May 18, 1999

SODhost: Hello and welcome Another World fans! Alicia Leigh Willis (Alli) and Taylor Stanley (Remy) are our guests today! Please welcome Alicia Leigh Willis and Taylor Stanley!


oven_baked asks: Do you get on well in real life?
TAYLOR STANLEY: We're very good friends.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We're eating Chinese food right now in Taylor's apartment.

arzi_1111 asks: You both are relatively new to a show that has a 35-year following. Does that ever affect the way you feel towards AW? Can you feel the weight of its importance to its fans?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: It's amazing for us to be able to work with actors that have been on that show for such a long time. It's great how nice they are to us because they could easily give us attitude because we're the kids of the bunch. But everybody's really cool to us and we have a lot of fun.
TAYLOR STANLEY: For me, it didn't hit me how long the show has been on until it was cancelled. The reactions from the fans and the reactions from the people on the show.

TAYLOR STANLEY: They're two very different actors. I can't answer that question! I enjoy working with them both because they both bring something very different out of me.

DiamondGrl07 asks: Alicia....What is it like working with David Macdonald (David/Jordan)?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: He is the most charming man alive. He is just so much fun, and from six AM until six PM or whenever we leave, he is so funny. He never stops.
TAYLOR STANLEY: He's full of knowledge.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Oh, yes. He's so smart.

NKracala asks: So, are your cats getting along?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We haven't integrated them yet.
TAYLOR STANLEY: We tried with the kitten, but the kitten was a little more upset than my two cats. We're going to wait for the big integration until the move to L.A.

DEBS_123 asks: Does Paulina not know about Remy?
TAYLOR STANLEY: You don't have to wait much longer to find out what the outcome is, but you have to wait, because I'm not going to tell you! Paulina will have her day.

repioytge asks: Alicia, what do you think of Michael Rodrick (Cameron)?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: He's a lot of fun to work with. He watches a lot of the Discovery Channel so he's got all these tidbits of information that he likes to share with us. He's funny. He's a riot.

heidrebx2 asks: Taylor, I have to admit I did not like Remy in the beginning, but you have really made her your own, and I do enjoy watching her scenes. What do you feel you have learned the most in this experience?
TAYLOR STANLEY: As an actress, I feel that I've learned a lot about technically working in front of a camera, working with a large group of actors to create one project on such a day-to-day basis, and I think I learned how to calm down as an actress and take my time. There's a lot of pressure there on a daily basis and it takes a while to get used to it.

repioytge asks: Will "Alli" ever find out that David is bad and if so will she be the one to stop him?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: That's another wait and see question. We're not going to give a lot away because there isn't much left!

fluffy_21_99 asks: hey, I read in SOD you are planning to get a place together, is this true?

TAYLOR STANLEY: We'll be living together this summer, yes.

cowgirl_87_91 asks: What are you plans after AW?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Drive across country like Thelma and Louise.
TAYLOR STANLEY: We're going to start working on other projects and move out to L.A., live out there for a while, and see what else we can do in this business now that we've worked on this show for a little while and had this opportunity.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: The world is our oyster.
TAYLOR STANLEY: We're going to eat it raw. Take that as you will. :-)

arzi_1111 asks: How soon after meeting did you realize there would be such a close friendship?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I don't know; when was that?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Probably a week.
TAYLOR STANLEY: The minute we went shopping together, we were soulmates. We have a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses...
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: ...and we finish each other's sentences, as I just did.
TAYLOR STANLEY: It was really good timing. We met each other when we both sort of needed a friend.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Taylor was the first person I called the day we found out about the show [being cancelled]. I called her from my cell phone in the car on the way home and said, "Time to look for a new job! Do you want to start waitressing?"

oven_baked asks: Alicia are you as naive as Alli in reality?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: God, no! Curse you! No, no, not at all! :-) I'd like to think I'm a little older and wiser.
TAYLOR STANLEY: There's a certain naivete that all soap characters need to have in order to believe what they have to believe. I think all young actors on our show get asked that question, maybe except for Tito.

b> LOVESAW asks: Taylor, is your hair naturally curly?
TAYLOR STANLEY: Yes! Very! I look forward to when they straighten it!
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: My fortune cookie says, "Good news will come to you from far away."

pss092495 asks: When will Remy realize TITO is using her???
TAYLOR STANLEY: Honestly, Remy has known all along that Tito has been using her. She just doesn't know what for! They've used each other all of their lives and so I think when or if she figures it out, it's going to be hard, because this behavior, she's used to it.

aine75 asks: Alicia, would you have told your mom about Cameron's baby as your character did?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Hell yeah! I would have been a lot more brutal than Alli was. I would have told her way before she walked down the aisle.

DiamondGrl07 asks: Who is older?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I am. Not by much.

gigi1763 asks: That's great that you both became such good friends, are you looking forward to your living arrangements?
TAYLOR STANLEY: We're going to have a phenomenal wardrobe.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We won't be home a lot, though.

psfreak38 asks: WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LIKE???
TAYLOR STANLEY: We both have pretty eclectic tastes in music.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I like blues and jazz, and then I like punk and ska.
TAYLOR STANLEY: We both love music a lot. We may actually be singing in a band, helping out a friend. I like all kinds of music.

AWvet asks: Taylor, don't you think it is a case where she knows him so well she isn't being careful enough?
TAYLOR STANLEY: Absolutely. It's one of those situations. It's almost as if her brother was doing something behind her back. I mean, you'd never suspect your brother was doing something to hurt you like that. You're very astute, AWvet.

NKracala asks: Alicia and Taylor -- who is the sexiest cast member?
SODhost: They're debating the issue...
TAYLOR STANLEY: Joey Barbara (Joe) is pretty good.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: It is debatable. It depends on the day.
SODhost: There's been an epiphany.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS AND TAYLOR STANLEY: I think we've decided: it's Henry (Simmons, Tyrone).

CTCH3_99 asks: Have either of you worked with Charles Keating (Carl) yet?

ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We had our first scene together, today.

Help_Nicco asks: Is it true Howard Stern is making an appearance on the show????
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I wish! I wish! I would give anything for Howard Stern to be on our show.
TAYLOR STANLEY: I'd love for him to be Jordan Stark's former henchman or whatever. I think that would definitely be the storyline. Or turned out to be Alli's long-last dad, turned out to be Sam Fowler.

Princessx_99 asks: Hi, what is it like to work on Another World?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Fun! It's hard work, but it pays off. It's a lot of fun. I think that everybody can tell that the quality has gotten a lot better. It is just a shame that they are taking it off the air right now, when it's gotten so good.
TAYLOR STANLEY: When everything has come together.

NKracala asks: Hey Alicia. We talk with your mom quite a bit online. She's great. And we sent some emails to her for you and the other cast members. Have you received them?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS:: Yeah, I actually put them in the mailboxes of all the cast members today.

ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: She's the diva to end all divas, which is a good thing. She's awesome. She has been really great to me. We have a good relationship.

arzi_1111 asks: Taylor, love your PBS commercial. Have you performed classical theatre before?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I've performed adaptations of classical theater. Not yet have I actually done a whole production. But thank you so much! It's my favorite piece that I have on tape.

aine75 asks: Alicia, how is Alli going to react when she finds out that David is really Jordan Stark?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I think she'll be really hurt because she thought that they were friends and she doesn't have a lot of friends in Bay City, as you can see. So I think she'll be really hurt.

TAYLOR STANLEY: Yeah. Towards the end they were planning on bringing on a lot of new characters so that there could be an equality between the younger actors and the older actors, so that they could use us just as much as they use them. It's disappointing because we knew that we were going to have a really great summer of working together. But we'll still have that, just somewhere else.

fluffy_21_99 asks: Do you have an opinion on who killed Grant?
TAYLOR STANLEY: Oh, I know who killed Grant! But I'm not going to tell you!
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I think Howard Stern killed Grant!

AWvet asks: Alicia, some of us wanted you to get together with Sergei after he sang to Alli at the Lucky Lady. Do you think that was ever a possibility?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Oh, yummy! But I'm only 15! I think the age difference was a bit much, but they definitely would have brought on a love interest soon. You never know; the show's not over yet.

CTCH3_99 asks: Taylor, I met you at the studio 2 weeks ago. It's a great birthday treat to talk to you again. When do you find out that Paulina is your mother?
TAYLOR STANLEY: Stay tuned. Don't miss anything in the next few weeks because every single show, not only in my storyline but in every single story, are going to come to a climax. And happy birthday!

DiamondGrl07 asks: Alicia, if they paired you up with someone who would you like it to be with?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Brad Pitt, when he was on the show. There really isn't anybody; I'm too young.
TAYLOR STANLEY: Unless you had some weird twisted affair with Joe. :-)

AWvet asks: Would either of you consider another soap? Taylor, if Paulina went to Guiding Light would you go as her teenage daughter?
TAYLOR STANLEY: That sounds really wonderful. I love working with Judi and I had a great time on Another World. But for the time being I'm really going to try to work in primetime and film and theater, because I had this experience for a year and now that it's been taken away from me I take it as a sign that I should try to do other things, for now. But we'll see.

arzi_1111 asks: How have you enjoyed living in New York.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Oh, my God. New York is the most amazing place in the entire world. And the food, the food! If I stay here too much longer I'm going to be a whale. The people are just amazing, too. I will buy an apartment here, one day.
TAYLOR STANLEY: I love it, I've lived here for three and a half years and I love it. I'm really not that excited about moving to L.A. If it weren't for Alicia and for a few other friends, I don't know that I could move. I love Manhattan and I will definitely come back one day, too.

MsRunnsThangs asks: How long have you been with Another World?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I started about this time last year.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: About seven months, since December.

NKracala asks: To either of you: On your last day, what is something you would like to take from the studio?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I would love, not that I will take it, but there's a jukebox in Sofia's apartment that I would love to have.

AWvet asks: Taylor, does that mean you are psychic like Remy?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I wish, then I would have known! No, I'm not psychic, but I wish I was.

TARA38_1 asks: Who would you like to work with again!

TAYLOR STANLEY: I think it would be fun to work with anybody again.

AWvet asks: You cant have that. Matt gave that to Sofia!!
TAYLOR STANLEY: LOL! Sofia doesn't live there anymore!

Mlooster asks: Alicia, is your uncle Jamie coming back for the finale
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I have an Uncle Jamie? I didn't know I had an Uncle Jamie! :-) I don't know!

cinluc25 asks: Do you gals have any jobs lined up yet??
TAYLOR STANLEY: I'm working tomorrow night at an undisclosed restaurant in Manhattan waiting on tables.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We both will be soon.

DiamondGrl07 asks: Is Remy going to end up with Nick or Tito?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I don't want to give anything away, but just think about it. Who do you think Remy actually really cares about, if she has her choice?

oven_baked asks: Do you both plan to move into films at some point?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I can answer that for the both of us: Yes. Primarily, that's what we both want to do.

woodyeight asks: Taylor, I have been waiting for the day Paulina finds you
TAYLOR STANLEY: Oh, thank you! Me too!

AWvet asks: Alicia, has your mom or any other family member watched AW for a long time?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We're not a big soap opera people family. They do now, I mean, they have since I've been on the show, but we are beach people so we're always out at the beach, out surfing or something. :-)

arzi_1111 asks: Do you ever go into the AW chat rooms?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I don't have a computer. I'm computer illiterate!
TAYLOR STANLEY: I've decided to wait until Y2K, just completely miss the whole thing.

ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I think probably, eventually, maybe... Wait and see!

Tanna_Rose asks: Alicia and Taylor: Who, on the show, have you not had a chance to work with that you wish you could have?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I would like to have worked with Kim Rhodes (Cindy) and Mark Pinter (ex-Grant). I think Remy would have had fun there.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Linda Dano (Felicia). Well, I did a scene with her. I would probably have to say Kim Rhodes, too. She's pretty funny, she cracks me up.

LoveBug7597 asks: Remy definitely needs to end up with Nick... Tito will never change and that is sad, because him and Remy are so close.
TAYLOR STANLEY: Well, if your prediction is right, I totally agree. It's sad when you are losing someone you love.

AWvet asks: Alicia, he is the guy on holidays that Rachel goes into the library to call.
TAYLOR STANLEY: But you see, Alicia wasn't there for that. Oh yes, she was, she was there for Christmas.

bcdtran asks: Hi! What is Mark Mortimer (Nick) like to work with? He is so sexy!
TAYLOR STANLEY: It's funny, in soaps you tend to go through different characters, and your character is here, there, and everywhere. I have primarily worked with Mark Mortimer since the first day I came on. He took me in and he was wonderful to me and he has been that way since that day on. It has been a pleasure to work with him.

Alanis1985 asks: Do any one of you Taylor or Alicia dislike anything about your characters?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I wish Remy were a little stronger and more self-reliant. I think she was towards the beginning but then the storyline sort of needed her to be a little needy and I think that always kind of bothered me. I'm sure everybody else agrees with that.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Alli, hmmm.... I like the fact that she looks out for her mom. I think she's got a lot of growing to do, though. But she's fifteen, right?

NKracala asks: Do either of you share your studio dressing rooms...and with who?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We have a very old studio so a lot of the actors, when they first came on, don't get their own dressing rooms.
TAYLOR STANLEY: Alicia never really got her own room, so we kind of hang out in mine.

woodyeight asks: Taylor, who chooses your wardrobe?
TAYLOR STANLEY: His name is Shawn and he is the wardrobe guy at Another World, the costume designer.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I like "wardrobe guy" better.

sarah__k asks: Alicia, what is it like to work with Michael Rodrick?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I've worked with Michael since I got there, and he's always laughing! He's got a good sense of humor. He's always laughing his butt off at something. I don't know what yet!

morganeg21 asks: How many hours do you put in a day?
TAYLOR STANLEY: It varies. It can be 12, 16, two, four. Depends. It's kind of one of the fun parts of the job.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: You never know.

cinluc25 asks: is there anyone else coming back besides Charles Keating???
TAYLOR STANLEY: Not that I know of.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I don't think so, no. There are some new characters coming on, though.

lindafo7493 asks: Taylor, are you and Tito close off the show
TAYLOR STANLEY: Troy and I became very good friends. No, no, no we are not romantically involved, no matter what the magazines say! But we became very good friends.

NKracala asks: Do you guys live near any of the other AW actors?
TAYLOR STANLEY: Yeah, a couple of them. A lot of the wardrobe people and crew people.

AWvet asks: At the time you are taping now is Jordan Stark a factor and if he is CK has a lot of fans that would like to see him do him in. Can you comment on that?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: No. :-) But I think it would be a good story!

Wit_67 asks: What is the quality in your characters that is most like you personally?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I don't know. Alli is Alicia on a really, really bad day. But I don't even get that bad, or at least I don't think so!
TAYLOR STANLEY: Well, I think I'm pretty independent. Even though Remy has come to be pretty needy, she still takes care of herself. I've been doing that for a little while myself.

LoveBug7597 asks: What is the best thing about NY?
TAYLOR STANLEY: The food, the fun, the nightlife. There's never nothing to do. There's always something that you could do. Of course, we talk about it a lot but we end up doing the same things.

kari_h_99 asks: What will Remy do when she finds out Paulina is her mother?
TAYLOR STANLEY: You know, it's funny, every time people have asked me that question, it's hard for me to answer because she hasn't had a mom for so long. I think it's going to take a while for it to sink in. In my eyes, Remy will have a peacefulness. She'll feel content. Because the one thing she's been looking for her whole life, she's got it. She'll be happy.

sele3 asks: Where are your characters heading?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: To L.A., with us! That's what sucks about being Alli, because she doesn't get that much of a chance to redeem herself.
TAYLOR STANLEY: Yeah, people didn't like me when I started, but I got the chance to fix it.

SpokesDaddy asks: Is Bunny there, Alicia?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Yeah, my mom is visiting me right now in New York.
TAYLOR STANLEY: Your mom's more popular than we are!

NKracala asks: What are your favorite television shows?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: David E. Kelley is a genius.
TAYLOR STANLEY: Ally McBeal. But unlike Alicia, I like to watch shows that I might actually be on one day. I get obsessed; I watch them like my soaps. I watch Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Party of Five.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: I want to be Ally McBeal.

ErikaN99 asks: Do you enjoy working on the show?

ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: You should have seen us the day it got cancelled. We met up at our favorite place. We took one look at each other and burst into tears. We had a great life; we were on top of the world. We had a great job, great friends. When you first start it, it's a feeling I can't even explain.
TAYLOR STANLEY: It's something that there are few other professions that are so hot and cold, and the wonderful thing is, you have these people that you work on the projects together, and you become such good friends that you have that support. That's what Alicia and I became. But we've both been acting for so long, we've had this happen before. But this time, it felt different. It was really sad.

Wit_67 asks: will Remy overlook the fact that Paulina sold her?
TAYLOR STANLEY: If you had asked me that a few months ago, I probably would have said no. But I don't think Remy... it's like throwing stones at a glass house. Remy has done a lot of things. The whole backstory on Remy is all the terrible things that she has done... How could she not forgive someone who was in the same position she was in?

arzi_1111 asks: Do you think you'll keep in touch with any of the other actors when you leave?
TAYLOR STANLEY: A few of them are going to be in L.A. with us. No way I'm going to ever lose touch with Judi!
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Kim Rhodes and all them, they're all moving to L.A. and I think we're all going to hang out. People forget that there's a whole team behind us, the crew, that make us look as good as we possibly can on screen. We're definitely going to hang out.
TAYLOR STANLEY:: We have made some wonderful friends and we will keep in touch with them.

pss092495 asks: Who are your mentors? (each of you)
TAYLOR STANLEY: I think my mentor would be my grandmother. I mean there are a lot of actresses I look up to, but my mentor would be my grandmother.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: That's a good question.
TAYLOR STANLEY: Yes! We like that one.

NKracala asks: Can you give us some good dirt on Joe (Barbara) or Tom (Eplin, Jake) or John (Littlefield, Gary)!
TAYLOR STANLEY: All three of them are great men, wonderful men. I don't know if this is dirt, but it's a clue to what it's like to work with them and the kind of people they are. They all three of them are young at heart and a lot of fun to be around.

AWvet asks: Taylor you are really sweet with Austin who plays Dante do you have a lot of experience with children?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I do. I have an enormous family, second cousins, cousins, and my little sister is ten years younger than me and I babysat a lot. I love kids, and I love Austin. He is the smartest, smartest little boy in the world. He's wonderful. Because he's Judi's son, and she's awesome.

Wit_67 asks: Who are you going to miss most from the show?
TAYLOR STANLEY: Judi. Everyone. Everyone. We're going to miss everyone in different ways, but Judi definitely. And our friends in hair and makeup.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Kevin, the makeup artist! We're going to see him, though; we're going to go roller-blading. It's hard because there are so many people that I'm going to miss. The whole cast. I can't choose between them. They're all great.

Oilers_17 asks: What did you think when you found out the show was being cancelled?
TAYLOR STANLEY: Honestly, at first I said "I can't believe it's actually happening."
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: The first thing I thought was how dare they! I mean, the show has been around 35 years. I haven't even been alive 35 years! It amazes me that they would do that. It's sad.

jaimeAWfan asks: Do you get to wear any of the set clothes off of the show?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We're wearing some right now!

AWvet asks: Taylor on the show we all saw today Remy had the dream that she saw her mother and it was Paulina. I really enjoyed that scene.
TAYLOR STANLEY: Thank you! That was hard. That was hard. There were like 60 people in the room and I felt like I was in Scream.

arzi_1111 asks: I saw you both at the luncheon and was really impressed by how sweet you both are. I hope you'll always remain that way.

ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: It means a lot to hear that.

NKracala asks: Alicia - a little birdie told us that you and Taylor were taking your mom out to some clubs while she's visiting! Has it happened yet, and are you watching out for her?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Clubs? Well, we've taken her out, not to any clubs though.
TAYLOR STANLEY: To eat. Lots of food.

jaimeAWfan asks: Do you know of any fan clubs? for your selves?
TAYLOR STANLEY: I wish I did, and I should. But Another World, I guess, is the way to write to me.
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Yeah, they'll get it to us. NBC will get it to us.

TAYLOR STANLEY: Oh I love working with Joe. I think he's a wonderful actor. He's a great guy!

NKracala asks: Taylor and Alicia - I read that you are planning on doing a cross-country this summer. Are you still planning this or have plans changed?
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: Oh, yeah! It's on!
TAYLOR STANLEY: We were supposed to go to Italy this summer, and we were very excited about it. But we can't go anymore, so this is going to be our vacation and it's going to be the beginning of the next part of our lives, in L.A.!
ALICIA LEIGH WILLIS: We're going to be Thelma and Louise, wearing our cowboy hats in a convertible! No shooting, though.
TAYLOR STANLEY: If we meet up with someone like Brad Pitt along the way, we may let him ride with us.

AWvet asks: For fans like me who have watched the show 35 years we are going through the different stages of grieving and we hope by June 25th we are able to accept the cancellation. It sounds like you guys are doing the same thing.

arzi_1111 asks: I want to wish you much luck on your future endeavors. I've enjoyed watching you...I can't imagine anyone else playing your roles, so you must be doing a great job!


woodyeight asks: Well you're both great and I want to wish you both much success.

TAYLOR STANLEY: I just want to thank you for being part of our lives, as well. We're young and to us, this is the beginning of our careers. Thank you for being part of it. I got a letter from a woman today who is making a scrapbook for her daughter. She wants head shots and quotes about how to be successful in life, and I just think that's amazing! We have a lot of fans like that. And thank you, from the both of us.
SODhost: Thank you so much Alicia and Taylor!