We're really excited to have Charles & Vicky here today, and we've got other special guests -- our AW contest winner Melissa and her mom Barbara. Okay here we go! Please welcome Victoria & Charles!
VICTORIA WYNDHAM: Hi everybody out there!
CHARLES KEATING: That was Victoria Wyndham, ladies and gentlemen!
WYNDHAM: And I don't know who that guy next to me is, but he followed me into the building! And he's hairy!

Misha_Mel asks: Charles-- THANK YOU for coming back at the end, it wouldn't have been a happy ending without you. Victoria-- a huge thank you for staying all those years and fighting for Rachel's dignity and history. Was it hard to stay through all the backstage changes and lack of story?
WYNDHAM: Very hard.
KEATING: Yes indeed, and I was delighted that they asked me to come back. And that was the place to be at that time, even though they didn't give me a whole lot to do.
WYNDHAM: And thank goodness he came back, because I couldn't have gotten through that ending without him.

evmonson asks: Are you or will you be performing together? If so where? when?
KEATING: Bingo Vic! Take it away!
WYNDHAM: We're going to be at the Women's Expo in Tupelo MS on July 31st, from 1-3 PM. For info, call 662-842-1067 ext 124! And then in Rhode Island in October, and down in Texas in the spring, and if any of the rest of you want to see us, then find a theater and ask us!

sallychacha asks: Of the shows you've done -- Love Letters, Couplets and Between Ourselves -- do you each have a favorite and why?
WYNDHAM: That's like saying which is your favorite child!

Misha_Mel asks: Was it difficult to get to work together again for such a short time-- sort of like a tease, knowing it was almost over?
WYNDHAM: No, because we are still working together, just not there! And it's never difficult working with Charles, it's just difficult when it's difficult!
KEATING: And if you believe everything you read, I'm always difficult! Who said that? NBC? Michael Logan? Dear Logan... He's very sweet.

vengessa asks: What is it like being two screen icons?
KEATING: I feel more like a green onion, which is what I thought you said!
WYNDHAM: I wouldn't mind being Carl Icahn :-) !

jobber_1999 asks: Mr. Keating and Ms. Wyndham. First for all, thanks SO much for joining us today - the die hard fans really really appreciate your time. Secondly, how did each of you feel about the story line of Carl's return? It was the result we wanted - Carl's return - but would you have changed the tameness of it if you could?
KEATING: Pleasure.
WYNDHAM: Oh, absolutely. I would have done it totally differently, but nobody asked me!
KEATING: And you should have seen what it was before we played with it! It was, in a word, a piece of piss. I have been given strict injunctions to be a gentleman today.
WYNDHAM: Well, you just blew it!
KEATING: A momentary lapse of reason.

Tawanda63 asks: Victoria, is your web page going to go back on line so we can find out what's going on with you??
WYNDHAM: Is it offline? I didn't even know that!

babarking42 asks: Rachel, how many times were you married on Another World?
WYNDHAM: Too many! Next question!
KEATING: You've got to do something over 25 years, you know!

kateyyy99 asks: Were you surprised with the way AW fans reacted to the cancellation?
WYNDHAM: I was delighted.
KEATING: Never surprised, because I think we've known all along how uniquely passionate they are.
WYNDHAM: And how smart they are. And how sophisticated you all are about this medium. As far as I'm concerned, if you guys ran things we wouldn't be in all this trouble right now in this medium! And if the people who ran the shows listened to you more often...

KaliGali asks: Hey Vicky & Charles ... With Couplets and Between Ourselves, you have turned a lot of us onto the joys of poetry and more traditional literature (Shakespeare). When reading for your own pleasure and leisure, who are your favourite authors? genres? modern vs classical? fine literature vs a flash-&-trash/junk-food-style/quick-&-easy read? :-)
WYNDHAM: That is a great question.
KEATING: And a wonderful compliment, thank you for giving us the credit for that, but of course, you must take the credit for it, for seeking it out.
WYNDHAM: But just to answer your question briefly, we both read both very widely and very eclectically. We both rather like history and of course the great plays and poetry.
KEATING: I tend to read whatever it is usually surrounding what I'm working on. So for Sex and the City, I read sexual manuals. :-)

jdfanpoet asks: What a treat to have you both here! I was so happy with your reunion on AW. Is there ANY truth to the rumor that CBS may do another version of Another World? Would you two be interested if true? It would not BE AW without Rachel and Carl!!
WYNDHAM: How lovely for you to say that. I have no idea about the CBS rumors, can't imagine how they could possibly do it at this late date. I'm personally more interested in doing my own version of a soap, if I ever went back to the medium again.
KEATING: I have never been interested in conjecture. I do so much of it as an actor anyway, "What if? What if?", that when it comes to the real world, why bother? You know that Murphy is going to interfere anyway.

AWDonnaB asks: Oy vey, y'all, it's going to be hot in Tupelo on July 31st,b ut be sure & see Elvis's birthplace!
KEATING: I'll be near Elvis' birthplace? Then I've arrived, clearly!!! :-) I've never been to Graceland. I've been to Gracie mansion, though.
SODhost: Charles is singing "Graceland"...

FluffyHugz asks: I understand Linda took Wally's (Brent's) hat home. Did either of you take a memento home?
KEATING: I took the ashes of a couple of actors that were in urns on the Cory set! I took those home, along with a few NBC executives' ashes, too!
WYNDHAM: The ashes I'm looking for haven't materialized yet! But I think they will, very soon! And I've got dibs on them!
KEATING: She's got a garden and she wants to pot them!

geo_jon00 asks: Would you like to work with [Executive Producer] Chris Goutman on ATWT or any other soap?
KEATING: Chris is a delightful chap to work for, but I have no desire to work in this particular format at this time. It's wearying, trying to create through the committee process.
WYNDHAM: I would have to second that.
KEATING: I would long for the days, in fact, I met a wonderful writer the other day, of the Pete LeMay, Douglas Marland [school] of the storytellers, and I fear I got in at the end of what was once upon a time a storytellers' medium, not a committee's medium.
WYNDHAM: Well put.

Misha_Mel asks: If you could have chosen flashbacks for the end of the show, what would you have used?
KEATING: I defer on that to Vic, and to you audience members that watched for 35 years.
WYNDHAM: I have no opinion on that. I was just trying to get through the ending.
KEATING: Yes. Not easy.

abigail1112 asks: The ending must have been so hard..you all are such family
WYNDHAM: It was very difficult. It's even difficult to think about it. I'm very glad it's over. I mean, the ending, that is.

AWDonnaB asks: Charles, when will we see you on Hercules?
KEATING: You'll see me hurling thunderbolts about, tossing Hercules away like a leaf, sometime in October. It was the last episode and it was great fun to do.
WYNDHAM: Charles calls it his toga acting.
KEATING: Years ago I was told I was a toga actor, and I was right! I do my best work in a toga!
WYNDHAM: I can't wait to see his knees! :-)

SW_29834 asks: Will you write a tell all book?
KEATING: My wife won't give me permission!
WYNDHAM: His wife won't give me permission! :-)

Lizzyaw asks: Hi Melissa - its Liz Walker - having fun?
MELISSA: I'm having a wonderful time! Thank you Liz!

NKracala asks: Charles - what was your nickname for Douglass Watson (Mac Cory)?
KEATING: I don't think I had a nickname. I'm not given to nicknames, too much. But I loved him dearly. I like the name Douglass. I don't like "Doug" so much, or Dougie, Doogie. Douglass.

suzamb asks: I don't have a question just a comment.....thank you two for the wonderful job you did on AW....as a stay at home mom that hour before the kids came home was something I looked forward to.....now what? I wish you both and the others the best of luck always....xoxo
WYNDHAM: Thank you.
KEATING: Bless your heart.

s_nicole14_99 asks: hello, Charles I have met you a long time ago here in new glasgow nova scotia canada, I was wondering did enjoy your stay here?
KEATING: I remember you well! It was extraordinary! Thank you so much for your hospitality that night! :-) I love traveling in Canada. It's always been, for both Victoria and myself, a great source of pleasure and education, because you are an extraordinary audience, out there.

LisaS07 asks: What's been your best experience working on the show?
WYNDHAM: My best experience has been my two favorite co-stars, Doug Watson and Charles. Working with [former Head Writer] Pete Lemay and [former Executive Producer] Paul Rauch and Chris. And we worked with some wonderful writers who wrote very well for us.
KEATING: I tend not to isolate experiences somehow so that one sticks out as more memorable than another.
WYNDHAM: This is another one of your Emmy speeches. I just gave you a lovely compliment and you say nothing sticks out!
KEATING: Well now I've gone all funny.

CTCH3_99 asks: Charles, are you in the new Thomas Crown Affair movie? If so, what part do you play?
KEATING: I am indeed in the Thomas Crown Affair movie, and I have a little part of a forgerer or something. It's been a few months. I haven't seen it and I have no idea what it's like. It was great fun to do it. I think it's time to do some films!
WYNDHAM: You did do a film!
KEATING: Yes, I did another film with Victoria's son Christian Camargo, a smashing young lad who actually got me the part! The first time in my life that an actor has said to the director, "Just give him the part. He's right for the part." The director was a very trusting soul and clearly very fond of Christian. It was delightful even though the film was about debasing Christian. It's a film with Damon Wayans.

lkorff asks: Are you two planning to bring Couplets, or Between Ourselves, to the Midwest? I live in Missouri, and we sure could use some culture around here. Plus I'd love the chance to see you two in person.
WYNDHAM: Well thank you for that! We were in St. Louis a few years ago but if you would like to see it closer to your area and you can find a theater with no more than 500 seats that can do it, keep us posted through my web site! We'd love to do it!
KEATING: When your web site is back up!

WiseWoman52 asks: Are you aware of the generally very poor reviews that Passions has received and do you have any comment on that?
KEATING: Well, I have to confess something here. Victoria hasn't seen Passions, so she doesn't know what she's missing. I had to. I dragged myself to the telly because I wanted to see what our replacement was. I am so human, I just had to see what it was that we were being replaced with. And I did see what it was, and my wife has said to me that I must be a gentleman today, and um...
WYNDHAM: I think your opinion concurs with that of the scribe that wrote the review in the New York Post.
KEATING: What I would love to know is what the Soap Opera Digest readership thinks, and will Soap Opera Digest indeed reflect that view with the honesty that I know they can be capable of? We shall see.
WYNDHAM: What did you guys think about it!?!?

FAN asks: Charles, how quickly does your hair grow?
KEATING: This I have to talk to you about in private. It grows like a bloody weed, really.

Watson71 asks: Vicky- Great pic of you, Linda (Dano, ex-Felicia) and Stephen (Schnetzer, ex-Cass) in this week's TV Guide. At least they recognize how special AW was even if NBC didn't!
WYNDHAM: Thank you.

Lizzyaw asks: When will you both be appearing in the NYC area?
WYNDHAM: We have no gigs planned at the moment.
KEATING: We have hopes of doing Between Ourselves at the Museum of Television and Radio with [curator] Ron Simon, sometime this fall. It's a very close look at the world of soaps.
WYNDHAM: And we're looking for somewhere to do our Christmas show, so if you have any ideas, let us know!

lindafo7493 asks: Victoria did you like playing Justine?
WYNDHAM: I loved playing Justine, until she got to become a cartoon character.

sbrown1267 asks: Hi Ms. Wyndham and Mr. Keating! This is Stephen Brown from Texas. Just dropped in to say hello and wondering if y'all are going to create any more new original shows like Couplets?
WYNDHAM: We have two more, Between Ourselves and our Christmas show, as well as the Gurney play Love Letters, for a total of four. We're coming down to the Texas area, to Dallas, next year, and we're working on things with another city in Texas.

KaliGali asks: Hi Vicky & Charles ... What do you see as the lasting legacy of Another World? Was it just simply a marvelous program that entertained millions of people over the past 35 years? Or do you feel it had some greater and grander purpose? And if so, what would that be? For me, AW was more than simply entertainment ... it actually had direct impact on my life: I flunked out of university (instead of attending classes, I was watching AW in the dorm lounge) and that altered my career choice and hence, the direction my entire life has taken. How does it feel to know that your work has had that kind of real, tangible, life-altering effect on people?
WYNDHAM: The lasting legacy of Another World is what it taught you viewers, about regaining the power over the broadcast. If there's any legacy at all, that's the one I'm proudest of. To have an impact, that's why artists are artists, because we are trying to communicate with people through what we do.

mzsneaky99 asks: Are they cute knees charles ?
WYNDHAM: Of course they are!
KEATING: Only when I shave them! What a disgusting image, I'm making myself sick!

jobber_1999 asks: As regards Passions, I said I would NEVER watch it as a replacement for Another World, and I haven't. I'm sure that SOD and the fans of AW, and NBC's ratings will reflect that.
WYNDHAM: I believe they already have.

abigail1112 asks: I don't care much for Passions....hard to top AW.
WYNDHAM: Once again, I'm very proud of how you fans have conducted yourselves through all of this. You have become so sophisticated in using the Internet, your pen, and your voice to keep everybody very honest. Keep it up!

KitteridgeM asks: Passions is a joke! (My opinion!)

evmonson asks: Passions exemplifies the fact that NBC has rarely, if ever understood its audience, oh well, who said I should just ask questions?
WYNDHAM: I would like to ask you all, "How do you feel about a network that decides any one over the age of 30, they're not interested in programming for?" How do you feel about that?
MELISSA: I feel betrayed. Very betrayed.
KEATING: It does seem very strange, doesn't it, that someone who is in business could actually differentiate within their customer base and say, "Well, we're only going to care for this lot, not for the rest." How dare you exclude any group?
WYNDHAM: And of course, my question comes back to the fact that they are called broadcasters, not narrowcasters. The networks are supposed to be giving programming that appeals to everyone, to all demographics. I just throw that out there to everyone, for what it's worth.
KEATING: Well, we're not anticipating a job on Passions, are we, darling?

jdfanpoet asks: On Vicky's question - if they feel that way about us, then I have NO time for them!!
WYNDHAM: That's sort of the way I would feel if I were you!

pattyta2 asks: AW provided television that stayed with quality not smut

FluffyHugz asks: I'm "doing" Nielsen Rating Diary's this week...not 1 single-solitary NBC entered in it! My revenge, small though it might be!
WYNDHAM: I agree, although it got harder and harder these few years because there was a lot of pressure for us to go the way that everybody else is. And your revenge is not small, not small at all. You represent almost one million viewers to the Nielsens, so it's not small at all. Remember, the air waves are the audience's responsibility, just like voting, just like our politicians. We get what we take responsibility for!

NSBABY asks: I am 19 years old and I grew up on AW and Days. I do not get what they mean by younger audiences

d10lives asks: I agree with KaliGali, I am 18 years old, and as teens, we just want a little direction and guidance in our lives, something pretty faces with tans just don't give us. I am insulted that NBC feels they are attracting the younger audience with sex. I have learned valuable life lessons I will take with me all through life from the classy ensemble that was AW.
WYNDHAM: Thank you.
KEATING: Bless you, my dear.
WYNDHAM: And in point of fact, that has been the comment we've gotten from most of our younger viewers. I was young once. I watched programming that was about older people because I wanted role models.
KEATING: I'm still looking for one!
WYNDHAM: I quite agree with you. Once again, you are all quite bright.
KEATING: I'll tell you one of the life lessons I got out of the show, when Vic and I have toured and gone into some place, some small community, and there have been three generations sitting in the theater: granny, mum, and daughter or son, who all shared in that hour of television, and who were moved enough to come out to the theater and see us. That was very moving to me, and a life lesson to me in the standpoint that it is ultimately about family. When I used to say to them on AW, "Look, Vic and I don't need a major storyline, but give us some scenes with us playing on the floor with the kids. The audience would love this!" And I was told by both [former Executive Producer] Charlotte Savitz and producers before, "Oh Charles, that's not entertaining. That's not entertainment." And I thought, "My God, How far you are away from your audience."
WYNDHAM: Charles's point about families getting together to watch one show... How many of us can say that there is any programming that we all sit down to watch together? And quite possibly, that's what our society needs right now.
KEATING: We actors know what our audience wants, just as we do in the theater. In a peculiar way, we are in a closer contact to the demands of an audience than any bloody focus group.
WYNDHAM: But because Charles and I have always gone out and done our stage shows, we've been lucky enough to meet many of our audience members across the country. And that has been very gratifying, because without that we would not have known if we were right or not. We only would have had our instincts.
KEATING: We had that before we had the intellectual confirmation of that.
WYNDHAM: Yes, but it was very nice to have it.

AWSleepy asks: THANK YOU for your candor!

waterytart asks: Ms. Wyndham, your nickname in our home is "Cousin Rachel". We even snuck one of my mom's postcard pictures of you into a family photo frame!
WYNDHAM: How sweet! Thank you. I feel honored.

evmonson asks: Do you have any "Carl" quotes you would care to share?
KEATING: Stuff they wrote for me, or stuff I stuck in?

evmonson asks: Only what you added!
KEATING: There were a few of them. There were a certain few fragments from Pink Floyd, Yeats, Dylan Thomas, Shakespeare of course... Robby Burns... ee cummings...

jsellison asks: CK: I suppose the rumors of you showing up as Mikkos Cassadine on General Hospital aren't true??
KEATING: Well, I've heard these rumors, but it's all I know about it, is that I've heard these rumors! No, I know nothing about this whatsoever, not at all. And I'm debating what to do, whether to go off to London for a period of time, or off to California. The world is my oyster, as they say. I get to do just the thing I want to do now, which is a wonderfully privileged position.

lori9991999 asks: Ms. Wyndham & Mr. Keating, it is an amazing honor to be able to ask you a question. When it was first decided to have Carl court Rachel, what did you think, and did you think that the fans would ever come to adore you as much as we did? Thank you!
WYNDHAM: Actually, they came to me and asked me what I thought of that idea, and I thought it was a wonderful idea. Dramatically, it was interesting.
KEATING: It was Couplets that gave them the idea. They said to me, "You're going to woo Rachel, we'll do a location shoot in the city," and I immediately got a psychic moment about what it was going to be-- please, no telephone calls, I do not have a 900 number-- and I said, "Please don't have us walking up 5th Ave looking into the window at Tiffany's! Could they not be coming out of a bookstore and he reads her a poem, and she reads him a poem?" They took that idea and they made it ten times better.
WYNDHAM: But the idea of turning Carl and Rachel's animosity into a courtship was a very good idea, dramatically, as a surprise for the audience. And I didn't for one minute think that if it wasn't well-told, that we couldn't pull it off, because I trusted Charles' work and I trusted my own, and more importantly, I trusted the audience to trust their own reactions and to give themselves time to see what it could be. The audience always reacts honestly.
KEATING: And a particular member of that audience, who I kind of use as a barometer, was Victoria's mother, bless her, who for a time said, "No, no, I don't think so, this is not good." But bit by bit, over the course of that storyline, she came round and then we kind of knew for sure that it was working.
WYNDHAM: We won her over.
KEATING: Of course it was going to work for you to some degree, but I was such a shit in the past that nobody really knew if it would work out. They said, "We'll see."
WYNDHAM: But as far as I was concerned, there was poetic completion in the idea that Rachel had been redeemed by the love of a good man, Mac, and now, with that under her belt, that knowledge that she could and did have more goodness in her than she thought, she could perform the same service for someone else. I knew that notion was poetically correct.
KEATING: And the stuff of great soap opera, or memorable soap opera.
WYNDHAM: And for them to write it so well, that was the question mark. But they really did, they rose to the occasion.
KEATING: Lorraine Broderick, Kathleen Kennedy, Donna Swajeski...
WYNDHAM: They were the ones that really wrote that so beautifully. There were lots of them that did a beautiful job at that.
KEATING: We're doing the ones we did not mention a disservice.

NSBABY asks: You guys work so well together. What do you attribute that to?
WYNDHAM: A certain cussed-ness of nature.
KEATING: Which she possesses. :-)

ItsOnlyMeHere_99 asks: Charles do you remember the name of the TV show you did about med students on a tropical island? My husband and I watched it because you were on. Thought you made a great Medicine Man! Maybe even better than Sean Connery!
KEATING: Going to Extremes. Bless you, my darling, though remember, I may have the hair but he does have the contracts. Going to Extremes was the show. It played one season.
WYNDHAM: We almost lost him to Jamaica forever!
KEATING: A part of me is still there and will be forever, mon! One love!

midnight1_2000 asks: I don't agree, Charles. With your classic looks and your debonair and charm, it was bound to work for you two.
KEATING: Thanks, but we're maybe a bit more vulnerable.

anniekae asks: Victoria or Charles, do either of you teach acting classes?
WYNDHAM: We do a class when we're asked to, when we're out with our shows, at universities and we find that quite enjoyable.
KEATING: It's not an acting class, per se, as opposed to a way of showing people how to get more out of a text, and how to search it.
WYNDHAM: Which is where, I personally believe, a lot of the American acting schools fall down. Many, many American acting students haven't a clue as to how to search through a text, and I personally have learned a great deal, volumes, from working with Charles on these classical texts. He has a lot to share in that area and it's fun to see him sharing that with kids.

CSAWcentral asks: Ms. Wyndham, when you passed a kiss to the picture of Constance Ford (ex-Ada) in the finale, what was running through your mind?
WYNDHAM: "Will I be able to get through this scene and keep it light enough to make it a happy ending for you all?" "Can I get into Carl's arms quickly enough so that nobody sees me crying?"

bakerloo2 asks: At a quick glance, the ANOTHER WORLD 35TH CELEBRATION seems well put together; however, I believe I spotted an error. Did not Carl kill Justine? Per the book, it was Rachel. Clarify please.
KEATING: You are absolutely right. And you will go into Ripley's Believe it or Not, as it was I who ran the wretched Justine through with a dagger that I picked up off the floor! But you've got to forgive Julie Poll -- I agree with you, I think it's a beautiful book, and I believe that it's 26th on the NY Times Best Seller List -- I think you have to forgive her because so many people, writers and producers and so forth, were there at the time that I'm amazed there weren't more factual errors. A new producer would come in and say, "I just love Carl and Rachel together!" And then a few months later, they're saying, "I don't think Carl would do that." You say, "excuse me? What do you mean Carl wouldn't do that? I am Carl!" God love 'em.

KEATING: Write to us at Victoria's official web site, www.victoriawyndham.com.

jdfanpoet asks: Carl - is it more fun to play a villian? Same question for you Vicky!
KEATING: Basically, there's one rule of thumb to do: if you're playing a villain, play him like a saint. And if you're playing a saint, find out what bit of him is a sinner.

Streamlyne asks: Where are you both originally from?
WYNDHAM: I'm from Connecticut.
KEATING: I am from Bangladesh. :-) I'm lying of course. Born in London, of Irish people.

diva_of_2 asks: Hi Victoria & Charles it's Lisa in Michigan! Just wanted to know if you are currently still performing Couplets?
WYNDHAM: Yes we are, Lisa!
WYNDHAM: Hope everything is good with you! We are still eager to perform any and all of our shows.
KEATING: At the drop of a hat!
WYNDHAM: We miss you! Hope everything is well!

AWDonnaB asks: The "tip of the hat" to [former AW scribe] Samuel Ratcliffe was wonderful!
KEATING: I was just mesmerized that we were sitting there spending the last day on a gorilla!

jwom asks: VW, CK, are you keeping contact with any old cast members?
WYNDHAM: Yes. They keep checking in, calling, seeing how I'm doing, I see how they're doing. It's very sweet.
KEATING: Not a lot for me, but then I never did.

nubride asks: We're at work right now but wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your work, and really, REALLY miss AW. Thank you for all the hours of entertainment you've given us!!
WYNDHAM: Thank you for playing hooky from work long enough to tell us that! We love you very much! Hope you don't get busted.
KEATING: Well, I was delighted to be asked back.

CSAWcentral asks: Charles, how did it feel to see Carl Hutchins finally return?
KEATING: Even though it was an appallingly sad circumstance, it completed it for me, as I knew it would, albeit in a less than satisfying way for the audience. I wanted to be there at the end, to be there with Victoria and for an end to a part of my life, as well. Even though the text was thin and slim, it was important to do it. And it also kind of finally made sense, why they fired me in the first place, you know? It made sense from the standpoint in the sense that they folded the show in the following year. Up until then, it didn't make sense to any of us.

geo_jon00 asks: Victoria, who did you enjoy working with when you first joined AW in 1972?
WYNDHAM: Well, I quite enjoyed working with George Reinholdt (ex-Steve Frame) and Connie. And of course was delighted when Douglass came in a year or two later. And then the show really took off because Pete [LeMay] and Paul [Rauch] seeded the company with all of the working actors from Broadway at the time, so it was a real who's who of NY theater and a real pleasure. Nancy Marchand (currently of The Sopranos), Joe Maher, Carol Shilley, Kathy Widdoes (Emma, ATWT), Joey Tillinger, etc. Wonderful ensemble.

C47Red asks: Victoria and Charles, your fans in Mississippi love you! What's up with your trip here!
WYNDHAM: Well, it's on! We expect to see each and every one of you in Mississippi on the 31st.
KEATING: If you can make it, that is.

Kimberly514 asks: Charles- What did you think of the storyline with Carl being Ryan's father. When Ryan died, I think I was more upset for Carl than I was for Vicky. After losing Perry and all.....
KEATING: I loved it, even though it was... you don't necessarily like digging into those areas because you have to bring it so close to home. I loved all that. Dear Paul Michael Valley, I ran into him on the street a few weeks ago and he said, "I'm in a play, Charles! And I'm bloody good in it!" And they tell me he is. I'm awful fond of the lad.

jsellison asks: You seem to blame NBC for this mess (deservedly so of course!) but not really P&G. Did they do enough to try to save AW? Why couldn't they come to an agreement with ABC?
WYNDHAM: We have no idea of any of that. All I know is that P&G has been very good to me over the years and I'm sorry they couldn't work it out.

CSAWcentral asks: Do you both realize how adored you are by your fans? You both have portrayed characters that taught us about redemption, forgiveness and unconditional love. In many ways YOU BOTH were OUR role models.
WYNDHAM: Thank you. Quite an honor.
KEATING: (in a Bangladeshi accent) That's a tremendous responsibility!

rogerspencer1 asks: Charles: Have you ever done any science fiction; I think you would have a great look for that...
KEATING: I don't know quite how to respond to that, ma'am!
WYNDHAM: It has to do with his webbed toes, I know it. She's seen them!
KEATING: It's the knees again!
WYNDHAM: The hairy knees were a dead giveaway.

Carnationgirl_0101 asks: My daughter Hailee, 4 yrs old calls the both of you her TV grandparents! When she was 2 she would sit in front of the TV and point at you and giggle. She got jealous on the scenes with the twins!
WYNDHAM: You tell Hailee we love her, and she could have been our twin any old day! :-)

KaliGali asks: Here's an odd one for you Vicky & Charles ... whenever I have a job interview, I'm always asked: what are your greatest strengths that you will bring to this position. So I ask: what do each of you feel are the greatest assets you bring to your work on stage & screen? Any liabilities you might care to share with us? ;-)
KEATING: Liability? Oh Christ, I think I'm a liability all the time!
WYNDHAM: It's the liabilities that make us any good at all! That's what we count on! Well, that's not altogether true, because I think the biggest asset that Charles and I, if there was any, brought to the two roles, was an honesty, and a commitment, to that pretend reality. And that's all we're required to do.
KEATING: And the joy of playing to that audience.
WYNDHAM: I would have to say that one of the big assets, after working with Charles I think I can say this, is that we both, no matter what we're cast in, want it to be of the highest quality, so that certainly was an asset. The liability is that when that desire is frustrated, we become problematic.
KEATING: Speak for yourself, Victoria.
WYNDHAM: No. I am speaking for you!

s_nicole14_99 asks: Hi, Vicky what is it like being the longest cast member on AW??
WYNDHAM: Well, it's hard to get through doors! :-)

searchmatt asks: What is your greatest sadness in seeing AW go off the air?
KEATING: Hearing from all of you people and being reminded of how important the show was in your lives.
WYNDHAM: Yes, that's very true. I just came back from a business trip down in New Orleans, I was at the Essence festival. They think there were about 60,000 people in the Superdome. Every other person wanted to speak with me and tell me how sad they are that they can't follow Rachel and AW anymore. It is a situation like that that shows you how invested the fans were in that show: as invested as we were.
KEATING: Quite simply, in Europe, you take an old structure and if it's an old building, you refurbish it, you fix it, you don't tear it down and put up a concrete and breeze-block glass building. So it just seemed to me that if we had 35 years of history, who knows? Maybe it could have gone to 50, or 100. Surely it was worth saving... but clearly, nobody wished to save it.
MELISSA: Except the fans.
KEATING: Which brings up the strongest question of all: Who owns the stories? It isn't the writer, it isn't the actor, it isn't the network, it isn't P&G. It's the fans It belongs to the audience. They are the only rightful owner.
WYNDHAM: And that's why it's so sad that they have been so disrespected that way.
KEATING: I don't say that about any other form, except this form, which is unique. I sound like I'm in a lecture hall!

abigail1112 asks: I have to tell you Charles, on behalf of my grandmother, we watched AW for many years together before I moved. We then discussed your shenanigans on the phone once a week until she died at the happy age of 95. She loved and hated Carl and never understood how Rachel could go from Mac to Carl. But eventually, you won her over. Thanks for the memories from both of us.
KEATING: Breaks my heart. Bless you and her, wherever she is.

diva_of_2 asks: Charles & Victoria, any chance of bringing Couplets or one of your other shows to TV, maybe PBS?
KEATING: Well, if somebody asks us, we'd be more than glad to! But you have to be asked.

jobber_1999 asks: Us Canadians would love a chance to see your show. Any plans to get to The Great White North? LOL
WYNDHAM: We would love to get to Canada again, and there is a CIC website where any requests for those shows can be logged in. Again, if you find a theater that is 500 seats (around), we would be happy to work it out. It becomes very expensive, so it is always better if a few communities can pool their resources to fly us out and we can do a few of them at a time. We hoped to get up to Canada this summer, but we couldn't work it out. We love it up there.

agarthfan_1999 asks: What is your favorite kind of music?
WYNDHAM: I love 15th Century...
KEATING: Oh, she listens to Madonna!
WYNDHAM: And I also listen to Phish! It's eclectic, a mix. And right now I'm working on a project about jazz.
KEATING: I'm all over the place with music.
WYNDHAM: He's into his Irish phase, but he also listens to a lot of Jamaican music, mon. And he loves Pink Floyd!
KEATING: It always depends on what you need, musically. Sometimes it may be a Gregorian chant, or it may be heavy metal. And then of course, there's always the cooling balm of Mozart.

Lady_Amadeus asks: My mother learned English watching AW, how do you feel about that kind of an impact you had on someone?
KEATING: Well, I've always hated playing to the English. And the Irish! And everybody else for that matter! No, jesting, and in fact, man's delight not me. A joke! But the reality is, audiences everywhere, I believe, are the same. And as the Bard tells us, we should always play to the discerning few, wherever you find them.
WYNDHAM: Our discerning few just happened to be a lot of people, and we're very grateful!
KEATING: So thank you, and thank your mom.

gwp60005 asks: I live a cloistered life and you were both a part of it. I will grieve your loss.
KEATING: Thank you for your thoughts. The cloistered life is a very particular calling, and if we have assisted in any way, it has been our pleasure.
WYNDHAM: And a blessing.
KEATING: And a blessing. Correct.

CSAWcentral asks: Mr. Keating, my mother is deaf and had to rely on closed captioning and lip reading to follow Another World... she says that you had the best expressions of any actor she has ever seen on TV or the big screen. And, Ms. Wyndham she was able to read your lips always when the camera was on your face! Just so you both know, there are hearing impaired fans out here who miss you as much as anyone else!
KEATING: If I could sign our love to you, each and every one, I would.
WYNDHAM: Me too.
KEATING: We would.

roxyUS asks: Is this really you or your agent? this internet stuff can be so decieving...
WYNDHAM: This is the real thing, and Jason Bonderoff can corroborate.
WYNDHAM: I agree that this Internet stuff is deceiving. Recently, some of my web site people informed me that someone had logged on to one of these chats as me and was answering questions in my name. I find that an incredible invasion. Let me assure you, Charles and I do very few of these, we make sure they are honest, and you are right to question what you see on any of the non-official chats. But it is really us.
KEATING: In the flesh, as the actress said to the bishop.
WYNDHAM: No one could answer these questions except us, this way. LOL! The way you can tell is if it us or not, is, if it is too incendiary or not irreverent enough, it certainly isn't us.

NKracala asks: If Another World were to be resurrected, would you both come back?
KEATING: As a ghost?
WYNDHAM: LOL! I don't think I could answer that. I would have to see where I was.
KEATING: Again, conjecture...

sbrown1267 asks: By the way, I thought you two did a WONDERFUL job on the final episode, despite the circumstances. I was curious. Did you two take any of the props or furniture? I heard that Lisa Peluso (ex-Lila) ended up with one of the chairs in the Cory living room.
KEATING: Yes, Lisa did pick up one of the chairs in the Cory living room.
WYNDHAM: I didn't take anything. I've got it all in my head.
KEATING: I took, well, I purchased, I didn't take, the ashes of various actors, as I've already said, and some picture frames. Some bits and pieces that will remind me, well, for a time...

juliacking asks: I watched AW my entire life; now that it's gone I feel such a tremendous void in my world. Thanks, CK and VW for doing events like this, and for staying in touch with your fans. Consider me one of your biggest ones!
WYNDHAM: Thank you.
KEATING: It's a pleasure to serve you one and all.
WYNDHAM: Thanks for being here with us today. It made it fun.
KEATING: Yes, thank you very much. And don't forget: let Soap Opera Digest know how you really feel.
WYNDHAM: And let us know how you feel on our web sites, please. We like to stay in touch.

SODhost: Thanks for joining us Charles and Vicky! We had a BLAST! And Thanks to all the fans for joining us too!