(Married on May 15, 1997. Divorced in October 1998.)

Grant was at the hospital one day when Nurse Cindy Brooke attracted his attention. For some reason, he decided that she would make a good candidate for blackmailing. He investigated her background and uncovered the skeleton in her closet: she was responsible for the deaths of her sister and young nephew.

Freeze FrameCindy was shocked to arrive home one day and discover Grant waiting for her. He threatened to reveal to Gabe that she had killed Gabe's wife and son unless she did everything he asked. He even promised to help her make headway in winning Gabe from Lorna. Cindy agreed, and proceeded to help frame Jake McKinnon, though she had no idea Grant intended to kill the mother of his child.

Freeze FrameGabe and the police came looking for Cindy when she cracked during a confrontation with Lorna that left Lorna near death. She sought refuge in BCUH, where Grant tracked her down. Vowing to kill Gabe if Cindy breathed a word of their conspiracy, Grant reinforced his point by threatening to throw her out of a window. Gabe was killed shortly thereafter, and Cindy was quick to point the finger at Grant.

Freeze FrameGrant and Cindy met up again at the psych ward. Grant was nuts from drugs, and Cindy wanted to put him out of his misery with a few well-aimed knife thrusts. But she couldn't go through with murder. Instead she whipped up an antidote to the mind-altering drug affecting Grant, professing she preferred Grant be aware of his predicament so he could suffer more.

But Grant was to make Cindy an offer she couldn't refuse: marriage. Cindy would get wealth and prestige, and Grant would be able to stop Cindy from testifying against him. Both planned to kill the other shortly after the wedding, but found the marriage wasn't as bad as all that. In 1997, Grant decided to run for mayor, and had his hands full molding Cindy into the perfect politician's wife.

After many vigorous attempts to impregnate Cindy, the Harrisons discovered that Cindy was barren and unable to conceive. Grant immediately withdrew his affections and attention from Cindy, which devastated her. They then came into possession of a mysterious artifact. Cindy learned that it was an African totem named Bobola, stolen from the temple of the zulu of the M'Bobola tribe in Kenya. The fertility token chooses a woman in need of fertility, and now it had chosen Cindy.

Cindy became very dependent on the statue as it bewitched Grant into becoming a loving, devoted husband. One day Cindy was thrilled to discover that Grant was being affectionate to her without the benefit of the statue's magic. So when it was sent back to Africa she didn't try to stop it.

Cindy almost left Grant when she found out he had accidentally burned down the Carlino home in his attempts to discredit Paulina Carlino. She quickly rallied to her husband's side and succeeded in destroying all police evidence against him.

Cindy had changed Grant's medical records in order to fool Grant into believing he was not the boy's natural father. She wanted to be number one on Grant's love list. But when Grant uncovered her deception, he kicked her off the list altogether. Furious, Cindy threatened to reveal Grant's darkest secrets, but Grant countered by having her committed.

Gary Sinclair broke her out of the hospital before the doctor could erase her memory as per Grant's orders. When her memories slowly returned, she was horrified to learn what her relationship with Grant had been like. She vowed to see him in jail before he could kill her. She returned to Grant and masqueraded as the faithful wife while she tried to get her hands on incriminating evidence. Though they both hated each other now, there was still an underlying sexual attraction.

After Grant finally divorced Cindy, Marley Hudson persuaded her to shoot Grant in order to win his love back by nursing him back to health. However, Grant was too interested in renewing his infatuation with Vicky. Grant was supposedly killed in early 1999, and Cindy said farewell to his corpse in the morgue. As she made plans to vacation in exotic Tanquir, Grant was revealed to be already there, healthy and happy.