AW 35 Chat Transcript

SoapCity_Guest1: Send your questions for Paulina!! She will be joining us shortly to begin the chat..
SoapCity_Guest1: Kim R. is standing right here doing a photo shoot. She looks great!!
SoapCity_Michael: Jensen Buchanan is here, Ellen Wheeler is here,
SoapCity_Michael: The chat will be starting in just a few moments, Linda Dano is here, Anna Stuart is here
SoapCity_Michael: Stephen Schnetzer is here
SoapCity_Michael: Stick with us , we will bring you all the action there is lots of food
SoapCity_Rose: Food? darn, I wish I were there! I guess that's what happens when you webcast from the Tribeca Grill!
SoapCity_Guest1: Sorry for the delay, but we have been taking picvtures of all the big AW stars.
SoapCity_Guest1: We will be starting any minute now. Judy is walking over to the computers right now!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Lisa P. is also headed into the room!
SoapCity_Guest1: Things are a bit chaotic here. Sorry for the delay, but we need to get all of the photographers and press out of here!
SoapCity_Rose: Then the real party can begin...
SoapCity_Guest1: Linda Dano is saying hello to everybody and trying to hold back her tears...
SoapCity_Guest1: But everybody is happy to be here together.
SoapCity_Guest1: Judi Evans is sitting down right now!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Welcome Judi!!

Bernard_Michael asks: Hey Judi, what's Paulina thinking? We all know Paulina didn't kill Grant! Great work the past few days!!!
SoapCity_Guest2: Jensen Buchanan is about to enter the room!
Judi: First of all thank you ... Maybe I did and maybe I didn;t... sty tuned

callalily_22 asks: Judy - I'm so sorry to hear about the cancellation! I believe that it's the best and the soap with the most integrity on the air! NBC is crazy - instead of putting new show on air - they should have just changed AW around and kept your wonderful actors with their characters!!!!
Judi: Awwww... thanky you very much. I am so grateful to have fans like you.

Denmothers asks: Do you enjoy working with Joe Carlino
Judi: Joe is the best. Joe, Austin, Taylor Troy.. you couldn;t ask for better

pams4u2see asks: Judy, will they bring back any old characters

cbean_est asks: Judi, you are not going to cry again are you? You are great
Judi: You have to ask our producer. I don't know
Judi: ( who is choking up) I'm going to try not to..
Judi: My favorite storyline was the weight was told really well by the writeres.
Judi: Plus everyone has dealth with weight issues
Judi: It was really nice to see the show take that on with such bravado

AWSleepy asks: Judi, do you think you could go back to DOOL?
Judi: I certainly would not say no.
Judi: I loved that character and palm trees and sunshine are always nice

callalily_22 asks: How did the cast take the news!!!!! It must have been really sad!
Judi: Both the cast and crew were really sad.
Judi: There was shock, tears, anger. Kind of like a death...
Judi: I just want to thank the fans for their years and years of support.
Judi: Thanks for watching for years and years.

Rhkspk asks: It seems like they are speeding up the pace of AW is that because they will try to rap up a lot of lose ends ?
Judi: Actually from what Chris Goutman told me...
Judi: The stories are pretty much the same

davidinla asks: compare working with joe and with tom eplin, please
Judi: Tom is wild and fun and Joe is fun and steady. They are like night and day.

malestud4u asks: what is the hardest part of your job?
Judi: Gosh.. It is hard to say because the parts that are hard are the parts that are the most fun
Judi: Having no rehearsal and going straight for tape is hard.
Judi: But the hardest part is the most fun.
SoapCity_Guest1: Judi has left the chat room. Thanks so much for joining us Judi!!
SoapCity_Rose: So who do we have next in NYC?
SoapCity_Guest1: More of your favorite AW stars are coming right up!! Stay tuned
SoapCity_Guest1: Taylor Stanley (Remy) and Alicia Willis (Alli) will be joining us to chat in just a few minutes!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Start sending us your questions for Remy and Alli
SoapCity_Guest1: Whoah!! Sudden change of plans!! Ellen Wheeler will be joining us before Taylor and Alicia...
SoapCity_Guest1: Submit your questions for Ellen!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Ellen is sitting here with us now....What do you want to ask her??
SoapCity_Guest1: Welcome Ellen!! Thanks so much for joining us...

MSandner asks: Ellen, will be see some action for Marley and Tyrone soon?
Ellen: I am loving this party. It is great to celebrate our 35th anniversay..
Ellen: It is really something to celebrate

Zacksmaster asks: Ellen, I started watching AW back when you played Vicky/Marley in the late 80's...are you looking around for any other roles when AW goes off the air?
Ellen: I know that Marley and Tyrone wwill end up together somehow. That is all I know.
Ellen: Well... we are ALL looking for other roles for when AW goes off the air!

jenn328 asks: Ellen - I still have the most lovely letter you sent me back in 1984 or 1985. I treasure it - any chance of you coming to SC ever? I'd love to meet you & show it to you. Best of luck to you in the future (you were the best Vicky & Marley ever!)
Ellen: I love the Carolinas..
Ellen: I would love to go there..

CoolMom_19149 asks: Ellen: I loved the storyline when you kidnapped Vicki, was that hard for you to do?
Ellen: Nothing is ever hard if the writers write it well enough...

Annabanana36 asks: Do you feel more of a connection to the show since you've been a part of it twice?
Ellen: In some ways I feel more connected, but in some ways I feel more distant.
Ellen: People expect me to knwo everything that happened while I was gone.
Ellen: But I don't know what went on...

Looney_112 asks: Ellen, I am so glad to see you back on AW, are you sad you didn't get to work with Kale Browne again before they killed Michael
Ellen: Of course, because he was my Daddy..

tvordlj asks: Ellen was that mask you wore after the fire uncomfortable?
Ellen: It wasn't a mask it was actually made out of jello.
Ellen: But if you would sweat they would start to dissolve.
Ellen: I just couldn;t sweat.

phdgirl01 asks: Hi Ellen, what was your first thought when you found out AW was cancelled?
Ellen: Just that it was sad for that historical view of America to be over.

Looney_112 asks: Did you like the way Marley did a complete 180 when you returned?
Ellen: I liked it after I got to play her for awhile.
Ellen: I felt a big sense of loss for the old Marley.
Ellen: It was fun to be evil.

JONNY54698 asks: Ellen did you watch when Anne Heche was Marley and Vicki? What did you think?
Ellen: Oh! She was wonderful.. Of course I watched.
Ellen: Those were my girls I had to make sure they were being taken care of.
Ellen: She was wonderful
Ellen: Just very talented

rt2235 asks: What was your most difficult scene to do?
Ellen: The hardest scenes to do are the ones that are NOT dramatic.
Ellen: Today I was making cole slaw.. That just isn't dramatic.

littlebit_in_va asks: ellen, how where you found? i have always wanted to act but i don't know how to go about it
Ellen: Most people don't get discovered.
Ellen: Most actors work very hard to get "found"

schenk912 asks: Is Vicky going to help Marley get relaesed?
Ellen: Well... she is her sister..

Bernard_Michael asks: Since you have a love for olives: which ones are your favorites?
Ellen: Yes... LOL I do like olives. I like green olives with pimentoes in them
Ellen: I love exotic olives that you can get in gourmet stores.. but they are totally fattening.
Ellen: Last night I had chicken and olives and there was more olives than chicken!!

Looney_112 asks: Is it easier this time, because you only have to play one twin?
Ellen: Of course.. there is much less dialogue.
Ellen: And I only have to worry about one person's dialogue...
SoapCity_Guest1: Ellen has just left the chat room...
SoapCity_Guest1: Thanks so much for joining us Ellen!! :-)
SoapCity_Guest1: Taylor Stanley who plays Remy is here!
SoapCity_Guest1: Please submit all of your questions for Taylor!!
SoapCity_Guest2: Alexandra "Ali" Fowler is here in the room!
Taylor: We are bummed.. we are upset..
Alicia: We're bummed. It's part of the business.
Alicia: David McDonald is my favorite person in the entire world.

pams4u2see asks: Taylor will Paulina find out about Remy?
Taylor: Yes.. Paulina will find out eventually...

callalily_22 asks: Alli please tell me you will see right through DAVID!!!!!!
Alicia: I'm sure Alli will wise up!
Alicia: She spent all that time in boarding school, she might as well learn something, right?

GDSLuvsAW asks: Hi Taylor, Gail from Seattle! I love your character, and wonder if you can give us a hint of how things will play out for her at the end? Take care and thanks for joining us today!
Taylor: I think in the end you will see Remy begin to get to the life that she fought to have over the past year...

rt2235 asks: Hi Taylor and Alli, what do you liked best working with on the show?
Taylor: That we met each other!!
Taylor: And that we worked with Jim (Jim is standing behind them)
Alicia: Yes!
Alicia: We wait tables, work three jobs at a time and auditions our asses off!
Alicia: LA . . . scares me.
Taylor: We got into soaps by going to about 1 zillion auditions...

lanie_AWfan asks: Alicia, you play a great brat! Is it difficult to play a character who is so much younger than you are?
Alicia: Ha-ha!
Alicia: Oh, I think it's fun to make believe, it's my job!
Taylor: That is what acting is all about.. right??
Alicia: Is it fun? ha-ha, I was waiting for that.

jenn328 asks: Taylor - what happened to Tony Templeton? I really liked his Tito!
Taylor: I agree.. Tony was a phenomenal actor..
Alicia: Yeah, but look at me!
Alicia: I'm supposed to be 15!
Taylor: Unfortunately he was too old to play Paulina's son..

schenk912 asks: why doesn't Alli like Cameron?
Alicia: Because he's a moron! No, he just got some other woman pregnant! Hello?!
Alicia: He got some other woman pregnant, that's why I don't like him.

sexyredhead_1 asks: Taylor: I love you and your character. Who do you think is Pauline real child?
Taylor: Ha ha.. I know but I am not going to tell you!!
Taylor: But you gotta watch and see!!

AWSleepy asks: A, is there anything you would change about Alli if you could?
Taylor: She would probably change the amount of time she had to play her!!
Alicia: How long do you have? If I had had more time to play her, Alli would have grown out of her bitchiness . .
Alicia: ...eventually.

AWfan4 asks: Alicia and Taylor: I LOVE both your work! Are you guys going to be doing any appearances before you leave for LA? -Kristen
Alicia: Yeah, we're going to be making an appearance at the Emmy's, in full effect.
Taylor: We will be at the Emmys and thank you so very much for your nice words..

Looney_112 asks: Alicia, do wish Allie would have gotten a love interest of her own? (I would have volunteered)
Alicia: Thank you, I'm flattered.
Taylor: She came close..
Alicia: She would have gotten a love interest . . .you never know, the show's not over yet.

CoolMom_19149 asks: Taylor: Your hair is so pretty. Is is hard to take care of
Taylor: What funny is.. I don't do my own hair for the show.
Taylor: In real life it doesn't always look as great.
SoapCity_Guest2: Ok, the girls have gone to listen to Linda Dano !
SoapCity_Guest2: We are going to report everything to you right now!
SoapCity_Guest2: Linda is introducing the head of Proctor and Gamble.
SoapCity_Guest2: We are also going to tell some of the most memorable moments on AW!
SoapCity_Guest2: Here's a few we've been collecting tonight!
SoapCity_Guest2: "Lorna and Morgan grow close"...
SoapCity_Guest2: "Donna and Michael's Wedding"
SoapCity_Guest2: Sorry, that AW will not be picked up on ABC...
SoapCity_Guest2: More favorite moments: "Felicia and Cass' antics"
SoapCity_Guest2: "Grant's death"
SoapCity_Guest2: "Donna and Michael in the stables"
SoapCity_Guest2: Hey! I just saw Donna Love! She is beautiful in person too!
SoapCity_Guest2: Ok, I won't get side tracked...more favorite moments...
SoapCity_Guest2: "Alice Matthew and Steve Frame's wedding"
SoapCity_Guest2: "Cass proposes to Lila"
SoapCity_Guest2: Don't worry! You're favorite characters/actors are coming to SoapCity to chat !!
SoapCity_Guest2: Linda is talking about her grandmother who is 99 - still watching AW!
SoapCity_Guest2: We are now listening to them reflect about the highlights of the show
SoapCity_Guest2: Including the new AW book! Lots and lots of photos!
SoapCity_Guest2: Ok, top 5 memorable moments on AW as voted on by the fans!
SoapCity_Guest2: #5 Cass dressed up as Crystal
SoapCity_Guest2: #4 Lila gives birth in the elevator
SoapCity_Guest2: #3Vicky and Ryan's wedding
SoapCity_Guest2: Oh yeah - these photos were only taken moments ago!!!!
SoapCity_Guest2: Our photographer is going through the room taking candid photos for you!
SoapCity_Guest2: Ok, the #2 most memorable moment.....
SoapCity_Guest2: #2 Ryan's death
SoapCity_Guest2: The cast is coming in and looking at all your questions!
SoapCity_Guest2: They are so excited to be a part of the chat!
SoapCity_Guest2: But I believe (this is SoapCity Mary talkin' here)...
SoapCity_Guest2: They are sad but happy to be able to leave on a great note
SoapCity_Guest2: Yes, here we are at Robert Dinero's restaurant, Tribeca Grill in NYC!
SoapCity_Guest2: There are plenty of rumours going around about the final episode
SoapCity_Guest2: I've heard that it will be filming soon!
SoapCity_Guest2: I'm trying to get as much information as possible tonight to let you all know!
SoapCity_Guest2: Save your questions!!! Everyone is coming to chat in a minute!
SoapCity_Guest2: Big claps and yells coming from the cast as they introduce the director!
SoapCity_Guest2: SoapCity Michael will bring one of your favorite actors here in a moment...
SoapCity_Guest2: Victoria Wyndham just made a lovely speech... here years at AW have been great!
SoapCity_Guest2: Chris Goutman, exec. producer just got off the stage...
SoapCity_Guest2: Rachel got a standing ovation!
SoapCity_Guest2: I hope everyone is enjoying the photos LIVE from tonight!
SoapCity_Rose: We'll have more AW stars in just a minute.
SoapCity_Guest2: Stay tuned! Joe - Joseph Barbara is coming in to chat LIVE with you!!!!!
SoapCity_Guest2: So send in your questions for Joe!!!
SoapCity_Guest1: The cast is gathering around a great cake!
SoapCity_Guest1: We're getting a group picture together to send you all, in a moment . . .
SoapCity_Guest1: Oh boy, they're getting crazy with that frosting!
SoapCity_Guest2: All of the cast is gathered around the cake right now.. It is a great moment
SoapCity_Guest1: Eric Stuart is in the house!
SoapCity_Guest2: Send in your questions for Eric!
Eric: It's frustrating, but at the same time, it's a new beginning for everyone.
Eric: There are some new possiblilities.
Eric: I'm going back to LA

Mrs_Chasez asks: Eric, What was the first thing that went through your mind when you had to wear that dress?
Eric: Ha-ha!
Eric: Which one, the first one or the second one? ha-ha!

Caitlyn_U asks: Eric: What is Rhonda Ross Kendrick like?
Eric: She's nice. She's very sweet.
Eric: She's very hard-woriking, eager to learn.
Eric: I don't knwo what eveyone expects her to be like, but she is a strong woman.

ELLENWHEELERFAN_99 asks: Eric Do you answer your own fan mail?
Eric: Not all the time.
Eric: To be honest.

Templetown_99 asks: Eric, what's it like working with Tom?
Eric: First off, gotta send much love to the kiwis, as always.
Eric: Tom is the most abnormal, insane person I've ever worked with, but that's what makes him fun to work with.
Eric: But so am I!!

jo_78_1998 asks: elain will you work in daytime again?
Eric: And it pays money! ha-ha!
Elain: I hope to work in daytime again.. If it is a great role
Elain: And if it is good money
Elain: I do a good job for good pay

Bernard_Michael asks: Elain, how was it working with Justin Deas in Julius Caesar? I have a photo from one of the performances?
Elain: IT was wonderful!! He is absolutely fabulous..

ELLENWHEELERFAN_99 asks: Elain is it fun to run the Lucky Lady?
Eric: She's never there anymore!
Elain: When I am there it is fun.. yeah its fun

Mistyis1 asks: Eric, have you made post AW plans?
Eric: No, not really.
Eric: I'm going to go back to LA and hopefully start a family with my wife, and just keep at it.
Elain: Keep at making a family??
Eric: I'm going to keep trying to find the right part, and trying to find work, period!

jenn328 asks: Elain - will your daughter Judy be coming back to the show? Also, any chance of Etta Mae hooking up with anyone before the finale?
Elain: I really have no idea to both questions...
Eric: Although she has another daughter who willl be on the show . . .
Elain: But I DO have a new daughter who is coming on the show...
Eric: Yes, the show is going off the air, but we're not dying . . .
Eric: The only way to kill an actor is to stop enjoying their work.
Eric: If we were to leave the show and had no fans, everything would have been pointless.

jenn328 asks: Elain - do you sing?
Eric: She doesn't like to admit it!
Elain: Yes, I do... I have sung in shows.. yes
Eric: As far as the cable rumor is concerned, it is in the rumor phase right now.

jenn328 asks: Eric - are you and Tom as good friends off camera as you are on? it seems very natural between the 2 of you
Eric: Yes.
Elain: They are basically twins..
Eric: It seems like Chris and Jake became good friends.
Eric: We enjoy working with each other, we have a pretty decent friendship, Tom being a playboy and myself being a married man . .

jo_78_1998 asks: Eric do you sing?
Eric: Yes, I do sing.
Elain: LOL!!
Eric: Who knows, maybe we'll sing before the show goes off?

Elain: Fun and strange and alot of soft and confused feelings
Eric: Bittersweet.
Elain: It was definitely bittersweet..
Eric: It's kind of hard to feel good about a celebration when it's the end of the show. It's kind of hard to really enjoy it.
Elain: And Eric is crying... Don't cry Eric..

Mistyis1 asks: Eric, who killed Grant??
Elain: I did!!
Eric: Me, no it was me!
Elain: Etta Mae killed Grant!!
Eric: Alright, we both did it at the same time!
Eric: I personally believe that Grant killed Grant , but that is my own theory.
Elain: Etta Mae and Chirs killed Grant because of a lack of a black storyline..
Eric: I had no part of that part of the conversation!
Elain: Thanks! Thanks so much guys!!
SoapCity_Guest2: Eric and Elain have left the chat room....
SoapCity_Rose: They were fun.
SoapCity_Guest2: Joe Barbara and Sandra Ferguson are joining us now!! Please send in your questions!
SoapCity_Guest2: Victoria Windham will be joining us next!
Sandra: As actors we have to be able to move on...
Sandra: It difficult because there is such a history with the shows.
Sandra: But it is a reality that we as actors do have to see shows end often...
Joe: It's a llijttle bittersweet.
SoapCity_Guest2: S; We have to stay optimistic and know that it is part of the job
Joe: I've been on the show for 4 years, and I consider myself lucky.
Joe: It's a gift to do the show, but now there is a door opening for all of us.
Joe: It's sad to know that all that history is coming to an end.
Joe: It's sad that a lot of people are going to be out of work, but I'm looking to it as an opportunity to move on in my life.
Sandra: I think that fan following on this show is something that I have not experienced on any other show
Sandra: So many people have told me that they have watched the show with their grandmother or their mom or that they named their child after a character
Sandra: I feel VERY privledged to have been a part of this history..
Sandra: And that is the SADDEST thing about the show ending.
Sandra: Like people who say that their grandparents don't recognize a lot anymore, but they recognize the show..
Sandra: That has affected me most deeply about working on this show...

JIllFromColorado asks: Joe, will you do Grease again?! You were fantastic?
Sandra: Can I be Sandy in Grease with you???
Joe: Grease is no longer running on broadway. I wouldn't turn down another opportunity to do it, though.
Sandra: Just let someone else sing for me, please!!

jo_78_1998 asks: sandra how did you like the romance with cameron and amanda?
Sandra: (Laughing... ) Hmmmm....
Sandra: I enjoy working with all the cast of course...
Sandra: But Cameron and Amanda have a very interesting dynamic.. people relate to them really well..

Ceruh17 asks: JOE DID U KILL GRANT???
Joe: I don't know this point . . .
Joe: Oh yeah, I killed him.
Sandra: I definitely did not kill him..
Joe: I really killed him, in lukewarm blood.

Roberta627 asks: Sandra what was your favorite storyline?
Joe: There were a couple of days where she worked with me that I know she cherished!
Sandra: There were definitely some actors that I loved working with ..
Sandra: I loved working with Tom E., but I only got to do one major scene with him...
Sandra: I totally loved the dynamic between Cindy and Grant.. It was sick but it was great..
Amanda: As for my own storylines... I think that the writers did a really good job with the possession storyline..
Amanda: And it was really fun to do..

KJL832 asks: Joe, what's it like playing a dirty cop after being so "by the book" for so long?
Sandra: Thank god!! He was sooo boring before!!
Joe: I loved it, thank God! Thanks to all the writers!
Sandra: Of course I mean that in the most endearing way...
Joe: They had written me into a corner! It was ridiculous.
Joe: when this character was created, he was supposed to be a cop who was sick of playing by the rules.
Joe: That's why he became a private eye.
Joe: Having a rule book stuck up your butt doesn't feel good.
Sandra: That doesn't feel good!!
Joe: It feels like the character has come full circle.
SoapCity_Guest2: Sandy and Joe have left the chat room
SoapCity_Guest2: Thanks so much for joining us!!
SoapCity_Guest2: Victoria Wyndham will be joining us in just a minute
SoapCity_Guest2: Please send in questions for Victoria...
SoapCity_Guest1: Send in all of your juiciest questions for Victoria!! She will be here in just a minute!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Victoria is here with us now!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Please send in your qeustions for Vistoria

MkRossM asks: VICTORIA: You have done a tremendous job as Rachel. What would be your ideal ending for Rachel and the Corys?
Victoria: That Carl comes and takes them all to a mysertious island and they all live happily wever after..
Victoria: And we find the dog with the birdcage on his head...
Victoria: Just feeling a littel whimiscal

jo_78_1998 asks: victoria how did you like working with babies again?
Victoria: Rachel must clearly not like working with babies...
Victoria: But I personally LOVE working with babies... Becasue it is improvisational...

jenn328 asks: Victoria - thank you for being there every day for the past (for me) 17 years! I feel like I'm losing a member of my family. What will your next prject be, and might you ever show up in SC?
Victoria: Well I will show up if you ask me and Charles to do one of our stage shows!!
Victoria: I always have a number of things on my plate...

Shari_304 asks: will we get a "memories", i want to see, Ada and Mac one more time
Victoria: I have no idea what they are planning...
Victoria: I just have no idea..

AWSleepy asks: Victoria, what do you think of the way the writing has been for Rachel since Chris Goutman arrived?
Victoria: The writing has been much better...

SoapPrincess asks: Victoria, what hase been the best and worst part about taping at the brooklyn studios?
Victoria: They really seem to allow her to be a woman I recognize...
Victoria: The best part is not getting too much interference...
Victoria: The worse part is the commute..
Victoria: And there aren't enough great restaurants...

KaliGali asks: Vicky, what is the first thing you plan to do for yourself when you're not going into the studio any more??
Victoria: Hmmm...
Victoria: I guess I'll let you know when I get there..

debjhw asks: Ms Wyndham, will you have any input for the last episodes?
Victoria: Probably not..
Victoria: No I won't have input..

Looney_112 asks: Ms. Wyndham, thank you for never leaving. What has made you stay so long?
Victoria: Well, I had two children to raise.
Victoria: And they are 29 and 30 now..
Victoria: I have been on the show for 28..
Victoria: Then the show was struggling so I didn't want to leave when it was struggling

rorymarren asks: Rachael-are you going to be on another soap now?
Victoria: I would consider being on another show, but it would depend on the offer and the part...
Victoria: I would rather not go to another show, but you never say never in this business..

Looney_112 asks: What one thing do you want to take from the set when you leave?
Victoria: Probably the pictures..
Victoria: I'd like to have nice pictures of "my family" you know they were my TV family for so many years..
Victoria: And pictures of all of my friends who were on the show who passed away..
Victoria: Maybe the Georgia O'Keefe paintings that were on the wall
Victoria: The fans really are our world.
Victoria: And we love the fans for staying with us and supporting us.
Victoria: The thing I am the proudest about is how sophisticated, witty and intelligent all of our fans are.
Victoria: You are smarter than all the TV executives will ever be.. Thans so much for watching!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Victoria has left the chat room...
SoapCity_Guest1: Cass and Lila are joining us shortly....
SoapCity_Guest1: Submit your questions now for Cass and Lila!

rtadpole asks: Were you ever a model, Lisa? My mother constantly comments on how beautiful you are!
Lisa: When I was a kid I modeled, but not as an adult.
Lisa: I've been primarily an actress as an adult.

Morgan_66 asks: Lisa, how difficult for you was it to learn that Southern accent?
Lisa: Not too hard. I have two sisters that live in Louisiana.
Lisa: I've done a lot of southern plays and I have a lot of friends in the south, so it was fun for me.

CoolMom_19149 asks: Lila: Who is a better kisser, Cass or Matt
Lisa: That's so unfair!
Lisa: I'd have to say Steven is the better kisser.
Lisa: Since he just sat down next to me! ha-ha!

AWvet asks: Any chance Lila could shoot Anne so we can have one big happy family?
Lisa: Oh, goodness.
Lisa: Shooting is out of the question!
Lisa: But, there could still be a happy ending here. You just gotta tune in and watch!

ceilidh_ca asks: Stephen - I have watched you forever, I still have the autographed photo you signed for me - thanks first of all for 17 great years, do you think your best episodes are yet to come?
Stephen: You know I'm at the point, I think It's been my greatest stuff, but there's alot of great stuff left in me, it could go either way

Caitlyn_U asks: Cass, you truly are a cassanova in real life too. I know because I met you. How does it feel to have Alice back?
Stephen: Alice who? It feels great, I wish they, because of things, wrap up the Grant story line, Lisa she and I could have had some fun and interesting stuff to play

LOVESAW asks: Lisa, I loved it when you sang on the Soap Opera Christmas CD, you have great singing talent
Lisa: No. I really don't sing, as you can see, or hear! ha-ha.

bcb1939 asks: Stephen, I have read that your wife works on another soap. Any chance of you working on the same one?
Stephen: Nancy used to work on OLTL a long time ago...
Stephen: And she was on AW for awhile, but she isn't on now..
Stephen: Hopefully she will be... I think she is incredibly talented.. One of the best..

buffalobillgal12 asks: lisa: Hi, myra here from Buffalo - hope you enjoyed the tissue box I made you.. I had fun doing it - and enjoyed meeting you last year and this year at the luncheon.. You are one class act.. You will need the tissue box for the last day of taping... lol- I hope you enjoy it. and think of us fans when using it.
Lisa: Love the tissue box.
Lisa: Thanks for the tissues, I will be using them on the last day.

ELLENWHEELERFAN_99 asks: Steven is that your voice we hear on the Nasonex commercial?
Stephen: Yes, it actually is...
Stephen: The funny thing is that I get more recognition out of that then for Cass...

indyhondog asks: Lila have you ever been offered any parts in any movies or television shows? I think you are great!
Lisa: I'm like a bad penny, I'm sure I'll turn up somewhere!
SoapCity_Guest2: Linda Dano is on her way in here!

Mom2JJS asks: S: Your character has kept us in stiches for years.Your antics with Tony the Tuna were legendary!!! Any chance that Cass will caress the mischevious side again before the end???
Stephen: Cass is always looking to caress the mischevious side...
Stephen: I am trying to get them to get Crystal Lake to come back...

Roberta627 asks: Will Cass and Lila ride off into the sunset?
Stephen: They gotta have a shot of Crystal at the wedding..
Stephen: Cass and Lila will absolutely ride into the sunset..

Deejay435 asks: Steven, what storyline is closest to your heart?
Stephen: There is a few...
Stephen: Of course the Tony the Tuna stuff
Stephen: The Felicica/Cass shenanigans..
Stephen: The Frankie stuff was great!!
Stephen: In terms of drama the manic depression stroyline and the Felicia intervention were very complelling.
Stephen: I was especially proud of the manic depression storyline becasue it really did tackle a social issue..
Stephen: We even got recognition from the National Institute of Mental Health.
Stephen: And of course, Lisa and I have been having a great year!!
Lisa: He had to get that in there, because I 'm sitting right next to him!
Stephen: And Lisa is the best kisser ever!!

davidinla asks: Stephen, what was it like working with the late Brent Collins? The Christmas episode with Cass, Wally, and Felicia was an all-time classic
Stephen: Brent was an angel..
Stephen: He burned pretty bright so he was here for a shorter time then some.
Stephen: He really touched everyone that he met.

CoolMom_19149 asks: Lisa: What has been your favorite storyline so far since being on AW
Stephen: He was just the most phenomenal person her really embraced life. It was such a gift to work with him.
Lisa: It would have to be Cass and Lila falling in love, because it's the first little bit of happiness.
Stephen: She's smiling now...
Lisa: before that, I was Cryla, now I get to smile a little. I'm Smyla. Actually, I'm "KissLa"
Lisa: I just want to say thank you for all the support.
Lisa: the fans, you've made my time here special.
Lisa: I'll be mourning the loss with them.
Lisa: Thanks, and we love you.
Stephen: I'd like to offer my condolences to the fans..
Stephen: They have really lost a loved one..
Stephen: From a position of powerlessness I am grateful for their devotion to the show
Stephen: It has been magnificent!
Stephen: I just want to tell them not to go away quietly.. Don't go quietly into the night!
Stephen: Express yourself, express your grief.
Stephen: Don't keep it bottled up... Their isn't really any hope to get the show back, but we can show them that you are angry about it...
SoapCity_Guest1: ...Stephen and Lisa have left the chat room /
SoapCity_Guest2: Linda is in the house!
SoapCity_Guest1: Linda is here... any questions for her??

Mom2JJS asks: Linda, the wardrobe has become tame ( in comparison to the past ) . What do they do with the clothes when youre done?
Linda: First of all I just want to agree with you that they HAVE become thame..
Linda: She doesn't have her insame flair like she used to...
Linda: The clothes usually stay in my wardrobe or go upstairs to the general wardrobe...

davidinla asks: Linda, what was your most enjoyable time on the show?
Linda: But I think after 17 years Linda will have to take SOME outfits with her..
Linda: I think it has to be during the Cass/Felicia years..
Linda: I look back on that time and I either cry or I laugh
Linda: Their were so many other peopol involved in that time...
Linda: There was Fatih Ford their was Richrad and Carol Colliton.. Two great writers
Linda: Also my time with Johnny who played Luke..
Linda: There were lots of fun and anbtics that went on..

buffalobillgal12 asks: hi linda: its me myra - the fan who is always making you little gifts, hope you enjoyed your tissue box this year.. and the kleenex to go with it. I think you will need it on june 25th - I know I will.. i will continue to watch you on qvc. and so will alot of other fans. love you, myra
Linda: How sweet you are!! Thanks for the box!!
Linda: I actually just wrote Mira a note.. but I haven't mailed it yet..
Linda: Your kindness and support the last years... there are no real words to properly express our thank yous.
Linda: Kindness is such a reserved gift that people are sometimes afraid to give to outher people and to give it so generously is somethihng that fills my heart and brings tears to my eyes.
Linda: I will always remember these experiences...

Bernard_Michael asks: Linda, where do you keep your EMMY?
Linda: Wow what a night that was.
Linda: My husband built me a shelf and it sits in the front of that shelf.
Linda: It really is my greatest memory.
Linda: It is not the emmy itself that means so much to me.
Linda: It was the genuine joy of that audience when my name was called that I will always remember. I will nver forget it.
Linda: When I look at that statue that is what I remember. The statue represents my peers and their acceptance of me.

Bernard_Michael asks: Linda, How would you like to see Felicia end on AW?
Linda: I know how it is going to end so I am speaking at a disadvantage...
Linda: It thrills me because I am with the two people I love the most. What a perfect ending for me.
Linda: I think the fans will embrace it and love it.

bcb1939 asks: Linda, please let the cast know that us fans are all out there crying with you. There are so many of us, so many who have never been to a luncheon, or have ever met any of you but you are all in our hearts and prayers.
Linda: I will absolutely tell everyone your words and what you need to know from all of us is that we know you are there.
Linda: For your dedication to us, you support of us and god we will miss you

Ky_Annie asks: Linda, is there any way to change the minds of "the powers that be" so that AW could stay on the air?
Linda: Maybe more than you will miss us.
Linda: I would have said a week ago that maybe there was some hope, but there really is no chance. I think we have to let go now and have to remember all the good things.
Linda: And look for us if we go on to other things. Please continue to watch for us. We'd like that.

AWSleepy asks: Linda, where will your new website be?
Linda: Yes, I WILL have a new website thanks to my new partners at Soap City...
Linda: As if I don't have enough on my plate!
Linda: SoapCity has been generous enough to take over my website and it will be up in June..
Linda: So please look for it and please write to me.
Linda: I will write to you and please write to me too..

Linda: I don't know..
Linda: I would love to work again on another daytime drama
Linda: Right now I am an unemployed actor.
Linda: I become afraid that I will never work again..
Linda: But then there are days that I am hopeful.

jenn328 asks: Linda - what can we do to show our appreciation? Any chance we could have a going away party for the cast?
Linda: You have already shown it
Linda: Your letters, your phone calls, have all been overwhelming'

ezzabo asks: Linda, Heard anything about playing Ally McBeals' mom?
Linda: It all came about on Rosie's show.
Linda: I am such a fan of Ally and I said wouldn't I make such a great Ally McBeal Mom...
Linda: Then before I know it I am there on Rosie doing an audtion tape for Ally...
Linda: I would love to work for David Kelly, It would be my absolute dream,

MSandner asks: Linda, how is it moderating this event? Break a leg on The View tomorrow!
Linda: Becasue Ally REALLY needs a Mom to talk to... But I don't think it will actually happen..
Linda: I have to be up at 5:30 AND I GOTTA BE THERE AT 7..
Linda: I am gonna do hair, do makeup, make sandwiches... And then I am going to knock on the door of All My Children and ask for a job.
Linda: And then that night I will see my friend Joy at her book signing..
Linda: I just want to say thank you again to the fans...
Linda: You have no idea how each of you has touched us..
Linda: Especially me...
Linda: When I say good bye to everyone on May 25th.. I am saying goodbye to you as well...
SoapCity_Guest1: We have the author of the AW anniversary book Julie Poll here with us...
SoapCity_Guest1: Send in your question for the author of the 35th anniversary AW book!!
Julie Poll: My thoughts on tonight are really bittersweet..
Julie Poll: Iam so happy that Proctor and Gamble gave me the go ahead to at least do the book so that the fans will have a keep sake.

Bernard_Michael asks: Julie, which section of the book are you most proud of?
Julie Poll: The part I am the most proud of are really the actor's interviews.

CoolMom_19149 asks: Julie: Did you include everyone that has ever been on AW in the book
Julie Poll: The part on Felicia and Cass. The parts the reflect how much the actors put into the show..
Julie Poll: Everyone who has EVER been on the show is on the cast list...
Julie Poll: And that was quite a feat getting that cast list together...

Jezebe08 asks: How long have you watched Another World for?
Julie Poll: I found actors who had not been ont he show in awhile and went back and interviewed them to get their input
SoapCity_Guest2: Kim Rhodes and Michael Rodrick are next, so send in your questions for them.
Julie Poll: I had watched it on and off for about six years...
Julie Poll: I had to go back and "learn" the show
Julie Poll: It is a hard show to learn..

ELLENWHEELERFAN_99 asks: Was it hard to do the book when you knew AW was cancelled?
Julie Poll: When I knew the show was cancelled the book was already in galleys...
SoapCity_Guest1: But it had been in danger before. It was the Madonna of sopas.. It kept reinventing itself.
Julie Poll: We kept thinking that it would be saved, I felt like everybody else. Very sad.
Julie Poll: But the fan reaction that I am getting is amazing..
Julie Poll: People seem very happy to have it as a keepsake for the show...

AWvet asks: Will you be signing your book in the Midwest/
Julie Poll: I haven't heard of any plans to do book signings in the mid-west. But I have satellite things planned...

LeapYearGal asks: Julie - I have been enjoying the book so much - I feel that if I can't watch, I'll read - did you have a hard time choosing what to put into the book, including the pictures?
Julie Poll: It is always hard to decide what to leave out because you have a definite page count./
Julie Poll: I tried to pick a love story from each decade.. Hopefully we did not leave too much out.

bcb1939 asks: Miss Poll, I haven't bought your book yet although I have put in a plug for mother's day. How was it getting to know the actors on AW?
Julie Poll: It was wonderful getting to knwo the actors on AW. They gave me so much insight onto their characters... they really wrote the second part of the book.
Julie Poll: Especially actors like Vikki Wyndham who ahve4 bene on the show for so long..
Julie Poll: Plus we had to ask the behind the scenes questions like "What was your favorite love scene?"

AliMoyni asks: Is there going to be another book to include everything from your book to the final episode?
Julie Poll: I'd like there to be.. certainly I am gonna pitch it.

LMicheleG asks: Julie, Great Job! I ran out and got my copy as soon as it hit the shelf!
Julie Poll: Great! Good!! Thank you!!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Julie has left the chat room... Thanks so much to Julie Poll, author of the AW 35th anniversary book for joining us.
SoapCity_Guest1: Micheal Rodrick who plays Cameron Sinclair will be joining us!!
SoapCity_Guest1: Send in your questions for Michael Rodrick...

amanda_cory asks: This question is to Michael; Rodrick.Hi Mike..met you at the luncheon. Thanks for being so cordial and making us feel welcome. 2 questions.....How was your movie premiere last week Monday,,,and what have been the easiest and hardest things you have done as Cameron? Keep on fighting.....WE ARE!!!
Michael: The premiere went extremely well...
Michael: We got alot of press, alotta heat.
Michael: We were all extatic...
Michael: The most difficult thing as Cameron was the series in Boca Lynda and puloling off long monolouges..

Bernard_Michael asks: Michael, which co-star would you have liked to work with more, but really didn't get a chance to?
Michael: I really wanted to do more ferocious scenes with Kim Rhodes..
Michael: It would have been nice to be arch enemies..

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim/Red, thanks for giving us 3 great years of Cindy Brooke Harrison. You have made us (Bernard & Michael) laugh, cry, scream (with laughter), and much more emotions. Break a leg on your next adventure, whatever it may be! Keep Smiling Red!
Kim: God bless you, I love you, Red. At least for a while.

CAJCsoapfan asks: Mike, have you heard if Under Hellgate Bridge will be opening in cities outside of NY?
Michael: Right now it is going to Avigon , France and then there will be more screenings.
SoapCity_Guest2: Please send in your questions for Kim Rhodes!!

CoolMom_19149 asks: Michael: Are you planning on going to another soap
Michael: I will post the info on my website.. You can search my name and find it...
Kim: Anywhere they will take me!
Michael: I have no offers, but I planning to audition for EVERYTHING

dmb57ct asks: Hi Kim, this is Deloris B. and it was a thrill to meet you at the luncheon. Did you like the bookmark and angel I gave you?

ceilidh_ca asks: Michael - you have been a great addition - what is your most embarrasing moment since joining the soap? To add a little humour to this evening!
Kim: Delories, the angel is sitting on my window sill, next to a candle, which hopefully will pick up a beatutiful light, I thank you.
Michael: When I slipped and fell and had to get nine stitches in my head

Deejay435 asks: Kim, who do you -hope- killed Grant?
Michael: It happened the second month I was there, it was really embarassing...
Kim: Kim hopes it was Tito, Cindy hopes it was Cindy.

ELLENWHEELERFAN_99 asks: Kim was it fun doing the scenes with Ellen Wheeler Marley?
Kim: I absolutely idolize ellen wheller, anychance i get to work with her is sheer bliss.

ceilidh_ca asks: You two are so talented - someone will pick you up - but if there is one thing that you want the fans to know -what is it - other than you appreciate their support?
Kim: yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
Kim: if i'm serving you coffee someplace, tip me well.
Michael: I'll be acting until I am dead. That's all..

Looney_112 asks: Kim, do you improvise on all the comedy that makes us laugh so much?
Kim: most of the comedic elements are within the script.
Kim: The writers picked up on that realy qauickly and put it into the character.
Kim: there are times that I have to go for the laugh.

Looney_112 asks: Kim, any new hair do's for the end of the show?
Kim: I'm growning it out. The next time you see me, I may actually have hair.

Mrs_Chasez asks: Michael, What is Cameron going to do when he finds out about David?
Michael: He is going to kill Jordan Stark!

Michael: I think that everyone will be happy to see a happy ending with Amanda and Cameron...

wheels12345 asks: Kim, I met you in December, when you were in Canada for a telethon, I had my picture taken with you when we were sitting at the table, and you were signing pictures, where can I send you a copy for yourself, and one that you can send back to me signed?
Kim: Oh lord, I don't know where I'm going to be living next month.
Kim: You can try sending it to the studio, or NBC.
Kim: You can get the address at SoapCity.

Bernard_Michael asks: Kim, what are your fondest memories at the AW set? (From Bernard & Michael)
Michael: One of the fondest memories I have is of watching Charles keating smell the flowers in living room every day.
Michael: When I left I continued to do the same..
Kim: My fondest memories are of any time Mark Pinter and I couldn't keep a straight face and dissolved into giggles . . .
Kim: . . . in the midst of a dramatic scene.
SoapCity_Guest1: Michael and Kim have left the chat room... Thanks so much to MIchael and Kim....
SoapCity_Guest2: Jake and Vicky's wedding was the top moment as voted on by the fans.
SoapCity_Michael: Hi, everyone thanks for being with us tonight for the 35th Anniversary and Farwell party of Another World
SoapCity_Guest1: Please come back to Soap City to see the rest of the top 35 moments in AW history!!!!
SoapCity_Michael: Check back for the top 35 moments of all-time on the AW mini-site and there is more
SoapCity_Michael: I will be back in LA on Thursday to give you the video taped interviews with Linda Dano and myself that you did not see tonight, plus complete party coverage and photo galleries, the transcript
SoapCity_Guest1: Don't forget to check back at the AW minisite for the 35 top moments in the show's history!!
SoapCity_Michael: it all happens in SoapCity and be with us in less than two weeks for our Daytime Emmy mini-site and live event coverage of the biggest week of daytime.
SoapCity_Michael: Know that I love all of you fans and appreciate you staying with us and know how hard it is to lose a member of your family which "Another World" was to all of us
SoapCity_Guest1: And for those of you who didn't catch it... Jake and Vicki's wedding was the most memorable AW moment as voted on by the fans...
SoapCity_Michael: AW will live on in our hearts and minds forever, I will give you more behind the scenes coverage in my next scoop on Friday, goodnight from NYC, Peace and Love!