Another World's Ellen Wheeler
June 11, 1998

SODhost: Another World's Ellen Wheeler (Marley) is here! Welcome, Ellen!
ELLEN WHEELER: Hello all you brilliant computer people! I don't know anything about computers so I admire that you all can find this chat room! If you can, I consider you completely above me! I bow myself down before all of you. I'm a computer illiterate. My four-year-old knows more than I. But I vow to learn this year. This is very exciting for me to be here!

Herby85 asks: How does it feel to be back at AW?
ELLEN WHEELER: It's so amazing. It's kind of like going back to a high school reunion. And it's kind of like when you don't know if you'll be friends with anyone or anything, but it's so familiar and you ease into all the stuff you liked about high school. And I know some people didn't like high school, but I did. But now you're older and you have more to care about than cool clothes! Not that there were bad things before, I'm just more grown up.

Gsmoney asks: I'm glad to see you returning to Another World. How long have you signed on for?
ELLEN WHEELER: Three years, but P&G has the option to let me go every so often, so your cards and letters....

GoneMad_BackLater asks: Ellen, is it strange coming back and playing only one character?
ELLEN WHEELER: I thought it would be really hard. There was a part of me that wanted to say no, because I couldn't play just one of these girls... But when I met Jensen [Buchanan, Vicky] and we got to talk about it before I came back & we got on so well. And it was such a relief to just have one to deal with... like in real life. I didn't know how I'd only have to focus on how Marley feels... because before I had to focus on both of them and I couldn't totally be angry with Vicky while playing Marley because then I was Vicky. So now it's totally easier. and Jensen's just such a stunningly wonderful actress.

Jaketheman5 asks: Ellen have u kept up with show?
ELLEN WHEELER: No. I haven't kept up with any of the shows... AMC or AW. But I have friends and an ex-husband on the show and I'd like to tune in to see how people were doing, but I have children, and my TV watching has pretty much been around Blue's Clues the last few years. I can pretty much tell you everything that Steve has done the past year. I've learned the planets in order because I've watched Blue's Clues! LOL

Herby85 asks: Why did you leave AW the first time?
ELLEN WHEELER: My contract was up and I was exhausted. In those days I worked 5 days a week, usually 12 - 16 hrs a day. I needed to have a break. They did that to Annie [Heche, who portrayed the roles of Vicky/Marley after Wheeler from 1987-1991] for a while too. After a while [tptb] got smarter, realizing that nobody could keep up that kind of pace. You can for about 6 months but not years and years and years.

Sexygirl1233 asks: What is the biggest change in AW since you left?
ELLEN WHEELER: The cast! Everything and nothing has changed. Soaps stay amazingly the same. All soaps do. Of course there are tons of new characters, new producers, new head writers, no directors are the same... the intrinsic quality of soaps stays the same. The biggest change to me is that there's a lot more sex... [soaps] hardly had sex when I left AW. People were hardly in bed back then; it was a big deal if you saw bare shoulders and now that's a minor thing!

FNL86 asks: Is Marley really going to become bad. Lying to Vicky?
ELLEN WHEELER: I know that fans hope and think that we know what's going to happen and I wish I knew, but honestly I know about a week before what you guys see. I went into Charlotte [Savitz, AW Executive Producer] today and asked that very thing and she said, "I'm sorry I'm not going to tell you." At this point, Marley isn't lying, she's telling what she thinks is the truth. If sometime in the future she'll learn and make a choice to not tell the truth, I think she might. She's pretty desperate. But you know! I just read in TV Guide that Cindy and Marley plot against Vicky... so I guess if it's in TV Guide, it must be true. But nobody's told me that!!! LOL

Morganna19 asks: Why is Marley going after Jake?
ELLEN WHEELER: 'Cause she loves him. And, I always say this, she feels alone. She knows bad things have happened between them, but before bad things happened lots of good things happened. I do believe that bad enough things can happen between people in real life that all the good feelings go away, but Jake was Marley's first big real love and I don't think you ever really forget that.

Jaketheman5 asks: What was your first day like on the set of Another World?
ELLEN WHEELER: Which time? :-) When I came back, it was really easy, I just had to say "Jake." It was really easy. I had to wear little make up, just lay there in the bed while doctors and nurses ran around. It was great! I went to Charlotte and said you can keep Marley in the hospital forever and my life will be really easy. And Anna [Stuart, Donna] was there so I felt very comfortable and relaxed. It was great to come back and have Anna there, and Tom [Eplin, Jake] and Jensen. Really loving people who take care of me, as an actor and a friend. Sometimes when you start a job, there's all this awkwardness, and there wasn't. For me, it was just what it was: coming back home.

JADE_0703 asks: Ellen, I loved your work on AMC and AW. Do you have a preference for Marley or Cindy?
ELLEN WHEELER: How can you have a preference between two of the best heroines ever created for daytime? What I loved about them is that they were strong because they were good. Their strength came out of their choice to be kind and giving. I think we often forget that kindness gives you a different kind of strength. Both those women are strong, willful women. It takes a lot of will to be selfless. I'm just grateful to have had the chance to be either one of them.

Herby85 asks: Is Marley ever going to find out that Donna was the one who committed the Hit and Run?
ELLEN WHEELER: I'm sure, eventually, I would hope, because what great story that is! That's one of my favorite things right now. Everything Donna does turns out to be the [worst] thing she can do. I don't know how many layers of guilt they can pile on top of her. She's such a walking disaster area! If the family thinks they're in turmoil now, yikes! Everything keeps coming back to Donna. Everything is going to be quite amazing... and Anna is so good at it. She's just amazing. She makes me want to be Donna. I wish that in the face of all that, I could be that calm. I mean, she makes a million mistakes, but she's as cool as a cucumber!

Sexygirl1233 asks: Do you see a big difference in the way the show is written now and they way it was during mid-80's?
ELLEN WHEELER: No, is there one? I don't know. There's more sex, that's all I can really think of. But if soaps have changed that much, I haven't been around that much. You know who would know? Tom would. You should write a letter to Tom. He knows everything. He is so smart.


SpiceRules asks: What do you think holds the future for Marley?
ELLEN WHEELER: I hope it holds some plastic surgery :) because that makeup is really getting to be a pain. You've seen her without the bandages, but it would be nice if she didn't have to walk around the rest of her life with big bubble gum gobs on her face. I don't know what else, maybe a new wardrobe? Marley will always be Marley, wearing her little Laura Ashley outfits. Actually, I wore a rust colored sweater last week! Marley's branching out!

FNL86 asks: How come you didn't cut your hair to match Marley when she got hit by the car? They should have put a wig on Jensen at least.
ELLEN WHEELER: They talked about it a lot, so this will maybe answer questions in the future. I only wanted to cut it if I could cut it shorter than Jensen's. Really short! I didn't want it in the middle. They only wanted Marley's hair to stay long. So I was kind of a stinker, I didn't want it in the middle. And if that's the only thing to get upset about... Jeesh, I'm six inches taller! ;-)

Buzzybaloo asks: Ellen welcome back to the show. It's such a pleasure to see you in the Marley role again, although you were magnificent as Vicky. Are you going to miss playing the spunky Vicky? Or are you going to redefine Marley?
ELLEN WHEELER: Again, I have no way of knowing with Marley. Of course I'll miss playing Vicky. It's fun wearing those clothes, it's fun being assertive. I'm not that assertive in my real life. It's good practice. But I like playing the really nice girl. I know people find it boring. But I like them. I identify with them. And Marley's spunky, she's just quietly spunky.

_Shyla_1_ asks: Do Jake and Vicky get back together, or do you end up the prize winner?
ELLEN WHEELER: This is what I hope: I hope that we don't answer that question for a long, long time. Because if we do, and Jake's going to be in one place and make up his mind, that would be really, really boring. But if everyday, you don't know what's going to happen, like he might fall back in love with Marley, that would be interesting. That would be so cool. I was talking to Jensen today [about this], and, of course, Marley wants to have Jake, but she'll never stop loving Vicky either. As much as she wants him she can't stop wanting her sister to have him because she loves him. That's what makes it so great. That's what I remember from the first time [of playing Marley and Vicky]. That's what makes good drama. It's such a good triangle. What's going to happen is some blond bimbo girl is going to waltz in and Jake's going to go off with her and Vicky and Marley will be there on the side. He won't want either one of us! LOL

Reggy_1998 asks: Do you think Jake is still in love with Marley on some level?
ELLEN WHEELER: Of course. Everyone's in love with Marley :-) That's a writer question and a Tom question, but of course he is, because she's such a tender spot for him. He has tender feelings for her, because she's been such a decent person. Actually, I don't think he's in love with her, I think he's truly in love with Vicky. That's what makes it so hard right now.

Reggy_1998 asks: Ellen, have you enjoyed working with Tom?
ELLEN WHEELER: Oh, I love it. Working with Tom is easy, it's just a delight. He and I get along great. He's just a talented actor today. Jensen & Tom & I were doing a scene and we were talking about things before the scene, not just character things, but camera things... We did the whole scene and we got to the end of the scene and Jensen just broke up, and I just cracked up, too. Tom was like, "What?" and Jensen said, "I'm just smiling at what a good actor you are." I don't know if you'd understand how he hits his camera cues etc. and still acts so amazingly... it's so amazing to be working with him again. And we work very similarly. We worked together for 3 or 4 years so that helps, too.

JADE_0703 asks: Ellen, will Marley get caught up in the web that Grant spins all around Bay City?
ELLEN WHEELER: I'm sure she will. Doesn't everybody get caught up in it in one way or another? He pretty much touches everybody's life sooner or later. He's already talked to her as you guys have seen... it's already started. And it's great fun, because Mark [Pinter, who plays Grant] is so fun to work with. I've been kind of enamored of watching him on the air. He's so deliciously evil. So I was really excited to work with him. It's hard not to believe him when he tells you stuff.

Joanna_333 asks: Ellen what do you think of the show's decision not bring up the issue of Jake's rape of Marley a few ago?
ELLEN WHEELER: Well, they just haven't dealt with it yet... that doesn't mean that they're not going to bring it up at all. I had a line that alluded to it today, but didn't say the word "rape." We mentioned the divorce... Marley's choosing at this point not to remember the bad things... I could be wrong. I've been known to be wrong once or twice in my life.

FNL86 asks: Are you ready for the fans to be mad at Marley? Everyone wants Vicky and Jake together.
ELLEN WHEELER: Yeah, I am. I think Vicky and Jake should be together. I just think Marley and Jake should be together, too. I just don't know how to choose. I watch Vicky and Jake together and think they're wonderful. I just want to tell you that not everyone wants Jake & Vicky together, I've gotten fan mail. But you can be mad at me, just don't be mad at the show... and just be mad at Marley, don't be mad at Ellen :-)

Yukbedrockshmurksher asks: What is your background in the arts?
ELLEN WHEELER: My parents owned a theater when I was growing up. From the time I was 3 until we moved to Utah and I was 9 or 10. So I've always been acting and doing theater. I thought everyone did that. I thought everyone came home from school and went to rehearsal. Until I was 12 I thought everyone did this. I went to college for a semester if that counts. I just always did it, in the beginning because that's what my family did. but I knew I was going to be an actress. From my earliest memories of growing up that's what I would have told you.

Momofeight asks: Do you miss working with David Canary on AMC? I loved you as Cindy.
ELLEN WHEELER: I miss David very much. He's just terrific. Obviously, he's a wonderful actor, that goes without saying, but more than that. He's just a wonderful man. You know how kind Stuart is, but how strong Adam is? That is David in real life, if you combine the kindness of Stuart and the strength of Adam. It's so inspiring being around him. And he was already married so I couldn't fall in love with him or anything. :)

ELLEN WHEELER: She loves her, she'll always love her, but she's really really mad. Marley does think her dad is dead because of Vicky. And she thinks that Vicky recklessly hurt Jake, I think that's what made Marley realize she has feelings for Jake, wondering why she got so upset that Jake was getting hurt.

Reggy_1998 asks: Do Would Marley allow herself to fall for another guy? Maybe Jamie could come back to town.
ELLEN WHEELER: Of course she'd allow herself to fall for some other guy. She's not married, she can fall for anybody she wants.

JMRM1 asks: Hello Ellen, My name is Julia from Atlanta, and I was wondering are the writers ever going to give Vicky a break, she is really in pain with this lie about Shane's journal?
ELLEN WHEELER: Of course they'll give her a break eventually, but if it happened too fast, you wouldn't tune in to find out what happens tomorrow :)

Jaketheman5 asks: Will we viewers get to see Marley and Lila scenes? Why not team up with Lila? Vicky will get real mad!
ELLEN WHEELER: LOL I don't know what happens with Lila at all in the future, but I do think that she and Steve Schnetzer [Cass] make such an incredible combination. They are so wonderful together. I would love to work with her. AW is so filled with talented actors, we are so lucky. And I'd love to work with her, but not if it cut into the time they have to work together! I love watching them work together!

Reggy_1998 asks: Ellen, is Marley going to continue her career once she recovers?
ELLEN WHEELER: If she continued it she'd have to move back to China wouldn't she? I don't know, I don't even know what she's schooled to do. She says when she leaves the hospital that she has to find a job, but I don't know where or what. Rich people gain and lose their money on soaps... here today, gone tomorrow... Chances are she's not going to get a job as a fashion model.

Katina_k_98 asks: Do you thing Donna can every be honest to Marley?
ELLEN WHEELER: Can Donna ever be honest? At all? She's only ever honest when she thinks it's right, but she's happy to manipulate the truth when she thinks it's right. But it never is. Lying is never the right thing, it always leads to trouble. Donna hasn't learned the "it leads to trouble" thing yet. So she'll be honest to Marley when she has to tell her.

JADE_0703 asks: Ellen, besides Jensen and Tom, who do you particularly like to work with on AW?
ELLEN WHEELER: I like to work with Anna. I haven't worked with almost any other people yet. I don't know some of the new people very much. Of course I love Vicky [Wyndham, Rachel] and Linda [Dano, Felicia] and Steve because I've known them, and have been watching their stuff and loving it. I had a chance to have a little scene with Judi [Evans Luciano, Paulina] who's wonderful. She is so much fun in real life that it makes being around her a joy. I'd love to do some stuff with Lila or Cass... there's almost nobody I wouldn't name... Joe [Barbara, Joe] or Cindy [Kim Rhodes] or Grant. I'd love to do scenes with Nick [Mark Mortimer] because he's so cute... but I can't think that because he's my brother, not to mention he's younger than me, but he's so cute! He'd hate me for saying it.. guys don't like to be cute :)

Sexygirl1233 asks: I just want you to know how happy we are to have you back. It is good to see some familiar faces back in AW. You were the one TRUE Marley! Welcome HOME!!!!
ELLEN WHEELER: Well, that's very sweet. But it's kind of the nice things about being Marley that there isn't one true Marley; it took three of us to invent her. That's the fun thing of doing her today, three very talented women have added to what this character is now. Everybody has enhanced her with a dimension of their own and I like that.

Joanna_333 asks: Hi Ellen I've been a fan of the show for a while now and I have been I fan of yours for a long time now, can you please tell me what the TPTB are heading with your plot line...anything surprising happening this summer?
ELLEN WHEELER: I don't know what happens past a week from now. Marley still doesn't have Jake but she's not teamed up with Cindy yet... so somewhere in between those two things that's what happens. And that's a pretty exciting prospect because I think Cindy's wonderful.

Dasiy004 asks: What are your plans for the future?
ELLEN WHEELER: To raise happy children.

Funexciting asks: I have been watching another world faithfully for years and was wondering why MS Buchanan isn't playing Marley anymore was it a contract agreement-was she tired of doing the role--too much for her. No offence--just curious
ELLEN WHEELER: I don't know the exact understanding, but she lives a long ways away; she doesn't live in New York. She's been doing it a long time now, and I don't know what her contract terms are, but I can tell you from my experience that it's exhausting. You're doing the work of two people. It seems like a lot of fun, but it's the hours of two people. And you get really, really tired.

FNL86 asks: How many kids do you have?

Jezi71 asks: Do you see Jake and Marley together permanently?
ELLEN WHEELER: Permanently as far as soaps are concerned, which is, you know, 6 months. Of course, I have to see them together.

Gbrister asks: What is your favorite thing about being Marley?
ELLEN WHEELER: My favorite thing has been that she's been so true to the things she believes in.

BlondeGonzo_girl_Lexi asks: If you had the choice to work with ANYONE in the field of acting who would it be and why???
ELLEN WHEELER: Off the top of my head, and there's probably a million people I could say, Robert Redford. Aside from the fact that he's got one of the nicest smiles ever to grace film, I think he has a certain knowledge of a certain time and place in Hollywood that is going away, that is changing. I'd love the chance to work with anyone from that older Hollywood [generation], he's not even from that, the Jimmy Stewart era, but he seems to understand it. He seems to know why it was different and I'd like to know why. He seems to capture that in his acting in his directing. I did get to sit close to him on an airplane once, so that's close :)

Buzzybaloo asks: I loved the scene between you and Jensen following the unveiling (of your face that is). Despite being several inches taller and having longer hair, the two of you had wonderful chemistry together and I was almost convinced that you were still identical.
ELLEN WHEELER: Well that's wonderful! That's what we're hoping for! Jensen and I had an immediate connection, and I love her to death. I admire her so much.

DLM100 asks: So, are we about to see the dark side of Marley surface after years of being so good?
ELLEN WHEELER: Would you like to see the dark side of Marley surface?

Joanna_333 asks: Yes, yes and yes!
DLM100 asks: Yes, I would love to see a few more shades to the character of Marley....
ELLEN WHEELER: Well, there you go.. then you'll probably see it. If [tptb] think that's what the audience wants then they'll probably do it.

Q_T_Pie1000 asks: Ellen, were you Tom Eplin's wife in real life?

Jaketheman5 asks: Do you know if Jake is going to get a family of his own?
ELLEN WHEELER: I don't. That would be a good thing for him wouldn't it? Like a long lost brother of Jake's would be great.

Jaketheman5 asks: I think Another World has a lot of TALENT. Good Luck Ellen and I wish you nothing but success.
ELLEN WHEELER: Thank you. It's really fun to be part of such a talented cast.

SODhost: Thank you, Ellen! And thank you all for joining us!
ELLEN WHEELER: All the things that people have said, "I hope this" and "I want that to happen," Shows think that thousands of people agree with every letter that we get. So if you write a letter asking to see more of Matt and Sofia and Jake and Vicky, they're going to make a difference. More than you know. And I personally love to hear from you. Thank you and good night!