a few people that I already knew, some were on Another World, some I've just met and enjoyed their company at different charity events and award ceremony events. Ben Hendrickson (Hal) and I did a play many years ago, and I know him from Juilliard many many years ago, so yeah, I'm happy to be there when I'm there, and I have a lot of admiration for a lot of the people that are there.

canne21122 asks: How have you been. I met you in Baltimore a few years back.
Stephen Schnetzer: Well a lots happened since we met in Baltimore! I assume you're talking about the Children's Cancer Foundation, and maybe I'll see you again next April because I've been asked to come back and participate in the benefit next year. I think it's my 5th or 6th year. And maybe we can raise a lot of money for kids with cancer!

jdfanpoet asks: HI Stephen! Just want to say how much I have been enjoying seeing you again on ATWT - any plans to make it permanent! Thanks!!
Stephen Schnetzer: I would sign on permanently in a heartbeat. I think the practical situation is that it's a large cast with a lot of very good, talented actors, and story has to be found for them first. I know that Chris Goutman, the exec producer and Leah Laiman, the head writer, were that for me on Another World and we mutually admire each other and they've expressed that they would love to have me on the show, but as I've mentioned, there are practical considerations. And a lot has to do with the fans. This 10 episode stretch here, where I represent Margo, the fans have a chance to see me and like me, or not, and weigh in with their opinions. And that would be helpful also. :)

lrollins_1999 asks: Hi, Stephen. This is Leslie. It's such an honor to chat with you. Cass and Lila were/are one of my favorite daytime couples ever and I hope you're reunited on ATWT very soon. You two really made the sparks fly and in the process made me laugh and cry, and frequently gave me a major case of the vapors. Were you having as much fun in some of those scenes as it appeared you were?
Stephen Schnetzer: Absolutely! Lisa Peluso is a terrific work partner and I would love to work with her again. It is a great deal of fun and never a dull moment! And she's created a wonderful character in Lila. The character has a lot of jazz and it's easy to work off her. Thank you very much for your kind words -- it's much appreciated. :)

rivergirl_2 asks: Isn't it weird to speak to faceless people?
Stephen Schnetzer: I'm getting used to it! I'm starting to go online more and more myself. There's a game I play called out of order, a word scramble game, and there's up to 1200 people online playing the game, divided into groups of 8 or 9, playing the game in the early evening or night, and people can chat while we're waiting for the next game to come up -- so I'm getting used to it!

jdfanpoet asks: From what I have been hearing on the media domain ATWT board, the fans LOVE you!! And they should!!
Stephen Schnetzer: Well thanks very much! I heard there has been some buzz on the net. I've been told that there are some people who check in -- Lisa Peluso is one of them, actually -- and one of the makeup artists, too -- and they've said that the buzz is good for Cass and Jake and I'm very appreciative.

kelli_kay asks: So, Steven, do you miss us as much as we miss you? How are your old castmates doing?
Stephen Schnetzer: Oh god. I thought it would get easier, and it doesn't. I miss AW very much and the more I'm away from it and the more I see other shows as I channel surf, the more I realize what a good show AW was and the more mystified I am that it is no longer. I miss the work very much, I miss the fans very much, and I miss my co-workers. I've kept in touch with a lot of friends -- Ellen Wheeler (ex-Marley) is directing at ATWT, we have the set decorator and some hair stylists, another director, Mike is working over there, Kim Rhodes (ex-Cindy) I saw recently out in California, and Amy Carlson (ex-Josie) is doing a series in Toronto, and Henry Simmons (ex-Tyrone) is a new regular on NYPD Blue... so people are doing well! Linda Dano (ex-Felicia) of course is doing her fabulous turn on the ABC soaps and I went over to visit her not too long ago and Tim Gibbs (ex-Gary), Robin Christopher (ex-Lorna), Kale Browne (ex-Michael), John Bolger (ex-Gabe) were all over there... So the network is sitll there, it's just a little spread out. :) But everybody is getting adjusted and doing fine.

jfa332 asks: Your so talented why not try for primetime?
Stephen Schnetzer: Well, I do try! It's just a business that is very strange now... the shrinking audience share and a lot of hysteria... there aren't as many job opportunities. I've only had about 6 theatrical opportunities for primetime and stage since the show was cancelled in early June, and that was 6 months ago. I have to be patient because the opportunities aren't coming fast and furious, but I would love to do primetime or feature films as well as stage. Whatever my agents send me out for, that's the job I'll try my best at getting.

shelly9207 asks: Please give me a hint who killed Alec???/
Stephen Schnetzer: LOL. Well, Shelly, who do YOU think it is???

chrissyloo asks: do you have any kids
Stephen Schnetzer: Yes, I have two sons, Max is 13 and Ben will be 10 in February. And I adore them!

gailbowl asks: would you want to work with linda dano again
Stephen Schnetzer: Absolutely! ABSOLUTELY. She and I believe that because of our off-screen friendship, that we have a safety and a connection when we work together. And the fans have remarked about that also, many times.

tejanadotcom asks: What's your take on the cancellation of AW?
Stephen Schnetzer: Well, from what I understand, I think that NBC wanted to go in a new direction, they wanted more ownership of their shows, they wanted all their shows to be out on the West Coast so they didn't have a coastal split overseeing their shows, and you know, it's challenging when you're in league with a sponsor, the owner of the show was Procter & Gamble, and there was constant debate in trying to be on the same page in deciding what to do storywise, who to feature in terms of actors, characters, and I think that's part of wanting more ownership. They were part owners in Sunset Beach and unfortunately that show has been cancelled now, and they are part owners of Passions. It stinks when you're the one being let go, or when you're the fan losing your show. But NBC has the right to do whatever they want with their lineup -- and they did! I think they made a mistake...

Gemgirl06 asks: Stephen what direction do you see Cass taking on ATWT
Stephen Schnetzer: I really have no idea -- my god! He's linked to no one -- he's forged a friendship through this professional situation with Tom and Margo, but the fans would know the show better in terms of who Cass could get involved with. The main thing is that being a lawyer is a strong profession on these shows, and that's a good point of departure in forging new relationships. I think it would be nice if Lila, his wife, was around, and his daughter, Cass' daughter, who is preadolescent now and is on the cusp of adolescence, which always wreaks havoc and makes good story. But other than that, I haven't a clue -- that's why I'm an actor, not a writer!

whitsok asks: Do you think you can get Margo off the hook??
Stephen Schnetzer: Well, if anybody can, I can! But in the same breath I have to say that on AW I was the best lawyer never to win a case! But that's because the stacks were always loaded against us -- we never had enough evidence or whatever. :)

lankiedankie asks: how do you like working with Tamara Tunie?
Stephen Schnetzer: I love it. She is great, very professional, she's prepared every day, she went through challenging times during the trial -- she lost her mother-in-law and we were all sorry to hear that, and she hung in there and rose to the occasion nevertheless. She's very appealing. If it doesn't work with Lila, maybe it could work with Jessica! And I understand Jessica does like older men :) -- it turns out that Michael Swan and I have the exact same birthday, not just month and day but year also! I had never found that before.

jdfanpoet asks: Stephen - you would be perfect in Law and Order!!
Stephen Schnetzer: Thank you -- I love that show and I've been up for a couple of guest spots and maybe one of these days I will at least end up on there in one of those guest roles -- either that or the Special Victims Unit spinoff.

kelli_kay asks: Steven: I'll have you know almost every week I add up the ratings for SB and Passions and email them to NBC reminding them that AW's ratings were better or the same as theirs combined! I think they are not amused with me.
Stephen Schnetzer: LOL! I am! Go Kelly!

lrollins_1999 asks: Is ATWT now filming in the old AW studio in Brooklyn? Is that weird for you to go there for a different show?
Stephen Schnetzer: They are not moving out until the first of the millennium and it would be very strange to go back there. It's a great studio and I know the cast is a little disturbed about the commute they're going to have to make, but the facility is one of the best facilities, if not THE best, in the city.

harleydreams1999 asks: do you have plans to vgisit montreal soon?
Stephen Schnetzer: No plans to visit Montreal, but I think in April, I am tentatively scheduled to go back to Nova Scotia. Our Canadian fans, AW's fans, I got to know a great deal over the years and I have a very soft fond spot in my heart for them, especially considering they were completely impotent in that their viewing habits did not register on the Neilsen ratings, they don't have any boxes there, so they were especially violated and disregarded, I thought, by the powers that be. And I miss making my trips up there.

sheryl2xx3xxx asks: If you wouldn't have become and actor what would you be doing now?
Stephen Schnetzer: I have NO idea! I really don't! I am asked that question fairly frequently -- I was trained to be a teacher, a language teacher, but I didn' t have the patience for that many years ago. I think I would have more patience now. I don't mind teaching people that want to learn but it was difficult to teach kids that didn't want to be there! So maybe teaching... but other than that, I really can't think of a thing!

mercedes_22371 asks: Your a terrific actor, was it hard when you first started?
Stephen Schnetzer: I was awful -- a very bad actor -- for many years when I started. It took a long time to get good and to start being truthful and stop being tricky. My first soap was Days of Our Lives and I had been a working actor for 8 years in reperatory theater all over the U.S. and my first days on the job at Days, I felt like I was from Mars or something! I was completely thrown. I have never seen another actor take longer to get comfortable in front of the camera than me! But thousands of episodes and tens of thousands of pages of scripts later, I feel great!

nob3 asks: Stephen, just want to say how nice it's been seeing you reappear on ATWT. I was getting tired of living for the Nasonex ads!
Stephen Schnetzer: LOL! Thank God for the Nasanex ads -- with the money drying up for the soap, it's still coming in in dribs and drabs from those ads! And may you hear me in a number or other voiceovers :) . I just came from an audition where I had to pretend to be the voice of George Washington -- and last week I had one where I had to be the voice of a fish! I swam fifty laps that morning :)

vickycass asks: I just got here! Stephen--my claim to fame is that I was the one who asked Shaun to dress you in jeans!! Do you remember wearing them on AW last June??
Stephen Schnetzer: Of course I do! I didn't know that anybody cared about seeing me in jeans anymore! It made me laugh -- it made my day! I hope you weren't disappointed. I still work out like crazy but it has a definitely diminishing return. :)

harleydreams1999 asks: what happened to your onscreen wife....lyla?
Stephen Schnetzer: She's enjoying her time off, as I must say I am too. Lisa Peluso, as have I, has worked since she was a kid. And I've been in the business for pushing 3 decades now. Aside from our bank accounts hemmoraging, it's really nice -- I'm not bored or hard-pressed to find things to do. She's got a nice house out by the lake and a jewelry business that's taking off and she might go on QVC, so I think she's just a real positive person. She's enjoying whatever she's doing. She does a lot of missionary work, she's made a couple of major trips to Africa and I think Peru to help out third world people and bring medicine and food to them -- she's a very courageous lady and I have a lot of admiration for her.

rogerspencer1 asks: Tell TPTB that this viewer would certainly watch ATWT everyday if you and a couple more AW characters were there along with Jake...
Stephen Schnetzer: Many thanks. :)

cw5445 asks: what is your b.d
Stephen Schnetzer: June 11

canne21122 asks: How did you celebrate your last birthday?
Stephen Schnetzer: Let's see... my last birthday.. at this stage I play down my birthdays -- I probably went to the gym! Which I often make a point of doing on New Years Day :)

ozfan1 asks: what are your plans for new years eve?
Stephen Schnetzer: To lay as low as possible -- I'll actually be at my in-laws' house in Southeast Illinois until January 2 and then we'll drive back to NYC. I haven't gone out for New Years since my early 20s -- that's a good time for me to stay home.:) "God, isn't Cass boring?"

sdiane34 asks: When In April I am one of those non considered Canadians that live in Nova Scotia and would be there in a heart beat
Stephen Schnetzer: It's early April and I'm not sure where or the exact date, but I think it's the first or second Monday, so keep your eyes peeled and definitely come say hello -- and remind me that we were in this chat room together!

salt-salt-salt asks: What is your favorite food?
Stephen Schnetzer: Food. Any food. :) Except anything with brussel sprouts. Whatever I'm having for dinner tonight is my favorite food -- unfortunately! I saw Cass in his gray suit yesterday and the day before, and it looks to me like he needs to lose 10 pounds! He was looking very boxy in his gray suit. Today my performance was much better -- he had a brown suit on!

cinluc33 asks: what was your favorie case you worked on
Stephen Schnetzer: The Case of the Stolen Heart -- those special episodes were a lot of fun and it was a great honor that many of them revolved around Cass. It was amazing what we accomplished with those. In terms of in court, when Morgan was charged with the rape of Lorna, that was a great case. Everyone had very strong points of view, the performances were wonderful, with Grayson McCouch and Linda Dano and Alicia Coppolla and on and on... the case where Jason Frame was murdered and Felicia was charged and convicted and then I come to find out that my fiancee Nicole was the culprit... so I came to jail and told Felicia that she was free, which was the good news, but the bad news was -- the marriage was off!

girlgeek_99 asks: Where is Greyson McCouch noW (Morgan)?
Stephen Schnetzer: He was in a UPN movie called Airtight last week -- that was the last I heard of him after Legacy was cancelled. He's out in Los Angeles -- and if he's listening, Grayson, get in touch with me because I'd love to catch up but I don't know how to reach you!

lankiedankie asks: Do you believe the truth will come out and jessica and margo will get their friendship back on track?
Stephen Schnetzer: the truth always comes out and friendship is stronger than conflict

salt-salt-salt asks: Can I cook for you?
vickycass asks: CASS looks wonderful--no need to lose any weight!!
Stephen Schnetzer: That is dangerous advice for me -- I can't listen to that! and for salt-salt-salt: what do you want to cook for me?

rogerspencer1 asks: Silly question; but have you grown the curl back yet???
Stephen Schnetzer: Yes, it's back! It was evident on the air today. The curl is back. The hairstylist at ATWT who did my first few episodes, she thought it was a mistake and she cleaned up my neck and snipped it -- and I didn't even know it! But it's back with a vengeance. I heard there was quite a brouhaha online about it!

Gemgirl06 asks: what does the curl mean? i wondered about that for months
Stephen Schnetzer: Here goes, gemgirl: many years ago when I got a shorter hairstyle, the hairstylist at AW who was named Angel D'Angelis, she said you have a natural cowlick across the back of your head and if I cut it straight across, it'll grow a shadow. So why don't we feature it? So I said, why not? And I had no idea it would get as much attention as it would. But it's become a trademark -- a chance for all of us to get silly. :)

vickycass asks: DON'T let anyone mess with the curl!
Stephen Schnetzer: No way. No way. The hairstylist that cut it has apologized abjectly. It was an innocent mistake and she will never to do it again. I think she was scarred for life!

salt-salt-salt asks: Margarita Chicken
Stephen Schnetzer: I'm there! I'm there -- with margaritas -- on the rocks, no salt, saltsaltsalt!

CTCH3_99 asks: Stephen, any chance of an off-screen AW reunion, like the fan club luncheons?
Stephen Schnetzer: Wouldn't that be great? Gee, I hadn't heard any buzz about that, but Mindi Schulman and her partner, they ran the fan club and are now running the ATWT fan club, and I will mention that to them. I think it's a good idea, to do it maybe around the same time next year. It's been a response that hasn't died, the upset of the fans of Another World. And it's completely overwhelmed all of us that are involved in the show. Their loyalty, seemingly, will never die. And we love them for it.

kelli_kay asks: OK...the truth...who was your favorite wife on AW? Kathleen, Lila or Frankie?
Stephen Schnetzer: Kathleen Lila or Frankie... that's a tough one, it's tough to pick a wife. The other wives' feelings would get hurt. And your favorite wife is the one you're working with at the time.

otsn99_2000 asks: Steven- so glad to see you on ATWT - will Crystal Lake come to Oakdale?
Stephen Schnetzer: Chris Goutman, I gave him every opportunity to employ Crystal's talents on AW, and he kind of shied away from it, but I've kept Crystal's dress, and if there's an opoprtunity before next April at the Children's Cancer Foundation when I auction Crystal's dress off, perhaps I will put on Crystal's purple shmatte and she will ride again! Nobody had more fun with Crystal than me. One time when I did Crystal, I did Mike Myers doiing "Coffee Talk" -- and I got vahrklempt

sdiane34 asks: Stephen... don't you find it strange that Cass and Jake haven't hooked up in Oakdale on screen concidering the fact that Cass was Vicky's Attorney?
Stephen Schnetzer: Yes and no... We've had two brief encounters, we met Jake and Vicky in the hotel lobby, Lila and Cass did, and in yesterday's episode, we met briefly and had a little set-to that showed that they've known each other for years. It would be fun to work with Tom again in this new context, and maybe that lies ahead.

rogerspencer1 asks: I still think Frankie was Cass's one true passionate love with Kathleen a close second, don't you think, Stephen?
Stephen Schnetzer: Well, yes. In a word, yes.

Gemgirl06 asks: Fear of pantyhose is a powerful thing LOL!
Stephen Schnetzer: What about a long line bra -- the stays go right down the rib cage. I had to wear one of those to slenderize, you know? To try to go for that hourglass figure that's so critical for a girl? LOL!

awvet3 asks: Hi Steven, I want you to know I named my son Brian after another famous AW lawyer Brian Bancroft. Brian grew up watching you on AW and is now a first year law student. He can't wait to see tapes of you at Margo's trial when he is home at Christmas. Any advice for him?
Stephen Schnetzer: Actually, if he has any pointers for me, please have him send them in! Yeah: just remember, real law is not a soap opera. :)

jdfanpoet asks: Cecile and Cass were THE romantic partners, imho!! You were my favorite ever couple on AW, next to Mac and Rachel! You two were dynamite! Elaine
Stephen Schnetzer: That's high praise indeed. Mac and Rachel are one of the legendary couples of daytime; Vicky Wyndham is a good friend and I always enjoyed working with her, and Doug Watson was more of a mentor and an idol that I looked up to than I realized when he was alive, and he stayed with me through the years I think of him constantly. Cass and Cecile were great. It was roguish and that's what was so fun about it: it was illicit and it never led to marriage or children, it was very pelvic and filled with larceny and it was a matter of, you know, two people with larceny in their hearts knowing each other and loving each other for it.

AWgrrl4ever asks: Kind of a weird question and I could just be crazy, BUT were you interviewed on the NBC4 news in NY last X-mas about the rockefeller tree decoration controversy? I thought i saw you...
Stephen Schnetzer: My God yes -- that was me! And the controversy was that someone was putting on condoms to decorate a Xmas tree, and I thought that was a joke, and when they started to interview me I said, "I'm on a soap and I don't know if you really want to interview me, you might want just a man on the street," and they said, "no, no" and I said, "What are we talking about -- is it really controversial?" And they asked me about it and I started to laugh -- I thought he was kidding! And then I went into a very serious opinion about safe sex, and about how I wouldn't have come up with that idea but if someone wanted to get a message across using shock value, I said that was great!

awvet3 asks: To follow up my last question. I know Law is not a soap opera being a big fan of Court TV and that makes me wonder why on today's show the Prosecution did not objedt to some of what you said.
Stephen Schnetzer: There were a number of objections, a lot of innuendo, so a lot of license is taken with law in soap opera court cases, to stir things up. Yeah, there should have been more objections to Cass' cross-examinations, and there were a few cases where Cass could have objected more, realistically.

Dileo33 asks: I'm a third year law student. Here's a tip - motion for Jessica to disqualify herself - way too much conflict of interest. And witnesses shouldn't be in the courtroom before they testify.
Stephen Schnetzer: Thank you! And good luck!

reallyrosie13 asks: Stephen, I have loved you as Cass, and just about all your other incarnations...any plans to appear on the NY stage again? (I missed your Mercutio!)
Stephen Schnetzer: Well, thank you, that was great fun to work with Charles Keating as the director, who played Carl, he was a wonderful director, and to work with Robert Sean Leonard, who is one of our fine young actors. We had a great time. No plans right now but I've auditioned for a few plays and come close, and I'll keep trying. :)

greenhornet77_99 asks: How did Cass first hookup with Felicia on AW?
Stephen Schnetzer: The backstory is that they had a tempestuous, torrid affair on the Continent, in Europe, before either of them came into Bay City, and that was Felicia's connection when Cass first arrived, he was recalled from the London office of Cory Publishing to do some work in Bay City, and then Felicia came into town, spectacularly, with a white limousine, and I tried to get Mac to represent her with his publishing company, and he dragged his feet a bit, so we started our own publishing company. Then Felicia found out that Cass was having an affair with Cecile behind his back, and she crammed a grapefruit in his face, and pulled out of the company, and then the company folded without the novels of Felicia Gallant. And that was the first of Cass' many financial ruins! :)

Serena0278 asks: Was that your old Cass suit you wore yesterday in court.
Stephen Schnetzer: Those were Cass clothes, yes.

lrollins_1999 asks: Cass and Frankie were a classic couple! Do you keep in touch with Alice?
Stephen Schnetzer: Yes, Alice and I have the same agent in Los Angeles, and of course I haven't seen her since the show was cancelled because she's in L.A. and I'm in New York.

Gemgirl06 asks: I miss the wonderful friendship between Cass and Felicia so much....truly my favoritie couple on funny and so much love and history there.
Stephen Schnetzer: Thank you. :)

canne21122 asks: Will you ever grow your beard back?
Stephen Schnetzer: LOL. Um, if the part called for it, absolutely! When it grew in people went, "Oh god, how sexy." And then when I shaved it off, people said, "Wow, you look young again!" And the moral is, people are supportive no matter what you do. My agent at the time had been after me to change my name -- nobody could spell Schnetzer or pronounce it or spell it, and I changed it and was working in San Francisco at the time, and everybody said, cool name, good idea, and then after a nine month theater season I just couldn't relate to it and I changed it back. And in the union, you're only allowed to get one free name change, so I had to pay to get my own name back! And when I did that, the people I was working with said, "Thank God -- we thought Stephen St. Paul was such a pretentious name, we hated it..." So I guess if people are supportive of you, you should be suspicious!

canne21122 asks: were you really sunburned badly during the beach scenes with cecile?
Stephen Schnetzer: I was sunburned SO badly, you couldn't believe it. Second worst I've ever had. And to be rolling on the sand doing a derivative of the Here with Eternity scene, with Cecile trying to seduce Cass, it hurt. It was like rubbing sandpaper into my stinging red flesh. But I was buff back then -- I was working out, doing double sessions before that location shoot in St. Thomas.

kelli_kay asks: lol i used to work with a Steven St. Paul.
Stephen Schnetzer: Oh yeah??? LOL!

jsky_2000 asks: honest...what about those steamy sex embarassing? hot? ridiculous?
Stephen Schnetzer: All of the above! Especially ridiculous.

Tanya_xf2522x asks: Hello Stephen, i have been a fan since Another World you were soo funny as "Cass" so great to see you back on tv.IS there a big difference Between Another World and As the World Turns? in terms of working and stuff.??? Tanya from St Louis,MO
Stephen Schnetzer: There really isn't. The shows are very similar, strong acting companies, a show steeped in history, ATWT is 8 years older than AW, so a long-running show, and they are both owned by Procter & Gamble, so they are steeped in traditional values.

Question asks:
Stephen Schnetzer: Yes and no.

lrollins_1999 asks: Did you live in L.A. when you worked on Days? Which do you prefer: L.A. or New York?
Stephen Schnetzer: I did live in L.A. when I worked on Days and I lived in California for 6 years all told, 4 of those in San Francisco, but I'm a Northeasterner, and that's where my connection is, my roots are. So I prefer NYC.

vickycass asks: Stephen, I loved you with LILA--I loved when you would mock her!
Stephen Schnetzer: LOL -- Lila is highly mockable.

Dileo33 asks: Were you pleased with AW's final episode - the gorilla,
Stephen Schnetzer: I was pleased with the last month, including the last episode. It's hard to do a last episode after 35 years and some people thought the gorilla was silly but I thought it really addressed one of my favorite features of the show, which was the comedy and the hijnks, and that was a real tip of the cap to that part of the show's history. And I had great fun. Under sad circumstances.

canne21122 asks: i loved the scenes with frankie in the town where you were looking for lorna's adoption papers. you guys were awesome.
Stephen Schnetzer: Thank you! :)

kelli_kay asks: Will we know who killed Alec by the end of the trial...or is it going to linger until February sweeps?
Stephen Schnetzer: It's going to linger. :)

vickycass asks: How long can we expect you to grace ATWT? We are hoping it is a very long time!
Stephen Schnetzer: Well I'm with you. All we can do is hope right now -- I really have no idea. If you hear any rumors, let me know!

awvet3 asks: I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing the actors from AW crossover to ATWT. It has really been a way of easing the pain of losing AW. Please thank all of them for us fans. Will you?
Stephen Schnetzer: I sure will. :)

littlemissthing2u_99 asks: How do you feel about the holidays and do you go home with your family to enjoy them?
Stephen Schnetzer: We had a great Thanksgiving with family and I'm looking forward to a great Xmas with family. I'll be in the Boston area with my mother and kids and wife and my sister up until Christmas, and then I'll be with my wife's family on their farm in Illinois for the second week. ANd I wish everybody out there a happy holiday and a brilliant New Year -- a brilliant millennium.
SODhost: Thank you Stephen for joining us today! We hope you had a great time and hope you come back again soon!
Stephen Schnetzer: I had a great time, you were a great group of chatters, and I am just grateful for your interest and your support.
SODhost: Thank you all for joining us today!

tdauble asks: Thank You, it was great having you!
Gemgirl06 asks: we miss AW!!!
greenhornet77_99 asks: I would like to thank u again...u r so cool
sdiane34 asks: Your welcome WE all miss you and AW.
lrollins_1999 asks: Thanks, Stephen! I hope Cass lives on in Oakdale!
otsn99_2000 asks: I miss AW - glad to see you on ATWT - I hope they are smart enough to keep you!