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OnlineHost: Your emcee for tonight is LindaSG.

OnlineHost: NBC Online welcomes Diego Serrano, the actor behind Tomas Rivera on "Another World". Serrano joined the "Another World" cast in January 1994. After appearing in Gloria Estefan's music video "Seal Our Fate," he went on to host "Telemusica" -- a Latin program similar to MTV (it is broadcast on Univision in the United States) -- for two years.

OnlineHost: He appeared on the Spanish-language serial drama "Los Tres Destinos," and his other television credits include "America's Most Wanted," "The New Lassie" and "This Just In." In addition, he was in the films "The Tender," with John Travolta, and "The Class of 1999 Part II."

OnlineHost: A competitive soccer and basketball player, the bilingual (English/Spanish) actor also enjoys swimming, volleyball, weight-lifting and golf.

CSEMCEE9: Welcome Mr. Serrano!

DiegoLive: Welcome! Any questions, suggestions, donations?

CSEMCEE9: Let's get to the first question:

Question: How many years you've been acting?

DiegoLive: Four now.

Question: Hi Diego! Welcome to AOL! What do you think of your new Maggie? Do you think she'll last? I think she's a little to young and not mature enough for you. What do you think?

DiegoLive: She is very young. I think she's very talented. And I think that with a little more time she'll get more of an edge.

Question: Diego! Do you think Robin Griggs got a raw deal being fired the way she was and all the hype that went into it ??

DiegoLive: I don't really know what happened to tell you the truth. What did you hear?

Question: Do you ever socialize with any of the other actors on the show and, if so, what do you do?

DiegoLive: I pretty much socialize with everybody. You know, sometimes we go out, sometimes there's gatherings and sometimes I just see them at work. It's a tight crowd.

Question: Many fans are really sad to see Christine Tucci (Amanda) go. Please tell us why this happened and whether you know if the role is coming back?

DiegoLive: Basically, we got a new executive producer, the fourth one in the year that I've been here, and to tell you the truth I have no idea why she got fired. I was pretty shocked myself.

Question: Are you planning any projects other than your role on Another World soon?

DiegoLive: Yea, there are a couple of things in the works now. I don't want to jinx myself.

Question: Are there similarities between you and Tomas?

DiegoLive: We look alike!

Question: What would you like to see happen to your character if you could influence to writers ??

DiegoLive: Maybe have his parents or family come to town. Maybe get Maggie pregnant. Something a little more controversial.

Question: Diego, are you going to leave AW? Can you give me any hints on getting my daughter an audition?

DiegoLive: Not sometime soon. My best suggestion is to send a head shot to Johnson-Liff Casting. They're on 40 Madison, NYC.

Question: Hi Diego. I was just wondering, how old are you?

DiegoLive: I am 22 years old. Just turned 22 in February. Why? How old are you?

Question: How do you like playing a young single father?

DiegoLive: I think its important cause I want to have kids someday. And I'll know how to handle them. I enjoy playing a positive role on a soap.

Question: Diego would you like to do Broadway or movies after Another World?

DiegoLive: Yes. As a matter of fact, I'd love to do both of them.

Question: How did you get into acting?

DiegoLive: It was kind of a fluke actually. I was going to go play soccer professionally and I sent my picture to a manager, and he started submitting my picture and then hasta la vista baby!

Question: Will your love interest change to Josie? I like you with her.

DiegoLive: I've heard that from a couple people. As a matter of fact, the executive producer mentioned something about that herself. But for now they're going to keep us foster brother and sister. But who knows? Keep on watching!

Question: Diego, what is being on a TV show like?

DiegoLive: Lot of stress. Lot of studying. Lot of dedication. Overall it's a great job. I love it!

Question: Do you think the situation with Rachel on Another World is kind of weird?

DiegoLive: Oh mama mia! No comment.

Question: You are now partnered with a different actress in the role of Maggie. How difficult is it to adjust in that situation, particularly since the role is a romantic duo?

DiegoLive: Especially because she's so young. It's like kissing my little brother! Don't get the wrong idea. My brother's that age.

Question: How often do you film and what is the filming schedule like?

DiegoLive: It depends on your story line. Some days you can film one day, some five days. I personally like three days.

Question: Do you have a girlfriend?

DiegoLive: I did. We just broke up.

Question: How does being on a TV show interfere with your social life?

DiegoLive: Well, it doesn't really interfere. Sometimes it just takes up a lot of my time which means no social life.

Question: Where do you live?

DiegoLive: Manhattan. Where do you live?

Question: Hello Deigo! Welcome online. Is this your first time online?

DiegoLive: No. It's my second time. It's Diego; like San Diego. The first time was the night of the Emmys.

Question: I've watched Another World for over 10 years now. Is it taped on a closed set because I would really love to see a taping?

DiegoLive: Have you ever called the studio? If you haven't, you can call there and ask for me and I'll be your tour guide for the day.

Question: Diego, how much longer do you see yourself portraying Tomas?

DiegoLive: That's a hard question to answer. I have another year and a half left on my contract. Who knows? Hopefully something will come up.

Question: What happened to the original actor who played Nick?

DiegoLive: The new executive producer came in and unfortunately got rid of him. He was a really cool guy.

Question: Who are your favorite people in the cast?

DiegoLive: I really don't have a favorite. We all just get along. Everyone's really friendly.

Question: Any update on how long AW has been renewed for under Jill Farren Phelps?

DiegoLive: I have no idea. Good question.

Question: Are there any still photos or gifs of you available for download?

DiegoLive: Yea, there are. Go to the NBC AW folder.

Question: Diego, my brother really likes soccer. Have you ever played on any college or high school teams?

DiegoLive: Yea, I was going to go play for the semi- professional team in Europe when I was 17. But instead, I went into acting. But I still play in Central Park every weekend.

Question: Diego, who is going to be the new head writer?

DiegoLive: There's been so many changes lately, I really don't know.

Question: Diego, do you watch much television? If so, what are your favorite shows?

DiegoLive: I don't really watch so much television. I like listening to music better. I like everything depending on my mood.

Question: What do you think about Bill Bell's soap empire?

DiegoLive: Who's Bill Bell and what's a soap empire?

Question: Diego, where do you see yourself in ten years' time?

DiegoLive: In the big screen. Right now, I'm working on an album in Spanish. So maybe the big screen with a CD!

Question: Hiya Diego! Do you answer fan mail? And if so, personally?

DiegoLive: Yes I do answer my fan mail. Have you ever written me? If not, you better!

Question: Where did you grow up? (In what town, state, etc.)

DiegoLive: I was born in Quito, Ecuador. And I came to the states 11 years ago. Then I grew up in San Diego for about two years, then moved up to Orange County and then to Los Angeles. Then to the Big Apple.

Question: What do you like best about being and actor and what do you like least? My boyfriend just joined a casting agency and I don't know what to expect.

DiegoLive: I just got out of a relationship with an actress and it was the most painful thing but if you can avoid going out with an actor, please do! It's like Clash of the Titans!

Question: Would you ever do another Spanish novella?

DiegoLive: That's not really my goal right now. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it but I'm looking more towards the films.

Question: What do you think about going on-line instead of speaking directly to your fans?

DiegoLive: I am speaking directly to my fans in a different form! Why? You want to meet me in a bar later?

Question: What's your favorite food?

DiegoLive: I like everything. I love sushi. I like Spanish food, cocktail shrimp. You name it, I eat it.

Question: Hi Diego! Did you enjoy your trip to Miami last week?

DiegoLive: I didn't go to Miami. There was a big misunderstanding with my car pick-up and by the time I got to JFK, my plane had taken off ten minutes ago. Oh well.

Question: Diego, I have to ask, how do you keep that great body in shape?

DiegoLive: Pump it up baby!

Question: Are you dating anyone at the moment???

DiegoLive: No. I was dating somebody for a year. But, we're probably going to get back together.

Question: Since you're 22, did you go to college or are you thinking about it? I'm a fifth year senior at Purdue University in Indiana.

DiegoLive: I tried going to college while I was doing the MTV show but, unfortunately, I only got to go half a semester at University of Santa Monica California.

Question: When you're not working, Diego, what else do you enjoy doing?

DiegoLive: I like rollerbladding in Central Park, playing with my Dalmatian, laying out in the sun, working out. And waiting for you.

Question: You are great with Luisa! How old is she?

DiegoLive: Luisa, she just turned 4. Thank you for that comment.

Question: Do you have any siblings?

DiegoLive: Yea, there's five of us all together. My older sister is 31. My brother is 30. My other sister is 24. I'm 22. My little brother is sixteen.

Question: Do you ever talk on the Internet? Have you ever? Not in a forum, just under a name.

DiegoLive: No. The only times I've been is for these online chats.

Question: Hi Diego! How can I write to you at the studio?

DiegoLive: Send it care of NBC Another World, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, NY 10112. You can send me e-mail right now!

Question: You speak English so well. Was it hard to learn?

DiegoLive: Being 11 years old, it wasn't that hard. When you're young you seem to pick up the languages faster. I learned pretty fast through school and friends.

Question: If they put you with Josie, who would be there to love Gary?

DiegoLive: Only if you're single. I could suggest a little hook up maybe. If it doesn't work out with Gary, you could always steal me from Josie!

OnlineHost: All good things must come to an end. Time is up for this event.

DiegoLive: Thanks everybody for tuning in. I wish I had more time. Unfortunately I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning and study my lines!

CSEMCEE9: Thank you so much for joining us Mr. Serrano! It has been a great pleasure to have you here in Center Stage.

DiegoLive: Goodnight everybody. Keep watching and don't forget to write to me, cause I will answer you back. God Bless.

CSEMCEE9: Thanks for being here audience! See you soon.

OnlineHost: Our thanks to Diego Serrano for appearing online tonight and to NBC Online for making this event possible. Thank you and good night.

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