This is the transcript from the live NBC Online Auditorium event with Eric Scott Woods (Evan Frame on the show) from "Another World" held on January 20, 1995.

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OnlineHost: NBC Online is pleased to present Eric Scott Woods of NBC's 'Another World' Live Online! Eric Scott Woods joined the cast in July 1994. A native of San Francisco, he was graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1990 with degrees in finance and economics. He then studied acting at the American Conservatory Theatre. His film credits include "Violence" and "The New Gladiators." He also appeared on "Quantum Leap" and had a recurring role on "Freshman Dorm." Eric is single and currently looking for an apartment in New York. He enjoys skydiving and skiing. Welcome!

OnlineHost: Your emcee for tonight is LindaSG.

CSEmcee4: Welcome Mr. Woods!

WoodsLive: Hello!

CSEmcee4: Okay, here is our first audience Question:

Question: Hi Eric. I really enjoy watching you. How do you feel you have changed the character of Evan since taking the role?. Did you view clips from the other actor who portrayed him?

WoodsLive: No, I did not view any clips of the actor who portrayed him before, and I'm very much enjoying playing my character now.

Question: Evan's character has changed for the better--did you like playing the villain? Which is easier to play?

WoodsLive: Yes, I enjoyed playing the villain but, I'm also enjoying playing the romantic side of this character.

Question: Do you answer your fan mail? (I sent you a letter about 5 months ago).

WoodsLive: Absolutely. Who are you, and send another letter because I would be more than happy to reply. I should call my manager, because I also reply to my fan mail.

Question: Will Another World keep Vicky and Ryan Together?

WoodsLive: Yes.

Question: Who do you know on other soaps besides NBC? preferably, ABC?

WoodsLive: None. Thank you.

Question: How would i get into an acting school, and where would a good place to go be?

WoodsLive: If I were you, I would find other actors and actresses that you know, that are friends of yours, and if at all possible, go to Yale.

Question: Eric, how do you like working with Jensen Buchanan and Christine Tucci?

WoodsLive: I love them both.

Question: How do you like the cast and crew on AW? Was it hard being new?

WoodsLive: Yes, it was very hard being new, because, as the new kid on the block, you have to prove yourself to your peers. But I do love the cast and crew.

Question: Do you hate being compared to the old Evan?

WoodsLive: No.

Question: How do you feel about your character switching from a "black hat" to a "white Hat"?

WoodsLive: Well, I enjoy the villain that I portrayed but I'm having a very good time romancing the women.

Question: What can you tell us about the murder mystery in February?

WoodsLive: Well. . . I can tell you that it's going to be very exciting. . . There's going to be a major catastrophe involving my storyline as well as many others. You should be delighted with the outcome.

Question: For us that don't really keep up with the soaps: What is your character's name and brief description.

WoodsLive: Evan Frame. I'm an advertising executive who is witty, charming, hated by most, and who is coming back to claim the woman that he loves.

Question: Why has your character's personality changed so drastically in the last few months?

WoodsLive: My character's changed in the last few months because Evan feels that when he came back to Bay City, he had one agenda, which was to dethrone Rachel and Carl and be reunited with Amanda. However, because of the accident that occurred, and basically putting Amanda in a wheelchair, he has learned that revenge is not as important as he thought it was. When he came back to Bay City, he avenged himself against Rachel because, in his mind, she killed his mother. Now, because he's hurt the two people closest to him, he's had a change of heart.

Question: What is the process one goes through to get a gig like Another World?

WoodsLive: In my case, I had an audition on Monday, I had a call-back on Wednesday morning, I was put on a tape to be flown to New York Wednesday afternoon, I got a phone call Friday that I needed to be in New York on Saturday, to screen test. Once I screen tested, I found out I got the role on Monday. Had to be back in NY on Monday, and started working that Friday.

Question: Are you more like the bad Evan or the more recently kind Evan on the show?

WoodsLive: I think, personally, I'm a combination of both characters, but I truly enjoy the kind side of Evan.

Question: So how's fame and fortune?

WoodsLive: Personally, for me, it's not about fame and fortune. It's about doing your job, loving your job, and enjoying your experience.

Question: What made you want to become an actor and how did you get started?

WoodsLive: I got involved in acting through a friend of mine at Berkeley and fell in love with it.

Question: Do you know Jeff Corbett?

WoodsLive: No, but I know John Corbett, who is on 'Northern Exposure'.

Question: Since you've taken over the role of a character previously portrayed by another actor, do you try to emulate the role in the same way the previous actor did, or do you have the freedom to portray him as you see fit?

WoodsLive: No, I don't emulate anyone, and I am given the freedom to define the role as I see fit.

Question: What's with this shooting we've heard about? Will it involve your character?

WoodsLive: Yes, absolutely, it will involve my character. But I can't tell you exactly what happens.

Question: Eric, How long will it take Evan to get Amanda back?

WoodsLive: There'll be some big changes between Amanda and I in our relationship that will be very exciting in the next few months.

Question: What is the point of having soap operas? Is it just for fat housewives, and some people call it "sex" for the people who don't know their sexual identity, is that true?

WoodsLive: Absolutely not. I think its a venue that allows people that are at home to enjoy another form of entertainment.

Question: Did you watch the show before testing for the part?

WoodsLive: No.

Question: Eric, have you gone online before? Do you enjoy it? Did you have to go somewhere special for this "appearance," or can you do it from home?

WoodsLive: No I've never gone online before. And yes, I have to go somewhere very very special to be a part of this wonderful experience.

Question: What made you give up finance for acting? Excitement or early mid-life crisis?

WoodsLive: I'm only 27 years old, so mid-life crisis would never be the issue. And I'm a firm believer of going after your dreams and doing what you enjoy in order to be fulfilled in life.

Question: Do have a significant other?

WoodsLive: Absolutely not. Always lookin'.

Question: Hi Eric, I love the way Evan has softened up. Can (or would) you tell us a little about your own life, such what type of women you are interested in, etc.?

WoodsLive: I've enjoyed the softening of the character. And I enjoy women who are independent, have a good sense of humor, intelligent, and who enjoy the outdoors. And who are very spontaneous.

Question: Will we ever see a flashback to when Rachel killed Janice?

WoodsLive: I would say no.

Question: Is one of the babies Vicky's (or the actress) real baby?

WoodsLive: No. The baby is not Vicky's.

Question: Where have Victoria Wyndham and Charles Keating been?

WoodsLive: They've been doing other TV and stage appearances.

Question: Who is your favorite person to work with on the show?

WoodsLive: Jenson Buchannan, because she is very trustworthy, a good friend, and a lot of fun to work with.

Question: What are your goals for your acting career? Do you intend to stay with television, or do you see yourself on the Big Screen?

WoodsLive: Big screen all the way! With hopes of owning a production company.

Question: Do you watch any soaps besides your own?

WoodsLive: 'Days of Our Lives' because it comes on after ours.

Question: What do you like to do for fun?

WoodsLive: I like to snow ski, shoot pool, and spend time with my friends and family because they are the most important people in my life.

Question: Do you like the move from CA to NY?

WoodsLive: Absolutely. I'm enjoying spending time with new-found friends, and also enjoying the culture and the rhythm of NYC.

Question: Who would I contact to submit an idea for a story line or a script for a soap or TV movie?

WoodsLive: Contact me at NBC. I'll make sure it gets forwarded to the right person.

Question: What are some crazy things you have a secret desire to see "Evan " do?

WoodsLive: I want him to stay home and raise children.

Question: I'm sure you've heard this a billion times, but the character Evan Frame is extremely sexy. Are you as sexy in real life?

WoodsLive: Thank you! But I tend to hide my inhibitions. And I feel that sensitivity and vulnerability are important.

Question: When will AW update their opening & put your picture in?

WoodsLive: Great idea- I think the studio has plans to do this. Stay tuned to find out!

Question: What happened to the first actress to play Loretta?

WoodsLive: I thought she was the only actress to play Loretta.

Question: Eric, will you be going to the "Another World" Luncheon in April?

WoodsLive: Sure. I hear its great- tell all your friends to come!

Question: Now that you are in New York and see a change of seasons, which is your favorite?

WoodsLive: Winter.

Question: Eric, I am a dedicated fan and I keep up with which characters are on when through a list. You were on so much last year but now it seems that you are on less frequently. Will we be seeing you more often?

WoodsLive: In the upcoming months- due to THE FIRE- I will be involved and on the screen daily. (Hint)

Question: Can you tell us about actors coming to and leaving the show?

WoodsLive: There will be a new Joe character- he's a P.I. That's about all I can say.

Question: Will they keep Vicky and Ryan together?

WoodsLive: I have no idea.

Question: I really love your show and your character! I hope that you are successful in getting Amanda back -- but I think you'd be better off with Vicky!

WoodsLive: Thank you! I enjoy working with Jensen, but perhaps Vicky wouldn't be the best choice for my character.

Question: Are they going to recast Tom Eplin's role?

WoodsLive: There are no plans to recast at this time.

Question: You won't be leaving the show, will you?

WoodsLive: I hope not!

Question: How does the change in executive producers affect the actors?

WoodsLive: Terry was great and it was a pleasure working with her, but John is terrific also.

Question: What has been your most embarrassing moment so far on AW?

WoodsLive: I had an embarrassing moment, but I don't think that it would be appropriate to discuss it here!

Question: Are they going to bring back the character of Iris and will she be played by Beverlee McKinsey, the original actress in that part?

WoodsLive: Honestly, I don't know.

Question: Will Evan ever marry and have a family?

WoodsLive: I hope so

Question: Who represents you?

WoodsLive: I'm represented by a talent agency that is bi-coastal.

Question: Will Ryan go ballistic when he finds out about the baby switch?

WoodsLive: I don't know- you'd have to ask Ryan.

Question: Who will expose the affair between Grant and Lorna?

WoodsLive: Frankie's on the case!

Question: Have we seen the last of Trent Forbes?

WoodsLive: Yes we have.

Question: Where you auditioning for a lot of other roles?

WoodsLive: Yes- absolutely- I was auditioning for all kinds of roles.

Question: How do you like working with Charles Keating? Will Evan and Carl work together to help Amanda?

WoodsLive: I enjoy working with Charles Keating, but I'm not sure if Evan and Carl will conspire to help Amanda.

Question: If there was one thing you could change about your life, career, etc., what would it be?

WoodsLive: Nothing. I'm very happy where I'm at.

Question: Did you do any modeling? Where might I have seen you?

WoodsLive: No, I didn't do any modeling.

OnlineHost: All good things must come to an end. Time is up for this event!

CSEmcee4: Thank you so much for joining us Mr. Woods! It has been a great pleasure having you here.

WoodsLive: Goodbye - and thank you all for logging on! And I just want to say in closing - that I'm having a wonderful experience on AW, and especially working with the actors and the producers - and I hope for continued success for Another World under the leadership of John Valente!

CSEmcee4: Good night audience, and thanks for being here!

WoodsLive: Ciao!

OnlineHost: Our thanks to Eric Scott Woods of NBC's Another World' for appearing online tonight, and to NBC Online for making this conference possible. Thank you and good night!

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