First Appearance: February 8, 1996
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Eric Morgan Stuart, February 8, 1996 - June 25, 1999.
Introduction Scenes: (February 8) Being wheeled into BCGH on a gurney.
(February 13) In a hospital bed at BCGH to Morgan Winthrop, "Are you the doctor that saved my life?"
Exit Scene: To Jake after Jake smacked him on the butt, "Hey, hey!"
Other Aliases: Christopher Madison (full name). [Originally named Chris Woods and Chris Adams.]
Other Whereabouts: Boston, Massachusetts (quite possibly his birthplace).

Rita MadisonFAMILY
Chris had an estranged relationship with his mother, Dr. Rita Madison. Rita disappeared mysteriously from Bay City in the summer of 1996, and then appeared to be living in Washington, DC.

Chris's father, Lionel, died as the result of a drive-by shooting.

Dana Kramer
Chris tried his darndest to charm the socks off Dana in 1996, but Dana wasn't having any of it.

Toni Burrell
Chris and Toni crossed each other's paths several times at the precinct, but Chris didn't introduce himself until one night at the Bowlarama. They had their first date at the Harbor Club. Chris and Toni often disagreed over his right to print information sensitive to police cases.

He supported her in 1997 when she was raped and charged Nick Hudson with the crime.

In 1998, she was upset to learn he had been masquerading as the Herald's Love Lady and using the opportunity to impart friendly advice on her love life.

In 1999, Toni decided to accept a police captain's job in Florida when she felt Chris never intended to marry her. Forced to make a decision, Chris proposed, and they decided to move to Florida together.

Judy Burrell

Chris tried to charm Judy in 1996 but to no avail.

Chris grew a beard in February 1999, and a goatee shortly after that.

Chris was a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist. Matthew Cory hired him for The Bay City Herald in 1996.